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Hacking Digital Cameras

Hacking Digital Cameras

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Published by: Kevin Caballa on Feb 19, 2012
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By the time you get to this step,the glue on your tripod socket should be set.Figure 2-11
shows the finished socket.Test the fit of the tripod socket in the wood base.Make sure the
socket is flush with the wood when placed in the hole.If the tripod socket doesn’t fit because
there is too much glue around the seam of the nuts,use sandpaper to sand away the glue.

When you are satisfied with the test fit,glue the socket to the wood base with the Epoxy that
you used earlier.You’ll want to fill as much of the space between the socket and the wood as
you can,but be careful that you do not get any glue on the screw thread.If you do,you may
have to start from scratch.Figure 2-12 shows the base with the tripod socket glued in.

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Chapter 2—Adding a Tripod Socket to Your Camera

FIGURE2-11:Two nuts glued on top of each other. I also added a flat washer to make up the
difference in space.

FIGURE2-12:The wooden tripod socket base is now formed.

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Part I—Hacking Cameras

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