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12 CSF-Vinamilk Bac Thesis

12 CSF-Vinamilk Bac Thesis

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Published by: Le Thi Thu Chung on Feb 18, 2012
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IT infrastructure


IT infrastructure must be evaluated beforehand so that it satisfies

the requirements of the ERP system.


+/+ = Mentioned as a factor

IT infrastructure modernization was considered important factor for the project‟s

success by all respondents. Once the system was implemented, all information

would be integrated. Therefore, hardware system must ensure for storing such

huge data and its processes. Besides, internet networks should be stable, fast and

high secure. Due to those requirements were satisfied, it would be much

advantageous to the implementation stage and use and maintenance stage.

Specifically, there had been no breakdowns occurred and implementation time

was reduced. The remaining issue was to train people to learn how to operate it

smoothly. Vinamilk equipped main data center and another one for backup. Each

possessed the current latest IBM server – IBM System p, p meant high


performance – and storage system IBM DS8100 having capacity 10 terabytes,

weight of 1 ton. (Mr. Tran, 2011.)

A synchronized and standardized IT infrastructure was so important before

initiating the project. This could be compared with building a new house where IT

infrastructure was the base and the remaining tasks were to install and to

configure the software to best fit that base. (Mr. Nguyen, 2011.)

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