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le don't care what other people wear... or do.. in their private lives. but when our leader commit these types of sins in public Ithey should be removed... after all pakistan was founded in Iname of islam. Isalam taseer and his family is disgrace to this country... the governor house has been converted into a party house. leven in american if president is found drinking in public or lhaving a relationship... he's removed from is presidency.... but his is PAKISTAN an islamic country. ‘ardari has made the most corrupt people his close friends... lhow could these people save pakistan... they can not even Isave themselves... just look at these people's security... all the traffic is block for 30 minutes at least when they are on the road.... ipeople die on the roads because of them... and they are busy lenjoying their lives.... party all night. | was with my wife going to defence lahore for some ‘shopping... gallani (primeminister) son was on his way home. he lives is defence. his guards... almost crashed into my car, because he was in hurry.. these people are rich but we are not. the guards were in front of my wife... what self respect do i have left. gallani, zardari, and taseer are public servents... but just look at them...this is too much. people are dying because of food... and they have hundereds of cars... private jets... WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK... GIVE US OUR TAXES BACK. REDUCE OIL... IT SHOULD BE 30 RUPEES PER LITER.. IN INTERNATIONAL MARKET IT IS 65 $ PER BARREL... WHICH 30 RUPEES... Sherbano... punjab governor salman taseer's daughter with friends Governor punjab's daughter shehrbano