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HONEYCOMB HOUSING Honeycomb Housing is a * new, dense urban form that is able to capture the best social and environmental features of traditional rural communities to create Modern Kampongs in the City. Asmall number of houses ¢ are arranged around a small park in a looping cul- de-sac, like friends sitting around a table. The neighbourhood is bounded by a hexagonal perimeter at the back of the houses. There is only one entrance road. These factors help create a sense of belonging to a place and to a group. Copyright Avital: M Ghazal pit 2005 CREATING COMMUNITIES Using the tessellation: * courtyards communities come together to form a cul-de-sac community * The cul-de-sac community build up into a block community CCoxyright Aviatek M. Ghazal Ana! 2008 CREATING COMMUNITIES =r , SAB Meare © Block communities make up the neighbourhood CCoxyright Aviatek M. Ghazal Ana! 2008