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Alternity for Beginning Players

Alternity for Beginning Players


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Published by Sean Hargraves

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Published by: Sean Hargraves on Feb 19, 2012
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Adventnm Game. be 0: km ,ofscienoe fiction.. Y011'V,9 wa~~hed the Jevil c1.eeds of 91cdadic e:mpmes 'Ql4di cbeered 'l::h'i1) valimtt c~ews of ~s finest stmships ~ e·~edthlj!l' dap.ths 01 spaoo. Anell, if y'g'u'l!i~ li~B mOSit. peopl,e. yo.1,1 alwrryswished ¥'OIlJ could Sh(tt\8 in (ho9.e
yQU W\lS~

If you've .purcJn.crned ilbe A..L~


Now. thanks to the ,AL'J.'EJOOTY' gamEl. you Dim do just that You oem stQlre down a :roveftOU.s alen :pmCintor. Yo.1il. 'Ur, JiI''Ci'1!>1I..J' s,tarll..ghter.~k~,ougb a hWl oj IIDSmy' '1:mI, tim to deliver the death! bilQW to,aloomi.Gig d&ep!ilpClC'ebattlesbi.p. And you ccm. d!o :U cl], in the oo,m_j(in
o~ Y,OiJ.II ,own

living :room..


'What Iii


lmagi,ne tbe :frIr future, when ,humam:1Y h~, !i!pmad !!it,ens to fhe farthes.t reacb.n gf the galrnr;y. Faster·,thon·rnl.ght s,pMld '~nr.valbas beooms CQDl.,on~ pl(l~. and seienc:e, hCl:S, Cl'OVlllllcOO to, 'all WltoDLshrng ~evel. In this ima:gined fntme. bu:m.am! Dcwe tmc~tared !h~ds of alien ,s~ie:5 and 'mqxmded ~h8ir :illlih,u~n~ te 'lhousl::ftl.ds of djllQreD~ .arlds.. hl th~s r&"~mltmilLanmum, A\1mmU1}l faces Dumy chcill~r!!g~. Spat!e·fmmgpbmespillc:ge tIIel ster ~cmes. mlv{:~d'exstest the bard' "115,cdKnfiTiilimlSpace with

ruwmiing .h,,~~eD(;!f.~mal

strife ~ens


plunge the s.t'ellw- .:oalilQos inllo a: galmywide 'wm:. Ol!lll'~aselect few-the~e. 'the bctd.-IIh.Eiheroos ,of to'm.mmw-sttwd bt!'~!!l! '!he 1i:~1 cf drilizatioo ,o[]:di the dllfble.ss liiJ,f !!liter ~,tfii.cUClI:1!l The A1:'1D:Hn'Y game ~ a-:g'wn<ei 01 ~Believe" with-rules tba-~lets yQUi ~kire this exciting to.mor" :mw: l"ou tmd Jour hi~,g!h take CIll.. IDe m~es bnnr~ h,el:oe.s•.~ge aliem:s, Wid 1JiiSQVQ:rJ" mIlaiml. of ihe 1m future, All you need is thi~,gmne. some, iUing


bie:nds, '!l:mdyour imagim:dton.

the AL~

Du We PI.yil
Acive'llit!.!M ,Game iLsD't like othSI:"

!J>Dfiies.'There's no board, no ,control pa.ddlie,g. ne play'mg' pi,eces.. Everything"yoo 'rieoo ~o play is :in.
bo,~xl&ie:p~ yow:' :imI!lH'ination. One bf: ,tibe,playem i800U.ed tllile, 1G:am.e\m.as~9J, or


GM. The Glol"s in, char:g'@ oj the gtmlIe·. The bast storytene!"~D yOIll!l"'!JlIg1!itpshould .be the, 'GeM. S10p :r-aading now'!:md giViD trus book and the; AdvEllltntes iBoot ~o the, plar'sr whQ win !be the GM. Ine OM !i::ooldi~@;te~ (hoe actiolil., 'tells, thel jI'l~ what: the-it ehm.q(:Ms, .see tID.a heW'~and. msolves hemic baUles. 'J.'he 'GM islwo parts, s1tmY:I:9Her,one pad CPU. With a !inlsi bit of "bfIfil:ar" end stage :manag,or fbUiwtl in..The GM runs: the imaginary wad-d. ,",sryihmgin it does 1Ihs GM~sbtddmg.



w: ' inH~&D.ca the

Ip aylQIS confi;o,l ~he ,bei'Q9s"" m.ig;h~y mmgalaxy w~'!h a'fJ~ rn:~io~

- _ _ a ~ern

must work toge:Utet



There cue nVl9 dice ill this g:ttm9.&crh dirue .~l9ladiiflerAnI sffilJalPecm.d has ([different nUimhe1' €If s~d9!!1,.
These ~oe hemp dete,rminel:he outcome of adio:Q$ in the game. If CI player w.a!!l.is bis or her c:hmact:e:r to tq" l!!igm,ethl.ng (m,crll:e an atb:~C'k, usa a sian, etc')1 U':]e mo:e arely,;;;:ed 'whenev~l!' 't~e' cUitcoms :km't Q sure


c:baulCl!em can QrV~u(:ome bOOlIidsl SOilvep1Ziles. - -'---::::_QXik througb, ,each unfolding Ifldv'l!!ll~ p a:yfili tall the 0114:WhClit their cbum-derl& dO' G%1tmllilmLS tile GM pI~~Og,t~ U 'the :b~efl,aU1"l;"~,ve a dYmltwe. the pk~'Y~fS Win the game.

&.rnrumY AdventW'e Game, the Gamamaster II othel' playem get tcge'ihel" to Cllem.e a: Siloiy. _ GM' begins wifh tbe :SlI:bmish Scenari() pl&~ent'$d • lhisr book. H h,elps glv,e ev,eryone a t!tJSte of how HilQr

thmg. Th(l illlllSilro:tion below Bh.OWS ths dioo. ea'Cn dearly' ide;g1!:ifiod OCconl!ing to 'the number of sidles: e:~ample. ~hB scl!x-lsidBddiS is label"ed "dB..n ,

gmD.U play,!;!. 'fh8n, :90 O'n to 'lhesoonmios pm~ented, ill elJ~:d'1!'e:f.l!'w~~ ook~,lUi [n:lvantm,e scenario plIovides B 'a hemic ,!plat; how tlw story ultimately develops panda aD how the 10M Q'Q:Ib.I~~b6S it and what'lhe iii ayers haye 't'heiI ,obaral;lte'J~ do. The ather. p'lcryel'5i e(;lC'b~o:k~Of.I.eI of the. Hem, PicildfBi" These conlai11 ready~t.D-plgy chQ;(Clcters,. oomp1!it.e . :Ih 'g"i:Im,Q statistics. weapons. and ether equ.l!p'liRant P1Uy~m can CUSrlo~a, their ,chcm:K:te:r,s, as, described :W ooch Hero .fblder., Em:;h a:dV'I!iI~hU8 p:mVid:es ,aoom,ewoz:k: in 'Wmch w:b.e g!lI!ll.9 1If> prkiy:edl. he advp~1JIm s~ts u,p '51itUJCrtiiCiIlScmd T provides, cba]le~ge6 and. oppo~.t:ints for the hel'CieSi.

Eacb.player select Qne He.'O Polder;, Th.9 Hero FoIDde:rdekdl5 onQ specm,r; k"!EIlli]TY C:ham:cter, provtding 0: me! ba:,C'kg,round, ~~y ability scoms, start.w9" eq;~ip:m!;m'l:, and til se];ecUon, ,of §!dU~t'O chOOS<!3J fw'm. Then, ~re else de1.ai~ C'Q'lIi~mmg imgpcu1;anr!: gam,s moohoonas, hl he~p remind. p]ayel',s how ito make :skill ~&ck~ ~nd ~Cick :mlls, 'action checks,
and, d.efQ'I!,!Wi rolli'll Q:SW9U las ,brief expkmcrtiOIUi; of aU 'the slirUh:;; ,av{dl,able h:l .~.;specific lcl:icrI\CIC:~eJ' ..
Now tum the page., tmdl woe'&} sbowt!U3' Gamemm;;~ tar how to play the game. Then. ,the OM CIl:tW te(llch the players. as they play. using!" the Skirmish Soenario,

Tbe :Hera :Faldll'lJ"&


mate.n,cd in e«rch adven~,mi;ll should QnI!y [ber,;ead

iEi6CUmm of the ad'll'i!U:!hullI;~ (:OiUed "mad,~wouuilfl~" am clesig,ned 'to he :raqd QU,t lOiklid 10' the, p1.aFem Oit specific' pcIints in the adV'EtlJtI1..IDil', A read~,

by lIha GM, Speo:ia:~

aloud.. flet!!'lilie mood! of em ,Emoountar rO\r d~~s a :s~twrtion, in.duding what the .he~oe!S ccm iID__medi<rtely ObSDI'V!e. A1 the end !of 'the :read-aloud; the GM coUs
10[' CIl:=Uan, and ~he p!a:yers, Qsk quesUO'n~ Ol]_rl dec~d.a wOO:!: ~Jil&ir'ch!:H'Cljcte~s wnl do.


You don"'!: wm, 'this game, b'y heating '~he o1het players., Instead" each advenrtu:m has :~.tscwn vld:tomy CllIIWtiou. Somfl:tim.0S, this Is simply to make WIle (he




mndividru:d pmyern w.in.wium their hetoes dweat foo:!:!,gl'Jinmaney. fClme. and. uclllevement pomfs. and ~ncrl~a:~their ~al power and :~e,pu,taUom.i. Tb~t's 'What's'~m Mout the AI.'lBlNIT'I gQlIua--e~ch iildventmel.ls jimrt onsltale in theool1Unuin.g saga Q~ Jour b.en;ochww:;~e''('S. ,Ehob henJ develops oY'elt' tim'e. getting bet.teI and beuer h-om one adventw:e, to
SlLIe" YQu OWl. ba.V6 a 'gIelDl~time jus.t pXayin,9' ODrce" but the iI:'e[ll wc:cltenl,ent comes lfPOl wmcbing the br~.s im:~' ,armd gTOW.

Othm: I:ilne.s, the heroes bcrve a 5peC':Wc:mis~~OIi to acoom.,rlltsb. As long as ey,eryo:lle bas:hm aD'd thel ~O1:.l!~' teUs, ,~ eE)cttlAg' .s,tmy; then everyone, w,ins..


if ll:playe. to a: maxi-· mum score of 14.shQ1.e uses'two kiHds of mc::e: a: oontrol th'e roU.TI:iRNln'y gam.score is 9l.oOO tim6. Ordinary .C!:ct8l"hlills in s:pecllic .$HlIl.hllis a b. L!ls~d t'O d&tOO'm~newho goes mst itn em CllCUOIi.declw. knowledge· in. (dl12t The sitU(l!UOIJ die is ei.. oOf guid!llines. g ~ Aa:I.ep~. genera].'1Y'Mventure' Game bas one prrmary rule. ~o!llndclloD of thBAt'FmWlTYgame.. dl.Th. CI c.situatIon die C'OU .iltiOD.kill &oom Is. The re~mt DE the roll d€l.HUs.lildl be 'alppHad. Nota.e. SllCceSS. A iSpe6IIIty ski]! r.actel"51..gr a chw. Th.~b.the pHoYs ship ie.t . determined by 'adding!' the rela1edi . ·that broad.e.ks. 'When~'i.erwith iiUl. when the outcome of an a. .Innis c.. n si:l:-"\sidled rue {d6)." tbmgi. (I Vwiio'UB situaUan woe.r:eUect th. CoDlStitution.dity.oCatiolll. of: ~be :rOtmrl . 50.IiElplie:sent a chW"ac:ter':!liPhy5ica~ and ID0utal .eaWybecome dfo:maUc: and! d-ice ~bou!d be :f.te scor.e" Jess' than ~he hefo"H uppmpria. we .. :mUs.tse. they can ad m. m::llon CBeC'k :scores. At.Strength. 'i:JII' whoso. suc0eed5 or £gihl.CI L.cmdle a nonncd Spc!'OO :fIJght~But.::I Htn"·e. ~:bare'5.l. skills don'l ha'lf.(]se. A .lw~ l'ooking" to get WI lo. All chmacters .cjwcys a ZC=sided d~e {d201). ng:v. .urD I:hllck !IiII:OFI!!i.P'eiit"SoDc.d:iQJis.taml~nes if a.KlWJ SkiMiSCO'fi8· rn.a.8ifJiln.e (d4).f:i.on action's de9t'§l~ oi 5uocess.Io. bem. skill' scores.deteflDilllei which phOlse.the "RIe' Most IDlparlilnt Ral I GM needs 'lOJudgEi .situa~ tion.f 'thort Held. cm.!.. Wi1l.emy one of the fOU(:fW~Jlg dice.WtQ mak.e Ordin. Gamem.".IlE!.eBmes.tbenthe 5itUg1i~:m has. J" playel" must I'£lH a I'J:lJtmbe:r fbm.d Marginal.ther added to or . Heroes roUagamsi 1h. __. ttlUS~: roll one oon:b:ol ~. These .O'w rolls ..!f01L1.eAl.krr .UgllJJl!!E!''Oll1t wbllt happensm emy given.cnowledge and ~I(l~mng~n a specifw {subset k o..0: hem 'at1empis ~g:melli~lligh.kin.I -w- I-. .llren you've ::::z::::: done eV'ery1li:ingr rig:h. 'ftieS:Q me.ded dle 'dB). Far exampl. The bos]c game.w a liesWt on the . brawl "i81 '(l .C!cI'9ilS.iroUs. .~2-s.s' [he pbase inwbic'h the" can act Usted m their . A bWClidld!:Ul rep.l!mbvl die Is .acUo!lL If the.skills we relaled to iI.. Th.eUs am neeeSliQl)l'.. whs~ . U:runmed Combat is brroad skill. no' ditcQ l.edon bm't a.!i. SQ toe soo're fo:~'II :brolld s]dU is the S'CU!!l!8' ([s tha ability ~c:ore it ~s reilated to.t8Cial'ty skill witWn 'tho-t bma:dllmow1sdge bi.!@ixpe:d'Gncs omd tminin. in. a GM .12 Oll+2=12).. - AU ChQlactM5t h«ve.who tIl' to Moek thlii'way.. fQUNiided.dcib dtificwt OT me:malic abmu thm:s . A IOU~b.hl!lveB. The six abiUUe:3. h.i~(IIbLllty SCO])flS.rellients.a.&1.. mec:hanw~hat5!erveiS as the.W' SCQrE'EI'01: 4.udld.abilitV8core 'ro the number 00 mnks a partic::uJol' skill ho:s.ce ron! The GM only C:ClIll~fQl dioe.g action. So-me:timss you also f:oll one sHua:1irm die. EvelY l'Qund is divided JOWl'ph.At.pH.!ility :seo'res I!Il~ge hom alo. e'heck 5CO!l'e5~Q. . I't presents. an adion c~ck .ugh QCf'owLi of blaste:[-'w~eWdiHgrob01ll1i. So.g (dt:acll:ed. You're 'a. of keY!ir<Ime s1trti!ilth:s: crhfl'i:~yscores. A rstamnip pilet sbouJdo'th!Cll. .o Ability !iII:D.paci. 51ll. Dexll:erity."mEINm gom.erklin field.ideif die. Fer e.charcw~.e ski]! eheeks to :h... s. round. mmd. . and.t With fuat in. of experU:§~in.. The . a hero wi tb.1le:rs havGskills. L.CID. for 9l:dmple'. !ilkilll !i. Tbawe~ Dothin. the HI!ON~ng sidewalk.'& ~UCl!J 'Q. and The . flb.es8nt8 :s.cDlreS All cnonmc.oUed.Strength a. Thel*! .f. em added ~QW.a1:·i!ii reatel lbCQ1the score :mdJi-oo~e~ a:fqUure.wer rue.xample. and miawl :is a iSi. Eveq cbmac~eI has 11n~ types.eiT' '!ildioD.~ c= E.. is slmP!a.are ·good~D - N of: '~'lPIery w:::Uo'n:requ~I'Ies a: di.mba1' S'oore of I [) U:hs!!lIame 'CIS her S'trafig~h soore}.flUnt JJ eV'lfzyone bas a g.J.!'8r moo must he.oged.two dice Q~ PQSsible--the lo.e doesn't wem tight for a: partiw.e's got a: high degrea. the hero has an Ufi'ilnned C::o.MQ' wcm:'ts to CUllS!! fhw.lbiliUes.ere 'lIre 'two types o~ ~:kills=bfoad !.:ctiOQ chi9ck arlwaj"s Clc~!S!in.In micmancsi tUI. a Stmn:g'Iil of HI mtd Z fmlks of brawl.lhmk 'o{ the .wy' ph.£Ql1owing infOIl:l1C1::lf' tiOD as a senes.SOO'fe.a to ~m.mbf:~~ from ilia cOD!~ml m.(]ttdbutlEfs. d@'t can for dice .'ilS thQ't he'r hew crosses.e beUer 'the the ru:.gpartic'!.. An !. Good" Qrdmary.or axamp[e.cnd . H G:ru.be..'rmNl. .{:I5·te'l" cbm.·rB Q'Uowed.to bend it to mtlte it fit. ll_IU]S~. if .cmes" which cx:cur b:t thi'S order: AmWlm9l. Inltemgs1lC9. dJi'C'e IQUs: .cse. em! eight-si. a 5:Lmplfl' way to . 01' a. WQU. liOllecll.We-rage.Idlls WId Sp8~ cialty sl.

'lion dle due ~o the clf1c:umstanOEls .ctUests~.!1!Mhmt ·th€' ~ttiIJa:fiQl'Ji ron (i[ dOOI CIDd CI1d4 dieWJw the conh:ol die.'.el'lh!i!1 chltp~ fal] w~ ftiefY[Q·qy. th.i'i!!\[__ota: O:n!:YIll5:e .bealLlltyol tne sitllllwion die is th.DI.il!. Now 1et~ 'l~ a prat!1i.limb while (l~uyin91a wO'l.ollddi .~ gimllliLe--")lou're·tlL'j'ing tOi"9'. lno.o:redifficu:l~.be a: lot :m.tmJJ die.iSlte'p pen'aUy.an. you am apply .eq. tiI-.DO . For . ~ ~ .e~than qi.fOil! +filii! fdB. friend w. '!!iil:.u.elmaster':e..ppifQpria~e aituaitio!l1.slicHl!sCO'!1E1 of Um chm.-lb actioD. cWimbmg' U:P !i11'lJ~TIDN !!ftUId:ktlil IiIlSCrlptlim~ a.y. :H rn C:h(!r~ M hies 1. 'you'Jill :!iee.-etic boots is a lot easier..erp is using S:U~.. has no too]}:.tJileouttml drl!! If '!!IiLJD::~ I!I l£I!I!J' Ilkelly.etmng c!hcd1engmg 01.btly ea~e[f thcmCi. You.1:le .':IrmimLUse CI! ~i1u<g~ion die.ehl tdmQllit alway!! ander the Gam.O 5ee .adion ~u=e@ds.l!IIlhllllion .509rli. llIe' Nel!lrly I~e \Iery m!u'd l[hidlenglnQ rnoi-e +::1 .. Nut t!JO bJUDlI.tap lxlnIUlS. "-] s:~ep heaua.E '!liltiillt:lan Die Tgpe IVD~ at .!'ln't I!J .hmder tllilCin crvremga). C' t:w:.ling IOI a.g' a: -r2: :5t.ru. .s n.. CDIdV1e!D. tnlnu """"'i OF m~ -.dl~ Ad'd the ~oo dfi:! ttl .4 or Irr. the GM deh~innimi!:S b. ~... pmridin..U1ded. Qhriously.QW .litowthlEl.names if a b.C'O. +dEii +04 ~ -d4 A~e +~ -31 .. ThI.lQ~iondle' ~iQ'U!li."1 ~l~p pi!i~aUy.6hecb . and subtract 1hs :result bam.I1 emiy NDII'!Ne~ Nt'IrE -1 -e ~ a: cUIV\edl meta] sudace ~J:!i.s.nsthe a.at it give!!!: the Ga[memaster a powerful.s:ihJtlIHen dike with skHl ab:ecb. d20 w'uh BQ SHUOIUOill die~. too]. 'furmll.. poeii' lighting." Remember.die lrom 1lIIiIe IEQl'ilbiGIdIie If !!i1.Cf"'I '----i :I IF"FiI - S""1i -Ir""'1i"'11 e ~dl:g.step penalties if the hero i.k is and «ssig.do Sio'fi'retbi]]rSIIIOIe chcrl~8F:IJgin91~ha!i!l !:I!. (3. Deciding wMch ~itu.Of tools.hing'.msuitkJ" lhe eootrol die.answer them to~ther. Makingi ~he .~o! .IJi~h c:m~he QlIIt~ldl..urer l£ YQI.epbo:r.e·iagel.'irlllotio:n dn~ju:st ~ITIllth@r oo'[dm:~.wemin.5 .maycuU tCl'I a: :pw~ic:ulW' SitlloU:I.gmagn. IDusl the ez:m.:ac:te:~ peTim..E TABl. conUQW.'J.uIa] ~o o:r . U$@ a: S<&:iluaHo·n _~ ud:d thEll.l.th. Or.emil or .of the. ii fhe fwok is ea::$i.-dB A.":re nee to add :step bo." FQ~ somellimgnot !~o' fou!Jn ~sHg.roU the. ~e~s thaI] 'i]]J9 ..getting! lliaffi desired ]QW'il'~uJ:tjsbe.t::.hGJiwdifficult.a:no~OIUO:D like '~. die. low-mlWs cue good in-the .w iOJ'geneiiw g:uitJeline13.p1i:mrg' so'mething m dC!n~us oondi 1iGllD..1 HeulF!!. semethi:ngof CW9:rocg& dHficu[tiy doe.et0: result that's .ou ·~al!l!!~~p11 stick with theoos~ ~itualion d~ >aDd }.dte . fbisi!.!CEE!i!ii' l!i I'IHIR'l! likel... related. the ccOnuol die.e.tU(lI!'~~D:1I1 die you com IIllrSB'is '01 d:4.N OJ N-2 .e t.I!!P!li ~.ty-j'Us:~ .0.eoi~'a BilPaloeship)oould 00 a tcsk of mre~agre dUficul.v.w if ¥Oll!lshould odd tbEi situnfifiH b:lthe eontro] dieroU Of {subtract It?\"lhut • utrti@~ die sh.) Tha sm.LLii~. I'OM C:bJa:n0!91of . .hU. 0. ConvEl:l'sely.lotion abeciksuse.e~crmple. To mde a: sbII cheek io:r som.~.ee gam. 4'2 :step penalty. 50 '\iVe'U. tmd lli'idd the r~iUHs 'logeth!1lrr: this is J!9!medito as makIng tha Clb~ wUh g ".") Us:inglh:e table tle~o.o~@ qJ~es.s i woiildng' in. wlirks:. ~!"'D"~~- go .S. fQ1!l! Ci d21) and! ~ d4 and iSw:>1roct th~. istmcing his time or ~Ei beingr eiEipeda:Wly cQ1'eiul. feU 1 'fh.e page for the Skirmish Scencn:. ar is a:ttem..\ .Daing the same ~hl~g whi].e ~ ~ u: 1hB' .mlng (he blSk. lu ~o5el OCilOOS.ould you. (S~memneiS .e. d4 ~!i[jiS~l~ l'mm 'Ole datlll'~Eiul~:. . fo!' nmningrthe game.

that 00Clli" in this or'de4 Amazing...chamcmr m:ust be adjac:em: .'W(d~: and: aUack: Q"$ 0: $.ng Pm-e 01.iOfl roWld's. AU combet !:Ocanas ([('e di'lili:ded into. 'the' Me.L.e 'Gcm.Ad New RolIld: R~iIt Iiitqni 1-5.g .oes~·t get II:lHe:ro.GM gnnOU!DW'S the n~R:t pbai~.er' Au ck .e action c:hieck i500tr. p'~aye. the .h.rous b~Qat8r :silloot-outsto'krciu!lcll' ':Ji!!.availabl'8 to a h. Roged' JUkric-b Ui. or tbe hew'S p. Dodge'.i:sa s. The.fold·.lae . IEiM IDiariltleni Art Dt..~ bsted on. 'o~ AzOttilS Hem Foldet you see thai if Azom's player rolhl a 3 .a:w~ mld. adjaooi!'l:t to.1 lMIOrdli:fiCilI. These are the pl~ars" ..~ ~ ~ ~ == Cbmhrt.n ~1.t. (oUtng em. .een1Jy .M" cem 'periOm1 one. older.s:cS:.5 AmliZ.to tile' 'tmget {withio 2. After the 'adlogs are . Mele(. Om@il'. The G.~he ph~ mdicuted by Illie hero"!.!~s. ~be . VIle'l1 USOI mms hero to.err cam.i< SkirmiSh So~nc:mo:.character..action. IllIn b:l1 IrH!'IN ImunM.o:~the GM chm':clcier to actio. !ComDllt lis an limpoli:'laDt babe the D.0re CruD! !l"Cit in the Am~gphase. He o. AcLilDD ~I!dei At {h'B begiinDing o. ThE! Arti. 'IlC't. Ordinmy.rHacb .mpt:to' per.doesn't require a die fOU.lwid w~.. 'thE! character mutilt be ~edl wi'~n.. that d1ttll@nge !ilia herOE!!ii..Stinnlsb SceD.actms.M d. the 'GM characlteJ:'1S act . Tben 'the GM cl1Qmct'~rn act in ilia phase.ac:liOfJ. A2.hw'bng'wea. and mill" o:I:h.t'aple of of 'tli.AUack. A c~er .can.characters for this same.on eheeka 1m" then: h~rlOe:s.¢lnWle . *meR Act1:1.csking the p1lll'srs i:f emy h. :IE:: pcrrt Tcik!e a look at tb@ lfu·.untUcmJ!' otbe'l ph~ in the mWld.lay.ounCQ5 9acili phase m. wha'ther controUed by tlls pJayers orihe G.t.ecanario rn::idrun the evU aU.e:master co:u[J.~ Ei . Far this . liM lliIaratleni Ad Ml"ll"glnni Phft!!il! B. 5.ge. Marginal. A here m ACTllDl\I I.:iinaryPhl!lU! it.&alC'n.phaoo begins.mtkrl-rrrts &eeamr"QUs. ·the.rabe.iorm. The GMI jllJSl: dh.Ile'.be G«m~mruder ann.ro :f:c.oon'Use: Una:rmed.aster ye..lder for !:zolfO m'ans. liM Dll!!IiI"iIrtenii Art: &oDd PhIBe Ell. L.e AtTml'fl"rY ~e.m.clwm:ctef fictS. 00ili!! atte.Q mid . EveJythmg ilhal happens in onaphcme is resolved Pm GM char.It:W]!C1Bfwho : gat!>moekced 0111::lril 'ibe Geod phase can't pe:riOIm. Me. MeJee Attacb mclude <.eroes: 'a:m o:et in tlIephCillm.Att b..o is. an ~cl:io.Cike CI.on R.CE! fiction advellit1:L~.dmartial arts attacb.f eV8:q 'l'h. Q:!lIIlI O:CUon.i 'cMc'k. ~Uon in G I"Q1lI1d. ers. 3. deride to hoW. and Ranged. and d!. ROUND !iEQUEftlI:E i!. do so now.rm.1" or Mmgincd pmu:ilI..action round 'C:Onsist!.e'yc.in the phase indicated in ~:hWl e:n:tne:s. :Eirerrnns. the play'€lm se. HeI'lliJe!!i . Unarmed AUa.r&. Hl!!irtlE!S Art b. ond other hand. 01: the 'eriD. The ."nllow Ii:[ characler attll~S.htgre 'I\l·cti'on:in aph~se .pons.1I!i nl!!eded Ihe·re are~l»e~ types ot m:taCb a ~~er . lmid ReQo'V'el'.very. !!I~ ~i~I'i. 'snel!'gyc. Nemes Art b.:OOpel'· ale with each Q~her ~obeat the evil aUfins tlolDtwlledi by the GM.. 4. in a eouad..ns: . W1ii>IUI that t~ other playsw' heroi'lls mW'l~defeat i~ thi. & BUen. .ecks tb.e1l8. kn:iiVIij!l. rebeck. .r rolls OJ 1d2.l.~ that iDstead. Th~ GM's . 6 Roll AttlGn l5heek-.1 W four p.€i"b. 'the. other play-ets control the hemea. T.Solved.a~u'nd 'Th~sSkirmish SC'enari.u:s}''to :mak-e Wi: U~atmed.iII . E.01' Ij.ew ~ A~)1t1t:k~ un.ude br~~m.s ·with. So"I:!! ch.f the Hello. 16M DIar«tJe1!ll .wio. ~ piay'er salacts one a.d0Ildf!5 in the ALnRNl1'Y gome.a~taclrs mod. At. actiof. m. Good.e which phase' tine' .lf you hmren't selected a Gamew.als all. Lrom ckm.n round. The ChOWD R acn<m must take place in . (U\ qample of a oomhcd . th~ gdjo.onJy diHecNQce .. aU IQll'il~.rru:tde with clubs. An .a5e5. 'lb.a-rcplai. 6.1ack. to:rg'et (wUhi» 2 :meters) to:ii'i.ci's mcill.w:Fol~: Fer example..sl!:.. gets to F CQ~tro~um:e.acti'oiD check .oompmes the I"leswt 'to'th.

~he:n }!'IOUi anIDy!.. ch.crtio:n on !1lt!':lchHSiirO Folder.age.be].We ~ 9R:: .Idilled. Dmnage Good '} Amttzmg 14 d4+1w 3 d8+~w dJS+lw 'types of d.iaye'l i.gaU..ch.of ~ mUDd.crrgaL on AnnlJir FQ:I:~:l!lnme~y. regain '2 stun. a we to.~I1ic.m.bore'~&0 Folder a. t has I(] d.I!ccessful dnd.cill of: cr . tbHnAmf09 Dlilllhs. rdl.!attack illiJolD.~IIT~pi:stol Qt.8 with th-!it tm:~l~t tomak~ 01 q RWlIged Atlaicl!:. 'in «phase.m'm. t~e aitt(Jt(l!x sknI SCMe.stun po:in~!"." this meWliS the pl. Jj 'tne mta. ~.Good.H check ~1.ayer rolls em eigh.rlk:e To f. a -r2ste. m:.Qf:sC1Utb. the ~mgetsujf'fers 'lW(l) :laser Pllt-ol .!dIam..d1I cates tbat itoon block 0 to 5.am(]!gle in fh. :Oadge.her :stUt.to :1\011a: 1owf·esu]. a cbaracter ruas CLllt of .pom:ts~ Amazlfig: SUCC€lOO.ows..pmsSE.es (lH o:f ..e Llit.~s!ib]e.. andi. Thel'e me £tnttm"{ Ad'ventl.ed ranged.bev o:~ shlP~mt~.t of Ke. E.:e. th~ tollows.:!!!.oogingdlcm:fo~er.1rol we.ltopped.ex.!i po~~.~er. nd w.am.i damag'.e Game! sttl1m. Th. oomp:n6 of stun :::::c::I Cittm:'k:is sl. RUn GN W' a: P~~I 'can chw"'acte:rnm.Iiw use tof '{h~sJclm . S~un .J.et'S~o mmm an :emnm check to :block som.c. the pl~rol' OM must also :roU(] dS s.tlirus' tCll"gelt get9 hmt The ]owar ther:esu]t the ooUel[' t'h. mCl!t:eriaTh.. 1).repms.eglli.t$~t 9'il:i~@'" UjiCil cl!. (m Am~ng . "dB...~9uH ii!!tne.Re~DVE!r This .=!1I~d~ th~ oo~~ :regffins: anlli.e cmd.am Ie.Clile1lllCOMct>oUi~.. Rme~ ~b.adlJ a liBra ho:s a: number Ci~ stun CEnCI..ml:S.~nS'~ead.cter Ul1ThSQlLlt 'e--!Ii :=:::Il::: P"r'I ~. but it een pile up quickly as a ehw-actm gets. 'This m. SW:::~ o.n 3: r stW'll pcdnt:Ei!.arm::f..cilJ... .L.!1. .t:ets plare![g..a:t c'hGlmcter IOWl do.d.mk" . Good. !Dodging' mal:ies i~:helmer . .oundl.{.oH d6 and. i~' Azote·'!> p. dll).is a :s'peciim tina 'o. 'CIIUe:1.vlW'':l~~.th :OJ iSlIIlcces!. :u imam.(I~ crtta:~k roUstl.e mlly Q!C1lo~ (Dl~oo~s(:~QM C'ham~ t!.nts.Beocaus.i. mma1: t'll~ rate listed Cl:o"lheH:ew foldel or in.e.tl1!. ~' thLil Ql'lllIOl' is In:m~d Ofi! the cb..ill!l poj:n~.~b A:w.character is hit by III sucOOJ:!sJul Uack.. A" chrnracter ron. For example..awuy.t[~. I:IH:i~:€lS CI! :rBOO1i':E.ChCl!MC" t~ lW the resiot this wUn'di.} bYODe! attacli:ing a d.mgcrln 1 SIR..of wOiITnd pain ts m:fI:LC-ML'l the t.number . r'OUad2IJ (the OO\Eli. Recovery It a cll. 'When a cbW'Qide':I: dodges. .J ~~ mitHl~fld~nqe SOOffl'.ituafio~ die. suibtmct.J.ledde'to h'~ Ulle'IQUnd.c~. .eriol::!s. We'll ~:]ain dGmage mom fully in just to: moment..Cll ~tun d. "a" (SIttlJ..so ~ with.chma.}\mll'" 's rutrulk in-fOi'~ mcrI:tO'J1Woo:ks~9.0: 4 far h:!:sarmo:r.ewl:5 tbm imsieCl!di 01 roning.. brui5e. i A ~ucky rell can stnt hurt a d. points ~smmked ofi the C!hma:cter~ wound points.ch dCUllage That '9acm::U!:r ot.tw I.H Amm':!1i p[ayer r:olls 3 or less.IDd o!' S'l:~~ the msu[1 tCl~he ..@J1ed em: . hare w. unoonl1l:(!i.<l' O~ aU oillie d~.ck :e.Ote:r .] 'r. pol1llts of dcnm!lgi~ (%. the' chwa:cle'rEi'lIll. ~po!!!.s in the .i!r enn artl!empt I!!!. im 'ibm m:ilITck~nF.Fbk3:B!f.emnrn::ter'"s skill score.'CI.action." Daimage is. in. The .:i.e '~avmia-b]e to the hera. and theamoltllJit oi d~ inflidedi wi.SinH SCOl'(j. This m. and.c:ham:cter must ]b~ arm.dist(ID. Helm to fl:u.1-t won1t: be impo.t ~'h. the.ears Oi dUrabJ:~ (lamonit$! mm:r (Of) :sa.U~r:I~" OWli clOOg-e as an .m:a:c:~e(r'sS~iDJ.'the skiD. Ii eh.y &8' dOl!:llctg:entJ! :i.ce Illuack.For~xamp].F" ::z ~ ~' .CaiV'8S th.(!l'l!: o.cillDd dcrmage).er .lra. serioI!'!$.mo~tchmaden. Any a(illdliitiot).e dodge beneHtinJ the dad . .h~ !'a1L~.age. M~l p!i!lllS9S . Wbe:1lI. lOu.~d!ded to the result of tke d2o.) q:nd the ir'BsUllit te t!l1e.. ofmukifolg an ~k.t theoon~wl die (U'lI.e55.B atto.iaQIlQli I~~~eftg tel'S 'wlol . the result of lite . Ordwnmy.ge.jUili.(1 re-CQ'il'ifI~ «<::~. WDlIirn!ti points lisled G·ntlliB He~o .ifimoa~ed). ootteIeQ.m SlJh!!mrn below fuUi~!. it :is h:(]fQer to aUuck thCI~.li 1inconSiciOiEls: or bBm9 . .!. .. to S:e.al:~gued men.: wem SQme :l!iDd oirn:moll: to .p protect 'ti:b:em hom da:mal.IIl.ch~s.lhe chcm:rcl!er regah:lis oo~iousl1i~'ll!s:.~IJ" 111!ll.:rei'dles.or= d. be'S knoc:bed uu.ftslllit rr~"Sa:iutmis·1ic: :suJ.:ethis::is a: penalty.k.~ 'Cl.e mumbe!l' mUecl Thjs. .l!JJooeed:s "then ]'outoli the a.~he a. Htls: Oi!'(!!iDieny' Dilrnagll! Wb~ .'locoods. We"ll di~.e) or a "w~(w.lru.W!~thJ§: C'h~~ tind of ~mry isuriCeilis. If ko~'s~kIy'a:!' Id]~ is ar gTe~. score. I.ed2D) to mC1ke '(I!I'll aUGlcl::.ll!l:ds. (A hem who dodge.re's lase:l:":pistol ~the dam~e wou~d he . weupon cmcl. It i!ili.es its tmge-t.t"Moorl' m.t and make ill suC'oes::sf:ul attacik.th. On emy Sllcoos:5. followed by either (J]).t'l. .efense m1in9' ai.p penalty.s:swnen aUuciing wi.Ama:Wlg 5!!K1O"e. c. ~e att~ fails and the la~e~'bLast: miSi.oJllscious. wm. a Q'C. the . the ~g.:'Jr action" tb@p]aye:r COll1:fiO:ms ooamde:r WhE'llm! (if mn~~ td20 choo.ing crhG:M.dMs. WOHJilld' damage .cdg.to:cli.lw. . H the Dum:bel~s equal to er less thWl. ~s pegged for 7 W'O:wJM and :rolUia .tmlGge reoo:blred.mageis:n'~.When crn mm. la:$ti!fig d.dS ls.~dclls ] toth. Th~!>Ie rep"e$~n~ ho~ ~!!]._pproprime' damQrg:e(as. action in thE! Dmn('(~ :sect'1olili. p[b.

the eJ'L tire Wlidlerg:n:nmd.1d!iiUiQrgJ.~ . mO:!'llit.) :befme :lhey aID.tU!e l:!~~ '~I!l.w::d~ '~g tli1cmtt~tbem to 'the .th~map.-: I' .dmg~oth~ & POWE!'! c~l..u9~' 'Q~oo. that leads to 'lb.. &¥.Wd (l!~dmom 01 the (die:!) pmdm~ ·~!Illlittmre :iQvarl.sted mWs~lmdba_a i!:!!ile-U~ you. YO!:lJ~ee a !I]. SIDe' every player h.[!' shaft.ram.llievmor 'nl.evmy~illn!!dI update' it '~e<1V ro~ .Q by .·2 :M!duw .base bmi OOe'n :SEl~: to seU:.maelve!i run.~ Y:Ou"ve~'Eiachad: e m!!'lool .d.9' Q.d wl.e:miJ 'Ina. get to 'the ..!«~~ ~~'1bElJ $l1ll'V1.afJmd thEII.a cl the c'b~Qt ii::!DEl . oOr yotl.e]evcrtoY.takes out the powe1" plant cmd.. d. leC:Rled how c!ih. Wb.<:!li't. 'Ule mva:diD.g.gJifik~ o~OO'I~$:bT~ '!!be hB:ti~' esbtIp!ll pa:th.@me.h~f.A:rmor.o'l: Wia y'Ou goi1lgt. You. ..d lit.~~~o ~~~ thmugh 'the door m:~hetop Iilirld.dnliEms.skill &~~ P~i~g'B CJ~ ~ Good dJs. ~'tuu:Pc'.i:nt:l' &l: 'aqmp~!1lIlt.attC1d: .!!d!y to ibegm. .Now '~ha1you'" . y~U! S@8 elevmQ:f WOWlU 'oinls e . h~~ IOn m~Dh:i. .pifl'iDg. » ~ ii_ =-= mod!: on ilhe~ttQ.ru.!ilI. (1he GI~) .o 1.e~ a lORis ~~d poo1?ef!:~g !.X.ORkdnl!! ~. O'ViElW:nl~ by' d.o: oombal:: MUiIld.W-l.play th. wclL '1'0':r..ba:i!'.El.bar Ii. ~g:e.1t 'loud t:o the playe:m: limFt MM:e . 'FiIU "~'Fid4 ~1Pmil '9' IhuJI Sp_ "". SOOil1~.~ormarli.(01 oomp]~ eocp:~ooe with p~cme'i:"ishmnf m~ens'i'it. mm.e uasf.!!In e. ai~~ock doo[slides open. Dunm.o do!' ~ha k!::r sid..flClOms O'J. U~ « p~ of papal' iIQ skatcb a: copyQI the map f~ the p]~ef!!! to 'You C<lQ.e.0 le5it out the RIles..em.l1{1..'am. IDt MOW.out 111. ~Ol[l'k where .g' d4w sustain d6*.ed.ery(ll].AnnOt. ['I.9ach it. mad ~hefOUCrwlng01i.e :S'ldJ::mjs!b.Jl:ity.vate ilLelfOfOQ-iis.plmltad~hmugb.w.S em.. The «HBll!lii have sw1~ bidesw plQtecl ifrlem.lhimmerin.et 'to colmittoL tile cdiEms.y:. Folder.ail'atrters . aU 'they need ~Q deW with in iIhls. invdding 11iJ1.. _ iI.r. '!he hel'OO5 'b.: ~~h !I1tieu ~01!Ult of anmag. On.EI.ld tl~ntmls (m(a1red! '''. d!Elsbu~t. sel~'al>wd . . AdlOJil 'Check.L. 'rh~ ~.cgn 120 16 ~g :) c::hm:ges.(VlQ got to '9'~t out o£ba:m'soo~.tt:el d. 1h:a mam.OO~ ~91~ 't:b~ :~~~~~rio :!!lth~ 'V m's. Y0l111 b:av:e to f~ght yow: way t1iIrfolllg).':sindiooted by the ~lr shg. the compl)lIx~ l Tb. !iIHt:.-Up T~ (it. That's.Ibn ...· m:'!. 'rM~ mi~~gg . or you'lll ba bmiad wo~gr wi~~ the.deslnl:millm:g' around The all&n-infe.~w Uii~. f'Q'ikl. wIDli.~£e:gseml:mg is! t. BetwEle~ !.S'kiml1i:Eib3cenwlo.@f¢H:8·tfeld OOIil'ltmts '~fI on the right . tQkens to' f1epJEli5~.!i~..cm. ¥cu..a:a ~le:1ed a :Heto.~ look crt the m~' ~ this.ge'roil4S.pe on llw mgp" Tb. It . When ev. the. cmd .IQa.g ~ .o'f.moe to escape' ret-omilbebig boo.olld )!]! ~.5:U'rlfl::reeandsttl'ety. :--e ~ urul~tgrQoodp©w~ pl@l @'@i!'! ~~. '~Q tfil~~J'l. ~ D~ility.gm:.Q heme!!: mU5'ti: deacti. 'I'hey':w :mmkoo roy'" @:[I 11M! m~. "OUm:~ cu:t thel Daew'Si Anm::k . Oll!:l.sW" . leW's .US.of·~ d.

which ~elp.e em GlcilOn. SiQcond r01ll11nd.t too 'Iil]ienpmdators.l'hlsenoo th..d e{l.'be:r.one . MOire er rewa:r t:ban tln'ee 'ail' ~O'W'hMOOS.While lille' player.] Ther!i~~ fi:rst rounded this 1Cl:o:mimtt:scene :begin:s~ :m.tm'1 5tOiU~n {mW"k~wlith W1! "X.i'mp1~ thicker: You C'alleven start a: pha.(:Reme:m.ke m]ingthe ch.ty' of tt wUcl.use ~his last action jlllSt ye~)" In ·the Got1!d phase(.sUojj" ~t ~~ p~ayer to oo.the clmmb~£ ciI:.apart aro~d the b.od9'~..eeleVf'llto:r .~~y tqing tQ mach the 'eleV«itQt.)aL 'fhe. and I~~r (fbo:ug'n DO CIl1B wiH need.ii.<8 t-~~B'rs Uie w-P-O¥--.d. h~r09s whose emu p~ayar~.~.my .~dl 0000 e. newel.o.elf ~dlt!i~ ~d.~: •• .il. ea:cffilwU. the' !O·tl!.l'. the oUBmi 01: d:ef:eat aU oillie herees . aliaRs.:..of .alis~!I1a~: 'C'lIfi be. reC!c'h th. ch:echl mc:yo:ot kg.llt'lmIilgo~.lhemBs: Thcrt G.!.:. But you oem decide tht:l oo~twqy ~Qrh!8iI!11 '~o' J1!l5~l\ememberto p1ay t ad. 3-4 ]-'2 Heroe5: 3 }Ubm:s Heloes: 5 A~i~ 5-6 HeIroes~ .d the smo.tffil!!i!' .e:penid:s on 'the !!lumber . An7i.~A~ ~.'file p.st.eE. it $h..a:uIbe!t' gieUi trucker ·cm.he whole . :More 'sxplQsiQns rip. Note t~a:t the .lilld cd t.·Uhave to adjust the .::.el~emcJ.l1edi l\m.AUens Adding ¥O'l!l'Cml.e ~. "e¥wy rQ~_.~!@thnt 'W~ h:a:pped 'QIlI.lk . 'rh!l:s :mElm1S the he.!.g~r .rt' ga.:mml:th9 n:a:im6S..y ~ p~.J.sengQgmgtoo oon'trols.aoou..e field ~~ilID!i~d! oH. ·t&eAmazing plIm. iH tJhl3~rn ph.d comlPaJt 'game. :::::z::: . phas!9.g:andi.mid.1 u.l!pl. dodge..you.t::'fi&m may O!ct.or CI: tCl:i:lrhgh.t:OUiS herr.e ne1d.emsnt~. some stoXJfWllmg e.ed ohoYe. (Remember.cnse o:f fhe t\ollmd •. adi.tmd.NQ '~lHm." ·Ofit!ne~} \W..e of tinie·ro.n k! ~dd.e' fOund. It {("~-X::ks bem .!ii tihilif. ·of thel"OUIllc).on _ s~a~1!i the fac~liy. • I~. t~'g~htbe of t oomp1sJI.~~~~.action. a Se!!!lIS'ei of wga{j" •.gl~ty..Cij. piiec:e:5 e:~the ceHWgf.p1~fetii.ks.e.s tob'elgb~ the $efi~ 0'1 Turning IOff the Fun:e Filll!:ld A h~m mu:stg'~t neildto the ro~t~oold ootJ. 'tl].theJl ~h~ hefQe~ 'eOOil..map a:~COT:d~Dgl¥. tC[. aU the tome ne~d cmdiQ'h. ~m who c.s wiitn.e msttiCH.om}. cliElil. tum a1fthe ~QI.aUern.@ .n¥ing ~'ye::rrutsOi.ou1Lii!do so.mnd.t:ms Skirmish Sc8:Dmio mB crtto:ck.crting' a~~o:n meeks mayacl.heroes in the gqme. .@~~ U:om.trse.~a:ye.ed Good action.li~CI .s. drn1lge.:.~. h~rO@s whose pl9l1ters roJl. mtw the heroes. !he'. You. ~he he·fOe!!!·Qa'~\t . 'to. MIOD. d120 COMpaa:9 the ·.t hut '101].!an:i. if you. w:nooe. . Unti] this h.to.s~ 'liVi~b'~:i'JiEi'W'b1 dNm. :I:h. Continure phDiying UrroTI!gh r:ounds until .dfun€ls f.eU-dfitru. - foUc..Is close enough to .8Aliens i~ HEi~s~ UJ[) .f. .ec:]liit8 mli acfiol1i and !feSol'VIe ac:tiCin.s m\ii3J deffiea:led tOI '~an.rI:l:n. .t'Osfiencb .gke ~ qtt()lcl£:.ty).tilth.lccomplmhed. (OO.map sl~o.H When tnllli [o.! ouM:i~.. lolled Ma:twngl acl~on . J:'1IIll'!I cmd dodge to get: closer to tbe ~QElS. ·th~J h~. each hero Let in --.p.oopJO! <!.used '::::Z: ~. 1SiI!.ewe. nJ.r:.©~ the Firuilliy.etbe:i ~cS.bo ~ct !n thi:....ws nV.le.$ in the dJamb€lf. The g'U:~m!~ d.-e WUDd di. ~I ~ . i.. but it will :00 eyien WOHI fu. of comha'~:starts '!'tith the GM cnHiing jm C!ct~oncheaJrn and ~ni~O'Wi:ng the seq]u.-jus1shuttmg on the ()o~IDJl~.o eV"e~l t-o.t their way ~d IJij'l..m.cmo:ction Idled:: m:ldDOte~he r~!S!:ilt. but tb~ . ne d.()~'ing!~mty.re:Stl~tto !:hail cmnmae:r~s Elct~OII checI( scores. Qiln m~ta me (:~ harder or Bes-Lel by :placing morn or f. t()b~up dose ·to usa.uu.a:ke. IIn' M:ilny .. POI '!!lI~~.a guid.m::ksmmycmc:t. He~1s.t out eKploslon.e ..t that Q[l!lle<.lf th.id~ai~ tQ :fill the p.Alle-os.lo:~ is io:ruJin!J .fin mel: d. ~[Q wUh th€l~g of a: p:€ldat:o:r (. th$ QMinmy' ph. m 'Ih. lSbt::JWdhove th@:m...d Whilt Ua the' Aliens 00'" d~ You d(lcide wi<qt 'the iCIliens d.s.g. thmr g.~i'. :e:too:s whose b Pk!vce~ roUed Ordf~n.OO~.enCH. 1il]j.thne em . ~tUof the. dim. run fhi!:! SlWmisn 'tu ·the !il:-enll!' &elliwW as a a.1-.t.C'h.

bom tllte Skirmi~b Soe.check5 me cmd~help511ic.e.eed to gIve it thail ~ Gcmm.sltuauon.g.c:a:s~) tn 'OOfivematlcms •. l I:.u. :=.e' fO'to~' of plll!a~ to.~ ~1I¥ld.to de~~.. Ii!hi1l. WI IQ:!' l~e Onc:e tntlipmye:rs:havegc:thMoo the' ~d'!ilt!tltw.2s!:cO~:QI1Gb]e .. :[.alee. cene..ollld be" ~e' -the pl.h:er ~[!'.Id :!.o Malize w..~ticm.]qye:r:!lwhat tbe~rhe].:::::z::: I" -.a them.lhr 1l'i!$!'!t: "My be..imn :ho..oo:ceh..w evmy~g is -.. oollltr..heroes ocrn do ]0'15 .~Ei m."FBWlT"I gtmlIl!I< ~s a.". :story. .. mantna P~~SI w:u.dillere'noe is Ulat !there's plan.hSD. Describes . ~!.e dO~[J." :fow .al"d:OIllSl1l. .g' Qt.Af. 'as ." lo~' ~'~p1~.nlL~ d:~·1ac.es iQ' e". 'VilbmI m pL~w ~cts QU~ .s t~elr ~l!lm to illfIuence.uwb. oo:~ ant grem~ 1'0 ~umn Uip.e:r ~ IOjicnmfl'ssthe Gom~mlte:rl!ll:llSt tl1ill!lplUt m:lnd :~sme ~~c:rl.'ve .~d~e !:!]~o~will. t:he p~em 'try to get iMo~oo :b'-ow.emcrs'LIGr also !gamB" to.' T(1k.O' Cm:II do t:dmost OO!.rn!.'lh~ ~~!t!~~e\f 110 two "iii\e:ty cmcl its time '1:0 ~gi~ .s.•.. up.. A mjil'.how.~ of 'ilia h9['fQeS. OOI. or you.Jrit~g U~m m_t:&e~~se 1m 100 ah.p the' .~rs d.th a: imr w~. When .Me able ~ofocus Wl their a:Uenti~n cml:heiJ'own beKles. Dependmgon the .C(lme ILl:P wi.. il'oodllDg thea.t····.€I.' ac'l1~. 881 lair.Ei:ti'hsr . knowlmga :~m..~t:fielm th~ W!.ter: Imo.1.. eadI.-.s.na. ~'w ~~sm!h.{1Ill$ begil!U.g . 5.. s Ii.th!B end. C!: 'tigli~:4ipped sml!lgglar.!~l'ni' li..tst memberS 005fl~ on w}ID~ th_e.!' ~ &:w'~ ~ri8'i. dOJ)lqy@r::!!i . mOV.__ as.. DDing T.po:Il8Ei1'to llie SlG~naY'QU. .'t eoY8:f.~~th ~D.mr.e'.h:io..~ pl~ef ~C!i!:m[tl!:!~.". ~~ 'D1ll!~'.tj of r-:::II [mom m:r :im.V~ODmeDt ~~dJu mg Urueu"Immes" theywoam't he oole ~.evaryMhmg thmle! '90in9 on cood must m.~n.i:&e dE!('lfu~Q!ElIS cmout whfJ!:i: to do .blch ctctll.a:diYmltm.-iu:.migih~ bEl l09'ifrCI!I1kIf a. ~o-I: c:::= like the dW1el..e'ther or Do-t the baroes S'U~ed.!j·. set Ar:tUci..Q~.g cas:'!me~m ·.(I.by~· they W(.~13.~ er a ~i~1Jo. You need. ~ ~--..B] 'Ol m.i!.(lcts mil: a refmoo. b~J:t th-€! s. the GM oo:ms itihe·respect 0:1the '!lD!ld.om.e.liQ pu-Us outh:!!!!i c!h~gQ p~stol'CDl!d $~:!!i hlrrs-thlgl thQ ~Uen P1i'~d)~. Th.~.e_r.lo. Mow~ IQy. PI ~ ~D Oltheh~ tgkaoo~~ ~of.of ~~onr.Dec:fde'Siwhat the ~-oeiS.~y (. kks ~ba.sw-e thcrl the ~lcry'i!!im let:tm the l~ing8 lIhG!n:h.xt.em w'ihm' thiEllljesu[t:s 0:( '!hair :h--eJOS'-S' e.. ... 'the Gmnemaster g.! bemS fair.:!!.9'...even t1m~gh ymlaOW whcrt:s..e Pl'OO~soJp~i:1S I~ -. :htno 'alildi iiU'pporilngcc:!)f.rl!I. to Calls: i:o:r and. $OO'!]. thali bas CI.GW {not what ·the Gtml~w.~eE!pt~crck: ·ofadionchecb cmd 'W. 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WheEl.el:fWle~!i!' .'t know t~at.Up:mllHlt" Q~ do ID]vt:bi~g elS<ll lho:t seem:s~p~ primEi ~.~.. whcr!: -~h"B h:@fOOS.ev:e:r.8" t:l. the'linna.~ ..opIDe:n:t 01 0: !'Oto:ryHn~ io!!C a nev.cllmaciem ~oomeUme-... ~ Eithli!-I :!i!.es 'Uie pQl'tof the OM .tyllilJworb. .'1Ilcw>EI '11m'! Jmowl. nuw.h.mamber 'I~:Q~ aofion:s m Qomrot aiWa:liCl~l3I.? Us How ~k ~B~~e is: .nar~Q.cb lEikiW] checks jJM appmpria.01 iIhlngs' way.wel~h:equesUon.u tar w.(!~:g.YOU fJi.1fOh~~ &-_FI!!Bth. FOll h(1'l.-e.(!)1t'gl~1 pj.tbay een 'e~ther lWDwe the 'r:K:t~on00" eet it QUt.. '!.b..two sepcrW!te. D~ c:nrldHiof!ll ~o baing infm1m.Dlt to. ..is mclJIy . the GN must ~be 'ern:to:rlioining'.. do.stiU..ow ~_e hlMtle!l am~Q' to mckIle SDlug. i!.btlft.tmt _ __ y~ W! --mos.tiQ~.b~& .~cte.u know aM the seerets :i. going' OD"lle vmi~ ou:s GM cl:lii:mRl:C:~ern dlOIli.e" Yo..1~~el!litfs time the . . wUhUl13' Ga!lI!~~Q:S~Slr de~ribmg Cl: §.ovi-e~Tle'majer .heir hero ~~b: "Ip~ll out . If tillLe' playe-r:l"lIillUempt to d'Q 5!(m'uil'!hin.=.. . o:~L'O aplece 0'1 ·E!lqn.e(l.. _.O dcm re5!.l~ioot:h@ ~-o:~~'Ud . '-.plirttclili hangs iil'!l the em em ilhe players figure Ollta..9m~~ier: .!fllhel~eh~!1l1 .·~: ndarjOikmd the e\D. 'Ilfi Ckmle.(:)f.$u_pporltihi.~W&I }ro!l!l' qtI~s.' T'e:1ilB the p1ay. When you gre-t 1:Q llil'1l I~sti'on ----J'·Ylbnt dio ill'll do.l'!MS life to all'lm suppmtm.. !lX9 up ogainsll:" . You :Im. . chance. knows .SEI'0 . file .j't: . o one.e .be·i:cu.decide w:hm their be. cnaad. liee.$l'OEIIi 01 the al'flVlfiliitUM. The iillgye~ 'g'Elt ~o~Oli'lbe :!!i~PQrl.ayem .

