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RARAMESA FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY —— ~ Solution Reman 1. (@)__Mr-Tsangis suffering ftom shor-sighednes, a (b) A froma distant object 14 | Rays diverged bythe lens 1A | Rays focused on the retina (ihihoa 1 rsk ony in Qs. 1,2 for dotted lines or with wrong! ne ditectons) 2 @ © iM 1 the angle of efaction of the ray in irs 41.7, (i) sine=* ™M ot in en 48. A + the ritcl angle of water is 48,8° (b) Mss | 1M fora ray rfiactedavay fiom oral a he war surface 1A all coneet (Vithhotd 1 maskin Qs. 1,2 for dot ins or with wrong/ 1 directions) 2o03.CE-PHY 1-3 RRA FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY ARAMEHA FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY ——— Sotation a ‘aris [| Remas 3. (a) Increase in KE. fining =f? -t IM = }10.024) 20)? - $0024) 16)? =1781 1.73) 1A (6) Average force ating onthe ball a2 cil (OR = ma) IM _0.024,20-(-16)) ~~ ons ce =5.76N 1A s _ sil aa ion i ms ollide with the surface ofthe balloon, resting ina | 1A pressure acting onthe surface of the balloon oy Py, IM 100(0.01) = 8.02) P.=50kPa 1A op oR a v 2003-CE-PHY 1-4 ARRAS FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY FRBNY FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY es solution Remarks 5. (a) Interference 1A Correct spelling (b) Path difference "GN" PF IM If 2=0.44 m, path difference 1M oad destructive interference will occur at X’.(QR the amplitude of the trace will not reach a maximum.) 1A So the student's prediction is incorrect. [since constructive interference is observed at X, jo.22=nA,} where n=1,2,.0! J2%0.44m (OR 2< 022m) [So the student's prediction is incorrect. 6 @)_— Acoiland a magnet TASIA | Correct spelling Accept *a commutator (OR a split-ring) a pair of brushes *a soft iron core (OR en armature, a rotor) (b) When the blades are turned, the coil inside the 1A ‘motor will «urn in the magnetic field of the magnet 1A (OR the coil will cut across the magnetic field lines). cam.f, will beset up in the coil. The 1A rent flows through the bulb and lights up the bulb. _1C__| For effective communication 2003-CE-PHY 1-5 RRS FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY