3-Phase irrigation motor monitoring and auto-controlling based on GSM technology

This project aims in providing a user friendly, reliable and automated 3-phase
irrigation motor controlling system for illiterates. Now a day’s technology is running with time, it completely occupied the life style of human beings. Even though there is such an importance for technology in our routine life there are even people whose life styles are very far to this well known term technology. So it is our responsibility to design few reliable systems which can be even efficiently used by them. This basic idea gave birth to the project GSM based 3-phase irrigation motor controller for illiterates and this project

aims in introducing the automation technology into the lives of the illiterates.
The purpose of this project is to monitor and control a 3-phase irrigation motor using microcontroller based on GSM modem. This can be achieved by the use of soil moisture sensor, which senses the water content in the soil. This sensor output is given to

a Microcontroller based control system for further data processing.
This project also consists of GSM modem for remote monitoring and two relays are used to control the 3-phase irrigation motor. Whenever the soil moisture content goes below some predefined level, and then this information is sent to user as an SMS message over GSM network. After receiving this SMS alert user can send commands in the form of SMS message back to Microcontroller based control system. Based on the command received the Microcontroller switches ON or OFF the 3- phase irrigation motor. This system uses two relays which are controlled by the starter. One relay is used to ON the 3.phase irrigation motor starter and another relay is used to OFF the 3-phase irrigation


Automatic Soil moisture sensing system. 3. Interfacing soil moisture sensor to microcontroller. 5. Low water level alert. Relay usage and interfacing. Soil moisture sensor. 6. 3-phase irrigation motor status enquiry.The features of the project are: 1. 5. GSM based automatic remote communication. GSM modem. Two Electromagnetic relays with drivers. LED Indicators. 4. 3. Reset. 8. The project provides the following learning’s:: 1. 6. 3. 3-phase irrigation motor control. 2. 7. Conversion of AC supply to DC supply. 5. 2. 4. High voltage motor interfacing to low voltage microcontroller. 7. 2. Crystal oscillator. Regulated Power Supply. Embedded C programming. LCD with driver. 4. . Microcontroller. The major building blocks of this project are: 1. 9. GSM modem interfacing. PCB designing.

3. 4. PIC-C compiler for Embedded C programming. Proteus for hardware simulation. PIC kit 2 programmer for dumping code into Micro controller.Software’s used: 1. 2. Regulated Power Supply: Block Diagram: . Express SCH for Circuit design.

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