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90-CE PHY PAPER 1 WONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY PHYSICS PAPER | 8300m-10.00am (14 hous) This paper must be answored in English 1990 ‘Answer SIX questions only, choosing at least ONE question ‘rom each of the Sections A. B and C. ach question caries 15 masks. “The lst page of this queston paper contalan a lst of physics formulae which you may find wsefl soceony int as WONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1860 i) Take = 10 ms SECTION A Figure 1 shows «trolley of loagth 0.25 m esting on horizonia! runway ‘An elastic sing of unstretched length 0.15 1 1 ted to the volley. The froley Is poled along. the runway by stretching the elsic sring Dy Keeping the length of the stretched izing equal to the length of the trolley, ‘constant force f,N is applied to pull the tole, Figure 1 @) The foreeaxtension characteristic of the clastic sting is shown in Figure 2. What i the vale of f, 7 (1 mak) Force/N 06 os Figure 2 02 o Batenson/m 004 00802 poce ey 1-2 * —- 30— (©) Desrbe 4 method 10 determine the acceleration of the wolley along 2, Figure 3 shows pat of the route of a rolecoaster in an amusement park the runway. ‘Avart fll of pssngee with Coll mas 1200 kg runs down from rest atthe (4 mats) staring point #7 the terminal platform, 11 is 30 m above the terminal platform. The track provides an average fictional force of 300 N (©) The same experiment is repeated in tum with two, thre and four fhxoughout the jou IWentieal trngs in parallel. The owing results are oblained Number of elastic stings r]o2{ af 4 Force on trolley rN) a | al al fe Acedeation aime fois [07s | 13s] 195 a (i) Flod the values of ffs an fe ne ae Be J Teva (W) Using a scale that 4 cm represents 0.5 N and 4 em represents RDA Petfoom (0.5 ms, plot a graph of F against _ Rep SIRES BIN AS - Bedexixxt (ii) Find the equation relating # and a from the graph in i Figure 3 Gv) Comment on the physical meaning of fo the intercept on the ‘als, when equals 280, (00 marks) (0) The cart travels « distance of 150 m (0 reach the highest point of the vertical loop, which i 20 m above the terminal platform, (Im moving fom Hf to A, cslelate (1) tetToss in potential energy, 2) the work done against (rietion, and ©) the gain in Kinetic energy of the cat (8) Fie the speed of the cart at A 7 ark) socerny ea 0 socePny toa ” — 3) ) (&) The cart eaches the terminal platform at a speed of 10. me. A braking device at the platform stops the cart In 2 seconds, Find the aveage force on the ea exerted by the device. © marks) (©) Suggest one safety device for pastengers riding on the rolleccouser and briefly explain its funtion, . marks) (8) tthe design of the rollercosster do you think the summit B can be higher than point 41 Explain briefly. (@ mutts) wocerny 1 2 out yl) 2 Figure 4 shows 1 scoop dragging mud (rom the seabed. Its operated by 2 ‘machine system which eBasts of 2 200 V motor and 2 single pulley. The scoop i filed with mud and moves up with 2 uniform speed of 0.2 ms" ‘The current drawn by the motor is 11 A. The scoop and ud have a total mats and volume of 1300 kg and 0.5 o> respectively (Density of seawater = 1030 kgm”. Neglect air and water resistance) Single pulley soceenr 6 ” —+ 32—