Questionnaire «Your Attitude to volunteer programmes» 1) Have you ever participated in any voluntary program?

(if no, proceed to question 4) Yes 2) What kind of program was it? BELAMUN (Belorussian Model of UN) 3) What was your motivation? To learn more about UN and the project of Model of UN. Also to meet new interesting people 4) Would you like to participate in some voluntary program? (If yes, proceed to question Yes 5) Why not? 6) What is your motivation? To learn something new and interesting for me, to meet new people, to travel around Russia and the world 7) What kind of program are you interested in?  work with kids in orphan house  work with handicapped  organizing cultural events  Other 8) Are you interested in volunteering in your country or abroad?  In Russia  Abroad Both variants 9) Are you ready to pay partly (for example your ticket or registration fee) for participating in some interesting programs as a volunteer? Yes 10) How do you understand the concept “volunteer”? A person who consciously doesn`t receive money for his job

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