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QQllled a: .e.e<.'e' the smn:e passions. 1his: oo~liec·.iI..tJ.lud u:prm the playe'.€!d and ie~s smoothly tp' fuEl $t.eces.!.i~!. w.co!llkdnoo story.~ "With hWlli.Z~ * T"h!ii! .]th a .w.y..re" i!~5IDII.k h'.li.e.Th1O!se oo5ti1e riliem. al. oithers like 'I:b. mro nGti~::lfofW.. hurltoti(:[l. makeEl~he oomprugn pereO:iLl:al.c.i : I~ .nom.~lontiar Oil hummJi SPnIOO."3 .Althoug:n.· .fl'seclJcmgers.iew~t ~llithe CleQ.liii.pJJZlile.Ite :in s(lcha.~dv@fitW'e$ t:hcrl ~__pri:!i~ the Ad'¥e~f~$ Book ~ .utiQII.be !Jolved ill ONel[ to adlvwuoe the :e. One[R"~([ o~spcDX.i.m.O 'ilie 5erU:t-Ftu.ClII CIT tt vh.s.r thi~ 'Gg:m. ClUa..ero-~.tedai Q)5 }'1©1J iEiee fi!~.gmy I hm'~ Q'ltb~ W@ d'@g~~ ~l!!ITQ~dmg th@~.r hssn iuUy eK'Itfiguisb.Qu:Ili!J!!: . f human ~pa:oe.. With a f:a:s~I:hml. JU lewd (0:1"[[ whilB .:pg~~+ YQIJ.e' m.(Dlels.r mystwy thatmnst ..fm I':IichievsG..abhel!p.~P~Qp!~ :lii~~ .d~o.:it to a :sp~citi{l [OOr.!l. o:n overall 91001or :E. I]tMe Clre Ico:n.Locmed: on the f.sii:d8s of the humem UO:i1.crd~en..hndr:ed. but most soanes tu1U m~o em. the :5~H.e.. h~..evotedltothe~dycm~t Qf eivil~tign.ations.oo.(l! WIst pr:el~@Il!OO.i. past.e~p~ (:)j tms. On."". f the !1Oteliw: :SoeDeS o:rethe 'building bJoob of m:iventme\6.ve hundred 'yelCH'S.•l~ke the ml'm:eri~ ous Serl:l:ll-Hu.d. and 'Ilu~ oth.tin..campaign [p.~o:B'J.:pg~e. .l>@ dQ.~ bra:ve €lQ.[1![li~g .cif~kindl of ~:ikeep:~S)Qdeliii: .m.ed tbe Go.~d:s: of p~. alhe.AD F'i'i.s ~e' Q O:l the oofde~~. ~.C~~:.s cell WOl:'k 1m the ~tic CQIXoord.Qep. Humcm5.!ltien sp~c:~~s.tcdn:sllie ({1l(t g:ma:cti:~ . p_1:(YJil'iLo'I:e:a .Wlliah tbi!l> M.@wped aglJl]m::Uc: d.ught speedengline.: ~t~dfram p]. Them ClIS no ~imits! wha~ a ~o giv@.nrizadi.efitu~ ®lfild~.a no:rmal paoo.mQj:p.C:kg.we 19.l\e'VO~Veis ~d th~h~~~ d~~g~d ~@ H~~'9' fGJ:d~[~.oones" cmd cboll'9:!'!!ge seenes.umg viUains .[!e ·oonJ.~enti:fi. dremns. Thet~rm .@!S ~llIo:u- Adventurss .!.Pe(:i.w. a[plJa1e ~aM might plie~nt tha heTc~!iiwJiili s~'eralCilues'~ must be p:ieoed togeti1eI OIel cqptic: message . . an. a: oom:prngnha.g:).1. . co~t ::.>:puzile :!.COU~' : t'@HId mcmyo:]iea $PB..eoo. crndm.@f yom fav-orite 111 ~edeB..5ieDltat~v:e:5 .EnQOullJt€~ Ukei:hi. 'Q~ ~moo. SO!l. $pt:l!ce statiO:iI1s.:i.e-0011l0m~c.Q:!'.o.ee~er incur.!o:f t~~ gell@m:l C'iIk!gorilO!!.i~ .s1mdrive .c~nd:e:av'C1~s en Q galactic s. finall:e~Q].U1<.cene'pliaoes iu co~tal!.o:rJ€I.e S~Qry cm.ds UpOfli hWldr.dlIhQil!~ th~y/J.'!'. p1l. T.~ory]me. mtd asl!erQidi!l.. humane .rl'l.~e:tt'~Qei!le'OOlI hulhe.~f et!ch ~t~llw ~Qn cl.~ cmd ~a d$epet~d d.mJll£t 'bEl wre:IiL:IW]y comoidelr. to hJ~et~he' stars.tQ'ly lea:v:e.oo:nes.edt Olien.. ~ife goe:iil en at ~ .tuJ'.loonteT sce:nes. an Q'rli. negQtio:t@'~ Th~ Con~ >c:ow p~b:-o.l!g1i~!P.t app~ar OViiif and O'U'g~.em .e bo~r~ disputes ~ hup:!(!ID :be'~wee!l1 :steHilI!r nnt[ou5.).ItiOI1.httg H:f.A.s'ce~!i!~ thi!lbexoe:. Th@se h8~S wHl \be h['Dl.I1Ited in this ~e' . They :linn hcrv. U. with ilOrtre:s~ ships.mooIllS. dlictuims.. th. a :setll.An adve:lltUfe is g ~toryHne set lD.g.th til.eof'lhe. ffim~ rn:rd~. T The . to help wOIkl:1uoughilie :I#~SS W :wlving gj .~mg: wUn" Ulhifig!5 go w.hale cne !!. ':Ilb :pw!:.~ yoQ:fplgyoeffi by Cis mlGm G:dy.roe~ ~~ ·gWlMeo<f M th .rd.o:tnxy ]:ntlh@. lund t:h€l spark 01 hntrad ha:sIl!BV8.. a w~rlike :s.oenJ. p'lEl:5El'Dt@'MW Uw gt.~ gl~.Q b.v:9 W~~ hQ-sm~.gulf the. gdd.fj tll.!'v~ry dilrectLon.Wood m tiOO'Jl of star systeMs :ieamres rep're.I'l'!j]~ntai. It cOl!JJld Hare up Clgl]:inCit '[[i[ij' nIne mid.Ul.cal~.!8 . fcrm:J:Ucs... hrnren't changoo much i11l fi. th.i5 used to d'Elscn_oo the grcmd ba:ckground lC!gl]jIlS~ which..u:t numwrlty wiUpmvaH.lllct[ii.cl eVell1lOe tlhe bel'oos up with.!IIII3' rnig~t indude.nl every stellar :!'l!14:1iO!D. p~ckin:g up >v. for example.l. hun&..i1Iese. adve:n toe is. I The F'utu.~ has oo-g~ t'O.~5 t!'.Uono:! a lIew 11 .Qlrn.esJtrul ~ r""T"1I C. (he Concord! knOW.. Th~ fI~e he'foo!:!ip~it:lipt.e[$eme~el').erj OOfon]!' Us moom:ngoo:n 00 W1demt~ 'While dice' lD&.. :into th@ fUtWl3\.~€!:~ SO:!I!9 ba. IClDd foibles thait have men with t~ernt shliaelhe dawn of bi5tO~. i t~!iI Ver'g'~" en.piQ~gg~" tl!!lI1 VQrl.oind pimetmy oas:es !!iocrU'e:~dI fhm:JJ]l)'hQut ::!:Ii the a__rea.~d ~ ~Q'Bg . ·wmmO~8. CQ.rt .t.. hg.to stand tall a. The Conoord f.C.che:.li'Zle !joon~ presents tIre players with a :ddldJ.lde~dl1i ~d bec~lI!e lP~e\f..

!1l0'..e iitory. .derto.0!! _. WlIen '~lIj!l! ap~:~l!!. b :m:cm. el.iol '[me.Bvery· :sflXli.eadtm: the stmper!: m ~h 'ilb6i:r tr~[port shut~ Ue" it sel. :r>eoolva a: comba:l: !me'De fairly.e ¥elY common atteMpted.of'Ul~g.im:].1:tey"'!Ile".gf ~ aQIDb~t ~9~~~..rExampl.~o' mate em.~.M~g..I '_ AttiDn :re~msan.e~(t~y. the speciic phw. jJJ.lmil. m~ .fithe.e!DC~~:e_r see:ne ccm mp-.es.e~:Il. .e:51 ccill (0:[ cm. .p~m::Ie the woopon:S .ey m a: Amfll!m.d m.. .e•..'_ C! C!~"" -. :mosl'ooEle. the 111e'J'"!j ale .challs'l. . ~~. .~p1:om(:kd. mm€lmOO!I: that lOTIl91er actirnms m'il!:n't impossl:ble to Clttmnpt.lii 'WUh ihBS$ ~xcm!I. R8~y 'inget.bitS 01" beir ~dhm.t OO~ of niCHoll.!:if . . an.auto~moo: . '8~CUJ wEll.W ~p h tr~ct .Umbiitlg II.llbems1Jl~ .mmm. lSome tad:: in the path !o~:tbebelOOa.e:rlllJi!m.'OU.an the rCiai:on c~ec'l!: gets ~n(!llct :mth9 .ilhllhm IiiIIITld~mtood. oem. it.fQ c~l~e. of wffirl:~~-. to t'eist file ha~o. somatltl~g:. __ .beroes.~~ mpQ.mund ~rr!l. abimit[{iI:lli.vida fha'mtm.EVeIj{O!llil8 .rm w. you :i.must :face this . rmIY'1i£~ game!. imag. tQ!.. on6~nvdvOO llifl .t .~'k ~cl'~! n the i GoodpJ]IlS!1l . 'I"h:m'wO!f .~:isted ~ntheif '!ijn'lries.action till 12. imla oon be ip.dventme. The m. ph::Dyem: und:er= on &3:sa tthings.c:etba1: It:wWllIrlm.ftheil mto'fflHl(. (Jj pl~e:l1' lOlls a dm lIm.CII :::Z::' _.p~~ moy ~Cliveb:.ta8w.act A hero wh. The .ltuaUon. f100ausew cenmlil things . to eon.ed.i~pDSies in'l:b.!i!JWe .f\saiHioliJ.eful oonbiol an iI:b. :5p~iII::Ik a Ew S8:~tllilf. the. pl~ma.~.. fmque:llltly iII.cmes.at ~es: mMe time.Ige SlCene is Uike'a p~e E'lCle:ne" he 'most important T d.check:.oweY!or.. Remember that e.Ef.o gets .nnp:me::.U11 I. not the :pb:fjre'J'.==.ey ocw !let. Things. • I. damagedopU. Comliat ooen.[mcrgi1lmiOI1 o:f the pl~~~ ~d Go:mem~teF~ W1. action is ·tlLa ..uil..er:mmoo by thab" m:::U.ch.hlu'oor.Thus..(N'El' [i. i .~ IIdiho'-'. .Lsn't po5sm~a !a!!'..g l\'e:suJIt .m js 't:b.1ie.ebmaldng mmo. is most common :in oomhat (Xr wffil:eD. be !1I~mpUshm1. 'j whMe. h~~oe<si~ CI £i:tuQtiot1: it ornm:.~ece~. Ho~ .A . :f.i'!~. .aim. ~ . do !lo:met:h:l:n~ 1:h. (I.. a ib:iElmwlao getl!!!e.sign.'houlidBim. Th~s !.m the spml.HQUS hTEFIlI'ffl'Y :IHlmlltSc~ ottuJn:plm a Jlh~sa: .obstcrc1e . !~. GM .~~~Q:~ cm.thBI~e~s >W'9~oroadl ~. cl 'IJ!WCiDlS .h~EI 'ow w«H ~m ~he.pllea:.:I ter. ~l\..rm~n. suc::ce!!iS or .es UP' a mund UI.' ...t 'th~bBJl)tI ~UQ_L!!.g W~llt is CIIlI:Id.e.. .'.I~ ..~a3! to padoml on~ iIlCUOI1(both and ~.e5i!1lI1t~ .~rt~l~~o.p. ".:i~cwily 5y~em 'Would be (l! chcdlQD~~Jliil\. tb.u' . th_e w...u b~too~ {QI' 0': :m~~ W tb~aU''_' !ileUM ~laJ)e!l! ~.i:Mem:I:l..I:: .to .m: a: porlbwgr CaJst) CIUe:Wpts .':l!I' . La. sc'no die wUlli ~ .ood re~mt on tb. I they we 1:0lCon. . Ammmg ar. .p:m:ecjisely tmcMngtime i:lI vita'l.some ar.epm:1:of . 'scene. S'o:mmimes.A bel'o :might be gble to fire tnm. Ii mim.. thill' d:i.~lew seooliilds .OOiS.~e~~~. h.L'ia. . actien cl1eck :5iw.of !lime.on mecks. 'CbtdJe~iQ ~I!a!!.me:m:beT. I~p1(fC8~ ~e.~f 'Qlo 'WIDmQ:!1 s:o:r1:sm cu.w:-· ·.. -' . tad::. mL.d.d ~p:mf. 1SiC.eGM.tI..di Mmgtnm. '!pjl. _.s in·. . a: . enemy. a. 'the .orld .wc-xld af.(m~ ~:ype. .my 'OU .lemamt Un! a:sm. '11~[!j m.Ftr. w<lyarmm. 'WY! J~ . Sm".omd.lltlBeB. phasel! ~. II. bu~ mw 1l'II.n Q ~. . nm@. happe1!il I.E!fimillg iln..ply impos5.i. 't~ms an bQUl' U) mLautes .mM1~.oo ph. . go~ ~:o . O~dlnm:y •.i whefuar '!Jueride.h!ich hemes: Ilctls dm. a.e.d cc..DOOlgTEI\. on. A hero with.~.6:nG 'w. ~d (..e. '~bAll'.€I. :.fnmp. ..lIets: ones in a Mund. : mldl.liiewritylg~.thm" ovelimli'Jl!!J.As lCllig us you 'ewd tBe. ·of ~edi:: ~·U d!ell~.Ol:lit: tim. hop.~.go: C:Q.h~w [cmg U ~. t.mngplm:l'lse.l. guJ.t . h. Of ruEI.o:g~st tilDe.oosIJ..lS wdimi:~ed.o.lUeIi. :Comoo.y w~.lmsW'DiEl'I :hems Pbilse.. m Qr.ad i6.e a rcmged '!N.filllMO' da:()ftnlil'l] 1!l:[p00 the' ~5kiJ]s. 0:1' find. .both ln. A (i'hal!eqe' lli. llQ.. 1-.o:fOEl. 'l'he lianiltingfactQrm d.d :~tA.[ed em !Clction. Of $quj.l. FmmHmt 110 kmt.I'MlI].k O'f time only .FiW' GM cbtrntctem.Beene!!! A oomOO:l sc:ene Is.·yml~gU!.:1ion chlElck wsu1~ own d:clI.Q.8:~!3.I:El. _ .JCl11soou1d bCIVYEl nQ trouble d1B:1::l~g milwhmffil:er Or ~ot (!Il: mcritlH:l m::dol'l. iJd1y tum ll'illito (I comoo1 90ene.a .1 miV'6J!lWm.aka mllimit:mililOO mhilC'. If tbe heroerS neadiro. .cma ~ brlbbl. fit:::r:~e. laction.. mI. 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ICli scell9 tmSEI cr . ~ AtI!fi~pt fi:r:stolcl" .!Il~8s.(:!:kes .r:oa'h. o.'!IB]il:mS . . .f a BiInJgle pbrmB. M.)n.. I. !:!.dQ:bWty~becks.~ich '!he hmoas ~If:omed in. __ .ble. sho-. ..g. o~y .mp1(ll~.:ler. 'J:Ul cu:::d.om Oil' he Ocmli't diSIIl$Si6ni11b!e i. 1m e:l{Clmple.

aJ to or leSiS OWIl tha ]]lLl!lll'!I.xt pclIg'e 'm'detOOi>'cWou.p . l'""'rtnCJ&:'~.e.. in. the £o'UowiIi!. shcu]dQl]:So stale lffil@ll desired ouloom..e~otOilJeiSl. w~o5eh~ro W~S' lry'ing te ffund IOJ pEace t!O hide. 'The dedcrralkm. 'evel'.1]1 on 'the oo~~ml die and a ~ on the S~tll(1'.taU ·of 12 (1&4 .tQ l1!lSE his S-terutb. Mler ~ne sHuatio.t over whicb the.yel' WCiin.\~ gi'Yle {he Gam.(.cUatl!~o thm e~~ Qll. 'Q'.. which. H'lf!1 waU iml"t too higb and .ehe:roest:omak:e Stamina' skm Checks tiC 10Ye:I::COnte. wt. :s.!'eCh knowledge :skillilto look lor ~o.heroes in 'the WarehOIl!lel: Anne.everywhere" You ~cm atlemptthat actin]].. 'WDe. fOI: exumpila. III the' rle~t is w.emulstsr moymandate Gi. ·I~ 1~·.rov[d.Ire lolt!Ei of p'1a~ to hide.f tb. I~~ tbere. The Qo:memillsfe:r dGe5.trol The ~p:lcry.''t even mow it~ l me.ts to do.OOEISS end ia:ilWfe...c.WhC!lt W h~fQ'wiin mtempt ~ oo~n. There's going '~o be a -d.e.: the Gamam.ade.~box on ~he' He..@:ing to use hils Athletk5ski~n ~o begliIl:S :::z::: ---ill ~ r"'T"'I !TUU.wa:rs a d_20} a.d:~e (wmch.s might edse be :l1ooclll'llg' their wa:reh>ClUse with ." t=I .mayandu.tbe GlllImel1ll'ilsi)Elf know!.o sltnatioD t di. :z: . Ihe OniiI!i:o!l]' column. (ilf o::!1y) Wl!d ro..laction.ooo l1ilIIlIiIilg stmt.at it is a: <C::IIticril Fail~ I.m:8 them. rons Q: 2 Oftll.end.9.sort (lI~ oo.!:'l won. 'Whose 'hem was altempting to 'vau1t over 'the wall.ru~t o il'ohis 01: her hero~s skUl score. ms ad!dedto the.ijee how ow: 9.i~U(ltiolil.g ~tjm1 dLecrncrn.how.s. pBlJLsd.of ~i1"i!dLoote!l.tbe situa!tio:n die was a: ~af. Rsmember 'that acl!iUicuH. wheIis. h.1:COrne. mIls a Ui on the con. in.kiDlchecleturmt QUrt foOrthe. $homd be p.Ster ooftlsicie:rs the sitJllatioll.:lj.de~xoo5 of S1i. G' . lri rm1 L_' _~I j.n. 'the eUoel:i:51 G. the Gwue:masbiu: ho:s tbe fin[ll say in what dice me lolled..!'l . ~ ~ I~ c::=: -2~.€lh: skins •. • E~mpre~ Le!'!]! ~5..ea a 2. . l hid_. More rnIfi 9'81 C1g.me' .lm:o. Most of ~:h.e of the a.ove:rlhe wall beolore the' secmity :::r:IJ ~ r:Ob.ho:n.tinul'.~ .em Cl[t:l:ion declaration doesn. Slkill to flInda pkroe to 1II!5DiI~m.en W.tlw. aam (llf the 'Gcrmema)5:~ r Bo:sedl OD.. he 0.G~.. wo:r.de'5:S:. a player may wcm~ to ask ku a change.El'gw.a o::cHons helloes aftempt.p in dioo:star. wU5Il00king mound :for so-me :!liys~emt~l!l~:mtght be oOlmitmUing 'the security' rC:~t:g.of 0: maj.ow I~:ely it is tlO :euoose'd. hut ilIJe:re's. .mis total . '1':ak:a e look ttllhe Degl1aes SUiC09S5 s]d. 1111 .troll th~ d20 oo~trol die. If! the.the Sl:ltuaHen me for a tc.!i . ~.... in the 'Go:niU~iM:OIstei's dec\ii:s.. Ui.odify ~hia. Thereisl :n.Now it"Si 'Ume''~osee if '!he aetian has bean :succassful ar l!:l!~t.'s going. ea:U!:!ior 'fh. G1el'll.12).CI:~cr!li '~ha:tmake!..die'.Es OCliIi1 ccrtchhim.B.l:lI:s e.Any action begit1ls when . the slnug'!Jle:. III""'T"III chasing th@m.'lml die and .ailed.rt!l.[loe.~t .. c:onb'o! d~.eCW1L!~ Scien.~ able si tuo:.If 1he. th. wnoHy on the desire'S ofth~ p~Clfer.e1!EI. the course cUba g~~ d!. is . He':m]l.ll.e control dte.e to m.. thieQmne:I1lCl'.f .'ter snDUld ClsK t~e play~r .e 'con:w~l . Some.s9.declaredfu:~'1he hefCiies in.!-::ry success lor mom.e has t'rnlDW15whm everyone aiSle is doing. i'J "_ ". In i!he a!hove s.i3s CIs the oos!ism iu:tul'EI actio.Ju::.pens :in ..~nd upon th.acnoil'll has f.st. 13 .er Sl!llillLJJ919]ing OOITI:.lanty. and.roO]1. a: :kdlure .1Ilrn8 trruolsom. the 1'e911l1 t o. 1he Gam.g iu .~et:Ly big" wmehou5e.tia:span:sa '~~ semethin.ths! roll l:!O -Siub tl"ClC'fed hom the cn:nlt~ol di. Wh.. SlOO!e.I'!! the prut of:lb8 he.1 she. Tbat's parfectly okay.€l. 0 tn]:!:! roU is an Amming sue9 C.l ~ em. '5i [Raiion die was <CiIi bon:llS.e mll·of the cnn.1ectioo ef p:r~per sitiU~'l:ion.dierstm1d what a: :pli]. fh:is ind~cu~es an Otdin(. Example. TI!ie p]:~ picb u'ptb. that ifs dallepoW:i ~ely and infre. with lots of s:itlJ!ff soa:tte:red . andtben.s·addled to flWec:on'l1'ol die.n dlepa\n:alty.qusnUy.!!ikUII I:l1edl.ntel ce5 h~'!fe no eon~ro1. Han die .e .~ething: we!']].~@lV.ruom 'case. :If .l~e Gam~mC!s. t lh~ ~fJ. einv...~ml!lime~t matesa e OJ a:mune mOle 5~C.ntml or .~ucl::.eihe'Kl!e51 hmre beeD ccrught breoking lntD thBw(l.(!Cellonmay suooeedfur bettertrom hoped 'On the mb. die needed. .lituat~on die! bonus OIl your roH. the.51ISorEagClr~ f La. d~epenahy.were:r.!Ii. Por now... :fr.e. the s]dl1.fahot!se: (~am@mCfSife1:.a +dB sitllllution.emaSl:ter all tihe inlo.).An .!m==.e 'Grun9mos:tsr must '@x:phrin BX(llI}tLy w~nt hem haptees imagination.I.. ~pecifymg :!:he :name m the :skili to b€i used Cilmlhe way in.rICtes. s~m checks ml3 bcn~ed...to be· p~qyer deClcrres am. decades b.b:mcrth.~ tim@ to iirnlie•.pre~ty bCld.aste'l might make the rol~ lowing as5l~J5SnlfentsoJ: ~heact~on5l. .~"!:5 'od.) scn:nethingi ObOlll 'lIllie uctiontho:t mail!:.es it mo:reOI ~~S!ll! dilfficult them is.tedfrom th.r hend. it 'hmdto .e gas.. ~amp~e: t.r:mation.~he d~e roU made.tu~ non die roU i.spsciflc a:e:t[c-n..o" will hem. kll' the t'sahero.berHs~ed.Brn ([bin of $&icw1iliy rooots.a 4: OD . th:ere~s no rut:udlion. .oo:mmUlrlic.ous. Cnniil). Patrk~](s hem.. Cluls. 5'0 '~lhehe.eote:r tbr:m. '. Thill!!. :la.tI pl~eil aImQU1ltC~].•'Ihe-.ef ompm1:ls th. it's 5ubtmc. lions mjght be ma:d!e: Arm:e:Amre'!>. the Olction is: successfuJ.~sequ.recise. 'WlQ!. th:a. This. needs to fuHY'lJin.nd: tha rsiilucdLon diie.4 s.r~ 0.ihiBl5 a: :p.~ the varl.wtion SJj!stem 'through which the' mlJots m~ght be receivmgtheir order!'. In most c:a:s6s. obvious tallie· pWCl¥0Ul. p.om.edi.rel'l.e W:~i!l!tJEl~e se~ty robot:i!:W(ln~l fiodi him.' notllie robms CWl :find you is.io. U 'the b~cl:alrolled .klU I:hl!E:loi.o:£:avo:r.1le. If 'thats the ca9le.-E.somlaUmes. Iba restllt of 'Ihe' s~.e.~refl!:ec"ted by t~e . and ~he ~I an fhe· control die indicates th.the eiIT\l'iron-men.USlUiml'y.Ann@l. this ]u~~. it .o. Chris .. Pa1rlcl::.~]e55 and oolo." In.ry about la:ler..]. Qu. Theliili things faU into ~he.ptlo:~. lry Hie playaI' Oind t~9[91ilel o:f :5uooess i~diotilt~.

'th. C!i ooBtml :Z::' de·vice or sfi:!tam fm the rooots.bat m[g~'1 be.empha!!i~ the. be.1lgi~l. but h.EiiP]ayoo ontli..s em. the!'l{llf.hi:p'pmg ctates.OW 'H!oo]vad. i dhec. ~€I'" ~:beout~ome oftbeit:l!ction was~ba:ped. .)"~iIl~ilUy .} pc:tm:s"Elgw Me]1~ mtQtne shadows II'lI]. ~ctl{lI!:'l. . So w.'lmphw.I_w:iom.!I. 'Ct:rIlI. ~e.pea:r.eGOi~'em([s:l.ot. ~i!!~oCig]too :3kiru1.0 . . FQf a: hero w~th. In the case of 'these :skliHs" a:chamctar i!l:mI't attempt 'an (lctiorn w.Gl1 ~be 'F.mmkiedi !:miL :reci 01'1. dte Sikilllist di.k s.eoct page. basedl on his: tdiJr hec.e' mW!:cer:..e'lCmnpJe.~-:Dot I~I look graoeJl:iI. JUSI~as G'ien giVEls. abo1!l!t what has happm:lied!. '01 dctik shL'ldow~"dl!E! ~l"OSS h~rn.skiiUs.Abll:it.rgeJEY Q:nO) WQUiDdad chO!l'aOsl'.om Lhl9 chO'Wctefs skU! list For .as 1. however.mgr one '0:1:Ifu.Vl8.up.:might rule w£Qllow~ . :Z:::. used b¥ characters WlWSS the i!l:i'hn~terhos a :soore m thc1 skill. 1 ~ some.~s.goed .0 d~o't hQ'V'e(m.QUs:ee'Gotllingtl.lilie:m] ptQC~~~ ~ ~ed..ClcHcms en pl~el' WmJJ~:sliO a:1 ts'mpt wi]].wmatd. • f:n~___p!'e'~kl O1ll.cl::'f_' .e . e~Pcle.25 With O! MI~e..h3!beused only when ~fe ts ]].th-efle' (Ire I. a: fuemwbo doeSl}'~ :hcrVEl' U'1!@ Mediool Scri'il~c~m:r:geIY' sidH co:n't cr!:tempt to periorm Su. IlemelIihe. (Tnml. U~ cd skills in problem SO]rillg].r lb. 10. t:m.inQ . J!Jth.e Dl.AL'n:F:INI1'1' ~e is: des:lg!XUildlto .i.it OVf3f thewdl~~~idy I~ easily. ~h.tn.. ability check 5hQu.~~pl~s\.r IGamemasfe'l..b.g 'Iha c~r~tle~ will block emy sensor:s t~!!I :robob might hg.~this.~m dtts.am. ~ ~P.at ~he . Th~se me ..fl~l've ~:u~b. It seenu~ 'vwy of "--"'HI nnlik.lplha.ecli It~ plliloo.S" m.~~ck.henWQuJdi~ :be apPMpnW8 ~o ~S'EI em.'I:llin91 com.urum~g! a k-: 'g:]~gr ]bloet i~iJ mbo16iUs htS'M.>!I:ts 'Ci '1=1= Gtlt11Xd Fml~I.by the sc:ore~.y I:hec:ks Mnst oQl. WlIeft t. ()l' when !Ji here 1.e :skiU chook ~s f. Sometimes. b.oY.i'bl[l~G. ~g.d S00Dl!1I"!iiflfS ::::::::1 II: behiIDd almge.eS9 !skills unleSSi it ap.':l lew impaEtan~. herc. _. Th.{l!i'I!. E!ec:(ili!I:ISIE! o.Slama s~ms OOill't:tla. 1J!i1!~lllq Gamenl:~ste:[!" IChI!~k!i .k? A..e. 'O. OiudlricksM:s legs aver the wall He '1iD.j • m !!incnlM.lllB ge.SIlOOOSS.!!I.keep :in mind.y i rnOOtsbilve ~t1oo him.) h!9adb.~briOI$S skill th.examp]@IB n.ely {hell H~!iIs~t.t: is better detm:milled.t ths. .doog€l skillomJ still tr'/to :doogfiJ l!!siu:g D~ 'or Mf DO'Darity SCOle.W"ha~lJ1jI'~ i.e 'GM Screen. both bY' t~1iI :stat~~~TIiJt (It:~El' pi~J'$~ cmd ti:e· d~e llioll Altho~gffil the plqElII'S might b~ ~estmDS.few . (']'hQit'S~R . cl::Iiliti Cll'epmi8enl~d: on ~h8 14 .n:i~~ :nu:l!::e<ss.e!ii. ~ upwm(\. s~qc.

For I!XiVJIpJe.Gocd}.is mwcated.Ra[ijJoo 'We~s-p~s1ol. m f exam:pl'i!I•.m'the l'OO~t'the 13M:rolls fOr . S:imUar . Ute r8Sil>dt of the IOU indicmes w'be. "rm 'gonna blast 'Ihm j.e: :Lefis: true. wre:stUIi!g' mglch.cl:l1eved em OrtlmGry. 5hort mnQlE! Point bl8nk NonE! -'I ehaek.m WS te>5ting: his o:I het 'lIglJitr~ coor.5 .g to the. husks of this in . m~B' yOllU Deist gue~s cmd El!iI'Iffl'fun~ Attilc IJ!ri@ the liI!'gI!Wt. iii dDdglng t1!lfgI!t m. dOr:Ige!O Lung IrangE!' Medllll'11l CIJNeIi M:ad •.([ster com use 'liJ C:onsti'luHon abiility checl: instsod. When c: hero is.d:ie~ dra.+3 ~..be' resel ved with a Will abUily check. gn.g:et bogged down. a3 Of less" he'S! SCOl'@dl m e hew a: chanoe . dscide 011. Howev:er.m. . indicates dama!Je' of d8'+ 1w. panaky (dB 8Itwt:tlDlil di@J. l.UIOlm.-91 OWl!d5.determine en:!. O:[ld91:.although inHmute OJ p[oIDonged be :re:sohl'ed u. Cambal: !!iituBtian Dice COMBAT SITUATION DII:E !in.beck:'5.t~. When.tne 'Gaimemastar (M{pluins the re:su]ts 0'£ the g.cll is a '1 or !es.ClII Good hit to MIl!!! ron acter .'liypili Target. don't . Dm! ~U@!!ii.efievSJr h~spla:y~!'!i aUack (the 'total of th. :::z:.o:ke othe'I: actio~. .e. scope of what's ~el'ed .its 'the qpp.~ we u~l_n!g.ofbe~ng s:igtti~Ioon1ir maIli!! deadly the OI'dinmy damage.. bli Uall'9m::tkm when a.iJtba:Hon. wea.y alVl'!l" I:ambil.act~oD cmd what e·fi. te the. :Dexterity: 'Whenever the h~.. Now we']! eover 10i8W d8ta!i]~to hel.:h!li (I An ~bill:ty Check is reselved jmlt Bke sikm check.dB +dB +dIi +116 +d6 +d4 -fd4 None -1M..t]:j. 'WilL.(lSi tl'yU:!.ould cUte. I. th.lse.oasual situ([Uon:s social eDcounte~ 'oo.iI!ill IOn!.:k.p~ed.modlftli!f' IJ!ltlII!lF po!i'itbil!! DII" n~ve] Ilf mol'li!! 'th. long: CpO!...ts. ~ ' ma:lly be t'esolv@d.y. Mo:ny of &8 kls:l1O OlUiemight cs9oc~.esolvlF-men:t'aI skim. TI:w pluyem afta:cls:s j:llIstt as Iller w. :::::cI . N xt.:Mo:m cften them ~.uatian DeIIcl'liptlDn ~. Th8·n~ffibaGM fig~ 1WeI~ aut wbe. er .lsolved a:a a e.iosresolved by' g ~kill'check.Kcd!l:~ A.the SkinnishScenario.mage of' d4+ lw: sell a dol and add 1 '~O the resuH fur a total 0'1 2rS \¥'.fHufi.the Villain tnrows fue hem fr<o..:i800!8" howeva.bui~dmg {lS. attack deelamtLons 'am no mora de'tOiU'8Q than. U101ii RE!IiUI\t1 _ Abil~ lChe.pomi.eo:kmg.These factm:s are the dbtmice. the Game'm.gs hcrppen bey.enced . agsign 0: situa:lioD.m. Wh'i9!!4 using his laser p:istot Azorel SOOIe-Jli em Ordlnmy hit Wh.e oOf!!trol we and.th the Hesolll'e s:ktll ~or Ule B. W'lId(JaU for a:skiU check Or ability NIL uf . in werrying ab:iut tha right WIlY ~odo so.mgets.An.or petnah.:he !s1tu«tiao •. such em bt.ary resuU iD.termines 'SiXm::tly haw mLT~ damage wu~ inllicted bf the aUack-the MUsf the ~IlC0!3S8.p~ed. Above all . the type' .a-nes of skill c!hecks.sing s:~]Jc. The' AmcmDgr damage W results. lntelUgenoe~When. \Vhen ~hat iI1appans.we:r~ :SUCClillOisJul bd.Uo:n die dio '!i'OO apply to oombat S. een a:duaUy ~ H!so.IJ: door .nbe .lght cover range rl!lf1g& +i! +i! +i! +1 +'1 . s:ituanon. FliI'~~.. We iSbo.. the same way. die) is rn 14 or lass.etil wh~ tbm. I~ fiHlgI! p~ iI +-3 _ .(I D~e::dlJ check.wed the. s.a~d!l:i. 9'lay ~e duriIl:g ooriD.e he:r.ate with wm CWI btl. d~e.eem a heliO f. Wht:d . ooil:Uy cb:~r.y 'ClbilWty check is 'cl:f~'en used tic.folder how this worn.plgyeI"$. the'fiorD is. Q::t: le>I1ex:es (5UCh.1 brule i:o:roe.e factor's ..iiu.flu.g s~ide show or mainmm ~s on u Iepetitive twk m~ght .I..ecl it h. sllQuld Anlll~p_g hWt> .tlI!!larger of tile tllIID HewOO6. char(I Am~lQrg 5U(.OO~!l1I.["Ofj's'. • 6xampl.An Ordin. .!?' That depends iOn t. 'With a: hero's Constituno'n !Soore.et Fiis:tol!" An . ihere may be' tim.lnmelUgenoB' IJllbit~tycheck is ili'i.o':( the first time'.ounds:..Q hero is trying to solve a rlddl1e or recall the nume of someone mel.a~ has 0:: beaf~n9' on fheii" 'chlIDces fLu'success. a look at Azote. skill ilia! govr6ms. This di@.hSfe.n: Most 0:1~he Cld~om. r'8S'O~ved wj.tbm might nor- Strengtih: Any foot 0. players roll the appropriate woe te dat9'll'mina whe·ther theiratllmnp.of attock ibEling att'E:nIl. '91'ub the s[de of'~ C:oDs.pt any n'IOI!:IIf'Ierw.methJng.01 winning em mID. 10' do. +3 SItuII'I:iIIIn DI.Any ol'lie cd fiv.l'IDlge HBII\.o.lved with the Stamina skill.odo H:.sUU.di.erk wUhmy lalii.P'e~o:nQtlU. 11.p round Ol!I.Ilttcrdi: . ij tbe l." the.Q. d. Pel'!lQ. Pm.hW ~ wmd them t.nm~QR. the' mor's damag'9: that eenbe mfIicted. can be resolved by a S:tf'ength. mJlythh1Q' else _ th.t~to Ilu.can C\ODtr'ili"u. some manner Q~ poison or . fiDwly. efl011 to.f_Mr a si tuauon die bonus . dgw~ .. OJ sldU or ([bnilly appropriate to ~he s.eimier or hmd<9.I.o~d.1:me w!ha:tthSJj"wm:dllioll lillio':fQes.5'. stme thel~ he. m.g. 'axp05ed~a.m:l hwiI"on the sU'Wrli'O:!1.s HEmo..t Comlxrt in the ALl'FffiJifIT'f gamo is.iking an a:I:ta:ck .~pficrti8 mU for using a Ieser pi~toL U the l1el['o succeeds. 1.t t~ mla:s. roll ICI dB mId adki 1 to the resnll for a 101011of :2. Amazing result On thu other hand.r tor achQ!'m:~~I.e'l' the ~el'Q lOl.

Vi/hen a chllIt!:c~erw~m:mOI i5 ~UC~5S" don't !get bagged dollm.. HC!pid healill91l1'equims 1 16 'Wbtm ~li 'll:!: G be«l'a woWl.h'CiIie' Wlibmmed.~ m:ggI )l~ 2 PQmt~ oJ dml1Jlig~{3-[ -gl~ ~e So.d damage is.&OJ~'.' ~~.be :SeEm..!5SeS aU worumd poffin. [1'011CiiIlI armor cbLd m. fA c:hamctDX wbo lll. away. die) .e '~T. mdJjwlie~l f'Or'Ih. aI]l of IIi1hero'!s.mam:cter m~gh t: a receive a . :5'l.W'~ili!Ou~tile aUe'Dfrion 'o~a skilled.yUl. aU 'of a hero~s stwllpO!iofe.s &:r'ofoldl@l (5=2. o~ef f{!.d ~e~ oH~5h8 mhB' we3..g: is most eUecUve 'Wh. gei5 Q: g. (if d.ll!Y ~lJlI.ol!il woed 'WlQ the lav~l 0.ge 1). 011. !II score of dt-I.:rmmad.OO!Xes 'mlel crossed! oft :s1iI...ingthm the ~o UJ!ie ~U:~tUte 'COO:~f:QlWl@ (the . Light 'OOiV~ i:s ei~eI .2m9~M:S m. with. Wcu:!IBdi Clamqe (wI..!l.Amre~ 50Hswt iImls..:ing ithSI di8' t'yp:!.moving. B OfiI-~ cO. Thiil pmtectiO:D PJllljri:d!~ Dy"~ ill111QI i~ :~fd.ewum.mu:n-rnedmld melee m~~cl!:!.the Hero Fo'tdem.lS will ~. NafIl'lH'lI] Jbiecdm.mn. : .RoUmgi ill d6-l •..mom· s~sre phy. llieft ulp~a:llbe Game:mmiltte:r unlesS! the adv>e.rriflle"ODI8~Clit!s: I· '0) 15 sb:OW':) wbi'dl sl m.1I:~hem. (Ul CI wetype.Mos. 01' las:! tmm hWf the target: OCJm be seen. EiltmI.oo ~ Ime' oj sight to' f~8~~g't!t 'ood the '~_~.e slrill ebecl!:.e9 pg.i'V'e!nmne~ hem 'willi recover ha·m mosl minor a W'o!LW:ds.!. If .::I end milia.a)ld h.~..~e. WOUlll.~.hi. f.en . e Combm .QIQ dg:mgg!e PQitiMl:ij~ ~h.ii. ~ (We point 'I'he D. is'U. lVatur-a1 Heall . tlllie afmW' wO!.ham .8i~'WQllUI.r.ofw~ -¥-: .1. cmdi :50DU!' um.lhey ~Ioon~idered m be 0'1 Cl'!1·e~:ge dJj~i tv.o[ Qt fWe) ~ gllirowltl! VC.):1' moe) lOned'Varies with the '~ cd weq.hw:oes.!CJCt. 'of :his O'r ber '(l1Uuck:e.~i.ack h. 0:1' mad· .e: .of every w&Elk .b]marud :migh..ta:['Iget is:lI:'t Clwwe.ounded . hed~ 1fi~umlly.d. Imjwie. .mJ'8' [bJd8d WI the d.r~e_ ~ ~. ~~1tiD9 J .layQif IOU~ ~.~lJl.liEl' fh'Wll half of llie tmget ccm be see-n. 1" cry .COe:s~w r&l:iOVB~ cb. AdV'entW'eS Bock. 3)..or :00 is lm:oc:ked. m..cl po~nts.. me go-GI to get hurt. th~s !idnd of detaiL JllIit IIllIEign a siJ'mmiJJn we. in il:be AUs(Jl5.through na:itruJml eaMg b icall. .of em mliCla iudicOle~ ~~.ubjern:ad.noon· s ~~.a.d.(Of ~XWIlple.. any Q~.:e.e.Wh&'j'dli.wi)ti.u:e. GOimemc:st:er date<rmma.age' ro:~L •. a hero's S'hm pa~i9tsi 'Ciil'iQ 1@~~~he or be Jialls: uncOOlSeiou. do~'t have G ~g.CJj rec~o".e:nts don't .IC~d -.t add! ape'Jlwty'to D~g ~e:s . 38YejTOI m:e 'CW688d . 5tm:t ~ (II!!}.edi~.! d«mgg~. WId :keep the action Wl.ClllDd~.!l w'Q'ud fl©Ii:[[~. . at.eapo:m:.d story bi~ longer lllign~C!llrmed llere.lIlmh9l. aquar!er' of' the tmge~ 'can . gHIUim. afagred 'w~n ffike.a.lodging. tiWly m:tacBd.QiIDurue~~ ~e.mes 'into.-cl!! .Mam1!lml cove! is bett.e'i!OWlJlIhts the. Lef$ ~~~e' ~d ~~ . A lllllSls!r pis.ond. 'tfu~y can. J\sIDong I[J:S. d_~IIlg..o:f . .~oo.ove.mpJ:e~.8 . Alight ma: .o:mOl_ge.lmrrginmy oompcdgn.bonus m th.o swlerwomtQ dCU'Dagl(!! dlorl't ~Q1i':ef ~oswim.!.que f~c'llOlidetemlinedbr '~e.ore ~~ bee:nbjt b 5iPotln:~sof . secUo:n in tb:iJll book.e~ls. beillg u:sed.5t 1 stlUiiIJipw.a:tcugetts deifem.--.rd 'l!UId .wess..hem h('ls oruy sde'reas:tUWl damage" VVhen. The ~~c:1 type of:die «(.mSlm'agr that h8'[O£ls ~ s. ·to '!iIUn<os1oonstmwtlr ovcer the C01ilTSfl o:f 'tbei:rrrm. ThQ~esull is aubn:ctN from the dwn.__ .aijC'lll) ~ .. Mt m bBme~ weillSQLtlemrw 1m rnrnmar. This kind of d:ecii.d . nl~~cill! a cltmm::ter is! tmiThg. thel w. For this llElOiSiClfJ.t·lli9 mQ'9t is h~&Dg hamnd" if ~e tWIst is .~ !tiOml ig.(iIll ai." ·Of OOlU'!5Ei'... IDm:n off a:. w. 9-Y . lni the AL~ gam:e.e)I .plish. 'aDd! il]n&Elses. U 'a. Shm.e.III ~ge Wong'. My OOJXCID-' 'lerCfUoc!l:ing 'Cii dodgil1lSf'target l1aoei ve.:h d~qga a~C!wglllt1!XlJ]. bm~ tertng cmd J:m. All l.er mat:ened.s can be· C'LKed .e:r. tDlkingmlu aorIsicle.~. EF.ls until U!if!1!). WleD. hehindb[l:lmt€!c· lion.to be point 'bkmk iftbs targl!!t is less than .1 suor::aSEl o:f~be C1U. Gamem_as~M. h~. . 'IIlW WQUItd d~Qg.mt!.. .r.:I~! fa:dm oon be ml.. g m. IDJght .. more 'iI'he d~ becomes: 'OOHS!Il!io1t. ' Sttu!1ItionDire :~ ~~ d". th~: k."~ O.lcrln.Heavy OO'IIlIB!l: Cl!o1'ery8it~ong :matmia:]" OJ!' i1: mdiJ(late!! that ~s h~iS!!&em.t!l.pr.b~e a "-'': mJlU:ch sb~IItm '~ml9 faRge. tG. At the end o~ Il.!cDs IJisted.l:!hfJhad foiled ~: 6. __ 0: ~_1L_ 'lTtnn.td G'W18.. .Um. tbe bero reg. Wi th a slu:x::ess:m_j IEIOOV'err check.!s.!~S h:u.· tlllDirespedJioaUy declare·s otllilenrise.' ~ '_'~I ~fI D lISI1Hrt. 5b~n. Use'your best: judgm'eillt ::z::: when as.b.g' ~OW8f Of ~tmdiwClt:es thCit mO.gn~ cd :SlgJ.~ CQm~~ into piay.1 "'~~. :!l'lllD. A lase!:' pi:st:ol!f'Ol' iIiliXampltl. Qi!:! .~.tha' adioneiiJsier or :h~meI~oO!oo~m.oo !gplmm with . 'a!!'9' resk)r~.u·t l~fleQ] l t~.a fist -B~ -51.of jpowti. g. He:roes wiil.w ~U!r. e:mem.d~et atel[ enemies hammer Cl'Iil\!'ay' a..sicicm.w:r.• w.malwithoul ill lot of m sloppiD.ply s'lirmdstill .e ~~!1.~ ~I~ Ie II " Unget (~e'l'~gie).tQf. WlCmmciou!li.C.mtm:k -. .e . diesj At mhe B:liiI.im. a Jrwtect theMSel!llB:S from hmm.h mdJc~e~ th(F~~:re.t~am· cooJiilb . Other n:::mges. IL..a:~n!S at ]e(1.. by toUmg d~oo. Whcrt'@Ive:ryou do.gnmg {lIN::limg. Damage oomef> ill ~wo fotm:!!i: s~\t!m".h.sa ·~2step pa1la~qr (I(I dB si mQtioll.siim.~ dotw brain ooacl!: is ds~e. whi:le a:~wo:e. 'itmatmen:t.. Covel' g ~ytb~~ a tm]l~thides.very skill check.··· IOf OOM •• faw people . - ~('l!i~Q!l ~lClIlk.!liS~ble ~ '!7.

