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A ull.'t:hililll 01 ..... tro&ogy 4k
A Mlnual of Hindu AatmIogy J41e
Astnllogy in Pl1..'dicting We.ther &: Euthquakel
Aahtabvarga SY*n'! ol Prediction 8(t'
Aotmlogy r", o.g;nn.... ."..
8havartN Ratnab .. llYe
Craha &. BhaY. BaJ. lVe
Hindu Aattology and ~ Wat 4k
Muhurtha or f.IectinraI Aatmlogy
My Expt"rX' OCl.'S in ~
PI.t'>l'1.iJy InIlUC'rlC'al on Human AI' ..... JlIe
PTaC1kall-lt_ry Aa.lInIogy 4k
Pnllldna Tanlr.J 611:
Raman'" 110 Yl. .. r Ephenw. .... 01 PIanetaty
P!itiuns (1f'91 to3n:)AD.) IWe
V.-nNphllJ or thr H"indu P,oglCWM:d ~ 1:Ve
l saw al -a52n' 54 -S
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.. hI!
Astrology is the most aoaeot of aU sciences. It is not a
science like Matbematics, Botany. Zoology. Cbemistry or
Pbysic., the study 0 r whicb requires strict adherence to the
world's CODventionalities of commonsense reasooing and ordi
nary Jogic. Astrology comprehends something higber.
mysterious and suhtle. It is not a mere appeal to tbe rea.oning
faculty of man but it is an appeal to his hidden powers and
capacities. Astrological predictions canoot be simply based
upon .trict hypothetical principles or vague guesses but a
certain amount of intuitive must be brought to bear
upon sucb attempts. The various rules given for future
'predictions are merely intended for our guidance and we must
Jubstaotiate them by recour&e to the study and examination
of a large Dumber of practical horoscopes. CoUect, the
horoscopes of a Dumber of people of all grades, ranks.
temperaments and peculiarities and study tbem in the ligbt of
the principles enumerated io tbe following pages and tben
you will really get some precious intellectual food ror your
mental refreshment and you will be doubtless conv!lii,:cd that
astrology is a practical and useful science.
Astrology relies more upon the skill and intuitive capacities
of the interpreter than upon complicated rulc.. It gives a
sketch of life. It is a mirror in wbich one', own figure is
clearly reftected. Astrology comprehends tbe manifestation
of a sort of relationship among all objects in nature, animal,
vegetAble and mincral. It record. tbe interaction of inftucoces
of all tbings, visible and.invisible, While Ayurveda rants ..
aD Upa'ledo, Jyollslta or Astrology i, oDe of tbe Vedan,a" It
was not a mere accident tbat distioguished practiliooers of
one of arts were &ener,lIy proficient in the olber also.
Cosmos is a uoity and knowlcf:l,e CaDnot be cut up aad
coafincd in rigid watertilht
Astrolo,y wben properly u"'entood will be most uKful
in tbe daily transactions of life. A repetition of tbis idea
would be superfluous as the very fill' cbapter of the boot
deals with the!: "Necessity for tbe Study of Astrology".
This scie.nce had beeo cultivated to a bilb degree of per-
fect ion . by . tile Hindus Jong before the so-called period of
authentic hillory. Their research" may be brouaht under
the three important divisions: (I) Parasari .
and (3) Tajaka. Almo,t all a.troJolicar-liOoks
1 India are afler Parasara who is said to bave lived befc,.re
tbe dawn of Kali Yuga (more tban 5,000 years ago). Even
eminent authon and commentaton like Varahamihir.
BhaUotpala, Venkataa and othen, who have eJlricbed
&lIrolo&ical field by tbe effusions of their fertile brains. bave
beld in hilb cstccQl and have based aU their writinlS
on the principles propounded by him. Thus there is alisoJutely
00 ground to doubt the accuracy of tbe Parlllari .ystem. J:be
Jaimini School of AstrololY considerably differs from tbat of
P. ralari inasmuch as the method followed by the former iD
the of eveD tbe fUDdamental principles. is at
from that of tbe lauer. In s)lite of
JalmlD) belDS held In very bigh esteem as the author of the
areal Poorva Meemamsa Sutra or tbc subtle and reeoDdite
.ystem of philosopby. hil astrological method. are DOt io
The bClutiruJ AltroJo.ic:al Apboriams or 1.imioi b ... beeD
readcrM. unG Eo,li'b by pror. 8. SaryHllRiollao. My 0'" pablJcatioD
SllUJ/u '" JlllmiIeJ A81'II'IIIY may .bG be .tudied with .dUDI ....
'lope in India excepting that tbey are COD suited as an._
alternative to Par .. ari. Thc T'jak js cnw.clx.
the decipbering of Varsbaphal or the aDDual re.tlll$ and il'
Importance is rcvealed only in receot 'iimei'Thus tbeParauri
is tbe" most common bavinl won tbe JCDcrai acceptance
of all eminent peoplc in all ages.
I bave mainly followed Para .. ra in tbe collection 01
material ror tbis book and have dcvoted myself to a clear
exposition of tbe various priociples of astrology by followinl
wbich the future of man can be revealed witb .uffic:ient
10 cbapters dcaliDI with CaltiDI the Horo.cope, Asblah-
varga. Deatb. Rorary Astrology, Medical Astrology. Loll
Horoscopes or Unkoown Birth Times. etc., every effort bas
been made to illustrate the theoretical principles with practical
Tbe chapters on Death and Unknown Birth Times open
fresh field. for research and investiption. It is witb a vie",
to the atlcotion of thc reader to tbe necessit}' of
in.tituting inquirics mto tbe problem of Unknown Birth
Times that these chapten bave been included.
The chapterl are .systematically arrangC;d. As a matter of
fact book Is #0 gra_led d6 101Mb nell the beglrurer
WIll tlcqfldfllied witlt alltM princlplu easily, wlrile Ihe athG,.tI
shllknt wilt find much IIsefllllll/ormatlon wllh whkh he wJII 1101
lune COIM Illto co,,11 hitherto,
The tbeory of AstrololY bas been fully dealt with by my
grandfather Prof. B. Sueyanatain Rao in his Introduction to
the Study 0/ A6trology and by me ia my book Astrology 11M
Modern Tho","" Both tbese books may be lIudit;d witb
Ileat benefit.
See my boot V.r8lfll,Iu' or n.. Hllld" Prll,re8/cd Horoltit"i4
wdque treata. based 00 Tajau.
1 trust that my and bumble endeavQurs to
the Quse or AstrololY will not go in niD and that t bta
bumble venturt will be appr cc:ialed by all well-wiabera of
131 FebrlMlry 1938
Jada: of Tollica! Tenns
_ Tbree humours io Hiodu
TrikooU - Trines
Tritona Reduction
_ RednctioD in triaogu)ar signs
like Aries, Leo and SaJittarius

_ 1130tb division .of a sip
Ubhayodayu Rasia
- Signs rising by bead and
binder pan
- Bultation
Udaya Lagon
- Rising sip-Aiceodut
- Sun', nortberly course
_ Initiationioto divine knowkdge
or ioveatiture of sacred tbread
among high, caste Hindu.
_ Traders. third caste among
tbe Hindus
- Retrogression
- Annual reading
- An ol>strw:ting pOiot
_ l/6Oth of a ghali or 24 ICconds
Vitala .
- State of a planet iD combustion
Vr isbabba '
- Taaru.
- Lord of the 12th bouse
_ Weekday
- Fiaht (Planetary)
I. Neceuily r.,r the Study of Allro!oay
II. The Zodiac and the Solar SYltem
III. Hindu Tim. MUlure
IV. Plaoell, $'ignl and Constellalions
V. Pcculiarities of the Zodiacal Sips
VI. Altrolosic:al Terminolol)'
VIt. Planetary Strcnaths Ind A"astbas
VIII. HUldu Method of Caslina the Horoscope
IX. Western Method of Horoscope Castina
x. The Shadvarpl .
XI. On Birth Verification and Rectification
XlI. Duu lod Bbuktls (Periods and subpcrlods)
XIII. 00 Aspects
XIV. AyurdaYI or LoDatvity
XV. Marah. or Deatb I"Didioa PiaDets
XVI. Jud&mcnt cr. Horoscope
XVII. Key Planets for Eacb Sip
XVIII. Results of AsccodiD, Silns
XJX. JudatDent of BhavII (Houses)
XX. Some S5)ial Yoaa.
XXI . Planels in Differcnt Dbavas or Houses
XXII. Planets in Differcnl Rasis or Sians
XXIII. Cha raderistic:s or Ibe Sips Ind Plaoets
XXIV. Rt$ults of Das .. and Bbutli.
XXV. Scurce and Nature or Deatb
XXVI. The Ashtakavaral System
XXVII. Sa.tTa or Horary ASlrology
, JEa;; ,("@JUCM.cuM: ,$ GOd Ii .. _ SS
" J8

" 79
XXVIII . Unknown Birth TilDes
XXIX. Medical AaUOlolY
XXX, Female HoroSoCPY
XXXI . Mundane AstrololY
XXXII, Muburtba or ElcclioD
XXXlll . AnDual Horoscopes
XXXIV. Gocbaraphala or Results of Transit.
XXXV. Practl'll HoroscOpeS
XXXVI. Orckuna. (Decaoates) aDd Stellar Inftueoces
Appeodilll: A_CalculatioD of the Ayanamsa
Table I-Oblique ASCCll Sioo Table for pl aces In
0- to 60- N. Lat.
Table 11- 0 Bhut-li' Yables
Table III- Proportional Parts for Ouasof Planetl
Table IV-AylD.msa U891 to 1980 A.D,)
Indell of Tecbnical Te:nna-
Necessity for the Study of Astrology
Various theories have been set up to discover the influences
of planets upon the terrestrial phenomena. While some people
admit the intimate relationship tbat exists betwixt tbe move
ments of tbose "mysterious intelligences" in tbe beavens and
tbe fortunes and misfortunes of men, rise and fall of Empires,
ebb and flow of human passions and the regeneration and
degeneration of Arts, Sciences, Literature and Philosophy,
there are others who always deny tbe existence of any sort of
connection between tbe stars 'and the inhabitants of this eartb.
This attitude is due to the fact that they do not approach the
subject with an unbiassed and unprejudiced mind. Dispassio#
nate enquiry alone can enable one to appreciate the truth
~ h i n d any branch of knowledge. In any field of enquiry.
the student will find it useful to remember. it is a major error
of the intellect to attempt to oppose prejudices based on
Q priori arguments to tbe evidence afforded by facts. The fiDal
test of a tbeory is that it should work satisfactorily in prac
tice. Tbis is the test by which astrological theory sbould be
No science or art is more interesting, instructive and use
ful to mankind in contributing to his moral and material
advancement tban the sublime science of ast rology. This is
Hindu Predictive Muoio.,.
tbe most ancient of all sciences and bad reached considerable
perfection in India tbousands of years ago.
While the modern scientists acknowledge astronomy. some
of them sneer at astrology and reject it with' charg-
ing it with the dogmatism of charlatanry aDd superstition.
They preaca frankness and research as fair and reasonable;
but sbow the greatest bigotry, when the subject of astrology is
taken up or introduced.
Astrology is the science which comprises the foretelling of
tbe regular movements of the planets, the fortunes and mis-
fortunes of men, fates of nations. inundations, eartnquakes.
plagues. volcanic eruptions. pestilences, and other incidents
relating to terrestrial phenomena. In Sanskrit it is called
Bora Sastra meaning the science that treats of Time. It il
also called Jyolisha or the .!"lJwledge of Lighl from Jyoti or
Light which is the root-cause for aU known creation. Accord-
ing to the Western interpretations. Astrology is derived from
Asler-a star, and Logos-reason or logic.
No sane brain could ever deny the infiuence of planets
upon man and how they affect , deter and facilitate bis future
career on the three planes of human existence, vit., pbysical
characteristics, mental peculiarities and spiritual aspirations.
That a certain subtle power , derived from nature. pervades
the entire universe, and the earth we inbabit is also subject to
this mysterious and subtle power 1s evident to aU. The various
elements, encompassing all matter, arc altered by tbe motions
of tbis ethereal power. The acts of creation (sr/.Jhll), protec-
tion (slhltil and destruction (Joyal are embedded in the womb
of the All-Powerful Time and these variations are brought
about as a consequence of this subtle power. The Sun by his
daily movements and tbe cbange of seasons brings to
Necessity ror tbe Stud)' or Astrolol)' 3
perfection the embryo in plants and animals and brings about.
various changes on the earth. The MOOD being nearest to the
earth eIercises much influence on it and as she wanes and
WaIes rivers swell. the tides of the sea are ruled and the plants
and animals aOected.
The Sun as the central figure predominates over the entire
arrangement of the celestial system and the other planets aod
stars arc directed by his rays.
'rhus, it invariably follows , that all bodies in nature,
wbether animate or inanimate, are subject to tbe motions of
the celestial bodies. Not only those that are already in exis-
tence are influenced by tbe movements and configurations of
planets. but also the impregnations and growth and develop-
ments of tbe seeds from which all bodies emanate are moulded
by the quantity and quality of these infiuences 'at the time of
impregnati on.
Astrology must!.iJ ..
Ie interprets what it conceives
to be the future of man as moulded by his previous Karma
and indicated by the planetary positions at the time of birth.
The greatest men of the world believed in and practised
astrology. Dante declared it to be " the highest. tbe noblest
and without defect". Kepler. Bacon, Pythogoras and Demo-
crates were masters in astrology. The ancient Hebrews called
the astrologer Asphe meaning " the mouthpiece of the star".
It is recorded that Newton was attracted to the study of
mathematics and astronomy by tbe contemplation of an
astrological figure of the beavens
}tid, m)' book Aslrolor1 Qlfd Mtukr,. TltaIlZhl for In "polltioo of
the ratlonlle of Astrolo.),. in tbe Hlbt or modern concepU.
---_ . ---=--------_ ...

