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F I N A N C I A L - I C A E W P A R T -T I M E C O U R S E S

Flexible Programmes for Corporate Clients



CONTENTS About Kaplan Why train with Kaplan? Quality of teaching and support Facilities Client services What is the ACA? Why choose ACA? Flexible career Structured training Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ICAEW membership ACA exams overview Exam structure Professional Stage modules Breakdown of Professional Stage modules How long are the Professional Stage exams? Credit for prior learning Advanced Stage modules Breakdown of Advanced Stage modules The Flexible ACA programme Professional Stage . monitoring and reporting Performance management EN-gage Online workbook Testing Results reporting Tutors Frequently Asked Questions Kaplan .Application Papers Advanced Stage Performance management.Our global capabilities Key contacts 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 12 12 12 13 13 14 15 16 17 2 .Knowledge Papers Classroom course Learning materials and E-learning Professional Stage .

3 . Inc. is a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. HSBC. Pass rates on average exceed 80% for each paper. All client services staff supporting chartered students are experts in the ICAEW qualification. For example: • All the major global accounting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers. and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Quality of teaching and support Everyone at Kaplan is committed to the success of our students. we prepare more than 40. Merrill Lynch. Morgan Stanley. Fidelity. Why train with Kaplan? Kaplan is the leading tuition provider for ACA the ICAEW’s qualification.ABOUT KAPLAN Kaplan. Facilities All Kaplan centres use ‘Starboard’ technology in the classroom allowing us to review study materials on the screen as well as accessing relevant articles on the internet. an innovative and ever developing range of teaching resources. and we are recognised throughout the Accountancy profession as the expert in training for ICAEW. Citigroup. with 2007 revenue of $2 billion. the Department of Trade and Industry. Our tutors have won numerous awards from trade press and industry bodies. Each year. Centres provide students with free internet access and wi-fi. schools and businesses around the world. Kaplan Financial employs twelve dedicated ICAEW client service members in London alone. Client Services At Kaplan we provide high quality client services to ensure hassle free enrolment and administration. Shell and UBS • Government departments and agencies including HM Treasury. KPMG and Grant Thornton • Blue chip companies including Barclays. Inc provides educational and career services for individuals. Our clients include most of the FTSE 100 companies and 90 of the UK’s top 100 accounting practices. our students consistently outperform average pass rates and we regularly produce prizewinners. In 2007 Kaplan Financial won the Queens Award for Enterprise in recognition of our contribution to International Trade through the provision of high quality Learning and Development.000 students for exams. Our training methods are tried and tested. We do this through our dedicated tutors and administrators who are experts in their field and. Deloitte. with a market share in excess of 80%. We have over 50 years experience of delivering outstanding service to firms and students alike. the Department for Education and Skills. British Telecom. Kaplan. while we exceed the exacting tuition standards demanded by the professional bodies.

ICAEW membership During your training you are given provisional membership to the Institute. EXAMS WORK EXPERIENCE STRUCTURED TRAINING IN ETHICS INITIAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT + TRAINING CONTRACT = THE ACA 4 . commitment and determination from you – but it will be worth the effort. Why choose the ACA? The ACA will demand a lot of hard work. notfor-profit or charitable organisations When you qualify. industry. The ACA qualification puts you ahead in business. you will be eligible to join and enjoy all the benefits of ICAEW membership. Many members achieve partner or financial director status early in their careers. plus continual support from you regional and district societies. commerce and the public sector. In addition. CPD keeps you there. Continued Professional Development (CPD) Once you are a qualified ACA. pass the Institute’s Professional Stage and Advanced Stage examinations and complete work experience requirements. you will have regular opportunities to network with fellow members. Structured training A significant benefit of the ACA is the structured training provided through the Training Contract. The ACA is regarded globally as one of the leading business and finance qualifications. younger members groups and specialist faculties across the ICAEW. your learning will be ongoing with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework. It endorses and supports your ongoing commitment to professional excellence and your individual reputation. you must complete a training contract which will last between three and five years. When you qualify. and is recognised and valued in practice. (The diagram below and on the right shows your progression route to becoming an ACA). you will possess a highly marketable professional qualification that is in demand throughout the business world. To achieve the ACA.WHAT IS THE ACA? ACA stands for Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing the ACA: Flexible career The ACA qualification can: • Open doors to a wide range of employers from established multinationals to entrepreneurial local organisations • Help you to successfully establish your own business • Prepare you to lead public sector. The content and relevance of the ACA to the business environment sets it apart from other qualifications.

