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a) question paper contains a list of tee are 45 questions. ‘The last page of physies formulae which you may find useful Inecessary, take g ='10 ms, Unless otherwise specified, all the cells are assumed to have nepligible internal resistance. 1. Which ofthe following expressions represent a physical quanity which is different from he others? Wo . Time Woltage)* Resistance Force x velocity (Current)? « resistance Mass speci Itent heat of fusion A moo» A student walks along a curve ABC , which is made up of two semi-circular parts AB and BC of radius 3m and 4m respectively. He takes 2s to walk from A to B and 5 to walk from B to C. Find the magnitude of the average velocity ofthe student from A to C. Pom S7.CE-PHY 0-2 ‘A block is placed on a smooth inclined’ plane. A force P paraliel to the inclined plane is applied to the block so that the block moves up the plane. ‘Which ofthe following diagrams correcly shows all the forces ating on the block ? . : oe & a c. D. ' vom S ‘acing ction ‘Weight we . va om Friction ‘Weight ST-CEPHY -3 fee PS SPCRPHY IA eo 4 5 6 Which ofthe following physical quantities is not a vector ? A.” Acceleration Momentum Velocity Weight Work mpes ‘A particle of mass mis thrown vertically upwards with initial speed + When the particle returns to its starting point, what are the changes in rmomentum and kinetic energy ofthe particle ? Change in momentum ‘Change in Kinetic energy A ° ° B. ° my? c my dmv D. anv ° E. amy nm? A particle is released from rest and falls vertically under gravity. If the distance travelled by the particle in the 1st second is x and that travelled in the 2nd second is y, find the ratio xy. mooe> SU-CEPHY IAS t ‘ 1 »Pin 4 ' ' ' B ‘A pendulum bob is suspended by a light inextensible string, The bob is released from rest ala point A as shown above, When the bob geaches the Towest point B, the string hits a fixed pin. Which of the following statements is/are correct ? (1) Thebob has maximum kinetic energy at B . (2) The highest level that the bob can reach is the level of the pin. (3) ° The work done by the tension of the string is 2er0 throughout the motion. A. Qhonly B. G)only C. Q)and @) only D. — G)and G) only E (),Q)and@) ‘A machine lifts up # 1oad of 1200 N to a height of 1.5 average output power of the machine. in 2s. Find the A 400W B. 900 c. . 1800 W D. | 3600W E9000 —)16— - Erm Y 9. Which of the following pairs of forces is/are action and reaction pair(s) according to Newton's third law of motion ? Q) The weight of a man @ force acting on the earth by the ‘moon. \ @) The force exened by a swimmer on the water to push the water backward, ) only Q) only Q) and @) only @)and () only Q), (2) and 3) mIOR> Si 25m and and and ‘The force acting on the man by the chair, The gravitational force acting on the moon by the earth The force exerted by the water (6 push the swimmer forward. A light plank of length 2 m resis on two trestles S, and Sy as shown above. A boy of weight $00 N stands at the mid-point of the plank, Find the forces ‘acting on the two trestles by the plank, Force acting on S, 2 A 1662, ay B200N c. 250N D 3008 1 E 2 say neeray a6 © “s- Force acting on S; 1 aa3d 335N 300 250 200N g2 166=N 3 Wo ich of the following correctly describes the nature of the image of an X smtes sean A B. virtual, diminished and formed between the mirror and the principal focus virtual, diminished and formed between the object and the mirror ‘Viral, magnified and formed between the principal focus and the centre of curvature real, diminished, and’ formed between the mirror and the principal focus real, magnified and formed between the principal focus and ihe ‘centre of curvature <— In the above diagram, A'B' is the image of an object AB formed by an optical device PQ. Whats PQ? mpap> 97-CE-PHY 1-7 a concave mirror ‘convex mirror ‘plane mirror concave lens a corivex lens : lp