Hindu. Predictive AslrololY
When one bas acquired a thorough knowledge of the ever-
lasting and ever-changing influences of the stars, he will be
able to prognosticate correctly the mental and physical
qualities of any man and the fortunes and misfortunes that
await him and his progress in the world whose actual moment
of birth is accurately known.
By thus knowing the future correctly, man can so create
an environment tbat, he can cope with the adverse periods of
his life and alleviate the evils, indicated by the planets to a
great extent. The human will is free to a certain extent and
advance knowledge of the future can enable one to mitigate
many evils. There is a proverb: "Fools obey planets while
wise men Control them."
The Zodiac and the Solar System
The zodiac is a broad band or belt in the heavens extend-
ing 9 degrees 00 each side of the ecliptic. The ~ l i p t i e or the
path of the Sun passes exactly through the centre of the wdiac
longitudinally. It is an imaginary circle of 360 degrees and
tbe ancients divided this zodiac into 12 equal parts of 30
'degrees each, each being named after the constellation.
Though each of these signs differs considerably from the
other, yet there is a sort of continuity tbrough all the twelve.
The quality of each sign is oat equally spread, but every
degree io a sign has its own peculiar qualities. The zodiac,
known as the Bhachakra in Sanskrit , revolves on its axis once
in a day from east to west.
The planetary orbs. which the ancients recognised as
baving the most powerful inOueoces on our earth are seven,
leaving aside the shadowy planets, Rahu and Ketu, and the
so called newly di scovered planets Uranus, Neptune and
Pluto whicb Hindu astrology does Dot recognise.
As inhabitants of the earlh, we are concerned with tbe
inHuences of these celestial bodies on our planet. All the
planets perform the double function of not only revolving on
their own axes once in a day (from west to east) but also
round the Sun, According to Surytlsiddhanltl, Saturn is the

Hindu Predictive AtJtoIOl)'
most distant planet Crom tbe earth. Jupiter. Mars, the SUD.
Venus, Mercury and tbe MOOD come next in the order of their
distance from tbe terrestrial globe. Thus wt' see that the
nearest planet to our own orb is the MOOD. The velocity of
each planet diminishes as its distance from the earth increases.
The SUD moves at the rate of rougbly 1 degree of tbis
Circle of Light (zodiac) in one day composed of 24 hours or
boras, and takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete a circuit
round the zodiac. The MOOD takes the average rate of 41
ghatis or I hour and 48 minutts to traverse througb a degree
of tbis space. Mars moves at the average rate of 45 days for
30 degrees 0" takes Ii days per degree. Mercury moves at
the averagc rate of 11 degrees a day; but on account of his
closenel! to the Sun and due to tbe solar influence, he is very
unsteady. He completes his average rUn in 27 days. He gets
into forward aDd backward motions from tbe SUD and attain a
wbat is called astam or combustion. He bariUy takel a day
to move in each degree, but mOVes on more rapidly for some
time. geta in front of the Sun and tben begins to move slowly
and goes backwards from the Sun. These two states of
combunion, viz., moving forwards and backwards
from tbe position of the SUD, are designated in the astro-
nomical works .s p,agaslhambha and
jndicatina towards the East of Sun, and pasclrod indi-
catiDg towards the West of tbe Suo. In these dou.ble motion.
of backwards and forward., Mercury never gets away more
tban 28 degree. in either direction (rom tbe Sun. Though the
time aUotted to Jupiter i. one year in eacb sign of 30 degrees,
there i. allO lOme variation and tbe J.oviau year or Ba'MS-
pathyanulna will be, a little lelS than 12 years in tbe 12 signs;
VCUUI moves at the rate of I desree per day. Saturn i. the
- ,'
The Zodiac I ud the Solar System
.Iowest moving planet of the lot. He talces about 2\ years or
30 month. to move in a sign of 30 degrees and thus he talces
1 month to move in a degree. Rahu and Ketu wbich revolve
in tbe Apo$O'YO order, i.e., from east to west, take 18 montbs
to travel through each sign of the zodiac.
All the planets, excepting the Sun, tbe MOOD and tbe
shadowy planets Rabu and Ketu, undergo retrogression or
10kra and tbi s will be fully explained in a future chapter.
This much of tbe explanation of the solar system seems to be
to facilitate comprehension of the astrological terms
described in tbe subsequent chapters. For further details
about tbe astronomical peculiarities. I must refer tbe readers
to my A Manual of Hindu Ast,ology.
Hindu Time Measure
AmoD;g the Hindus: 60 lunar years
they are:-
1. Prlblliva
26. Nandana
2. Vibbava
27. Vijaya
3. Sllkl.
28. Ja),a

29. Manmatha
S. Prajotpatli
::0. Durmukhi

31. Hevi lambl
7. Srimuk.ha
32. Vilarobi

B. Vikati
9. Yuva
34. Sarwati
10. Dbalu
)S. Plava
II. Eswara
3 Shllbhakrilu:
Il. Bahudhaaya
37- Shobhakritu
\3. Pramadi
38. Krodhi
14. Ylkrama
39. Yiswavuu
IS. Yisbu
'0. Parabhava
I . Cbil rabhanu
,1. Plavan ..
17. Swabhanu
42. KHaka
\8. Tarana
43. Soumya
19. Parlbiva
44. Sadharana
Y"I)'a 45. Virodhikritu
21. Sanvajilu
4 . Paridbavi
21. Sarwadharl
47. Pramadicha
23. Virodbi
48. Ananda
24. Ylk.riti
'9. Rak.sbasa
2l. Kbata
SO. Nala
one cycle;
Hiadu Time Melluro
n. Pio.ala
56. Dunbubbi
52. Kalayutti 57. Rudhirodaari
53. Siddharibi
58. IUkthakibi
5.. Roudtl 59. Krodbana
55. Durmatbi 60. Abba)'.
The first year of the cycle denotes the evolution of a new
creative force wbich apparently is supposed to end in the last
or 60tb year after getting fully matured, when tbe new year
gives rise to a new force; In Vibhava this 'force is expanded;
Shukla denotes its 'Yitality; Pramoduta causes de'YClopment ;
Prajotpatti increases acti'Yities; Angirasa connotes the ditre
rent forms tbe newly e'Yol'Yed fOfce takes and si milarly tbe
names arc gi'Yen for all tbe 60 years indicati'Ye of tbe fun ction
that the force is supposed to do, till tbe year Aksbaya or
destruction sets in whicb means that tbe force generated in
Prabhava has been destroyed.
There are two Ayanas-periods-in B: year, the Uttarayana
commencing from the winter when the Sun enters
Capricorn or Makara and moves in a northerly di rection, and
Dakshinayana with the summer solstice or tbe
ingress of the Sun into Cancer or Kataka when the Sun takes
a soutbl!:rly course.
Rolhus or Seasons
Tbe principal seasons among the Hindus are six, whereas
the Europeans consider only four. viz., Autumn, Spring,
Wi nter and the Summer.
The six seasons are :-
Vasantba Ruthu: Chaitra and Vaisakha (Spring),Greeshma
Ruthu : Jyesbta and Ashadha (Summer), Varsha Rutbu:
10 Hindu Predictive Astroloe;y
Sravana and Bbadrapada (Rainy season), Sarad Rutbu:
Aswija and Karli.ka (Autumn), Hemantba Rutbu: Margasir.
and Pusbya (Winter). Sisira Rutbu: Magh a and Phalguna
The twelve lunar months are :-
V.i sakha
Marlasi ra November-December
Pushya December-January
Masba January-February
Pbalauoa February-Marcb
The name of each lunar month is given as a result of tbe
cODstellation falling OD tbe Full Moon day of the particular
SofaI' montns with their Tamil and English equivalents
SO/Qf Months English
Mesha-Cbittirai Aries
Vrishabba- Vaigasi Taurus
Milbuna- Ani Gemiai
Kalah-Adi Cancer
Simba-Avani Lro
Kanya-Puranasi ViTlo
Tbula-Alpili Libra
Vri scblka- Karliaai Scor pio
Dbaous-Maraali Sagittarius
Makara-Thai Capricorn
Kumbha-Masi Aquarius
Meena - Pall,uDi Pisces
8 10du Time Measure
Shakla .. d Kflsb Patsbas
Shukla Paksba consists of the bright half of the lunar
month when the Moon waxes. The Grteco days from the Dext
day of the New MOOD to including tbe Full Moon constitute
tbe Shukla Paksba. The dark balf of tbe lunar month or the
other 15 days from the next day of tbe Full Moon to tbe New
Moon day make up tbe Krishna Paksba.
Planeta. Signa and Constellationa
Nine. important are considered in Hindu astrology
as affecting the terrestnal phenomena. Their Sanskrit equiva.
1.:.::15 and the symbols used by Western astrologers are also
giH.O here for ready reference:-
Sun Surya or Ravi
Moon Soma or Chandra
Mars Kuja or Aogaraka
Mercury Budba or Soumya
Jupifer Guru or Brihaspati
Venus Suba or Bhargava
Saturn Sani ot Manda
Dragon's Head Rabu or Tbama
Dragoo's Tail Ketu or Sikhi

