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R Oo There are 45 questions. ‘The last page of this question paper contains a list of ‘hysies formulae which you may find useful, yecerny m2 Ifnecessary, take g = 10 ms, Unless otherwise specified, all the cells are assumed to have ble internal resistance. ‘Which of the following units does not represent energy ? AG Bo ONm cows D. Pam? EB kgms? ‘A car undergoes uniform deceleration along a straight road. Its velocity ecreases from-30 m sto 20 m s* afer travelling a distance of 100 m “How much further wil the car travel before it comes to rest? 50m 80m 180m 200m 300m poos> A block is pulled by a constant force and moves along a smooth horizontal surface. Which of the following describes the variations of the acceleration ‘and momentum ofthe block during the time when the force is acting ? ‘Acceleration remains unchanged remains unchanged increases increases decreases mooe> Momentum remains unchanged increases remains unchanged increases increases tis ato 20 30 “The velocity-time graph of a car travelling along a straight horizontal road is shown above, Which of the following graphs shows the variation of the acceleration @ of the car with time «7 Ae Be : — 4 ts, us q 10 200 30 40 co be [og ds ds. 4 9 10 20 30) 140 10, 20 300 yt \ us \ Eg . ay 3a 12g 98-CE-PHY II-3 5 ’ Fy : 2 ‘At time ¢= 0, a table-tennis ball is released from a point above the ground fi ‘and bounces several times on the ground. The above graph shows the variation of the velocity v of the ball with time t. (Note: Velocity pointing bem upwards is taken to be positive.) At which ofthe following points on the ‘graph does the ball reach its maximum height above the ground after the first rebound ? Seale : 1 em represents IN A. Point P B. Point © Point ® ‘Two forces F; and F; act on a particle Pas shown above. Ifa third force F, D. Points acts on P to keep it in equilibrium, find the magnitude of F,, E Point 7 A 14N B 40N 6. © 42N Do 4SN EB 58N 8 A girl ina lif uses a spring balance to measure the weight ofan object. The reading ofthe spring balance is 10 N when the lifis at rest. When the lift is, moving, the reading of the spring balance becomes 8 N. Which of the ‘A broken-down car of mass 1000 kg is pulled by a tow-truck and moves at a following describes the motion ofthe lift? constant velocity 8 m s slong a horizontal road. It is known that the fictional foree acting on the car is 500 N. Find the tension in the eable ‘A. moving upwards witha uniform velocity connecting the truck and the car. B. moving downwards with a uniform velocity C. moving upwards with an acceleration AON D, _ moving downwards with an acceleration B. SOON E, moving downwards with a deceleration © 8000N D. 8 500N E. 10500N —/)27— S8.CE-PHY Ibs sucerny ws EE 10. w of the following phenomena can be explained by Newton's first law of motion? (1) A passenger in a car tends to move forward when the car suddenly ‘stops, @) —Accoin and a feather fall with the same acceleration in a vacuum. 3) A.gun recoils when it fires a bullet. A (ony B. — Q@)oniy (and @) only D. — @)and(@) only EB (), @) and G) 50 kg 6m v ‘A man pulls a 50 kg block up a smooth inclined plane making an angle 30° with the horizontal as shown above.- The inclined plane is 6 m long and the block is pulled from the bottom of the inclined plane tothe top in 30's. Find the average useful output power of the man, A 3w Blow c sow DD 87W EB 100W SB;CEPHY U6 -5- 98-CE-PHY 1-7 -6- Sn w ‘A uniform beam of length 3 m and weight 300 N lies on a horizontal ground. What minimum vertical force must be applied to one end of the ‘beam to just lft that end off the ground ? (Assume the weight ofthe beam acs through its mid-point) A 100N BISON . 300N DB. 450N E — 900N Load Platform Handle ‘Serew | — Base ‘The diagram above shows a screwjack used in lifting a load. Which of the following can improve its efficiency 7 ‘A. using a longer handle B, using a lighter platform ing a heavier base D. using a screw witha larger pitch E, —_using a screw with a smaller diameter 128