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vue ) There are 45 questions, . 3. Arman takes 30 8 to walk 80 m towards the east, He then takes 10 5 10 ‘The last page of this question paper contains a lst of physics formulae ‘un 60 m towards the south. Which of the following statements isare you may find useful. correct ? w 16 magnitude of the resultant displacement of the man is 140m. @) The average speed of the man is 4.3 ms. @) The maguitude ofthe average velocity of the man is 2.5 ms I necessary, take g = 10 ms’ All the cell’are assumed to have negligible internal resistance. 1 ‘Which of the following is a correct unit for the corresponding physical quatily ? A (only B. Q) only, Physica quansty Unit Shed) oly AL Work watt ——@) and @) only Bl Upthrust kilogram BE @), @)and G) © Momentum newton second D. Heat eapaciy joule per tlogam E. _Electromative force newton 2 aR Ey CCN 7 1 ‘A trolley is given a push and runs down a friction compensated runway. | ‘The motioa of the trolley is recorded on the paper tape as shown above, x Which ofthe following changes can enable the trolley to produce «ppt, ape as shown below ? aN (- 1 Mee Xa Fo ihe 2 Wan eel supe by two light strings as shown above. A downward force of @ Na plied to X. Find the teasions 7, tnd 7 in the two stings, () Giving the woley a harder inital push 2) Increasing the angle of intination of the runway L b ©) Increasing the fequency.of the tickerupe tmet A aN aN b Gay Bo O4N 10N () and Q) only aN uy {@) and () only en BN (), @) and ) BR 6N MN stce-pav ine 16 (Ph ece-rnvucs 2 2N P o a $ T 2N em "10cm 1061 ‘The above diagram shows a light rod under the action of two vertical forces. Under which of the following conditions will the rod be in ‘A solid rectangular block of dimensions 3 cm X 4 cm x 5 cm exes « equilibrium 7 pressure P 00 « horizontal table when it stands on face X a8 chown above, ‘What isthe pressure exerted by the block on the table ifit stands on face A ‘an upward force of 2 N at P Yr B ‘downward force of 2 N at P C.—_Applying an upward force of 4 N at R and « downward force of 4N at Q ae D. Applying an upward force of 4 N at and x downward force of 4N at R np E-_ Thee is no ned to apply any moe force a the rod is and ready in equilibcivm bod ON ss nts pty. B PP ‘efficiency of the jack is 40%, find the input energy. A 703 6. A. man of east $0 kg is standing in a Lift IF the Lif is falling freely, Rey which of the following statements is/are true ? G aseot D. soo (Tae weight ofthe man is ON. E sooo @) The force acting on the floor of the lift by the man is 500 N. G) The force acting on the man by the floor ofthe lift is ON. A. Qoaly BL only © Qand @) only D. — @)and () only : E (1), @) and @) 4 i 24 ce PHY os 118» sece-pavins —B— 9. Aston is projected vertically upwards. Neglecting sir esistnce, which f 10 of the following graphs shows the variation of the kineti eergy of the Slooe withthe distance tavelled doring ite upward motion? ‘AL Kinetic energy B. Kinetic energy ae ¢ Ditunee Distance ‘Two blocks X and Yare connected by a light string passing over a smooth Pulley at shown above. ‘The mass of X'is greater than hat of Y. The two Blocks are released from rst. Which of the following statements ince conet ? c D. Kinetic ener Kinetic energy ie energy a ‘The potential energy lost by X is equal to the potential energy ined by ¥ @)—_Thekinclccoergy guined by Xie greater than the kinetic energy ined by ©) The potential enegy lost by X is equal tothe sum of kinetic: energies gained by X and ¥. A @) only Distance Distal Be Goaly o © Gand @) only D. Gand G) only E (1), @) and @) E.Kinetic energy NU, Which of the following statements conceming veal images infre correct? (1) Real imagen ar always diminished, @) Real images can be photographed with a camera. ©) Without t screen, real images canna be see by the ey. Distance & Wony oO B. Q) only © (end @) only D. Gand @) only zB 4), @) and G) 94-CE-PHY U8 Hag ece-ray a7 =