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No. of Company Form No. 1 2 Pg 1D Sha, THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZAMEs 4 7 -2dYfoc) fo Pare, im ‘LOG S$ The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212) I~ % Filing Fees Shs, so/=""*#>>_ Declaration of Compliance with the Requirements of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212) on Application for Registration of a Company Pursuant to Section 16 (2) em) KAGDA AGE CYTE Loeaten Company) TANZANIA, Toun KS ENDO Sump Duy sox, [LOUD yarg Presented by: Jotin KYowuw rs Does a feaee Bon KOS Reciet GAYEES) Fer “A —G-CS 1D Hy is nas Seas 4 Jatn Komuitego of PO boyy 8015¥ dosolemly 2nd snceely decate at am (0) A PERSON NAMED IY THE ARTICUES OF Association as aoinscron OF KAGUUA AERICAEE ULE L77 ) AND that all the requirements of the Companies Ordinance in respect of matters Precedent to the registration ofthe said company and incidental thereto have complied With, AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true. Declared at Beet (@ An Advocate of High O88 Director or Secretary” (©) OrNotary Public. the formation”, or “A person named in the Articles of Association as a CP Dem TOT Afar § PARTICULARS OF THE DIRECTORS OR MANAGERS (a) OF ‘The present Chistian Name or | Any former Christan Nationally of origin Names and Surname ‘Name or Names of Nationality {ifotner than the Sumame ‘present Nationality) |. Jorn Kyomudéy — TRB RIS | RARaNas wit | Epetaeaid ict (etre (a) “Director” includes any person who occupies the position of a Director by whatever name called and ‘any person in accordance with whose directors or instructions the Directors of Company are accustomed to act. (0) In the case of a Corporation its coxporate name and registered or principal offices should be shown. (€) Inthe case of an individual who has not business occupation but hold any other directorship, particulars of that directorships or of someone of those directorship must be entered. (2) A complet list of the Directors or Manager shown as existing in the last particulars delivered should always be given, A note of the against a new directors name the words “in place Of es.iecoseesss.” and by writing against any former director's name the words “deed” “resigned” or as the case may be and the dates. Beek Yo vy No. of Company Form No. 14 BOYS ok, mB, ae 12S SS =a 6 Oe THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA ‘The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212) Filing Fees Shs. 2,400/= Particular of Directors or Managers and of any Changes therein (Pursuant to Section 145) Name of Company: AC cD RERICUTURE Li ae TeS Presented by: “Joho Vay eau 2 Re bX GOUT Dots