twelve signs of the zodiac arc !_
1. Mesha Aries the Ram '"I'
2. Vrishabha Taurus tbe Bull
a. Mithuna Gemini the Twins n
4. Kalaka Cancer the Crab
:>. Simba Leo the Lion SL
6. Kanya Virgo tbe Virgin IIJ:
7. Thula Libra the Balance 6
8. Vrischika Scorpio the Scorpion "l
9. Dhanus Sagittarius tbe Centaur I
10. Makara Capricorn the Crocodile kf
11. Kumbha Aquarius tbe Water-bearer.
12. Meena Pis.;cs tbe Fishes )(
planets. Sian' aDd CoDStellaUons 13
The zodiac is a circle of light and consequently it knows
no beginning or end. In order to measure the di stance an
astronomical point (end of the constellation of Revati) is
established which is called the first point of Aries. The zodiac
i. marked by 27 constellations or naksbatras. The first point of
tbe Aswini, tbe first constellation, synchronises with tbe first
point of Aries, wbich is the starting point of tbe fixed zodiac.
Eacb Dabbatra measures 13 20' of arc and consists or four
quarters or padas of JO 20' eacb. Thus 2l constellations or
Dine quarters comprise a zodiacal sign. The Rasis (signs) and
Nakshatras (constellations) arc both reckoned from the same
poiDt, .,Iz., the zero degree of the zodiac or the first point of
Mesba (Aries).
14';" ,.
The constellations arc ;-
I. Aswini -p Arieti3, 3 stars resem!:lling a horse's face.
2. Bharani-41 Arletis, 3 stars resembling a female sexual
I d , '
.,.w 3 . . , Krittika-ll Taurl Aleyone-2, 6 stars resembling a
""""'" 4.
f..,,,,, 6.
"" /,/"'- 7.
: b"''f!- 8.
:,.. f<'"4 , 9,
Rohioi-Aldebaran, 5 stars resembling a chariot.
Mrigasira -! Or;on;s. 3 stars resembling a head of a
Aridra-cr. Betelgeuse. one star resembling a head.
Punarvasu-p Geminorium Pollux, 5 stars resembling
a bow.
Pushyami-8 Cane';. 3 stars resembling a flower.
Aslesha-f Hydore, 6 stars resembling a serpent.
Makha-p uonjs or Regulus, 5 stars resembling a
11 and 12. Pubba and Uttara-8 Leonjs, and Denebola 4
stars resembling the legs of a cot.
.4 Hindu Predictive Allrolo.,
/ (h 7J.<1{ (f
7 1
.d - 4.
.. IS.
. ' 1 ....
Hasta- S Cor.,i. S stars resembling a palm.
Cbitta- Yirginis Spica, oDe star resembling a pearl.
Swati- Booli3 or Arcturus, onc star resembling a
16. Visakha-(I 3 stars resembling a potter' s wheel.
17. Anuradha-8 Scorpfi. 3 stars resembling an umbrella.
18. Jyesbta-Anlaru. 3 stars resemblingao umbrella.
19. Moola-.{ Scarpii. 6 stars resembling a crouching line.
20 and 21. Poorvasbadha, Uttarashadba-S and 6 Sagittarii.
4 stars resembling a square.
22. Sravana-(I Aquila, 3 slars resembling an arrow.
23. Dbanishta- ,8 Delphini, 4 stars resembling a drum.
24. Satahhisha - .{. Aquarii, 100 stars resembling a Dower.
25. Poorvabhadra- ,8 Pegosi \ 4 stars resembling the legs
26. Uttarabhadra- Y Pegasi of a cot. '
27. R,evati-, Plscium. 3 stars resembling a fish.
The following quarters (padas) of tbe constellations
comprise the twelve zodiacal signs :-
No. RaIl NQk.\IrQtra PQilDl 011
(Sign) (Conltellotion) from

.. Aries .. Aswinl

,," 2.
2. Bharani

26 4.

2. Tauru. Krinika

4. Robioi

Mriauira 2 60

Gemini Mripsira 2 .. 40

Aridra 4 80

7. Punatvasu

4. Cauc:er Punarvasu


Pusby-ami 4 . 06 40
9. Aslesha


planets. Sian' and Constellations
-:tiO. Rlltl
NQluhatrD Padas
(COnsteflDllon) ( O"Orlerl)
, . ....
10. Makha 4
__ II . Pubba 4
12. Uttara
Uttara 3
13. Huta 4
6. Vir,o
14. Chitta 2
China 2
IS. Swati 4
J6. Viukha 3
Visakha I
17. Anuradh. 4
8. Scorpio
18. Jycsbta 4
19. Moola 4
20. Poorvashadha 4
9. SI.ittariuI
. W Uuarashadba I
Ullarashadb. 3
22. Sravana 4
10. Capricorn
23. Dhanishta 2
II. Aquarius
Dhanishta 2
24. Satabhisha 4
2:1. PoorY3bhadra 3
12. Pilees
poorvllbb"dr ..
26. Uttarabbadra 4
27. Revali 4
011 the
ecUptlc from
cr Arlet
III 20
146 40
173 20
. 80
186 40
200 0
210 0
213 20
22ti 40
240 0
2S) 20
296 40
270 0
280 0
293 20
306 40
]20 0
330 0
331 20
346 40
The above table interpreted meanS that four ..quarters of
Alwin;. four quarters of, Bharaai and the first quarter of
Krittika make up Aries or Mesha. The remaining ' three
quarters or Krittika, four quarters or Robini and the first
two quarters of Mrigasira compose Taurus or Vrishabba and
10 on. Tbis will enable one to fix the positions of planets in a
horoscope, as in most Hindu almanacs. tbe planetary
po,itions arc generally given in constellatinns and quarters .
Peculiarities of the Zadica. Signa
Eacb zodiacal sign has certain peculiarities attributed to it
by ancient Maharishis. For instance, each sign represents
some element in nature, such as fire, air, earth and water.
Moveable signs ( Chara RasiV are Aries, Cancer. Libra
and Capricorn. Taurus, Leo. Scorpio and Aquarius
signs (Sthira Rasis). Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
are said to be common signs (Dwiswobhara Rasis). Aries,
Gemini, Lro, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are odd signs.
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are
classified as even signs. All odd signs are cruel mascu-
line and all even signs are mild and feminine. Again, we have
an account of fiery signs (Agflltat wa Rasis). lliz., Aries, Leo
and Sagittarius. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earthy
signs (Bhutatlm Rasis). Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are
(Vayulatwa Ras;s). And finally Ca'ncer, Scorpio
and Pisces are classified as watery signs (Ja/atatwa Rasls).
Cancer, Leo, Virgo. Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are signs
of long ascension and tbose of short ascension are Capricorn,
Aquarius. Pisccs, Aries, Taurus aDd GemiDi.- Cancer, Scor-
pio and Pisct:s are fruitful and Gcmini. Leo and Virgo are
barren. Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius
Of course. this order has to be reveued (or places.ituated io Soulb
or Equator.
.. Peculi.ritiCS of (be ZodiaCl.l Si,nl
b tbeir heads and are consequently callcd Sirodaya Rasls
::Ch: excepting Gemini, are to be. powerful during
The Prushtodaya signs (rlsmg by hmder part) arc Anes,
day. - . Tb . 1 g
ancer Sagittarius and Capricorn. esc signs a on
Taurus, " .' p'
> b Gemini arc said to be powerful durlDg tbc nlgbt. Isces
a combination of the two and is called pbhayodaya
. . .
. 'tb powcr both during day and Dlght. GemIDI,
-V' Aquarius and tbe first half of Sagittarius are the Signs
nrvoice. . . .
IX' Tbese dctails would be bighly usefullD tbe dcllneatlon of
and meotal disposition.
o . Quadrants (Kendras arc 1,4,7 and 10. Trines {Trikonas)
S ao . Sadent , useS (Panaparos) are 2,5, 8 tI.
Succeedcnt houses (Ap.oklimos) are 3,6,9 and 12 (9tb being a
trikona must bc Upachayas are 3, 6, 10 and II .
-I 4-
} 1
( aeU..t l 2 S "
6 '1
'1 f 0
{ ':/
'U/"l, M'l" )
!" ,
l .. "
A8trological Terminology
The allocation of sign rulersbip does not appear to be
arbitrary. For instance, the Suo rules Leo. If we replace
the SUD by the earth, then we find that the nearest planet to
the Earth, y/z., the Moon, rules the nearest sign to Leo. Viz. ,
Guru Kuja Sukra Budba
(Jupiter) (Mars) (Venus) (Mere.)

Sani Chandra
(Saturn) (MOOD)

Saol Rav!
( Siluro)
Guru Kuj a S.ukra Budb.
(Jupilcr) (Mu.) (Venus) (Mere.)

Accordiog to Suryasiddhanta, Saturn is tbe mOlt distant
planet from the Earth; Jupiter, Mars. Venus, Mercury and
tbe MOOD come ncxt in the order of their distance. Based on
lucb an .rraoatmen!, the rulcrsbips arc allotted. The planets
and signs arc related by what is known as ruJership.
-'Muoio, ca crIDlno OlD'
,Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars. Venus rules Taurus
and Libra. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo. The Moon
owos Cancer. The Sun is the lord of Leo. Jupiter govern.
tPisces and Sagittarius. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by
Saturn. Leo and Ketu rule Scorpio. Rahu owns Leo and
Ketu rules Scorpio.
'.' Exallatlqns,-The Sun is exalted in the 10th degree of
Aries; the Moon in the 3rd degree of Taurus; Mars in tbe
.,l8th degree of Capricorn; Mercury in tbe 15th degree of
tY.irgo; Jup'iter in the 5th degree ofCaDcer i Venus in the 27th
,dcaree of Pisces; and Saturn in the 20th degree of Libra,
.Jlahu in 2()<> of Tauru. and Ketu in 20'" of Scorpio.
.' Debilitations.-The 7th house or the 180th degree from
,tbe-place of exaltation is tbe place of debilitation or fall. Tbe
is debilitated in the 10th degree of Libra. ,the MOOD in the
3td degree of Scorpio and so on.
BeMfic$ and Ma[e/ic$. - Planets are benefic or malefic
nature, They tend to do good or
evil. Jupiter. Venus. Full Moon aod well-associated Mercury
, beld to be good planets. New Moon. badly associated
Mercury. the Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rabu and Ketu are evil
or malefic ones: From the eighth day of tbe bright half of
the lunar month tbe Moon is full and stronl. Sbe is weak
from tbe eigh'tb day of the dark half.
Sexu.-Jupiter, Mars and tbe Sun are males ; Venus.
" and tbe Moon are females : aDd Saturn, Mercury lind
JCetu are eunucbs or hermaphrodites. This enables us to
the sex of the child in tbe birth horoscope and tbe
lex of tbe person involved if it is a horary chart ,
CD/Durs.-Each planet represents a certain colour whicb
is It follows: -Sun-copper, Mars- billod red, Moon-
HiDdu Predict ive Altrolo,,,
white, Saturn-black, Mercury - green, Jupiter-brigbt
yellow and Vc:nus-mixture of all colours.
MoolQITiko1llJs. There are certain positions called Moola_
trikonas whicb are similar to tbose of exaltation . . The Sun' s
is Leo (OO_20") ; tbe Moon has Taurus
Mercury-:- Vlrgo (1 6'"-20); Jupiter-Sagittarius (00_100) ;
Mars-Ari es (00-12); Venus-Libra and Saturn_
Aquarius (00_20).
Natures. Tbe Sun, tbe Moon and Jupiter are
In nature and indicate Sal , ikaguna or philosopbical and
phllantbropic dispOSitions. Venus and Mercury represent
Rajasa Or imperi ous di spos ition. Mars and Saturn denote
Thamasa or dull nat ure.
Tbe. and fiery planets; Mercury is earthy;
Saturn IS airY; JupIter IS etbereal; and Venus and the Moon
are watery.
Tbe Sun represent' ego or alma; tbe Moon monas or
mind ; Mars- martial power ; Mercury- good and eloquent
speeeb; Jupiter indicates wisdom; Venus sbows voluptuous_
ness and gross sensual pleasures; and Saturn indicates SOrrows
and miseries.
Tbe Sun and tbe Moon are kings; Mars- commander-i n_
chIef; Mcrcury-Yuvaraja or heir-apparent ; Jupiter and
VenUS- Prime Ministers ; and Saturn a servant.
Planetary Relations.-By the term friendsbip and enmity
among planels we have to understand that tbe rays of one
planet wiJl be intensified or counteracted by those of the olber
declared to be its friend or enemy respectively. Friendship
will be both permanent and temporary.
, .uuolOikal TermiDoloJY
PHJIWItDt Reladoubi,
:;., ,..,., EMmk6
MOOD, Man, Mercury Siluro,
Jupiter VC:DUS
SUD. Mercury Man, Jupiter,
Venus. SltUfO
... "
SUD, MOOD. Venus. SIItum Mercul')"
Merc:ul)' SUD, Venus Man, Jupiter, MOOD
Juplta' Suo, MOOD, Saturn Mercury
VeDUS Meteur)'. Salum Ma rs, Jupiter SUD, MOOD
SatUfO Mercury. Venus Jupilc:c Sun. MOOIl,
Temponry Reialioaship
Besides Naisargika or natural friendship, planets become
tempot-afY frietRls also by virt ue of tbeir sign positions.
. 'Planets found in the 2qd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th sisos
(rom any other planet, become it s temporary friends. Those
il-lhe remaining signs become temporary enemies. In judgiog
both types of relationships sbould be '!arefully
(N'''MIr,flca MUra)
PalR80cnt Friend
(Nalit,,,,1ta Mitra)
"rmIDCDI Enemy
tNal"""ta SQJrM)
".man,at Enemy
f.ermanenl Nculral
(N/uar,lklI .5QmQ)
Permanent Neutral
INal l4r,lku Suma)
... Temporary Friend
+ (Tatkali/uz Mitra)
+ Temporary Encmy
+ (Tatkalilc4 Sal,,,)
+ Tcmporar)' I!ncmy
... ( Tataa/i/ca Satrll}
... Temporary Friend
+ (TalhM:a Milru)
+ Temporar y F riend
+ ( Tatkalika MUra)
... Temporary Enemy
+ (TlIfkaIika Sat,,,)
Best Friend
(AdJli Mitra)
Ncutr. 1
Diner Enemy
( Adh/.5Qrrll )
Hilldu Predictive AUroloa,
Jo the ill ustration given below, let us 6nd out tb t
rary and permanent friendships and cnmities
ollocts. Take for instance, Jupiter. The Moon is:o tb e
f;;cvcolb. therefore he becomes temporary enemy of Ju ite e
But from the table of permaneot relationship giveD abo:e. : ;
Moora u
Sat urn
Horoscope -;r7
mile born Oil

