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12 CSF-Vinamilk Bac Thesis

12 CSF-Vinamilk Bac Thesis

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Published by: Le Thi Thu Chung on Feb 18, 2012
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Huberman 1994, 10).

Firstly, the qualitative evidences were used to examine CSFs in the successful

project. The analysis includes data reduction, data display, and conclusion. Data

reduction was the process of selecting, focusing, simplifying, abstracting and

transforming the data. Its purpose was to organize the data, so that conclusions

could be drawn and verified. Data display was to take the reduced data and

displayed it in flowchart or other graphics that permitted conclusion drawing

easily. Finally, the tasks in conclusion drawing process were to decide what things

mean, note regularities, patterns, explanations, possible configurations, causal

Data collection

Data reduction

Data display


drawing, verifying


flows and propositions. Figure 2 above illustrates the components of qualitative

data analysis. (Miles & Huberman 1994, 11.)

Secondly, quantitative data collected was then synthesized to find the frequency

of CSFs cited from small-scale survey. The purpose was to verify the importance

of the identified CSFs to the ERP adoption process of Vinamilk. Also, the result

indicated the most and least critical factors according to interviewees‟

perspectives. For this task, the statistical tool of Microsoft Excel was used.

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