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3G : Third Generation AAA : Asian Athletics Association AAFI : The Amateur Athletics Federation of India AC : Ante Christum (Before Christ), Ashok Chakra, Air Conditioner ADB : Asian Development Bank AFI : Athletics Federation of India AFMC : Armed Forces Medical College AI : Artifical Intelligence, Air India AICTE : All India Council for Technical Education AIFF : All India Football Federation AIIMS : All India Institute of Medical Science AITUC : All India Trade Union Congress ALGOL : Algebric Oriented Language AM : Ante Meridiem, Amplitude Modulation APEC : Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation ARPANET : Advanced Research Project Agency Network ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASEAN : Association of South East Asian Nations ASLV : Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle AT&T : American Telegraphic and Telephone Co. Ltd. ATC : Air Traffic Control ATM : Automated Teller Machine AVSM : Ati Vishisht Seva Medal B2B : Busines to Business B2C : Business to Consumer BARC : Bhabha Atomic Research Centre BBC : British Broadcasting Corporation BBS : Bulletin Board Service BC : Before Christ BHEL : Bharat Heavy Electri-cals Ltd BIOS : Basic Input Output System BPL : Below Poverty Line BPO : Business Process Outsourcing BPR : Business Process Re-engineering bps : bytes per second BSE : Bombay Stock Exchange BSF : Border Security Force BSNL : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited C2C : Consumer to Consumer CA : Chartered Accountant CAD : Computer Aided Design CAT : Common Admission Test CBI : Central Bureau of Investigation CBSE : Central Board of Secondary Education CDAC : Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access CEO : Chief Executive Officer CFSL : Central Forensic Science Laboratory CGI : Common Gateway Interface CIA : Central Intelligence Agency

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CID : Criminal Investigation Department CISC : Complex instruction set computing CITU : Centre of Indian Trade Unions CNN : Cable News Network COMSAT : Communications Satellite Corporation COPRA : Consumer Protection Act CORBA : Common Object Request Broker Architecture CPI : Communist Party of India CPWD : Central Public Works Department CRIS : Centre for Railway Information System CSIR : Council of Scientific and Industrial Research CTBT : Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CYMK : Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Kinda D.Litt. : Doctor of Literature D.Phil. : Doctor of Philosophy D.Sc : Doctor of Science DC : Direct Current DIG : Deputy Inspector General DMA : Direct Memory Access DMK : Dravida Munetra Kazhagam DNA : Deoxyribo-nucleic Acid DTP : Desktop Publishing DVC : Damodar Valley Corporation DVD : Digital Versatile/Video Disc E & OE : Errors and Omissions Excepted EDI : Electronic Data Interchange EIS : Executive Information System E-MAIL : Electronic Mailing EMI : Equated Monthly Instalments ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator ENT : Ear, Nose and Throat EOF : end of file EOT : Eastern Daylight Time EPABX : Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange ERNET : Educational and Research Network FAQ : Frequently Asked Question FBI : Federal Bureau of Investigation FBT : Fringe Benefit Tax FBTR : Fast Breeder Test Reactor FBW : Fly-By-Wire FCI : Food Corporation of India; Fertilizer Corporation of India FDI : Foreign Direct Investment FEMA : Foreign Exchange Management Act FICCI : Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry FIFA : International Football Federation (Federation Internationale de Football Association) FIR : First Information Report FM : Frequency modulation FRCP : Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians FRCS : Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

Ventilating and Air Conditioning IAAI : International Airport Authority of India IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency IARI : Indian Agricultural Research Institute IAS : Indian Administrative Service IATA : International Air Transport Association IBM : International Business Machines ICSE : Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ICU : Intensive Care Unit ICWA : Indian Council of World Affairs IDA : International Development Agency IDBI : Industrial Development Bank of India IEEE : Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers IELTS : International English Language Testing System IFC : Industrial Finance Corporation. International Finance Corporation IFS : Indian Foreign Service. Italy. Germany. japan and Canada) G8 : includes G7 plus Russia GATE : Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering GATS : General Agreement on Trade and Services GDP : Gross Domestic Product GMAT : Graduate Management Admission Test GMT : Greenwich Mean Time GSLV : Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle GSM : Global System for Mobile Communications GSP : Generalised System Preference GUI : Graphical User Interface HAL : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HIV : Human Immunodeficiency Virus HMI : Himalayan Mountaineering Institute HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language HUDCO : Housing and Urban Development Corp. France. Indian Forest Service IGNOU : Indira Gandhi National Open University IIPA : Indian Institute of Public Administration IISCO : Indian Iron and Steel Company IISS : International Institute of Strategic Studies IIT : Indian Institute of Technology ILA : Indian Library Association ILO : International Labour Organisation IMAP : Internet Mail Access Protocol IMF : International Monetary Fund INA : Indian National Army INTUC : Indian National Trade Union Congress IOC : Indian Oil Corporation IP : Internet Protocol IPC : Indian Penal Code IPCL : Indian Petro-Chemicals Corporation Ltd IPI : International Press Institute . UK. HVAC : Heating.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y FRCS : Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society FRS : Fellow of the Royal Society G7 : Group of Seven(US.

Inter Press Service IQ : Intelligence Quotient IRC : International Red Cross IRDP : Integrated Rural Development Programme IRS : Indian Revenue Service ISBN : International Standard Book Number ISDN : Integrated Services Digital Network ISI : Indian Standards Institution. Least Common Denominator LCM : Lowest Common Multiple LIC : Life Insurance Corporation (of India) LLB : Bachelor of Laws LMC : Large Megallanic Cloud LTTE : Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam MA : Magisiter Artium (Master of Arts) MD : Doctor of Medicine MBA : Master of Business Administration MBBS : Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MCC : Marylebone Cricket Club MCI : Medical Council of India MICR : Magnetic ink character recognition MIDI : Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIPS : Million Instructions per Second MIT : Massachusetts Institute of Technology.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y IPO : Initial Public Offering IPS : Indian Police Service. Industrial Training Institute ITU : International Telecommunication Union IVF : In-Vitro Fertilisation IVM : In-vitro Maturation JCO : Junior Commissioned Officer JEE : Joint Entrance Examination JPEG : Joint Photographic Expert Group LASER : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation LCA : Light Combat Aircraft LCD : Liquid Crystal Display. Inter Services Intelligence ISKCON : International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISO : International Standards Organisation ISRO : Indian Space Research Organisation IST : Indian Standard Time ITBP : Indo-Tibetan Border Police ITES : Information Technology enabled services ITI : Indian Telephone Industries. Master Instruction Tape MLA : Member of Legislative Assembly MNC : Multi-National Corporation MODEM : modulator demodulator MP : Member of Parliament. Madhya Pradesh MPEG : Motion Picture Experts Group MRCP : Member of the Royal College of Physicians MTCR : Missile Technology Control Regime MVC : Maha Vir Chakra NAAC : National Assessment and Accreditation Council NABARD : National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development .

: Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophiae Doctor) PIL : Public Interest Litigation PIN : Postal Index Number PSLV : Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PWD : Public Works Department R&D : Research and Development RADAR : Radio Detecting and Ranging RAM : Random Access Memory RAW : Research & Analysis Wing RBI : Reserve Bank of India RDX : Research Department Explosive (Cyclotrim-ethylin Trinitrate) RISC : Reduced instruction-set computing RNA : Ribonucleic acid ROM : Read Only Memory RPM : Revolutions Per Minute RTI : Right to Information SAIL : Steel Authority of India Limited SARS : Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SCSI : Small Computer Systems Interface SEBI : Securities and Exchange Board of India SENSEX : Sensitivity Index (of Share Price) SEZ : Special Economic Zone SGPC : Siromani Gurudwara Prabandak Committee SIM : Subscriber Information Module SLV : Satellite Launch Vehicle SMS : Short Message Service . NASA : National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASDAQ : National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation NASSCOM : National Association of Software and Service Companies NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NAV : Net Asset Value NCERT : National Council of Educational Research and Training NCSA : National Centre for Supercomputing Applications. National Computer Security Association NDA : National Defence Academy NOC : No Objection Certificate NPA : Non-performing Assets NPT : Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NRF : National Renewal Fund NSUI : National Students Union of India NTPC : National Thermal Power Corporation OBC : Other Backward Classes OCR : Optical Character Recognition ONGC : Oil and Natural Gas Corporation OOP : Object Oriented Programme OPEC : Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries OSCAR : Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio PAN : Permanent Account Number Ph.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y NAFED : National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation NALCO : National Aluminium Company Ltd.D.

µUnited Nations Children¶s Fund¶) UNU : United Nations University UPA : United Progressive Alliance UPSC : Union Public Service Commission URL : Uniform Resource Locator VAT : Value Added Tax VCR : Video Cassette Recorder VIP : Very Important Person VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Siege VRML : Virtual Reality Modelling Language VRS : Voluntary Retirement Scheme VSSC : Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre WHO : World Health Organisation WMO : World Meteorological Organisation WTO : World Trade Orga-nisation WWF : World Wildlife Fund WWW : World Wide Web WYSIWYG : What you see is what you get XML : Extensible Mark-up Language YMCA : Young Men¶s Christian Association ZIP : Zone Improvement Plan Posted in Abbreviations. 2011 ² sdeducare Computer Abbreviations y y y CDAC : Centre for Development of Advanced Parallel Computing C-DOT : Center for Development of Telematrics HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol . Transmission Control Protocol TELCO : Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company TFT : Thin-Film Transistor TIFR : Tata Institute of Fundamental Research TISCO : Tata Iron and Steel Company TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UGC : University Grants Commission ULFA : United Liberation Front of Asom UNESCO : United Nations Educational. Scientific and Cultural Organi-sation UNI : United News of India UNICEF : United Nations International Children¶s Emergency Fund (now. Computer Abbreviations. Other Abbreviations.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol STD : Subscriber Trunk Dialling. Sexually Transmitted Diseases TADA : Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act TCP : Transfer Call Protocol. Leave a Comment » Computer Abbreviations July 16. Important Abbreviations.

y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ROM : Read Only Memory RAM : Random Access Memory BIOS : Basic Input.Output System MODEM : Modulation Demodulation CAD : Computer Aided Design PSTN : Public Switched Public Data Network PSPDN : Pocket Switched Public RABAN : Remote Area Business Message Network LAN : Local Area Network WAN : Wide Area Network MAN : Metropolitan Area Network CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access GAIS : Gateway Internet Access Service E-Mail : Electronic Mail CD : Compact Disc LDU : Liquid Display Unit CPU : Central Processing Unit CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing CATScan : Computerized Axial Tomography Scan COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language COMAL : Common Algorithmic Language DOS : Disk Operating System DTS : Desk Top System DTP : Desk Top Publishing E-Commerce : Electronic Commerce ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator FAX : Far Away Xerox FLOPS : Floating Operations Per Second FORTRAN : Formula Translation HLL : High Level Language HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language IBM : International Business Machine IC : Integrated Circuit ISH : International Super Highway LISP : List Processing LLL : Low Level Language MICR : Magnetic Ink Character Recognizer MIPS : Millions of Instructions Per Second MOPS : Millions of Operations Per Second MPU : Micro Processor Unit NICNET : National Information Center Network OMR : Optical Mark Reader PC-DOT : Personal Computer Disk Operation System PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory SNOBOL : String Oriented Symbolic Language UPS : Uninterpretable Power Supply VDU : Visual Display Unit VLSI : Very Large Scale Integrated WWW : World Wide Web WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network .

Azebaijan and Moldova GAGAN : GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation IMO : Instant Money Order IBSA : India. Ukraine. Brazil.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Wi-fi : Wireless Fidelity TIFF : Tagged Image File Format e-SATA : External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment WiMAX : Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access JPEG : Joint Photographic Experts Group GIF : Graphics Interchange Format ATX : Advanced Technology Extended UATX : Ultra Advanced Technology Extended FATX : Flex Advanced Technology Extended MATX : Micro Advanced Technology Extended EEATX : Enhanced Extended Adva y DDR SDRAM : Double-Data-Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory y DDR RAM : Double-Data-Rate Random Access Memory y GUI : Graphical User Interfaces y CUI : Command User Interfaces mportant Abbreviations of all categories y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y AVES : Acute Viral Encephalitic Syndrome BCTT : Bank Cash Transaction Tex BCSBI : Banking Codes and Standard Board Of India CIC : Central Information Commission CSTO : Collective Security Treaty Organisation CNLU : Chanakya National Law University DII : Domestic Institutional Investor DTH : Direct To Home ECGC : Export Credit Guarantee Corporation FDI : Foreign Direct Investment FII : Foreign Institutional Investor GUAM : Georgia. South Africa MRO : Mars Recconnaissance Orbiter NADT : National Authority On Drugs and Therapeutics NCCE : National Council for Clinnical Establishments NEIA : National Export Insurance Account NMDP : National Maritime Development Programme NREGA : National Rural Employment Guarantee Act NJC : National Judicial Council OCI : Overseas Citizen of India .