8-8-1912 at 7-43
p . m. (I.S.T.)
- Ol.---
Lat. I J North ;
Lolli. 34'
VCll ut

J upiter
Ket u
- -
will ,be seen that the Moon is the friend of Jupiter
adding the two ,_ T . Now
. cmporary enemy plU3 permanCnt friend
get the relation as neutral. Thus the
IS: neutral of J upiter. Similarly, ascertain the relatioDs with
rc crcncc to other planets
CasleS. Venus and Jupiter are Brahmins or
y the SUD and Mars are Kshatrlyas or belong to
I e warnor casle' Ihe M . .
S d
.. ' oon I S Vatsya or trader; Mercury is
II ra or larmer and Salu . A .
rn I S n'yaJa or untouchable. One
sbould not confuse tbis witb tbe d
Accord' La e caste system.
IDg 10 rd Krishna. WJrna is based On runa and
;,utro1o,ical Termioolol)'
Planttary Dlrecl ions.- The Sun, Venus, Mafli, Rahu.
Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter indicate East, S.-E. ,
', Soutb. S,-W, o West, N.-W., North and N.-E . respectively.
Conjunctional Peculiarities (Vakra or retrogrcssion).-
According to Hindu ast ronomy; planets in the course of thei r
" journey in tbe zodiac are said to be obstructed by certaln
, iIIvisible forces called mondochcha, seeghrochcha and potha as
a .result of which Ibey become stationary for a while. get
backward movements and again after some time. they regain
aii:ir natural course. Tbis phenomenon of going backwards is
atied retrogression. The astronomical aspect of tbe retro--
movements of planets is somewhal cumbersome and for
hiails readers may refer to any slandard texIS on astronomy.
, At hichara or Acceleration. If a planet moves fronr""one
. to the other faster than its usual speed it gets what is
:', &Iied Athichara o r Acceleration.
Srambh'ana ar SlagtlOtion. Residence in tbe same sign for
than the usual period makes a planet get tbis stage.
AslQltgQtQ or Combustion. Planets in intimate conjunction
ifiih the Sun get combustion and become utterly powerless.
SQmagQma. Planets with tbe Moon acquire Samagama.
ascending direction from tbe debilitation
_ to ihe exaltat ion.
Avarohana. The descending direction from exaltation to
Planetary Strengths and Avasthaa
Planetary conjunctions play an important part in tbe
dtermination of tbe various sources of strength and weak-
ness of the planets in a horoscope. Conjunction of good
planets always produces beneficial results while the reverse
holds good when malefic planets join together.
Planets on account of their incessant movements get into
eertain states of existence called avas/has which are ten in
number. Each avastha produces its own results. In tbe
judgment of a horoscope all tbese details. bave to be fully
Duptha or Exaltation. Gains from conveyances, respect
from elders , fame, wealth and good progeny.
Swastha or Own House.-Fame, wealth, position , lands,
happiness and good children.
Mudltha or in the House ora Friend.-Happiness.
San tho or an Auspicious Sub-divislon.-Strengtb and
courage, helping relations, comfort and happiness.
Sakta or Retrogress/oIL-Courage, reputation. wealth and
in the last quarter 0/ a sign.-
Prosecution, IncarceratIOn, pilfering habits and expUlsion
from country .
l O/4-
t " ,
Planelary Slren,tbs and AVlstbas
,Deena or in Inimical House. Jealousy, mental worry.
brain trouble, sickness aDd degradation.
Vikala or Combustion.-Diseases. orphanage, loss of wife
and children and disgrace.
Khala or Debilitation.-Losses, mean birth. troubles from
various sources, quarrels with parents and relations, imprison-
ment and hating God and sacred literature.
Bhita or Accelerolion...-Losses from various sources,
torture, foes. mean habits and danger in foreign countries.
The Shadbalas or Six Sources of Strength and Weakness
of Plane/S.- Each planet is supposed to get a particular shale
of strength when it occupies a particular position. The source
of strength can be numerically measured by a certain unit
called Rupa. (For full details. see my book Graha and Bhava
Balas.) There are six kinds of strength considered in Indian
I. Sthanabala,-This is the positional which a
planet gets as a result of it s occupying a particular bouse in
the horoscope. A planet gets Sthanabala in its exaltation.
own house, moolatri kona, and friendly bouse and Swa (own)
Sbadvargas (for Sbadvargas vide Chapter XI).
2. Digbala.- This is the directional strengtb. Jupiter and
Mercury are powerful in the East (ascendant). The Sun and
Mars get tbeir directional strength in tbe North (lOth house).
Saturn in tbe West (7th bouse) gains Digbala. Venus and the
Moon acquire directional strength in the South (4th house).
l. Chestaba/a (Motional sttength)...- The Sun and the Moon
in tbe signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus
and Gemini which constitute the Uttarayana (Sun's northerly
course) and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. Venus and Saturn in
Tetrogression or in conjunction with tbe Full Moon get
26 Hindu Predictive
Chestabala. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are with
Mars. tbey are said to be defeated in tbe planetary fight or
Grabayuddba and get Chestabala.
4. Ka/abola.-Kalahala means temporal strength. The
MOOD, Mars and Saturn arc powerful during the night. The
SUD. Jupiter and Veous arc powerful during tbe day. Mercury
is alway. powerful. Malefic. and benefics arc powerful during
tbe dark half aod bright balf of the lUnar month rcspeclivcly.
Mercury, the SUD, Saturn, the Moon. Venus and Mars are
powerful at sunrise, noon, evening. first part of the nigbt,
- midnight and the last part of the night respectively, Jupiter
is always strong. Planets in tbeir weekdays, months aod years
are said to be powerful.
So DI'ugbala.-Drugbala is reckoned as a result of the
aspect to wbich each planet is subjected to by the other. The
houses of aspect are given in the next chapter. Aspects of
benefics give full Drugbala or strength, and aspects of male6cs
take away the Orugbala
6. Naisa,glkabala.-This 'means permanent or
strength. Each planet is supposed to produce a particular
measure of strength permanently irrespective of its positioD.
The Sun, tbe Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury. Mars and
s..turn are strong in order. The SUD is the most powerful and
Saturn is the least powerful.
Tbe .trengths of planets can be numerically calculated as
per my book G,aAa and Blul'D &11l3.
Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope
The horoscope is simply a scbeme or a plan representing
an accurate pict ure o f the beavens, of the positions of tbe
planets and the stars for the time at wh ich a child is born or
at any particular moment. The map of tbe heavens cont ain-
ing the 12 divisions is drawn in either a square or circular
form. J give below the Inost common kinds of diagrams now
in vogue in India and abroad.
For tbe benefit of my Western readers. and such Indian
readers who h'avc no accesS to almanacs. I have also explained
tbe method of casting the boroscope according to the Western
system and its reduction to tbe Hindu, in the next chapter.
The following are some of tbe maps used by different
countries :-

Hindu Predictive: Astrology
For all practical purposes almanacs publisbed by competent
Hindu astroDomers, giving the planetary positions, can be
used by beginners, and after acquiring a thorough familiarity
with the various rules fOf the computation of horoscopes on
the basis of such almanacs, the student may refer to modern
epbemerides for greater accuracy.
Western Couatries
Find out the date of birth in the almanac in the particular
year and write on a sheet of paper all tbe details given for
that day. In most of tbe almanacs, the positions of the
planets 8rc given in Nakshatra Padas (Constellational
quarters) and by merely copying them, one would be able to
mark the Rasi (zodiacal) and Navomsa (one-ninth division)
Ascertain the exact moment of birth and sunrise. If the
time is in English hours, convert it into ghalis t2! ghatis
make one I!o_ur . }4 mioutes make one hati and 24
ma ne t e ut as occurred after midOig t.
1 Hiod. Moohod 0' """ios 'h, Ho,o"op,
it must be taken as belonging to the previous day as among
the Hindus a day is reckoned from sunrise to sunrise.
Ascertain how many hours after sunrise tbe birlh has occurred -
and convert this into ghatis.
In the almanac. if there are any planets marked on the
day of birth and if the ghat is given against eacb or
any of them are below the time of birth, reproduce them
as they are; otbcrwise trace back and find out tbe positions
of planets nearest to the date of birth. For the Moon
some calculations are necessary. Find out the constellation
on the day of birth which can be readily sl!e n in the
almanac and note down its duration. If it be the one that
ends on the same day. then add to this duration, tbe number
of ghatis and vighatis obtained by subtracting from 60. the
extent of the preceding asterism on the previous day. The
sum represents the entire duration of the constellation in
question. One-fourth of this gives the duration of a quarter
or pada. Add birth time to tbe duration of the constellation
on the previous day. This gives bow much of time has
elapsed in the constellation at Ihe time of birth. Dividing
this by the duration of each quarter, we get the particular
quarter of the constellation in which the Moon is.
In case the constellation be tbe one that ends on the next
day, the duration of the asterism on tbe day of and that
on the next day must be obtained tbus :
Let us assume tbat tbe sunrise on the day of birth of the
following illustrative boroscope is at 5-35 a.m. Tbe birth has
taken place at 5-35 p.m. Deducting sunrise from birth time
(5-35 p.m. == 17 hours, 35 minutes) we get 12 hours. This
converted ioto gbatis at 2, gbatis per one bour gives 30
ghatis as the time of birtb after sunrise. From the almanac,
3. Hindu Predictive Amolol1
we fi nd tha t on the day of birth the constellation RohiDi ruled
for 21-59 ghatis . Subtract fr om 60 ghatis. the number of
ghatis and vigbatis at which the Moon Jeft tbe previous
constellation. Add to this, the number of gbatis and " ighatis
when this constellation terminates , the next day. The total
durati on of the constellation is obtained . Subtract fr om tbe
time o f biub (in gbatis) the t ime when the Moon left tbe
previous a sterism. Tbe time elapsed from the beginning of
the constellation to the moment of the birth is obtained. Now
it will be easy to find io wbat quarter the Moon is placed.
The foll owing illustration enableS the student to grasp the
principles enumerated above easily.
/Ilustration.- Born 8tb August 19)2 A.D. at 5-35 p. m. or
30 gbatis after sunrise , Long. 78 E., Lat. N. :
00 8-8-1912. 009-9-1912
Da.ralioa of day = Gh. 604t
of Rohlai 21-59
Exteot of Mrl,lSir. 38-1
: . Total dDratiOll of Mrigaslra
of Mriaasira
- Gb.I9-15
- Gb. 38-1 + Gh. 19.15 - Gb. 57-16.
Di.idiDI tbl, by of, we 0., tblt eacb quarter lists for
- - - - Gb. 14-19
Ailla, Blr lb time .. . Gb. 30-0
DaralioD of Rohlal 21-59
nme elapsed Is Mrigasir. 8-1
Since the balance is less than ghatis 14-19, Ihe first
quarter of Mrigasira rules at birth, I.e., the Moon occupies
tbe first quarter of Mrigasira. Tracing back, the positions of
other planets arc obtained thus :
Hindu Metbod or Casting tbe Horoscope
Sua ia tbe 11 quarter of Aslesba
Moo. I do. Mr lgaslu
Mlrs III do. Pubba
Mercury II do.
Mlkba (RetrogressloD)
JDplter II do. Jyesbll
Venus I do. Makba
Salutll I do. Rohinl
Rahu III do. Re,aU
Kelu I do. ChUta
I "