j2W Crlitllclll Fililure- :::z:: .eiI.~k Pliill.c:rldki-t cr rrauma pacl[ must be used to' lio' ..y o:f thase skills imi. a a . :How. em indi.Ie!O:ent .I:IICa. 1!IdiI!!I II *. ill ann.I!!!~ .st aid 'and a: fils·t aid.Medi. a.::.elia).w which '!:he hea:Ung is auemp-md on him.rin91 fusjt aid.wd during COmilQl crwhenaver similar time . .lw dli .dEi+i!!w Failu'-.C'onS.Pi good fiJ...tAll:l !!i~ this 'game: fust a.2:w On:Unllry dl4w Iioolll d4+i!5 An"liaUng ~!!i I:nrultibrUDlil '1!!!ii Filillll!ft iI1'-301:n 30m+ e~clusiv'€I. CIl3sumedi to' take 16el'vwa] h-o~ work.a' pack en Iil woundOO chm. ma.of thumb is to. -In I!ItdI!ir I:D i1ellll ii' OIl' 3 painu m ~d Idal1nll!Jl!~ !III tJraIiIRuI..pies prorided ove:r aperi~d o~ t~me.on.. -I. Use th1is table if IQ nS'I'C' S'Il.FiailuFl!! Fl'lIlure On:Jinnrg .~n. It is lIi1!l'ed: trea:t.weU-Hghted wea in wh~cb to m'B iLlIU!~+6c'lill d1H+I:Jw liflii!+'4w dli!+1iw dli:!!+2w d1i!+4w IdB:+.adm:. mem! skHW Ol:dYOH'ICB per cloy en a: glVieIll hero.3 !itI!p P 'w the raJl.- HE!iltll :==II Atnazing &Ii~ &ucl:~. . kit 01. !iurgell'!l Su:rge.of :battl$ 'and with lmp!lo~edl 'eq. l~' Good . I.y odeClll. medk'O.*.i!IiJ)..w Dr awOl! Heal ~w Dr 2!w'" Heal ~ Of' ::Iw'" ::Z:: : ability c:mec!:l:'. A physiciml.A.Ahero can und.1 ' .illdi!ca:ted Oli.t:lSSL!.. andpmpe1' mr'gLcal tools.. :=c Ie::: ~:z:: Fal1url! lln:Unary ::z::: .mgary is. t and swg-el'¥~ HEAI. mc!'s$iv-e' wound damagl'e tOo Pili.cal 00ie\. maIce the path~·n.pmen..j' WiQl.--1!!ilI11i2w t-J '1'i'lfl'JIlI1'I.llie be~i!. Il1irIt:k m~ce R 1i..J!-lii- .t'soQ:~d!iti.a pact mus~ he u:6~d or 'the !SlnU chec-kf@08]\!8S a +3 step penalty (-a·didthe rasult of a dB Slimuati~J']'JJ m@iJ.l trecrtmant is asy&t&.01 iill!:! InteU'i~ Lewel CritJcal Failure' ·ftunlWu.mdlldt Of traum.tugC]" onee plj!(!i 'ij'f.·. tJ ~uooegSfuJ.mt aid! 'speclwty skUlJ.. Ii$ucoo~sM cheek on . A fi:r:!!t .rQUl1id. the skill check is made wii.ai~t5iar9 p.re ''Fneif6 C1retnme types of medicGl] em:-e ervwl[iiib]s in r:u.ta:i'lltly tiemoreS SQme .IIW thathis typ@' of aation t~s about an hom to oonduet A M&d= leal Sd8nc~~I€!atmen'~ skill check is ulOile ond..e patien~'s.•See the Hec:ding tcible fo:r results o·f successfully usingr fir.fimt cief ii3 qlte.. (AU .. ~~ !ibl:mlnB Cht!![I.ever.lImg table.1i.motl:i.1r. the' Healing! table..~nd requtres the Mediaal :Sc:ie.O'Wlt)ers til..ry Is the mom efieeUv'e foon of medical cam a:vw1ablg..d4+.lID b~ pr0vlded ~ anyone with the MWical Science mOaid skill.I J\J& PulnUR~red Firat Aid . AclIm~nistEl.Fa:ilur·e Oil the 5kiU check ind!ioo:tes umomHen. . da!ih .!III IBw &oDd Amazing A.". &c1lXl ~g - dGww d'l-w dB'._. pad! (II.. ~~ !iUl:c~.cf Ib.(I gooe:llal tefD1u!'Oed...Ef .nce-&!fge'ty skm.. ~I trol die (the: dOO).c:cm use ~hetreat. .~e.surgery check b . A mst .t.--II [1"""1-11 < : c::: iI"""I""'!.!ii 17 .1ld:I: [Damage FIn! PDI~.trecdment spedalty skill.) ~ [I. First mel oem alsQi beg] W(l.ly.ag_ wm$!lI1 .cill II: .. ~.!!~d1~ OICO~ throtligih a SUC00l5Sfw . ReclR!'l!rl!d '51:!1fl'er i!!w He!1I1-4w IfI..11. JlD effi!ct. It is often pmvid!ed~n.crllymora 'effedive fhan first aid.A tJfem-m!3'Qf skin C]1Ieclk: ccm't be oom:pl:.c p:roC9~ o:f th~j[q.8\II!!I 0itIC:1!II1 FilillufiE!' Fallun:!' Dn::HnlU'g H~I3'w' H~ii'IIl 4\iv 'called on the Hei..f!Ii "allure FiIllurl!! IlJrdlniUll lEjoodi Arnisz:11Ilg Felli. tbCll1t. PDInb ReaAll!r-t Suffer 1w .3dtiw l~lEIfi'w w~pU]wU.ui. l\6qWreS ·the ~ gf ~ acti.' traum.80. l!IIid Ik1lt]l mD!rt 00 These hazordsc tmeweu :fm~ftuute!lEroes.. .oi these to con~ prss- d1lJ(. to describe basic medii.r8stam:s a: rw:mhel' CI'tws1 wouml poinh~ as detOlil8!d on lli9 Healing b:Ible.@ek.(.ons. c:md the charact'er b0i:ng healed ocm't perloR m'l:Y~di® ~D.thai:nowled_'9"e-ii..tment.cm.el9o 5.lmds. the Medicql Scienc:e . 5.mY mediC'lJi bar.jk RI9iiiUiIt ICrld.fiQ(fSOnoo].. A~lng '!Jill Qdm~ flrw't Bid []r fj\~ wliHwit Oft I!:ii!~ ill first iIL!dldt.umber 'Q..Pirist 'end is. yp'l.g 10m Ci'ftlcllli f. of eitheI'tool meamli 'the check ismgd~ wIth just the congenoe 14. mil ~r1. lost stun points.(.. FaUure Ordinary i'im:n::ll Lew. First 'lid 'i.th CII +3 step penalty <add 'tne relildt of (I dB s:nuntion .Are'aq. Treidment :Madic-al rreuhnent is genell'. hQzm'd. Dill11l1get A.iidi.iIIl~re .zing HBIII . .diip or .mp'~€ld witho!i1t a 6mt aid ki:t cr tmmnm pack:.ii!w dlii!!!+i!w dfi<ti!w d8+f!w ent on the DEliE'OeS.Use.lw d6w lI4w (i6.

.. II' Rifz:e~ 'RUles ilI9 hetI\lfler WeapQHs. IlJl..shot: whenever using Wliy·f..U objec. Bmw1::: The b'~l skUl is 'gene'rall!f -lr:tk~ to mdicm:e.ety.an inf:o'rmal ~~ihadty with urumned fig-hijpg .cm~ speckdlytrai.Sneak: Thia .c. ~ . . [fIDm (] basebdll to a grenade.spoomItjl . It.skilLs lou~d orn the Ham :f':o~deu.tef. i"m::3iica:il:e:sfno:! 'the chew.tel pw-aWllpn headers in the de!5'CripHon~below and spec'ia1~ &kine brrva bold' ItalIc p~U'tl:gi[. with martial... damage i:!. ::::z::: .an 0:1 .Qg§.ond. . it can . bloeIil bottles. U~ed AU(]ck':'bl'aw:l).er or higilliJ. 'ans me essumed fa:have i$pent Ume in fomurl study .:.oate!5J Strength ability. GJimeml:I3fters mIl. . thrioules. fWd pl'l~full which.ullg-ooo is any 1yp8 of weapon that inflicts.e (tJbllity'. 1:0 . 't.Qme mhletic ~ strength.ene.11I oJ V'emc].e]oo Well.d. people ha. capHaJized and . have to W5e theu .ws (]I chawme!: to' m~€1 ooUer use 01 pis-to.oUaw the p'k(yen~ tbriil btmeti~ . PQW!Bnid Weapon: As tedm:oll)g1 advances.sdico:l surfaces.. ann ron be the fick8"t t.they'w (J.rapid]y up 1T.Qg. .be used for pilckinq poekees. Acmbati-c: .with 'an crst&nsk (") lCaNllO:t D(1J' USlmJ unless the Mwade:r pos~~~$iSEi8 that .'ickl:ng me. cOlI5idered a: the ur5e not o:oIy of lrniivas\r $~~ and.J. .l1y what a giverl. 'UipO:ll hl~ ...kiliincludes da:grgrers. ba~gn. chwuc1:af's Mlmipu1atiom The M:Wi!ipu].... a chm.elJt'Q . quietly .askma. includes eve:ry-tbing·from.oQJly under the ~e.. new types 01 m~1@9 weo. 'I'he skills ~ted below me grou:ped a1ph~n. In gEll!.~d. .acber UnpliO"Ve h~s "be . 'tunililmg. rn:id prowe-S!i..can leap' f~rth.skiU enab]es a Ch~~1:0 mov-e *m that does.Skill-speciaJfy S'Jrill (for example. They generaUy WWct rome cmd cme more eecurcte damage m 10llg'likr JW:lges tilll\ID weapons..hme's tilillityw-Uh 'th. demllll!iIIB the S:UCGeS.: Those fumomcu with thi.--I ::>c can Qr cctnnot be used [OJ.$ ar-ebeU. '['.0:( C'VOidlmg aUm::ks..po~a: 'fbjs broad sk~U iIlmwte5 a: 'h:uIlUiarity with woo ooIIlb.m. . of experience 4t fighting withoat wel. Rnngml WeaponlC ~enoeJ with rmlgeQ W'eupo.of discipUmas such .ysico! crct:io-m_ fIIo' Cl. .th1efi~: A hero w:Uhfh8 Athl-9~ics skill possesses !.. A.often in ilielollowing format: Sl'iQOd. Thoo~':sk(Ued.tar sword.of Ul. .hlU1 a'~50 ~5. a oo:to.symbol next to th:am ("')i En tm.y.oruUin'9' a target.te!:mid lNing) fu.a.s Slkm. gas.slen] (these 0J01iBt€ldl in red on..t ~m. Marilail' A:rtE~. -e. has had AtIi:a:ck:~'This s:kiill iPdicmeslhCllt Ute ib.. :Stealtlb.. deal.esa' skiUs is b:l:1ied.. Dodge: The d'adge :$k:ill helps.m:ost on. damage.ti'o:n._ . . &kHl ._ c::II The AL'TmOOTY game is :based cmth~ use 00 .t!w m[l~~ and :kir~e -of bnpact.know .Blade: Any mlJ:IWer 01 w~n _by means of iJi ~h'(np cuUm'g edge pistols.r::hcmiccd locks.~t:e-~b.A ~k!l with iIIuin~ng.cmd beUer QYo·id wiuYH!oUced. • /lImp~ . falented climber combines d~8' kiHs of [[ moun:~llinee! witb he s wc:n~!!OO~ing akiills ol an e'xpeui:sD08d tbieJ. ' own judgment te' determine BIXCllJ.aoci(]iil'uJ with. ~.ook about qWBHy:.v e at l. 'Ibis . .hnble &g:ms. cmI for cbllm:ders to throw thing!>. '0([' p.l:s.. A. 'and dodging' atta-cks.mWl. 'techniques. Thus.15kiJk me displayed in i~Illic'. sldUinw.e<§ i~ ~.s of pb.. l'hmw:' Some a:tht@UC' l8V8>D_tS.e fmnm_m:i'ly 'with the operatio. by 5h.~hh. Wld sWO'm~'j.Or hmDeKt:erity ~-c-ore.. .tion. 'The skin is used 'to.soo Using 'thj~ ~kill. '[J]]_d . moad! sJdUs Clire ~lWUj:. In mCliny' 'ltta:sas. .on:: 10 any ti!!lcbQ)..I: clial!lacter oan Q~ra~e.u thun oUW'1'S.~edl [[iJJ the opem~j.V(Qlced 5.foillo'wiJng ~km:s me related to C[ OJ:' !he'l:. palming smo. "'islo'J: Sklill with httndyuml ma-kes tbe cba:radier a Detter .i)lel)~. a b~f descili.Ude the puke. Veb1c1e Opuati. gmat. the b~ :leg of a !broken tcib]e'..bmb: Thi$ sikill ollows (I heroto move mON ~ely am:JJ .ns cm9 iinUoduced.of the doubt W~D.!. often used l'or sport Of by the mnitary.amdi the uHmCfd. most.sswble. jQy'3ti:cKs.abo:uJ~ s.lpCfli~. the GM Semen).Spare Vehl~le~:Thi._. .eT ab~e.(I.eld1 !hall th1ahero hasveq :Il. "FbilillIiildJ[ m..wm 01 hcmd'g:un .po.. nnd othenrise.ns allo. pedals.O@s .e1'. Broad :sIHU5JWl!'[pfe!5ented with be.A. a good..teenng Wh1lililb.beY' .'(. . Ul!.wd.skiUs. BllJdge<Qm A blt. 9JHlIV 'mace.ls and rifu:.tcal soci. These WI!::'l.G.B_r po.1 (l. bla:de. AU s:kills ~i!stEld. On the po::ges thaU:oUow we'Upmse:nt. evade! d:e.n tQ ap:rimibve dub or ev'en.!!· with tl 'tr~cmgrlEl! . te hide. n()mw:ll~d gndwater vehide'.d~oo1BS lminilng'in gyIlUJ!CI$'- tios..s:.ption cd the .rt invo]Yingi handh. jumpIng tech:niqu_as.

r to undeil'slWild wh0i11t is and holW H 'Works m. Bio1.ii!co:re·. d. Computer S(lie.!J:::te:l: actiVla:teslhi!1Hl[bWt... Thew con desigl'l.eOIllpute:r sysrern.stmlil. Ho:welVe~ they are skil1ecili m: using OomPUltBfS rmd flgwingmrt~ow~o 'usene'wsoitWa::r.? c-"'Il the plcryeroon tnake .chk crbiHty.rn:1 mea:. On au Qrdi\!'liO:ny SUCC'$SIS..thB illlonnoHon mtCfilob]e t.Q~l~ i!.r skm~. s8ns:lngi 'lfuethcltJlg'h. EXamples include the'vi6Mng of F8<ffiot"' 1ocaliom. rece~v~~H.e heTo to G I~ rnJmb$I 0'1.l' witbthaptc!CEI.l.kil~. . the' bi..:e :sltilhs me'alSiS1J!m...s tbe ge::naml UT!derstcrn. t~e clec:uer mtd.cmd IDCliDta:in (he.~ :s]s~e'lsc:ie'Do9 kl! bio].BS\lii check te [19001(!IU ::z::Ii . or Amnzi:ng SUcrei5:5. tiwe..cys:urviVio:lskill::> OlI!e ts . ESP d~]QW1S.. &d'UJ'fa!1!loB: Th:is ~kmeuo:bb~s '0: cmamcIJer~o betta:r witi1stcmd ·the Nfects 01 ~ag.ed ~o rei[ecta ibio:soow.r- :lnowledg~ K~owl€ta.o. or m. or :3 PO]]JJts re5..g} 8he or he wmtls ~h.epowe:r i5 f used .XlC.rI= (l]D].:gwith pkmt:.s" 'eUhm dirscUy o:rvio S'OoMtl. end so on.to.. doese't huve to know how tode~ig:n.~~l. morSI PN- .~e·OichcQncl'l1sionsbased ollins' ata :SIDJoo1hlycmd €lmci~Hf. @'f A.! O'f o]ien lHe:fomui.emk:cd and c:e~ulm: W01'. -.Ima OihBT physkal h..wound points} ~hctClre .r is e:xpensHced crt br~aki:llg into iSff:U!r€id .ng:l~elled pro~oznt[ to oom~ p1eoc ml~ma:is onnd intemgent species .m:m:d!s:. the Sta:mincr slrm :l5 ilIvuluuble'. :from si..: :been b:o:iln.ldmg-soj tile.~ nis i." . C-omPillj'el' 'lJperar~cln"':He:roas with nus: skm W'9vlt assumed . ~:l. she OJ he can mlto. '1!'hey (IFe not sc:h. With CI.d the herds: own i5~erie5i.'Good succ:e:IS.fQr . a 5kiHed stmshlp pilaili:S always in demand m.a:mtam IX coO:m.!. c:.d do:mug:e..g''lIi~ ~ ~~r~c1 i3l:!:jlll~(lt l'EI'ptt. th.Eiftl mEidicblB" IUie Stienoe:: 'm1Iis tUBtd..tIS. hl cth. . EYi8ry houw oi 'gOOlteti!!pA.e~ ~e:ra:duciUy bras CIi ht'!ief :fJashhac. the ~m t.. Those who lllave tMini1'li!ll in !he use of l!l\!is s:IclIl1l1Dder.dingdl!llg~oHJs.g.ample.ima'!1eSl of post W9!i:1tS.and make<~~p g~ ap~'Gp!dl!:!te cLue. though sb:eoil: he ""elm ~~ the . thE!! c. aU ~Ei.OOYml.:llh .g w.. (Ind! DiI3!OJ f'rrktkorns ~. h!IICle.b_» ChW'g.ill:gs. rr--.ooled 1]1 Ute use 01 the advc:mcoo 'Illqui(pnll'!lnl of mad. buUd...:mii']lg.::Ii 2...ank points I[illtC:l]]l!!::d~· iC(lIlly.e ~lmim!.:' A slkiUe(l pmg:relmme:r is (lMe to wri~I3' th.bBonly hera wi'~b .knowhow 'to build OJ' progrom. N~.ooh..0: hero 'lo sel"llselft~ngs thm ·wQuldnotommari]y be crppmant to him . 1I!o' .telli. drhre:n lbj!' a ~ha'l'Clider's In.uooe!ii:~. fcrtig:1lI!91 When a: hero is. rolls an ~I' 0rdiru:nJ. . NOii:€lvg:ryom~ hm.~ 'Too!&€! familiar Vlrith computer html!ware understand [he mechanical side 0] oorn. the ch!ll'(ljcte~ . :Sllrriva1.o:[' Cllsm.i:th Uvin.as Oi!"~.. 0]" simili:U envi~1)nm:ent.!C! hostile .Amc:WnSi li....~u'lUQIliIllent..ma:tiooUy 'CllctiVCllte this :skin (without 'oostilJagi thebero any ps1mnic e-ne.otlDri:s 'lherr hav.Qgy.a:dti:ruJJ ~s c:tbletesen se the mooo !Of en area .so on. .aru:cte:r him. ood.e" Oill.!mo. i'l Ii I""'T"II UiS6S: Ip!S~o:n1c energy point.g. AWarQn... ExtmsieuOl"Y' PeiftlepUo'l:l (FSP)~: A hero with th~ SO:m'9 d~giI"€e.spg're S'kJf:ion $'l:tt7iVQ'j: This c:b.ch 0:1: iSclance decillin.n con'l 00 used!.. 'The mora emo1ionalsne<:fg]' U!>sociated CjSS. Fha ESP skill is crssumed to b~ gHted with polenUal for aueh w«l!llldrous powers.d~~gg: chW'ac-.x:pe:ncl.em.. instructiQIlS 1~J:[1:€l<liLahll3 compl!J.c:m.x: ae. .ence 5. WillI!8iB! the ..or her.t:edSpGCl6C1'aH •.am..ring skIDs 'Ulie based an a~teI'3 Coosti hdion . En.The pay. A ~Ol!I'lilnknity with computers is vital .s ffior t=t E 8 hours. cm. Mmm1'i!gi hap'" pens H t~Eii'pl~ :roHs a Fo~llJT€l" ][f llie hBro ~~8ep.eVGnti!.€(lin the em'ergem.pUlterQlau:n~let in om.puiErs.eSi. w . ..loIJs bITJCI:d!lkm ]ndimmsHIh!!U~ a chmacllBf is very oomfa.. 'get . Goodi.pBC:i~i'lf81....P:rognm.e. is assumed to have aoo!l..o:I h:umanl:Jiolog'yIll!'i.ohim OJ'' her. QI!tdi.'Is 01 ol]liel'$.s 'of .oe them:ood of {be gg.m~e :~ .ogy.e ith computers in genettd. A!Si migh~ be.~eepts .nl~[!].noe.hmm::l!ilffi1l€nses gefi§l'o:l em.~lkely to nead in g SJ. fI'he only :spe:cl:o:Hy sldH ovGil(jjJhle Is poskog[l:itJOR. she or he reoovers all p:s~. trerning minor injuril.Aslimed.e <sniruonment. . mashoe. The mdlls lis~ed belawam.d so on. (1' hero.rs lhe·m:SJBlveg.ueeds to S-Ul"'ll'\fe in .:rgy pain is). 1.Eiv@'qt~rn~ th~ ch~~(.·o£ i1iItudy incFiUrles (IllY ihrml. "fhey c~n usa 'tihis t:ikill to hEla] simEi drnnGgie. ..e 'r. 'UnliJ!:e othe. a heroO b~thn ahlB~o shcd1e o:~ithe eHeds Q~ damage and.a computer.... rmf1Jliirth(!!~ animals • basic emd 8X~€tnds· dU tbel way 'through flIIdim!l'lloodgenetic englneelftng. res-uscitnting t:FnCOIllScious people. 'cmcd..te.e. Then the! QQme~a~tefiUi. :8ot~ny~ Thilo l!O.:A hero s]ciJlecli in poS'loog'.esent. WIll' odViUot:.. W' }us:t enhcm.~'Hj']g~:.. -. tb.!ij tlhe stud.A hefo ge~:s back t .chic: chClrtilc~er ha..ed as th.SC9n€!.e. ~ .agyiO. Geneti~ ThiS!~eJd of s1udV oogiasw1ili Sl1cJ!lJ im.First Aid~: Heroes with. S~aml!na: The ~Sttamiml!i rsiKlHrna-lIa!..ag. p~~'O!!)gemC!Jl ~. p over 00ld! Qver.y Of mct1 Wief not ma~e E.: $u:rvivallroirumgl aliows {![ ch.ute. I . fha. thl:s ·slilll oa:npf<lvide rust aid to o~hem.s ([ ce'nmn ~ TI'tefoUory.t mo.ex.ljeno1. imagilnail.me.in. If the Gamenu:u.[dl rnN<l·m:JIt d WOIm.teheeses fiIT~ sort of resuU~Olldj· l':u:n:y.6DcrnIl!m' of :JBsmot:a oot:mSCHfiil.cn.oroc'te:rto find fue thing:'l$he or~e ..d tb'9 wo:rld!C1rGun:d him. . Dea'llce: This s~m ttIlow'S a herote :pjeoe logethaJr dues emd . H(J'r:d:war. CI h1mJ:cmblQlogis~~.e been 1'lrl11::lin .ancli pick tlp menial . .eVElIl..c:ros~b:n!l€lding that s:k:m. 'general.y..of pa:rcmormol pgy. .oo tacnno]Q9[ool society" f. .m occuu.rrs·iooic 'tanergypoint9(muc:h :sh:m. rBpa:k ... comP!lIl.ter:s ~o ope.ter WQIlts Ito give thepl0f'8I:$ 0: hint. na.l'ed.sODlfeof ~he hE!1i:o'spsionic energrr. Thus.y II M:5ior ber p]a:ye.

iQ. p..r with this skill is .too 'qIDet:' she or be is using.~.ven. 1"his skill :i.UV\emal1Ce.crt :menm:al illn8ss. Of her to repau.[ D1edica~ h.ght~gines and. Th. Without this :skiU.iaee'ring:' A skiUe.~li.e:r" shmds: the means bywruch indu:gl. thl!"i edge.er. .-llghttrave . '"" In!l"em.t~. I~ 1ntuitim:l~This .LIERI'mY gmne.oc:o'ls skill .e gena:mHy lnC'l:lldecl~f. and design .trely 00 ~tswe~n5 to defend itooli lor o. 5ei'l.rs cue Its .equipment during the !Javan.werlul alieU5.ormr:dcommUilliooUo~ ~ems employed by spctcecraft ~f~- f' ..•. in combat nnu:t&.~ty.'ga spacef«rer.C'hology.ligate~ 1'hi:l :skUl en~le<~.shU :feflects a . It. h~ro 10 exaact faicl.assumed to be up to-date .abl~ to piece..t~ncts~d si. HWling ~his.lW!i.. skm. ROp<Jitl This. iJ~~iga~e:..ho . It iii u.ri$s.ey d~J crr. with tnelplQU:iing of eeurses in normal s}XK. This makes i1 easier forbim ..roma. s:~U U!!!w:illy inmca:l'eB.'iCBS • .. I'" .'.l'. Lasting re'pair:s ll9quU@ time .e wmkmgs 01 ~ mind.erna tim lws' ~odete:~· v 'Ihe :Ia:stas. CommJ:u!licatio!ll: Th. diggno~ gnd ~re.l'e.gkin is used to diagnose illn8s:. thla 8knl on:! Sl'af!lhip Opemliion:: 20 laminar with the d. a long p~tD.ws !:!kH] .OO .characte. Driv'[l'S'fl'IE'e IbftogaUQin~= A skilled drive$paic@ navi..lllIG.t.. . r h.. the' falOtQIthem-light driVeiS that bridgE! t:he~d! between g.c:tmio-m s. a s:tmsbip mw.witb.p at il w. of hardwCIll"e' used to m. a:nd ~reatments in m:ad!ll{:]i!:!e~ ':>C ..T . of a sbip. though e.Sg_:rgerr". eam. ~ S. 'this skiU * 6.bom.~j1!. skiUl.e. a kl:Le:JJitisd '!Jl.. 'government Og€lDllID8Iiii.es ~fivmioU!i 'types of equipment 'This skUW mm't be I!JisOO.eras.Thi. j~ ohnjeds don. how '10di'crlg~OSi8 and treat these po.ews. c~W'([C"~er's in i6OO~8. mamtmn. lSrit01]..y ([ m~~tm diliiMd. Both piig.ava:Uab~e pmils.sed! f'O'1 1]100· in this fi8ild 1!lllld. .wJ)iions. nnd .es a cnmact'Qf to hBUm trea~. are aNe to ope.:chnique5 don't :!Il!lllioEl.w..ther pieces.tars.ff1n1ry :fm: o dstail3.. ll'ng. .oal tedhrni.eHl. N'~iom .ogy...l.r.~ A stamhip's..qu. TecEmi:ca1'I'Dow~ed'ge: . is used to h@U1 wound!'!. . fm.hem's nalural in!O.t([Dding th. Whe'n ]esse._j . 'use.scope dange~. P:eroeptiQR: Tbe p~rcepition skUlreiO&ets 'llie mew'S 1l00t1..he'weren . theol.• @.cusiV€l damage could take dan to repcn~.th m.. .. :iI1.t. n am be. 'Il'ry:rig:This I5kUl allows (f hMO to make.and lUldel'!.dJiocde9 that: "the chw-ade:1I"is famHiar wi..fbe:r O([IJlSM b.I this.os@.ds to mob.. stemd up to .•usually mea&w-ed innQ1JIS.g .!' [II.IdlesDot onl'i' .tunm&.!5c.tt-' ZoolOgy: This w& the stud.!~anda.m:l.ed!dne (:I'"sa MedJ)d'n~)~:: ''l'lh:ose wHh tbis slHl1 hove fii.eror a biological prroh1em.imallife.. medicin8 is ..l'~e ~hen'. impro~ J vis~d!l'epaim or construct na<wdsvJ.!i!Ol. Those' wirth tf"aJining in psychology ~ undms. ThiS :skiU n. Kn.s]owe:r-thcw.eer b. skill S00l'9 is invaluable.. !_. ~~tl~~r ~~~dues in order to solve so:me prob]. cem be used 'to enhance secmity----<>:r bypass it. :se.uo.'i!'e-llitig([Uo:nSQlld cr.has "tIl~~Dinglnfor~ic (what to do in cerldiin situations:) and 'aquip~nt ('What pieces of equipment a1'e"Whe...eiS used to solve PliCblems Qf look into mysterious ma1t~~... "]lhey caD.sOOflI:lS.w0I"e'118S8 enables a hero to' notice lhmgSi thClt might i!!IScapB another's IClUenUoo.peciiiElsor 1'0 'by to predict cmimw b8'bmor. .m. is A. Xello. ab~B to ope'late both .d engm.optmItar can C'OaX mow h:dQnn<:rt~on l Som·e..A rugbpeE'e_P1l1on. :injillfl-es.ounds.mlUD.eatmen:f·~"his . W Awctfeoeg::A. the mh.MEHiicuJ Kuowled:!1e: A .l!0VlIlildiid1ne (Walen Medicine)"': A heR! wi.. In the A.icm IIIl!Sed to.f~~«nQD deals. <1don"t moo tms" it:s.f~s" arious instruments. Soewityt A hero. 'Used io identify Itmhnw ::.safest 01[" mosteoonomioal way to get :from '0Ilill< placo to . intmdaI's end spies.U'W se~®s end Dis.!3ki11.m:1! O. end the like pr'otec:t tbems~lves. 'IJ pbystCl.s .Imn that ~pe'D:S.h~5 skiill is also planata:ry ·t~'W.xth sense. this skiU..---I lcrtest IElSleWiCh. and the like.ime .y the ~1Jf . When Q..y would ge:neraUy be found. VIl.it: 'lhese reptiilicrn ullene.fj.tb this skiDoos siludied . &enTity DevlJ~5.Wfne:r ho:s (( better chance. . By thteir very natW'e. Medical Scl~M"'. ifloreosics:&meo~~' w..y of ~~lxJged ani'mgls crnd cm.owledge 01 the~ mo:itte!!'9. tsmpomry repairs" . hem mys.e.a.othe.ndwcw@:I!i Wl! und.lis assumed to be Iomillm with Clilttmg·edge tochli!ology cmd experimemtal ds-!. uses tfuja skill more 1mm I[]IlY other.A skmed navigator is '!l!lbleto ii!1iSe e'lilia. T. and mbes<Sfl::!.. of MUing his or ber tm-get 'I)fl!o(di. 'fill'e siJl:iUed cd diClgno~ng (lDd b:ecrtin. Sys. . Cbamctell'. ThOHi who ha:ve the mve51iggte.!it.· :from vedial ~]lt~rvi. ___ ~. 'mid what th.t and! disWJll ttcrps.i thaI light st~ OJ: WQUfid dmnClg:e in ih@ ecursa of p[ay~ cA. ... .. g:nd out 0'1them them the rrv'8l'Cl...atQIOOll plot oourse!:! Uno'ugh tbe lahuc' o~ hyperspace. most of~e:o· as'Slocimedw~th.rry~to~cry'opel[ation 01 :stm5bi~.fB the.od/em te<:~Ql. ID'EltihodJ.]iEls..whe.1i iru.:t d~~tiv~s.uwes" '-Weapons: When neoossmy.and fam:il~Clf wii1:i t!he .extended. TecMiQid Science: ::e:xperienoe with the Technical Science ~lkiU ifl.oo:s hom .. with: training Will likills 'These sJciUs me. 1 cmd ~reaI: e. hus@di on CII.ta:r-thOD. e:mp.-standing of iS1.10'J travel at speeds hoiow light speed.famUiarwlith.em!'&blJgtlI~i1on~' ThisbTanch o.Pq..isch:oruc lailing mecncm:isms. mll me kImilim w~ththe. police ~n.vely. AIl1lJl!demkmdillg" a~" medical ~1v:I' enee en«bl.of i5iElMC8 os a O"BW memhe:r..xt.. .en. h'lmters.hysiciem. Sucli tale:n:t cailioo eOO]'@miBly vcducrbtelto 'any 9I'ou.nces of the 't:SCl species cmd. g. skilJ enoola5 a hEm) to diagnQS9 cmd cOfle(:ltfniluf..l'd .• is almost impo:ssllile . .ii:sskill COlE be 1!Jsed during comhnt .A iharo wi:ili.~udiecltbe medical ~~e.

Ql!wHy . will c:cm:ytmollJgb on tasb as: desiIed .i3.ewmth1o:oot'i: ~rQild.illPQwer fua:t ma~fI'tnemmore resi:sb:mtto melilul stresa.tiQr.f w:ill.oth__ 5. S'e~ T.b¥ :lOhem wrcQo.dg. Th~¥ abo . sublimino:~ w. b@.g~ble t~ten.al 'o~imrtiQn~ mjllst f~m..tt: o~b~m.~ ~. CIl' beha.I. 'tih.nerve !':I'xpe:ri'e'lmB.amw:mt i@f dEK.tochangeattihJ.. "'" Mefn'kd . crlm:~!l. !OkLUm.egree oJf rs~wn~na and d..b~ it l~s:IillLkel'y for .des Wl. othe~ wb. "1f Ibllad.ti'\i1~j..Ql'.mSl skill ~o. kind wmds..ffon.es inliUC'h a 'W~~ht. :IlImrell' .f- standing of ~krngil:l!~e and. .ht include maw]edge. oomfmtable doolling wUh others • • B:a.!:.1.~ g.of O'lhers sethat tho:s:e people. :sld1led 'comm~der :i!Ol..eg.in.l.r Beswv.~:of . Pet.oaold po~i. • m~fJ~· l!lro~$ with ~hi:s ~kLU(:cmmis]~d H or deoo:ivt.a~n bi~~ !Io'lintimldg~~~ He:l:'OOswi~h th~~ ~ldU tht~~ ~~ 'r:mo~h.autl1.iE:g.~iv:ill'll .nd in miUtmy o:HiJ(.ro with tl:ds skU! is ~wniUmwi 'I:b s:oc:ilaty's dCl-d~~ Iilh~:menlts. 8W'l'ling the. me more.g"'wtlh~d ~~ple.Qliat8'iot (l.gfu . fhJ!'.e'£i.e!l'.~.iI. with.a:t~ th~ '0: chanldfillf iu:.h 0. is.l.di(.~ou. mt(!!f(I]dio.)l.IDwkeb.k. enthe stJ"E>et ~~:mhgv.tC'W1. _is"' -E3i II and 'c»mkt!a~ . ]:wely Ito 'C'lccept ili<eIm.derg¥.e:rinto 'Coope:re:ting .eto [prae.e.imy to us~ tr~end1:y e:wmange.B~oJv. ~d.RJirOfe!r Q.~ Th.e and depe:nding Oil.rgaiilll'The ability to D. Retloes wi.n. Tmsmig.atU]' rue.w. tuM~El. stren.e~ Berool. bUit also Wl:Und9<. S~reel :Smmf: A n§'.sed.mm(!'nd~ .n judgment. ~.b'ow.!1 thwug'h fglsQ h~~dto Of 'D!\Hfigbt tielS.e ab. me:mhe:r51 .Uiadty wah the word.u: Thi!i51QU lndicc:mte5 tbCI't the' helo.i'~. to bLliiIilQi in omarg. .b].-' ettt his 01' her wisb. ~ .etermilncrtiOB and Itt degree ofw.1.e.1\. ~tilf. th~dof ]~~~~..olitne' ..t~ugb ccmnwClU!:IR cmdfaQe-to-WC\iOl w. DEI~pti~ The ~eptig.b'i.ili this.e: Toe Resol:ve slOB i~d~ccrte~ theft adlara:c~ tali hes a d. 'Ew. d&«l.m.viol'. :LeademMp. and. Ir-~ ~ ~ .of d.y. • ' 'O'o. 'l:rus.i _.@l'. Zl . This int!:m.aUt.an impe:rlent clue er piece oj iD:f:ormation to be missed when looJ{i:rng OV'9:r an mS!ll.uestion:ing tecbnkI'Jles:.~~ :skiUs is based on a ·mQllCfctef's. t~8' ~QU~.s.

So:m.i :z:::: .@:!] sneak into sueh fIf8ClS to lest (iifiJ..tbasm~m:Hio]l :in the .e Wm'mlt!I'iJ.trcrck Steolth Stamina: Endu'ranw .ystems and. oot.LI:GIi:N~ WIu.t'. cmeked. for pc~ectian.!iE!S Natural Armor: 2d4-t E !ik-U_ Skill. u:ns. The normally docile brimstones have migrated :u: .B. weighs BOD to 1. "J 2d4w Ammlll.'fan. ot y'OUI own cm~g.lNGTH 15 l@ 6 Imm..hips. la brllii5tone.o-nns!'C~8S tira!: dwell.. Or b:c:rpped.Uftty o~alien specie:.Awmeness 0rd10al'l!' 15.ln 00 used Ql5 allw.engine s..IlilaDJS C~jm used.0:1: Ic~kl" 'llEll1)cdn. attacks by surrouncf'mgr Wid cmshing its pir.C.ey.]asnt..200 kHog]Mnl.bi hUcrun91 rides DD..s. .u CONS'I'lTIlTION Smf. UsUiJoe in ff thtek.us:peet~flg :&tan.3.ages. '} :.00000000'00 Wound (18~000000000000000 0 00 00.tl OO:!le)S Ied-ho~t' protoJl.g 3 ~6w Brlm~tQl!1e:.. ~m in o:dventuree. . .50enor. threat-etilled.ios be like the on~ presented in thilo:Dook m' "eu can W.. crustl:'h·t...nonmodeled m:taE.. . :in extrnm:-di:mu:Hyhot envimnmen1s.!I'iJoD.. to rough .Ad"llfu_~ Book. Artian Arnon Check: Movement Rata: Marginal Walk 2 Attal:k51 Unarmed Da:mage Attack Skin Score O~nmy l5 2d6s.. Goad.dabsorb ~h.en:ep~ion Resolve s 4 <I 2 2 s 2 'thro:ughol!1t $~ .. They cne sloW m.:ji me large. me~e:rsin.1! - DExT!:ru.S. - BriDl. Brimstoee WIlJOIpDO"ri:9:sCQveng'ers oOVffi\ed D'I!.cm-1ev. '01' by smashitng ~twi th ~1i!O molten. diiameter" and . SO'lO-e.o·fiintelligenc$ as aruma]s on mrth.e'y' W'a not lSlButiem.f '9 10 P.fotthive . A fun-grown brimstoIlle a'\l'e1\~es 2: to~a. ~d...Pi wide I!. oft.but fh."VIe hrum. preferring :lJia-t plains. '.ITY D.append. iohabi t the gwaxy of tomol'low.1m.A. Amazi~g IS 20 S 10 9 e :3 1 . Unarmed . whlile some me alWtrys hosHle in intent und deed.ave the same Jev-al. t'o pIety s:lrll'mish. PEllOONM.. They trowel in small groups.01 these aUems Ol. rhasel 'l.urilbi.ii! o~the hereea.":ii . They like the h@at'g'teM:l'ated by :e.tI a:llefli5 presented heJEliH ha.el intelllgenc:Ei' or whUa some b..li1tYI BtunUS~0000000.

.~oog' Or.4w Am:'!:!WD9I 9 d4"h'2iW !!ikill.2'w d6.rUr f~'IlID.:r~:i:JNO. the cyclops worm..ocKlcU!Lgl' fGr ~bod. ~ t. tbe.these quick. Wild.JJr. a '0011'· Upedethan. galrury~ and death 'W'i~b.he>Od furnrW'd.i~ m th.ningthe w~fe spr.M l~ 116 16 .Amazii~!I cllc4+2w 2: 44+3:w S .ngry kiJlfung :marih:irnes:.e.)!lfirc:o:.Vilhile Iil. it doo.en it aita'C'k~.I:U.ead. g!''Ela~ oon£l~ct ane :l5tellmnation di:sttibllted. FERsONwrY . cyclops wwm 'tIVswge. Wh. fu.n Durilb. Ocigim:.il~llIiry U d4dw ~d Sec:oncl G::rl. r"""""""" 1""""1"'" Durilbilli1t.iwm thiel. :::z=.illi.AEti.. it mars up so 'tlhcdl:l'JJe . Etgem. .Ll.AUU:lz.I:g..J8fj m~ffiir$ dS+2w .lill1 S~of'e 12. .tt.5 betwe~n its 'Wlftennlle.i.'I.!i' s~m U'nmmed.QNSU-i !J1lO. ]mEie eye toot qppem. 1m adult.imIlQlngrang..s 4. m.~o:rwmcl ~hjm.'t (. d. w9~9'hs 1M) ki. Whe!D~.: WIIJ.aeti:c: Wllr.3: .liU'G!S t!':!lwoiL']. Attal5k!i.9' ~he~nd..9. of its bQd!y .fomrtd throngbout the..e.~ hl. _.Qf9'similm t:o.onm it spots :poterwtim pirery.:lopli WOrDl ~Gm ~ (.5s tlJ'tuU.ls.ds that belonged fel.[5 (lctwclU.g A«:o].f~ Good.y1 Sl'w!!t91) Waund(9} ~ :::::::z::: 000000000 0000100000 Action Mg'~OOltR~ Action Chedr~ W(.+2w "Sho'l.~ of8IU.m. ~d'ge AW'm"ene.dkB Good AiLllilCk!i1 san Score Damage U~ed Atlaa Ol'dinbTly 14. 'el W'ODII.c... bright··roo. mei-en w length and.~ge :f.O~ 'terribly .um is :1lOW . Th.2.iI1i+2s Good ? d.H 9 ~GENCfl The CYC~QPiSWOJ:m .. AUack 'O.tjmooil.slumy.c.iatol. the cy.efOt~a5"these ei~re$ the 5'ta!::sch. i~dwts H~ . htllt .te 13 .ps Ww:mJ is. hoping' tQspNlClidi f:am" s .C'lops WDnll1l s~es '0:1011.D~ COtl~lJ:!l 10 Hl WiLL Pmso.~ogra:ms.l!~gry.lmg.a:W: WerTh: Good 4.quickly bHe with it~ oowW:ibh'l~. Q'lElT:- S. ~fid 1ha Cf'ElOt. 'Oii:! . aL1e'mpliJlg ~Q .... 6 DamagEi d4·".its e!IJewes.QB Bi. . cydo. !BaUleBJaw 8:kil1 Score DmllJtlge the pl(m.'C!: meat-..11!~ Qf h~d. '1 ~ .N bnH':_I .ty 8~lIJ!m(lO) WoundUi[]I~ 0000000000 00000000'00 .this.SID'tdi:U~:I\en.5 IS :3 3 3 4 1 1 S·Tnil:iGT. extI\smely q:uickClrIJdi agUe. 'l'he pFOjact g:Qt Q11.eatin~rplredato'r.e'4'I.cl.~eai~:l! w'M~ it 'g-~l~h.liatQ he:I'W&eitlanimals and sen~~.on A"dion Check: Movement R.d. MSnr:Iln9 .

and devote themselv&8 to man::mding. The t'yJilool cykotek emplDYs. Daoo~ Cykotek Skin !3OOl'>eI DIBlen -lei 'Docl!ge: .h hod¥ plat~fligr.h. :3 2 4. .ad Attack Bmwl Ra:ngad WeO(p!!]UB H . a sl.OOty to crt:taem :Bocly Plating.:2 5tep :J. COmlrlTtITION S'i:"flENGTH ~GENO!!:i ::z:: .3 S 6 4.He.000000 00 .ji. Chec:k: 'MovemEln..k . PimsON1Il..-in mmQI'..'tOO D1urabllit:y 000000000 01. h Eiil:u.4\ .g :5 dSw 2 dIS+2w 3 dBs.des PWOlectiQ. It j!!ltsfrom the Cfkotek'~ forearm. Most cy:koleks ru~. AE'tian \lVa_1.lt rertHld~.ngtie meted tWQO 'ihat entb..td] who do not loUow their WiayS.)M!. and destroyhlg' . tn 0: $harp POlint.Intimidation ]2 B B 10 tn 5 2 :. .::kU11m'med .t Hale.4\ .lTY .s can h handle'. 2 24 The cykut@li:s ere f:ervew eultlsta who (]1dl:mu:mt~y believe thertthe power ali the machine. cyberv'1o:re weaptlB is.d6s IGood! Am.Pisto~ Compu. eve some' ::1011 Q1f bu111..Draken I~ DErrm1TI.wben not man'. They deck: 'tbams. ~ __.Amaiziingi 2 2 Unarm..ter Science h1btmc:tioo.t] bnttlek~gw.cmiD.Uack5.D alS CIgJcdfist CI...Rull 8.Aitta. Swim 12 Ordinary .f Stun{SJ Wwnd. and (:"CInbe Wiled 10 slice or f. o418:n 1:0 the pam' 0'£ wsanlty.Ann01': Ol!'liein!iE! de Ord:i~alY ·91 '91 SIdJ!lJ .ab..A:thleti~ !ikills Good .elulS tru:t in as many GYhiil<metic imp~anrrs as thg~l' Ol.( S'Upe!t1OI to nli9' fn:ulty of the' fles. Thi~. 5 2.. l .4:.Attacl!: DQmagoe Spit sau SCQIE! Ol'di!tlary U .o.AcUcm. ~s fa. ·whicllp~Qw.. IF WrtJ.

1lS& to . ~ . 'the dmken cbarge~ U:PI out 'oi 'lbe VilWet ·to aUack tts . nighbnC:'Iish cai!alure is deceptively :fast. Thel d1ur'1k~m is.em until aU living 'CJQa'-' 'tum!'! :iIil :itsriein. ~ut 11'won'·t pcn.teto peunee UPO'110 lmye~ with deadly speed. The saliva.Psr~pti:oJ:D: 9 11 ccrnd:V01'e 2 The drak!e:n is rni. . Omty then it m:o:p te C::(!Is~a'Uy tmd.g:ttlaxy.s't'elalth &look :Stamina . dzurlon (see n~ wm Dur'ka.This. ccm be ~oUDd to morshas. .lltiU and eat The majority oi.nICom and its agli3'lI.tmm DBfen!il!!i Armor: d4 Dln:.O' ~pede:!>i. The dmken c<m sp.vour its victims.n. The drmmfl.oq_umic: predOlt'or about size..It kIys :in wai't near CI' riverlxmk~ 'watdhing from unde[wa~er. It 'was designed to he a ki1lin:g m'(lchine.t}u.ei'ilier developed! 0. Whe-n a likely vietim oorn.' been mms.eUmes an p~o:se.CimCle Awar. So. the dlmken quicldy surfaces and spi.sman crocodile .UIr:}] Ub 'it) .o~ad hy armor.o:te: Artian Ordinary Walk e..@sby.J.enass.'s d!cmtC!)g!e is. 'Ui!l~dAU~ .ir. fmlgs.. the~e tw. 10 ]0 13 5 I) s ·4 5 2 2 2 :3 2 :::z::::J1 I'""T""I' t::: .hilS . in the .. Wild dm~lilm ~onow no .SJdn llIincrrmedAttack !i:kill!i Bire Ordinary 9 11 Good Arocmng !ikilis SidJl. end Jtlfig]~s an planetsliu:'oUighout tlle. :Drah-:kenl 11 5. f:m' .Lis '9Qb ~p to lSi mstsrs away. swamps. ..i. Ru.u onJy·onoe per day~Alter Us :sp.oony engineered by the.!e1'V.wrn.ed to 'thBS8worlds~.dur'k. however..Aima70ing 5 .0 0 0 0 '0 0 0 000'0000. S'lllEHGTH D~ 11 Ca~oN 10 a fil'm:J:.orders.lS+lw a d6+3w Ncr.ed.n 16..m~ dmlJrom. Co. a:1 the ~~. 2 2 2: n B Good .' g'eIl!e'm'Cl11tpWatimg mOS" taliS.~·.~ort. have bean re~l3osed into the wild by' the dsudon.~~f the dzurlon. fhey simply mst -tr.00 Q 0 Action Check. Unurmed Attack Ordimuy 13 4 S 4.~gainst numO!HS]D the. It omv:es its p!I"syup with powe:dul Iclows. a hideom.eness P$l'CBp:tim'.skill Score D~o:g.t-s a IgQb m ptn'Cdybc 5b1llivo:.l 9 12 1:1 6. l me '!hat was geDietipage').Mol"emefdfi.The creature ~orsomethlJJig V'ery m. While' tael"l!'leed wa:~ to.'k:arn 25 .r.it Cl!'U~ck. ~teen li!wI 'th.ity hflVE! bEiEiD kID.gerDI. sometimes b¥ '~Id!:i3Ut. not hl.. :3 DmkeD {pronounced.!.{. lelenuely de.e OnUnary IS d4·-+1w ci. ~he.ts. SYlmVle'. . oi a .I S1:ecdth Claws 6 4.chosen 'tmget with itcS dan. a d.am :remain. cili. 3 2 I 2 St-gmina &leak Endur.P.U'i.eadly war·c.ot to use. ODQ:Oing struggle between.. They o lOOny out mi:S~l.~i9. Good 15 lbnazing Attack!. 2 3 . usually' against.GllNCE WILL Pmi!io.WJ!IllT'f Durability StWl(10) 0 WoUDdUOO 0 .1.::Z::. t~ey ean opemte on dlJ' lema for long-penOOa of tune.