ACA EXAMS OVERVIEW The ACA examinations comprise of two stages. which incorporate training and examinations. the Professional Stage and the Advanced Stage modules. The ACA exams are some of the toughest you'll sit. not simply to learn facts. (The diagram below shows the structure of your ACA exams) ADVANCED STAGE ETHICS Case Study ETHICS WORK EXPERIENCE PUTS YOUR LEARNING INTO CONTEXT INTEGRATED ETHICS TRAINING THROUGHOUT TO SUPPORT BUSINESS DECISION MAKING ETHICS Technical Integration Business Change Technical Integration Business Reporting PROFESSIONAL STAGE APPLICATION MODULES ETHICS Business Strategy Financial Management Financial Accounting ETHICS Financial Reporting ETHICS Audit and Assurance ETHICS Taxation KNOWLDGE MODULES ETHICS Business and Finance Management Information Accounting ETHICS Law ETHICS Assurance ETHICS Principles of Taxation 5 . Exam structure There are twelve exams at Professional Stage and three exams at the Advanced Stage (excluding any credits for which you may be eligible). They test your ability to perform as a professional.

Covers costing and pricing. The Application modules demonstrate how you can build on your knowledge in practice. Learn the objectives and types of tax including income tax and other local taxes. the impact of criminal law on business and professional services and the overall impact of law in the professional context. Breakdown of the Professional Stage modules Knowledge modules Description Learn about business objectives and functions. Business and Finance Management Information Accounting Law Assurance Principles of Taxation How long are the Professional Stage exams? Knowledge modules Each knowledge module assessment is 1. process and need for assurance. the role of the accountancy profession.ACA EXAMS OVERVIEW Professional Stage modules The Professional Stage consists of Knowledge modules and Application modules.5 hours long and is e-assessed (computer based). capital gains tax. as well as ethics and administration. governance and ethics and the impact of the external environment. budgeting and forecasting. Learn to maintain financial records. how to gather evidence on an assurance engagement and professional ethics.corporation and value-added tax (VAT). making adjustments to accounting records and financial statements and preparing financial statements. performance management and management decisionmaking. 6 . the role of finance and accounting. Familiarise yourself with the concept. company and insolvency law. Become familiar with the impact of civil law on business and professional services. which enables trainees and employers to schedule exams at convenient times and dates. The Knowledge modules introduce you to the core concepts underpinning accountancy. business structures. internal controls.

Look at current issues in the reporting framework. how to accept and manage engagements. Apply the principles of tax to businesses. partnerships and sole traders. ethical and current issues.5 hours long Breakdown of the Application Stage modules Application modules Business Strategy Financial Management Description Consider strategic analysis. each of which will be 2. and how to prepare single company financial statements and consolidated financial statements. including companies. plan assurance engagements and how to conclude and report on assurance engagements. Learn about financing options. investment and financing decisions.ACA EXAMS OVERVIEW Application modules Application modules will be assessed by paper-based exams. Financial Accounting Financial Reporting Audit and Assurance Taxation Credit for prior learning Graduates with a related business or finance degree may be eligible for credit for some of the Professional Stage exams. Consider legal. the formulation of accounting and reporting policies. and the application of the principles of tax to individuals. how to prepare and present extracts from financial statements. the strategic choices open to organisations and how to implement strategy. 7 . Learn accounting and reporting concepts. and how to analyse and interpret financial information. managing financial risk.

audit and assurance and your grasp of ethics. The Case Study lasts 4 hours. audit and assurance. planning skills and ability to give advice in a changing environment.ACA EXAMS OVERVIEW Advanced Stage modules The Advanced Stage consists of two technical papers and a case study. business awareness. but it is in the Advanced Stage that you really focus on the technical and strategic skills needed to become a fully qualified ACA. Technical integration . Demonstrate your understanding. professional judgement and the application of technical accounting knowledge About the Advanced stage You are encouraged to include relevant practical examples in your examination work from the outset. Test your professional skills in the context of a specific business issue. Be challenged on multiple areas of the syllabus. performance management and costing. financial management. The examination combines information given to candidates beforehand and impact information given on the day. financial and corporate reporting and accounting. Apply technical knowledge and professional judgement to business scenarios to determine compliance solutions and a consideration of the alternatives. law and ethics. All are assessed by paper based exams.Business Reporting Technical integration – Business Change Case Study How long are the Advanced Stage exams? The Technical papers last 3. 8 . Breakdown of the Advanced Stage modules Advanced modules Description Financial and corporate reporting and accounting. Analyse and interpret internal and external financial and non-financial information covering taxation and law. Skills needed: • A multi-disciplinary approach to demonstrate your ability to use judgement as well as highlight your technical skills • Apply classroom learning to the practical issues facing organisations • Consider genuine problems and come up with real-life solutions that manage both finance and risk • Good communication skills. business strategy. Throughout the process you will be working and therefore able to apply your new skills direct in the workplace. taxation.5 hours each.

