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| 91-CE PHY PAPER HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1993 PHYSICS PAPER | i 8.30em-10.00am (13 hours) ‘his paper must be answered in English 1998 “This paper consists of seven questions cach carrying 15 marks, Answer any SIX questi “The last page of this question paper contains a fist of physics formulae which you may find useful | | (z= Pin Z — ‘0.12 m Figure 1 ‘A uniform mere rule with 4 small hole bored in the middie is pivoted by a pin inserted into the hole, as shown ia Figure 1. The weight of the metre rule is UN. Am object P of weight 12 N ia suspeaded oa the left-hand side of the rmeice rule at « distance of 0.12 m from the pin. Another object Q is suspended ‘on the right-hand side al « distance of 0.48 m from the pin to balance the metre rule. ©) @ What is the moment of the weight of P about the pin ? Gi) Find the weight of Q. (Gli) Find the force seting on the metre rule by the pin, (5 marks) (©) The volumes of P and Q re 9 x 10% ui and 7 x 10% m? respectively. Now P and Q are fully immersed in water, How will the balance of the metre rule be affecied ? Show your calculations, ‘(Density of water = 1000 kg ai) G warks) S1-ce-pay 2 2 (o) Mf the mere rue fils to balance before the objects are suspended on it, suggest simple method to make it balance. emacs) @ Crowbar — nk ws igure? shows 1 rowbur being ed 9 remove «mil fom a pak (Draw diagram to show the following frees ating om the crowbar Weigh of crow, od lt, atonal Gi) Give ne advange of sing the crowbar, Give one vans * (G marks) srce-raris —34— Counterweignt =| fame rue 3 Figure 3 shows a simmplifiod lif system. The lift consisis of a car connected to ‘ounlerweight over a drum, Tho weights of the car and the counterweight are (6500 N and 6000 N respectively. A motor connected to the drum is used to drive he cat up with «uniform speed of 2 ms. A passenger of weight 750N is inside the ear, (©) @ Find the tension 7; in tho part of the cable connected tothe car, Gi) Find the tension 7, in the part of the cable connected to the ‘counterweight, (iil) Explain why the two tensions are diffeceat, @ marks) S1ece-Pay 6 (&) Caleula the useful output power to raise the passenger, Gi) the power lost in increasing the potential energy of the car and counterweight, Gil) the efficiency of the lift, assuming the power lasses other than that in () (i) is 2500 W. (6 orks) (©) What is the function of the counterweight ? ae ‘ © Explain why a frictionless drum cannot be wed. a s1-ce-pHY Es — 40—