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Published by: Sieg Hart on Feb 18, 2012
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Serrano, Joseph L. BSMed.


Reaction Paper, Biochemistry December 6, 2011

Reaction Paper: Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation are the worst treatment that you can do when you have a cancer. I say worst treatment because of its ineffectiveness and its unacceptable degree of toxicity. Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells, but harm the immune system. The temporarily suppressed cancer often reappears, because the body cannot defend itself with weakened immunity. It is better to use natural therapies to assist in getting you well and strengthen your immune system, instead of destroying it by the use of chemotherapy and radiation. If you use natural treatments in fighting cancer, then your immune system itself can kill the cancer cells without any side-effects, and heal your body at the same time. As what I have watched, cancer is present in all person and we can call it already a disease when the cancer cells become abnormal and reproduce or divide without control. These abnormal cancer cells only exist when a person has weak immunity or is inherited. Also one factor that causes the existence of cancer cells is heredity, as my colleagues says. We can prevent cancer disease by good and proper health maintenance. Without proper health maintenance, you can be prone to illnesses and diseases like cancer. One of the things you can do if you have a cancer disease is by praying. I say so because this is the most preferable and the safest treatment for cancer. Only God can make you overcome cancer, He is the only one who can treat it. As my over-all reaction, treatment of cancer can be done in natural ways and I say it¶s the safest and economical treatment rather than chemotherapy and radiation.

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