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PARK 101!




The 101 Freeway has become a scar through! Downtowns historic and central core.!

“We need food gardens!”!

“Link pedestrian walk ways to Concert Hall.”!

“Include sidewalk vending / mobile food areas.”!

“Rejuvenate night life in the downtown region”!

101 FWY Aerial!

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles El Pueblo Union Station

City Hall


LA River

Union Station Promenade!

Main St Plaza!

East Gateway!

Special Places!

Gateway Center

Development Opportunity

Development Opportunity

Freew ay Und er

El M

onte B

us w a


Iconic Gateway / Pedestrian Plaza 101 Freeway

High Speed Rail Tracks and Bridge over Park Vehicular Connection To Temple Street Development Opportunity

East Gateway!

Overlooks for gatherings

Pedestrian Connection To Fort Moore Monument

Cathedral of Our Lady Of the Angeles

Hill Street to Remain Open / Pedestrian Street for Events

Public Amphitheater

Park Cap / Plaza Green Wall / Roof over Existing building

Hill Street Amphitheater!

Park District Phase 1!

Park District Phase 2!

Park District Phase 3!

Park District Phase 4!

Station District Phase 1!

Station District Phase 2!

River District Phase 1!

River District Phase 2!

River District Phase 3!

El Pueblo

Phase 1!

Union Station

City Hall

Phase 1!
Pedestrian Linkages!

! !

El Pueblo

New Plaza

Union Station

Existing Freeway On-Ramp

Los A ngle sS


New Plaza to Emphasize Entrance to El Pueblo

Phase 1 Union Station Promenade!

Connection to El Pueblo

Cap Park Plaza

To City Hall

Potential LA Mall Redevelopment site

101 Freeway

Phase 1 Main St. Plaza Fwy Cap!

El Pueblo!

Union! Station!

City Hall!
Alameda St!

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