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The 13 Commandments

The 13 Commandments

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Published by Alain Normandeau
fitness training pragrams for athletes and new adepts
fitness training pragrams for athletes and new adepts

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Published by: Alain Normandeau on Feb 19, 2012
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Elite Fitness Systems (EFS) are known for giving their training services, customer's strength and best quality products. Dave Tate found EFS after he analysed about some sources of internet about training of sports. Many coaches and also athletes are found searching for advices on training but don't receive the comprehensive and best information. Also, EFS was produced to answer this type of demand. Dave was a strong athlete once. For twenty years of his fitness, he tackled all training program and the industry's equipment. The driving force of EMS is to succeed in all training programs above all others. This makes it the leader of the world in the strength training and conditioning field. The secret of success of EVS lies in the thirteen sales basics to increase the capability for selling the products and also services. 1. Believe in one's self ability and also on the provided services. Your clients may appreciate your energy. They may hire you because of your confidence. 2. Understand that the prime objective is not money. When people offer importance to fitness, they may pay for your services very happily. Likewise, you should help them reach their wanted results. 3. Sell the services to people who require help. 4. Recognize that , in exchange for given efforts and allotted time, money is traded. 5. Accept that, leaving out the amount charged, the client might always come back , if our services are good. 6. Know the distinction between a prospect and a client. Someone who pays the services done is a client, but someone who might hire not you or may is known as a prospect. 7. Accept that selling the products and services is a very important skill that should be taught by personal trainers only. Helping more, means becoming more professional while closing the sales. 8. We should know that people hire personal trainers if the options are less expensive according

to them. These type of people will be the very best prospects ever got. 9. Understand, that you have your own freedom to set your sales appointments. The most important asset you will have is time. Prospects should meet you with a greater chance of hiring yourself. 10. Know that people often make their decisions on purchasing emotionally. Make use of the prospect emotional ,to easily sell the services. 11. Realize that, if money is paid already, it is sold. Be sure that your plan should be highly effective, so make the prospect pay before, the sales appointment ends. 12. Setting an appointment instantly after speaking to the prospects. People can easily be distracted. At most of the times, Meet prospects who have fitness as their prime priority. 13. Understand people love of buying things. But hate, if its just like selling things. Also guide all your prospects and ask them the right questions to encourage their purchase of your services. Their biggest source of advertising are the EFS customers. They place customer's success first during their vigorous training programs. They, in return, develop their passion towards EFS by doing business again and again and by visiting their websites regularly.

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==== ==== This new Fitness Fortress Report is proudly recommended by http://www.EasyShoppingMoneyAndFreeStuff.com http://bit.ly/thefitnessfortress ==== ====

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