Ascdl . S,n
Ta ke the Sun. He is in the second quarter of Aslesha .
Ce" unt (rom the constellation Aswini upto the constellati on
of the planel . It is 8. Convert this into padas or quarters
(one quarter is equal to 31/3 degrees of ecliptic arc); 8 )( 4 = 32.
Add tbe two quarters already passed by the planet in Aslesha.
32 plus 2 - 34. Since 9 padas make one Rasi, di vide tbis by
9 ; 34/9 _ 3 7/ 9. The remainder is 7. That is, the Sun passed
three signs from Aries and is in the fourth sign, namely
Cancer. All tbis troubl e can be saved by referring to the
Hindu Predictive As1toiolY
Table of constellations given on page 14. The SUD. as we
know. is in the 2nd pad a of Aslesha. FroID the table, it will
be seen that the last quarter of Puoarvasu, the four quarter.
<.I f Pushyami and the four quarters of Aslesha constitute tbe
sign Cancer. As the Sun is still in tbe 2nd pada of Aslesba.
we can readily place him in Cancer. Similarly, fix all the
other planets in their respective signs.
Ascendant or tbe Lagna
The next step after fixing the planets is the correct determi-
nation of Lagoa or the Ascendant. The earth is egS-shaped
and rotstes once a day on its altis aDd thus all the zodiacal
signs are invariably "clt posed" to the sol ar inlluence. As tbe
earth is egg-shaped, certain signs arc exposed to a greater
extent of time than others; The 12 solar months are named
after the 12 signs of the zodiac. On tbe first day of Aries the
first degree of that particular sign ri ses in the eastern horizon
at sunrise a nd the rema ining signs gradually ascend till tbe
next day a t sunrise when the sunrise takes place in tbe second
degree of Aries, The sunrise takes place in the last degree of
the 7.odiac on tbe 30th day of Pisces, when the solar year
c'nds. Thus the LagRa or the Ascendant is that particular
point of the ecliptic considered with reference to the particular
horizon. Therefore, certain periods of time are allotted to
each of the zodiacal signs to rise, the duration of such periods
depending upon the latitude o f the place. The duration of
the signs varies in accordance with the del!ree of the latitude
of the pla(.'(: and the student is referred to Appendi x B at the
end of the 'book by means of which the rising periods of the
.. arious aigns for the different degrecs of latitude can easily
be ascertained.
Hindu Method or Casting the Horoscope
'The degree and the sign in which the Sun rises will be
the ascendant a t the particular time. The solar date of birth
is readily found out in the almanac. fn the illust ration given,
tbe solar date is the 24th of Cancer. The rising sign in that
montb will be Cancer itself. But the Sun rises in it on the
first day in the first degree of CaRcer. The per son was born
on thc 24th even ing and therefore the Sun has passed 23
degrees of Cancer nnd rose on that morn ing in the 24tb
Therefore the Sun on the day of birth was in Cancer 24
degrees. Time of birth is 30 ghatis. Catlctr extends for
about 531 ghatis (see Appendix B) at Lat. 13 N. There-
fore eacb degree requires 5-31 x 60/30 - i fU' vighatis to rise.
Therefore the Sun has 23 x lIli1 _ 253ji vighatis or 4 ghatis
and J 3-1} or 14 vighatis. .
Duration of Cancer
Gbatl s 13ined by the Sun
Ghatis remlloining 10 be covered
by the Sun
The method or Bndin. tbe Laana aiveD here is Df a ,eoeral
dlar1lcter inteoded to IOerve the purpose or a be,ioner. The Cllact sit ua-
tion of the SUD must be ascertained and then the risi na l ilD and degree
found out. Full particulars with examples will be fouod in Chapter VIII
or my book A Ma"ual of Hi"du Astrolory to which tbe reader is
Hindu Predictive A! trololY
Birth has taken place at 30 ghatis and since Sagittarius
ends at 27- 41 2/3 gh alis after sunrise the ascendant is
Capricorn, I.e . 2 ghalis and 18 1/3 "igbalis have elapsed in
The positions of tbe planets and the Lagna in their c:\act
degrees a re thus calculated wi th tbe a id oftbe almanacs.
Each sign is composed of 30 degrees. In the illustration.
Capricorn is tbe ascendant. Its duration is 3122/ 3 ' vighatis
at 13 degrees nort h lati tude. Therefore as 3/22/3 .";ghatis
are to 30 degrees , so art /38 1/3 vighatis to the degrees
requirtd - 30/ 312i x 138 1/ 3 = 13 degrees 17 minules. Thus
the ascendant is 13 de grees 17 minules Capricorn. Thi s is tbe
Bhavamadhya o r the mid.point of the first hOl.\ se, and the
fi rst "house or the fir st Bhava roughly 15 degrees OD
ei ther side of this point . For determining the cusps of iwuses
(Bhavamadhya, etc.) may be made to my A Manual
of Hindu AstroloRY. For ordinary purposes, it may be sup-
posed that Bhavs extends J 5 degrees on either side of the
mid-point . In the illust rati on, J3 Capricorn is the
Bhavamaclhya of fin;t house and it roughly extends from
29 degrees of Sagittarius t o 28 degrees of Capricorn. The
second from 28 degrees Capricorn and so on.
I n " Table of Ho wses" t he cusps of the houses are
ava ilable and the student will not find it difficult to enter
t hem in the chart. At the outset, the beginner will do well to
confi ne his a ttention to these primary rules without worrying
himsel f with the techni que of mathemati cal ast rology.
The exact Nirayana longitude, say of the SUD, is to be
a t the birth ofa person on 8th August 1912 A.D. ,
at 5- 35 p.m. (I.S. T.). That year's almanac will give the
following information :-
----;-E, ... n Ihis supposi ti on holds rood only with reference to places th at
li e nCoif the equator .
Hiadu Metbod of Castina the Horoscope
9th August 1912-Sun enters 3rd qu rter
17-44 gbatis.
of As11ha at
of Asiesha at
Sth August 1912 - Sun enters 3rd qUI"
46-30 ghatis.
There fore the period lahn by the SUD to pass through ODe
pada or 3 1/3 degrees o f the ecliptic are is : -
5th August Gh. 13-30 5ubtractiog tbe time of eDt ry from
6t h do.
,.b do.
8tb do.
9tb do.
60 gb. beiDa::: dur.tiOD of the dlY.
60- 0
60- 0
60- 0
211- 14 or 12,674 'fighatis.
Time from the entry of the Sun iota the 2nd pada of
Aslesha (which is nearest to the time of hirth) uplO the
moment of birth.
5th August Gb. 13-30
6th do. 60- 0
7th do 60- 0
Rl h do. 30 - 0 (moment o f birth)
Total .. .. 163 30 or 9,810 vighatis.
In 12,674 vighatis the Sun covers \0 degrees.
In 9,810 vighatis the Sun covers II x mh i.t., equal to
2 degrees, 34 minutes and 48 seconds of arc.
In the 2nd pada or quarte r of AsJesha, the Sun has passed
2 degrees, 34 minutes aDd 48 seconds. We know that the last
quarter of Punarvasu, the four padas of Pushyami and four
padas of Aslesha compose Cancer. Upto the 2nd pad a o f
Aslesha, the number of pad as passed in Cancer is : - Punar
vasu 1 plU.f Pu shyami 4 plus Aslesha I, lotal 6 padas or
6 x 10/ 3 _ 20 degrees. This added to lhe number of degrees
Hindu Prediclh'c A5lrology
passed in the 2nd pada of Aslesha gives the exact Nirayana
longitude of the Suo at the time of birth. viz., 20 degrees pIllS
2 degrees , 34 minutes and 48 seconds will he equal to 22
degrees, 34 minutes and 48 seconds. Thus in tbe illustrative
horoscope, the Niraya na Sun is in 22 degrees, 34 minutes and
48 seconds Cance r. For other planets the longi tudes must be
computed .!. imilarl y.
Western Method of Horoscope Casting
and Its Reduction to the Hindu
A short account of the difference eXisting between the
Hindu and Western zodiacs seems necessary before explaining
tbe method involved in the erection of the heavenly map
acconJ ing to the Western system and its reduction to the
Hindu zodiac. The Hindu astronomers of the Nirnyana
school trace their observations of planet s to the fixed zod iac
while the Western ast ronomers. belonging to the Sayan a
system, conside r the moving zodi ac commencing from the
ever-shifting vernal equinox. The exact period when boltt
the zodiacs were it: the first point is doubted by a number of
astronomers a nd accordingly the Ayanamsa-precessional
distance-or the inc rement between the beginning of the fixed
and moveable zodiacs. varies from 19 to 23 degrees. This
Ayanamsa is reckoned roughl y at 50 ' /3 seconds of arc per
year (see Appendix A).
Erect the boroscope as per rules given below. Subtract
the Ayanamsa for the year of birth from sucb positions and
tbe Hindu horoscope is obtained. In one year the Ayana msa
gains by.50 1/3 seconds of arc so that preceSSion for odd days
may conveniently be omitted.
In an - ephemeris (Rapbael's or Die Deut sche' s or any
Itandard one) the longitudes of planets a re calcu la tt:d daily
"Rlman's Ni nely-yea r Ephemeris" (1891 1980) can be used with
anl:l,e by Indian as well as WeSlern students of astrotoiY.
Hi ndu Prtodictive Astrolon
for Greenwich Mean Noon. Therefore Local Mean Time oftbc
place of birth must be turned into its equivalent Greenwich
Time. Add to the Local Mean Time of birth. if the birthplace
is west of Greenwich, four minutes for every degree of
longitude. Subtract four minutes from the Local Mean Time
of birth for every degree of longitude. if the birthplace is
east of Greenwich. Havi ng converted this Local Mean Time
of birth in to Greenwich Mean Time the planetary longitudes
can be calculated fr om the ephemeris easily. To fin d out tbe
e"act longitude of the planet for a given time the difference
of longi tude between the previous noon (if bi rth is a.m.) and
the noon of tbe birtliday or tbe difference between the noon
of the day (if birtb is p.m.) and the next noon must be noted.
(In sOlne publications the daily movemer.ts of planets will be
given in a separate section) . This difference is the motion of
tbe planet in 24 hours . Then the following rule mu st be
applied: A.s U hours arc to tfl e daily motion so is the difference
between the given t ime and noon to the motion required.
llIustration- Born 8th August 1912, Thursday 7 hours 23
minutes p.m. , L.M.T . longitude 77 degrees 35 minutss east
and latitude 13 degree! north.
Long. 71 degrees 35 minute! = 5h. 10m. 205. in time
Local Mean Time of birtb 7 23 6 p.m.
Long. of birthplace (in time) - 5 10 20 p.m.
G. M. T. orbirtb 2 12 46 p.m.
SiDce tbe place of birth is east of Greenwich subtracting
tbe difference of longi tude in time from Local Mean Time. we
get tbe corresponding Greenwi ch Mean Time, which is equal
to 2 bours. 12 minutes and 46 seconds p.m. Referriog to
Ephemeris for 1912, for 8tb August 191 2, the Sun' s longitude
on tbat noon is given as Leo 15 degrees, 32 minutes and
4 seconds. On page 35 tbe daily motion of the SUD on the
day is given a5 57 mi outes a nd 34 seconds.
Western Metbod or Horoscope Cutins
SUO's motion io 24 bours 57' 34"
57' 34"
do ... 2b. 12m. 46s. 24 x 2h. 12m. 46s.
_ 5' 17"
15 32' 4" LODg. of Suo at noon
Add Sun's motion in 2b.
12m. 46s

