The Organizational Chart of the

Radiologic Department II. The Departmental Policies and Guidelines III.
Radiologist Chief Technologist Radiologic Technologist

The Duties and Responsibilities

of the Following;

IV. The Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the Department V. The Preparation of Work Schedules The Programs Implemented The Leadership Principle/Style VI. The Record Keeping System of Patients VII. other than Radiological Procedures VIII. of the Chief Technologist IX. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Department

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) Hospital s Radiologic Technology Department has an Organizational Chart that is visible once you enter the department. We noticed the organizational chart was incomplete, but upon interviewing the chief technologist, we were informed that the chart has been like that for two years now and they have been requesting for a new chart.
As see in the chart, the department has Department Chairperson, in the person of Samuel B. Bangoy, MD, FPCR. Under him are the Consultant staff; 4 Active and 6 Visiting. Finally, the Chief Radiologic Technologist is mr. Jay Paul F. Bordas, RRT. Mr. Borgas currently has eleven registered radiologic technologists. The Department¶s Policies and guidel

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