y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y PURA : Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas PHFI : Public Health Foundation of India RLDA : Railway Land Development Authority SCRAMJET : Supersonic Combustion Ramjet SIM : Subscriber Identification Module ITGI : IFFCO Tokio General Insurance IITF : India International Trade Fair IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency HPAI : Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza NCH : National Consumer Influenze SPA : Seven Party Alliance VAT : Value Added Tex QIB : Qualified Institutional Buyer QIP : Qualified Institutional Placement RTA : Railway Territorial Army RTC : Round Table Conference RTG : Radio-isotope Thermo-electric Generator SWIFT : Society for World-wide International Financial Transactions SWOT : Strength. Threats SYL : Sutlej. Weakness. Resource and Monitoring OGL : Open General Licence IMB : International Maritime Bureau . Opportunities.Yamuna Link (Canal) YWCA : Young Women¶s Christian Association ZSI : Zoological Survey of India ZUPO : Zimbabwe United People¶s Organisation ESOP : Employee Stock Option PRP : Performance Related Payment ICA : Irrigated Crop Area FEMA : Foreign Exchange Management Act RFID : Radio Frequency Identification PERDA : Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority RED : Result Framework Document TERM : Telecom Enforcement.

A.C = American oil company A.T = Advisory council on technology A.O = Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization A.F = Auxiliary Air Force A.A = Arms control and disarmament agency A. Automobile association A.R = Advanced gas-cooled reactor A.L = American federation of Labour A.M.A.C.E = Atomic energy research establishment A.O = Arab League Educational.C.P.D.P = Air Raid Precautions A.A.I.A.F. Scientific and Cultural Organization a.D.S = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( a disease ) A.W.W = Atomic Weight A.A = Anti-aircraft .A = Associate of the chartered accountants A.C.S = Anglo-Saxon .D = Agency for internation development ( u.M = Anti-Ballistic Missile A. in the year of our lord A.A.C.I.T.M = Agricultural Prices Commission A.P = Associated Press A.D.G.A = Asian Agricultural jounalists and writers association A.F = Anti-Norcotic Task force A.F = Admiral of the Fleet .V = Authorised Version A.C.C = Army medical corps .I. Audio Frequency A.A = Amateur Athletics Association A.C.S.H.O.D = Anno Domini .d = After date .N.S = Associate of the faculty of Architects and surveyors A. ante diem : before the day A.C.J.S.A-bomb = Atom bomb A.Q = Army head quarters .L.E.F = Air port security force A.O.I = Anti-submarine detector Indicator A.I = Amnesty International A. Air headquarters A.m.D = Asian institute of rural development A.I.S.E.H = Adreno-Cortico-Trophic Hormone A.I.R.A. All india reporter ( law ) A.D = Agency of Barani Areas Development A.P = Annual development programme A.R.B. before mid day a.F.A.P.N. = Ante maridiem : before noon . American muslim council A.W.T.B.B = Associate of the institute for bankers A.E.R = All india Radio .R.s ) A.A = Atomic energy authority A.S.S = Airborne Warning and control system Abp = Archbishop Ad = Advertisement .F = Anti Norcotic Force A.D. At sight A.