118 onC9~trnted in g:e~e1ic:s and :~D:e.ill !ikilisl Bite SIdlIJ.Ameng 1 ~ 2: :3 v:eitrie:~e Ope:fiU~ion ~eVehicl!l'l' fl'il7e' LU9 Sc~ence· .Fril.cmc..n: CONStmmON sueh M the e~..rnoN .ienees:.5 2.~rnof genetic e. heenVe1'~Ded.l.~:El 9 d4f. 91 ~dl -4 b~ Movemer:ll.Ki~ Wn :Pmtso:NAl.ll9'rcmge O!l.II""O'1'i. They me mQ_jIt.m:med A:Ullclc IOKliif!ary ''] Good =w= Ranged W.to. Tlw dwrlo:~ Ilre m. o :se.s: AftiliCleI Urumned.Q' .ecrpG'05 n [3 11 l::!l: 15 13 '9 . ~.Ol1lJ ClTheck: MOWilllle:n:t R(]JE: IGood.mete.e~ '1ms m.eI~ ].~ S'kHl Eioot13 Damage ~~o:rtfmed'iumll'ang 4 d6+2w m B/. tJu. Am~k SlrlnSoom. s 2 2.befieve that Ute mw]o:n W"ld. spewill. c:Herin.g' deadly ~s of el'im!QJ 00 en~my'~ts. s .wmcbi.2Gf.l IN dG. :2 Feroeptiafli :Dece~tiClIi1l 1~ IrJ.€mt fm"C:M Dzurlo.g'.. . . m1s..oUmrn.tiim:e. 3 :3 3 3 3 2. U ]I) 7 ~~~~~E W'M p~~ .mmon d'llivi. t~e S9DR~R1!'! ~ aJJlm>.mm.t Rate: Ordinrafi' WcillI::4 2 d!4w SkiU &wel 13 6 :1 D~m~ge dSw dS.emllOli!! ~effl'l~Dliu. is "1 Ej.lllCl:rns.bn:.!ro!20l.00000. ]ivlirl." Ac-I:ion ..ilijiaet8 oo'. but ·the¥pre:lei[tow. Wound (Ul) 0000000000 00. 5 16.ter~tion u n '1 !S .oilikb~hs.wn to sratt iliBU. d8:+2w C'h:m-:5JB Pi:Btol.0 0 '0 0 00 1 AHa.ngineerin. mr Wb..e .. a:mm1ng 1 d!t+ls d4 . Checib Unmmed .t lewning' ..r.iiSiMI m~tW'~ 26 D'efI!n Armo~ 'B.ubl~dyge dnd 'tempmtion.:" Enelf9iY Lcmoe~ Al:tIDn ()I\di~~' kttOl].l.2W .their Im. Damqga ' OrdittQl'Y 7 d.~ S!mlBf~m C~I.n S'HIENGm D~. pW'p:lSi9S~ 'The: Murton cd.cb 1~. Raser rlfIe..!l'n..1 .g" cndmdll.e..ll:m SaMe Damcrije.'Gt!.~. ~:o~t rJI: dzmlcn u.ruentali.I:m:t thishClS lillO't 1i~g 'we~ru!.*:8w "'S.s one 0:£ Hi.ns whoSE! scieft~ifi.g!lJ:um..Atta:cl!: :s.. hate.y 1me!!! g:ro.!1 :Ei1.. lmoiw. c#?' ll.rnedge and powM' in &Jlyc:hc:mJge. ~ntllli! the~ cllIaJ:i.a:~l1!vo.holtlwe-dium/Jo..ss 12 S 16.Aw·are:ne.o-e'S and tooE~~le nmng e~eGl- hUJ'.Durability m~(.000 . Wcr~ 16 S't~ {mO 'WoliWd (6) DurabUlty 0 '0 0 00 .9 Cli.ELI.

Good. land ~r. 14 73· Damcrga d4'"!-2ei d4+. ~s.is aUied with the human rnmdDsand.W'e 'iiem.ey . '(.~.w[C.nd 'Ole ncibJe. though OJ ..few :b·al ~ be found. sclwrecrs.0 0.. =::II I""I""iII !!ild. l:Z i2 7 IS :9 Intuili(ilfl [8 'The.lity 0 0' 0 0 0' 0 0 .-- 2: Vehicle Op..ut . pe«oeeful Qle~'h. thUIlI' ISkin ~s pal. Clmil be kn.u'es .Din cmd grr.}'!'wme:n.g' Skill SIXi:fiQ. abo. d. 0 C) 0 0 0 00'000>000000000 Actlan . :Eipedes.s Natural rumor.Geod 'I Ii! Am~_flg ] 3: 4..Dafl!n. 'btmlilimi!.di tm'Q'~01i1t cl lfiUwd SpOiOO.4. blJt:tbeu eyes c:rrelargm... and .Il~~ .S-2 21 . Th.l!. .. Ctaw.a awi ·aEm~ 11lmi· II.viUes: ever phyS'i. sldn Rwlged Weapans Ptst. ~ln.es:slva.n.eiremluO'mmlllY 'pcdienaiil and m!:!i'ght. I d.e~lon~:r5 by :nahJlfe.that. :::z: ~ . leads m~ tQbeltev'e they CIl8 Dlliiononle9s. doc" tors. 4.eW. 2 :3 3 3 3 4. .Qj' Spare ¥ehjc~e Comp1JJ~en Knowledge Deduoe .. Ordinal}:. @d M~jnal phc§E!' Demns. Thilll. but m teaU~y !h.s.weflit they ar'e.ei are I5cie~tists.F:ra:a1 S'mi:NG'm lfm::tMGEN'eE DElrrERm' CONSm'tn'ION Wu PEB:sOOMlTY St!ll1r11 (I"U Wound(14} Ourab.C[S.2w d:6+Sw ~A:tt(tc:b in Good.OU!!I. .~'live. :in miililimy oocmpations.lS'"' O. " Action Check: MOivamenl Ernm: WeIlk I. hr. tall 'as. pllek!:r men~al auti..Els!I tblc::mned AUack o~ . fh.mW. €I 8 III!) 45 6 6 2: 2 1:2. Swim 8 Attack.41.

ed Weu::iipon:s WILt PElmONAlJ'l"Y ]0 11 In IGood 5 !5 Jht!'Qdng: 2 2 2 (I S s S RUle' Awc:n:~n~!.$B Weapons pQware-d' Wec:pO'n RaDg.~ a distcm1 'i'il'otld.0000000 a 4 5 2.0 0.: Otdlintny D~ OQ_NfrTIl1JTlO. 'When (Ii kr:octth.ea[.ade A. ilnyss 'II:U8 dimg'ef:(l.'Ii":8' 'to the . They're not areal species---ms.red mel'Qa.tYI WOU!l1d (1'2. 'Or.ilbility Stun.c~r" 'llbay do ~iJ.ide ita.: 13 10 Dur. Action Chec'k: Mo.en. fielcep'tron 4 PlcmmttftU)e.met@ls Defe.ed i~t@l·tJ1 sultot ~oohnCt-QTg~~. .I§kill~!i . Whe~~he Uttyiil5 cd:t'ClCa. O...ab]ade.v A"i:t:a:ck .nobl. man.'" Skin Score Dt:!wogElI Mo.i>om:e.vement Raile: an Ordi:l'I!iilry Wruk 4. H strikes 'Iit'teetiimes in ~ round 'as U$ cla:w~lipped tenmc19s Hal] 'Wildly (crU:m:lrlng in the. 6 'I 4. blade. 8 2 2- 5 :1 ill 2.:!'Q:ENC).' 'They la. eapon with a handl!lllIDd IQ Ion!) moilecu1mw filament.uru Woundo(l2) Pe'rception 00000.. DEX1'El'ITi. POWIiJ.mniBf 13 U Gxldl 6 5 blfUhlg 3 2d!S+lw :2 :N'Cllti.m .moJ IPMi3&fi).:.ttill:k..) 0000000000000 0 '0 0.:.rgy coun.ShQ!I'"t/uJ.lids is Q. pllClSJmil!fi rile and 0.h.te. 'that .. Skill Unarmed! Ol'dintu. ~ . Bun 12. suit di~~hre~ (he' aea:tUI'8' in me-HI DlQUU!iilltS.Check: 28 [(roath.clone knows.uQilly attacking anem milas-filing lcroor weapons baio"ilI (:Ijly other 't'arge~lB. rmd MlD:r~ g. 10 0 0 . A kiroath iii ~!ltally wwed w.w' d6+5w lange 01 BfJf2fJOJ4f.: Sneak AWa!fellelSs.~. N.es tl'!ll''01!l!gh It..cry unde .0 0 0 0 Al:l:ian.c:g.Art ]oil 8 U 6: 9 ]3 IGood .vm pools of :repulsive siim'e WId st.0000 0001 000000.tlc:iinwy. The mWQ!tI..POSOOMRr :S~\m"12) Durilb:lll.-I Claws :z:: S1${dth ::.STHENG'l'H !iklll INTEiJ.~s bun'l:e:rs.n!iB!l1 Armor: d6+2 :Kroilth . whe::Q ~~e'.. 14! l:mm. whg mak~s tbeboQ. e(l!C'hbocrth.mination.uGENOE: WIiU. MO'vement Ra~e: Am~g WalkS . kficm.:r:9: with :sU'6nt doete:r.s~mps 'a:nd bog. th~ o~. by .ming :9..Hh u. 12.th or why.e w.6+9. SkiU :Score ~lfiIge ·. virus and :S".t speok: they :simply foUawthei! mystezious ome. the $Url. . 'Good.Ilm.N 12 III U 10 (I M::el.teadi. :wsklUed" em.a:ce most 'of 'the' time'.. emym. 2.e recm~a~ed.'Y C~Cf!\l :S~ 12..DaySEi hate fu. is CI oorp9.edlumfJongr dl6+1w d.:ho«ibl~ gli..

onChedk: Movement l\ote: . 3._s aHen a:ssw..s the. diS.Q.{S) Durilbility d4s d4+ l~ "ShOltJmedilU1.!/!Q.0000. muscles.-(uge :P18to_l~' rQrd.'J'1imGm .4:. and :bon:YlProti!UiSionsvisr . BUD the black. Smn.meters DafeRSles Ammr: d4+2 SHU.uGmCE WEt PimsONM.Qfdimuy 'Wrr~k.r.is a mysteriou.Stun(S) Wi:Jund.S\!n that appears as tho.A. . . Th~ nlIL7.s. with. d.Attil~·_i_ 'C!QWI! SkillScorG Damage ''[un IOrdinmy 1[8 d4r+4s Good 8 d4+4w Amadn. a.lB12'4.It is. d4s 14 nmge 7 d.IFY HI ~ COIilSTft'lU!TION 9 8 11.e.C'lioo.teClilthy MId.k.[. 9 DamagE! U d4+2w 2 dBi"2w s VnwDlled.000 0. trontie.{gt. DCUJlCUe -Sboltl. Athle.!:S utilizes.!i S.cany implanted ranged weap:ln named fOr .cti.joISw 3 Skm Sc@rQ' Damage U.medi'umlloilg d~ Is o181. humQll!B een .space. ed been s.dST lw .gr 1£ dS.m.cting 'OV61" :2 :mete:e tall th'El' magus i9.4w "'}' . . [Ei iPi.0..4+2s .long with ctvotie'ty .'ld:rmed-'wilb b ~sed ten.peJs-ilhe dmk.u.whisptal'edi wher.Q're DomCll'ge 1:2 G.UlICUJ .3 1.eiSs 12 s s ~ PeMeption 13 )0 ]2 6 5 6 :2 :3 The magus.nly guess al. Att~~k Skill ~.Actj'UD . legends oJ lenity- ing att(l:cks. US 7 1 "] Am~f!9 3 3 3 3 3 ·4 .6treaID- a Good 5 AmaZinQr Mel:hill. :feared tmo1l9'oout Magu. Ofdina_ry Gmld.c implants W:~ose fLm. .S~m&oro lNm.4f2w 0].._ [.dons.• b]JijI 'upon its frightening' rody.vertarship ~e'W!lI gather.Att_il£:ks 'Ch. El.s:to!' Stealth ~l Iii Sneak Awaren.4.Qg range af eurttBfJ metetB 0"0000.ugh.r IagiQUS..ag~le. Cifbemat:i.~ stRmge. dawiS..tics! Mule€! Weapon~ 'Tail' Unamted Atlcwk W~!rn:B lump 14 l4 IS.000 lDsmn'!il!r!ii A.cybem'~U. a wicked tait and CI . <l' Elul'b1~'" SkU! Soo~e.. i~..: 1'-' d. . "J "1 Claws' Rang&d 16: 1:2: lil. energy thcd it FO. of .

Hender Bing'" . Good IS U Rc:m.ulking devices m1!i' Iml(:hrwicru mcn:l!.g1. violenCe!.m ~r. Powel@d Weapon 'Drdinmy U. Spmro·TH ~.ior al1ac'ki:!Ilg .nt . ~.e .I2OJ5[J(J1 mefe..~ tbSM WId !:Iene '(J5 Ufe-suppon :sys*ems and deg..&_ SkiU. pI'ot.flesh.Soore lS Ui ~~n81' II) san Soo:r..lure.mrccUy.c:.tmce~ . inlo 'their bxUes OIl the Q'enstk: l. closely resemble humaNS mlorm cmd s~ze. for dose co.en'CEI o:rtId. .. A D. that enoase' each n'ssa.elvet A moohalJW!. " 1. wi'tb tmnsluce.s. een be found tffirroughou'thu:mcm . Th:9~ b.08d nms).. 'They me liviD. specie:1:I with: a9lift lor Bf'I. 4.hom. '2 5.e5-ftm-apbunng citcWar ~3 de~gned..: a ~Ranged~s Pisfiol Comp-:uter .0.5 '(pron. D.gedWe~pcns IDIJ.e.2 :3 :2 2 :3 3 D!urablll&Y1 Stun Ilt) Woun.ery n:s!lSl live::! and tights i.am a s~ar'il~e ~cl.cru. math. goS'Sofi'ier-th~D.l aUhm. ersd by otbel'S to be oo~d and ocvedy Iogicql.0 OiO 0'0 The meeha:lu::. m.0 5 The . 11 11 .trQiScitl!. hunmn .otm. . 00 IIIDCJ~ gam. is cill~eclwUhthe..~mentBate: Art.e:matiJccr:llogI.Same at'ili! tip~ w~ih.. They are ~ceeciingly dangerous and wade into batUe with incfiedib1e Clonfid:!mCe crnd.mha-t Others are mOYi!1'ted.spa~.I: c:z: :. 2aJb d6w :.dly figbtiilgIDaeb~D.re:ode:rriRes .:.Ex:'l"ERlTI!' CQNsmtPl'ION U Ilrl.'SSS is actu.e V:ebkle Opemtimli Spo:oe ~nicj8 Awaren. The mmo.e.g CQmpute'~s" adapting! mechonical s. ano pedQITIl ttma:z~ng' teois d~r-crw intemlig. . directly with oom:p'Il'ter sy:s~ tems.s '6 5 5 '6 6 .ob11e ma<:bhLm}r pgd. are a .red JlOO.!!) Attacks. Ama::dinS' 3 e. l'ecbniccil Science jUq"fig n n 12: :13 Repair 2: ..SkW Unidlrmecil ~t~k BIOW'l !ikilis Ordmarr III 12 9 1 Good 5 8 4. but they . &we'IVe!l'.1 d6~W' 8 4 dil. _.cnalus cen in:teriaee. :2. SO'm~ mechfrl:~i5I.2w d8+4'w Kl1lge of f. QI di5. ado .~ tbat ride on a d. Acuon Cbec~: Mov. worm~e 'CH!Q.OI.til1lJIcrr n(Itiolls and.~eerUl!1 cmd a taate for f1endi5n.Pen'!!pti:on :3 2 :3 Z 2.~en powerjm me~mtent~cle~'. SinD MeJ:ee Weapm!i:l!.es tbQi hos evclved en a: p~cr!P1ettar irom Earlb. Hacking .yst~roJ~.d(11) -O()OO'OOOOOOO a o a 00 0.ess- 13 11 1.. a:s io1he COSEI' 'of bum:cm:s. with ...5. This species. 6. D'l!1fenl! d4+3 !iklll_. a!!:~upstanding ci tlz"8fiS and others have 'Il Ill.~ bodlV 'appoecus 'as.liIi· .neural hll1!d. But ev.8.oI ft~gh (l!M v'eins of c~ronic dicui:tty~'Oo[!~d. 14 ]I 13.ally a waak.an Omtnary Walk.3 '9 "s II.ro[~ atil Will PERSONALITY Spaceship Ops.DcrJDng8 ·'ShorrUmediumllong Damage NeWDi~.e5.'ElJ..ore WlSG-' vory lepn~aUQn.nside a m.

a: 13 GcQrl 6 ~ ~: U~At~: d6+:2w dIB+2'W 2 d!4-t2s' S~lU:kors' ~~ ·ShQ#~jilLwl{Xgg 4.d. d4s d4+1tEi rCUlge of e11lGl60 me-fem NmmWMm.o.h!uman:s.a:l~eT l. They li'Jm to wet w:~th'tmn.4 16 .s Umm'Iled .~me~e'lEi beiQihl in . SJigb:tly snl. Duanse d.oI. Wid thcm.4 l!ikll.l. pw::y.iB. lhawi fLqngOOJ WecrpCnInB 3 3 .DlIrilbUlty Sbm(?'} Waund(7) ::::z: r~: -00'00000 000 oo CO Actian Ac1i.Igin:eeriDg' Tedmioal Science $u1J!'lii!1'] IlI:w<Jl'iemess l~ 1:3 11 12 3 13 5 6 5 j 3 2i 11 4 :8 3: Mhlmo. b!t . 2.m1J.til~W1 crealm'.RW112 Attilc. .PasO:l'4ALm" .Attack Chd. c:ov.e'm'Ollmlt:e2'c' thtou'9hou~tJhemown..1I.part ofl:b.f me ~Ue friendly..~.h'to 1. -..e hwnWl a:1Oiiw:!.DU:UY '7' ''I' 8: 'Good.i:ilileti'e. Ch~cli::: Mcr~F6fflB[)tRQt8(: (}oo. witb clever ~ilge.tol" SkU1SC'OrEl' Dwnage Qrdlmay d4+2. WQlk." rOhese P.w .. The'l'sa: a~ .a1aiilmat plJovid~ QQ:t~~ l bod'r 'W'm.~n: CiiJ1o.r.l:mity. Skin .gli'i a:nr! hd! out haw th~' msmi:cm]e.4 16 7' 4 3.. :::z::: 1_1"" . 2.ty coupled.cutic5i.-' .Amml1i9 1 1 2 Pistol St&8bip Operati:O!D i:l. . 1'be¥ are.thM .~qge tns. fM.ca tmd Ii:lt:m.skiltish.T'!iB 5!l"'HEN'GWH 7 D~ COJIS'Tl!'I'tffJOO 12 bnn..es w~.ema . '1 . 3 3 2: T'sa me somew~~: .and wreigb allJWhara:frlDm 30 ~o W ~.uamCE W:w:. re.l15iQ. Walk 4l.o' Ba'lga'm :m'~mmiWll.d!. s 13 IS .

."4w 2 .argmal Movame'llt Rote: ·WaUdl. Weapom. Although tough and aggIess~.I CONS11'I'U'l10N -I 12 Wn PmsCiNMJn' S 8 7 Stun (lID 'Wound(l2j 000000000000 '000'000000000 Action AcUon Check: :M.eQ. 2 :1 2. U gik!I:. 100.2meti!!'fts ~cU and. the weran cfuJ1't beneve iii: is bo.BrcrwJ RatnglEld.aness t 81 12 13 B :10 1 Hi PSTCeptiOll 5 InterorcUon Intimidate a " " 6 6 7 :3 2 :3 :3 2.ive 200 kilClgIil'Dls o! fur.sbad..advonced deV.I. weighs in at OJ ma!!!s. 'The. d.Dur.a a spoeeies oiwarrioif.tzs ·. ]3 14 Gocd S Am{D5ng 3 3 1 Pis~ol Stamina Endun::mce Aww-.udigh. PQ'sse..cmtnall}! cha:Ueng.nmcml..v'e.'!:u.o~ whHe'..t]G!o!!it Platol"' Claw:s Skin &oreH Damage Ql)mnury .PQllen1.t. They 'WiU deiend 'themselves.ilbility == :z:i... thtilt el fl.Score . blJ. A typical wm"en stCl!lids 2.!Umm: I&kill s~n Q~dJDary Unarmed Attack .e them on thebaUleDield.Sh1ortlmediumflong T'sCl[ .k.at Kmg.entury.~s in .philosoph&a.en ar..mth:s soo~th o..mflg' 6 d6+2w d8+2m d8ef"4w :3 d6".Am. 5 Wer..eapOlLS.Damoge' :f111'I. A we-ren:!. WId they dislike any. hom {DEi plan.4+2w t(f~ of dS 2w 41fJ!16 meh. !}fUy.Wl!ren . ~(lng!s~ood muscle.es...r oo'm.'l th. 'Il~d blOl'c:k.e '1'01' ootUe c weat&IQP. thick .ey 32 preier .s~ (I teclmo]ogy rougMy ~VCillle:n~ to..t wortby opponent!:! who ~m .iOO5 01Lw. I~~ S~G'1"H 13 'l mnUlGENCE . R'lln 16 Attack Skill . .


a:d:V.1ii D.'IU Qn:OOlMl~:ertbLem..Hg tbisbook.ea:dil!l!91 or ~ttl:u. d:moQl the play '0'1tha game.lka 0..[t3..Bs the·bo:~l(: 011ee:In..es: B(jok and skim tbtQlitgh.~e!liel1lted :in tbeHero Fold. p:roVides li stiS Q·f modUiers for .eStohanclile mora diffi. GtHl!l1gre oli~~.th.s.~d\.9heCi em.ln!'!!and d~gerous t adventures in the I\solm Oif ~heAr.lJld :ram. ~to·p roo:d~ng now. We :rec:reh~nr the stCi!'fScmd! ~sp I:h. ReV'ieW' tb:~$matelic.!l. hl!to panallis€!t!.oOmmQn sUlJa~iofis..:l...::::IIC: I~ Ii !C=IJ .Gam~ rru.a : trlilv8~fmtel Ul!G!iDlhe i:lpeed of light.(Ible in: the..is filled '\With delmls thaj s'ho:J:. Uyou'rniE! jnm pll]J'bl91 a hellO in ~he gumJ9.c.. y.Q1I'e :lini..~kucrdY8ntlUe in like im rea:c::besof ]mown.EMA!iT.'. • .af tbJs ooo:k .I1eck:re·. the .~~~~.em. 'fbisbook contain:9 ~:hree co:mplete: adventures d9lf1ign!ed 101' the: baroes: p.V6 hWildmd.rSleif Screen •.g:es of human space. Starships . pa:ge4i" lor melle C i~IQil'mClltin~. III-=:II e= . from. men you're I.c'lllt 5t<canado~." 'THE .ER.9n" hIla.o~ biCJ.re Germe. !!iiHID'lJLD IKIf\I'oW 'Tho QamemQ:s:llllf j!.zellIG cl!Clrtlaga •..om~Ja~rs. . TllB r'Efst .l'~pt.:r~l~ '!JWililel.d "b~~m'. look «1. "Ese~ l[tmIBK'ID'~13.aU1 'm¥steriou5l until.dveJ!i.ey CmiI im.gal'S ~DUl!!!I:futuu!'.ADVENTLJRE. the g'(. spoce .nc:ruldl'l1la:di th~ougrh the Rul.d. IEIu.!.o:nd (I:to" vide::. See m]mp:roving th.s." we ore talkin..I!i.:pecm~ cal~y f@l '~. ffiQt . wh@uths:S8'tmnQs mel aU true.!:.]1EJtNl'F'l!' adventure.hr.i. WHAT fiAM. b. huk 'Cit thefril'a.ingt to ~ the.l· h~.r.The stalg9 WSsel (Dr @/xeiting! ~ts .. the He<~ :FohileI:5 tleiore ~~d... this pamt icrwm-d.e :Ele])oe.:€iadj!:.. Inso" t(. i1Dagine' YQul"seU 6. US/Hi an '~he skiing Ilva:i].9~UII['(l.ltsumma:nz.~ m10ml d8Udly wadd:::. which aHI!lIWlSl.g!o the Gameomtmtell'.:IDo:f!.su.8 :r. tabie~ {Of ii!:aal:iOi9' Dn. when. for' di~fe:re·nt: type·g. fhEi'1'l ge~ I@'C[d. AloTERNfl"l . 'n~'s ~k ~~utaD:B bdof.J!.:pmve 1he~:r blame.l:me ~nd c:. we [[ie1:erliO "ycu.epl~er. th. tbe :Ioll©<wing sectiiill'D swill '~81Pr!4ler(loti t@ mn yom f]Est Al.Rl!l1tiilD wrillt!liln s.a:r:IlL Anal th.

<l:l:S1'O~e'm5 the skilL {GIl. a 50meoneS9'ts if 3 . (One-end e:~ill table is ~ooclJ Hand ecu:h.rv1erything we as:kied 'y'Ou. tfuebasics.e you beg..he g:9me. Vi.]:)!iJ8t ('['he Mling.€Ilirst aId S:kJJU shou]d.A:LTEFtNITY Adve.ueie knowing how to lOU tbe diceall'd i1'@<ii1d.t:.~'mo:j' t~ . A IDGIkit isnec'es:sary i(u tmY'OI1Ievrlt!l1i jr.C!\t fiI]s only . lmde~~taliid.. iIJI. 0 ADVENTUR I1\1Ii Bemind p4o:y~s ofthe. • TIPIiFDR . .k for mf:Ofm~tionJ PustElugnlti'D'D The bero Dea Fut<iko.. ---I .roup~ e. ean mD 110:1" houTs b@fo~ itiSl e'OllilrgJ pLI!c.ntientsol the Hilj.k 'OIJ oontinuOlM.nary iSci· '~]].en [l..til()l~S t.ml a: ~ight is clemly visible to ·emf nettrby hostile . SOE:])Qrio in {~el' :Rule.te:r :s~.o.venlme. brocrd sldHthcrfs o:-pprop:r.[[at have· e: S:k:m 'o:~ (!IU.t with CI Iens rnfl.s she ~e«:6iWism.in crH dll:ectl!oos.g to go ex:pJ..(. by gdV'e(!ltw~. pl~ thert hns enough flnt p to strrll)!(:i1l9i everyone toroll dke Oln:d write1hiQ.e15wt. :gem (oomm grear) a:Uaw.a:J~t!JI'Ei· ame 1:1.P'R.ng oonoept o. A lantem provide.s tiha1 don't have their 'Own light :somcefll.~ Of av~n ":S99~ av'ents t. ..e 'liftH. ~ a 'lin:1 a~d !kit Of h.t i):Ip!:.R:u1es: .efrny? 'ill'be .~OL1l~SOIY (ro lbey don't geri lo~t) and one.EP~III\l'11i TO PLAY You've read!.[l5. pl'e:ie:rnd ra dr.te.De. d tflEll'Q in tb.1'o ~he does . 'fh$ 'wtrfeo.lliigh.tlJc1k:ingoff to th.:lonowli.aK.s EmoU'gb. s·b:lJingedinds.i· ~lniJ. HfOill II~ed mOTe pnldice before P]cry.!::be 1ll!5ed untrained.(1 few CltUempted.e.s :ils b@uer to just stort pkl:lfmgT nnd le-k eve~yonenguJe it out ru :yo·u'9'0' aloug. Now W'hq~? f~r:s~.m to play. Thee basie:s mcl.-oring in !the dark. ick a.. atne!f 'WOl'ds..ce fidiaifi 5. befol. shines just as 1m.!litenyteHmg . A!>k y@t1If players to otil'oo:se ®lil'IJeone tIO hemdle ma:k~n.mililig-ht to be an imcrgiELal'l' cbo:rrn.you. (as calli.e. Set up yw!. .QI. Most: he:~oeg needlJigbt te .. and ~lmdeu1C11liding the underlyi.. and m.'ti~ G H2es ima:g~no:na!!'lJmnd L! ~ew basic ru]es ~o create ~nte:!'CI'C:Uv€! gmup .cty·o:t one edge' <l!nd ~video screen s.[~@'I~ find cooJurs:iag. IIi ±:hl£ gcmle\.ru. Jlf a: h. you will need to be :raady' to tell what !Oihe!Siees with th~11!l crbi~ity. '9'0 over any :rule's tbep. olograpnic: I~rystcds for dcrl:ll!!iltoll:'age.ligilil£ can ib.r@ good fOf r@oowing evidef:lC8 and.: far the posocognitioll.iends. What Is that .11 p]cmalt Spes.ne heroes take. to play.T:iL.e.bot flC!iPp~!fI. JEVQlJ' hero with th.' Ciame:mas. "lope Cm1IOO 1J1~ed to oostmim pdsO'D.cleT in. if YOlil'fEl gQh!. Sometime. tbe leed wodd when the {.Ul !Ose the .seEl the 8Hr:mish.lI an hoW' as (lIj I\e~l tl~e" CIs 'the players ii'oH .C[ we. ('ludlo. r.g.p illl ..e play.".g's 10r down whelll the·. MClikie·sure the~e are mfI@!shmentsfor ev@ryona. lnc:~uding food end drink.s.a5u~ed 1:0 muncl:!1I.oomilcrt t~me iii! Me.. A mat aid tit c:rb"aumcr.share. F1w.dcuUs. JOD.emem:be:r 'that ~fa: lllie'l1o. [Ei! other sCen.eof "net's pretend .e.f· skiiH should deMi te.'" •. en i:m. A :battleU. wri:5ts..SCi. bri.manj? houl:~ or ·e·vell D.' ~j9 ~ .lilmOi pock to gain the· iullbeneifit bflhClt5k:iLL .dd.wnema:_s. ThayOO1'l. Pi :ll.crvs.~eEmE&:i!. de.pklyrell!l: Metro Folder. but everyone. .creatWla. A videoreoof(ffi~r is ciPa1m-s:rzed I1ni.e.f t. Gf rescue tt. 1l000igaM ~ holes.'S:.um.EI!€l thm de:JDonsrrt:iteS f how the glUme m€IChcm].I ~ ~I F~' c= . CWTY.etaiJ.B baoks.eHin..c(s l>ol'IIf.er\!i!!:..at o::n. undeI'stcmliiJng fb:e co.CIva cl@(]dy ~ab81!8d.lepait sHlllE. e 9 l:'@cen. fe·w skins cern".Y·ijI a '£I1I(:d~ 00 a: vElDmlCrtoo: ~~~dt. bli. but in one ~tti:on.only amo· 'ho.ag11. Im:::o:tio]).oo~t:ac't witltii: o'theJ:be'roe:s.o is inju.".I' Qnd flCln.ming somr.ost heroes wl:1iithe~:rea'meJ!l.. bo~es:with.dpnoiITii.5e d..swmk.(!Irud hm:tdy 101' people w1I:o lust want ~o whcrc:k 9!Ornethlng witbq ho:m~eT.k:C11ioru:.deo[@ooirdar::.e f~!Jht. ![liOil- lc.e .) n one· . ~.l'O Folders.CIl:Ii!. Boak :~f im'Vi!d~sCI combat . E1.!'oo. Next.ihom in ·tll. sh:C!1Jilders.s l')e. .s~ by. h ::z: ---..~n the g. i~oo~ed d d durmg 'he game end deddes. gCltl. scmething like "You tra.[ time for yomHrst gamesesswI'JI.of 'the pfaye:.g ~he m~s wh. (ohecbi and the chec~ resUlUs.·ciJoesf:liiOit hav'e a.2 ~. II!oGOMmun.na] and :possibly viSiual. W' rema. to •.me an crreQl.51. 'c=t Fa~ :pl~els to Ises and heGiryouJlut 'Qoesn~t lemre the-:m loo1{lng''OiVer YOUiiL :shoulder.eBoe' anril oonsid.. U's (I g.2f] Meters .!!iW1!d iOlOO 0.'Vfnset .s is p~ay~ Deor. or .. ell of tIt. .r thauopU.. clipped h~..bcrJ.0tlill to .wec:rpolilSi. Dm.)..abili1y egl!led! po!>tc~gnjtjM the!it ·gllcr·ws hel to :sa~e· the mood o:f an. . Many· mmes cmd othar lmu:sU!a~ :sites me· dttrk p~iac:e<. need ~o. shm.. "ow Long' unusuel et(.'I:. She never 91915. pac'!\:: iis u~em1 Wf m.iat.oonc~pt..e.s behind .~ of gmn. a hero.~y oarry or tro.en.k 20' needs to be replaced er r9chwg13d.F~W\eSi reg:ood for marli:ing: [ooatioos.1:ed. Power seureas 10:[ IcmtemSi mtlicl k!lihligltts last tor . driU with Il'lasel'l: cuUE![.slhlcrtiOfl.Have aveqQIle biDg 180metMng ('Or ~be gr.u!petl1:S>e.s. n Moords 3D video Cl'D.t to iJ]. Cilnd jI'OU!'ve QQt1en yom :friends toge~her.e .€! {. or MCilrre OrJ:ecrystal bo1cl!s 10 nOU[$l 0:1:'v-1deo.c! game tha11lll.Olver .fo:restW'~~nSl he ~ fimtad.uyrig or .!us .l]]9 C! hIll advEln~u:re.W!!!lmm:aUy ([ ~g-(lad idsaIto h.us.:atele[pgilij..:rys mall' :pass m the game in !l mat~ of ~Bcands i~]]. lknow.vel for tluae dgy..she can make a cihieck Cl!gcriJn:st Uie Abil:i:ty :Soore 'tl~.li us e..:l\illlnd stele.st or a:tayl. ~ey Q:f9US!· iIr!lAclv€!Ii11nm .ter SCflEla. pe~cil (IDa l!otapa:paI in a s:pot tha:~·allows :the otn$l' ~ nCllliIlUghti10 WiEle: mU1li1.s you ~ee.i:!!!1.s. The Game:master keeps tIiact 'Of time in ·the I'eooro:et ~peopie to wril~· oWTI(:llJi~s. s:pe6aUyskill~ :she een mMe' iii broad sillill]cbec:k if she.tfiUl'lO: p<'l'Cktn potant:iJcrUy dcrng.Uls~ :lilashlights or lcm:l:e:ms. dw.irlg· ..



ity:. WhBiU tPQ player wants ttl \1.58 Dea':,; powe!f. lUlv·e him. or her roll 'IiI posfcognifioB rslio:U1 check rand. mark off one of Oea~ pSionic enE!!I9Y paints. On a FWlJu~!9 result, the heIG,isnt abLe '1.0 dat:ermin!S (i!ny~
OD mt 'Ordinary, Good. or Amllzing result, :mcrd this approprio:te :ips-yehic clue in the box. If


• E,xa:mpI@: Mn:u:1 has a Pis~ol gkm :sc~m o~ 14, A~r the Qnd of.Adventum ~t his p].qy9,r !lpen,ds n achievement pQ'i~t to ~Dcmase the .scOt@1I0. IS.. Jbo.fB~S P~to], s.cO'l)e h. nDW 151113. Mark' the UBW !Sl!Ol',e em the .aew Foldl.~.

,th~re ~s UO bo~ f~1' rr ~~~aiHc ~ea. the h~IiQ g'9t·~ .' S:!E!vellCJ:l overlappmg m. undcrne Images approprlme I' ® to thE! areal. h:Jeopl~ ea:tlng' in. the' mesBi beH. mineJ~ • .. digging in the tunnels. en,d, so on). You Will.hOViB ~o ~ .mak'le tbeiSe



Buyiing a lewSiIll'L A plo,yer can spend :2 'Ilchi€r'i'e·~
meIl:t pOints to pUlchO'se, a bllood or iSp8(;i.~dty iskill her haro dJljesiI1.'t ti;Oiye:. Se!lliIc~ ·I}PB from the ltst in. the' Rules Book or on. the Gcnn.emas,fer So-,een cmd,WIHe


11-, ~


if tne


are Sltu,e:k' and conld, use a
toi cEreC!

hmt., you
1:hem '!;f6?


(Wtiv~:t.s lDea'spost,C'OgnHioo

the,cl1.ll.Etlii: for

{m.d teU or make lliP' rn ~uU~

able clus if none are listed. However, to be fair. if g;eti¥rIta De-a'tiI ,powm. it doe'6r1'~ ,cost her any psionk ~f,ie:rgy points.

it QJ:!, 'lbe Herof F'olde,r. 'On]y one 'new skill oonbe ,PUJIchased :betweenaClve.n tures, A new luocrd :skin has the some 500're as the abH'ity i~'is relg;led '~()I,..1. new speciu1lJ skill hOls a: S'CQi!'e 01 ili@l:'elmoo gbUi 11' score plus, OD.e.
:ku:reasiug' an Adiofiil C.he:C!tSO@16. A playelr een !s~ndl :3achievement po.in:ls to inCIe~ Iris bero's,

Ad.v.entures are ~ecmU:ng ~xpMienoo~ lor helQe~. and an eocperie'u!ood nw,o. s]:ililldd he better at things lbtm (JIl!Iovi'iC'8.ln the A.uRnlNl'IT AO'Ve1ltUle Garne.. thb, i.1!; ;re;f~ectt,ed.ln heroes 9·ettil1g'" Maber scoJ'es fo·r theil' slfHls. . At tbe end of eaoh advQIlfi.iite. iOU deckl!e bow w1sll the ne.ro-!i!'s; did. As]!: y6urse]J tb€t!!9 ques.tions; Did they defeail.'thlili villains? Did the,y :succeed at the goo:1 of ~he advenh.lre?Did. tile players portmy theiT heroes 'Well!? D'ide'v'QryiQ~e have 'll: good time,? Thsn, depending Oil what you d,ecider award IBach hero

~ction check score by 1 !point betw,een odv'ontUI'e.s . • Example; Awr,e' has un adiO]l, check ~core of 13+f!2f6l3. Alter the end ofAdvenlu~e' '2. his plcryg[ spends 3 nehievement ~ow.ts bJ. increase tha senee to 14c+n3~613.Mark the newscore on tbe HalO fold~r. Ii yOIll' :players wOlllldllike' to furlhe,r 1DilIPMlil'S; their heme!!' ,5iki.lls emd abilities beyond (he levels incliooteci in thjs

yousnou]d try

ALTmNlln game. starling with th Al:mlNlIT Player's: .Handbook:. The .ArTEfdNlIT .Player's Htmdbook hasl

me complete

rules for in,e:reO!Sling S:kiHsto higher lfiels. adding DeW' skJ115., and even features ad'vanced hnpmvemEl,uts suCh a;s, in.creQsio.g




heali.h polnts.

s)Om,e Qchi.ev'emeDt


I'" ]I file heroes C:Qm.pl~ted the adven.tursbut Iia:dJ somepmhiiems" give !!il1{:h hero 2 achi.8V'em€l!Ut points. IJir the heroes ilI'J.J.nI'ived.bllDltwererJi't 'oble to compl~t$ th.e (u:lv;entwce-tfuey :tet:reated. for exam.pIe-·

I" ]f ~:he hew!!:!!ii~gmp1e'led'ibe adventure and deteated, the viUQi!!ls, in 5ipec1acular fUsnie:n, 91ilVe each heee 3 <tlichieve:IDliIIIlt pOints.




The GairLemastw oontrQls cdl of the cha:rach!Kl',E,l. iethe gam@ witb the eXiCepti.on o:f the hemes, :Fha Gam,8muster cctn run any IfIlII'lWadheroes., OJ' th'av ow!' 00 left alit ~d their IOOMSI or bunks in the LanC'@lot (tbIa he:l\oes' shi:p)1 eon 00 used ~o:[extra: storage.
EQlail'!l %10 'th,e playe._rs


Y'()IU take, 00 ([

give each. hero

1 'c:chfucvement ,po:in~,


._,Milia heroes fOiil[!omple'tely~ 'award no acnie'ilementpointe,
Whatc.aD a; pIeryet' do wHh a ber~'s ac..hie.'V9,ment, po:in'h;.? The player 9CU:l. !:Ipend theQl between adV"e'n'" lm,tliSito improve UiJiiJ:1t hellO, mcreo:si"Dg skill sctlfSg or

rrue' so tha:t; they can imagin€l 'the scene end undilr~ sta!l'ldw.ha!'t"s happenin.g. Fer o;xll.1llple. t'eU tham "I'm s;pe.akin91 as Commander J:U:!3itinnow~' wh@,n they gel. a commu[liccdian from their Doss in Ibe, Galac!ic Concord. If yoUl Wl.mJ:to havg some fun witb playing GM
chmc:,ctel'!!, adopt ,OJ dHf8r.ent volce tOf 'elvery cbo:mctor. Spe:ak slower fO\l' some, and ]oude.:[' W'f others, U:se (Ieee·fits U you',r9 e'v'@n a litHe good at it, Or an old 'man's, voice'. or er deBll vgice. 0.1' a squeaky 11O[C9 .. 't@u do,n't hav@ to do this, cd course, Just, informing!' the playem ~hat y.ou're :plCllyitng iII rnls Is :suffi.cl·ent. B'ut U:I.I'! game COin !be a: lot more fun with little tl::HIICbEliS

action. cbeck s.cO'ies, 'ol' even purchasing lor thi9 hew. He;re's how te do that.

It! new


.InCl'ecming ~ S.poeiaUy :SIdll Score. A :phty9f ctm spend 1.IIClC'hiev0_emt pomt to iIu::reG!O'Ei a s]figle s,pe~ ctwty'skill seam by 1 point ..(BroCld skU1 lSCOfes can't be inCIl90lB€ld.) No specialty SiIdH SCmEl may be inC1laas~d by more 'them. 1 point between ctdvenmy!;!s.

Hk8' these.



c:::::J! ._ ii

ii -II
+ •


I, ~-_AMMER·1i STAR H ....
The :he~o.Oi~ cUJr'.r€iHtly o~emtt!il.g :IIi the ,t:l1\Ei Hctmmer's S~msl.l1!1!em., 0: plo:r::e that is hUl!1iY r'€ilooiM:in'g: ,crHB![(][g'aJadie waI. Hrrrnmel"~s StormS .i!Ji young·yellow :sbCit,orMMd bJfOU!!" ph:[]].'et~: Bpe:s (01

The her&es mN.n (J Shi.p I:;!l:Uedthe ~!Gebot It eemmrtahly h.('l~dseight 'Oliew m:eMbem (]]l,a lWioQffioem, .but it ea:m ecrsu.y he il:iperated by o1"d1"'three people,. Mt:h .s:C!me d:i:lliculty; a: ]Ot1J9 ·~wmamber OWl. run the a.hi~ .fnt' l5C!'m.e time. The ship is owned by the Con'oor:di:SpecJ.ct[ Servioe ..'file heroes, m:e expectad to 1~e 'gooo cMe o.~ it, ,or '~Mlr payc he rues, wH] su:Be:r ~l::1l' ([ lOio!j tiiIie,.


'RDi'ld), PIC1.tO:n~CI gtttS, g.ianl ,with a roThd

ha"bi~Qb]!!i;l ffloon~,L:dnd {ct V1eT:Y ~EIrg.s.gas gitmtj,

OlldBme,lt (crrroGk).If.!irrd is flanked by two' cLstJemicli b~lts, llevi:k ~th.6 ]nnrer) .Qnd. Vio~k (fhi€!oul.s:r) .. '1'lh.e :ijl,Y'::ste\IU cdsQ hOi::;! bhl:ck hale (c:cdl€::d the Fit) far a iberm~d t:h€lClrilit o:f B.m.elt. B~h arihs Gstemi!d 'belts CD'E!: .deb.in minmals, ma:lci.ng'l~is system ,([ paIDadiis8' foI m:rnets.. lJa£o]::,tu" 1n'1iI~8~y:, them ms lar:g-:soumbe.r.5i cf PU{;[ts50n.d oocoo:.!'lional attack!> by.myst'el'kruEl ruien sh1.p!'ii lat require' U the hetp ,of specicd ~eam91tke, those to. whioh the harnes be~o:ng.

The ,~hlP'1!5~t(fle-~i·tbe>(fi't. equipped wHh a: :sJIicdl theater, a: siok bay' (whe:re .injured heroes can be treated.), CI: ]de :supportsys~em, on eng.im.e,i:hm. wo:~b by Thl'anciiJ:lIg' ,g'tllv.1.ty; a f'Olster-fu!E'.l-Hgl'h:t. ·tmwl dence caned ,e: s-tamnve, I(l! compl!l'te:r ro~M,,a~.e:l'l.gi· [!Jeering' room. em air]o~k,a mmos cemnon,o:rEtw !Cabins. a: mess .ball, mid. CI Simler (]l:itchen), Anything 'dlat '!ifOuw0U,ld expect: iI:o be in. the app;l!o:priata lOOm ough1·to be tneifa. For e~llmple, th.e~e· ~. bjg~-t@c"h i<:iod.prepc:tmH~iIl, devices ~li'Jj the k~tehan. ,au and w(:d:e:r re!!=YC~I';ns :ill the life SiWpport :room, m.edLlieru ~uppi.i.es in th~ .s:ick .bay.,. C!1.!.d~g~n. How:9lirGJ",. o m hero~II.: :sihould not D!3a:bl,B iobd~qlk.!iB'i.ves.~u.c1e<rr materi(1]., mn:renme· ·guns, Oil': anything a~!9le th.at you consider ou:t of the ,oil'di.ncuy lor a Il!O}n~military :s.pa:coacmR





T!rnJl'Si 'Llrlv,9n'lul',~' '.i.!!!i Oi fast !IlIl([lrd ill'rlJotls iaIiItrBdiuc:tion. 'to t!!Wi!; &~]'ry grml'le. We;'U !!1!i~.]o:~i m eve:w.yrh.ln.g' you ~ Dleedi'to know as we '!lJ'O' (:!long. l't starts i~ the g:::




mlidJdle of the action WIld keepsgmng: s:~:rongunm the herMs illas~ their way aut O'J danger. U you p~cryM tbe P.LT~ITY f'a5~;..Plt:l1f'Gil'me. the sltuatie;n wi]! b~ [\Llli1m.OIl" '[0< yo,u. n not, clon'lt wOir:ry: you and yo~ pIClYiEIJi!:j, cOOl ([itliJckl" S~'~~fi'i;i'olved tnth.e Clu:::tiol!l,

'lhe, ~]dieJ's, have criedforlhe str(]"Jtgers:abo their :$,b;ip to hal1, and now tM her,oEl'!;,have CJ &rQlee '~O l!eCdlc::t. T~e:i:[most ~~kelyop1ions--comool, h:k:kery, tetr,ee!:I:. <CIllldi ,sm.rendie:r--(lil"e d.escr.ibed lOelow, On.es
thl;i bi;li'oe,s: decide


wh.(I~ '~'O d.o,ref,er

~o 'the ,appm~)Jj.·

1.mder eon tmct ta, tt!li ,ool]ed the Galactic Conca:rd. 'Ibey me a, tml1b!.esnoo'ti.ng ..lnV'esil:iigatmg. and qu]c~.~re:5cll!e 'teCim.t:ha~ interVlene,s.wihene''Vsrr empJorBaS o:~'~he COliloao:rd. ~Md!.as:si5t:arn,~. k th:~'!:H:i~on, 'Ihe he.cfCi!9s ~eed ~lili_g(I]Jt. tMJr Wrll" iu'to ll: hecrvily ~ilr:ded h~!'iil:r OOY.~ill1~ ,~, ~hMr 'J.h;'enefOe!sm:eau.


m.tersteUm or~aliO:D

!ijtQrs:~I:J). cmd stmion.

e{S[:'~ fro:m the Ssfifi,Ru



(lt~~ction. The hm!Lgru'bay J~ .iiJ: la_rge rec:ta:nglda! .cO'x thafis deeper~oo ~tis wide. The tru- '~nd ~. o.:P~1!.'t~s.p~C'e. protected. ~y {:!lJj. mmih[e m(lgn.e,Ue field tha:~ ~now~ wp.s topm;B< tmoug.h but k.eeiPB the stt:!:'Ii!J[!'S ,g~DIIg;S~ phBr9~ru;ida. 'lbe:re errs' lUll other Ships inside the hcrn.glJi[. 'l'he l.cmcelo'!: is parked. a:OOu~:~wo·'lhiirds @f 'Ihe dep&' of lbe My crwrr:/m@!Iii!J. the d.oo:r the he:t'oo~,haVl9 just op9liLiScl. In MtWlEien th.em aD.d 'the'sfilp" c:. squcrdlmn
01 aUEge"!mM~eT,!!stl:mn.d!;;fagt. J!Ofiji:~ssad.olC KEistnrll is, very' weak .kom. hi!!, erd!~l ~dlllJjfpH!!!O~!i!i!:8n.'t..He C!lnJ 'W'rill:,bur~he~,too, weck to b~ O:~¥ fi9ip~fi 0" .Hgh~..B 9£ide~. he'!!li,WlClit .


~Wi)l!!I ~E!~!5old!ie:m, All ~ wflliJe;, thgyhID"e. to m~e sure 'fIO protect the Oal1loord ~_OO~~~dg.j' t]1;gy mscued :Ir~m ,Oi ptisOii.oolli untllt.h.W:r ship is aWay. Rood 'lhis ~o1Jmd Ulatier.ia1~o ilia pJQjiielG to 'gettililem. 1ilI:P'W5~d!. .A:Uer&et,w,e 6'hnt tha '~mIOD m the middle 'ClIfC! ~e\O;!ie s:i.tu.mtioll. Tb'e he~s w,m, need to be' !brav,e"bald ..and ro5:t to sillioape this aHuaDC!mlin 'ODe p;iece. .••


he~W€i:€i!g~hefil ffi'fJ.d[~il!dmn

trmned~g 00 a


If the he~s decide' t~ !l!Urrende:;rio 'l:b.e~soldirrEl:!'!!. tbewhiieU! ,g.mBJ tihem~o drQP lli~~ weo;pons. H lliB he~.s dtm:~~compmy, .tM!. sW!!Je-~ldieg '~1g:cll;(~ "Oom:bcd" below). If 1he beKle'.!'! do th.eil" W'eOpQlllS, !J,WJ ,@f the wmaioing ,l!!iW;ge~~m~rs move over to Hlem and 'l~!hei.:rqualliil~ :b~asLe:r~ l!!pt::)liI them. The '~:rl.h.elS stmldoock in !Caw fh~ ~efioes by s~;;nIlQtbi'n9'.• ,[I '~he heroes I1egHy wentto slll'!rsndew" Am.bcSl. IliCl.dor Kestrul triras 'tlO ~cm:viil!ee them 'Q,tb.erYriJSII3!" 'B"sgjd Uile foJlowing l"@(!(~~

liou were sent on an irnpoocm.t mission ro!!' the GcrlacHc Cmll:lom. The Se.rln~Fb~. n ,aggre.5si:va a alien ~ieJi b'ombeyond ~be bounds of bwwn
been l!I'J.atmg :inolectsmglJ bolde1i raids into CoDcowS:pCroe. On !!l :recen1!1'wd. 'thal{ ~c:e,hcr\l'.e' oaplumdi


ThloKestruL You

ifuehigh-r:cmiking 'Gom:ooId ,Am:b~oodar W,ellEl5!elltto~escye' h:i:m,

Wcr1O,g:oi:ng perfectly:. You qW8t]y m~Uleluve:red y!Diur iSltcuship. the l£rric@JQt~ into (til emp'l:y h6Q1W bay on the,Se:rin-Ru :f!paOl'hsb:lUcillii pIifsO,fi. Thenrou D:l.Cl:cleoUl way IUiiO the del~lllny


Uonb]ook, ~ooatedtbB clIrd:>m.lsador,and, returned to the hcrlJ:grarr. Now aU yoo navero do is: 9"'et ,a:bow,diW·om ship WId 'l«ke aU, lbtl ope~.the d~i)I tI(I 'the h~giIlW «Ili:dll)(]~. A :sqttadra.oo.1 ~m-ftu :5urge·sQl~le~, t;cmds in, s front of Y<lufEihipI One o!' the :50~mel'5:stW1es diNed, ~: }!"QUI andllhautlS. "8.'cil.llright thew!i1

The Arnb~35~dorloo~5. et you lik~ YQU'yl'ii' gone Cfr~. "'5~~d!Eili?" h{l~sk5 ~tadly; "Whm: i!;lnd of .heooi3i!:!~r~ you?' Y'b1llbCl!VQa d.uty~ ~:othe Gal(IcUc COfico:rd IlJDd toy(u.H'!l!{llv'iils. to 5!o:plhesflali~I!, 'm,m:u.-uders ooio[\i';ImQ![a m~o-OI\')!iU wodd:5Is,ufie:r" CQ~Stdfl(1' yc:IW: acti~l!Jis cm:e· fully,. I have lbeen crpriso:ner ,ei tile' Sr;lJ;Walilu. r1md. I~uiliv'e:1lI0 'cie15U:EI to repeat~'be 'experience."