Kaplan Financial has constructed a programme that delivers tuition using a combination of evenings and weekends and revision using traditional block release. This learning management system. with a study plan that suits your individual needs. This is supplemented with a testing and reporting function that allows you to monitor your progress outside the classroom.THE FLEXIBLE ACA PROGRAMME We are uniquely placed to help you to pass the ACA. PRIVATE STUDY SELF MANAGED LEARNING OUR BLENDED APPROACH EN-GAGE ONLINE LEARNING & TESTING CLASSROOM TUITION 9 . is explained in more detail in the performance management section of this brochure. EN-gage. The diagram below shows how Kaplan integrates a blend of learning delivery methods to give students the best chance of a first time pass whilst minimising the time away from the office. to ensure you remain on track to pass your exams and derive the very best use of the time available with tutors.

but the structures are as follows Paper Accounting Assurance Business and Finance Management Information Principles of Tax Law Total Number of days 7 3 E* 1 E* E* 11 * Business & Finance. Tax and Law are delivered using an e-Learning package to minimise time out of the office. and enjoy e-mail and phone access to expert tutors who can resolve any queries you may have as they arise.THE FLEXIBLE ACA PROGRAMME Professional Stage . Learning materials and e-Learning Using the ICAEW’s own study materials and our unique EN-gage learning support system. The length of courses varies depending on the paper. you can study elements of the Knowledge papers at your own pace.Knowledge Papers Classroom course We offer taught courses for Knowledge papers at all of our ICAEW centres around the UK. 10 .

5 8. Our flexible Advanced Stage programme for 2012 is as follows: Advanced Stage July 2012 BC & BR July 2012 Case Study Exam Sitting July 2012 Papers Business Change Business Reporting Day 5 5 5 Eves 3 3 5 W/end 2 2 Total Days 8.5 24. deferring the Case Study exam to Nov 2012.Application Papers The Application papers consists of 6 modules with our courses covering the June and December ICAEW exams.THE FLEXIBLE ACA PROGRAMME Professional Stage .5 8 11 9 9 9 56. De-coupling options are available. Technical Integration and Case Study and consists of three written examinations in July. Our flexible Professional Stage – Application Papers programme for 2010 is as follows: Application Papers June 2010 FA & AA Dec 2010 TX & FM June 2011 FR & BS Exam Sitting June 2010 Papers Financial Accounting Audit Day 5 5 5 5 5 5 Eves 7 4 6 6 6 6 W/end 2 1 3 1 1 1 Total Days 10.5 July 2012 Total Case Study NB One evening equates to half a day 11 .5 Dec 2010 Taxation Financial Management June 2011 Financial Reporting Business Strategy Total NB One evening equates to half a day Advanced Stage The Advanced Stage is divided into two parts.5 7.

TESTING Fixed tests Mock exams (inc deferral exams) Quizzes REPORTING Assessment scores Comparable scores COLLABORATION Webinars Discussion boards 12 . The online integrated learning system comprises three core components: • Online Workbook • Testing • Results reporting Online workbook This has been created by our in-house instructional designers to aid comprehension and retention. monitoring and reporting environment available to students is shown below: RESOURCES Study materials E-learning Podcasts Webinars (recorded) EN-gage EN-gage has two core components . incorporating wherever possible. in hard copy form (that links closely with the standard ICAEW issued learning materials).PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT. This includes providing delegates with pre-course work to ensure they are suitably prepared for a tuition course and a performance review process that combines: • learning materials that engages the trainee in the classroom (EN-gage) • an on-line objective testing system to check understanding and enable immediate remediation (also part of EN-gage).an interactive and integrated teaching product for use in the classroom. An overview of the performance management. MONITORING AND REPORTING Performance management Here at Kaplan we deliver an innovative performance management process that optimises the trainee’s chance of first time success. under timed conditions if required. and an online integrated learning system designed to help you manage your studies. Multiple-choice tests are available on any combination of topic areas. This is supported by ‘fill-in-the blanks’ in the on-line version. as well as podcasts and interactive exercises on the more challenging parts of the syllabus. the needs of trainees with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Results reporting You can view the results of all on-line tests attempted. In tutor mode you can see answers and explanations for each item as you progress. Class comparisons to other trainees in your group. will also be available so you can track your progress against your peers! Tutors will also view class and individual performance allowing them to focus on key weaknesses when preparing you for the final exams. MONITORING AND REPORTING Testing Multiple-choice tests can be attempted on any combination of topic areas. This will help you identify and tackle your weaker topics. Over time you can build up a picture of your overall performance as well as performance at the individual topic level. A timed test shows no explanations until the end of the test and can be used for exam simulation. down to the item level. providing immediate feedback on the question. answers are available. In all types of testing.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT. under timed conditions if required. 13 .