C.C = British broadcasting corporation B.C.V = Closed Circuit Television C.T.B = Caught and bowled C.A = Conference on the Application of science and technology to the development of Asia C.I.L = Bankers Equity limited B.M = Board of industrial management B.C = Before Christ B.H.O.F = Brought forward (accounting) B.W = Chemical and biological warfare C.Us = Basic Health Units B.T.P.A.O.R = Camera Cassette Recorder C.S.I = Board of investment B.int = Ad interum : in the meanwhile Adjt = Adjutant Adm = Admiral amp = Amphere (s) anc = Ancient atm = Atmosphere av = Average B.A.S. Burning point B.U = Complete build-up Unit C.T.C.B = Citizen Advice Bureau C.M = Caribbean Community and Comon market C.F.B.M = Computer Aided Manufacture C.C = Central Board of Film Censors C.D.A. = Basic Document .A.A.D = Computer Aided Design C. Basic Democrat B.S = Chief of Air staff .L = Bill of Lending B.S.S = Basic Pay Scale B.A.B. Boiling point .B.C = Beginner All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (computer) B.A.S. Country Assistance Strategy C.I.C.A = British and south asian trade association B.A.R.Ad.H.A.S.E.A = Business Software Alliance b/o = brought over Bar-at-law = Barrister -at-law bde = brigade brig = brigadier C = Centigrade C.P = Blood Pressure .I.B.U = Coronary Care Unit .A.A.P = Brake Horse-Power B.I.C = British aircraft corporation B.

T = Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty C.N = European Organization for Nuclear Research C.M. Calf Cm = Centimetre Crystl = Crystalline CT-Scan = Computerised Axial Tomography Scanning Cu = Cubic Cum = Cumulative E & O.B = Economic Advisory Board E.C = Chloroflouro Carbon C.D = Completely Knocked Down C.D.V.N.P = College of physicians and Surgeons of pakistan C.C = Common wealth Development Corporation C.G.D.D = Crime investigation Department C.A.O.P.C = Civil Procedure Code C.C.G.S.R = Council of Scientific and Industrial Research C.P.B.R = Committe on Space Research C.D = Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament C. Comon metre C.E.U = Central Processing unit C.G = Compressed Natural Gas C.S.R = Call Deposit Receipts C.E = Errors and Omissions Excepted E.C.M.S.R.P = Community Development Program C.L = Casual Leave C.M = Chief minister .D.B.D.C = Carry over charge (stock exchange) C.O.S = Central Depository system C.K. = Civil defence C.O.D.R.C = Chashma Right Bank Canal C.S.A.F.A.P = Candle Power C.O.D = Central Excise Duty C.P.N.O = Custom general order C.T = Communications Satellite Corporation C.P.T.E. Ehtesab Bench (high court) .T.H = OIC standing Committe on Scientific and technology Cooperation C.I.B = Ehtesab Bureau .S = Centimetre-gram-second (system of measurement in science) C.S.I.D = Chemical Vapour Deposition Cal = Calorei Cd`A = Charge d`Affair Cent = Centum : A hundred Centi = One hundreth part Cf = Confer .E.

I = Expression of Interest E.T = Emergency Operation Theatre E.P.C. Nose and Throat E.R = Foreign exchange REserves .G.T = Ear .C.F.M.R = Electric Video Recording Esq = Esquire F = Fahrenheit .S = European monetary system E.R.M.G.P = Extra Sensory Perception E.R = European centre of Nuclear Research E.E = Electronic Random Number Indicator E.G = Electric Cardio Graph E.A = Environment Protection Agency E.O.O.O.N.C.s = free along side F.R.N.C.V.S.A.M = Extra ordinary General Meeting e.G = Electro-encephalogram E.S = Employees Old Age Benefit Scheme E.C.M = Exchange rate mechanism E.C.S = Earth Observation Satellite E.I = Employees Old Age Benefit Institution E.N.T = Electroconvulsive Therapy E.I = Federation Aeronatique International f.g = example gratia E.S.C.O.N.N = Energy Conservation Centre E.O.O = Economic Cooperation Organization E.A = Education For All E.B.C.E.N.F.O.C.C = Exchange Earner Foreign Currency E. Fellow F.G = Electromyograph E.S = Electro Plated Nickel Silver E.R.R = Export Compensatory Rebate E.I.P.O.G.L = Exit Control List E.I = Extended Programme of Immunization E.U = European Currency Unit E.A.C.E.B = European central bank E.E.C.C.E.s. Food Aid Convention F.N.N.C = Fuel Adjustment charge .O.E.C = Executive Committee of the national economic council E.M.D.F = Electromotive force E.C = Economic and Social Council ( UN ) E.B.C = Economic Coordination among developing countries E.F = Export Credit Guarantee Facility E.P.A.C.E = Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment E.R.