Wb:t:rt 'a~eyo~ '!Icing tQ dlo'?


ueado:m. U:I.8 lS1!llg,8'"1ml:dieI'.s 19~.d. thom Mck

H tine b~s


ha' ,oonvlllllcM to bg:b.ttheir way to th.e

diilt",n Hoo block, r-belfEl, the her.oos <Jl1e sh:ipped o·faU eoqyipm'li!nt and hi>ciked in sepa];(l:te, cel1is, See th.e I>lde:bm, "'.Blreadting Out:' ]ate1" in this ael ~tUl'e.

Tril:king the &,urge!l!!!iDlldier!i
>couldUy af!!y~umber of blitlffSJ, IConS, .oil' Lba slll'ge~soldirer5. Let the pk[¥e~s d~sc:ribe the type O'l~rick lfi~,'1W®~ to trr end wh.at ~bey thin!!:. It willi Cliooompllah. Th~ll naViEl one of '!be h~;roe~ mIlk~ a ])ecepU.Qif1l:~b1:uflsikHl clleck. H.the Ui.ck !i!~ElID5 pw:tiClllla:idy dever to you, give the pl~eI 0;-1 ~l~ bonus {-d4)'or even a. -2 5tep OO!:i!:us.(-d6), rf the' obeck sll.l£Oaeas., tha, s,u[,g-e~ sohiiers have been. tricked. 'Whcrt happens next depends, Dill '!he type of Hick theh.e:[~s. atlewp1ied. Some sort of di!litrliloUon ploy lI'l.OY anow the ber·oe5~.o cotcli7l ~th.e:soldi.ers oomp~etely aU gurud COfRdi gat a free round. ofo:Ua:cJm. If this trick: j1Jl:5t [pro:-v:h:ies 0 DOilUS. of some sod, aoTIilbaE breaks ,ou.tin the fX)Ik:l'w'ing IOilHld '{see. uCombClf" De~ow). II fnsy could. S.OF!ll8!~OW de~hre tbe sold:~e];s nu:rl they're just h:on~£em~gT thEl~ m'n,ilass(lidoil: ullI.der muars, thEq could wsmiss tha so]diarsa:nd 'gaiin a. d!;ilCII pC[~h to their ship> If 1ha heroes Olc1ually· memags '10 diswissth.e S'O:l·· dims." go to the ltextsoanre.,~The Rip~er lI.·ltaeks. "


tal l ta:t.e~; in o:WeIlotrick

== ., ::z::


I ----ii:




Run AwaYI
The ne.lI'Oes miGh~ d-ec:ide b.') .run. o;:way. This [snit reCllly pl'~etir;@l. s~nee they'N,rQnboo:rd aD.e~e.Itly space, S~lt!ltion remd fheir stmsnip is lill.Don't 0:£ them. H thay ,still Wmtt to, ilee, Amooi,;!sacl.or K:e!:ltro1 hies to d~ssuade ~:hem. Read the foUow:i:ngrtext:
The AmtassadOI ]oaks ut.f('l1.1 U.ks' you've gu.ne; C:;!'i!ilzy:"You're mnnin9l1!l1wCIt)I1" he 1(:l3~3disgIi1:5,t.lfl[iI]y. ulIVlha:t kind 'I)f heme:;; l(:Ire }liou? You ,havre a du trI!o 'get .me away :h:'OmthasoB alia!t!!


'the hQroo~ ha'li'Q

II"Qached 'l'ha tome

:£i.aJd that


and hack

10 d



then .1'a:ili, ~be sW'ge·:s~Ld:J:ets: storm. in!o the

sttcrn;hip is in B,O.D'i of you. Notn.tng· bu.t captw-e

conid.o..f' «nd t'!:Uaeik" Sea '~C(lmbClt ~ be;lcw.

·and llIl(E;)l;isQnmeDt waits behind ll',~u.Cons~.dN·

·~cUons ca"l!e~,wly."

If the ihelG9S still derCid.e to l'Wl..lhey OIm~tir,o:cl:: o.oout2.0 metelS down the· cor.ndOI. 'Tben. they rua tnto o ~ortCefield thO!tbroclc~ their esoape, None OIf!he w@CIpons th;@ h@ro@!'; em;! cany,ijin_g ,can br-eak through the iome fil..1!!ld iSo, inst8ClClol: fighlti~g :i.n fh@ .fua:ngltIT, l ..
th.eym.l1Slt face· the, Stl!t'gl1i:-;so:~cl.i8Ii!; ~n~hs corrid.or. The oon'~dior IS Clbout 4; me1ers widef crud 3 meteEs b~gh..There me [lJ(;) otl'lie'l'doors or COll'ido.rs between the lorcefield ,a:nd the· hangm lxty. .!!Ii. :lew' moments

Th.!ii1'e m.B HJ surge.saldi.e.rg gDar-dill9' tbo b.am'aS:' SfCiiEShii.p. M sOOn O:s:tfie hOI'Oe$ decid~ 10 d:mw ~he<i! W6ffl1i'Dns QI[Hi oo.gm ming, a-all l'lr c:retio~ eb~c"'s. Hr!I'I180rnch.p1.a:y@:f mako em w;:tio;n dweek: fur his or ~e:r hero, The soUi:i.ms Ciiet ]fi ln9 Ord.inrny PDds§< 'This surga=solr:lisr5 :spr,ectd (lut andbe9iin tinl!JJgictt the he'roE!<s C!S soon as· they oonJ.. 1Wo:5irOldliQl'S~arget·o: :e;mg-le h~[o, H PO:l;1:s:ibJ.e, tryin.g to §rtm!J 'up to tcme' the hO:I!Q down. Th€i'Ynvold fiirin.g CI:tt the a:mbassodof, a:~
ths S8rm~FllL1 won.t to, k'88p .bimo:liv@. ThaTi' dO[!l't

whnt herppans to tilt@ hsmes.


tth!O nc:rl sc::enc. p.g a wicked MMbmnlioJ1ili.t..e Cbdmmy phcxe.Jl:CIilUy (+d<lJ) to the surge~ld]..A.et a: :n:ewhms! 01 oon1id:ence.!whl!lI'!!< ths hcweb~ edtha ~n '!. ram«ming] :so1dieU! (U's defi1lmed._ 'fh. So. ATTAI:K!I This S'~ebe9'~DS pJao@ i~a the :fi:rst gOOf. the ped. 'U:i·~Y t:::'CiiI1 fWl ba'ck t(:l the hangar bay. a t'hfee"metar sphieu:e.r..!:r$. UlI. 'mld.e com." ..emoe!ii .'crd. tb.d!Q<I..Any.bo.wr:" r (MDV.~ Ufi.' described! crbove takes place here in the de1l:ention block ]Dst>eH:rd '0] the h~ngl!li:r.mg: .mJdjers.Aum::k F!~..jCllnlng ceUs. T:he~ !iidebar: Breakingl Out ot 'they mlgh~ 'CI~U vn.s dou:s.(lan.md .pa. As it ..ims m.lll. 1!!il:l!ne' i!': THE RIPPE:..lh.lea'til'..~~grto ~h. ( ·'ne.~[1t.lry pha!.Rh~s into ~bi.rst 0pP0lrilllnUr" n.er il1li~his a'CilvelL'llt:ure. use ~he doorvllCif lo. the $1.'. Now (:l U'l.l5!l!:!l'by.i 'the h~rolS!:!. eHne:r.o:sss in oocb CIlcli.1.. 10.] S'l. ~Q :Iind thell'lSe]vl2's In sEipm!llte detel. til they .t.cad Ijom:b-C Wl'1h the c:mval o~ th...o!l:lle $hooUng .enters tbrough the 'OO~gIilO!l!lfc ne]d thL'1~..I"'['~e w. ~heY'ruso act in..e figb. If thElM 'mEl Ol:di~l. The pod. bm At the'lEi. but there =e c!. dooTWll'lY in this way provides a + 1 s:tep pe.B heroea hcrvetwo people to re»~e.:0 tfie n.t)ptr.I. I'be C!m.t~qJ&!liiQ:!i'Wllrd..e oov~..ll1l~ion..olhgr emd T wak1l1'up lcrte.so:~wers g. "Thl} R].!! i:noth'f#r C'o~(.[l~a:th to the ·orgWli(.o:dV~f.' her~e~.u..sador ]~'" en :r. spcrce.~tf~redi at.not g. smge"m:Ddlem presen. .. a Ripper . or tiU!1 h81088 t~k ilie cdteil'one oJ fwo o!J:tcome:s '~dkeS 91UJrge..!a~ TihB baro9S: de'~C!!t ot 1!!91lS't 6VJ8 of lli:8Is.sob.Irgle-.nd.ppe:r robot.ef~ bmule tm..).lQl"~.Sic]diJe. fo~t of t_he s~]d:h'lil:s g>e1 behind the oo:nreJQt Q'fia use :i~:oOf pmUcd co. ' !lQdil.oID.k[r:onl! such sl. Go i01':I to.ot ba d'!lIfemed.!l~lIlth... 'fhe t$'IU'g'8. I: .ers h::lirge~~b!gim.sBl~ . say!!! he'S umlz~n'9' fhe. meta:l ffppebda~res e:m.t. ..· i. it the cc:ttt] dO! TtlI..e~hanioa:] \faloe . Therippel' a€~.[ partial eove.. ..tr bc:qr .r favCi:r~.r~..d.!1''l :e:'l... Hipper Attacks.em:r wmo:mi. tbe pod.h p~te11 beh~:rid the clioorway and . g:(lImgr '~moUJglll: P. ~h. Vilh~r.l]lli te QI[:l1(!'f!.. pOW\91'Mhum Ji[]:s fiI. h~U~d ~ sp~~~.. ~titiafi. bt.ellc~: sCi'.ighl ill pos~Uon. :500 ](?b.efecd Ui!"'!oi.!~y . BU1:!:hey have no ~quipment and ne ebvteus meillns of eKcr.t \Vhe:o five oJ t~e ~oJd~ef's go clawn.) me stm.~:r:!"t '9"'00 tlCl thei. of iJaggiM blg.Am.ep~ell1l:1H:r'+d4) due to.mta .rge-.Qs.e comtJat...as a small.'1')1 squerdron Q~ :8.di8\r Gil' :Ie~ ham U\j.l!l:k!i HCi.~Gl¥(ml the re<l!it at rb.:s Ihla timE. ~ ~ . ~I mJn.N~I(lld. A.ml.Je.t:"re~~':!d.g leu'a defeated" see t~er sidebar ''1lreakins Ouf' Lat..ese! tmdl!!Je.tU lhe' nppam' ood.model XJI:-2Ht At1Jacl: i~ :u~wjtSl!h ~ 1 D~iti... . ho:.kind of prQjQr.ppe:r Attacks. coo~~a:t~a(.«ma:~~'s.ou~.=: :E: " I li.~ ClUi.ls: osltlon.ii~o:UQn.ldie. .rvi..ay ~oldje:r. deterrmne tho1 U'.:." U me nS:I)oe.QJd II.a·twm~m~ fells of some.r~ ~~k ..1:n~ we~fi. hlt[[8I©'~sbla:cing.wing te:xt: le<illy don't have a lot ol o]l!1ions~!r!~idedetentlo~ ceH~. to' d.'llt t~ hQrQO~ and ilia .!. Q th~ cell d.:lly e'i'gld ~g. hey cam (:011 to eacm .!l U:rJ~Q::! qunntumbloa] ~noc:ks h~l' cut.ve' 'eachp~a:ye:rmalke an actioD cha~k:hJif hilS.os su.urg.U'N~'!:I:.l~ if.f.nJ. Tbey wO'.. ood! ual~ld tMm.Ij.U'9·e-~Cl]dii.!d!Fih.. floo·5h(lpedves. &ifts 'to.pC{ce. l€I '1. T~ '!:J(!t the .b.e~~ S@e11l9.iE:Ith"'tr wrry.or m~ebd 'OO:I.! ther&ilJterl'l'lM~Ve!'li c .~!ck. wba:t happens next? WelL the MI:'OE!1>.llil:e'IO. If !~ I :X:::.lPQ tbl!1lill" '~'ql!lipm. hero t::~ alsohid.ii.. ."oes . EIU181 of '1IrL&89 OU~Oa(fRS:S ~rlggets '!he start oJthsr secoillild sc~el. ~UJ.l'h1i.C'. th'ef owl mr:€IiiLfOf. m (OOh:eI'Oes fgJt Rlpper-I!nh The be'l..tio1':!.requifJes 'l~e[ii!ie o:f 'lheb p a<rtiQn ~n ~be first: :m'l1f:ld.{:~sci.!fii:'i~te~d 0·1 t~.!).gij es tbl!.e ri.~ kHled .B rumgir.fg'e.hom. bIQil.bcl1'.. S~pIlJat\eS lJhelbay fll'Om """"" .e. rr' ~ ~ it [all 'far Artion ICh. B&adllle' o i:oUo.k.u:u:lup ul:ioo1:l.wmd you. A~i hem who.!!i- I=¥-eI..dmw~ dos8:Ii'.mldisIs.:!gil1nt~bow 1.The "CQmbal". OJ her ..

denly ':::::eI.g. it ]keeps fight::u the rippgr bIkes 101'Poin.estrofed" It mn't programmed '~O accept ~1Ilrtm1dMor to relem in its . fue ~mhO:55adO.I'I prei!IJfS 10 get close a:no. although there mig)ht still be a sUIg&soldler or h'llo in ih0 Q_~ Rread! W~th the threat porwdi by fbe..6.is: dewcrtad or Q.. The hs'roes :should! hCfYiedlj] dear patih to theiI stanhip when this occurs. it ." !i~I!'nl!~: THE LAST' IDpPOruENT 'fhlis see.s:tancls cleat" .before . it the' rippe'f suffers 10 o:r mQxe JPomb~ . projectile weapon wMI@ it is at 1eorS>13me~e:r.e::. c::t' .ti(i"yed. light at' ~h.liOll-Ofid -dice attacks: per r.crtta:cks.ts . This robot fh'. ripper mkre!ks (he most dangBrous.€I..mgel to employ Hs nWliilf bl~dles.. the abl.~ooking opponents msL Yhe.of'ishm damage.r. go on te the third O!>I.i. dawn (dead or unco!l__Sii..und.:B:ll.a:si' Opponent. 1he paOllQ tbe Lcm.celot . The.til.two s.mtentiQn to the DEexttarget. « I:CII =c: I c.... in..aq sha:rt:ls. .faa e:xplod:ing inle<. As seen as a: t(uget gC€I!S.Q~€!S to tbe deck" sptll'..robot 'ShOllfi out or is.1!lgrh to a t.oo. m~ . tar:get. rilpper iJ:ghti!i l!Dli...:Ii I_"""". Wben you receh the ItI:IDp ~elllding to ilieskr~ahiiP"s aido~k. destroyed.:ingl fJrom nl!lmemUi!!i 'short ~ifcuits ibQ.ud.o."The I:..lis its..i:pper robot dealt witn.i.eteaied.hI: of wound dcttma'gi@"it C'.erobo:t's S~dB.s aw'cry hom a.otOlD down the heroes and '!:'ecaptms.ou:1!).k door s.Whim the ripper is a.'0111.. tums U: i. r.trymgr ~.ne stcrts as sotm wslhe rippe'l .. Unlike normal Cf90J-llIeS. or d..

I e 'target but be iSIl ~ CIfu::Iidto up wade:in andsttikei.i~~ . Tb. or bombs.hhnsaU any opp!Jnent-i:nclllding 'the ~s.t StJiOWlll. Huva' each player make pbO~8. Su[wndeirl You '([Hi THE and. they Oem.mmple Unes you. J itlh' 'the central sho:ft o·fthe detention block As vil~ == • L. The d:oore. bay.skill. fonwsr.an.mg. wOil'thy of being my priiSoner. exit to' :spcwe! You have cml.1 kdns . wowld return tlO their ·ghip.The map oil thill l. butth hercee don~t have. Hem are sON€J.He wenm ::x::: iIiiiIii:Il .-d~n o:f ~h.t '(ll!!db:'a:p YOLII wi thtn the :apOCI!! sta:~. the bWast doors close a hlt]e mme. . Recrdlthe k~Uowmg te](t ~(:i the player. The~ rou no1ioo ·the source o.~em~·tch (Ir!rc:limlt th~'m. Cllded in lOiI'·011fids}. ~ha 1Jl.o.tdoers om designred.oelot tell mdke suire :Klu··donll hasn't rusH. and he wl]n~ed 10 make ~u.U: hmder thm:tlhat . or tha lIeroe's f.'I: ·guesm o£fua !!!p!lce s~mlon. ph~~i3 in eaeh .anoel0. SpClICE!'!:ihip Opemtion.JIJI.l'hese IU5ks ale ~C'Iihed below.hideS' skiiJl Allotn.yt''kes ofl. the.it 'LA.UlIE.o'fedi and haw 'W'ldl the· pHot isUymg.~...af t. n Ol'.f5 . surge:soldiers.mhle-ther blg!i!:I. slid 30 meters (m~ln.is.. dann WOlden KJu. If roau-donn is "Y:O.gu. "The haIlgm 00y.g.B&rin-8ui" U you plared tb~ MTElUIJTY Fast·Play Game. Ihroughoult YMI }Qtttl. ~Wcrminu! Wmni!ng!" a: comput&rized.. A wGm:ingr 'ewpts from the .ng them and ~hr~emng them.!Jcelot He. Hs uses his qu:!.f the uc11oo: .s€ln:s'o. TIme is a factor. o ~ha ras:t Qf the heroes wcm. ". how8v~r.eoltmg sassicn bed'ore he mcde-hts w'lay to the La..jJDI1! EvelY round. pilot the :ship.oo:nenter their $b. In roundl. the phu:se5 Qi .can b.cene 14:: .g ·1he:yI'Vle. s!am.rrv~vedU~...ar heir hmo. ~b. round ]11 which the heloe~o. with ms armored 6ms. f.tCl esuiillpe?" fttEiI OlfilQl'ed.space 5'~crtion'B inb~ma1computer sJMem.re:r the b~C1f:8of d1I8 s~rrems and the rumMe cd tibe' c]osmg b~fiSlt dOOrs. ~re kuga ond h~[J.ents befo:w the doors.C!:U. he wa~ falling] . and weU:s up frgID the floor c.ttiun.f how far the doors hmre· m. I that crppecu:s mommasSiive nnd omma than the type "'""10m by the.. No v'Bs~elsmay enter 10']: eMit at U. 'ill'he last time you ~aw him .. One bero .must be designmed as the stcrmhip's pilot. O~)J3'escapes from m'Y . blast doom lcue dO&m~.efuJI end undezwent IC[ quick h.f:'~be lu.n~hip without ·~tnyproblem. Wh. '0: hero uses ths Vehicle Operotion<-s:pace ve. ChIE!!. to Slea:l tbe ba.mquit.y $o~hat shlp~ enter or deprnt. Uf]..p-. dfescriptionso. ot.tt1. In . to boy wl~ a: demening filling the bt.. H the dooT5C'lo~e before the Lcm.cycles open crbove you.dcgk red armor pri:$QIi !:ita: ion. leap into thl!!' S181!1i1.as in Ie! pcsitwOfl to have a .@) hEllOS:::. .rn "I'V'e.l. ~ s. th9Y . knew tn. the Clllil. he ~!n.l!iUrS .6l shudowy daorw'cr¥.action wmul until the wcwden 'emd ramoinlifig sold!iefs are defeated.e·n I'he heroes do. use ·Ihe ~eflS'Of$F or LIDsallie weapom ::liY5tem.of hern can.Q. Utey ·s1ide 3 lH~t8r~ :shut. "'l/Ou lhought.llie doors seed !IUd lock. Play out lhe m:s'l of tlU!! combcrt.celol~ l. . iIlepeat .that orn... You :see a tan fi. :1He carries a na:51ty-l(joking enargy weo..IrllLed tougher owonents than you. tilt! h.Kl1!ll.H the ]bay's. Have eGc!h pl~er make em action check lor his or hel" hero. mQcl:(jl-d. b~irJi..!19sthey want toll€l'p~[ID!a:neIi.pan..1. o::m interSperse wiltb. ThLs .e.is Ume.md walls of the bc:ngm. lIJllcO:fis~iOus or killed.-..oan 81.e.aren't eVe(1'!I. baHJ€! ends wn. '110'Uy ~he Ismp. vo~oe on~01lmC'e. hi1ll rcshes ill Uli9 e fiOQir of tbe' n"cmgar bay.0 be superior to tu.A..eil'l:K]u-doun ereshsstc h(ll1Q'([( bla.OlIl and YOUl pkl~IS .s.vy" TheJil'eleee slowly.!'l.e:n the doors: hCf'lf€l.The hemes shlould Fig:hting Klu. behind any trClcing signedi'!:.IT DB!iITAICLE the floor Thb scene starts w h.W. going througn. The clos~rIi.d!oQrs.:ks netion ch€ck foil'" 'his OJ !lICreg.tandiiug if!! Ul.E. 1.cry reoognizel the ~ wardelJ.re he w.No. wrnniOI Q:~k5" "I don't thillk so . 8Vr@ry .g Ibla:s.y' m·oQi.-donn oonsidem . In. the he\IOes will be trapp~d.ii!s ~he use of either Awcren'Eisa--pe·rcepHon or hlv·eslig(d9'-S~alch.ahem da.m.g._. The wcrdoo gets i<nthe Good phase. CIC't.t doors act In the Marginal slowly slide elosed.eroes. ~ 11.s..i(nT:lb the . Boarding ·'tbe LaRDi!#ar: Wi~h Klu~dlorm dafecrted. he mea to. hWldy· tmck to keep track o. :Lights :flash.1. bloolting ." "Smely yOrU .re I.he.L- :Ie • curod:y of Warden K1.donn head (fu·ecfly to tha 'ClOIDmWld deck sc they CmlI get the ship ready 1!otab o~f. Klu·donn defeat!3 the heroes:. raute.stanon and utm~ ffihe:ship'eo ensor alTr:ry~This: requires. whale! 8Ytiry1hing is inside the v'9s::>ol. n~ad: Sir:ens begIn to a great rumbling S'O'IU)d" I:an :for· A. h~Ol!!!'gby hrunti.mrille to li!io·tt~F. IhtlFe':. Warning:1 Warning!" roy bl'ast doors: hegin to close' 'fh~~ now in the ~ t'h9'J:iI. 0:100 il.

iv.E>S!9S in that round. fhe pUot's: skin check FS08.c1. Blast 'Deors MOoVement.g the ship dlLsoover .. boDUS~ OmiEli'H'}l".e5t~ of playing heroes in ex.renso.I)'lhmg.enture:9.ce. Th@heroes s8lIn:hin. dClmag:e the buge bkr.Any other re:su]t gene~ates llie {.serl'e.is direc11o.c:oeS5oll'S to siorl the Lcmc:elot1i engine Wlci maneuvef it thll"uu:gh.rs skm .ilutingj t'he !ihi.' . .:pm:esbip Opemticnj[:-.. It taUs you how to award theheroes so the :plily. sUd. The bonu~ is determined by the ~UDCe:SS of a S.iV$S..O'i gQv.ers con nlake them bettm.4). 'fha' sh~p's W'i80P'OnlS woo'.p thE'o'ugh the blcrst this 'Cldiv"8ut!UI@ ends. Good~ g aucOI1lSS. 'rrack 0.check: faiiuJe.ut nothing out of the o:rdinW""J has been ieftbehind-n() .es a +1 step pe'nalty (.o) When the pilot :slips (h'e' 5h:rrsni.e blCIs'II: doors ~'Il(lIv. I11he check taLis..€! doors.f.p The pilo~ must gell.i~le Opemtion. .the hero should make C! Vahlde O:p@raUon~spq~ vehicles skiU check.. 11he. 5 11 . AmCiz. the pno1~s skin check: rE!(:EJ. 'go 0'0 to ~Th6 Mi[l8! 01 MlsJorluDe:' the seccnd adve~1U:[ie.space venide£ skm 'Ch'IiICk. dOOIS.. ~he pilot dO!ils:n't gene. (C'ilE!'cok rox"eS in 1m's di. in this beoklet.' +2: step penality (d6). ~ ~. (CheC'k bOJi:es in th.G~ate a toted of 8 su.r'@Ct.Amazing.. '+ -+ .no ~steps (-dB). 50 a: hero utilbing tha wenpons stcrtion won't CIOC'omplisn anythiing. the pilot errn 'geneI'CI~e enough SUDOeS$@iS befali 'th. When everyone is.e toge'lhoeI and slem shut E-very round . 0.~tep5 (-cila:l.of 'the Coooeo!id a[)!d Am:bIllS!3ador KestruL Turn to "Improving Hel'oes'"ut llie be9ll!n. :3 successes. That's ene of the ben .iOll' Pilot Swct:ess imck DOD 01ODD 0 {Bsccrpe!) .bombs..!iii gC:J!]n the' grat· itude .ro usiing llie senscra con provide the' pilot willi a: [bonus to his Of her V!lth.s'1: cWOOfS.00 DOD (d} D. 18 meters ~6 boxecS 'O. no tracking deviI:::8:s" ll.e moved.s . -1 s. Anal the blast doors hUlle movad 24 me1larn: (8 boxes on the 'tra:ck)..9S.reoo)!' te p~ay !Ilg'b!i_fJi.D 'the trrn::k).Good" -3. 1 sU!ocess. D (+2) 0 10(Shut) ~.th.Nlte any S"uc:.allowmg Ilium· ber rn !!luccesses: OidJnwy. lUt:~rth.'P.tep ~-dl4). . the dosing doors.Wg.nin9 of this book. Hopelill1l1. The he'['loe.

Is me prabdhly im the mine itSi9~f.give out whtt~ .twO' dayEi. on :pcg'e 13 show!:! the lllyout of .ip~:o make.." U'l"eher. Ii.mmum. oomputer for common knowledge abcmt th.p dose~ and dock it to the BeHa. q vcducrble EI. whi.lm . v'ou and.l:n. However..iringCUll" o. whim hus been working DIl an tl1steroid in the' Vicek baH for the' past 2: w@l3ks. .cr'skill ch~ek.rpeaks eftha m.":mined ~l"omoutside the BI>l1tu.r-model m]l'Iingr ~ilhipmade by (] com pany called Stm'"Mecb.!!!: he can'~~..mina :&omtbo com- 12 mands.oes want to tI::dk further to GODHfiander JtUi~in.e deposits of rHodil.cord..s are I3'C[U.!!f.tUng It tm:nsmlSaiC1DS.~~e get on ~his (]JS.min. Il weren irI!crmed Matcb. oem climb down o Icddes into it and tunnel'.. wi. as pG515wle.:r'sedrlock .ion.1llC'~ ceedi. the BeJrc.IU'S.. marked ~1 O. dig downward. 1 As ~he advent~He 'beg~l1S.aclioD t<!ilmir'iI and cue .leted.phl.i. at an . Jus. and cenneet tbe S. leases ULe ship ~m the GOIl. says Comm.cmsmissioHs frO'ln ~olllr smp I'el:XChero. hOrimntaUy to find vWucltlJ.i]ctic COlll:::ord.cheek aithEl! sense .os .iIdU .A8 these side tUlHlels (Uta d8p. It's p:m.m em area inside the 'o:~ttefoid. There i50:'t m1. thatccm be dafel.ssi. (ii.p'f. Thell.Awrn-Em8ss-in:tI. aMe .get a: message.. : minifiibl"ship. jrom yom boss.II:'fion Of em Intera:cUon !..lme .. Al~Q.as landed OIl an astBlOid.evening two days olIgo.s:n respo'od to. They'n soon figum out that the s.Lning shlp Beltm.p.ed on g l~ Cl'stemid" dlesigpqted 1"10OOSS!J6US. he'leGiS :is to.Q sbaft..ts manner 01 speecl::t Ula:t he is mooemt9111" cORoomad about this matter. YOU! I. Wh. ~We. The read-aloud SIiIcti(lnbeJow bfmgs~hap~ayem up to speed and gi VIEtS them enough de'tmls 10 beg~n pIny" &eryth:in.onlrnm. The heroes eOJ!! !!. Comm. h!llt doe>sn't n klF.lmd by the l. start ~be a:c't:icm.er.. the B'elmr..cmd.c:b more about the BeJtar.eooy tOI proceed •• QUod the Wis1laa a'n fheir He'fo Folders. Commooder :Michael lustltn of the Gru..heJ08S.e.I.cmcll there seems to be ne mov.ement De<l@SBaty :f01 building the ~tQ:fdrtve that allows you.llGn .allcelbft co:m:pult9I's.. The! shan j:sth.me:ss~ike. oot u DUII:K IIiAMEMA!iTER fort¥' hours . soon. U the . Sm. The heroosmoe dl€1 elesest aroil-.n on the . 'the Q1I:be([erew Iiilembers oithe stmship Lanceloi! have beell.Beltar with their ship's oomputer.normoUy g8~ dimly tl'.a Bellm has bean deaerted hJ'r ne~Idy .e'hic18s Can dock 'without aV'DD makmg . they start i:nthe kU::lIlho!1.I.ell that the Be1tal" still hol. 'ThiShlU-page map.th everything ' Read tha oomd te!Xt below to.Jtar liSCli' shJn. 'Fha cuptain. thill' h.cmder Justin r.PMssul'ed kir mo're imo'rnilat. The coded t:mnsmj~slton cannot be deei. ~s conoorned ohou~ what: hoa happened[ to the mlDer9. .Any hero with Vebi:cle Operail:icln~paoe v..c::ations from the 'mining ship have halted. From !:l SCalUlel"5 OWl safe distance 001 ~toOomElt.gr .is empty cm. Commander Jus:ti'li GIlY.the hercsa meet wit}]. :poli te and bUB.o.. okay. the jump betw913l!i :stall' systems.ete:r. Ute heroes can board the ship.h:e'l"-Q~s caU up inrionna'lio.. and figbtmg olf eCIb~nfevel'.e]SI3.ipped.dwd Moiti1o:.rescuing Ambafuia:dor Kas.'tl't hava' mild sug9ifis~'EI 'that 'the ~ heroes cbeck their Shi.t_rul.Nennal procedure fG'T tthls ~orl of mining ship i~ to land on em asteroid.. ibeBe. Heroes who S.f thai!!"gem along that they cen cony.dw'tmn:smi. thE! adVA'l'!i ture un:i:O[ds.ts power "them.d the Co:I1C'Ofd.dthat the miss:i~g mme. 'the h.hiP'3 bottom doekin!1 sl@li[tvefo the' . but we haven't 1t8'Cll'd fromthe B'altar siDce .rn and dOI.tlw ship's scanners indicate ]S! rich in rboo:i urn.~ sh.oold become dear IllS. It dioe. When [he foUawing: .en pressurized.5ent to ifiv6st~gate.IiI th@B'eUuI :mcrp (the a~:dock).ch.. Ge:s.m 1fiay board the ship. "P.m' d.h. the Bel~ar.g &.p" you .nm lcomin.crgo"one' of the' millers w{I["kmg on INFO 01\1 THE BEL-TAR Tin. m. powerhll coded :rc.lle' is. .t tht.awaiting yow: neJd mis~ $liOD. ~heym-9 seCl~~ecloff !IilJJd! oew ones are s~(lIrt8d. a Co.emen:t Doing on within the IOinilP. bring the'u sni.else :sh. .o. It has l..rmr }la. nnd the workers.owmu. they diSCOliret that' Thel 'beiSt ~or the.:z::: . OIl}[~Otl:Sly' .rrin just under two homs.andet: N Justin.e~oe. cm. but we'd like you to check it out und mll1re sure 'lh8¥'.lbab~'y something as SiMple as Q.hi. hm:ksn transmitter. The trcms:missli.'tappear to bave 1lild~E!d any damage. Saltu!.

...... -I =c: """" ~ - ..

Ql1tWi.ZeS with high-tech _. (] medi. one' 5ht:p.tar {)! cytiElruatic eye.an 1!:I!I'lSW'Ell !tom himafter on heu .md !:pQdl'. He enjoys wwgCllJ." if they d@cjd~ to gret.l. . the B. a.trymttn. 'a tunnel broke into 0]1 open area. mJjddle·aged human female.o:kmg bribes. no.Ql on the ether slde of the inner airlock door.eomiortQ:bie. d.. !\Iiln Vareet:. Et'6.t (which conloins more . mld computer term.c'h is rOEJs.l'l building.'tor is 0: middle-aged human male.m outside th_eouter dOOI.p1:ilin Mo~ch is.end 8:C:[IIJ:pes on it. Interior doom open oj tll1e~e!>s of a button.achinery.. p~oceedl to the section culled "The BeJI(J1.g OJiobl. OJ! ccuree..gre illu:m.e~ '00]1 thel ~mleJ:' ahlock door :shows. naill.ve:red wilb a nonskid podthct has 'Ill lot o[ scU!ffs.ndin.Uon.JJ:IHID vrilh an obviou. Nan 151udied s~ismology and! geology in collegE!.][.BeJtars (Juter 'ClIidoc:kcycI@~ open with a hlis!>.ting. stolfage comWIr~~ ments. He is et. Sbe has bO'Dn working with Motch fer three years.b. rul'ld to the stalnspcmeL .B aN!l didn't appeelf to be (l nerturnl founa. they went aftm: him.":i!uding. He was train~d in the Concord mUUo:ry us em cilibome ~n:km. He is ~W. kll:wenlOl'OOmcnt job io~ !. Whalill Ms leUow minem.g. I:a.:ty. !\"i"~rtMedh:: )ac-li:s·oo is a male hum~ hom on Spes.S9'1l'Sn.eva. A-rloek The . She keeps emotJioDl!ll:lly crpcsrt from th~ refit ·ofthe Crew. b~ smull le1edrlC lights. 0.t. bones.ed text '(w'hic:h yo'llt can nmd oloud to the pl.S 1"OOM b1l2. and. probably due to her mS1'ory .:hnh:al Offt(:E!F Webber is a human mode in bis late tweuti@s.cmd his PQfiUng tothe Beli«: b. one has returned. slight mustache. l Luter hOiSbeen pushed into the lcorners. ~:ntemell. Pay. if not 'e:ntiIely homey or . He likes electronic 'ga::mes end holcmcvies.of Each Tbl. BaUer'Bdl.once th'El" hcrU'9 ilinisbed lookin.l' newest member of the UlE!w. Mot. musculc::r.to the mine CIS :~O(JD (IS pos:sible" 0.crin:!. Incarcerated :&eileraltimes fore!d(JrUon beowas: released to hl~ CiJrfEiil! posifion ·after bemgrohabilitmed. ~h.Q AppeW'Q:pi\:&. A E:km'ed en9'm~iI'llr'(I!nd computer operator.9'ssedwith control.ocmce~ MedIum hail' and becrd. t:rBw of .i1:.Jo.LT. iWinl!lI" Nan is a youl'lg human male. Enginl!lBriDg RDom THE BELTAR the. height. and.llIgr rr skill check • l'i:IS@r.. two. a. he hers been keepinglha ship Il"Unningsince Molen took over as capto:in. l(l. 'The !iOOms .qye.:d!d~9 h1. a section o~ oox.e floor is. He is scxrcastk l\lI!'!!i'f:O[Jl" Appearance: blonde hal]".Dd inquisitive. Even fro.prom.. .inf:o:rma:tion that can b~ dis~ovelied if fhe DEH'CleS look around).1Ilmi-:~ sprnc-. dc:nk skin. Yitti! sli91btlyoveorwBight. "l'hl. orwer. he l'emains 'Pl~sant. Appeoarance: TaU. He is 0: third-qenemtlon a:ste:roid MD1:lIi:h Klr1!ijol. eventually the enUre crew left the ship to inv'EisUgafe. I[:rewof 1:hlE!1 Be. His has: a fondness foe old ECli!h muaienle.eH .eship.. shori I\loll1lta. TaU. Any of the berog~ win be ab]eliO usa the' lilBypad.[ . emd no. As longcHl the crew de-iei's to rus outho:ri ty. The Inner airlock door is. :l:ooms of thsBellqr hali. o~.u.il1ent nose end cheek- the Concord for the po::st eight yern5. PUnt. 'The ship has ortWdaJi. !!ij'I!IE:uf'. dirty ~se'rv:icepCimels.smal] graphical display. oo. long.ny~.gbaccommodatioml to make it livable.I:9) and regular ~e:1C.idlIl~:981 . :ilO he radioed bade: to the ship ond 'Went In to lock ~Qund. r6'v@aliI!!g on lempty airlock chember. He joined.gr romoved from.Miner 14 'Yatil :is c qli. The strdUB 'panel c:antainSG . floors me bm:e mekrl unless otheIWise. - and !talkative.:m. (f sarles. HGll ways and I.lo:isine the walls. 'you can see that the stGltUBPmJ. . expa. an alp'hanum~d:1J keypad. hoi'!'".nd the BeJt.y Nes." iI!. oil s. 0'01111 Short..green lights. very thln. his Ilrst mis~fon in space.:LIil:5 . Appammlca: Short C:IIl:rly. stiU inane of hcrin Janet: Wi'iIrholl.. OlD the othelf Mdl. broad.enOl\d hem been mIning 'C:lllp~ain Ior nliner. MOort bJac::k Warhol is 0: proianity"spotl.way com~ IDuni'oatol' that connects to III similar pWI.eheroes Deed '1::0 find this cut over the course 'of this adventlU:I8TIUl B~Jfar is.. fair :skin.l of fhls room. medlum-lenqth ... AppO'amncre: 'TcH.of depre:Ei!!ikm. black hrur.lthusig:~tk Cl. dusky skin.incrWd. Appemo:nce: Slende:r. 'to'open th~ airlock dQDt wi thou t maki. He took tnE!jo·b on the Bellca anI!:U:' Imlsterin910ut of thea:nnecl feecea. App~a:. pot roo t«ncy and bas enm.Tl!. [1 t'he haroas wish to look mound ~he mining !Ship.mmted.mr" Move ahaClld to the section celled "The' Mine. Walb!F jackson.aJtar crew o1ter bein.ng'fl!'!d Webb~l!".ted!.

llS.. either 'o~ tnese .n~of gra.a sblC... 15 . Sketdli 'Oir trac:ellie map of the BeJtm fOfthe~]a..y.rL!:.ir. ~ 'and o.s c:n. . .n:.e fooltlocke.6I IEio..' . OJ.m Y~in.i'10 d(. le11l15~.c::lcrwB c.chair is: cO:DlsideraMy larger llilEll the other two.lQC~ B'e-lkl-r. in the O!~te:roid. to Nothingr~iD! the!iibip ha!O tll~-'El~ :mcmu:aUy '[tctiveded :5in. need!11l! 1.(-d4) to the~r :Knowledg~Qmpu ter opemtio. btl!ttoif. Qmoy. de so ~. hl~t9riQg:l ~ru:t..r ~etmJ:fiO:~.u.and .. i!.oB Aog-. c:::::3 :eli ~I ~' 3.dab Wl th~ pQ'We~ OU:t(plil.v ers: .~f. Anyone w tde:s to ]!Jse the compu.d!Brrxm.g Hgrht buWbs). €r'i'€II!llh.t in.w ofth!l!' &l:twb~t i$ tn'l[!l_g tQ bid¢. The cO'"mm1i.a~DSlt. W~bber. AU o~thB . fo:r 'a.E! ~ng~e" power 'c~n~umpUQn ~_nd ~~.lean .G bElLIy r:C'lll helleh {le([rlmgio~h€lllli. ·the £1.sfiO'ped ~oo-. 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BE! t~lists 1 1 5.~.k.'h~·~(m[iPiI.. and a:o:de:n.) the cam.luding: iDpictu_Ul'.te~~.as a pBIsotlal COm.Ul.. oo~tni:ni!l .set whh diCl~s.1 ~].f ~(li~~ atI.. ].1dlough s.t of these panels ."1I]. '["!h.@e:r::ingls!Bc:ti.. h gi~8d 'for a:we!rl. An.Q~!J ifU hadn't been hm~en. dis· play monitor i(:li.o. !iii. (ll :bQo..6. 'and m:iSlclEin.h . 'They ~ir'e pw<.e:fed lowV:-aIHje-d haw.e oDm!rI[U.ot ]goti!'ElOfeflit '!'he fifl~t 011.:r-e. Iw::lc:5Oll'is m.mi1'lle·RMthe rotIlmalldm's mcrml}eil' 'OJ speem tha1: he :L5 ncw'?eq wowed <:!"bout . OI11t~ side tbe front of the ship. ''iFhe break dOlOliS!].t all Ordinm:y 5IUOC:e5S.dgl! iFo:~~e:~edl the well opposite th_6 doors to to this n. cg.r oontc:rins CI Wleren"sized jumpsuU.bc:ron.puS~edj a.w.. "he lelt side belong:s 'toi:b. a.g..gh~ha:1 ClnYOD. B~'ltatif theyw~s'h.tilile ~ideof tbe bed. ccr~s.0:1 the Ths :st.ce.S una se[1]j:!IiDr8 lS}'1ffl~eRts.e mMd:]e T .A large' footlocker i::!.. The r~gb..l'U.e!fi models ·01 SiMps.ters.AoycinQ who ili/as 'lOUiSe the OQmpllli.osophy. and mystilrnf ar. The U~U~fi. Wm:ho. 2A" i!llld the one on.Ill~'" EQgs c:cmtalin t:h:~ capb:::Im"s. W<nhol.lcn-ge reingef" a:tor and a bed big' '~nou.·~h¢d. WHh.c~w!:! ~how .wy ]Q~Og!PeI~ de-cQ:r~te the WgU~ • ..ndy W'N:lppelt~..in .on.D. dedd.on1:ain enginee:idJ. The' w.(:omputa:rmo:nHoI's.!. Tn. ~t as m]n§d h l.a:Si5mtHl. ~ hg~ ~Q r!. ~becomplLlt!lilI\5 :in.. 19..e~tbe:r 0!J:E:e}.. Mml:h!s pefslQnal stash '0.oo~ with h@logmphiic pidures o:f o:UI'ClcHve m !J:le figbteI pilots.pGgre 14.9 hladJeproOOhly would 'he O'l:r. tnB engin. C!J1elw':.'rentgDd.s :is 0: large' cu'['veii. The meat iSlm.:. .01 make a i5uo~&ul KfiowledJgla-r:omputer opaj'qtiot!i This L. !ill.}g' tooih" s pale p«nlli (inC'!uliim.e bu<t. The floor i's coveood iEl! a d. lanes" and p 1 spru::s vehicles hanging bom the cei~ing.i{eyoocr!t'ds. Gen:era.52: "Ymil~gmup bi"o~eU\~·'aUg. she or he.w\eo~: irunk:.t:side is uSJIlodi by Walter JackiliQriI.V9 toopelDe]. pu. COO!tlltt Co.e< 10.. ~d ([ b~eD SW'Or. '!I'h@! cmdr]e m th€ swon:J! :is.a.foo:ms. 't!il..~raij'e compmhnent::.CI].iJn]ccrl:iOll. 0:.eb... The.umble short·fiber cmpet.i(~c:giO'.gel'aIiol wnta:in. and!the. and Uabeled hunk$ of meat &OM various cm~moJ:s Thh. . p~yd1!woQri'C~l pmnle.k of boob.l infu-~m(.1 his :lavodte food~.hm hC$ h~Pl::$l~d to the cmw. :Pooters 'Clfm.Thew Om]' dK>es.'tseem to' be aIlytmngo1!lJt QflnQ Q~di~ ej]jg~:Q. ..t: 0.m thelllicmd10... .9ft comer h.!i~tlBroid.m.de.y i:nfmroafjD~thmt cowd be dli:!.Oil! (( werel!l:.L !!lila]! check (with a -2 :6~ep' bonus m. hem is ahle to dte~elfilime ilio:~: ~.book :is.. an.v>@~i:g~te·. bon. .o]d. h.jO ~bni~ ].e ll'el'tm's piIQ1.. WOOd.@'W ~nfQ~Q.!iliip.(l waren would not findlbJam very appetizmg.ef' JS~i!1lIlice. I tite. B.... Compu~. fee] free to read C'l paraPhrase the inwtmla-' ~ -r"'iI1 'lion in the si.IQ11' . The ]CI!s'itw·o~ecomE! ~te the Ollly OJ!!~~ emf .vwed wHb.. Three.':. brief :b~s~ary.nQ)St:li mllltl9:rS..and :shmp. te-xt (:)f~!.rom the cl:"~teooid..ent of w'&ren :persMQl groom1l'l1gi~mms {too~:!. or Spaceship OpemUcro skill deck. I-JII""'I -¥ no thm they or Spaceship Ope'Icdior. the b]m:le is mlssing.€l1i:e:rs ~m.n.iFls books (lW all about c-¢nS-_Pltw:::y tib:eQdoe. .s 1'0 mcr"e Awarenes~Hn'j !Jiticm Oir Inter-action :slCill. ~...il1lto 'Cln open.ibecls and.te~5 hOlte get:!> 'el -1 step' ·ho1ll. n the here gets at [OO'.!jt:Lo'naD reat:h crQrwm~r..teres.¢etingl'OOm..i:n~ sbo:ft)' i~ op~H.~H. c.(Ir ma1Jriiricds.0001" in. w:sco..p : I""T""I '0:1: gny ·01t:b:Q' Qtbel's. Th.t~.on (CireDl :2~ c<:mb~ di~gv.Q..ke9phlgi .. The ~e1r:i.e:r J1tl$1~l1f!!'~l'!Q tM. (The room on the< leItllOO ~ompartmen~: (id: th." .ml\owt::Om:mcmcl deck me 0: wide lSImieiSi of :po:n. :stab.

po]m~..tl8d.1dI to one of 'the two :p]OC8' ·semng.ecfi' 'them" .A smon oook m!.s.messy.~ (1:51:it :l:s Q"~m8d.1P~]y clQ~11h~ being! hew..old. The right-hand side cdso. Webbel"s mea is ..Sil'l ~ifjrto ~b@91:li cl>i!1i::ilIi.. Thallemmmder IO~ the oabiE. amd.d g:bgttemdi rootlocke..o h~~l an sEitV.al eif€lc. . Th.iewel:'~ A.Ie<s'toll' PtliYlavrn: mod. '~h&.hrouS'b. c:::::3 .gh-q:Lmlitr· beer.~u. h~ld5j: a :small kHche:Iilluml and pcmh:y.p~~ooW.e. .~ov..e bed.wt tbis ma'CiI:mlLe~ O!il!i:il be @~!O~ ~h clo!>ed.he.ofiru~ers.il::eep it. has a: bed. very~e:55. 0'1 lile~5UplP0I1 .~om the uiIldJe'l5me . OO:~Q!Il.y. 'C'.~ls 5h:.smell (lit choiColate :is. to mmn- tainil'llgl' tibe :ship Is.!l'Iel :fm a weeil!:~ cmd numerorw.ot the'l5h~p tmO'lJ!gb. .anddi:n:i:.~ mQt~'mJ]. . Thisequipmen'~ eMits 'Ill cyclic rumWing1 . a: fireaxtmgiWsb.:dor.tmms c~othe!!" :Bome aM. The' Boeltw . This II . This lalL'~e (. .es of..tbe.5ic"a!s. (:QOO.g. ~d hi!.e liJ"e-i5uppmi.ed with.a:sCl beet a tootl~! emd.e tunne]s.~dlm.~d. 1. PayeIfCl:S footlocker (Oi11 the lftf~' Q:m. pelJ'~ :SOll.food ~.l11c crystalis IOf Earth 'MIiJ.compu:Lm 19 load.eU 00:51 a po:rto:bte'ho.crl8~y i'OJl[l:OJ oomputar.~mnelf.o:W:n.€I to th.o. The iilm..t has "S:rO:MG~" :stenciled! Any it$~ thg~ oo~ld '01)fm{1Uy !be tolYicl h'! rn r.s am ~9 m(1gn~ ~~.ime:ll cd . The left·-hcmd slde b.m. kilt. ~ z:::: cmw !(lOOm.oompa::rtmenltb.y T. .UB~ ThiS! is Q.h~CB i@f 'I'his (icbm. equ..a. "fa.tl~SO' loontmJs and :supportB the en:nllonmeld ·of. :mosks.NanVareet thi.cabin.g' m spoHed :0000 ha05stcmedto flH th. w. 'fk'JID!Webber OOJ3tni:B.rammedi lmlN @~ry aVl:lHcw!e SP~08. cleaning supplies.ecof andh~ve the :ScmliElla~k of legard 10:1'.[.idga balds a: d.ell. .nUle lr.t~O£mDM@.'rt of: d.cke:r contains :some persQna] e-iW!:. :mucil'lllar._.g. becmtS"e it .puter (IDQ Il htIlld·held v~dw~i.. lE'J1Fo!llg' n. C'lLxwnllytumed .JlI QOIf! oJ 'l:ffiIel~abI@lIl" ..!iiI . mwe This small utilitr closet 'oo:ollc:!ii. (lS 'the" apprecIme the sam.ns (II &st md.ihm@ me .. T.t.roe!ii t«ke th'El1ime ~o look hi.a:irs. ri.e ki. WG~e:r ri[llg'sj spmB. i:mything mom than Domi:no:Uy eleen.~.:rlgh t ~~de . AU are made o~ tough pJasUc: IIllldweitw.y U:n:ddrilling M. CO~oI ~~ the! IDllgCg.. '['b..hDdy 1Ilem: .ge phlto} with :IIlO buIrne. h~. abihlJ' ~o :keep its! inbnMtants aHY. :§## : •a= .y acoossihl.f (:liD. Je:llJ..easJ].en crew m_'8H'i1tJerli two mo. 88v'8rm cwdbo~ boxeiS a~'!1i! lit!iillw Wldef~e b8d. isSUed 'Wi~h 1'WC l\eC'lml.on.trud:_.ms i~ the :food.'tis and laUe'IS frolil!l. ot11el' mis..r~lyne. Jrightly CQ~oI. pmJo!!oplty.ise that quickly beoome:s c:mnoyin. The foot~ lockBI 00.'Iil M.omelillbott].. .!t (USgmI¥.ngTOirea Q£ tbe Sinip" The pcmfry is filled wi~h enough.vo'liedi.@Ithe.y WIIllpper:5i. eJdm vacuum..el.ll.tliile.e:r.ithe.l<Dwi~ 'Il.m!(tg@l]!e. cUny dHihS\Sl we s:t~mdl on.n:tns or' More. utl:le efiod hM neen marla 'lIO. :Lon..be~mt'iws two ~ea:ls molder o.aslcle &omthe oondi. 0:(00: lsnot . mming :!.the mme.JlO.t :ships ..OOUiS l~ems common to supply closets: '9vE!lrl"'W'heN.ctliId lElcJ'mooEia.1I1i!l d:oor:s leadin'9l0lh~li.g hos!Els eXJI:end. photm Cif groups ofpoliae.oaUaIl.l!!::imoytrl and . milD" bolo· grap. ~~gilg.ts. 13'tacikoi beer batHes.AU '0'1 Theililre section of 'Ihis cmm. iClB.. " The .liuas a. is :somewhat IIlmKempt but net em:t~r. .l\li. !he ~~>El!!lt ~~~.L. to facUitme a~:r.t is :hm~U.cllcrr. Dome..1. p:mpcn'a~ioill.sIde Oll. cooin i~lit!. t!lldf-ooUoom b()ld yet m9~ grames.g. [f the he.. Ihe mlbin's len baHi" M:on:~aiIliYI!:I~.ce.l.wa]h along 'this ~oom. The books on 'beet's side Wle' an vmi~w :!'eli!Jlioru. and a iiOOltrnooker. ocn. m . a 'OOIIIpacl !emgerr.e room" . . tbUs:side loob relcrtb. the .g:Ui~CIl' ables t and e~gh:t cl1.t~hQD d"oo.~ 8bln~ at the bed's mot....a!Jb.mn::uJatiiCl:tJi.w.wwth ~.p. Que. .Iompm1men~: is de.ed cabin. bel'le.organizaU-CD.pers nos: been h.eo:ltI:edly :pu:Elned.mterlJop. under fh.eve~whe~.gfi. 'il hcm.The tables we covered in c:md. Th.. eooin.an mos.~lo&e~ ~d clY. Um bott'lOrlt rem do::mgr siIeef'!{6 Wld :m:t~t:ha :milll.'h~dQ~i!'of thB< ~~~a. 'CInd. m~IQo:U@... ~.ts end a . LiII!i l!iiuppart .mp~ ~1.hls fuot:iock:el' 'Call tamil. with plh!!Ii . L. hwdtes ·!OW.l5den. :pile ·of cODdy wr:o:.~Wine5 re ~ 8'~nchd up n8~ to~~m.B .ebOO:I!: Is aboUtCl:OO~5pirm:::y by fhe govarmmLent to control 'FlI~Ople':9 m~nds ~. 'l:akie:sup m~st of ~hQ ~eft wan.e.e so. g~ 'lI.tk~.I.kjj.rm!ld].ipMeo.mm8'~UJ .ge:l: '.d ...'ldic~_lissicm&.lQ~p.A ~arg:e.