:. LODg. of Sun at birtb moment 1)0 37' 21"
Thi s is according to the . . Subt ract (rom
this tbe Ayanamsa for 1912 to get the Hindu longi tude.
Sayana Longitude ... 15 37' 2111 in Leo.
Less Ayaoamsa for 1912 ... 21 11 29
Hindu Nirayana Longitude . 24 25 52 in Cancer.
1f a planet is lin retrogression, it will be mentioned so in
the ephemeris. Similarly, the planetary positions for other
celestial bodies must be computed. Calcul ation o f tbe Mooo' s
longitude. or for that matter the longitude of a ny planet ,
may be convenientl y done by means of logarithms. Her
positi on fo r 12 nooo on 8th August 1912 is found to be
Gemini 15 0 ' 56. Her motion for tbat day is 14 24' 57" or
14 aod 25'. Turning to Tables of logarithms at tbe end or
the ephemeris, we fi nd tbat :
Motion Log for 14" and 25'
Time Log for 2 hours and 13 minutes
. 0.2213
... 1.0J45
In tbe Table of logarithms we find tbat for t be nearest
number (t his exact number is not found there) to 1.2558 at
the top of the column degrees and on the left of tbe table,
minutes sbowi ng the number of degrees and minutes tbe
Moon has progressed io 2 hours and 13 minutes. viz. , 1 20'
MOOD'S Sayana Loog. at noon ... 15 0' 56- Gemini
P1IIsMoon'sMotionfor2h. 13m.+ I 20 0
Total 16 1U 56 Gemini
Less Ayanamsa for 1912 21 II 29
Hindu Longitude of Moon 2711 TaurU5
40 Hindu Predi ctive Astrol08,Y
Thus we fi nd that the Moon is in 'faur:us 25 degrees.
9 minutes and 27 seconds according to the Hindu method.
Taurus is composed of three quarters of Krittika, four:. o f
Robini and tbe first two of M ri gasira. Table of constellati ons
on page 15 will tell us that 25
Taurus corresponds to tbe
first quarter of Mrigasira. i.e . the Moon is in the, first pada
or quarter of Mrigasi ra.
Lagna or the Ascendant. Find out the Sidereal Time at
G.M.T. which will be found in the first column of tbe
ephemeris. This is calculated for 12 noon Greenwich Time. '
Add to tbis tbe Local Mean Time o f birth of hours
passed after the local noon), and also add 10 seconds per
hour since noon as this represent s the difference between the
Sidereal Time (S.T.) and t he Mean Time. If the place of
birtb is east of Greenwich, deduct at the rate of JO seconds
per hour of every 15 degrees of longitude (or 1 hour in time)
and if the place of birth is west of Greenwich, add a si mil ar
quantity. This quantity represents the Sidereal Time at t he
moment of birth and when thi i is converted into degrees it
represents what is called t he R.A.M. C. of birth. Then refer
t o the t able of houses for the place of birth or for the lat itude
nearest to the place of birth . The ascendant and the cusp,
of the six bouses will be foun d marked. Considering the
same illustrati on, we proceed tbus:-
h. m.
Sidereal Time for noon preceding birth ... 9 6 30
Number of hours passed since noon upto birth ... 7 23 6
Corrections between S.T. and }
Mean Time at lOs . per hour + 0 1 14
16 3Q
Leu correction for tbe difference of t ime
between the place of birth (east of
Greenwich) and Green ..... ich 0 0 52
Local Sidereal Time of birth I. 29 58
Western Method or Horoscope Castin,
16 hours
29 minutes
58 seconds
R.AM.C. of birth
24{)0 0' 0"
7 15' 0"
0" 14' 30"
247" 29' 30"
The - Table of Houses for Madras must be referred to at
the latitude of Madras (13" N.) is nearest to tbe' latitude of
birthpl ace and as no tables of bouses are available for tbe
birlhplace itself.
Having found the nearest Sidereal Time correspondiog to
16 hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds (under tbe columQ,
Sidereal Time) we see in the next column (10) the sign Seorp'lo
lind the number 17" 35', the Sidereal Time sbowiog
that 17" 35' o f Scorpio is on the cusp o f the 10th house. In
the next column (II), we find )5 35' Sagittarius, Capricorn
13 35' on tbe 12th and 11 34' Aquarius on t be ascendant or
fir st house. Tbe cusps of tbe six bouses 3re thus obtained
and adding 180degrees to each of tbese, the cusps of the other
opposi te six are ascertained. Now for example, by adding
180 degrees to the cusp of the 10th house, that of the fourth
can be found and so on. If you consult a Sayan a table of
houses, deduct tbe Ayanamsa fr om tbe figures obtained and
you will ge t the Nirayana longitudes of houses. From tbe
Sayan a ascendant so obtained and the cusps of tbe bouses.
deducl tbe Ayanamsa, ,;z., 21 degrees, 11 minutes and 29
seconds and the houses (Sharas) and tbe ascendant (Ltlgna)
o f the Hindu zodiac are obtained. SCusp of tbe Westero
--;-Vide Pace 111 of The Njrayonrz Tables of HOII SC8 O to 60 by
Dr. B. V. Raman Ind Prof. R. V. VaidYI.
S There Is .. sHaht di fference ic tb_ mode of reckonicg cusps of con.
I Dlul ar house5 between the Western acd the Hicdu systems. Tbis may
be ianored ror the prescnt as it will materi.lly affect further proce-
dure of int erpreting horoKopc: s as explained in the pa,es of thi s hook.
Th. Nlroyono Tables 01 HOllses by Dr. B. V. Raman and Prof. R. V:
Vaidya ca lcul ated aordiog 10 Hindu methods may be used in preference
to Raphael's or any other West ern publi catioo.
HiDdu Plcdicliv.e Astro]olY
bouses Jess A,,"oflamsa will give tbe Bhavamadhya (mid-point of
the house) oftbe Hindus.
Cusps of the first bouse or ascendant
Less Ayanamsa fot 1912
45' Pisces
Bbavamadhya of the first bouse
or Lagna
The ill ustrated horoscope is to be
34' Aquarius
represented as follows
I S" I 11 37' J
24 16' Moon '
. 25 II'
Ascdt. S"
II '
24 26'
RASt 22 SO'
3" 43'
Kcl u
14<> 26'
24 16'
Similarly, deduct the Ayanamsa from t he of the
otber houses obtained above and you wit! get the correspond-
ing Hindu Bhavamadhyas (mid-points of bouses) .
The Shadvargas
The Sbadvargas are the six-fold di visions of a zodiacal
sign. A consideration of the Shadvargas will enable us to
estimate the strength of planets. Horn,
Drell-kana, Navarnsa. Dwadasarnsa and Trirnsamsa.-GenCrafiy
of the astrologe rs Rasi" ;nd thc Navarnsa
diagrams and base their predictions on these two. The
Navamsa system is the most important division. The readers
will do well at the beginning to cast the Rasi and Navamsa
diagrams and see how accurate somc of thc prcdictions based
on these two charts turn out. For determining the strength
of planets are taken into
account. Thi s has been fully explained in my Gralla and Bhava
Balas. - . . - - -- --
I ;O-1----::.&w.-The arc of 30 degrees forming a zodiacal sign is
I calied"Risi. The twelve zodiacal signs are the twelve Rasis.
. The limits and lordships of the various Rasis have been
already named.
D?L Hora. ",....When a sign is divided into two equal parts, eaeb
is called a bora. In odd signs like Aries. Gemini. etc. , the
first bora is governed by t be Sun and the second by t be
Moon. In even signs like Taurus. Cancer. etc., the first bora
i. Bovemed by the Moon and the second by the Sun.
Enmple.-Ascendant 11
34' Aquarills . It fails in tht:
first hora as it ;s within 15 degrees. AquariUS is an odd sign
" ,
.. Hindu Prcdicliyc AstroloGY
and the ftnl hara is governed by Ihe Sun .. therefore. the
ascendontJalfs in the Sun's hora.
Drekkgnq. When a sign is divided into three equal parts,
each is called a drekkana getting lOdcgrees. The first drekkaoa
is governed by the lord of tbe Rasi; the second by the lord of
the 5tb from it ; aDd tbe tbird by tbe lord of the 9tb from it.
Take Aries: tbe first dre.k:kaoa is governed by Mars, its lord;
the second is r uled by the Suo, t he lord of the 5tb from Aries;
aDd the third Jupiter rules over. as be is the lord of the 9th
from Aries.
Example.-Ascendant J)O 34' Aquarius. Since it falls
between 100 and 20", the birth has occurred in the second
drekkaM whose lord is the lord of the 51h, viz., Mercury.
_ Na.amsa.- The most important subdivision of a zodiacal
sign is the navamsa. When a sign is di vided into nine equal
parts, each part ' becomes a navamsa .
In Aries. Leo and Sag!ttariu.s: . 'the- are_ioverns;4 t>.l'
the lords of the niQe sigl!$ .. .froa Arie$. Take
Aries, and di vide it into nine equal parts. The 6rst navamsa
is governed by the lord of Aries, viz., Mars; the 2nd by the
lord of the 2nd, 'I'iz., Venus; the 3rd by Mercury, lord of the
3rd; and so on, till the last or tbe ninth navamsa which is
governed by J upiter, lord of the ninth from Aries. Now divide : . ;
Taurus i nto nine equal divi sions . We have left tbe counting
of tbe navamsa at the 9th from Aries, viz., Sagittarius. There-
fore, the first navamsa of Ta urus is governed by the lord of
the 10th from Aries-Capricorn l'iz., Saturn; the 2nd by tbe .
lord of the 11th, l'iz .. Saturn; the 3rd by the lord or"the 12t h.
l'iz. , Jupiter; the 4th , 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th by Mars,
Venus, Mercury. the Moon. the Sun and Mercury respec-
tively. Then tbe first nayamsa of Gemini is governed by the
lord of tbe fi rst Libra, viz ., Venus, the last of Gemini by the
lord of t he 9th from Libra. Mercury. Agai n the first of
The Shadvara:a
Cancer is governed by the lord of tbe fi rst , viz ., the Moon.
Again the cycle begins from Aries. It invariably follows that
for Aries , Leo and Sagittarius the naYamsas must be counted
from Aries to Sagittarius ; for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
from Capricorn; for Gemin i, Libra and Aquarius from Libra;
and for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces from Cancer.
Example.-Taking the Sun in 24 degrees, 2J minnles. J2
seconds Cancer (vide page 41) .. cu('h na'l'amsa is equal to
degrees 24" x 3 _ 7 navam!>as.
The Sun has passed 1 nayamsas a nd I degree, 5 minutes and
52 seconds in the 8th navamsa. The 8th nayamsa in Cancer
is Aquarius and t he Sun must be placc=d there.
In the horoscope illustrated on page 42 the navamsa posi-
tions are as follows :-
[ -
- ...
v'""' \
Rahu ,
Moo" I
! Asedt.
Mel e.
Ket u
J upi ter I Ma rs
- -
In Chapter VI II , the pOSitions of planets of the horoscope
illustrated are marked in constellations and quarters. Take
the Sun. He is in the 2nd pada of As lcsha. Counting from
Aswini upto Aslesha we get 8 constell ations. This converted
into pldas or quarters gives 32. Adding the two qua rters
.. !