P.As = Fuel Supply Agreements F.S = Global Environment Monitoring system G.T. G.M.E.D.I.S = govt transport Service G-77 = Group of 77 gal = gallon (s) Ge.p = freezing point F.F = High Frequency H.C.F = Highest Common Factor H.T road = Grand Trank Road. Frequency Modulation F.D.R.A = Ground Control Approach G.F = Greatest Comon Factor G.V = Thousand million electron-volts gr = Grain(s) H.W.I.R = First information report F.M = Field Marshall .C.o.S.T = General sales Tax G.Strategic and Technical Studies F.D.M.I = Gross Domestic Income G.o.N.F.T.C.T = Greenwich Mean Time G.F = Fianna Fail F.C = High court H.T = Forum for International Relation.C = Housing building finance corporation H.r = free on rail f.B.A.I.M.P = Gross National Product G.P = Gross Domestic Product G.M.T = Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty f.A = General Assembly (UN) G.S.A.S = Harkat al-muqawana al-Islamiyaa ( Islamic Resistance Movement) H.I = Human Development Index H.S.S.V = Human Immunodeficiency Virus .F. Sgt = Flight-Sergeant fo = Folio ft = feet .E.b = free on board f.I.C.I.P = Global system of trade Preferences G.B = First women bank Fl.C = Heavily Indebted Poor Countries H.S = Housing Income and Expenditure Survey H. foot g = gram(s) G.

S.A.R.I = Imperial Chemical Industries I.C.O = Head Office H.R.A = International Atomic Energy Agency I.U = Intensive Care Unit I.H = International Commodities Clearing House I.F = Indian Air Force I.A.T = International Computer and Tabulators I.P.C.C.P = High Speed Diesel H.S.T.C.P = Harmonic Progression H.Q.M = International Business Machines I.B.C = International Chamber of Commerce I.C = International Agency for Research on Cancer I.H.I.J = Hilal-i-Jur`at ( an award ) H.E.M = Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile I.C.C.P.S.R = International Relations I.A = International Energy Agency I.S.R = High Temperature Reactor (type of nuclear reactors) hecto = One hundred times hons = honours hp = horse power hr (hrs) = Hour (hours) I I.A.C = International Telecommunication Satellite Consortium I.C.D = Housing and Physical Department H.T.T = High Tension H.S.B = Islamic Development Bank I.U = International Council of Scientific Unions I.A.D.S = International College of Surgeons I.C = Higher Secondary Certificate H.A.D = International Conference on Population and Development I.A.R.I = Inter Services Intelligence I.E.B.S.C = International Trade Centre ICBM = Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile .I = Internet Research Institute I.B = International Association of Islamic Banks I.E.A = International Air Transport Association I.C.J = International Court Of Justice I.M = Human Rights H.L.T.C.B = Intelligence Bureau I.Y = International Quet Sun Year I.T.N.C.

V = Lady Health Visitor .A.E.S.A.L = Japan Air Lines J.P = Karachi Nuclear Power Plant K.W = Leg before wicket (cricket) l.N = Local Area Network L.A.C.S = Licentiate in Dental Surgery L.C = Journalists Resource Centre K K = Kilo .B = Local bodies L.T = Koumintang K.U.D = Light Emitting Diode L.c = lower case (in printing) L. Latin L.C = Junior Cadet Corps J.C.E.J = Jet (air craft) J.D.V = Kilovolt Kc = Kilocycle (s) Kg = Kilogram (s) Km = Kilometre (s) Kw = Kilowatt L L = Leaner .H.P.G = Letter of Guarantee L.N. thousand K.M.O = Legal Framework Order L.R = Light Amplification by radiation L.B.C.P = Justice of Peace J.P.G = Kinder Garten (school) K.C = Letter of Credit L.T = Karachi Port Trust K.R.B.F.M = Lowest Common Multiple L.Cpl = Lance Corporal L.D = Liquid-Crystal Display L.A.E = Knight of British Empire K.

C = Medical Research Council M.d = Pounds .T.R.B.D.G = Liquefied Natural Gas L. Pence L.Kilogram.S = Master in Dental Surgery M.A. Shilling .L.B.R = Missile Technology Control Regime M.S = Mutual Broadcasting System (USA) M.S = Metre.L = Martial Law M.D = Magneto Hydro Dynamic M.G = Machine Gun M.W = Million Watts .H.m.I = Maximum Demand Incubator M.C = Military Appellate Court M.M = Medium Range Ballistic Missile M.R.S = Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery M. Librae (Pounds) Log = Logrithm Long = Longitude LSD = Lysergic acid diethylamide Ltd = Limited m = maiden .T.I.K. Mass Observation m.F = Multilateral (nuclear) Force m.L.C.p = melting point M.I = Magnetic Resonance Imaging M.B = Motor Toredo Boat M.O. Phil = Master of Philosophy M.G.N.C.D.T.f = Magneto motive force M. Member .s.A = Member of National Assembly (pakistan) M.R.P.S = Master-General of Ordnance Supply M.A.B.Q = Multiple Choice Questions M.O = Money Order . Mark M.N. miles .B.D = Mutually Assured Destruction M.U = Mobile Information Unit M.Second M. metres M = Monsieur .A = Monopoly Control Athority M. Mega Watt M/s = Messrs Mc = Million Cycles Mev = Mega electron volt (s) mg = milligram (s) micro = One millionth part .V = Light Transport Vehicle Lat = Latitude Lb = Libra (pound) .C.G = Liquefied Petroleum Gas l.

A.T. N.N.P = Office of Energy Planning O.S.Q.D = National Institute for Cardio-Vascular Diseases.B.P. Nitrogen N.W = North West N.S.M = National Association of Software and Services Companies N.F.L =Agency for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in Latin America .I.T.H.E.R = National Council of Human Rights N.M = Non Aligned Movement N.P.Bs = Nationalised Commercial Banks N.W.C = Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries O.E = North East N.C = Overseas Employment Corporation O.E.G.C = Organization of Islamic Conference O.T.A = National Electric Power Regulatory Authority N.L = Open General License O. nominative N = north .E = Order of British Empire (an Award) O.C = National Economic Development Council N.E.C.A = National Aeronautics and space Administration N.O.C.D.E.A.E.C.D.B.C = Optical Fiber Cable O.O = North Atlanic Treaty Organization N.I.A.S = National Environment Quality Standards N.A = Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD) N.N = National Tax No N. National Insurance Corporation N.G.C.C = No Objection Certificate N.C = National Identity Card .A.Misc = Miscellaneous mm = Millimetre (s) n = neuter .A.R.P = Normal Temperature and Pressure N.I.A = National Highway Authority N.I.E.A.P = Observation Post O.S.D = Nationwide Direct Dialing System nano = one-thousand-millionth part O O.T = National Investment Trust N.A.D = Over Draft (banking) O.S = National Bureau of Standards (US) N.V.A = Official Development Assistance O.O.O = Non-Governmental Organization (s) N.P.E.H.

F = Pakistan Air Force P.I.C.C = Pakistan Energy Conservation Council P.W = Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons o.P.T.P = Poverty Alleviation Programme P.D = Philosophiate Doctor Phys = Physics Q Q.A.C = Pakistan Environmental Protection Council P.I = Press Asia International P.T = Physical Training P.N.U.O = Pak-Arab Refinery Company P.I = Post Graduate Medical institute P.C.z = Ounce (s) ob = obit (died)# P P = Penny .U . post mortem P.D = Quod Erat Demonstrandum Q.C.C.C.A.C.S.A.I.S.S = Provincial Civil Service .A.m = Post meridiem (afternoon) .A.D = Press Information Department P.M = Quantum Mechanics (Branch of Physics) .E.C = Per cent .E.R = Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrail Research P.E.B.O = Pacific Economic Outlook P.C = Paper Under Consideration pa = Per Annum P.O = Power take-off P.C.T. Punjab Civil Service P.W = Pacific Century Cyberworks P.O = Principal Information officer p.I.S = Pak Academy of Sciences P. Personal Computer P.C.S.E.O.P.R.L = Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Ph.I. Penco P.C = Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation P.O = Pakistan State Oil P.TECH = Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology P.I.D.M.G.H = Peace Be Upon Him P.