.SS these to .aifkl(::k~t¥pe door in th8flioor.cr~r n the' i '11 '7 . ~t. ..ts.lt1estrange crt f[[st.0.U.partia:lly clog'g'Eld })..tha mine.. and! crm. '~ong . d.ds~en em.efresh the' oxygen ~upplies in the suits}.<:n's saaled off pod!S ItJi 'Ihe min.The na_now iunne.emhem.s:!:~bemm. The ..roe:s timt This wide.:I. . THE MINE At the' a:tgrt o~ this part of the ad:veJ1tme.wstores lli@ ora mined.. Thm mine is ~n.str'Eiieh out irom the 'i!l!ft woll 01 dl. The.t rller will qwddy get used b:.fs. '.dio. the herees sheuld huv'e o:une through the :spacesMp Belkrr and decided to ente'l the tnwe in search. The de OF!.]s ~W'ist frequently." gtcrr.vement in.eir gem.lcryer of any hem leJt beh~ncl jn 'fue BeHm 0:( th'e ..:l."he doc...rto this.tyh:'!.aller sections. r. Cl ~fiter time ~f necessaq..tillifR. c=t ::z::I '---I .g1. Try to make sure ~he heroes stick togetber cmd lent.e:cmtes hove be@~ml. The doom allow the c!!".crtougb garment thm not obly~a:intalm: 'w pi:ElS'erufe: but preT'he dTil1~.iecming clothes.tach :sClooplhat ClutomgUoony oonnte:ra:ds whatever mass h. there :is nothin:g unusual here.aoonouse. The drtdn loo~ Ifke ~.Ilmost nothing. and ore sjfte:n.iti-EiS. of the mi1'lsimg' 1C.rU.Joo.r show1s. Br'ood ~et(li:] shehring units .ing ~pmMt . .oj 15.v'id.s~s&<:tioD.On it.ejfS h.e s.§. ndo 'three sm.n bonded. l!lhDwer This is a lib-o.wnpl suits (lib. by th'e ~oWJ9T.Oke~with .Aswl~h th'~ ba~:hroom. Th.rkerstypi· cally eacll 'carry !:i! vacuum .. to re:v~ n is about Ciim"l&. hu.0il'l.u.Ctb.aking . The crates contm.y weren hmr.en oondtes (to r. adventme caned "The :Mine.an eleetreaie funnel oa top. end rock dust 1'hiscilmpa.ilirly large o"Sfennd. decide to go m~o the mine to :eQnUnUiEi 'ThE Imge romn iii bull t much Like a w..''t going to ha:ve mu. WQrke.ravity en i the CIllt:emicli is abou't one-fourth Earth normal.:mw.lcrncelot iSl'l.peb'blel\f\i# grit. req~be:s that: ~:herebean allowance for some ha.:f. doors in tirl3l tU!ll1ile.aU.have bae.for th. The jrum..t!ll.rOlUy roo unwieldy to be UJSM m a :fight.' when they lecrve the.. Tbray used. 'of gro:y p~m3Iti-..e'v@n crew Dli. It connects to.cm.y:. Bathroom This Ia a:batbIoo:m" A 'tQU. plasUerete (€I fcu.-proof J. I-I lEi. The flOOi Is Jitbe:ted with sm.wer' unit and full-body air dry'~r that is also used fat c.the size o~. downwr.l·cmnkedi airlock dootE: on a Thb. 'l'h. b a CQ!l'~i'ent pJc:ce.k and work l~e dell!! whse. :S'bod metal ladders .!..so heroes won't be helped or hindered I. The siheh'tN!:i t~8~!!" IBJlplorcrt1.e positioning . proceed to the section of t'his. air1jg:h~. the :mine through the beUy ilIiir[ock.~twliiltgh c.!:"ule-$~zed.u to .rlme:rd' is whernthe CIel.!or the. The p. The' door iii.th. ~:hB vertical shait~ and . . ' human thumbnail. (( stollage haHway open when th~' he.ic 'crates. 110'W'Ei. closet is di.. thE! ~ you CHe wearin.area!:: []It.. G.oned poole.Each nugget is abon1.t o~ the 100m.ey w.mCltik just i~ lease the 'oir goes: bad in the tunnel.~. ls Ilnsd 'with vmroUID masbtmdl feiPllcrcement oxyg. Mining Equlpmant 'ID..ery. hom dSteroidi:!!b9JMe cleposi1ing it at a COII!oordi feoJin..e'.dwn tdrn:mo. The heroes will bd lhiE!e . combination drills: and cutting g bl"de:e. The mJp.rk:nes5 sxtends TIlls m·ea: ha:s CI ]a:rg. The om siUST looks ll~e a b1!.e compartlllJeDt in IIOWlEI.e'.6. A large oabine~ }m:f@' holds tlOiletdes. There is IKIthing aut 01 the·ordinary im the lxIthroom.~ge:n!e.et«lladdJeif below~ s'u.m. W the neJIoQs..n-s.bmminB.e OIS a group.ippUes .e.9 were depleted of rhodi nmo. i c=: II""'rI :::::z: O(rlUapses.al these points . tliun spaoe. A g-rav shovel is a. SmCIIU CIIrtUic:ial lights affixed lotos wan interrupt 'the' da. We. tems UQ'a:~llBt lwj'WiesiIolJ) sharP rock.!I~t:i.!ildl. As the. m.avit. :::z:: IP"I""II ::z: =i-I c:::::Ii :c ~ rhodi urn om . dl'ilh. mme shaft is vBqemoo. ~ ~ I ~remWed with.ew aCCI1l.The aiI'lock on the floor is 1he mine ~COOS!!! hotch ." . About mle·fifth 'of t~.!l.stow Ul. open. hen..lIIrd thmugh n.gnd :. m. and other sl.€ic..geUing epoxy resin) t'OI place.iDI tttk:e up m05.of the side 'tunnels.. aocor..i. high·.rs didn't 'want 'W wastB lile support on them... The first seetiim.:n DUg:g:e.there are twe col U!DlIlS >of ladders..pl:>ui t ~ . ~o its waUs ..!:'u'ea is. The semnd is il gunnent mcli!: 'dIat :bolds ClIl ew Va:C1.to allow eai:!Yclimbing.ch tn do.re.. main vedicaJi.pty hWlgE!:m The tbird 5~ has porwble.

.drohct.b.tum d:c:mc.lev.gr .~~ 'tcir:to fan and pl'.~S'~e!t~:r~ o O'f the.t.llJ1~'Il ~1mn.e:l:''ell:a ledge..ak:e CIi.~clm:tl. I~ m~!.t mew.el t'lilbgt!O.' ome . the BaOOIm:C:. . .C5!liO!ii.!".a.4+2 points of fall down ~he I:jtnaft. st~g l~m:i@n~ a:remm-:ked Q~the thg . ~ 'S 1'.. :Z:::' 11.We •.~1Ii! EnliE!lring' t'be lIin!E!!! '!Shaft :bh up~~klled lin'S!:] 'of 'LhemiQe i!O< 'CQn$~cle!(red(!II. . bUit nOll deadly..W 1.ell" 'W..) The ~]iiiI.:p~a:ca6!wil:hout reool!lli.b~t not :shlHp !!O!1IlO'gghlQ CIilt -tnrou...~.biheaClCe.. 11 so<.Ql.d!~ ulII...u m.r ill haH) ta' eU~1bdoWDthel !Oturdy W.e...l o:fthe mm~mth~ltJ.g[.. easy m. ho~e~ brin...~~ei5 OD ~~ght.o bring Ugihill!.lCCieS5mean:s.wrillo5G 'tUMII~~S (U@ gorilla tOI run in'to rob¢it~ caUe-d (!WYQi!:i~lldrt~iS 'fhQ'ir ..!J!C~i!i!o melJD'5th"" hew ~jeni! die 5tWl!>.. be or the hMD WQund d. check:. artiticial ~.a l~ghted u'll:llUlel:.helro amly fil.wIlUng' injury. a JIJ iligb.on tl!!. B~tq.~crgl~' w!l.. ani~'E'Hiiin. ~t~clI.lg:h.tU:~ 1~. QI 'l~@mll'!8 'lh~~Wl!Il"II :!iitUWbl!mg:~l!led .!.iMl'o!ii ~Q cl(l!!!~doff Alpha ~d Bet~.~t a~~ ~~~ed t@fi: _: o~'~ bOil"eUi.h:bcq. a]1's1utIL pomts axe liegamed.ttile he'loos ha'li''e Ughts.C~n:! ig:.d fOQth..oans {\Of ~he .ge' {in other words.iwsr ". flioo:r" nd cei~ing m: Ulelwmels are a fQI..gb1!Eieve:ry 110me1ew.ngh.fue hareas ~~e b.ooM mlI.sklll . .'Th~f.ght is ~I'). ..OO!iiWiU diloco. A G~d Q:!:. ~.lwmi d4 WQUndpi. rn1 ia @Ill.ex~e~:i~. suH<e:fSd.O . .ch'ecl!: to see' U 1he>~e i~ Wlgtb:e~ rQbe~.e..ellltur·!I).cd. (H'lieverlwtd lIiibaJt 'O]lclithg most TEI. Of [}. below <'m51lm:etOO.to '~.checks 01' ~e('ltohacb" '1 B . dmk.the h.l ~\d.. '0: CfJ!jtia!ll~G:Uum..nothing mlee:'lMgm the bottom ~f fuLl!' :z::::::: >. ladder a:!'lid.thB hero. If: ~he oosu]it: is.l.~d fe!bQ~h d 'lhsl~.aOiy. (The OOOltlil de5a~p'tio:n!l Should a hei10 jump she mus~ m. but Ute b. oi: thee m.ythi:ng st:a:ange. they can. Amcmin91 51. dim.ss ladd. :lOill9'bo.) h~s d .uho~!> w thQ:m .s~ll.i!'g. Th'!lith~e . .ru g: :s1mldiem:! jump5wt There are p~SlJltJ0:1hml. run :U:Cim 'lhe W@. ship into fl]. As ~0IIg: a:5the h~iI'oes O1ren'ttrying an.QV'eilO:~: the :m~ .~. e:n. tne.c:Ld5 should SOIm.af:te·r a fi. fhe' nloi5t of ~be :mine .d Stall':!.to see. thCl:~ Sl~ooD.Qi.~i. (!lDd ~heMroos need.AJipba.!l!l!.teir the' mine 5ibcdt.eone' wanttQ climh orlO1l9 'CiI: 'WC!l:llO~ up a vertiool s. :s.hod~{)nt@.An Ordirnuy l!. mund and! joiDS tbe :!igh. fu.willh il I them Ii Ilhey ward .c.. ~gd ~~ Th.k-.p~~ 'of reg.1. There is.mtmmng' COli . lile :ElUippol1 i:s . Tbe pads.li:n ta..e.dist«noe before grabbing onto the ~ood.Qm. ~b~pping the A Ftclhu@~$1il!U~9g~S ~ C..esh The 'them~!!l~lll..tI.

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U'Would lOepa!Sswleto US:Qtb.Eie:otrias go back: 'tclpaif1oIUp)3 thi~ noO([ • me hQr.s to 'Vji'JU:II:'f.·· able. ].behind. ~boliJt the 'te. eibJo·u]d..C!!URg the :s:itlU.A manual .:rnJh.!iIltiQIlI. l!Sno(bi~9 i:nte'IElistiIIg. on. cij:s1cmoo.lru:l nothilll'9 worth ~b!liJ.(.-.S vemoCl'l abaft It c iB 'c:bO'ut'J"'C {45"F}.a:Ul.ots fr·OOl .b&atfi. m:e'fheir :mi:a~il. leiflpm. :S(l>L'l[~ha door. .sC!l)ijle tu:ms sin:wply . by it:il~U: il it lsn't c::JClsed. dGor. :z:: - .~3 tU~Ii!iI::j[ .. 00 ~bem Is no cha:noo of belDY trapped .. 'Ope'D.'Il'l:miIIa:ji'9 of :9UIprise.llkeepthem W(Il1:r! fm: 3ever(d b.:. op9DLS fha' door. the jwnPSUi'tB tile· heroe~ wear am @l!tl!:lghh.al two plc:uJesOA the imCIp me im. 'l~elayo!Je].ars[['. The mi!ddle one' has a smcll mcoCW'l c~t mto u Tha cryos~n~ries~'!!l_plolod this . an fi.W '~ ~e'mpefa~me.e passages.rJ!lyQCIIJ9.1 .pa:rt!tu~e01 'Gl tiledlkitchell :IlOO[l! in fhe :Il!l.l'lli:ioat .e.m.. stale: cmd w 'll.. the l5~ood wund and.mll"5.'!~J.:re. as tlley fl:oo. 1'hB ~U1l1$el:isn. Tb.tries fuUow thiem.m~be :fi:g~t'.I they oem.. ~11t wUltourt: ell.door Mit's just dc:seiL) A ~ollp. the door. I. IliIptiDII!I Sho'l.eF' . heK)9!i wiIDl want te illv..eitnet Slide ..e ~:u. 'fims .dJesc:rdp'lion applies to both of the.each ~he next fl<oO'r.p1e am fightliuQ" OI .MIWst C'Iawl ithNugrh it to' . Note tb.·iw-handl c oW'. it win ClC't ~]j].!bla to SOOOlt '!dIt 1he lGYJose{Dtry Wit'i'l.m~el~ecti.es (It the oog'i.ead~ng down to too :next lev'eli.ti.gt ~moo'l:h enough to :sli:de dOING. lea:clJIJg mIt 'o~this mea.in f:h~t Wimt.~gle i:ssteep enough CUld the hip long eg~gh.tC~older th. YomUih~s :sh.ebow~ (TbHmllO'ts C~.eC!)d!iDg tol Wi8U 4.hind .closed and aJeal!eui ah. ml. EV'~.:nn:IiD. tn. He.e. cryo.. 'th. Ciml't !iee mcmUicm C! lew me'leTS . IHmuul. .m.ow tib.B" .!Jl!.e.8ecCll1:6iEl< the ayosootzy hes ~he ad.AHow the bef'O!e!! m:t1'1"iiJ m. hg· me'"isuppo:rt ~s T .c:k..!Ii.~nthe QrdLlilmJ phase.f)iI1I..e ant! the firsot :rcbo't attCld~ed.Je'VE!!'1 Alpha" Ba.01!l'g"h. Ii the heroea c(]n 1!i1~t!j[ckg: crylOsanlry m mQl.Qorin.!!s • .au~oc~ door bilE: MIlI!Il jD'!!ltmled.ningfha t:oo W~UIE!trucad 3. by Ie.e. ~t .IBI of sh.g"o!.otber e'x:its. o use their eeld ~pro:y to w~~nthB dOOl.ntry is: waiting jus~ '00.1 ofliigib:1 in the' loa[t~ hcm..e""tig!i. open." Wl.d. the c'J!YO!ilemtrl..e:5(.dencm:d .~i~:.mes.(I Ume. Uradio:s 'tllEl' other cryoSJ3:umtfj'.1 Alph Fl'lont ~ell:tiDln I" The air .SSO bJIWhis.~~:he cryO!'lleDi~I'li' [see the' desm. tha ooQr gm cold! 10 tho touch.dly tn@.. the ..W€I!l' prot!:: of 'Ute r.left Jbe. .e . can.pha.lngpho:~e 'l:his IlolLmd. La". break 't!i~aUJgih This 'la~as 5.If the it~ helloes mel not in the immediiate: "II'iein~t1 otf Loven ru.m!be ~Jler lav.Oid~on cheoks to determiI!e ~he om.! cmolber part o~ '!:be mine.Siin"off COC'es.m. or in£~mJeJtive.oMenttoo. lllebi"'eid.0: 1IlSfirpliSto]. TheIle.~l. 'oof:l5idar tl:talr 0pUOillS before des. wa:l.e aidock hatenset ~l'llohs. POl: tlI.~ fim'!:you.ghiOil'l8 o:f.vah.!i'!ild. ''rha'. vlllu. thlllY hdt It doserl otf.'l'h.d hmne].u.9 wba~to do with then :heroes' m31 aclwti>oD..:s cueaiflhay moa. s~w:eWr in ·tmslS'el:limm smells [!ikoo!Wig~J 0:1: dust You:e:Hghts reveal '!Bat ]:utt ahead . The dOOI~mmIlJli.r oi~'hoeh'eroes' actions.o.~~a.rhlO!odOlilI ].an the mr .cand ~Q~~tly ((my.g 0:1 spcc(lifor r~is sm:o:~]landing hasbmely' enough iEloor o:rnepllI!r. Thafuatch opens tio.e~rC!licHoliis . l!ieEtlan i!.wlliOOwUh a 4. ravEla] a diog'aool rurliM] I.a.s. Mter a few seconds 01 everlLl.A.lcd bscmlsem th. l'lImergeUCYW!8C!3me.is g: Y . The hereea can w1JlIder '~oUQd cmd H:xpl.son b:ls·tand..aif:!.cr:ibmg the .&bm'il space .:!U..5afe~y on a ]owe:r !le~l. The cold.1i! loombut.p" ~ion on pag.lld the belll'Oe'B mtreat :m.meD~ acmg appea:r(lll)Ceo. the oryo$ntnlillll. CaUCIJIIS'8 .heroes :Il!::iti. alii o! th.'wlll~ns a. il:two peo.m"lllDgt If 'they open the.l p]cry..QUt hlUing .mri!k:e a~ acHorni.lin 1~[j'Q5e!m!Uy &We as WI.!!ch other. Since th'€l cryo~e:Qtnltls f1Jam the @.f'orNnmely.!I1oo~ Th~i!'ema DQ .1(. mea lll:l'l.tdth.cm. O'i:her he~QBS W(l~'t b~ ~~ 20 ..a..IiliDe[ wa~ dug!' 1rapped.the em beyCind the· dooJ' is a li~tle.0]l . llf :somI8Qne' were thelP]aysrsimowfbis before the')' decid.is only unusil.O!p~ to .o:nat'herhem.e 18t Mav:e ili(. Nole il:hatUiie mh0'ls cue SMc:n emough tha1: only two ihel1Oe.a~ion.AmCJ!Z. Tu:r.Eocr1WIllg' w'neel ev. I.cry'Ose.O'~th. This .balyond ~hel!!lecmity dom' is Sltme aIldr oohi.i!\1'.e later ecunds of combat.rhem in h. the .g'[~([ nnd I01.ke' th.. ' ~e. Hl.t bo:m.ce tllila1.k: doo:r. I.b a:bg'a di!!-e<ren.ting farthel dawn the same tmmel then flies JioI'Wmdand (luQOk!i.em.:D. the C~OIH'l\l:lJtrie:51 :foUow them cu~:unhl:5iS the ejI.tho. H bl!C)rikl'ld" ff in th~s iCim]jDn.uisom. when the robots break throogh the doo:!'. chCOliCe Q~:bit:ti.heright pClssuge 'ends '~IJI~ 10 ~@~e:r5 ~' :in 'm1:@rihel' m(m1ill(i] gir~O(l.e:abl~s extend.cern be opened Irom .l:i~ll.[f ilie heroes le'CR's ~bi5 le. C!~. sucb !.:u:. past 'th~lS l~mdimg!imtotM .

t lSVlet SeeUiu!.9' wheN UtB: et¥Meu.'Iii m '-_1:_'-1 li~mm'~" . :!i~KWg.truggHng to right itsalf with its (utei:r.h.W'DCIYO:Ulni:m.!d H~re.Athl. ~. wh. . wt!.in. which h. . ihOlSe. '_""j F-: r""'I""!! ~hed a~yama' w:cm. . m dQ~ nus ru(lgC:!lru tlmJn~! at '~heb' OOI:mgj ~Bed.ghrtly' 'Iljm.g U!3:i. w k~ tl!.l. ondWar~.5em:bl.y' the .ike the prevlouslWl!d:ing!:l..ond.Oll! ~CI the top.wtbliil' han.bOO.FUIlbemJom~ emy clO!3<8·Up crUQ<:. ..ttniLage cau:sg:!I·it h) coU{lp~ wUh.ti~g'~e cm:wl up&e t1.. description.. mbove.u. oj Ma_ 0'001'" [.ly SElrV·' Leve~.1ikeH1e otiae'J:'li:.ryosemtry before oomgl brought dawn..Lell'. 21 .. 1~·.11i'\1"r!1l1'iii.'1~ II .. a JKd 0:[ s1mng:ar nuids:.:mam t!QRta:cle' hnlls ooel!ll. it.KDElntly condnH 110m Ci.n i '11he mml'1 vwtiew snmt .!i~d.[ step' pE!lJlI!Ilu.g the M. It is Ej. i~dudin. The . un.umcmsltried to g'8~~.n 'the'!lrcu. JI!IiiIl Liloe ~:bela~ilin!J a~Level A]pha:.fU~dlerlyillg o.Kmjo:i.iijosil:r oatch u.eAse We~pQ'ns or U~i!Hmed Anil!lck rskiIDlsthat the be:rot!oa ~ ill! ~heawkwm:d..... [t!.«moe kmd 01: a_1'iljf[eim electric liglhu: 'W::E!d.lru1ly~p. :section hcrs..:..Iamng repeQ'[· edly Iilnd m..mendiw.foHowed they c. .t.m(l~ll. ohii.aUttC~oo by ~.oJm05t oompie'te. l[H.al Be~a Hi! Cic-tivity. l woWld poil1!t left.a life· support .two seb lwge slal!lb.eHe-s-d'imb :skill eh«kto make it u:p.y.BI . . in..'tebefore contin'Llin~ .oribh~liii!extendinto hare. This leval isal!so lit b. Wrare cl:liught soollruter.for o:ne 'liD.~ dis~~!9d OM c. Mwb.es.rm:y heroes :in tbe !:!~':Hnt.p 'wUh .u'.s. and the :ti1B-'5uppm1: h'CSiElsfi.cmgled.. a:p]'. c:ryose.the manum a:i.g hom H.ml.. It :Me:s en 'the gl'oUIlid iiii. hl :a1ami beil'e.E[aw'e1le:r.l'tacl .H~fQ the ~unoos can disooveif sem..be· bl thrs (U1ea. If ~he CfYQSE!iIlL'flesbaV(! . ~nad.rn g_nd 'we:£e .l1Qthe lighted tun- MC'Sdy .of mea].. .ld th!e roootsoH whlle r!he two :b. ~heheJoe~ he~e. tunnel are at '!II +.w~& :IiIeliB'Kd ten:ta~le~ ."CmiIJ:Je Denair 'eoeud.dook door be:rais wide' opem. ~~y weqpo-n that Ie-an mRid wound d. Webbe~. and the£lee1irlg !bumam. this kmdling is :BlhOR Olil :5pao6:." mm H~~~..des:e'rted nels beyond. !. Th.o fan mfUSt rast CIt 'the halfway paint . The cylinder is a: sevE'ftely daMaged.~ plcn~e.tered this metttg.~irlc::u::1!: door is lSii. :find t.d4).h~ otlll!:lt ~.!!:b:'OOga thing. thmuglhthu open bClitc. ~ries~gm8 rr!:lm. slight repeUthroe clicking noise can ..itiheminmg had mO'lo'led dlown to the lowe.intcrc]e and .e~ohot has [m1.Gamma: is wher:er ilhe active mimng of the ' cmt~l'oid was l'akin. the:r..(I: pemon. The Wr~ffln he.!.enoughlllOOHI flu: .UlDel s'h'Quld roUcm .!is brnely .n tty. 'and its.'o~ Ein.man:ipulation te.ich m~~ Lh!iltthey OmJ! .

The best be~ ior fhe heroes II!!~a belp the C'f'8W bQct '10 'lbe~1I:' s:l1i. or take' t~en1 to thes. 1l1'Ei! d!a!:ernI1ed. 0.i out 'bow '10 .nID.([]~ve.dls into tBi !iClirea:.. The 'lw. J1ilJS~: aU of 'aF.arnitUe stolJ9_ In 'Ihl. The . Ther'(.che. nd a m th.:~lilomiethliIJg weill'd !OCIIW goill.e airlock and.operate' ~hedoors. It 19 cohJJel' hate.g 9n il1tlh.o CJfo~elHl1:des a'lt[[ck: 1:mmtldiOl:t8ly~ Once the rob()!t!l!. ·~em.yiln.. "We b!![l.a..hallspnts.e~lls y w~erUle~{' "lx~t¥cl!l:lIr Itlmval. tbe ri~ht ~:idecltha "Y" a~@<1Wo '@'E!. Uni:1ke ilho Q.b~el!l hm:~e:lllinle' save:m1smmlpiece5.el1.iliemyou bCil"iU3 seen..Ol'.:!l:idock.~ed Iilormcrlly Wh8tt the .ll. into a: Y mtetseclion.t:h .. a:gmrn Clloou~20 lo '2S mBler.. olem!)' the floW" in both.. "['ne r .a1 room.g them.y. 'Gi puzzle no tme bS.s: d'€lep e!.e ol tbe .Hying robots:.m:ts.es to get fiuougb. "ber OJIe unobD.c:lc bay on ~be L!:HtC'elO1~ end ged them h·.fi91lUraout w bat happened h9!!e.! S 'woUDd pamt].em with a: suce!!!!~:shll ~km 'ch€ick.ed_.l:thelrpra:sencaro T u:s'Hn.u:t gl~ug 'Ihe moor ~ both flQtk~ / door pieoes.Il.nl.. t@.heroes dee~denot ~olook: hmnels. at ..ed Oll. If it we·re mode 'of glt:l:!ls or 'po:r!!oolaln.Il1@d (wUh millor JiJOfil!i fF!Jlc~u[eslO modiam:te[rQstbite on.fOiUen c.lwe we B.qu~.. they b~ flOU!I!d fuB mi['lar. while mel' le:f1fm:k stays.mbal:!'! HglJJ'e!. Thelfe ~e odd ~tib W'(I~d lb~ .) If: ~ha hMoes: can't .eleclric Ught:s foUow 'lI'Ji& liIose. LUa-'5:uppo:rt f:tOiS9srun pa9t' this diOOE 12.Lal Q!:1J the. Tbc:t~s wh!.gguys..cl!. ShU:ig:hi1.he.s: the h~t. Ycrtll wi11wum the.roos o:bou:t 'Il!ihm be< I~UIld.s.LoUle a.. 'fhE! r:igh~ fo[ik: aftha Y tIWDS to the right. f(u:k.hw.e who g. have the p~awe:n!roll ac:t~on c!b. .OCOitiOIi1l of 0: manum midocl:: dloor.li!..5 the dClm~9'edi. in the 1{1[ pg.oo~~i!!:'W!. dlis one seems In nffY8 . I'm it" At ~bispoint. 1([18a ~gGld~ng ttlwcml arO!la: '9.!tmiyht ~d :l:tJ1'bQ:g'.Iring dm.:swi(h a ~l step oo.e ~c help in a Hgbl and m.s.A hero w1.Knowl· eage-l:irst md' Oil' Med.'l:ISe'ntrie6: ..'IlD.if:e'·aiU. ~ ~ so on) and ha:ve bean bJe-a'tnlng poor wr..s W8!re op . Thu :dgbl ~W'kW ~be Y tumr:! ti:J~be rig~hl'l.Ji~po:rt hoses . :bu~repor.o un.iu o.oUl]d~be . o'bvieu.Ilp~UYO~9h ~ w~n mto :Boms 5Ufie of sart 6f alfen :se<:rethm:Oiel..g.!:al.. stin U:l!EI' m:r.cateii. the ]€li'I: is (1J t. ThiB is.JI.ries p:robo:b~y fro~9 the door with ~h8i[' Gold spnmy Wldwora I:ID.edg!i~ .w::.lit's . Leder dioor. m . (1']]:9 ~unr. Thos. the ]. N onel· . it hOi!.i(lgl :SC'[e!I]~=treff'mej] I' eem wViveone The 'crew memoors ([['13 in~1i. reai~~ HlCd lhe Cl"rose~t.oeed. GUClrdi:o. f.l. thahf3'J'(les h!llve~tlCDeeclecllm their mission.o c:::3 t .[OWeliVBf. Dud (lil[ of tliJ.a. me on '~he side oith.em OlliE!iPIesent and . are two altha ltcrvethem make how1edSe=deduoe . inq .vest~gc:Uon ~iI '[be mea..on lites t:)~~~~j boo.e. I.Q¥ llIeedi be]p walk·.p~~rl ho~e~ n.s :. o:f lile Cl'iE!lW tbe' .WtOI b~l8ol: it while it wus sup8TC~lru. the JtU'iu:oes earn ~oo.wi o:f H:!l!ii mining lav. and the' fmi:r ls.:il away. he will order ~he.i:dock.. 'fltlId {l~e unhtmiL'!.l'ol ab... The lwcle leh .!!'cre~~JQr 01 thElQ'ilUitiIlljJ '1Ilniii1€!1 ul'iE! t:h.cr:i:nii:ngims.~!!lHIstQ cmJHo:u~s in.{l!~eWei@: s:~mik by' ~o:I{[l in.HdI ou m(lm. ru. there hi..e].ccn::Uldc1llIs OOdiS!!i.t~C!:dof d'le DOrm-g] (I.. meEl 6arod .rnld 110:1:6. e~sed :IlIk~D. and let Ithem ge~ soma rest.oi'the b:recdc.wh~d:! ~W!il:epl ~Qw!.e. L:E!tlll!l 6ammil IFront t!il!£tiunl Tethe :dgih1 i'Ela c:]cliied m. (-d41.rorw Icd the B6i:U.lrllt:l~ bad !!!:baps.mtol make..oes ~~S thm~gib the mrloclc. AIL of '1ll..st~rt of Ina ellen tunnels wo\lld~gnafe" in.k. As seen .:::E: !I.Iio.eH. To 'Ihel' dght is a dQ'swll!Q.!HOD.k wtlll'f ths.to the alien Commonder 'Loinvestigate . towa:ni.!l a!Soomhiil~ hegiM.UQllobly ]mge enough f<!~ Ql1.am are aliiv.. TQ Ute lett i:s atullinel~hQrl spli~:!lhrlo a Y mt~n~t. Llt:B'iBl.boutOO to 25 ~@bi~~ \IWl~~ E.of the air cables 1ea.IlUtll g-.o:Uile!r !Elide oflhe door iii dark.!!:ftBrMo 'robots move i'Orw(ud Mel aUael!:~ !S{)o:.Q damag:Qd.Bl!lltor.gJ] of t~e!il!elUu'e lI]. whUe ~hiel~e-f~ fo~k ~t~.

he door .c:de:ot O'J motor oil.tnld [ile~5'11lPPOIi1' hoses.er room of similar ~tykl and anau origin to.he:r~ i!.:dl. not unlike .[d15.. The door C'Wl be ~oroi9dJ pen with a: Strength o check (with il +3 8~ penalty) or by u successful Technical Sf.. Tb.en through into.The liaised areC! <in Ihe floor has some sort 01 clew l.) As they look tb. (Use.elcistin.bOlldi rs~OPEi'.M a ~:eqtur8]8\SSeye in ~Mmiddle of the hemiiSpnencallight Wdllle. e·Y'~s o~']'i9lht. First. lhe far sidle' of the foO!m and a d:r~ cuJm miSled rue:Ci:OD.mina. :Oylhg robots .s-pel'L'@ption skill check..ie:!].e d.has been cu~ Op.e cr s. end led being moot ~omm'oil1_'mOiEie of some !rind of ~ gelatm .antrics.Qor..el f]. then closes). in reJ!Jiffir 1'1rls.._.exits is. Tht!JmineI'5.!!.e Uke the smooth.fit .. --ill ~.. .mgthing moves.. AB it iSI. this haUway.w...d V"1ff to'ugb.r'~t oo'SEi'. IlIId so' 00.m.e] intersechn:l aT·ea 1'2: 0::1.e the Tms is rr section oi Cilll alien ~c.e wa:l1s me llned with stacks oi smaUl cubes 01 vwi.The light they give aU 'C'OIlIe<S ho.1 W0:f'IlII11.@01.!. 'sam8 medidne . Th. 1IO'!]~otricli. emd cei:l.or a Hick tom:.\I'6n from a dead cry~ento'-'tfi the d.b"Gm the. :3:: =z:: !Ii""I""iI1 C _. Hka 0: window.bes .hole This is ths dilSCOYiery Yam macie. WhU.As 'you make 'j'OU'f wrIf· ·throill. The sour smell SiB8nlS to he romin'g hom the d!aroaged door.e'll'(tused his drill '~O cut tmough ~h. em angle. The miner Ne5tOlt F'uy. . 'Th~ min.kiD9' resin. tbat WGiijl me'o. ideutHy two stIicmgefea~.e'~1.1h9t dDOI :fis.room..Here. for the klicb.1 th. Strange HilllwB'Y As yoUI' e.I: 0: cryos.th!:lry skin o:hhe.moving! 'inro the c:ne(]j beyond.md. .:r.A.f the brownish metened .to have bro. Brllilkthrough The rough-hewn walls af the mine tunnel .rmade eut of: ~h@ r.km ch'eck. the previous .~mdL .!UI. widened the brerudluoughr opening a bit baic[e . discarded plC15'tic wrap. Ihe rules lor poison presented..ghfhe Moppedup doc:!':.ea:ding te 'aire« 1'1.antry touches it V1fith.-.ellow. T. with sODliii'lh'i'I4g' n shcup.1il the l~. $ .o.ing Cll'ie' C'O''ii''erri 1.tiened in the ship's logs. the oP'S"njn.gMV shovela and eire·sifie'Is cmd \')1Ie drill halfway down this branch elthe tunnet mf is ~ 'a~ on the floor in bani of tbie.hilly fllllC'l:i-onal..g' chatnbeT.ghts . a tentacle . 21 .a.edoor ].e(lessor .nal open and remain open for 5 minutes.are food.you n~!Ich IT ]crr'g.oos it with one oi 'i~sp'in(.e' tU..to:rags room fo~fluppWiee. and it is iUu.: 1Ii"""'T"'" II.'c~. 'li'. the miners ~eem .te block access ilnto the I1ex1mom. Ii..!1J! fi~tOne of the ·. have each hero mo:u an Awwenes. looking muclllike 'the toped. This.:sp.. j 1 i!.epCJrir s.qui.9' is 'ill 'tight .: (J lOl'g. 8e. in the "Hazards" secHon of t!bUB Rules B'ook.tuil has s_oms . ctn!~ I thmg ctlive (it waits un.ough this :stufl. The O.e door 0]1.far 1. In 'every oa5e. fuel'r. i.S-brown. ~oo.•some 'tbe allan @.way w.(lin .esin. a ~moatb.m.1 ~....'l!.i th Ddd hem~spberlro]. the 'Uighrt n~tUI'lesdan't seem to be made .B of their lood. This room is llt mucb lIke 'the connecting haU.feeHon.5_:klh::k~Ul5e 0: lot 'Of bio1ec.h~d! by dim pUowish lioghts.of In~dQl. n ' opens al!Jtomc(liaall:r i.lmo~Qgy~ Oind the doors rue quUS]~ li'ring ofglanioe robots.oo:rCClU:SOO H to .Oit close on.trouble. The air bas d Isl~gbUy SOUl smeU but lacks '~hesterle taste 0. Two .. Touching such a tenkId8---e. on.~ :$o:w·ncd of which the Wlght fixtures c:nd rebeta ore mC1eie. If 'Mything.on it ffhe ldkks ah! S[}nl.end ot 'the haHway don't re:semble =ylhing yoU have seen b!!!~e.) . r. Anyone who succeeds notices a :s. .e. 'nIe' door d(l~Ji!J.k. the lloo. The e:rits=or what you qssume are exit$'----crt-e 'see'lions of simiku resh~-stuH. bu't any hluman o'r smaller crecllJlxa 'CaD fit through it wHbno.id&lll" :s8iIled plastic 'W'11il]? Borne of the cu.". The cubes me ac1uo:Uy liquid or semisolid mcrtter 9'fiC'ClSed in a sert . ~h.eu:s COlO-I. you. end omy a: taw mgged! strips r. y.y(l§ 'ildjU$f to the cUm lights in.9D like itspred. has been eut opel].me taMy toxic to the herces if eaten...-loo. .aH . The cd~en.c.eBeUar.amC:WIlI. the items meo! abell cuigin (lind .a htul'..v. the arits: at eHihru.J'. a~ we the c:ryos. stop b]owilng 91@ntlyfrom this new area.a:d ah . clOiSed-of~ mine tumme ls.

ged and wOl'll. 15 i~. jus~ Hkiem wegl'. . lurkUi!.S(m:IepU~Qse 0:13: gyB !lJ(g (lIbuman ~ei'" board.oek is oamo'Uillagad ::::z::.!!'ol.~QUS l<Qo~rt.. If hIOUg'hl bJ2 orr fSfW!eXS. n~:I'Y ~h{[sE!'. lbi~ rl:.l'r.e.ib.eo:!liB~cc~nlw:[ through.uU 'the folillG'Wing 'table" 24 .pub~rs to kUd: .the h!3roes pen. i~acts in ~he Ordl-. ~ .~g..utrl' for '1'818 'to IiJ)C~ fif~t.need.ng blJllI:lO'n. t:obe. yourself £il!c:kecl'O'll'~ into spoce U Y01!l doo't troow ~ha:t the oiJ:h. crernt~iI'e:!ll Wl. an tbEl< '1. d ~ the The Wlitirety' of ~ooroom.twllg tbat is:rli'~ a :ildtdt o:r g c:q'I!l:ls€!nl[J has C! bard U:me gamng anything to fUl'.Amy' mOVen'I!!Bnt ~n.UldL &lab is IllmO'St :2 :m9~)lUli 'tICJ'O.bu~ tile e:ryose:~~~ry Tba :four cnu~lw~\S ~.lls aTo!1IC!!lien skin". a~t'tiirtheBeJ~IIJI:r'1j!l '~J'I3!w WlCli!lcQ:ptu:!:ed.('!.gJiEI ~qk~ sfledb.[~eg's []I!. bh.s'l: round. .!! follL'lilldi.ist iH 5~ooti]J.e ~ two minUJ"'~drills.e hu WiI:!l:U.~ odd dtiiptE~S~QfiB Con:twiiIliJ. !hl!!l!!'~ triE!J.ike .a..=:s:id8o:~ fuEl daof ffndi wa:il~ngfor sQm.another cbcnge for necrrl.ts ther Ii:U'Q on. i~r@trams ~iC CllI'. :ICmi!!.efs eye ten:~(le~a:!l~e3t he T .' .1~ . m thIs part ·of the mtlile.[du ~~tth9 [.ck.B~ !.'.aJc:h wi:th. o1'll1YPCl:filiaHy cut.lw:HCih~~~.y a: . O~ .91 crl~hem through ~he' heroes imaEldicdJe11' doo[WCIl·Y· The dllls.wneUi resin. .:. jUtSt~i'e: '~he otne:lf'Melli h door.. (rirIixlt dOlu' is OJ very ensy way to ~! .th. all mdook. and onoompc!:!:lsin'g . &~ c:i:rolois defined by ll!:lWes:. t:he opening O'I' crawl 'InTO'ugn the 16. : foom __ : Uwilll not leo:ve room 15 'tiC 'i\i!tta.lealEllto tine Lef~ and riglait look][lk~ T dla:sk!il or CO:il:~ml p!CiI:l:N:lls. bootes:.et ~@'IJive' 1h~s room.c:ufo:malicwly gBi~S ICI' go.tefoid.h sey·era.ghts sbolW ~!Ji~ ano/thor larga alie.ry:QlSe'D.stng' the temlinals . ll1e eight pad.' lmgdil!:e (t[lJdi wi.iy i~dioo:tortl:.IoooII :s:ida mthe.iC:b:PQlrls ·that se..sWp to pi.peekliii 'through tbe o.g lli1:q~'pe'ns.special ~~oove!l:Whe:[19' 'CJ e.. vnll .Po'site. . They OrB Y~~J!!gth~ii!' cOi[Q..melBr-!OI!L!J .£ the :8ide wcdl~ Clrefom . The d1oo~' o. wi'l:li!'t1:ckJy-co..ta:~aa~e .pBdeS't~1 hem . but a:m only he.Slbort pad8i.ma. I~ NtumS to its CIIlIl'nllO.rva tb. opened if c:u:tO~ toue.Ine big door into this dlllmDar' was a]50 cnopped byP~'Va: wUh rus mining drill. OD the eu tside '~O look.de[f.'!. ofJ6lf1s f~m wilh its cold s~u:(J1f. deep. grOOiVEI.1:un or wOWld PO~DtS.echc:uge::rs where the . or c~l!s .ciBP'I@Ss:io.As :6omi 'as '(1 llil.0 a 3I).. 11Ie li. you •. Beceuse i~is p\[~p~. c:n:rw] 'lbm'U!!I~ tb& dWill~ Clg'OO doal[. ClS.penl!!l!g' ilil~JO 'tbi5 mom.~[b.eryoseilitries ill'el :f~lI:y f'lha:r. ron dA.entry IRoDm.g' in hon:t of tha.ck..u:man·~rLJ:m aidoek!!i. .tedm.at:eD.R u. nits bmtd.~.be~SJatb9 colored H.edl by em.ht!ue.m i:s. L.PG!I'oo~(:IHtY' eh~(.H. the 'i:ryose.n 0.! oj th~m~n!:h roll an action 'check for the lilell'0'8s..e.one:ft(!' .b (U'!i! ][iicl!: compute:r temdnms.e.(lJHc:cn1].Bd follow~ng: dicn::l'J.ds in ~lhIO'the'l' allrlock olrltne op. They mUg. ~ / :$'IlfIndbl. re d~liI~ a of regularly aptIC'cecd tha :!lying m:bots.5.!::k the I!Q]d 'Win not ~'!lJn:€I!lJ!.b.~ ~:ourcirc~lm: o:r~([5 on th~ g. wOo tlJ.ii!ElDsiti'Vle tOl.i8.Drls mom aU~JOrnm. OD. _E - _ _ _ to enlarqe >.sh: Dp8:1ll :> :lhlzz . like :sIOD.tl:!t. 1""'- -'.Ii] :Failwc€l.n:ta:clo" hcr"'B bim or 1l~I make... so heroS-B. Uning agx.. krill :i!.eHV'a.Oll. ~ C'Il'U:Lng'alii.the[Q up.. tbiii>pl~ce liS CQ~pletelyeoa. mnY'ElucceS'S.@fO :sti1C:li:~ his. !!jed «If@(] j 5.g. the j. They '(Q'ei~g.. 'fhi8Y wmnot :follow heroea 'Oi!lto~the :roomuD!e$~. IIccky exte:nm 'ef the astemid.fl door mppac:::ilfS.. . . tba~mah:he.men. WlCIlLllI..tiilb:. I:ryDI!!!i. ~ei1iitn.k. The !m Girl. [hi later rounds. HOODnetCls 1.sBnby .diig g: cryo!!8t!ifies.mbots: sif when . Gw. it.alieD.eio.!ctia. motimm. in~h9 Amcmn. Qf b. damgg.li'nlerts IiooiI-I thiS! c:ryos9!1'1try Inroom..enow 'lila gITOoV'.mg)U~!J tho comp.~ ~!itr'ml..e @~n c'levice h!~:ld.g:b. They w.I!um.f this tir.f~w.utel deskswnh c: 'myQ.b.5{be : I. ~.1 'ymundlhl. Idmm: in rolo:~ to o~ t}1JI.e. lUiEk Rilbaftlilt Ion Room Litetbeplev.S mmni. An.r h'il!a<i into lb~ roam OT be~s ~'!l].edi ~iy~.te.lo:r.:rs!Bi~'h'ym. Tha.t posit~O:G H the beroesfie1Jieal..g .ilQ. tunnel 'tih.g prwo.gi oi!:!lllie left .. leathery 'alie'lI.! tho oth~r s~nom.ealiB.OlV"ll' sman 'hole.ld:ga~h~ed 1'h6 't:~".e.llJ[1dl!:~yboOiffl3.Th~ door into. fh_£:l . .oom m'..:m!i:1d hlVgdel's. tbe £eu: s:~da IO~thai <l'oom.li:e. kJi. The Ic:rrosent~ does n.UL wM!:h wm~5 in 'Ilmbu.WlId oOD!'!. de~b me .l?lasndU~e.and ceiruio91-is covered in the pkl5iHc]. The two aid~s epaet~ ate as a pair much like h.e:rsIde i!l open tova€li.. n .m.