, I
Hindu Prediclive Astroloc
in Aslesh a, it is 34. Divide tbis by 9, the number of
pad as fOf each sign \ 4 = 3... The remainde r is 7. Each pada
is equal to a navamsa. The Sun has passed 3 signs from
Aries and 7 padas or navamsas in the 4th sign Cancer.
Accordi ng to tbe above r ule, for Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces,
navamsas must be countcd from Cancer itselr. The 7t h from
Cancer is Capricor n. Its lord is Saturn . Therefore, the Sun
is in tbe aavamsn of Saturn. In the navamss diagram, mark
I'" the Sun in Capricorn .
...aJygdasgmsa.-When a sign is divided twelve equal
parts each portion is called a Dwadasamsa getung 2\ degrees.
The lords of the 12 Dwadasamsas are tbe lords of tbe 12
signs from the sign in question.
Exanlple.-Sun is ill U degrees. 26 minutes Cancer. He
has passed 24 degrees 26 minutes
--- = 9 Dwadasamsas.
9 Dwadasams8s having been passed and the SUD is in
the 10th. The 10th fr om Cancer is Aries, therefore in the
Dwadasamsa diagram. place the Sun in Aries.
D:,30 Trimsamsa.-Whcn a sign is divided into thirty equal
pans, each becomes a Tri msamsa.
III odd .s igns-
Mars Saturn
In eFen signs-
S = 30
Venus Mercury J upiter Saturn Mars
S 7 8 S S -30
In odd signs, t he first five degrees are gove rned by Mars.
the second five by saturn and so on. In even signs, tbe first
five are governed by Venus and so on according to the above
Tbe Shadvarla.
'lrf Sopthomsa.- I may also casually refer to Sapthamsa.
When a sign is di vided into 7 equal parts. each is called a
Sapthamsa getting 4? degrees. In odd signs, tbey are
governed by the lords of the seven Rasis from it and in even
signs, by t he lords of the seventh a nd fo ll owing signs.
In fact, according to Pa rasara, there a re sj,tleen divisions
(Shodoso)lorgos) to be considered . Each division is made use
of for st udying certai n aspects of the boroscope-e.g.,
Navams 3 for wife, Dwadasamsa for parents, Sapthamsa for
chi ldren, Dasamsa for profession, etc. It is not {or
3 beginner to botber himself with t hese technicalities a t this
, ..
On Birth Verification and Rectif.ic8.tion
The importance of tbe exact moment of birth need not be
stressed. And onc of tbe toughest jobs of an astrologer is to
find the exact moment of birth before venturing to make any
predictions. In most cases, the precise lime of birth will not
have been recorded for it is natural tbat considerable time will
lravc elapsed from the moment of birth to that of recording it.
While tbe importance of the correct instant is so much. we
cannot lay any hard and fast rules which will cnable us to
find out this exact instant. It is accepted by eminent astro-
logers tbat the time of birth means the time of the fir st cry of
tbe child which generally accompanies the first breath.
According to Varabamibira, there is an intimate connec-
tion existing between the planetary positions at conception
and those at birth. Based on this, the Wester'ners have
developed their so-called "Prenatal Epoch Theory". The
Moon is the ,ource-of impregnation. Therefore it is poss ible
to rectify the time of birth by adjusting the Moon and ascen-
dant birth and at conu plion. Varabamibira observes tbus
in StaDza 26 of Cba ter IV of Brihat Jatoko Eng. Trans. by
B. uryanaraln ao) :
"Find the number of Dwadasamsas occupied by lhe Moon
at the time of conception. Note the zodiacal sign whose name
I the Dwadasamsa bears. Count from the next sign as many
I signs' as the number of Dwadasam5as by which the Moon may
00 Birth Verification and Rectification
bave advanced in any particular sign. When the Moon comes
to such last sign, the birth of tbe chi ld will occur ...
The author has beeo investigating into this theory and
proposes to place before the learned readers, the fruit s of bis
labours in due course. This branch of astrology does not
come within tbe scope of a beginner or an amateur. And birtb
times can be rectified only by men of experience by a conside-
ration of pronounced life events.
The followi ng are some of the rules which are generally
employed by astrologers:-
J. Multiply the time of birtb in by 4 and divide
the product by 9. The remainder must give the ruling constel-
lati on when counted from Aswini, Makoa or Moola.
Time of Birth 7h 42
44' p.m. ( I.S,T.)
Time of Sunrise: fI' 25
32" a.m. (I.S.T.)
Janma Nakshatra-Mrigasir"a.
:. No. of hours passed from sunrise to birth 13" 17Rl 12'.
Converting tbis into gbatis and vighatis we get 33-53
ghatis or 2033 vighatis.
2033 x 4 _ 9036,
9 .
)l 4-
-, ).
Rejecting the quotient and counting 5 from Aswini. we get
Mrigasira as 1anma Naksbatra (birth constellation) which is
If suppose tbe r.emainder in the above is say 8, which
means Pusbyami. In such a case adjust the remainder in such
a way as to give tbe Jaoma Nakshatra and rectify the time of
birth accordingly.
'Based on tbis, a stri es or anicles bas appeared in Tilt An_oLocICAL
M"CAlINt. Volumes 28, 29, ]8 and 39.
.- -------------------
'0 Hindu Predictive ASlrolo,y
2. Multiply the number of gbalis from birth by 6 and add
the longitude of the Sun (the number of degrees passed in the
sign). D.ivjde the sum by 30. The quotient plus I counted
from the Suo's sign will give the rising sign.
The Sun's position 3'24
Number of gbatis passed from birth- 33.53.
Multiply tbe number of gbatis from birth by 6 and adding
the Suo's longitude (devoid of tbe sigo) we get:
Gh ., 33 - 53
33.88 x 6+ 24"
203.28 +24
227. 28
- 730
Quotient p l u ~ one (7 + I) added to tbe Sun's sign, viz.,
Cancer, we get Aquarius as the ascendant.
The above can a lso be stated thus;.
The number of hours passed from suorise to time of birttl
sbould be multiplied by IS, the Suo's longitude (devoid of
signs) added, tbe sum divided by 30, remainder rejected aDd
tbe quotient p l u ~ one counted from tbe Suo's sign gives tbe
The Sun's position 3" 24"
No. of hours passed from sunrise to birth
13" 17'" 12'
13 1> 287
(13.287 x iS) + 24
199.305 + 24
- 7.4435.
On Birth Verification lod ReclificalioD
The quotient, viz . , 7 ... 1 counted from Cancer gives
Aquarius as the ascendant which is correct.
3. The 5th or the 9th sign from the house occupied by tbe
lord of the sign in which the Moon is placed becomes tbe
Janma Lagoa or the ascendant . The 7th from the sign occu-
pied by the lord of the Moon' s sign or the 5tb or tbe 9th from
the similar sign and in some cases tbe sign where the Moon is
at radix itself becomes tbe ascendant.
, - _.---..-.................................................................. .
Oasas and Bhuktis
(Periods ,i"d S/lb-JHrlods)
The vexed questi on of timing events is solved to a great
extent by the Dasa system in vogue among the From
a scientific roint ' of view, we caDnot say with any sort of
definiteness. upon what basis: each planet is allotted a certain
number of years as its term of Dasa. But in actual practice.
t!le l!e.IQs veIY satis!actory-resulfs:--- ----
There i re any number of Dasas in vogue among the
Hindus, but we propose to deal wilh Vimshottari. . In tbe
choice o f any particular type of Dasa, the criterion must be
tbat of experience and Vimshottari has answered this test.
The position of the Moon at birth is important in the
calculation of tbe Dasas. Every constellation Cover$ l.lj
degrees of the zodiacal space. Each nakshatra has a planet
assigned as its lord and the Dua at birth is determined rather
indicated by the constellation occupi ed by the Moon at the
molltent of bi rth.
Table of Dasas
Kritlika, Uttara and Uttarashadba
Rohini, Hasta and Sravana
Mrigasira, Chitta and Dhanisbta
Aridra, SWati and Satabbisba

Dasas and Bhulttis
Punarvasu. Visakba and Poorvabhadra
Pusbyami, Anuradha and Ultarabhadra
Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati
Makba, Moola and Aswini
Pubba. Poorvasbadba and Bharani
Tbe total of the different periods. viz., 120 years is consi_
dered as tbe natural. life period of a buman being. But tbere
are ell8mples of perSons baving lived longer. The combinations
for such horoscopes have been mentioned in tbe future
Clulpters. Tbe position orlhe Moon at birth determinestbe
ruliog period. And tbe next Dasas succeed in the order given
above. If, at the birth time, tbe Moon is in the first degree
nf tbe naubatra (constellation), the full period assiglled to
the planet will run. If the Moon occupies some intermediate
degrees, accordingly the period must be reduced.
We sball give below two methods of finding tbe ruling
Dasa and its balance at birth. The fir st method is intended
solely for readers who still follow the Paochangas takiog into
consideration tbe balance (in ghatis) of the ruli ng constel-
an The Moon is in the first quarter of
Mrigasira in the example horoscope given in Chapter IX.
Therefore, Mars' Dasa rules the native at birth. If the Moon
were in the very beginning of Mrigasira, Mars would control
tbe native for the full period of 7 years assigned to bim. But
8 gbatis and I vigbati have already passed io Mrigasira out of
the total duration of 57/16 gbatis which means the corres
ponding period must be deducted out of the Dasa of Mars.
By ascertaining tbe duration of the naksbatra or constel
lation in question, we say in this case-if 57f16 gbatis give 7
years, what will 8 1/60 ghatis give;
Hindu Predictive AstrololY
57i! : 7: : 8..\: requiTed number aCyears.
7 8'
57; x ~ : 11 months, 23 days,
Total of the Dan of Mar'
Expired period
Balance of t&e Dasa ('of Mars at birth ...
Similar reBulh .::an also be obtained by knowing the exact
degree in which the Moon is liiluated.
To gip, an expmel, . Take a birth when tbe MOOD is in
Taurus 2S deges. 10 minutes. Reference to the table on
page 14 shows that the sign Taurus is composed of the last
tbree parts of Krittika. (our of Rohini and tbe first two of
Mrigasira. Each quarter is equal to 3} degrees in extent.
Therefore. 3 of Krittika aod 4 of Robioi = 23 degrees, 20
minutes ; and 2S degrees, '10 minutes minus 23 degrees, 20
minutes = 1 degree, SO mioutes should be accounted for a.
Moon baving passed in Mrigasira at tbe time of birth. We
know that Mrigasira is ruled by Mars whose period is seven
y ~ a r s . Each asteri sm being 13 degrees and 20 minutes we
must find out what will be tbe period for 1 degree and SO
13 degru.J an.d 20 min.utes : 1 degree and 150 mlnute.J : 11
months /6 @ys.- This period has expired before birth and
from the time of birth only the balance of (1 years-II months
and 16 days) = 6-0-14 days of Mars Dasa will go to the benefit
of the native.
After finding out tbe Dasa. the subperiods in each of the
particular period must be determined :
u .
Duu and Bhuktis
Table of Bhaktls
( Sub-period:)
SUD'S Dasa- 6 Years MOOD' s Dasa-10 Yelrs
Bhuk tis: Y.M.D. Bhuktis: Y.M.D.
0 3 l' M oon
o 10 0
0 Mm
0 7 0
Mllrs 0

o JO 24 Jupiter

Jupi ter
, 18
Sat urn
1 7 0
Saturn o 11 12 Mercury
o 10

Ketu 0 7 0

Venus I

0 0 Sn,
TOlal Yea rs ..