R.F.L.V = Revised Version Radar = Radio.R = Side-Looking Airborne Radar S.G.O.M.A.A.C = South Asia Association For Regional Cooperation S.M = Sub Divisional Magistrate S.R = Raw Material Replenishment r.C.A.D.E = South Asia Regional Institute of Energy S.A.A.A.C = Reinforced Cement Concrete R.A = Radio and General Appliances Factory R.S = Quartermaster-Sergeant Quot = Quotation R R = Rear-Admiral R.I = Site Association of Inventory S.R.I.C = Supreme Court .B = Regional Electricity Board R.N.R = Sound Navigation and Ranging .Direction And Range (to determine an object) ROM = Read Only Memory S S = Solidus (shilling) .L = Structural Adjustment Loan S.T.A.M = Revolutions Per Minute R.M.L.B.D.R.m.Angle.A.W = Research and Analysis Wing (Ind) R.A.T = Strategic Arms Limitation Talks S.L.T = Scholastic Assessment Test S.C. Second S.E.A.A.O = Reserve of Air Force Officers R. Security Council (UN) S.A.Q.C.P = Salinity Control and Reclamation Projects S.V = Satellite Launch Vehicle S.A.A.P = Social Action Programme SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (A viral Disease) S.R = Remittance Transfer Receipt R.M = Sea Launched Ballistic Missile S.A.A = Ribonucleic Acid R.S = Sub Assistant Surgeon S.N.S = Red Cresent Society R.A = Small Arms Ammunition S.C.D = Regional Co-operation for Development R.C = Resource Development Corporation R.P.s = round mean square R.L.

N.A.P = United NAtions Drug Control Programme .T.H. Technology temp = Temperature U U.E.A = Traffic Engineering and Town Planning T.K = United KingDom U.P.P.O = Unidentified Flying Object U.N.S.B = Textile Monitoring Body T.N.F.B = Tuberculosis T.M.C = United Nations Atomic Energy Commission U.B.F = Ultra High Frequency U.O.R.S = Tax Amnesty Scheme T.A = Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act T.N = United Nations U.D.T = Trinitrotoluene (High Explosive) tech = Technical .S.R.S = Save our souls (wireless appeal) S.O = Tele Graphic Money Order T.V.S = Union Central Africa States U.M = Short Range Ballistic Missile S.C.E.N.C = Tank Corps T.D.D = Theatre Missile Defence T.S.A.P = Saturated Vapour Pressure sergt = Sergeant Sq = Square Surg = Surgeon .C = Science Research Council SUPARCO = Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commitee (pak) S.C.B.P = superintendent of Police S.A. Surgery T T.D = Torpedo Boat Destroyer T.E = United Arab Emirates U.R = United Arab Republic U.C.A.M.A.D = United nations Conference on Science and Technology Development U.K = Society for Promoting Scientific Knowledge S.A.M.

D = Venereal Disease V.O = United nations Disaster Relief Organization U.F = Women Action Forum W.N = Wide Area Network (computer) W.A.H .M.A.A = United Nations General Assembly U. Vital Statistics V.D = Weapons of Mass Destruction W.D = Video Compact Disk V.N.R = United Yemen Republic V V = Volt (s) V.C.P = Wireless Application Protocol W.F = Very High Frequency V.Y & Z .Y.B = Urdu Science Board U.R = Video Tape Recorder Vol = Volume W W = Watt (s) W.A.I = United States Of Indonesia U.C.D.S = United States U.E.S.I.C = White Blood Cell W.N.N.L = Vertial Take-Off and Landing (aircraft) V.U = Visual Display Unit V.S.S = Veterinary Surgeon .P = Video Cassette Player V.B = World Bank W.C = United Nations Information Centre U.G.D.N.T.P = United Nations Development Programme U.W = World Wide Web Wt = Weight X.T.A = Water And Power Development Authority W.A = United States Of America U.B.D.O.P.R = Video Cassette Recorder V.W.S.D.R.A.C = Victoria Cross (an award) V.E.C.N.U.F = United Nations Emergency Force U.U = Western European Union W.

M.R = Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) Z.T = Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Z.T.E.C = Zila Council Z.H.X.N.T.P.L = Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (com language) X`mas = Christmas Y.G = Zero Population Growth .A.L.U = Zimbabwe African National Union Z.A = Zero Energy Thermo-nuclear Assembly Z.A.