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4 @ © © @ © o Useful Formulae in Physics Relationships between initial velocity. u,'uniform acceleration a, final velocity v and displacement travelled s after time 1: veutat seus Lat 2 = att 2as . Potential energy gained by a body of mass m when raised through a height his mgh. Kinetic energy of a body of mass m moving with speed v is Lay? Power = force x velocity Equivalent resistance of two resistors Ry and Ry: @ — inseries'= R, + R Power = potential difference x current 99-CEPHY 2-24 -B- 99-CE PHY 10.45 am-11.45 am (1 hour) HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1999 PHYSICS PAPER 2 ‘Subject Code 170 Read carefully the instructions on the Answer Sheet and insert the information required (including the Subject Code) in the spaces provided. 2. When told to open this book, check that al the questions are there. Look for the words ‘END OF PAPER’ after the last question 3. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. All the answers should be marked on the ‘Answer Sheet. 4. Note that you may only mark ONE answer to each question, Two or more answers wil score NO MARKS. 5. All questions carry equal marks. No marks will be deducted for wrong OmsttA RAR tong Kon iRghte Reserves 99-CE-PHY 2-4 -139- There are 45 questions. The last page of this question paper contains a list of a ¢ nat Physics formulae which you may find useful. = Mnecessary, take g = 10 ms, : ri f Unless otherwise specified, all the cells are assumed to have Pot negligible internal resistance. it ls 0103030 polite AA car starts from rest and travels along a straight road. The acceleration- time graph of the car is shown above. Which of the following graphs shows the variation ofthe velocity » of the car with time 7 AY BY ‘Aman takes 30 so walk from point A to point & along a sight road, i i where AB = 120 m. He then takes 20 s to run backwards to a point C, ' t where BC = 100 m. Find the average speed of the man for the whole o 102030 5, ais us Journey. A 04mst Bo 20ms* | s Cc 40mst Do 44mst BE 45mst ! 2. A2 kg steel sphere and a 1 kg wooden sphere are initially held atthe same level above ground and then released from rest simultaneously. Assume air resistance is negligible. Which of the following statements about the two spheres at any instant before they reach the ground is/are correct ? By (1) The speeds of the two spheres are equal. @) The accelerations ofthe two spheres are equal, G) The gravitational forces acting on the two spheres are equal. A Wonly inne Tf , B. G) only os 1 tls c (1) and (2) only o 102630 D. Q)and (3) only , & — (),@)and@) ~— 40- 99-CE-PHY 2-3 ‘A block is sliding down a friction compensated runway as shown above, Which of the following statements is/are correct ? (1) The speed of the block is increasing, (2) The normal reaction acting by the runway on the block is increasing. ‘ (3) The net force acting on the block is zero. A B. c D. E (only G)only (and Q) only 2) and) only (), @) and @) Js 150° A light rope is fixed at two poles with the ends A and B atthe same level. ‘A T-shirt of weight 2 N is hung at the midpoint C of the rope. ‘The rope depresses such that ACB 150°. Find the tension in the rope. A B. c D. E 99-CE-PHY 2-4 LON 20N 39N TIN Itcannot be determined since the length of the rope is not given, cm esse A solid rectangular block is of dimensions 4 em x 4 em x 5 em. The biock ‘exerts a pressure Py on horizontal ground when it stands on face X as shown above. Let Py and P; be the pressures exerted by the block on horizontal ground when the block stands on faces Y and Z respectively. Which of the following relations is correct ? A. B. c D. E Py=Py= Pr Pr Pr Py>Pr= Pz ‘A motor car of mass 2000 kg accelerates from rest at 3 ms" for 4s ona straight road. Find the average useful output power of the engine of the car A B. c D. E 24kW 36kW kW 144 kW 240 kW certs cl pred —141-