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Rebuild path_to_inst

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This document describes how to rebuild "/etc/path_to_inst" and device trees on

Solaris[TM] Sparc.

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In the case where the /etc/path_to_inst file is corrupted to the point where
booting from the disk is impossible, the following procedure can be used to
rebuild the path_to_inst file, /dev/dsk, /dev/rdsk, and /devices directories.

ok boot cdrom -sw ** Use Solaris media e.g. Solaris 10 03/05 DVD

# mount /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0 /a ** Assumes your boot disk is c0t3d0s0

# rm /a/dev/dsk/c* /a/dev/rdsk/c*

# devfsadm -r /a -p /a/etc/path_to_inst

# umount /a

# halt

ok boot -r

This will build the path_to_inst file for disk drives. However, third party
disks may need to be reinstalled.

If your system is Solaris[TM] 2.6 or older, you need to replace the devfsadm
command with the following before reconfiguration boot.

# drvconfig -r /a/devices -p /a/etc/path_to_inst

# devlinks -r /a
# disks -r /a
# tapes -r /a
# ports -r /a