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Using Blog in learning and teaching Maths (CD)


 Using a blog makes learning independent of time and place – from teaching at a

certain time in a certain place to teaching anytime and anywhere. Blogs and other

asynchronous media give learners time to reflect.

Asynchronous media Synchronous media

 Blogs  Chat.
 Websites  Video conference.
 Internet database for sharing slides,  Phone conference.

photos, videos and online games.

 Wikis

 Using a blog makes education demand oriented and participant-centered – from one

way teaching and supply orientation to participation buy everyone. Learners are self


o Strong desire to learn

o Want to discover

o Act proactively

o Take initiatives

o Want to set own goals

o Need freedom
o Individual feedback

 Using a blog encourages learners to be active throughout the course period.

 Using a blog helps learners to improve their writing competences and thinking skills.

 Using a blog makes education more informal.

 Using a blog involves also external people.

 Using a blog reduces costs:

o Rooms

o Paper

o Pencil/pens

o Control

o Transportation.

Using interactive mathematical games from the internet.


Most of the interactive games which you can find in the websites cannot be downloaded

therefore sometimes teachers have to buy these educational games from the websites


However, by using internet links which can be linked through your blog, it will become

easier for the pupils to try and practice their mathematics skills as well as having fun

learning mathematics according to what they had learned in the classroom.

Parents can also be involved when helping their children to use the internet. This will

enhance the pupil’s motivation to learn mathematics and make it more fun to learn.


1) These online games are suitable for all ages from primary 1 until primary 6.

2) By using hyperlink to these online games, it would be easier for teacher, parents

and pupils to go straight away to the website without the hassle of searching for it

on the search engine.

Getting Started

1) Log in into your Blogger Account.

2) Click on New Post.

3) Put the title e.g. Fun Maths

4) On the posting screen you can put e.g. Fun Maths 1

5) Go to the website that you want. Highlighted the URL that you want your pupil to

play with, “right click” and then “copy.”

6) Go back to the posting screen and highlighted Fun Maths 1, “click” the Hyperlink


7) “Paste” the URL and “click” OK.

8) On the posting screen, this will come out:


>Fun Maths 1</a>

9) You can add more and repeat the process again and again.

10) After you already done, click the button “Publish Post”.

11) It then will give you the option to “view blog”, take a look on your blog and please

try to use the link. It will link to the website that you want.
STEP: 1 & 2

New Post

STEP: 3 & 4
Fun Math

Fun Math 1


Hyperlink icon

This will appear


Paste the URL

here and click

This will appear


STEP: 10 & 11
This will link you to your
Some examples of online games: chosen online math game

Variety of math Games

Adding Games (
Calculator Chaos (

Arithmetiles (
Math Baseball Flash Game

Math Baseball Flash Game is one of the interactive games which can be downloaded

from the internet.


1) Please go to and click “Math


2) Click “download math baseball now!”

3) Click “No thanks, please bring me to my page.”

4) Or straight away go to

5) Click “download: PC Version.”

6) Please save the file in your desktop or laptop.

7) When it already downloaded, please install it.

8) Click the “math baseball icon.”

9) Choose the options.

10) You can start playing.

1) It makes learning mathematics more fun for the children.

2) It can be use offline, no expire date and free.

3) Parents at home also can help their children playing this game.



STEP: 4, 5 & 6
STEP: 7 & 8

STEP: 10