-The Blu-ray Disc format was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) . -SODEVELOPED BY :: NY Corporation -Board of members .* Why the name ³Blu-ray Disc´ ? -The name Blu-ray is derived from the underlying technology. which utilizes a blueviolet laser to read and write data.

.* Same Form Factor as CD/DVD -Familiar to consumer -Enables backwards compatibility.

TECHNOLOGY Laser and optics The Blu-ray Disc system uses a blue-violet laser operating at a wavelength of 405 nm. About 23 hours of standard-definition (SD) video can be stored on a 50GB disc. . Conventional DVDs and CDs use red and infrared lasers at 650 nm and 780 nm respectively. to read and write data. similar to the one used for HD DVD. *Specifications About 9 hours of high-definition (HD) video can be stored on a 50GB disc.

Blu-ray Precision .


0Mbps (1.85 0.0Mbps (1x) 11.08Mbps (1x) Data transfer rate 54.08Mbps (<1x) (video/audio) Numerical Aperture 0.DATA TRANSFER RATE Blu-ray DVD Data transfer rate (data) 36.5x) 10.60 NUMERICAL APERTURE -less recording power -lower disc rotation speed .

*For audio .1. -MPEG-2 video allows decoder backward compatibility for DVDs.).1.264/AVC.Video/Audio Codecs CODECS *For video. . ISO MPEG2.1 or DTS 5. and SMPTE VC-1 are player-mandatory. Dolby Digital 5.H. ISO (linear PCM 5.

JAVA SUPPORT SYSTEM -Sun Microsystems cross platform software -Interactive Menus on BD Discs -Java supported BD Disc ± BD-J -Allows interactive updates via internet. .

74µm 1920×1080 720×480 /720×576 (max) video bit rate Interactivity (1080p) 40.Blu-ray Vs DVD Blu-ray Protection layer Hard coating Laser wavelength Track pitch Video resolution DVD 0.1mm 0.32µm 0.0 Mbps BD-J (480i/576i) 9.6mm Yes No 405nm 650nm (blue laser) (red laser) 0.8 Mbps DVD-Video .

MMC * Capacity * Studio support * Computer Manufacturers * Backwards Compatibility * Interactivity .ADVANTAGES * Security .BD+ .ROM Mark .

$2.500. BD Cost: $26 -Expect the BD to become more prevalent once the HDTV market establishes its presence -Audio and video will reach higher qualities with larger storage space -Look for BD with more than two layers as the technology is further refined .500 .FUTURE AND PRICING Recorder Cost: $1.

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