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Immune System 17Oct11

Immune System 17Oct11

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Published by Ranjan Dwivedi

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Published by: Ranjan Dwivedi on Feb 18, 2012
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1- All the following represent non-specific immunity except (A) Stomach acidity (B) IgM (C) Phagocytosis (D) Lysozyme

2- Those phagocytes found in the tisssues but not in the blood stream are (A) Monocytes (B) Neutrophils (C) Macrophages (D) Plasma cells

3- Antibodies in our body are produced by (A) Monocytes (B) RBCs (C) B Lymphocytes (D) T Lymphoctes

4- Antibody formation and immunity production by globulin protein is found in (A) Plasma (B) Cytoplasm of RBCs (C) Blood platelets (D) Haemoglobin of RBCs

5- The type of immunoglobulin present in the colostrums secreted by mammary glands is (A) IgA (B) IgG (C) IgD (D) IgE

6- Histamine is secretd by (A) Plasma cells 7- Vaccines are (A) Curative medicines (D) none of these 8- Interferons are synthesized in response to (A) Viruses (B) Fungi (C) Bacteria (D) Mycoplasma (B) Monoclonal antibodies (C) Treated bacteria/viruses/one of their protein (B) Macrophages (C) Lymphocytes (D) Mast cells

9- Lysis of foreign cell is mediated through (A) IgM only (B) IgA only (C)IgM & IgE (D) IgD & IgE

10- Active immunity can be obtained from (A) Antibiotics (B) Blood transfusion (C) Live germs in injection (D) Weakened/attenuated germs in injection 11- Lymphoid tissue is found in (A) Thymus (B) Tonsils (C) Lymph nodes (D) All of these

12- The formation of antibodies within our body is called (A) Active immunity 13- An autoimmune disease is (A) AIDS (B) Haemophilia (C) Allergy (D) Myasthenia gravis (B) passive immunity (C) Innate immunity (D) Acquired immunty

14- The first vaccination against small pox was performed by (A) Robert Koch (B) Louis Pasteur (C) Edward Jenner (D) Alexander Fleming

15- Passive immunity is obtained by injecting (A) Antibodies (B) Vaccines (C) Antibiotics (D) Antigens

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