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Embryonic Development Game to Genesis

Embryonic Development Game to Genesis

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Published by Ranjan Dwivedi

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Published by: Ranjan Dwivedi on Feb 18, 2012
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Topic: Embryonic Development-Gametogenesis

1- A freshly laid unfertilized egg oh hen contains (A) One cell (B) 100 cells (C) 109 cells (D) About a million cells

2- Shell of hen’s egg is secreted by (A) Ovary (B) Uterus (C) Graafian follicles (D) Egg itself

3- Fertilizin is secreted by (A) Polar bodies (B) Acrosome (C) Mature eggs (D) Middle piece of sperm

4- Acrosome reaction in sperms is triggered by (A) Release of lysin (B) Release of fertilizin (C) Capacitation (D) Influx of sodium into sperm

5- Which chemical of the egg attracts and holds sperm? (A) Agglutinin (B) Antiagglutinin (C) Fertilizin (D) Antifertilizin

6- The region where sperm enters the egg is called (A) Equator (B) Reception cone (C) Animal pole (D) Vegetal pole

7- The fusion of male and female pronuclei is known as (A) Endomixis (B) Amphimixis (C) Eumixis (D) Fertilization

8- Breaking of acrosome membrane is called (A) Activation (B) Capacitation (C) Cavitation (D) Agglutination

9- Chalaza is found in the egg of (A) Hen (B) Human (C) Rabbit (D) Cockroach

10- Secondary oocyte is formed (A) Before fertilization (B) After fertilization 11- Human sperm was first observed by (A) Wilhelm Roux (B) Spemann (C) Hertwig (D) Hamm and Leeuwenhoek (C) Before maturation of ovum (D) After mitosis of germ cells

12- Theory of germ layers in the embryo was first proposed by

(A) Huxley

(B) Haeckel

(C) Weismann

(D) von Baer

13- The study of abnormal embryonic development is (A) Gerontology (B) Embryology (C) Teratology (D) None of these

14- Father of Modern Embryology is (A) Leeuwenhoek 15- Human eggs are (A) Microlecithal (B) Macrolecithal (C) Mesolecithal (D) Centrolecithal (B) von Baer (C) Aristotle (D) Newport

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