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@ o © o © o Useful Formulse in Physics Relationships betweon intial velocity u, uniform acceleration a, final velocity v and displacement travelled # afler time 1: veura 1 sew gee Aewerar Powsotial energy gained by « body of mass m when raised through & height A is gh My a ny me ig ih a 9 - Vn. Power » force %,vloity Equivalent einen of vo aside und Ry: © nserlea © R + taped = BR ee 1 Power pte ifr cnt \ s3-ce-pay ite “6 94-CE PHY PAPER | HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY ‘HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1994 PHYSICS PAPER ! 8,30 am-10.00am (14 hours) « ‘This paper must be answered in English 1994 “This poper consists of seven questions cach carrying {5 marks ‘Answer any SIX questions. Take g = 10. m2 “The taxt page of this question paper contains a list of physics formuve which you may find useful se-cePHY a —tie Figuee 1 ‘A block is placed on # rough plane inclined at an angle @ 10 the horizontal. A force P parallel 10 the inclined plan is uppliod to the block. 20 that it moves up the plane at constant speed. (See Figure.) (Draw « diagram to show all the forces ating nthe block Label the forces, G marks) (©) Describe briefly 4 mathod to check whether the speed of the lock remains constant, @ marks) (© A student performs an experiment to find the relationship between P and @. Different values of @ are used and the corresponding values of Pare measured. The results are plotted oie eet igure 2. Assume that aa ace boven Bac wn ead pe () ad tierce oft gph on te Pais ad he slope ofthe graph Hence write down the equation relating P and sin 8. Gi) Stato the physical meanings of the intercept and the slope found in (i). (6 marks) (The following aro two methods of raising the block from the ‘round to a certain height : “Method (1) : Pulling the block up the inclined plane as shown in Figuee 1. Method (2): Lifting the block vertically upwards. (What is the advantage of method (1) over authod (2) 7 Gi) Which method has a lower efficiency ? Explain briefly, (4 marks) a s4-ce-Pay i? 2 o © BCE PHY ie ‘00 s smooth horizontal ground with speed .6 kg is suspended by # light inextensible is intially at reat. After colliding with Gi) the speed of Q immediately aftes the collision, ii) the average force acting on P during the collision, sessuming thatthe time of contact is 0.05 5. (5 marks) Is the collision elastic ? Show your calculation. G marks) ‘After the collision, bob @ swings upwards, o Find the maximum height reached by Q. ‘The string exerts a tension on Q. Is there any work by the tension when @ swings upwards 7 Explain briefly. S marks) 50 —(3— © Se CE PHY IB Figure 4 {In another experiment, bob P moves towards und sticks 10 a ump of plasicine, which is fixed 10 the ‘ground. In this collision, the tolal momentum of P and the plasticine is aot conserved. Explain briefly. “me @ marks)