MS no'~ prevent..~lU'9 tha o:!'lte~o:id.uies. 1\P'!9'ry.'lyrepo:d: lliat they have cae.on. It then tum!. to take theh sh ip . the BeHu.oop'" and the boleiil ale each abOu. Th.e.t'er is c:ctivru. :2 The lights on 11m.f 'thls book.ck on. A strrmg'e led.uts.Result 1. 'the cOmIDi!lllde:r 1eU~ tmellli. n ~h.zing SOW1. 9 ~Spaca Invasion. HSI ccmmends them.(ml'l!. :5eeps in cmdi th~ i'!!hield :retracted!. go on W.asteroid las quickly as possible. Whf.k .ayers can make th'em beUer. 'They shCl"tddconteet Commande[ Iustin and gb.ed.t 0. 'Th.i.(If this is rolled ~ai:n r tbBiY hun bac. '25 . 3 The 'OVl§lfhecrQ lJights rum .and tt~ryon.s. The kUck reCO'V'~ !. When ~he inha:bUcmt of a hihe!l'lla'uOIr:I chamber Isto be ..edlwUmat:iion and help!li bi1i!al dClmlC£g'e.l (lW~ l:rom fhe . directs '!hem to 'get the crew o·fthe .m.lNliTIE_ If Ule heroes hllV@rsseued the minel'. ~ihe third and final Gdventur€l In this book.. a ttanslucent shi'eldris&s ~lIom the !. tb~. dawn IOir 5 wif:i.el1oo!l. The etrcukn:' groove i'5 IClt l&ct~t 1 '!:nBI€iit' d. and an odd bw. light oo:mes on in the caning'.ham.! bg. tnQ nom: until:ilt cove'IS the I:cLli!c:khl~ide'.re him a full re:pmt. .or d. It tells you how to aWia:~dlhe h. on their mission and. so the pl.d is heard. erS from bibematiQr! drained. this d:amoga.1 the . the Uu'id is.. eomp-~. desk change color.5 met:ei deep." The ligrht "then sohuts off.n klicks in 1'h'9 ~unRels. the bottom:s of klick h~bernlfiHon c. they bave suoceeded.) <1 The euU!e desk sh.a circles we.beginnirIg 'o. SusT J'e'Dd. - tmough the boles in.d.!rJi.:irc:le" QliBd q presEltv:criive fluid BoU .am to '~beiplanet Spes ' if neces:smy. lhls iluid keepli> the ikllck cdive in.!reed.Ii only a few roU!lu)s:. He' wi]} send ([ ship :fll111 of so]diars to g.cne is ready to pIety ~goin.e :in the mom suHi3B dS pom~s S'tun of damage f~ mental paic.Beltar 'W:hrrtlevermedioal atm:ntion thie'y geed" 'ttaking th.off. to N'[mpro'lfmg Heroes" i!J. (km.:berlS"When in UE8.

andi th. win be fighting i'm their livelli .i." he adds wHb an. the att.l[l:expEu::~:ed giggLe.!" What are yC1l1l gioiogr to.edv:eseh. must keep him out of tbe .de.my :f©·. ODiC~ ~h~Y' we (_dtc:ched!. I:1lld me n. those gpp:rQ(]ch~Il!S v'essels.or Ttillo Kel5trul.. they'oon drop 'troops in. '''I gtteSl5 ¥O~ had "tobe tbew8'. Otdi:n. . ~oconduct . impo:n the informa. do'?:' !iJ:eOII! I: TH'E: !iWA.apllOOl'to be Se:dn11uattack peds.o.gtila~l and an OiJdill.sc~eg..ot.n of thEil $UCCEISS Ordinmy 5. t ad..::.eatb.mns. the heroes once .RM Som.3~d bo:~tle. neCoe'SiS..ptns of space.eelot.. In 'a on ~aw mamen~5.Ei'r .AmooBsad.'S=.azy SI.ormaUo.ventu:r. :Q.ig.ashlng at the sansor statioR. the.a tmde confe'ren.cO'M has as~:ed for you to tremsport him 'to. fiIllshin:r.[ks.k pods SWamI nround t&t!fl' ikauC'el·Qt... Margined SucoesB-'-' Them elle app!!'O'ximately two dOllen fimnm. 'fhiJS aci'verntU'!.the befo8'5. After some well-deserved T'&s1tand a: c::om."i5ondier. you're back on th...k pods. 10 be d~sig:nedt:o a:tta:cb to l~ SMpSi.rade Con~ is ertlnm uonfl!lI"Blli:llii. PJtellhat. (u:gumen ts hetween ~he two Ckra likaly to.e space l.on't Imow this.ancel.As men¥ Q~ .r his.n '(lOr both g Mm.Ambassador lCEgtrulplmls.eto ol:n'll. .k pods will reach the Lunce'I9!:~ hul]." - -t.hip from.overbauU of illi@ l. ~..t everceme a VCilriety of ham-KiIS and ob5tqcl~s that tum '!rlleir'own ¥§1i!gel tn 1.and lerellie 'ell~rywa:y.smaU sto::rshjp. Suddenly (J light bsgws :El.d get some.!begins as the ~celot slmuks toward the [actltiion (If ~be came!E'enoE!'.tl'apl Laught@r.me\l' lobo1~ il3:~'B[[t on. tl'oublJ$ findf!ll 1be aml:x:U.. mechanloo:l volee. the forces of ~he Serin·Ru..hut tbey "Seem.CCE)SS.n Qytfi. the . fm Secin-Ru bocm::)Jng: iPariie<B.e. eUte !sW'ig:e. decik: (.the Co:noo'rd diplomat needs a ride to 'the' T. con ve:rg.. Depand. hi thl!!' dl!!. ·lJ.lattach to the starshlp's hull. the! pads bore through ~he !hun .sensm display 1J1J.e~. them out of space.ng fiat [0.te the vesss~. Alorng the way. me succession as the players de!. approaching our po:siHo:n at E»!:treme slleoos.iry~n9' fi1(J. - ?- mIl.U1Q Ui!@ LanceJot and. DO:le'!r!!!> 0.gc~il::J.'o .tio.' "1he rnnbcrssddoT says. 'These (]l\tm'lthe da:tQ'Chips you're booking 'lor. lncludi. .e.u:st c:m~tconverging anth.m. The adVl9n1:W'9 beginswltb a space battWe. ~om ther'a.e of the mnooS!SCldm •. expl. details on.ain 'whut happ8D..0 a d. :mmerkd to the pluy'8IStO start tbis. players..S~ daliocrhll' negotioatrons batw'Ill€ln two governments in the ConII'IOf1ilUM.aDce. Reiliid!.break into {l fit eI Good Suoce~Tha C~Gfit b~" IW w.. Amli<1'ssada:r Thlo K~sltru] .COOI'3S The' C[lwt 00 i.1 Senn-Bu attac..his..anes.e wp_.c:lutcbos of the 'te:n:ibte Serio-Bu.ao1ete .of ~be IGala. '~h8first 8DSne unfolds lin rapid tb~.etHd deep int~another mission. (Th.!come te 1he aid of . :seeking to disable the crcdt nnd crlfClrdh to the side o! the vessel.v:iae 'an entmy IiO:r Ser:m-Flu iOH..and w~.e:ql!)o:n:s.9' on the rBsuH Q~: th1elskWll cMcl!:.. story and struggU. Am.nl.ce on Boruntm oS_Thclrun~sadM hil5 been spending his :sbOlt Um0 aboard 'lite tmIcelct' by hanging out 'on tlla commend.eone needs 1'0ch~dk on t the . IC:Z::: . I The ::5'\lV(Um of attilick pods seQk~ tD !:!lIHI01. re1ate t~e WQUQWUrgtmotmatmrn to..thout him.'Wamingil" the' ship's CQ:mpruter decleres :in its familim.@jl the! . At least two ·attack POOfi!win o:n'aik~ to the hull it. HUnidenlifi.~tic Con.chiev8s and tJnat of the leaser 5ueee~ses listed below it For example"1 if the hero achieve. And 1hGn the fraall'ep~esen:ta'li ve swd in a calm vo~ce.Ina cO:~ vening wi'lh YOll .utill. and the heroe·e. This U:me.fll'j nlsu]t. A 'hero mus~ make a Space'll>bip Opercman--. tbe hell!o c.MoI1l Uac.a wbcr~ their hetees r(fr~doing and you.CWl. :f.r the advertur.shoot.buH so that.t brocrdoosltiny any messages.azmg Success-The craft .heroes. ODd PlO.I. de'stroyinQl them ~ oa-ptmmg ~e amha~5ador.3adoragam. I" ::z= ~. .). d The heroes can do 'lwo tbingsto I'edlm::e' Itb~number Eave euch playler m«ike' au C!ctiQn eheek fOil his or hal-hero. Th1~ttm. uniolds. designed to attach to the ship end open tbe .e the h:u.powlerIul laserssUce fmgugh tbe hull mrve o~:pod:.lof. Tbe heroes must da-felild the . the acti01l.5.CtgW1.sensurs skill check to inb.tiD1il~. em BACK&RDIUI\IO .U. this adwniUle. esoo:l(llte ta wQlr.Ji!' hem~ d.s thm reach the buJJ:lhey cc. SO. or 1he-y. the' .rpre~ tb"ed!Jt«. As.

. The attack pods me exf«uR@. ]t spinEil. 1 step. sue' eeed in crUacliling: to the Lan:celot Of course.. ilf ~:n'to. sigM Attilck Pod§ 51kliU Attach to H-u1i Skill :Score OrdinwyGood 12 i6 Amazing :3 loWied! by the Qiame statistics. th~ addi~ Umml pods nave . Note thai lli~ prlIiilUY pod doesn't requ~re a skHl check.nss1.un. With an Amazing :aw::OOiSS..I"'::Ji '-=:I One ~Uo:clk pod. Ha phose ends Ilincl CI padillas fo:Hudi. The eeccmdary pod .the s.elOiYs Ie:! pod by Spaceship Operation-weapons seU to Ul. by ~heLa.I . T~!J.(Ii!!.a:l des*m. a. the seoolildar:y pod. reund. :it ourkHi!1JI:IUcally re(l)ches.([chance to' aUilGb 1hemae~. prese:ruted abOiVe.cl lal' t!. ]I oH .BI'(IS}' engine room (In holoprojectio.can~es a haUlescreame. F'bHo. A. Ai ony time..AmauurJ plli:O!se.e' Amcming phese.g. galley (81 Chandor's CQbW. d ~pa.es. the more.-+ ¥Ii$ii I~ ~ ::::::z:: Al:ti.diUonal pods. tbg hero can target one .n (2). 10 o. C . pcrtr. .I !.. the L:m. With an Ordinary SU~gg.J. AddHiollal pods bust inlothe:8e laoobo.rxm nttaeh to the buU if the heroes cue slow to teilC't or fml ~he:i!rskill checks. The primary pod ettnehes .tegrHy. to H'ul1~ skill cheek o~pods tha-1 have' yet to act in tbe roand. hae p.to.a~ion.. AmazW:g:.ns. +3 steps.AUach to Hull" skilllCbet::k Ior one pod. Futako':s cabi. JouU of th~ ship" Th.thu end ofn!J.It..! within the c:ddilioonal poos t~ to jo~]] with eUh.sel.atio'Illm. picks up th0iir lR€lsmge but is atleasu aD. them's.dmary pod) ndheraa to the UmO'e.lil bay (I). for the pods.ak:e<§ III skin check to fin~th8 .SC1UU robot Each n. "The Primtny F'o.e:rthe pIimaIJ 'or 5180Qndruy force.t Concord v. Where Dill the AttBck Plld_ lilo? The' p:rimaryaUack: PQdoorrii~s eight elite surgi@~sDl~ O'utfly Whenever a hel'o :makes a Vehicle OperaUon-spm:'B vehicles :skin Ghec:k. Ordinary.iiEi orlgm." 2'1 . aood. forming a seal tbat maintains hrul m..ersut'ii1:ess of this .. a suocass£ui Spaoe amp OPSi!". ::::::::z: . With. odheres to fhe hull til .v. she make-..s:sibhr rEld.oo und f(lila to attach to the Lanoe-lot). The pods lock te tbl3 hull. Ilhe outQfWIIH of a Send ill DI!i1:reli~Il:al.w.tance1.t d.ceio. reo:di: 'ThudJ YoUh190f a dang .1'0].s poda has conneeted to the.ee!.chac:kh Ordinary. Co.ClOD dlelay 0]" deS'~roy on9 01:fhs ad...os. be or.and feel t. tbe gunner sends: a: :PQdsphming out of the botdc and. Ano1nsc pod.l'h.til help' oem arrIve. . At tba .p tha ma-:pl Thesoo'Ondary pod breeks tmlOugh Into e.-atioD--@ElOSrors: skin check) ~ndico:t8:S t1ut one of th.o.'8 {ol. in order of attacbmen:t: oruxilia_]}!' pOW.. have to hold ou~ un.w the same ruies IClU.end of this roand.r CIS.OIW the Icro1ian rounds: might play out m'e' listed be~. durlng the .d:apendmg On where they enter the Ilhip.@of your ship. m addiUon. precis.from Round 2 (th@reby J"leJ.toI'Ship nnd adheres to the' hrulllnUie Amazing phase. Unlasst:h~ pods me oowehow d~sengaged from the' ht:!U.t the :Mcu:-g-ma[ phese. engineering).to rrttcreh• It goes :spmnmg oU into space . Whenever a pod sU(loos:siully aitaches ~oa one phose (If this delays tbe jrod pcn. especially wh. ]1- Shoat "Em Dawn Whelil6wrthe hero at tt. A auoeess indicates Ithat the pod hers odhered ID the hull.Uy out:fiie's. (3).. At :fue'€iod of each ph(Jse (Good.of !he adldiiti(IDG)j peds hov:ec:dready' acted in this round.w. tnsl''O's a: chance she .rce.ie wectpo.~be hun and mak~s . heing exposedte V(lClllUID.. no d. for excrmp]e.1cd~5 hull in~he first round.tfina.the swarm emd Z(}()]]'l.. 'Go 10 th@ n€ixt. Refer to the LancE!1ot ~hip map.s the aenser operol'lior is ltiline to' pinpoint the pod's location (above the mess deck. A checl o:f tbe seltlsOI':!O.scene.ol 51l:tip named ~he ftNb:lddcmce.liQdifncuU for 'the pods tb.riosth'flee elUe5JIrrg:e-~ldi@IS. . ~ha g:rn:!i:I'lBr d. .ly fl:uyi. peJ1a:Uy is applied wthe ·'Attach.trgnga vibration qs !OQm~~hingoolUdes wUh the s~d.2 steps. the hareaa rcOIllIy to preve:nt ~his with ~mIcy monauveIi!.e 1allC'elot cm.nDE!'10t'g mass cemnon. into 'spa:ce.dditiOEiCll pod that attocnas. :-.fl on towardl. the heroes migh.. Penalties CIIM det!erm~n@. CI Good SUCGBSS. The neare:s. DiSltQHs on .1' baven"t acted yet in fha.navar to be So9iEiID again.ofs mCliSs cCflno'Il.eering (area W 2)..11u'ee additional podJ~ mcrr ill mal' not. the gUilln81 destroys a j:lcoa. hour aW{lj'. (and.ngin.@be:Uer the I!!ut::Oe!S!'l.!lOIn attacloedl.!!ikm .Dn 'R:ound i! This roimd walks just like the' fliIst round. '01 tbB ship' wEiOl...opening' into fuel ship's mess deck {m:eg.s it mo. hul1. (Hers.pons (0091 l~aknv).ecidie to send a dish:ess cell.(liliger (}lthe' ship. or OD.YOIl roll em ".e heroes will. MmQlinaW)..ucing the numbef of addiHonol pDds (liVUilCfblle inthe second round).

.eheroes. use th.~win. the 'her"Qq~<in'S' c:18«dy separated u:awthe Burrge-6o~diau.e.crc.fssteop th:roug:h the dwr---'s'~l[gEN.~he ship. tbey CiCUl d·e-lay the' pnmll1rY :fQrce and conduct the battle the-reo The . Thm.bas-sQdoii' . rood tWtef-an.t.missi:on IS to bo~rd the.Oi aiEeel 'lbam..e throw was too wide.!5e~Qndo:rym~!i!slo.e-i5O:idiers eet hi the.!il:l!ne Ii!: . 'then 'use :5.es lnstde the .cd elite stnge-sol- wers into the raess deck (area 10).sJllcdlMrc.onis to do and. as tbey ICO]]' deal with a .u Disrending Anathe!'r Rllam If th. they'lie mutillg it .time.age.. is to kill the ambassador.r& [ssult jnd:i~ cates that th. th. ][f ~he heroes UeG1lI'E! c:omm'(lpd deck. Additional !liWige-s. been melted mmy.01..t round elntering the ship. 'Wben only lour SIll'ge-ooldie:rs :rema.lo'w.aut'.dons The heroes could.Meaow-hUe.arnloIed W'cmio.cuship.@!m~shend ~o:r eDQlneetilllgr (W. The heroes noUce that a portiQ. T'HE.app~.Sifig less damage.5iUIge-50Idbns cue :I'lpIfJad throughout the I'oom.scldie.leQ-d eitb@r(n:Eo. usmg the 'map of "tlw oollrelot The p.ed.f fue soldieu. This m~ght. If the b. the this eeae. um. deck (arrea: 10) spend the firm rmmd.Througbout the adveIlltU!re.ell 1:2). There .g:. When tho. 'The' bett.1"g&-so]dier5 'act: mat imlhe W"URct foW' 011 an IXe-Uon ch. lit 'I[!lxpladesroo fur hom th'8 beto8S "t. they crorJIrush to-de.:t:I of the bull bas.l1. it ex:plodm.. they get do. the II!HllCOOOary pod. their mission i.) .en:ls its:eJi. Go to the ~Durth scene. drops aU the bot~del1icu. cmd y01l1 !lema sizzle from the other side.-.. Skip ahead to "tnding.e somewh. to.9' the command deck. thlill .~.eambassador. + 1 ~t~p pe~glt'f ~oaUack th. Tha hemes mig!h~.. . tho closer the grenade gats to its kn'get.s to CaphllG the oonbossnd.r.s p'rimary mission . L.... PRI.omew'hat oft tm:g8i. s.ub. tf the' heroes d8ciide.'SB hy ahcln. o'r they oo·uld look fOii"il dmeren~ ]oo. c!Jus~ng iIhe m05·t dra.~The f).esuJt it exphxies Qlnl.gst on top 0:1whe. too the huH.er the result.Y F'OR. ~.stay in ilia cwddQt Wl1:i1 cn opportun~ty pre:..g texil:: The door g]ows. The 88condcn:y ~i!i5ion. try samal:mngi dif· faitent l'bat'"s okay.ck. Thon ili€iY sella pan of their forces to loC"'a~e~b.e -st.rimwy mta:cl:. the engilileerl~g sectton.lilup and each.I Ulan tbe O'ommond deck.~ .ba~dlil' to ~bela. nlse decide· to sp.easy 20 !!lmge-.sar to' the command d~'k.tQ kin for the s:urge-so!LcJi.e soIdim threw it. III~gbt decideto {OS..9ciion below that comes closest to what: a hel'O w.b'emelyamce:ntl'ated blast. "'Suicirie Soldiers.oil: ['Orthe Sed~-Ru.MAR.'llIm). thB mi5sioll.ml. Good phc.«m. '.m5 in the meSJii.. ThE! S'oklie'I's. They s.u.of the ship' crnd then begin a S$f4i!'C'h.-v'(l. Begin.eOOlildOlIY Force.of fhe' otlruer! Im:(l= HonsDe:ilng bonrdJed. cr. tner could head toward one of theroo:ms wh@i'. In the :seGood round.atliacl!:pods have: ([ pnma:ry " and 'IJ: . 9"'8tting ~ntlo.go to one . hang' out and dele'nn the 'command deck. Find the s.foUow II simfkrr pattem.s~quQntl'ounds to head.m ((olivlB.llthe' amba:~adot. UnJ.1I111 'of 'Oppo.]]not. O! 'CQ1.-Hutake centrol of the ship.5t maD.from the OOID-WlJIlld de.'ess 'they "~k9 heavy losses.QIDElutJilter tll. U theheroas react qruickly.i!lC"ldeto .ing em how' mcmy ordditioncrl poos made it to me hun of . 'olle or two O'.5 1C1 stun gl'ElDo:de. go to the thim. A f'. lBefom the smoke clews. c:tlptme c:c: Amba:S~r:ldor Kestrut and take control 01 'fu'i:il shi.each p..e.[' beartngs after dlsembarking fiom1he atttIek pod."l!l. head toward the comtnOAd d!e-ck(UJ.B 01 pod attClcl1i. . defend. them :i'o UJiB doorway 'SCI they emly li\aVEI to deal whh two c:rttad~8nl 'o:~. to hM. the !3erin-Ru.foil" tl!i.:r. 'Oivoid Dring at the ~ssad. O'E!!!ck If the h(t.IDO\'i@i. ca.01diers WlOCIl'd the f4\Dce]o~ mt:the rs.nl! th.is or .oldl.ary' result.oldi'~~ (hom otberpode. pod dumps ~he main fooc'@. The last !W.'Cii Good or Ordin. be. diers.hl!c:dly work out better .iiiJ.surg.wole-mainin Ihe dOOlWqy 'receiving pnrficd covel.Unrt" they can pin. out and meet up with the primanrtorce" Dp.iti QCth!'9.y go. II!.er'El Cl~b. The primury . Seiitt-R. 5(:$1lle.peHd the fil's.rtTIi .n6i1l~S . In tlls}" change ·tw::iiics IlrClm 'c~tul\e.~jot i3ubdue its.cr:UOl1.e. J!.ud ~he $hip.&.oo.and who's there. If altacll:ed hete.m." If the herees hegd fOT the mess dsek (ellllQ 10) immediataWy.ar.at bdlOrmalion to date:rmiD9 'W'ba1 h.s door blows ope'fi ~rona (l paw'i'3du) but e.!1Jl.l:i.L. where th@.ew.p.II force-s me nemly defeated crnd only two su:rgl3l ... shou.U. geU~ng till!lill!. If th'el' be'I'Get> .I\o~~.ton:1:cd thiS! sc:ene.e surge-solmeli'Sexi t the mess dack u~d.are (flleasrt eight elite Slu. Ute the Seri.r-s . the prlmmy. On an AnHu:iug .. ma:y be more.'" U ~ha:m.Igle. ~epe~d. chang~~ hom.s.fion:!::!' will SQCWiIil possfIIssi. decide to tough it QPt m:Jd defend the' ship and the.ema. redi.layel' make beir hBn)" H thehemes. prcnddlDg the r[Jcc~ss the soldiers fi'eeded te :bo(..'ms.ck loil' h. wha~ haPJ:len~ de'p$Dds IOn. The soldi. faiA..solI" . rushing the door on the leit side of fb'e chamber.O.ers to take conlwll)1 tha ship. o~.ld th.· donin.gi1u.linto the c:ih~r The .e herm~:s d. or a slng']!8 bcd1lies:c:rea:mer I.I:E ::::z::: Tbe fou.e:riIl!. fowes hav@ no qw:dms about kUling • ~ Dl!mndioll thE! Ijomm· nd. 'the'" Hee. while t.a:rs! Ho.at a time. time SLl. "'Capture the C1mbC!isoodor" to ~ "IG.

di!!icQ'va the h~roesl Th.e~oe13 ~~d~. HO'loprql. em the [.. a beroi. would! ollo.thre.rea:m coming from 'the other side of itbe door. Urge the beroe:s 10 coma.on di.is used by D8. This door cem be lock.. two oj the surg&!3:oldit. u.!3: I-Maoil. the h~t.cue-nOt found now.cn.e.g hem them d'epartilng and 'CmI €IUher lecqp QU.WhU~ hidm.ke~p s~C:h~ iug..ove on. 'llie pair of lSurge-so]die1'~ ~h.e's teVEli':se and feel the: ~:hip abmpUy ~hcmgH eourse.tols. up with. OOD- 'ridue] rooms.oSB without: 0ICC'es. This meane..lot crewmembe:rs.soidiers...nJj. their biding p. they can bust cut of hiding mid get tho drop on the . ·twO!. Loc~!!lddoors erm be . the SEtITJ. n the ambas. and.ba diooovered.lo.:5\ such as th~' ~Ute swye . f'e:n:r. 'the S.OOf with a laser p1stol to melt the loi:il!: nd a allow .lY cono:ct ~E1. they -gEl'!: Cl he~' r.a !. tho eommend deck. '['he' dO'O~ to this room is lo. as Uley :S'mpriS9' '~ha hat()8s.It includes 5Qgg.l tbey me reduced to two soldi.~b wars cmd the hCddescraomm tak. U the.]ty ~oQt~adr) B. in 'ihe' s:hi[p.t orIel thamWeav.door. 'Ih~f 'WiU. mus.OOs.g cd a d. :Hidin.w~mC! Delly lexplO'siv.~n S fOUfld~. usmg 'the batHeS/creamer'is skillsoom.d :D". the primary force ~akies ova.aQC~s.A:wrueness eheek succoeds. . l!he beroes remain in hlding.. be used as COVm' (dpelJ. AI-mODt'lii Cabin This long: cQ.oWlld 10' Q'Ct 'I'~e pkqt~rs.s". fbis.o~s h.r.[)~.Jn.:Ul.t Ine. MaJoe 0111 . :Soma. Tb. The two].. Bafer to the Umceklt ship map li]:nId desa'ip~ the UODS of each mea below.cked.~Ilid:o.Ru . IT boOm lmge enough tic'Ut I a hlJm~ can 00 made in -0: wIllI wuh '~CIIsel pi!1i.c::re(l1n~il' and.9'. thei ris!k b0lng discov·e'fedi.(1 iln. Futilka and Dr..(01 tbe three ooarc:heirs.-g. Thai ha.[l Fuic:ko . trol of tho command deck - I. should .e.anc~l. Even if tb~r' . to find 0: F."b. a move batw~ rooms without m..ad.eoIll~inulji" The LilDcela't The fona. If tha ~g go to any of the leoulions where' ~be ad.ct:lon S'_y !hiS.bln .still maim action checlm for thau M!!iQ9S to s~ whkh phases {hI.e no acHOD..thing: tt~s: 01!l 'H'n. Eventu(!IIlly.e: pkm of sema 5iOrt so the adventure CWlI. 'Ihekrst two so:rudlers will tty ~o'klillX9 strul.lts start loo'ldng ID'r the em:I.lace to hide with fhiEl.w dsspemte heroes.er:s.cQ.ril'l. Then the battles. the searchen.g. open the door m.e:ril!.(Dge or to b~ook a door.staUs each of the ind~~ momelbl.'om'llally.the: bc:rulesc.een: the engm. am!bass:adJoI. It" the chec'k Io:'im.ce taires.egnj.di tj~':ntt1pods arrived" the primary fo:r.es er two munds o~'fi. Wb.t spend one round t'OI use p.y' hem' elsewh«ra.:for thi:I:lig:s the halDeS! mligbt be crb]e to' do with news in that room.ehflmm.g IDlut If the h.is a personal holo:thetIter.s"f 'oeoosoory.c..ho:nwtWE:.g the . couches CUD.st round. frfloci: You 'hem a eeestont whining' tben sounds vary much like a !!Ic.e.wing' iruorIDllt:i. 'E. A .-.!iw«r'eneas check .. Afie'f the fir.o·r and.e~~iow.sador.0'Y geo~ fr~ rCl"und to act . H the heroes wait. the battlel proceeds :o.r IS present. rattles: it than fans silenLWbcrt cn:s'j'ou going to do? the 501W1d~ *he enemy clODdY'cUng semches of If the heloss Jeap to aclion.ilil~hw.opened by Lance. ([5 long as.

lillie' haioes dOD. small ues.cal m:cUUy. A fi'lf. where most o~the cr!l!l·w works. 115Dmlllland IDe'l:li lhis is the Mldlge of the ship. rough me'lal 'fIna gives a +3 step penclly for . Both of robiu. AliUdliillig Pawsr a. The doom hera may be ['oCked. Any damage to' the me-support ~(JiJi. thQ heroos :shD'uLd w'OInt to keep ]t $o:~e.ofIi. :rrf the heroes move teeheek lout less. tend!> to md.ers (hl Ws next ..e !i!hip~ syste'ms cam bEl' OO'D11"olled. lUI. and.able!:! in 'thWSi d~ning room prums stsp peI!li~Uy to attacks ~!sed Il. Iii.5.MUSeS. Tb.r the iShip~1ii systems.s bedlroom ia locked. 'ilie oott.umitm. :buto:ny domo:.. w~th. DffIli:e The dcorto ~ha ccrptain.m!cBlws welIflQ.:in ta" eommrmder ecmpartment. The m.l de. holdmg its fo·rward ssCction srect like any humanoid creature.light.oe is not •. power II. lill.sct"eamerwlilits until it rec:ei\l1es 'DJders from the 'g~. Many of th.g' [Qbcl'. The. iirss aid.er moot ~nto e.. EigW'.. food.kl~ ~id8 afl.YSEllot.. sort. l:ihllndor"s.(!IS yuu open th. The centred curved desk is JRode 01.edl.in.a:in~(]if[S th~ Iempermure and atmosphere of the ship. It moves s1Jrpris~ng1 f quickly on Its rear ]. mMe dUHcu]l: th~Iulrin9 t..1 e:xen:ise eqjl. oveibeo. . DIllin &.ammo 'tom~ any sm~ o1'iZlxplos'i.e may be locked.eactol'S. the sick: b(IJ reooiv(ls 0: -3 stBp bonus to. 1!iI:Snle 311 THE !iEIDNDARY FORIE The secqnd. :::::z:: 5. tho .le:.. lcs sh.ngillee:ri.!IJIVY footb:dls and QI Mgh-pitched whine .. e1ect~onie' rel'erellca U3'xts..ted Hrn'b.m 1'b. the 'li!hip'51 ability to tra¥el.rOQ(Dlicontmns the' equipment that m.d:pm-ent (wh~ provides.s.rs that control it Ther1!!..2 . ThE. a . about the sme of a 1mg @ humon but wi'lh a distinctive insectlilr"e OPP€I([(lIlflc!8.hamJ. T!he.scgne). eqllipped with ~'o:(Jdl p. .. doal il:> ia.m. :2 131:.lWe '& they mu:st battle tbel th~ 'i3t.a:!!1d thlll doors lie..ship cot! be ilCOO5Se4 01' rCPlllted thro.edl The gTavity induction.aompm. 9'0 bud. ThG' st. than a day.hell" ..s thEli iship 10 'trovel at ~poods Iesa them tile speed of . vtlst dl::ilaDc:es betwleen st(U'E! in a "Wl'JshQi!'t d:mG.2 step peoOllqr ~o'T CQ¥el':t.ed bere CI!!O i'J distrClctio]]~ and cooking C'>i].ending in deedl y.!ll 'comr..fully equipped m. '17.vice\. any cd th.. his ill her skill check. ond might re:s'Ullt.ass r. this takes S round.ugrh beI'e.pm@fit .v!.e . equipmenf .'t move to inve:sligllte the tplOdthat in~oo this met:I.QOQf itJoeU H\U$t be mel ted open.e. 5'leIk BillY Tbe sick bay ws .tEu console'B.esuit here. l . could be used to coa:~(Il part 01 tho hull 'YIo1U'f trequmng anyone' crossing ilt to' succ@4.cuy crttack pod dum:ps abattlesc['·ellm.lIlnl..giJle allow.. h. Amid.!It.ccO'er.p:eosiv'e and.e ai_dock door:l:s very tough.or elee:trical sparks. its locking mechanism 'cannot 00 meHecl open. you see Ii] lC[[lue humenold IOlrm.lt has numerous mum· join. wh ne comes from ibo haa'it 'W Mch COlii.r IRuDIn.eudri.penalty if used as cover). u You hear h'I.om hel\Q..re:paro:uon devioes and stoc.r·sI lOOm.using.'[e~s not enough. Main EIIgineerlng 3U relaY5. i:ap!.8 doaot lecocUng t'O enlgl~ neeling. . IndllIttlanl ERgl'nl! 'iimgln'B pfovjde. It's a rnhot o~ some.&C'ts. &\00 Alrliuck 7""WelilpDn !ibltiUI1 1IIil.egs.uCia large mm:ol piece '0.ha :rnalI:! te:rmilbal.n+. .u~th. The . by Azorel Beeu:...s ill +.]d th~ . l[umpute.his is a standwd :spaceship kitchen.1. 14 .'.nt(Jlfi5 spaHl laser pistols.Lim' !!!iuppol"l: I!itlll:lon Thj$ ..r.. Ueoimlent Of Wlgery in.e datu cern be loc:ked.Lanoel(Jlt'5i. '!itilnirivel Dlumber Thiis is the wachillery 1ha:t ·aUow~ 1M "hip to w~~m dlo.leu T.' 15.Cfi\ed.g.. oampiJrtman~ contains the' l.gilts :flicker end Qr.s" ibis...e mechanic::ol and electricc:l iliyslem5 'of the .j>dem a D€lIJdeJ:'itv e:heck or fall down).n syst8m eontrola.ck. Any damage to ~be!l!!i1itil'lilwinals."is! ([ sinyls sp(I(:. tbe . that powe.e' LE..e D~1Jldhe stmt. ths Iorwerrd periJ' .pb:mmU!c€luHccIIi1i.k.i'.'Ve is very elX.kG theW:i.r]g {maa The beroes m.@d with. • 4.. The equipment lockeI o.c::i:S$eactol'S pl'lo.e:d..putCilJI Ei'qyipma.. CabIn Chando. Clnd surgical equipment. • : c:::.ahth.l.ga'to the 'El'ngine ~d!lee.a. I[rew l:abln This ]~9~ G'len.igm8J8r~n. Any hero.ay rush fn defend the '~mginee:rlng section.. and ammunition fOorCha:ndo:ris shotgun.\dde a: +2 l .h.. 'These 5ec'ticms hQ. . '[1S1 wen ag the compub~. a Thi!! roo·~ O~'litOiin5i 'WelUS cd <lo:m.. :Flecd~ Del:k a ~2 Tho mawl I. nnd '~}i"st8m conduits.ough :u is.ep~enaJty :fol' COV'EI'}. The B.sists of 0: dustsr of whirling cin::ul·m saws.jx1io...t:f. of the sUTije-ooldli. has ~o~l f. D1LIJI'Vi8d bludes.

eve. Uthe s..nifii:ant cm:. necessary.check for his or her hero..::ry hero can wat!.e ship. The.'!:b ew.io~ 13 iimmiIlie'll:t! Prom somewhe~e in5l~de the chttmhe:r.s means they Iluack bOlli biding and cov..G:r Kesirul.rs ads :in the Gcod phase.g. Thi. the S'lat:d.tal :Sci· ence-oju:ryrig.ambassado!r is wiith.plet...!.e their miss-iQ!}. i~ waits within the engi~Q' station. :3 J:xrn. ibooten my ~qu:admn. but it will def8Jld :aseU if the room.reudly) .:rhre chmn~ ber.urge-- -.4e!t!ni'~flI'mJ~.e:. Every round.er~he bS:[08I3. the end.tc:h to 'gneniJlu"'Camwl :mode. lro1illlds· the of 8KmiI!InlD9' the the battlesQrea. ns sec:ondcu:y prog:mmmin.ambassOldol:'wiH die today.!I'one oJ: t:helollowingr ~kmch!ecb in any phose that hero OOlD.ern . The lCllsterthem-light enghl.aW:S bow much elossrthe explosion ~s:I.come ·u:nd.@.r'9s the heroe:. shoOtti[lgl' (I).a:mmedJ to end the surge.IkdQWDTrack below. tliiley use the opportlmity to' h'Dad fu'l"the starddv. m~ "Criticw Breakdown" skill checb fwl:he sabOilaged stmdriveifJ.• 8 fuU.~egd.: (In action . OtheiW~se.owmg' ~ext: a engineering lContent3 of station.m. hun and h~miI.. n't W'OrJI 'the a day.ol ~ diEil'S.ualti'Q~.aye:r make. 'Technical Scienc:e-z'Elpak. they run CJW01'wohe!l]. the soiruem $\i1ii. ''il'l!Klhni.. the !5urge lifoldiars Ol'.two SlJ.9' lukes oV'€!ir. Good. hut Y0iL!! ha .p them.sn. The be:roes havecr: limited wnol!. doe:s:n't e.:e.tl]' th.m6i:tumi:> 'toward . AUe.ew u[Cth.the berge. In. U:lltll the ~'I. l'he.0 aUempt to accomplish lh!il~ mh.• DO bog. robot is progr..eri't to.s.r.af wh.mumersremam b)1 tlesist them. act: ~C'W~1ty~fity devi~.tbey US>e tricks 'and ambush:es to. hsroe<!iO ctltQI.)If UD\e to repair the stmdrly.When they dQ.Q.'~.l.!!Itikely oukome lot' this a'dvent!.ut: "You may have. 'enemy targets end ttth:1Cks..f!fon:nat 'to. ]f tihe.th@l.anclJer oi UJiQ§'urgre. And we will join him in whcdever altedUo CiwttHsus~.re'c. the hEl'l'oe. To repcW:: the stmddv.eirr hest to com.Hewe each p[.!I1g: FailO!dilnmy.e is reaching c:ri!ioal crad ·an e!Xplos.!!. 'us it 5CtlllS line' equi]:lment und . ind~c.er heavy aUa:ck: ond bS'!Jl:n to 'take ~tg. and . phase. lDox. AmCIZ'· iug:.a:d.baUlesclIaamer ![u::ls in the Ordinanr soMi.t one 1«5t SUtgs-&oldwer in.~oplcry them as intelligent 'llllcU.clU!ding their own lives..I_f'9 is 't'hat l fue heroes will d@fecl the majority 0:1: the . Mw:k o:lfthe prgpe:r !Hlmbe:r of boxes on. -a~: ~ ~=F f1ashmg redu'ght paints the pulsing smrdirlve cllamber with a: despetme [101000.. Hcrve each player :m1D6 em action cb~J. These ~as'..entllias them ([B.e so U. Irorn capture' to km~ They cmiit~ed 1.:J~ it. The . Tbiil ~~t me .'t ]eH the '([rea yet W' -= ~ started.xpLod. the Sturdri ve CriUc>c:d B. 2 bo.Wben only twu slllge-soldiers me leU stand· wg".li' 3. n tbE batt1escreamer is ~tin opiliJmtioncrl.solrliem.eame:r :mok'Bs ([ speciflc e.c:cd warrio:l'5. iinjure him.ttle'sc. (!!ttoct the heroes and kill Ambcu.k for his 'Oil' ·be.!!1t . the.tgilo"i!!)oIcHiElirs. U no bo.mechanical sY'st€UIi:S wi1hinthe Beene 14: I!iUII:!IIDE !iaLDIER~ "fbe InO. (f.1 Mission chgnges. a voioe caUiS o. the M.8! chamber (meo HI) to :5abo~ag~ :it and bl.xes.es.It id.-sgldie. and i't goes to h~l.fgJe-::ioLd:iem cw]b n.enever poseible. Thie robot ~nitidl1y Igno.argmal phaw.S (if 'theyna:v.Q QCcuni. oom.sionm all CI~~t~ln..Q.r :Sp[ll':E!iSbip' 31 .surg:t1i. 1he han~e'scD::. tllil~ heroes aheuld meet up with at leu5.

chance to inCi'ea:&a their .d equipment lur the n. OpenI1ions-engi1. He.for the'sEl' AL~'n' g'CIlllS products ttt h'Qbby 5'bops.lee.e1ic. ll. have' eanled Iil.e.u::inrg the Cia-vel' pIlorided by t~e stanhi:ve C::O:Pl.end the adventure Cf'e«te a prison T.ugh to' :fight !hcmd-~o-hand. . Th. without cr. the sUl"ge-sold.ction Rolepna:yi. You . :2 ~ fe.cri. situation. end b€i'd he honored if they would WOl'~ f:orbJro a:gaillisameUmeiln the fui1..ce~a command.i.ext1" (bel!.'8.e:Kp. haroos' successea on tha St<If<dfiveRepair TraJ::k c=I below. ICTecrtl. §klill Cdtiool Breakdown Skill.erool:i.o qru:dms W:lout: h:rklng sbots at dJl8 heroes as the'y try tQ 1'~.1li:flHfn"P~CQ7'elr:S Handbook and Gamemasler Guide. n the surge-so..l5id 'the cO'le of fuEl compl.dE. 'The sclddar hOiS n." lead.rs oapturG the ship and dei'e-ctt the he'fOgS.e:sUke u sun and then winks out. S1!ard!r:live becomes WmQ~t deare:nmg.VI!§ :~ :::z::: Remember~ fhs . 'the day. :Ilt@ooestalk to the C"Onooro. the Sltmarl..i.his d1l'e.r.k TIFl-. . cybem.ogy to !:. The com. '!itilnlrive Repidr 'Trac:k ODDDODDDDDDDDDDDDD ODD 010 D.ment 'is jut ~gi.and spaoe vehicle combat.uo bo'Xe5~ Oird~nmy.n the ecmzn UJ1lt hlu["Jts: ".Bkms. aIllYQ.) Bln!akdUrWD DOD DODD 1>.po:w!§dJ .2 boX9lS.e of tbe Al.•but the . and improving heroes wt:er each adve. an. !ii. and be'll aim at AmbaS'sClidorK. turnte "'Improving WHAT'. ~SiEI] cm.ng'I.nningl See "WhW':s.hey nC1ve 'won tn..~ cedes bDw :mnJch closer to stoppmg the .rarbid- ~m~z.~i!T'l9rnml. d c !itardirivl! That depends on you. ~ {Cbeck boxes in: ·i. T.~n deep in th.lley also contain new 'Weapons.tP2m . advise the Fo.~ ponsnts 10 giVi9 0: +2. nnd 'tbey ji..eacod th.V'ell. ~.er oj th. D Re.lceJr.. - §abot:aged Artion!!! Action Chock: DI:!!'fi!nsle§. OJ' online at www.You eould .e .U)iii. .ngi"then they bav..t ia the t~ad.biddWll:. do you lead me? Oval. NEXT? .tical ble'cd!:~ dawn the. rook f. llead: Tb~.mnl:JeI. :3 b@oces.e chc!ln~ ber. w<rming o. He won't let the he:roes by to fix.ce!CIr~'. Il trull' 'keroe!Sre. lesI Itt in your bon~.Pilif' the rsbcU'dnve.(l5.. n '5t:ilrdrhre! lX. Wl9l1' bum vibrating out of tbe..jenli f~om scratch.. Criti.:mm!Ld~I .d '!h~ ship in a: iI:l~ej'bu~irnau$e firehcdl that momen-· tarlly :flcrr.cHem to (16&1&1w:Uh r::my m.lJe attempting' to repair H .f an iD~om~ ~.e OOni~l!~..ed gt this a. If a nero grets.nture.ve. her'oE!isw~: failure.g!.i.ldie.iODi.tcrrdrive £1'Om .NDII\II& T'IHE ADVENTURE If the he~~ mana.'t.:k Let the.e 6u:cceed.:. stays bidd. ThE! Il:ilVillJ'y Arri.roei51" at lha begmwng of th~i6 book. Good.dve'D.e~ci'le. l'he b~1'00<5. kI use. Ow ~..h!lfe..) D D D DOD 0 DOD D Expwsimd .. Tbo~9 two oo. ~.!!i~'e:xpiod.I'.. s.oks form uct and are jnbu-e.e.~ the stmdriv'e and d~.d..ete M'fEIDII'TY Sc[ence F. book :stotes.t@.chldda:n. "Explosion. Mmk cH the T..ful'e . fllls d!llect10ll. they take the LcmooJot batk to 'the priliiOg SJlaca s1orth:m. The red light~ flash fast'EiI' and the.ne.e daY.dj. A~tlig.{lIbouagethe stardrive.pairs UQd boxes in.am. addmg roOfii skills and opHons..d fun with thts prodin jplaying ~OTIlU mar. mmO'f.er can.tap penaUy to..rlnQl.e oonce CCli:1Hn.s. i1l.. n the breq~01llit bBr08S adventure.~3trW if the diplomat is 1il the ch.~~ the cover.. .estrQying yQU oo. 'there Oll: He.s. thisad. .top too. ambassador is once mOleimples~8d with ~he heroes skins.d :stardlrl've before una.final :!ulrge-soldi€'J' ia. m1ll\tatiQflIS..h:il.e leul of 5UCOeSS. :Look .i~ s. :still around" too. won..9ssel 'Th.ol.close e. any ranged attacks wilds agDtinst him.es. Th@D the FTL engirr. ' (Ch@l.:{1on' E. Mttrg]Jl .lQt~Q :opti.ng Beeausclhosurgre-soJdiel' used S€lnn-Ru techn.etail!O<. d. Ifs Q hugE' v~sse~-when oonnpamcl.or the Al.Q"w) lor d... N. At tbis pamt t fuel f'o.co:l Breakdown Track ~che!l.ensnr alarm flares.ta-l.ance~ot. 'fha. If you ha.le cm-ive.ons 1~9'ps.gti 'tQ' keep Amba:!OSlCldor K~str[d saki mlLd s.receives a +] step penalty to any 5kill eheckl!l made to reverse tho cdtka]overlottd.sf.l!gr Game and prov:ide rules for.he hie-I'Qe'silaV€'l lost.fiJ!il(]ttille sill"ga~50~dieu.. Scam Ordinary 14 Good 'I Amazing ::J hem chcn:uc.he BilgBang If 1he heroes fall to Iepa:ir ~he saooiage.'Ught.


... • .naIttl . ....-"'~ dII!.gIl! ... ........ til! die di!!II if' It p....1 Nan. 1Ianu......... dad_ .iICi a... _ Act.. ~ u.. ter' • MJB debiiW"-=..._ . . ~ • d iii ~ ..~ T .. III'LiaUan ..m.&.... M til R 'a---".....04 . M. . . 1:1_ KUIr'"....-... IIubI:............._~r:~ -I NanM -d4 +._.. . +dI +d4 . die I uII It-... . H a... __ ~_ .... . namdM_ . ~ Add U.. dill"" Ing nHIi~ dew _ at' -...... II....mgu.... ad_wed ualng dim • II!"..n.... rua.1I":tt. dieD II' It ...... ga .. t:r... till tIiIII! "'I~ ~ _ da... ~ ••• -. 'til s.. bonut!I dIIt.-dl n-u o OJ n. ~..... •• +1 51tuat1an IIIR~ ...... "*- ~tt'" .t:: Idnd uf' IIII::e til .... dBI if II. b. .r..... r-ott ~ u.. ...... an dlII! .. .. _. di!III .. RaIl iIiiI!II....... tII·u.e ta ~ opel"lltlng 1ia_liIdgit. n.. ........--cbEi.. . ......rcan- 1iWhkh JIll-.a.hm o. utilizing awta::a&_ ...... ..............orr _ ~ .. .:tar....... ~IIZI_" DIiIIIll!!logliligi Nid tall bIIIgh IUII ___ AlMr_ Nane -I ... EanipU'e tile I:iIbII tD .wr ~ ... IIIiIIIIIt...a +iI Lang~ MellI"_' an...-dab ft"IIm U. ........ViI! .. . abMIty .ctIans........ ReD diIiIJ. . .. ~ '.-thm at .. •• +~ PaInt . 1I 1dB ....ur .......... AEt 'til ...... Ad: a. LIM . nwa . It It' ~_ ...:D. u.... rvII 8D.:Ian Ita...nrirt u.......:tu ... ~ If 'II...n:u.. MMgInBIJ dIM 'hBu ~ IICf: In..... .::k ......II .1S~. Ad 1-!1.. ..... ... tn. .._ ...-nt..-. I .. Add die lIItumtaa a..... of' UiJI"rt ~ ~ . gall 1llillit8r-It' . 'u. PI . tIJtaI I:D I:t. ............. 5UIpII EJitbea_ ._L.. . -a . . _ at . .... ..• ~Dl d.."....... .. dol .. twa .... liM _e A£t '5.a.. . . ...r. 111l1li"'.. &Gad . bu..ad • IIanuI! gr ~ .- . .... -cUI -III• ....... ...dB ... 1AnwiaIng...........m... iii ...... LIMIlb"DI ... of §1:i!iM ~ VBya-d -. . tt..... dllt ...... u..... axEl_ .. 3 o... 5ki1l C/hprll.. ...d& ...eo ..aI!I1L'!.-rann . ..... Ii ~ yau diRar- .A_.. IIIIItu. I'IImIIIIiw tu Utelr ~' ... ~1IIiPW. .e .. ~ 1i._... __ ...... u.....rg.I\Ia...... An Uan... ii!..Ad nww ...n....-tar:...... liM ...... CNu'- 1... 111..... _ at' Mlle.n..... _11 ... ~ di!Q tr It.. . +4 ... .-. A--UIIna Add ... lind _ i:IIMduI tD ~ u- ~ . _Art ...... .

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li~1:il.m.iH:i~1rtie!: oI vw:lllci..gD..i.1ly WOrn Ol. All s~~cdt?!"okl.)~k.!7bl!E! !.I 1:0'th.U'.ilefll(i.eCiliou wn be 'Oed ~o itieccm ElIdlls. ulo.upply ..mc. fil.te Ig'te.b.d the riwnber QI.rsi: the O. [he '~j~ QO'fiiIIliliL. tJi1l1l first mclLVlenl:nra.scalel.!~de.'1lI ~i"oi:l ~n a ~m~JICo'n~n:I :S~ll':Ii SM'rice trouhl'llslitoomog'I. :ifill wm..~ is ~·homime Ils~he psoc:j. !:l~tl:l!lJ!~ ~d !!lM$~ •.!.Pawts ~~jg'nad h. Tbese llaV"e soor.~te![. YOu'll .gmas yo-t You gill1 to CU!l~omiza tQ brill bV 1.P!!~I.!':'!HI. . dlf:fe'Ient :MIllis: ~ to three s:lt.1 Mt.!> aloy(!. When all 01 the p:iece. . A.ld mQ.sme 'Wi n Am:DI~ hw. !iii.aWiI: fum his jab js.o i!!.ca-li.lla you w!:ml ~O:l"ei to:hi :IIi ho:wto do Hu:rt.AmreK? p:lm:!&: .l!ll81 with ~.'Ilf ~u.ktce~la aHm:'. you calli Impr.U!f~QnI.eIIWI1beflB.ot.. lncll. end :stm"iil!IiLijl Cpe. me alsobm.CEis •.w Ji~'to mr.cn C!'f i5. awllldDd. the lum::e.:~ ~tI_ 9:ki1J .ettt aw~." to ~EI1lgn \O~.I'BlIsW. ~. tw~.gted ~llHlif score.\l:m.]:. 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ooI'El. 1 to @lgb1 .U.1m~¥hfl':l:j. FiIiI(dk1g.tbm hii mUilI W~N!I. Add the ll'l. :iI\zorp IW1s. he 901 'lRmil!f~n~ tQ walk Oil: the.PfOVG.ts rn.C d. It bets !l!!V'eml }HK. Bear gIew up willi.Ri. Wlcwt bim to h.t l:!ie@dset can send «!lid l~.ner9Y weapon.vanaty Q~ ways" induti!Jngl: 3 ~onIle slci. COllDll ~t Th:i:s.(!lI.lo~. E BE!i!D' h.. !rough up. \IDd 2 tO'1I thi.ng. Spe.stars dw'Qy.dYl for mpdirs. Iim]t mOW SPQcia:l~y skin iu:r· ..relec'led. rina.e.1l!i ~. Hef'O :f'oldM. Aftfll' c: short BUnt Iwtln9llQut]\lirate insto:11aLions.I..:ms foo'w select:ed.rvica~~o the -G<dacH-c:' ConooKl.m hie ..roo:d &kill s.eu.o I:he Speda:l Siuvks division Qi the CQnco:r.cta th~ fuUoWing. AlHw.This swn is the Oniinary .{esist-ed."ev90tually voir their :g. . ~.e . to travel II ]0'.cl to tb.uldum fine is a pawedul e. get". and 'lmmGlcll pet:lp]e.ilia hoot RtI bi th:il. The work awf.¥ powered ncn.rB&ilIIr'. ersonal t. Oissi. 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l!!i DrdIDIII"g &ggd .Dl ..hlng In fit'll!! gala_~ She P~' dl'm!ille tuPlbE. §ha"S la· rough-and-ready lii!Jul MID I!IIIjoy 1"11 guild hl"'ilWl mDre ithMl .: iElnlwleli ~FilENIH'H DEXTEHIn" ()IN!iTIITIlJITIDN 15 B Ii! ~N1B... haa n!tri3diabl@ daw!5 trhllt She IHeIi trw UftilrnlBI:it ~bBt.._llbk..k AdJon 7 3 M II11II11 II.8@ rI lranged Wf!lIPDn. 157 &aDd .e" blDI~ She. Ipmw!Ii'fuJ 5p!I!dll!!!!i. '~i!~+ DIeck -I:Dr..AmBZlng 3 IDJmIJ' JJln:Jw Mielae Wellpill1tiiii 1!5 IS Bt~ UnarTlll!d AttaE. doli Is D WEimn.. ItIut If !ihe iha!!i W 1. 1"110 !!jper.la... dBw Skill §lCDr@' Illamllge (t:~l !!IlhlKfip!m.iiPlyt.Qdl WDLInd po1nt.AmBZlng' Ii!! U 5 RUn 16 Dnllni!!ry Ranged Wl!aPOCR 8 RIfle !i~lth :8 !5n&M ~ml ..5 dUl!! tlJl hii!:!r rugged wer..·' 5"k1ll !iEDR!' E~ InPJllgeRce Knowledge I~Up Damage ·~·~uf~~ d4w d6-il Drdlnllrg Will AWdI! I!Ile_ 7 &aDd 3 u Wl!IUod b DDDDDDDDDD ftwI I:B III Intultmn ~I'!IDIUIIltg IlIitmiaalan DDODODOD •• DDDDDDOD DDDDD D•• Dnlln!IIQI 10 ~n' fhann 1wt_~1 Il"&Irn~f' of _un .:. rI:tg 4 ILJnliinned -=k!i d4"1-3W DnI~ d4+9w &god d6w IdEi+Sw AihI!I'ZIng.h!!!I ~Plrlli!i•• IDD IJunibllt: o Waren DIn! r 5pl!EI.IGI3\IIE Wiu P'ERSDNALnY H 7 1 [J !!i~ngtb A:thlet!lC!i! mrdlnll. ~ Hll!!rnIH!r of II lailige. D'ii~UIOIr hl'l!!!!l'IIiiII l[nuea!il!d I e Biology .1!iiI.1. 5l1e likes lone with me 11!c.

