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Introduction: Research report is considered as a major component of the research study, the research task remains incomplete till the research has been presented or written. Writing of report is the last step in a research study and requires a set of skills somewhat different from those called for in respect of the earlier stages of research .This task should be accomplished by the researcher with utmost care. He may seek the assistance and guidelines of experts for the purpose. Any research report is to be conveyed to end-user or recorded for future use. So, there is a standard design which is to be followed for presenting report. The format of a research report has three main divisions.  Preliminary section.  Main text.  Reference section.

objectives . They include. Acknowledgement: In the process of carrying out any research.Preliminary section Title page: The first page of the report is the title page.  The title of the research study. . proposed measure of performance and research methods.  The degree for which the report is to be presented.  The name of the faculty and institution to which the report is submitted.shorting comings of the existing literatures. result of comparison and highlights of inferences .  The name of the researcher. Abstract : Abstract give an overview of the research report outlining the title of the research . and  The date of presenting it. So all those helps should be acknowledged under this heading. need for further research. the researcher would have received help from different persons and organizations.

The numbering should be such that it is internal to each chapter. The numbering should be such that it is internal to each chapter. List of figures: In research report. the data and results are presented in the form of tables for easy reference. List of tables: In research report. . Each and every figure must be numbered.Table of Contents: Table of contents is the catalogue of the research report which summarizes every aspect of the report and enables to quickly locate each section of report. the major subdivisions of the chapters and sometimes the topics within the subdivisions. the results are presented in the form of figures for better understanding and comparison. Each and every table must be numbered. It includes the chapter headings.

 Objective of the study  Hypothesis. Previous research studies are abstracted and significant writing of authors in the area under study is reviewed. It usually includes:  Statement of the problem  Significance of the problem  Purpose of the study. Introduction: In the chapter introduction the nature of the problem is to be stated and analysed. .  Assumptions and delimitations.Main text The text of the report should be divided into different chapter depending on the type of research.  Definition of the concept. This part of the report provides a background for the development of the present study and brings the reader up to date. Review of literature: This section reviews the important literature related to the study.

results obtained and discussed. The report should contain not only the generalisations or inferences but also the basis upon which the inferences have been drawn. . Design of sampling plan . . Design of questionnaire.Research methodology: Research methodology aims to finalise the activities of research design and data collection procedure which include: selection of the research approach. Analysis of data: In this section. Conclusion: In this section the main findings of the research investigation are presented and broader conclusions are drawn. Design of experiment . The data has to be classified and tabulated and then treated with the scientific method to get the results. and Design of sampling frame . and scope for the future research. the data collected with the help of research methodology are analysed. Conclusion summarizes research findings. All sorts of proofs. Inferences: This is the most important portion of the report. Inferences are based on logical as well as reasoning. numerical and logical must be given in support of any theory that has advanced. limitations of the study. The data collected in analysed and various inferences are drawn from it. contribution of the study. Determination of sample size.

Reference section This section includes Bibliography. places and topics along with the numbers of pages in a book or report on which they mentioned or discussed should be invariably be given at the end of the report. Appendices: appendices should be enlisted in respect of all technical data such as questionnaires. Bibliography: It is the list of the sources of materials reading used by the researcher. mathematical derivations etc.. . sample information. appendix and index. It is the acknowledgment of the authors and books from where the researcher has drawn materials or technique. Index: An alphabetical listing of name.

Types of report The various types of report are Technical report Popular report Interim Report Summary report Research abstract Research article .

Unlike other scientific literature. it is often limited to within the originating organization. or results of technical or scientific research or the state of a technical or scientific research problem. It might also include recommendations and conclusions of the research.Technical report A technical report (also: scientific report) is a document that describes the process. technical reports rarely undergo comprehensive independent peer review before publication. progress. Outline of technical report:  Summary of result  Nature of study  Methods employed  Data  Presentation findings  Conclusion  Bibliography  Technical appendices  Index . such as scientific journals and the proceedings of some academic conferences. Where there is a review process.

Outline of popular report: Findings and implications Recommendations for action Objective of the study Methods employed Results Appendices . The simplification should be sought through clear writing. minimization of technical. details and liberal use of charts and diagram.Popular report The popular report is one which gives emphasis on simplicity and attractiveness. particularly mathematical.

. Interim report: A report submitted before expiry of stipulated period of time for the completion of research study. It is written in non technical . It is so limited as to suitable for publication in daily news paper. It gives better understanding of the findings and their implications. simple language with a liberal use of pictorial charts. Summary Report: A summary report is generally prepared for the consumption of the lay audience viz the general public.Oral presentation: Oral presentation of report is essential when the study considered being more effective particularly in the case of policy recommendation indicated by the project research. It contains summary of what has been done so far and what is outcome. It is a short report of two or three pages.

Research article: This is designed for publication in professional journals . methods and techniques used and an overview of the report.Research abstract: This is a short summary of the technical report. It contains a brief presentation of the statement of the problem. the objective of the study .

Whatever form the reporting takes.Mahalakshmi . acknowledgement. introduction. theses and dissertations. finding. So. the ³standards´ list of components are included such as title. there is a standard design which is to be followed for presenting report. contents. including journal articles. The report may take different forms. Presented by N.Conclusion Writing of report is the last step in a research study. summary and conclusion. abstract. literature review. references. methods and procedures.

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