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HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1985 (RE) RS— PHYSICS (SYLLABUS 1) PAPER | 8.30 am-10.00am (14 hours) ‘This paper must be answered in English Answer SIX questions only, choosing at Ieast ONE qvestion from each of the Sections A, B and C. Each question carries 15 marks. feonrny (sve 1 Take g= 10 ms Section A 1 Figure 1 shows a block X of mass 0.5 kg sliding down a plane incined seen angle of 30° with the horizontal. The plane is composed of two portions made of diferent materials, They join at B. The spesdite verph of the block i shown in figue 2. PQ denotes the motion of the Seek in portion AB while OR denotes the motion in portion BC. (@ Find (the resultant force, and (ii) the frictional force acting on the block X in the portion AB of the inclined plane. (4 marks) ascePHy (S¥L 1) 1-2 2 (b) From the graph in figure 2, find (@ the acceleration of, and (i) the distance travelled by the block X in the portion BC of the inclined plane. (4 marks) (©) If the block X is projected upwards from point C along the inclined plane with certain initial speed, sketch the speed-time graph of the upward motion. (Assume that the block passes through point B of the plane.) (4 marks) (a) Describe briefly an experimental method to find the speed of the block at a certain small time interval. (@ marks) (a) A Lift, when the input power is 15 000 W, raises a passenger of weight 750 N at a uniform speed of 2m s. Calculate (0) the useful power output of the lift, (i) the efficiency of the lift, and (iit) the energy inputted to the lift for raising the passenger a height of 30 m. (7-matks) (b) What is the force acting on a passenger of weight 750 N by the floor of a lift when itis rising with (@) an acceleration of 0.25 ms 7 (ii) uniform speed of Im 7 (4 marks) (©) The maximum power inputted to a lift is 30 000 W, and 15% of the power inputted to the lift is used to overcome friction. The total weight of the movable part of the lift is 6 000 N. Assuming that the average weight of the passengers is 750 N, find the maximum number of passengers the lift can carry to raise them at a uniform speed of 2m st (4 marks) ePHY ISYL 11-3 3 Figure 3 ‘A gas is contained in a cylinder fitted with a piston of negligible weight a town in figure 3, The cross-sectional area of the piston is 0.008 m*. Thice holes A, B and C are drilled on one side of the eylinder with hole B connected to a mercury manometer. Hole A and C are closed. Water is poured on top of the piston and the difference in mercury levels in the manometer is found to be 2 cm, (You may assume that the atmospheric Pressure is 102 000 N in"? and the density of mercury is 13 600 kg m™.) (a) What is the pressure of the gat contained in the cylinder ? (3 marks) (b) What is the weight of water on top of the piston ? (@ marks) B5CEPHY (SYL It (©) Would the difference in mercury levels be larger than, equal to or ‘smaller than 2 em if, instead of hole B, the manometer is fitted to (hole A, and (i) hole C7 [Explain briefly in each case (4 marta) (@ Caleta the change in pressure of the gat in the cylinder in Nm if (a piece of ice of weight 10 N, and (W _& piece of iron of weight 10 N is placed in the water on top of the piston. (5 matks) woerny svi 1-5