patience. Steven joined the tax division of Kaplan in August 2002 and has been teaching ATT. Our tutors use proven methods along with the latest developments in technology to inspire and support students to succeed. dedicated to teaching accountancy students the knowledge they need in order to succeed.TUTORS In the UK Kaplan Financial has a national tutor faculty of over 300 highly trained professionals with a vast array of experience from practice and industry. After qualifying in both ACA and ATII she joined the ACA division of Kaplan in 1994. Paula Dutson BSc. She spent three years specialising in corporate tax particularly in the banking sector. Audit and Case Study to ACA students. and an inherent skill to turn something complex into something simple and make people believe they can achieve their goals. Anne is now the subject specialist for the Audit & Assurance paper. Steven Swann MA (Joint Hons) ACA After graduating from Keble College. Apart from a couple of extended sabbaticals to travel. In London we have a dedicated ICAEW faculty of over 50. specialising within tax. 14 . Anne Porcheron BM. ATII Paula graduated in Genetics from York University. she joined the company and has since been teaching Tax. working for and then heading up various in-house tax departments before returning to KPMG as a tax senior manager with split client and training responsibilities. He has also been involved in the delivery of tax CPD training for various clients. our tutors know exactly what students are going through and understand the support they need. CTA and ACA since then. Business Finance and Case Study to ACA students and has overall responsibility within Kaplan for the Financial Management paper. Here follows a small sample of the tutors you may well meet during your course of study with Kaplan: On qualification Steven moved into industry. Oxford University with a degree in modern languages. Kaplan tutors are experts. but decided to leave the world of science behind and joined the tax department of Arthur Andersen in 1990. We believe great tutors have great personalities. Steven spent some time teaching English overseas before joining KPMG and training as a Chartered Accountant. ACA. Those who have studied for professional qualifications know how important it is to be taught by the best. Anne joined the Audit department of Touche Ross and completed her ACA training in 1996. After an enjoyable teaching secondment to Kaplan in 1997. Experienced in real-life accountancy environments (whether practice or commercial) as well as having passed their accountancy exams. ACA After graduating in Medicine from the University of Southampton in 1993. she has spent the last 15 years teaching Tax.

