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Mr Jim Allister QC MEP Tet: 028 9054 0105 Jes Keonanoes Hows) Fax: 028 9054 0028 BELFAST Email: prvate.offo2@dreri BT4 38E, Your Ref: JA/TK/DRD/3669-17 QurRef: — DRDICOR/696/2008 Date: S_ November 2008 [her Sn, Thank you for your letter dated 17 October 2008 in which you have raised issues about the contract which was awarded by Central Procurement Directorate of the Department of Finance and Personnel on behalf of my Department. You have asked why no formal contract was necessary in the case of the Rathlin Island to Ballycastle ferry service. Whilst a formal contract signing was not necessary, | am content that a legally binding contract is in place. In the Form of Tender which was used in this competition, specifically Clause 2, it was, confirmed that the written acceptance of the tender proposal would consfitute a binding contract between my Department and the Tenderer. The legally binding contract, therefore, consists of the offer contained in the signed Form of Tender and the acceptance letter issued by the Central Procurement Directorate. You have asked also on what authority the contract has transferred from Mr Ciaran O'Driscoll to his company, Rathlin Island Ferry Limited. in submitting his tender proposal Mr O'Driscoll included a provision “to esiabiish, if successful, a dedicated company with the ‘working title of Rathlin Island Ferry’. This company was registered on 2 May 2008, | am content that the transfer has taken place in accordance with the terms of the contract. Conor Murphy MP, MLA. Minister for Regional Development Ctirt Clarence, 10-18 Sréid Adelside, Béol Feirste BT2 8GB Noweac