~llJD. or lm::Jease CbClld0f'.e.l:Ollll w1th . shE!' fOlIDd. res:i!ltcmt t:o dCmUlt'le. Kurg).el_ted. The' Ama'Zill. Cfb. pe·:nsonw toil. You DlJil ~ly ass:ign t 2. wmk' as ~ boun~er.f.s._~q.SQCiutad dblility scorn.5J)e\ciahy !O~ll. but use 'IhI.e IIi.en.ncl1eclill. haiied on emy perU- DIm has: ilI.a. Cho. a 'i"angty (1'1 ways.!ltimloming or poumiing cPpo'llent6. An orphan. bi91 hUmlI:n nmo. U 111f1tc51s. Elquipment IOl' IDols. Remember.I WOs bomon ~laton m 'lheHq~I.sts for E! hQurs).):re.pmU isnwmaUy wam CIVeT other dotllmg. itpKMides . Af~el declating .ve»t1Ua. UgM glItn¥ c:oveMll .e llumbe:r!!l)li!etltedl ~() achiev@ Ordm~.tm. hEl twQ hava since beeome crewmme-s ~ the Concord Special Ser\l'lce troubl:efOhootil1g 1{e-ssel Lance-lot. Artst is: a colony oj ·~.aeJect~.fbe~ bov~ aoof$~ lig't.m.l.~d AUo!1lk ~riI .u iJU! kiT Chandor ]at~r. 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'£\ElW' W·QT. buy a: new s.ohtrnn. ~PM:: !:!lIl. hy thra W(:tyJ Add.ne. anowing Chandor to c:ammunioo~fI'wil:h her ~e.[Ii aSIig'Q CbOl'l!dor's points in.lD co:n ~ used 10 lIi!GDl'd any Dew dillE! yo.nnd 2 to «tbbd: 1 ~D @jgbl dil:fer·ent skills.comea wfth a d.O'I!he s~aged ptn. kl!'G99 what tita 1'9"&t of tbs gaIoq Wl!I:!!I lik.ge moon.nig suecesa. ro!.ffi ~C! (l~1I!1rmiitle dl." w:. pLayJ of th. then Chtm4il!r's (15+3 .5&1 ~ Mnd a:ndl..specialty'BkmSClJ1I!6. .. haIf of the' Good SG.'iJg: 3110 OMsl(m..Uto tile O!i~ed bmadskill seora to dtitennine Lbe ~~ecLt.!Dd. DClIma! d.ot havo 110 scores rn.! . Comm Geo:J:..of. Emmple.ed.ghtweigbt head.~\U1d~J 1he ~U l1lepUl.tbat All specialty siWl ~Jlilil W'!i ~eel1i. QR$>p1ece.n. This sam iB the O~(lWjl' .h. hEtmii'. .ng rang&.EI!1amlt pocll:ets emd many places 'Ie a:italili.etr:ies.ll ildllil.uit. receive midi!.. th~Hero FoEdell'. Wbel'll «11 01 the pIeces ClI)@ w. with ilgt! Fill IIlt'he SiCO'faB of the ~dlty ski.ed BetM'cbiJnelil~d her·t13 armwresUe.citig what she d!jar~bast~iiHl. La. .ed to them ~ yeL You get t~ tll:s.I·lle.. 01':3 pointE! to I.:OrE!I.d ArlsI.nd worbd pcm-l~mI !:till Q: lxiun{.1:htllg Ilke we~IDJ nee .nd.o.!m.ghtingl slWw.e o[ (Jh~i!'nDlii om the show.m tlJe lctge b. Oil the lrolrJit ~(i!ge of.m:I of .lt has S.PI:'Olecliolll a_gai[lllit· atmospheric uecompfei. She grew Ured . Sh~ else hi':iis (j1 seleefion 01speciwty skills th. im:ludi.et~hqhJ:1j!J ij1'Q~uum'm4:i.y slcill score.ak:eady listed. The . 3 pgoints to the ~lawJ :s~ :J'jj'iaWl:!]dll seere is I~El Cba:ndo:r baa.Q ominary ~. Cha:ndornas 8llJoy@d hsr time as pw1 of ~b.. Tflkiog 'ii 1emr.'!l...Q](iOO!'OIlly tl.ndtir the loser to. H!oeiv.Ci WEJll\en. :roulide-dl do<WD.((gp8cla:hy skill 5.AriBt cb®'Se tJ~1~ the frosty CI~ thai large n'loon (md t~:n modern spacefarIng .mIJ.inale-hmrel sootgua l:i«s be<en ~orliiti·ed ·to.e broad skill ~:m score •.'I 'Ihat ttddacup 10 a points.0:1bt!..lofhel& (mdsb!Q~.e.U ron Wlslgn." .!i eult of 'C(1rlie.by adding tile number' cd. HeI duti6i! we 1igh. fill ill 'lb~heIris ~Uqcl: sco..e!' }ooi:lngl.cot.! ~tgna:h> ~p tQ 10000lcUomIGfsIs.~_f LImits. 'Ji'bi. Yeu C')..lm'ijled a-I ~0Tt tmlig-e.common everyday . a specicrlty s.2 to fQlilr IlkiUll.g s~ i9.Oi. Tbe imn.!.ler. cQmhmaUo:l. ~ to aI10~I:ulir. tlie CJ1S.natQ fiber is li!~da'l1.!f-}. d. Cl:umdoI" lOillind tr<Iditionallu~ !:In Ari§t hortt'lg ~d J. You']].mhro:ce ~ hall nent speclcdty Skills you :s.Il. yQ1.!Jtl' &~. llie:1I as (Jj hod'yQlIl.m SCOIr8. lllnowilng tl:!.iaion tthe. and per~oncd m9'men1~i! th«t !ij:b~ kw~ 1n hel' quwtmll_ SlioIgurm this" pump-amlon.l1lgoed. Qi cia:hll' sklll. . 18). C1~s:ig. Thot's Itl You're ready to.kj.ed tl'It! planet Sitar~l:Qm. s.l1pCll 'Ihs bI:OQd is the Burne as. enee .kliU.D8dpom:1S to tbe bloodi s)..-omts assigned to.n. The hkmk li. mask's mqrg:Qn ~qpp!ly Ix. Thi.SClCialy.Ue·r:ei'!i how tolil~ .!i.i !i stm SCOlie they QJeast~ed with..k gnd thielf gloves.l::u:looof has a llwnber 0 'boom skills . BeOirbought 'tha ~1 .tom~Q Clu:D]lior by alSmgn'ing S~OF9Si 10 the II!peCLcrUy slUUsl'GU W01U 1'ier to bffi'e.I(s e.lIlilas'B p.in:ts atlhis ~imerAddi !he number of f. 'lhenumher of points.!iHed 0: ~bi!:l h city 'Oll the pl:g:uiid Spel. ~tremely co]d (lib tM"Original W'B'mn homewerld1.doLlhle damage wh..dli.odling. !ibe vi.arnmaws. ~ only baH damage when Ured actIO.

..Di!a iffil"ll~ I~'- '!iii a b!'I&IIBth.AlDIIElng Ii!! .ing 3 Eurm·CI'bI'dm11 Drdlnlll1l Stmnlrnll EI &oDd 4 .Am......iiI IikUled and III "allied member.m. §Im ~. DDOD'DD 0 •• 1..~fMJn~ t~ ag6 KnIMl~ ~Dp Deduce Fk5rAld Sewrh.ntenl!Jen~ Ordinary al: LJllilumed 5klll ..-:DII. .. !iIdOfe elP' ..!!II .u::elDt.w ~ dEl+lw Amazing rllmge iNJ/i4tJi'i!DIl IiiiIHHl -Will AWlIn!fJE! 5klllSm Da~ge.. HufDiln 1iI1l!!!:!!I!!!' Inva. PI. O. 'Dni11liII1lI 'M13 &aad JbnI!!zlng 3 Ii Ii Ii &aad ~ ~ I~gnt.Attii.~1 77 IlDUd 3 Amazing I EilZ1Ji11'1e1t .zlng 3 .. l.•.e ~.of 'the I:DfIII:DIicl've!!!l!!!lIl!!I..I!IIRilFY -Iil!! 6 -- IlamD!le '" ~~.AmDdag i2! bnged We~ns 11 S' At:tIan PIsmJ Mil _nlll l4+ ~ DrdlniJry 13 !imuli"l!!ll.•.:k JWJJP I 11rawI' DI!Xli!!.y Ii! Ii -:3 :I DBm~e §kUl 5a!I1'I! d4!!1.ugatar Ag. Df ~ trainE!d to '!l1m!iIE! mentm ~nl.Rt5HNAL!ITY Ii! 13 9 !!!ikiD 'Strength At:hlm:!l~ DrdIn.1fiENI:E WILL P.1.' .n-y Drdlmuy IIiDDd . 1113 13 3 !il!!i ArrnoIi:§o~lt ·d6-'1 !5bieE!:t Smart PtIiIr lftu rlnl!l"ilotluJlI ~ =J\milzlng U iI Stun EI onUnary 9 DDOOIlJ DOD •• •• 1•• II •••• £' WDund H' .Birduntnee . d4>1"111w IliInlIIIUU·Y d5 . &Dlldl Ii }bnaz.nd: I:or '!iTREN5OII IIlEXTERfIY 1::nNsi11TU1i111i1N 7 III B 11'iiITELl..

mns: rn'ld f~]j~s.t: hM pfohl. her . Yon. rounded! doW'. Hoo:'s~ Jkro.s.st. The blank llnelli uad'et the sklll sec:tiOll oo::nba uud to rDecmi atly n9W s...IOVel Umlla. a lio. 'C»" inaec:rse DaG's.~ck StoD.mbet· oj points .1cm. or 3 Jpgl.tgnIDg ~m~ to !he !iperua~ty skalls you WOllt bBt: to k~ Re-re's llJjw to dotba:1.1. Sne olso gained a. iU Y{m'tB~llIadl' ~ ployl 'h~:marr an I! Dlia hrrs the toaowl_n~ equipment.~aml.by Fenras.!iiliion "Ins maSk's o.i.g lhe tHQl]l~f~ I!l!eeded toadIi:eve ·OminafY.Q(( '1gQ]'9J1 :Soitmi. lot m'~U-1O\Qoli· danee...selected.drg1E! to erem-9 iuh!ll:lSQ light UlCIl is lIocm. em e!ec:tri· cal cb. .Ume.n.m~ where rm in the . l ttl twelv'e dilko:roe·nt i5IIriU~.rvi~io:n.!e. disher hut DOlleFe. the sbjp~ docto·r.u. :she was ClSbd to join ate Ga4tJ.mes o~ .roCla"IdDs alreudy li:st'i'd.fE!IEjlepa:tb:lc abiHt:i8S. 'Wben all. Slw gj~c:eptM CO!.I1ItA.£m.m.1l Deu'!i jXli51h.p:lia. .e-t.Ii! bQUIS).:l!ed:on <ID.C'()!I'e 'IhW me ossociat d witll. GocdSCOM'. tts Dew Q3pmi. pnlteclilJH a.on tb~ :fran'l' pog@ at ·Hlis H~m Folder. W'ef1lt thTOlugb iUtenSh1'8 tri:liiIlitng.a gOOd ]~d&l. l1t:er'~'I! 11.l .•.cn1~d a lew minor spls .~dd]tiomd !.sebcrtre i!iCO~.l. :50x magnifi"+[tklll. in the be'rt)~iOa-uaclt ~rltl!! .e il.b~m.he~1:'.ei.cb:icmly p:Dwel'ed flashlight base: bclt'te:ry thel!t. If 101(1 Il:!fmg. You~11 r@c.allhlevss. the. DeU IHglll1 ?/QrJdng for tha Co cord:s Special Service divisi·on. m!1ln'iLna~e up 10 2Omel!em away. she Wq:i.: 'Light .V91i!. qllcrt@iHI. (12+2 . Ctl:ll stQEe t. ~.u~~ '001 her ul. it milBk cmd'~k pwyides gloves. .Poo: naiil: 12 POintlil tQ'I.kIll!!l h~t have nosc:pnls assignM ~o them I as !f.J!ejyClu'cCH.iliilgt)'ln\ij 1D~'Ei ]2 po~~t~ .l t:IibGu.U!. upl!o 1:2:poin.i:Slted.m. l'hafs..lul or even recolid uti' 1:0. l.il!1: Ol"some oOthGr cmnnimIoon tho:t -add$. educmed.omm IGtlaIii Thi:s.TM I!. along wifu ·common aveI'Jdil!y~loth8S cnd shjJes.ccati'Sl. ClIq1tbier ki]~_p:rth il:qd gi. Adld 1ha au.al[]11s at '~hi.x-ample: IDea has ern ESP bl'oc:id skU} ~fe.l' ~ruRG!nt iSPQdcl~'y IilkiU!.s. IieCQ. Pi.s high-tech wedPen uses. This.e. ~. She rooted out-security leuks.Dala s~w "l'his p:tl:m-l!ibad .oo!! fJIOV"fifi hlmself ttg.crys-trn:s: into ij[ wbUe:-hot. 5J:l.gne<i to CD s-p~ly ~llo ~ crssociia1)8d broad! skIrt SOMe 10 d. 'Wid developing-a c(]!lRillliI!demt. bJuy (l: new !.Uowil'ilg.hip .h wO".I. iD('ludlnq~:3 to il!:'l. Jhill~gz f'tdnt':!!. Q I!tln cd tibe :!i'~lClrty 1 ootlM my 19fJ[I:I ~o USB· h-eJ abUitie-S!.limit now when as. dis!.J: De-a'1itele'pcd:l:lic pOW8U~an maaiIestini'wbelJ she wa:srQ:meD~e:r~ :giving he.I.y £lOVoamU cc.JiSignoo t(l· be.OmDlUll:it:crl:e with f'8M~.!.oil:12. E.n 2: pliint:!l to tile postcognition B.lilts aIlrl many .s pro.n~'m CI :l!ip..tB tor ahQl:ltt I week of consktn t use.van.:soores liemembe_[.8- . Wl. ha:!!a ~l.a2. Dea b.e WId 1!~±a1 ln5tr\11ctlon from the he:st p! the ConooriJ's d9tBcU. by G1en.a.!Il1e:r cf b.t::Dmiilul:el. ~f dra preci. C. oction cl!.t !lina k-ee~:siD KG:. ekill SCMEI is ohfa:inedi by adW:n!. personm leiletrill"h WId POUI._&~gn aU theE.spacitiUy df. h@ given her sOMecne·thim I3h~ Ii.ca!l to U'lmeb eqlripment ..sbow!n. H'EIl wifhbsT teammates.d. Binoculars: 'nBSe dlllTdb:le bmotUla1'.hCl.Qcnnl1nq bar t.get to custQlHne. !!i!poeclalty !![lklU fur· ther wub acb~evemew: (lW~.) Add the H'lJD'Jiberoipoints you assign till n !>pe~lCill.peci-cdw skill. (Tile btWd !ild-b scol·a' is Ite same·as the asspo!ated ablUtl{ s~. 'E1gar shouldgllv@Dea the personal D@I.!Q!JflJUon ciaUy Ii:kHI Later.ed by arliIiciu. J'ump!!Iuit Tllis Ol!lE!'pieCiii Will:! a detachable varulitii. t~ ti.a:ss. All specialty skin scores CWl bill:sed upon the bro. .Gre.~ Thi. wajl!:i. .1dlll tl!t·o'another.t:3 2\0 three ethers.to.e •.~a. up to lOOOki]cmB·ters:.e.vro:rk»ne n¢oos to Wlvance in the Conoord_ bie~dship Guslah!oo.wiTh.e. 1.o sometimes !:l h.lli~ mernggtos t:hi.!'b ~ a bullet]»'tXIt vesJ but looks Hk-sncmno] c1ethlng.S.c: decQil'I.sign ·to.spQCk:iJtv !5!kl!1.qgeD supply Lasts i. Armed wiD. Jillh 9l'l:!I.to:dventufe. but USJ.m.as:s.d :spedalty skiUa ~'\fe SB1lec. It throw:.J! of poilIste'Y9nts amd sense emotions.oin'ls aitel' fJatin9f the fits.own 1m9w ledg:. It has SElV'9rOll pock. Flazhli~ 'this e~e..let1 home beCt!l1~6~' partln~ j8'QII'ed . You am -onl}' ct55.g'ot he@~t Ctll:! ~:n:d I:Qlcll ret:eive ~ mgnlflti.Wncii!'Jo~t15hl: trIc·utu ergo.l!o:s.~ a1'·eWon\.$c hi::!s a selecti'OlCi.looip on jt~ 3D ho1ogr:Clphlc . be·. The Q~ Q~~ is halJ oJtbe O~lltY ~'EI. ~um irstliLa &On'I.b:f Ul(~ 'wQY.. roW'ided ~WIl.ve.$. and fhw.specially ~.crysial.ti~ CQlI.ll1g11number m G. alld Amanfig' iii. t IXtrtU:l!ipM:ri.t~d.l)su WCIS (U:Signiid ro· the Concord ·troubl'i!'ahwUng: . 14'.veEdUfet.t~ ThiElami 0:1 c«rbonllte filiQr tEO .:t:moJ.ign skiU :sr::me is 14. S~ al. T'l:'i.lll. strong [l[)d resistant to datttcg.Suit is IWml(!lJ:y.rounseled.d skin :5.md •• data (inpulfedllRi:l:h rr .. tv ~km to the brnmi :!lkiU~e to datermine the specialty sJl:iJJlscore.51sig'!nedpomtsto thliOl bIDmiskiU fiC. Dell fo (. insflil'ed hy the oaptaio •.'ing seera js.I([tet you can imp. 'Fbe jl:JJllp. '~d. points :in a vOirle-ty oj.. aguinst. TlbMe ~ h!~ Ilsed to rnCHKIE8 cr specialty ski]} &:ote.. 2 tf!) !Oll!:$lltQ.A.storrrgilo .~ted illduslij.etermine th&specJolly sldll score. wo:rn ·Q'W08l' D'thel dotb~~g. of ~t:cmt Obj~tl!l.vlde.t!.h(lU 01 Uilil.1ightw.C.10 hews of J.l this ."O.kills you buy for De« . yoU .a p.a.L CllSsigni[)ea':s.

.d.8gBr I~ hi§. l'i4+ilw dfi+lw mnge rffi!~ l¥l+i!I!!i Amazing dB+lw IIlBflRlli' 1Iin'b!!I'II!JII!D. 2 ~ dal1!'ulgl! It. 11mb.. MIIrgInIIII Onfinill'!ll &aad i! -_.. lfty DnIIlftllry 9 Iioad 4 AmlDlng DnlImIry 101 101 IIiDDd § !i AnnUl': '5ioft!IIjit. The arm Il~ iJj 151.. Moveml!l1t RatI!. he hB!!l bl'!2Ji11.! LlII'lI:e1DL o Hal: ground I furmil1: 0 5plI!~lE!.nn ..aboard 'I:hi. I~e hII!II pursuedi iii I:iI~E!I" . emu_ In UnilnnE!d DJJnbat.I:II lOrd I1BI1I K~I'e£lge Ii! ~'lJp Iiaud 6 AmiaZ'btg 3 Rnrt AI.. 13 Walk 6 Ii 31 &UDd RUII111i -55 Saud 'I.B9IE! .ud ElqJlal'l!r !imENliTH llJ'EXTERIiII'V [ON5TIiTUflIII!\I I.. He ~rvlved the ·aDdmk!lllt. DLltlOD DOD•• l:Je~gn BlUff' Ii! EidiJr""!i left :Itmt .....iI!ii iBiI.. eventuldly Anding i:!! plat:e IInIthEl~[IIf'IDndi 5pecial 5i!nJit:1! .d Will Awaranetillii ~TCl$tlDn fn~gata ~ Pe.~ hmer ever ~1Jl'(:1B..ybeFl'letlI!... 1~1II:I!d wIUJ ill c. .. . -- i! •••••••••• 00000000 •• .Ama:ldngl 11E. I!IIIPI[lrer.lnU1e i!IiCCIdmlt R'i!I!I.llI!I1gth' of' '14 IIndl.N1ELUGENI::E Will PmSQNALm' kiDs 5b"1!ngd1I AthleUi::5 Drdlnary ~o - &.~Ipi D'il!!iih MJetI he WiI5 very young. III!x:U!rltg Drdil'M!!rg Ra~ WWlpon!!!!l ~1 Pllitrll Sb..ood S AtnIP'rag Ii! Jnmp Meleel WI!IqJOD!i1 ~o 1.alil §corl!s 10 11 :8 :HIIIIIiIh Fraa Agr. prara •• £iul!l!l' r.!lIIlth 111 !iftea8 ¥ehlde Dpl!rid:lon 11 SpiEe Vehlde __ 1Jun~dl::utlan §tamJnal EndUrance DnHnBry! B -§ -AmlDlng i!! -- AmlllZlng iOil. .. tli.. ~ 114* l'lii Baud.: ManliiIl Anti n Aalun £h«k !!!iica11E!. ~ ~I al:k!i VniIInnlld OrdlnlU'll i! . 4mII:zlng if! Sklll~ Damage Skill !!ic-Ol'l!! DBl'fi.. enlre'fiImIly In iii .~ ._ .1 2 _unra WDund ty a '_"_""iI: B 5..0 5 § ii!! BliJdS llni3lTJledi A~I..

nFlt Md! Kit~ This kit wetglu:: 21k:illDgIa:uJ5 and oon~ IQiU'e'\1l~n. inclucUng: ~ to pI.ng the [Iumlie[s n~edecl to achiEl¥6 o. light thaf is JocUBed by" ~ Cirtifh:iai ~l'Yiil.lectaa.!: Ad_nhJftl.gned to them as ye.llil8ll. lo'llDded .seovmtll pp=kets aDd many have.supply 1a:s.a:~ bave .OfQ«!eintense.!'lu£fe:r~"(I my&te. 'U you assi9liii..ir.Jfd ony I1GW !O!. Soltau'll: This suit m cm.'1ii WQfl:l. You 'COlD. lla.is oomlaUy WOlD o~. Fill In thE! of the . TheoR Q.OrK has u.or 8 hours). f'lIWlhlight: !m$ elootrico:Uy powered Uu:!!lillight has a na1tenr lha:t lasts £m.1i!lllWl: lb_~~bkuid but DumliJcuil £()1Xi 'CWl.~ skill. The.1 'i:bJ.e'b.Qcb~E!V'9!tQ. bY' addling th~ m.l the Clssociated bwm:i skill sooter to dahiiltnme the !5p.for emoUt'!ll:laIly'mtl)ldled opelleGIlllip w:oxlntd with Oonoord mHilta. YoU . e.!iIC~ tQUlE!ttiQs.or-es" baiuiAd Oil ODy pe!l'linetlt is'p~lalty skills you Iie.s.A£ailgn aU llioHpomts at UilS 1:1m9. plCl(:'Qs ~fI attach 1 o !\lotI!.POIlnli!l. buy . of 18. and Amazing s.s19'll:e!!l to be . specic:dly de.01lIl' r: m e ing sQQre£ iI 1 und At age 13. IUllde.s.) Add [be numbet of ~tH'rg tou a.down. 'These kOlV'.t~ SCqrBl bi 'illBl w"'Y.Bpa. had to .o-u..suMv!iI'd. ne has to iim!j'QRe-whieh wOil~d make hlm vulneJ'chle if tibalpnson.1'Qnt1ll. :rnl]9rl1.eW !ll!>!dgnme.M meten C!W<J? LaB1M' Plato): This fflilih~te.1Jfri!e(l him to'IDany sYlitemli cmd pll'met~ He b.~ip in the S.cdty skills YOIl.K:tion check ~te.o:mIII mementos he keepE ill his qiJirXI:ets. II !Specially i9JdU tt. but he f:eCIT[Sbe~omin9 100 Elgcu: has tile e!Verydq1 peu.e Q. 3lWll'l1:!il It! 'the mrIIUal atls specialty ~km.i til his teamHlmlii!h .pecial Servln::s 'ea11sd t:hlli ~Jot. a m~t '[~-wL t Q~ignm&nl is to a mmbletih0til1'bIg :ord s.. fl~i!i (10): These small mgnaJ rodrets are visible lor 1 0-:20 kil.c:ore. H nfEld.s.u1t: This one-piece Ugh. Ct18d. E1g€lll"s! 1.l CIde'klielbahle V([cuum mask: Clnd th. .i6lil. Ii.!ch::d1y 5kiU SQOt.cllii Q: E u :leHewing ElqUL:p~'~.(the MQSt's OXYQ8I:11.ke~ll' (:inD ~_ii'~ Ql]i.ekill.tothe~tllr.amage.ss!.t.qocc~.g. a number of . . is hcmif of ile' GaOtl5. He .J skU! score.un~eJG:I' hers· b!Jl'!n 910>00.aml. Etgm~ [aft 'a:mJ. Wlian all .r ELgw':IJ fir". along with COIilltlOll c]otb.mm Gecm 'This-1i.&nqr. aUowing oo:rn1ll'l:W.ar 1l1!ler.dunlhle bm~(t_f.lthi!lq.1Oki]] W.be mnpu:tated Wld fei.Vi'~j. liioocUlll1s: ThB. 10. You1llFJeCeiv. Add ·t~e n~t.d.spe<:. This lieV'iG.m. Most . Good S-OOM t!!l h'l!:!lf of Ul.v.crt CiI lIv~ c:..s:si'Q1n to>!i!l :5pedcd!ty s~U to U19b:l'oad slill !leore to determine fh~ .s 'f. him.1Si W'BTe killed.pJacedwUh a ~.~.of tho pim::e~ G. 'the CI't.s.iaI= tv skill SlOOiI"e~ AJ!:si9\D..mp!'egsio_D. d9PQfiding.I. q waren and fellow m:pnttl:'l.!LII)>>eI m ttlilaigoeci points to 'the hrQlld liiltill score. 'Il·:w:erJeft Of WU. showi.mQ i~. ElQlClil"s 'tim.o~nt~.jt him to All &p@c~[]jlt:r· S.ad it! ~ctrCl!!ilh Sbo.an~eb'ic-ul cbar9"E1I .ed 10 JeQ.enlisted in the Galactic Amwng 5cbre.Oms. equip~nj O(tOO]iS •.E!' ~ra..oed.~c:uy..bmc:d.~ USe (b~s lhbi!:t now 'When. tI!.ls1onttQ d. provide SOX mcrg.1 .l!Oi'!PI.irl EritowlOn. ting ever his k!.d8'). . !:.killIOOT~S Cl!re based Dp()oi:he bi'Qad O!r'e. 9Tcry' tlO'I"eIml comes wItJ.ecHon 01 sp!It.'«i1 ready 1:0 plgyl R:~l'i'Iij!HnbM:.y alter ·starting its 'VOYflg~.ts il.yi'aI&iI ploweUb:~ against . Lmull.signing SCOI'IiIS to the Bp&cl. needed to tle!dt minOl" ~jwW9S. Fill iri th'iIJ hW'O'&! 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HlIllU:l:Bd down. tI~£jn IGfnl DOl 'Ui.~atUC8'.e1.alMng and i['E!!. t'C a S:fll~cililty ~kUttater" you . HeJ. 01' .n t. [.upon 100glo::mditions. S>8vfiely mangled by the net1Jc: llibb. . Thi:i! IJ.:k)i skill !!!hook with tt'l-:2 s:t~ peJW:Uy (.attnosphsrlc d£K:lCl.I:I n~w skill..'I:.aad. Iooehr.li inlliel:s dll1Illlge of clllJsfd4wfd4+1w. II !:brows U~ht 1(:i nlumilllme.gh.a :l!eJ"o).nJ.associated wI~ (ThE! broad skill SOOU'II ~1iI the ~rn.onfhs mli!!!r Elgar started tb.£lI pulls walef -fl[QD)I thIS 1:!!~Q~pl:i~re.se.3 to an~tltel'.. __Ii 0 Z ng kill Co. ExgmpJe: '[fOIl ccm tmljgn EI~at'ti.!M'Sh..El!t'ltawmds" })Ii. Dud lm of people.. 'Good.51.1:a.Ilgl1r .c:te w. Wr~y.. few m. R1gm lIas.eeli. After ~ig tre~lme-IJ.cl~ysleUls you've selected.H·.eI wi~h.&. points in [I vmiety D! wq:ys. ~bir ~O'O!I to pe~~e cmd iJISet- e.no iBc. the stW:9bip thctt Dg(U' oDd hia family W~re!' twYelinQl Qt'I' .f day inll. Wate.kHlsy'o.e..fbe Cdn:t:ents mw.e. 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Dr. .Endw"ance Dln!llJ1l B LDDdI Amll!Zlng '" Ii!IiImd 6 AImI~ng :!I '1nti!!111gaJiICI!! IK_QDWll!dgl!' A I5kU.. 14 l' 31 Il:Bn!iti1:utlan l!iuunl!'llil . ~et:Humnrmg dEi+2!5 dB+i! ~ fiIli!l3D ~ unllniiII"Y IiDIHII Amaz:bU :Nem. JtenIJIomI !itu'tt. To her.. b~e!!!li r alii!!! g ~y of life. _lq. HlIi!I CYI~!fId IiDRlPiiHil!!i[on an! Ii1DI: 00'1'1.11oll!!!l m 1Ii'Vl"!. Dn8D11I1'Y I&aud ~ Pi£DI 15...Pen.l~J Skm 5cDft!! lDiI_ma!Jl!' WID AwarenIE!5!i . Ii!II1d..!! Elt~' Ml!dlmlclem:e 5uJ'!lfY!l 11:"E!at~t XBmJ tt"§lJ) 13 rIo4¥i!! liaaltl ~1JzIng dB+4!i.elii Mal1liIrMI.rlmi IR~liVe Mental IPe..1UII'II ON I:Dre 7 13: INTELLIIiENG Eli 'WiLL PEIii!SDIVAUTV .. wealth of mmilcl!il expE!l1 ..A1I-Mtxlt III I!Ii peat:e-rO\!I~ WDmiM1 with ill ~~n mind. I~DfiIlm CIJaI:J:n De 'DnllniU'g IiDDd 5 Amllidfig i! 5tim !i EIfi.OI ur bUity :8 DODODDDO ••••• 1 ••••• •• 1 Wound B D:DDDDDOO •• 1 ••••• 1 ••••• .5ilil.!kri!ngth Drdlnmgl l!Unarmed Aft_~k 7 Sntltl4' :hd8d1lgl DrdlnDqlI IRillilged 'WI!!apun!i 13 &Dad :3 AmaZing 1 &nod lEi AmaD'ng 3 Attlnn Dll!ck ~I:'. I~. c graun l!iped_ 'Prat'II IDuel!r I 'fa ilt n Ian IIlmIIIII D!dI Op Doctor '5l'HEN&TH IDEX1iERITY idl!li\l.I"~1RU1 iii Ikdlluuy 13 6 'Skm !ic0J'l! Dmrutge . BI:k!i i§!:~ IUlllUllU!d IDiitnagE!! C~lJp' lUte !§deno.ep.

Dr.eDJ. FI. bUll C!I ED Lhlt n~ of in'ku:'i'. .. .). You'll r·OQIi'ifi odd:i~ lion¢! pem'l::! mif'iil' .CO{ejii HIi.n supply . Tha1'~ lUI Yblll'rl!>McidlJ ~o p]~l'I' w~1.jj!.Wlty sldlls ycu'v.Il!' SmUIlII:' PlBlel~ Me.:. n-~a 1(Wit.!liBitJe . ~ki[1 Emom. "f_ ·Good II!.. U !!las 5ev'eraJ.. ~ to.file iUim~l!!l. a Owee:r In 'which the W\O'I. ge11Il cumlO:~ :rlilm::la.J.choo1.a.p!)mt5 ~o Ill! riPee:ia:ll:ty Skill.you !.glovell. 1~l'm!:sJ'erred 'ICI...S~end colony •. lflOtibl.fl_rt~y ~w. all of tMs apltme tl'o'!.86!11Ld awl f'aceW'lO"IiI' tadi. eemmDn !EI!olBrydcmy clolbu mrd :~nal toi1om.'i~bQt hr::!m.lo d dUring the oom'. Mting 1m 19:):E)B1: ~al!l1LlaHtm9l.!H.. a:5.IlWll.s ar. 'niel!le ~ be U5~ tocmn~E!a ~iQUr ~kill rno:r~.!f.a..1dD.5_~!:J)IJf:e'w:crB~ElpI!lLn1::5 '!:lI 'oi'Wlety m ofw«y~j .e'W I'ha u.iiJ!y i!lIi:Ulli.~ajr:lI1]OW~!J E1gW!' to eommmn. CI:I her cew-.Jtcme. . OJ love· fOf 011 !IIorl!> o:f~c.se towGJ"d: me<!· :bl~1!: U:!l091. 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GoOO.Lhel:l ill!l~~surg~ry' Ilkm 8l:om ill! llEl (l~S-lS).iI8d..hospital.{u. bloM IMIQ sk:immledmlm!l!lt !lie. II1p Laiwr Pi:ste]:.ITe'llLl~ob.g:n-teehw~ eel DIilIl&e>clrii::.. by'1lus ~.rildU .~j!'l i!ilttl awb.o\ior.Ei!~he.ldmanr pkrC9!1 ~o·a.h: '01' :!!O~e otheil:' aombl!lC!:l:i.~~~ooill.JillJi.. . the· I!m:P~s: orft!iJf.aU olltbe O~d1ni!ll'Y score. ~d ~©6 'lmd 5dC!!CJ~ •• Fenms ~guin!lt glmoa~iuJflc decom!l)tellisiQfi ftlw. U Iitm'N'& aghl to ilhllmm()t~ to 20 Pl.o:!>pita:]. t'h.. ~ wHb.EI~~I:!. mid m"fHidlia].nel' :li:r.l ahm.B8 Ul:filEi.d!e1]j~ p!j)5i~lWl etla chriJdre1'J. sktll .l ~kuli~he::b.!\Q:m. up w· 1S JXri~ts.Wtui mwn:1!O t:! Melldly cldldl.'~[)~plj.lure. !find m~iSil~1too d:runag-a. F.':§~IIi1:!i~~ed. ~s ye~.:o wew "iDliiUl. Wh!!iD all O'llh!il pi~l!i 'w. aJld I 10 two oth .fih~ i:l.including: r3 ~e tUeCI s'k:i]J&.1l] li.lentLlk1 mquiq. insi1:umeut.l.. i:t agam.lgnl. 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~J:Q:IiIl!ze etlan by W'l~j~g il'oOofa~ ·thE!IiiPIli:.<iiI1tdCl. tatm::... based on a nent Sp&I.specially :skUls that ~. G'l~ spent CI simibu amount ('J. ~ skill the repatl' :. G'len. O'lenhas (:J :n.COD- iI Fm l~ 'Ihe· soor&s m the spedg]tl' skllL~ you'".}1' skml! JOu 'wW'lif :lrtm to to Al!'epec1011y mil scenes me b!lsed U1P<lnth . G·'1e:n BiQll.t:ol: Thtii lUgb~t~ W&CIpoD U!UUI.gndla up . had ern aptitlJde for elec:lmn~c.tricaU:y pP'WeJeQ U. Good~~e ~s"hm~ of 1hei OIdb.o"l"e a s.t gray CO'l1"el'W] com" .8].iQhH:lCluse that G'len was iI'·ec:nri. the Ordin.Mntl1n1 .s te<1l'!11mat!El!ii..again:s1 atmo'aphe{ic de!::ompre~'I!Iim1 {themfi~'s ex:ygen !iiUF1P~Y!as·tll iWt 9 M~}.h.cwvof skill.C 0'thM: clcth.in ~b.. You'U I'eCflI1V'a.esame ps theltdO!!:::ia:wd dbf11ty score.t:' Ii U SOQl9 is obtmned of aas:ign.tiiOn~ Hi pOOn. hem 12 points to aam.e'!l. ~fIT:8'8 bOw te-do ment (l·'l.t:al . OIl!@.lid to them IDl yet. snOBS:.14l.r ~o oommunicme!! with tti.my SCOl'EI.OJ!L=s.lls: Of !1Ioonetallier C'Ombmntion Umt cdds up to 12 POints.[aUy sjr_ID fUJ<" tibelrwitb gdlle1l'pl:!len'l c. haU of Hie CWOO. When all of the piecea me worn.i!!It.11 fOil accigD.!ilkllls c:rl~ lislJ.hoI'S 8.lI: ski. sociall cmd i~Jgrll)al!.iI LfghdllO..ed up with the Co:ru:wd'lX) work uliluef . 'you CIDl. Scftlw. '5 12 p'O[iJJ~·. Hero' F'llJ<lder.. That~!I it!' YQtim .a specIally &:kill to Ute aaeoeltltEfd bmad .1:1u~K(jkim~s: t o:f famous t'S(I aplore:l\s.PtlC~. H~ also has. 1 to hveLve diHer.Onal huh with .g Q1Idln~ne nllIlibe.'kiU sal:ltit)n can M wm'd to record !:mY new . bu'l hm.&c. 3: "to 'three sklllio.radu«te<t with )I..BitY Iskill !BCOIl!'.cons~@l use.t.IlleS U while.mon'lns on tt :patrol siUp. it pr01rides:J)lot8cUon . OIL I:hB l.arminel the . g. or lna~se G'htHS action che. gotten toO mow hils teammcUlea velry well" Hi1!!OO1il.li%uU is.a. biUm.'laDIE> lepQ-ir i>killI ~~ :[.u:mbit of: br<ia. m'Qlm!lll Ti>ChmclIll ~ielnoe-U'~i:!" :!!:li:ill checks" a' skill SCOI9. 2. one oj tlw t~sa.CommOn eY.bel'.ck senre.rl!!icuil' to pl'~! A~lJ.rwards.. to spa-dah! 5l£iUIi. .ere.r ·W'irou1: week o:l! . .l 21?0intil1'o Scle~. Glen &spl!".. I1QW when'nBS-jgDing G'lEm. p@n.!'lhrymgtbe ' fir~t ~. 1 to' c:: filth:.his. used by 'the Concord iw wpjamlIlie.d. tn. nmmcUr worn OV'f!.! CI: ~ew skill.l. impI. kill ooom to determine the speciq]. CId·uu tnlslimit .brood. Good.eig.nuing c:I peuk eWdency.h.o. tri. Add tl!:!~ pUlllb&J 1I.e:n hcrs a T'ec:hni¢c.&oo18S ~lgni. It.ted by tile Special Si8rnce and Q551gtied to the tm1(:>Bl'o~.OOl chilUge [0 Roopel em e~1Gsive bulle] 'tit IX largel..unbars needed. h~ gIe!:It wofkEl ribiJl.t·o u:mo ~m8lil!lrs. ru. Cgmm 'Gt~ '1'his lightw.mrs'.tliJ .l'um:J.U!Ie.htJled a in tno.d Amazing SIEc8S5i.reaches of eX:ploJ~ ~.ooW1d&d down. emiy Uu:'ee' montha.aD¢e.' p)1XQI\! TO atklch equipment Of tool!!. addi.tn9.. :for tl!J.Q:j wilHI.h: Tbm mliitol caritanatl3i fiber ia 5pediJl1y tbat G'J~n wUb C! -2 lSW.ed 'tools providl:lBl wil1h OJ detachO!hle va~um ~s:k and Ihlckgloves. ih:e..p honu~ (-d6Jwhen he !.QIIld ~n IIlC:OOO t. a !!l~IElctjoDo<i .:iignaU ~besiep"oinns this time. i'rllO:Wj. Th!1. iddio $L. so h&~prenticed himself to g: >tec-hllJ. ill~~1:e up 1Q'2t! me1en-away.to si.llllm stay with his !:Wrent lecnn'.i.Elga. G'men ha~ hgd! CfnI OpportllMty to interact with Ci large n~r of otber mren !!Ip5cie!5.) . You get fu· C1J.(I] prl.liaJ. showing the tii..It wal!.~ hiiW OJ bntlerttbal: lJ:IIl!tl!!lfa.lJ. You ecm onlI us5Lgtl! 1.loof V08St but looks lib ucrmal dpthblg.m:ls •. Imn by jdO-mO j1.alt1' ekiU.a LighthiEluse.d"''6ll!tW::i8. btl.ht headset O(. BxlimpJe: You Oml ~uign G'Iila'S points ~[I II!! va:rii!lll' ofWiqy~.a far G'kin WmI born on S']dtb. C.tl' s b. Of :lPOlDts to Ii Bpeci.These' havesooUlB llist(!d. u specialty ~e]ACt(!d.COIll. skill to tbe bl.qwt-e mtEi~· t~onthTOughaut RWJ'hf !it(Jr 5j"!.piJ8C8 bgh. G'1® has been Wo. · .e~s mJid man.11:l1Qth&~ aDd.mi"ls.gn.!U .n.If points assigned to .'lJse wasJ!:!! political.sJie:t:ig~ty !>kill seors. you!ieJec~ed. and' mili1gry mi!l'!si01lG.. a hUQe mobLle IspCLca station. :PlGahUgmt.!f9nd anci l'8g}l .ent s'1dlls: 2 .1'. hiS' goOO tl'QiC't. ThiEl !i/W~ i9. Thw ele-. (my perti- Iile~ cll:iU. by the "". !l!kiHsoyou Pur f~ IG'tep W'fieJ.cry.atyElCOI9.j Ume on tiI.()lJW ton!1!i!'i.blcmk Jln$i'li WIder the 12.no .unlig.Met G'len'l Fiut Ad. ~t 1 tbIl?W1I light to.uithl~.omated with. JumpauU: T]w.'!:y'to ke-apstr. achieve Ordinary.8l.and mechanicw systems. tben G. U works Hk~_a b~letp. score. He hM a]go dMliJn:!l.~iICI:lt'ftt.r'lODQl Qn ~he !.Add th~ ntIJmhm' af poin1:s you assign tiOJo a tepaciql~ ly.G1.:lQ:Et.JlGge of t..e. ThQ. Bepal: «it~'ffi~~kit of speeifil:iz. '2 to gDO'lhez.mid.ty skins. i51ccte. rep8wi>cl iO 1hat ha. Al w~y!'i1 fbilid 0.~hQOl WLd. in~ludlllff.I!l:et. cmd f18nmnlJJ memenfcs that be t&e~ in his quc:rtem.tmd with the .ng!i U 'designed to be slirong a:rrd :re9ls~t to damage.Q:!Qr to lOOep momlti. aD @jl. ~I~ Bpe:n~~l'!gsix . .cilolonyworkis.d.III mxmglJifiw.iQUy en!o:¥'ed'blJs time th.einhas: the {oUuwingr equipmel!lt along with .ejj'!i'O'mIEi te lhe . s.and to 1. lOWided dlcw. bU:L he hopes it win be. Bmm'P'iJ: a. As.ol'd ~nd:!! in mlOtn.pecialtv is 14 (12*2 . (Tne brood~kUl !>~ore ~:sth.Im.~ He'lll(l:m.ol:Ii the wont .ge Cml he lIIsedi ttl 'iIlCJ8CI88(I sp8Ci.J:lg:~8i ~. Liike most of his peop]e.. The Fill in We lund'9 'IJIttaiik: c!or~. Th. Asap Point. broad skill 5cOi&they me M!.IQt iO.

.3 I"abd 61 I\nuRlngl 3 !ibID 81 Wound 9 DDDDDDODO •••••••••• • .ifIm7p on ~rtty ID'i'dlnarg Rlmgad WeapuD!ii B Pl5UJI Vehicle DpemtlDn B 5paa! 'vehicle __ '-- I&DDd .1 §pedall Service'. On::lln • ..dfJUlrn Of the L~~Icrt~ A5 IDQi!l1 lmember of I:hf! nnlbDr'd'._rge '!II! PIMUIIII DlTidlruuy d4+2!w ~ &1HId d&+i!!w uf Amndm!lll dS.. 1~ 5 Skill §nJr2 IDl'idlmilry Damag~ A!madng' Willi AWlIIi'iE'!I1E!l!iS Drdl'nllQl 1i!! IGoad 6 Amazing :3 ~ian r Pe'ftlDlu!1I1ty LE!!ilii'li!tShlpl ~ Hi Y DDDDDDDO...UliU!m 5klll !iIXlFe Dl!limag~ ~1mIi7DR. NIIVI'glltlan u- IEiidUd.IiITI'Ip IIJpe..J§b:1hion hi the [.lDg i! . Mm-glr".Artilan IDieck 'IEQI"e. hie has vDWli!'d that natihlng ... S i! 11 5 ~ o.. iii H~n DlplDIDIIt ~p~~1n I) !!!!iTRENlSTH DEXTERI1l' WN51i1TUTIDN 7 8 9 IMElU&ENIJE WILL 'P~I'1IIAU'lY 11 Iii! 13~ !l!i~gth A:thIMI~ . §TDF 61. n+ 111] SggdAIDIIZllng 5 i! ~ndltutllm !!i'tamlrm IDrdlruu-y -- lliaad ~ II1bE!iUlgJ!l1ce ~IDrdlniD:rg '" AmII:dng i2! Ama:Dn1l ill: l!InlU'lil:.-atKm Dmml. •• 1 •••••••• Drdhuu'y .4 Ama.!'l i!t161i1J &1HId !imr..& met'et'!I i! ~ !J. tIiJ.._.d Skill i§1:I1l11"!: Damaga IDnI_DI!I~ d'Itii Baud d4+1!1i AIDa~ d)4+i!!i KnD1Medge Dedut:e..MIl pre\iBbIi him fmm I~D1iIQl!hil:lh!l hlsi ~~lgnm ..

!)\ 8mozing :sCOli!! iii ban a:J the GooaSOOIEli" .. 'th&.skill.Inj.eek ~l CO'JlstaIl~~S6.2.entoll that hE! ~eeps In his ~JEjrB. M'IJI!IlJ!i:ill1lJ the.These bWe sccre3i. ussfi. 'inidudlr!9!: 3: 1D 'Il!uae .oollliDd !pent fQwr Y(lOD! laCD'll!lii!lg ~lb.y SIl:LUSOONS ambI. 'n.r{f.c.~I['QIjKI<!I or li:IomilH_.Ptsiioh 1. You'll .!lpt:lal VtiP.B1~r~lty lIIli:m!l 'You Ealoected.~ I to ~olh· ' er. II 1 ih'WWs HgM lc iliu:miIl!lme up liD 20 Dla~JJJII way.b. altonik: !\I(:MI!i'I!i.[o1J. ksi~hmu.9Ie.:!1t.s.!JP~Uy $k[llscmtl.tp:r@O[ '!fest but :toolns :tik& nonnw.kill EO.d:t: Thi.!]. !. TIu:rt'ScitlY:OU':H~ :rewill ro p1. MI.ea. IBpscltt1l1 desiguwOO he s!l'lmQ ~d lj"&a. L.fIl" n~llr!.k: cmd th'iclii: .~pofllJt!! aMi. C]lv'i:!:allinutnt. he lima iF'ill in the ~fei!l 01 tha Iii~ialty iiiiklUiI you've :eehx:liEild. 'f.dlo n!o~:m. he Ill. Conowd's olUow 'bo:WiiJ:lg r6d1. Add t~ nll~ .:o.~ upan 'the lbmad s..l!I.ilS'h::l.~ryd~' clolluu.Qd 1IlIIQ'Wl). Chdio~. mas. ba1buy that mEjls ~o:r.iLclaif"lh~liklU ElkilI:E.ISiQQJ§iB U 1. . ([!~!I!!!1 S'iJppJlt las'liS.~d!l!1· tv skilll '~1]1'. I. claJ. Comm ~ '['lUll Ugni.(!)'.m. enJ.Te. s~clalLy sk'l1J 8CCiri.owtli ~ofmd~ 19 ~. whonl ]o~ay diediicaticn J.~I:IGC'k~~eo~n.!illP ~o 1000 killlmotBnli.l' wUhal1htl!l'li'BIl~u!lnt II.!kin. buy a 1I!f!iw.f..mi~.nwrnd!:I!i.i. (f~ig.mu: GU:I!l1nfs!m WII]~ bo:Diii tbie ~..os~1i'fl bWletcrl: a tmpt otto<ols.as . 1w~ed.il 'l!l]lIpli!!8 his =nsid.d Rmrs'.J 'milJiII1IY il1lStUutlen.H.Jl 1.lfaom!llI!t!!Del' l:oiInhioo:lionihat c.} Add the l'I11.mc~il!'DaticliUon· OOVeHlUre" 'lhefOe oon 0'1polllt!!l IlJl300lo~ mle1pl«V'I~l.CI.e sltill .lin of 111& piece!HJ:rtI wom.bfOOQ .p5uU is nrumWly worn over alhm'.an alectri~al charge le[p:mpel'(D1 £!ixpJ. He-m'B ib:tlw to dl:i that. pl!!I1IolJg:I.otA'I!Ir. Wht!n (.~ div'laioll!.1t ciw~ .eCUOIl CWli be 'Ol'inCMIU~ W.glhe m.ted III die.2:I(). na.u CtlZD. he tbflvedi.res !I:r..U score ~iii. nMded to J!!t:b:le~ the.tasl smale ~g the o. The jdm.1~!ls.~ Dlilimg tlili_g tim~..:b.td"U!• end! peifSOJiill'iill m&:m.lBi nmH DiOW whelli"~pji~g M..a :sel~1iml 01 ~~~ty 5ki& Llitd ~ no!!!co.ed .il~e!l'lienrh:!!!lI 'with i !iiCm~ ei 'Ilhe w-si OGmmaJ!1lde~S!Hie Go:nooFd harflo o:EIe:u. Manx'G aoUOllL .1:: ~ 11.iiioorte with hi.ii lit.lin~ OIl ~ Cl'Js~!lI]I!.I!I !lHlY pttrt.t~ Mtm'l: by f1lS:siglliDg El!:O:r&8 tLil the !. Max llIIB<Sfub 'to mOB Iliis :~1iH1!I41 ~0Sl' gk1~ hp:£0]\~ dcWl!llC\(!dblg t:h:em ~o tbe e . qrg.live ~id. teem WlI d g Fallu ill'l:on.@! ! D"Oi!l'i(fled ~.l!JliIll ~O.U!lli.ki.de. 'lfl:JU g~~ to cu:a. !hi!! Aegts ..cll t~cde!!5..x~ It poin1!l.~hel.r.lnd .c:rvy '~d mi~ bJ.<mce4'o'.Mmus ~nf!l m IiiIi ~m'iBly of.hi.Manx W08 l'8&mUH to the ~r~t!!! ~~ ~.. they GHI 'WI~oci.llINa.1iO!:lTII'1 onl. Now.cm.l"~l!llt"!Iki. 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