icaew. An attempt is when you enter for and attend an individual assessment and have sight of the content of that assessment. The marks review service ensures the paper has been marked correctly and can be applied for via the following link: http://www.gillards. The training contract details the mutual commitment between you and 15 . Credit for prior learning is available for up to six Professional Stage knowledge modules and two Application modules: • Accounting Application for e-assessments should be organised via the accounting firm.icaew. This is recommended as you will not be looking at areas that are too complex before the course starts. How can I get an ICAEW exam review or feedback? Can material be purchased early? You are discouraged from obtaining material early as all will be covered in good time during the course.cfm/r oute/146603/icaew_ga/en/Student s/ACA_students/Your_exams/Mark s_feedback_service E-assessments can never be viewed once taken.cfm/ route/146188/icaew_ga/en/Studen ts/ACA_students/Your_exams/Cred it_for_prior_learning/Credit_for_pri or_learning An exam review is only available for paper based assessments once it has been taken and the result has been obtained.cfm/ route/146065/icaew_ga/en/Studen ts/ACA_students/Your_exams/AAT_ ACA_fast_track How do I apply for exams? How do I obtain Credit for Prior Learning? A credit for prior learning (CPL) is where the technical areas of a certain paper have been covered in a previous learning environment (such as university). such as a breakdown.icaew. If I have studied AAT can I transfer to ACA? Yes.com/index. your employer through your period of study for the ACA. Past paper based exams are available on the ICAEW website: http://www. Application for paper based exams is done directly through the ICAEW website (although some employers do this on your behalf): http://www.icaew. We can send you our brochure or you can find further information at the following location: http://www. Some chapters are available early via precourse work on EN-gage. You are likely to get many knowledge exemptions dependent on modules you sat at AAT and you can sit an FA-top up exam in place of the FA application paper. Where can I get past exams? • Assurance • Law • Management Information • Business & Finance • Principles of Taxation • Financial Management • Business Strategy The ICAEW decide if CPL is to be awarded.cfm/ route/146185/icaew_ga/en/Studen ts/ACA_students/Your_exams/Mark s_review_service The marks feedback gives you the opportunity to find out more information on the result. and can be applied for here: http://www.com/index. Information on how this decision is made and a CPL application form are available at the following location: http://www.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who can study ACA? 2 A level passes plus 3 GCSE passes at grades A–C (or equivalent international qualification) and registration as a student with the ICAEW is required. you can advance on to the ACA after completing the AAT qualification. via the website.com/index. Alternatively it can be purchased at your own expense via the following website: https://www.com/index.com/ICAEW/ What is a training contract? A training contract is a signed written agreement between you and your employer related purely to qualifying for the ACA.cfm/ route/1635/gatype/seg/icaew_ga/ en/Students/Exams_Application How do I get my exam results? For e-assessments you will be notified the following day of the result via the ICAEW website.com/index. email.icaew. Your employer is committing to provide you with training of the highest quality in order for you become a qualified ACA. or letter the following day and in the Financial Times.com/index. and will mean you are at the same level as your peers.icaew. alongside experience as an accountant allowing you to apply/see this in the workplace.cfm/route/ 153394/icaew_ga/en/Students/ACA_stu dents/Your_exams/Exam_papers How many times can I take an exam? You will be permitted four attempts at each assessment. Alternatively you can come through the AAT route. For paper based assessments the results will be communicated via text (if pre-registered).

KAPLAN . Kaplan Professional is student focused and results driven.000 licensing and continuing education courses to corporate clients and individuals around the world. CHICAGO DENVER MILWAUKEE SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES SHANGHAI SAN DIEGO HONG KONG ALBUQUERQUE LA CROSSE SINGAPORE DETROIT DALLAS HOUSTON NASHVILLE ATLANTA BOSTON NEW YORK PERTH BRISBANE SYDNEY MELBOURNE ADELAIDE CROATIA CHENGDU LONDON Accounting and Tax • • • • • • • • • • • • • AAT ACA ACCA ACT ATT CAT CFAB CIMA Continuing Professional Education for CPAs CPA® CTA DipIFR IQEX • • • • HKSI Licencing (SF) IAQ IMC SII Certificates Financial Analysis and Planning • • • • Adv Diploma of Financial Services CFP® Diploma of Financial Services Qualified Financial Advisor Insurance • • • • • • CLU® ChFC® CASL® CPCU® Insurance Prelicensing Insurance CE Law • • • • • GDL LPC BVC PSC CPD Real Estate • • • • • • • • • • Appraisal Architecture CeMAP Engineering Home Inspection Mortgage Broker Licensing Real Estate CE Real Estate Licencing Real Estate Registration Contracting Professional Development • CPD • Graduate and Intern Courses • In-house and Public Financial Product courses Securities • • • • • • • • ASX Accreditation ASIC Compliance CAIA® CFA® FINRA Securities Licencing Firm Element Fraternals FRM® 16 .GLOBAL PRESENCE Annually. Kaplan Professional provides over 600. In the past 12 months Kaplan has delivered courses to over 1 million students across 600 locations in 36 countries across the globe. Industry leading experts teach our range of globally accepted qualifications.

uk or call him on 020 7626 1200.co.uk.co.KEY CONTACTS Details of our national locations and courses are available through our website: www.uk or call him on 020 7520 1167. L&D Managers For Learning and Development Managers keen to discuss how Kaplan Financials flexible ICAEW programme can be integrated into their current L & D strategies please contact Donald Ross on donald.cockcroft@kaplan. Programme Delegates To book a place on Kaplan Financial’s flexible ICAEW programme please contact Andy Cockcroft on andy. 17 .kaplanfinancial.co.ross@kaplan.


uk www. Block 1 Angel Square 1-3 Torrens Street London EC1V 1NY Tel: Email: 020 7833 0700 andy.uk .cockcroft@kaplan.kaplanfinancial.co.Kaplan Financial ACA First Floor.co.

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