0 0 Total Years
.- 10 0 0
Mltrs' Dasa- 7 Yt'ars
RabQ Dasa- IS Years
Y.M.D. Bhuktis : Y.M.D
Rahu 2 812
1 0 18 Jupi te r
J upit er
Si t urn .2 to
1 I
2 61.
Mercu ry
o II 27 Ket u
I 018
0 .27 Venus ]
0 0
I 2 0 Sn,
o 10 Z4
0 4
0 7 0 Mars
I 018
Total Years
7 0 0 Total Years 18 0 0
Hindu Predictive Asl roiOl)'
Jopltn"s D ... -16 Yurs SatarD's Dau-I.!> Years
Bhuktis ; Y.M .D. Bhuktis: Y.M.D.
J upi ter
118 Saturn J 0 3
.12 Mercury
Mercury 2 3
Ketu I
Kelu 011

Venus J
8 0 Suo o II 12
Suo 0 9 18 MOOD I 7 0
Mooo I
0 Man I I
Mars 011

Rahu , 10
Rahu 2
J upiter
Tol al Yean 160 0 Total Years
I' 0
Mercury', Dasa-17 Yens Kdu's Dasa -7 Years
IJhllklis : Y.M.D. Bhuklis : Y.M.!).
Ketu 0 4 27
Ketu o II 27 Venus I
Venus 210 0 Suo b

o 10
1 . "
Moon I
0 Mars 0 .17
Mara o 11 27 Rahu I 018
18 Ju pi ter o II
Jupi ter 2 J

Saturo I I

Sat urn

Mercury o II 27
TOli l Yean 170 0 Total Years
0 0
Venus Oasa-20 Years
Bhuktis.' Y.M. D.
Venus 3
Suo I 0 0
Moon I 8 0
Mars I
Rabu J 0 0
Jupiter 2 8 0
Saturo J
Mercury 210 0
Ketu I
Total Year, 0 0
d . $$
and Bhukt!s
1 shall also give an easy method by means of which the
sub-periods (Bbuktis) can be independent ly calculated.
Muhiply tbe Dumber of years of the Oasa period of the
planet by the number of the years of the Dasa period of tbe
planet whose sub period is desi red. Then cutting ofT the last
di git of the product, multiply it by 3 and keep that figure as
days, the ot her figures in the product will be months. Suppose
we ... 4nt to find the sub-period of tbe Sun in the major period
of 'I' e nus. Mul tipl y the Oasa term of Venus 20 years by that
of the Sun 6 years, i.e., 20x6 -= 120 - 12 months. Thereisa
zero for the last digit of tbe product and therefore the sub-
period is 12 mon ths .
Find the sub-period of Rahu ill Jupittr 's major period - -
Rahu' s period being 18 years and that of Jupiter 16years,
18 x 16 = 288 = 28 months a nd 24 days.
The Bhukti s are further sub-divided into still more minute
divisions called the antarams or inter-periods ; these into
antarantarams and so on, till swara or the peri od necessary
for the inhaling and the exhaling of breath is reached. Never-
for a ll pract ical purposes the ant aram ( inter-peri od)
will be found to be quite suffi ci ent . Tbe a nt a fams (i nter-
per iods) have to be determined for each Bhukli (sub-peri od) .
Eumple.- Rcqu/,cd 'he anfOrorn (infu-pcrlod) of Jupitu in fhe Illb.
per/ad of Sa,urn In ,hc rrwJor pt'riod of Kctu:
Ketu' s period 7 years.
Sat urn' s sub-period in Ketu is 13 months and 9 days.
In 120 years- Jupiter's 16 years .
10 13 months and 9 days ..... .... /h x 13 months 9 days
_ 1 month, 23 days and 4.8 hours.
We know how to find the unexpi red (balance of) Dasa at
birth. With the expired portion of Dasa at birth there arc
certain sub-periods (Bhuktis) r uli ng under the period which
bave also expi red. Afler determining tbem, we can say under
what sub-peri od one' s birth has occurred. To do tbis, find
Hi4du Predictive Astroloa,
all tbe sub-periods (Bhuktis) in a period ("asa). Add together
the Buktis from the beginning of Jaoma Oasa (ruling period)
onc by ODe till the total is a little in excess over the expired
portion of Dasa at birth . Diminish tbe aggregate by the
expired part of birth Dasa and tbe remainder gives the
balance of uDcllpired Bbukti (of tbe planet in question) al
JIIuslralioll. - Requircd tbe balance of Bbukti at binh in
tbe case of a person born with a balance of years 5-11-28 in
Mars' 'Oasa.
Tbe ruling period_ Mars 7 years
Eltpired period == II months, 16 days
ars' Bhukti
Y. M. D.
.... 0 427
. .. I 0 18
.. . 1 5 15
Therefore, ly. Sm. and 15d-llm. and 16d., lJiz., 5 months
and 29 days : is the balance of Rahu Bhukti in Kuja Dasa at
The balance of Oasa at birth can be easily ascertained
without any calculations by referring to Appendix. 'C'. Take
for instance the same example. The Moon being in Taurus
25 10 :
Table I : For 25 balance of Mars' Oasa is
Table II : For 10' (deduct)
Balance of Mars' Oasa at birth
Y. M D.
6 I J
o 1 1
6 0 14
The results likely to happen during such periods. sub
periods and interperiods as a result of planetary positi ons
have been sketched in a separate chapter.
On Aspects
Tbe power of a planet to produce good or inDict evil. on
an individual, is modified to a great extent by tile natural
sympathies or antipathies of the aspecting and the aspected
According to Hind", astrology, all aspe.cts are impersonal
and the aspects are counted feom sign to sign. An aspect is
good or bad according to tbe relation between the aspecting
and the aspected planet. All the planets aspect tbe -3rd and
10th houses from their location with a quarter sight; the 5th
and 9tb houses with half a sight : tbe 4th and 8th houses with
tbreequarter of a sight and the 7th bouse with a full sight.
Saturn, Jupiter and r.brs have special aspects. Saturn power
fully aspects 3rd and 10th houses; Jupiter, 5th and 9th
houses; and 4th and hOl!.ses.
It will bc seeD that laimini and Tajak writers consider an
altogetber different method of reading aspects. Beginners
should never mix the one system with the otber. According
to laimini all moveable signs aspect all fixed signs, except
the adjacent ones. Similarly. all filled signs aspect all move-
able signs except the ones . . Common signs aspect
each otber. 10 this book we tire devoting ourselves exclusively
to Parasara.
3rd house 60
to 90-; 10tb bouse 270
to 300" j 5tb bouse 120
; 9th house 240
to 270
: 4th house 90
to 8th house ltO to
340 ; aDd 7th houle 1800.
'" "';a
.. Hindu Predictive Astrolol)'
The aspect is signified "by referring to the number 01 signs
from the significator which the aspectiog planet may hold.
Thus if the Sun is in Cancer and Saturn is in Taurus, we say
tbat tbe Sun is in the third from Saturn and consequcDtI;
receives tbe aspect (ltd house aspect) of Saturn.
The opposition aspect becomes extremely good when it is
produced by Jupiter and the Moon . It is held to be good
when benc6es aspect each olher (7th bouse aspect) . A planet,
aspecting its own house, whether by tbe 7tb hOll se aspect or
special aspect, will naturally increase the signification of that
said that Mars aspects tbe 4th 8!ld 8th hQuses in
addition 10 the usual 7th bouse aspect . . The !ltb house aspect
is a square aspect and sometimes tbis is evil and sometimes
beneficial. For iostance, if Mars, as lord or the 4th and the
9th houses (sec Chapter on Key Planets) in which circum
stance he gets special qualification as a Yogokaraka to
produce good, aspects by the 4th house aspect a friendly
planet, the significations of the aspected planet and the house
are greatly enhanced. The same principle applies even in
case: of the 8tb house aspect.
Jupiter aspects the 5th and 9th houses which. in Western
astrology, are aspects. The results according to
the naturalaDd temporal i:ligoities of the aspecting and the
aspected bodies. Jupiter'l aspect over any planet al a natural
benefic is of weigbty importance apart from tbe fact tbat be
may be temporarily iIIdisposed.
S'i,D aspects tbe 3td and the 10th housci. As a natural
malefic. his aspects arc bad. But the aspects produce lood
in case Saturn acquires beoeficence by temporal situation.
Here some observations on aspects have to be made. The
euct quantum of an aspect cast by an aspect ins body on an
aspected body can be mathematically mealured by following
On ASpects 61
the method given in Graha alld Bhava Dalas. But for the.
general purposes of predication, until the reader is quite
familiar with astrologi cal mathematics, it will be in order if
full aspects (7th house or 180) for all planets and special
aspects of Saturn. Iupiter and Man are taken into account.
In the chart illustrated on page 42 the following aspects
are present: Saturn aspects the Sun (Jrd house), Jupiter
(7th house) and the ascendant (10th bouse). The Moon
aspects Jupiter (7th house). Mars. Mercury and Venus
aspect the ascendant. Mars also aspects Jupiter (4th house),
and Rahu (11th house). Jupiter aspects Rallu (5tb house),
Saturn and the Moon (7th house) and the Sun (9th house) .
According to Western astrology, aspects are reckoned
from mutual longitudinal distance$ (: f planets. When one
planet is at a certain Dumber of degrees away from another
body. they are said to be in aspect.
The following are the major aspects >-
Conj unction:-Two heavenly bodies in the same longitude.
The distance between the two bodies is
Trine: do,
Square: do.
SeItile : do.
Paralie''declination : When two bodies have the same
declination (Kraoli).
Tbe effect of an aspect is felt even if tbe planets are not
cuctly in the mutual distances mentioned above. Therefore
a so-called orb of aspect-and this var ies in each aspect-is
allowed. The orbs of aspects are:
Conjunction q 8
Square 0 8
Sell tile 7
For 3n uplanation or Kranli "ide Cralla and Sha'D Balas.
.. ..................................................... d.
ri! - Ji . "a
62 Hindu Predictive Astrolol1
Trine 6. 8
Parallel P 1
The influence of an aspect (e.g., sextile) starts when tbe
planets are 53 away from each otber, gradually increase
(applying) and it will be maximum at 60; it tben decreases
(separating) when the effect is almost nil at 67.
Take for instance Saturn and the SUD in the example
chart. The angular distance between the two planets is
49. The sex tile aspect ceases at 67. Therefore there is no
aspect between them. Take again Saturn and Mercury. The
mutual distance is 13
It is a square aspect (separating)
between Saturn and Mercury. There are also other variations
of aspects brought ahout by two planets remaining in tbe
same sign and Dot in conjunction but another planet occuPY-
iog a trine in respect of the two. Readers will do well to
refer to aoy telttbook 00 Westero astrology for more details.
The good or bad nature of aspects depends upon the angle
of aspects. Foe ins.tance, opposition (1110") and square (90)
are always held to be evil irrespective of the nature of the
planels forming the aspects. The trine and selttile are gene-
rally held to be good.
Such a classification of aspects is erroneous. If for
instance Jupiter is in Cancer and Mars in Aries, Western
astrologers hold this bad. Commonsense suggesls this is an
exceJlent aspect and Hindu astrology say:; so. Why should a
square be always bad unless planets involved are
malefics 1 I am not'convinced of the soundness of this view.
The reader need not worry with these controversial points.
But he may take it that aspects as considered by tbe Hindu
system have a sound and scientific basis.
Ayurdaya or Longevity
Many advantages can be derived by ascertalOlng before-
hand, the presence or otberwise, of combinations, indicAting
early death of the child We know very well that despite tbe
utmost care on the part of the parents, diseases of a dangerous
nature and violent accidents do happen to children
their lives in jeopardy. Astrology can forewarn the parents
of such times of danger to their children. Astrologers, not
the rank and file, those really well-versed in the science. do
hold that they can afford the physician a certain prognosis.
An astrologer's work in this respect is priceless in value when
compared to that of the doctor.
After the horoscope is cast, the primary question is
necessarily tbe probable duration of life. For, wben a child
bas a poor longevity to its credit, it would be unnecessary to
ellamine the other favourabl e combinations. However promi
sing the horoscope may be, it will be futile 10 study the
future. unless long life is assured.
Tbe span of human life can be brought under four impor
tant divisions. They are:
J. Balarishta (in fant mortality).- The combinations of
planets rendering the child die before it is 8 years.
2. AlpaJu (short lifd .-Death between 8 and 32 years .
10 roy work How 10 a J have dealt with the
question or longevity more e:\tensivcly with suj' able eJtamples.
_:0 B

Hindu Predictive Asu oto,y
3. Madhvayu {middle life}. Takes the life as far as 75
from Ihe 33rd year .
4. Pumavu Cfulllifel.-From 75 to 120.
Some authors hold that Madhyayu extends from 32 to 70
and Purnayu extends to 100 years But this classifi cation
does not seem to have won general acceptance as tbe nalural
span of life is 120 years according to Vimshottari Dasa and
consequently. Purnayu must extend to this limit.
I shall take the reader tbrough all these various divisions
in separate paragraphs. First, the nature of the horoscope,
viz., whether it is a Balarishta, Alpayu, Madbyayu or Purnayu
must be ascertained; tben the marakas (death-infl icting
planets) determined
Ba/arishta Clnfant mortality) i
The following combinations produce Balarishta :
I- Malefi cs in tne last navamsa of Rasis (signs) .
2. The Moon in a kendra (quadrant) with malefics.
3. The Moon in the 7th. the 8th and tbe 12tb houses
from the ascendant witb malefics aod without being :J. ' pected
by benefics.
4. Birth 48 minutes before sunri se and 48 minutes after
sunset when tbe Moon's hora is rising and when malefics are
posited in the nava m5aS of signs ruled by malefics.
5. Malefics in the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th bouses.
6. Weak Moon in tbe ascendant or in tbe 8tb and
malefics in quadrants or kendras.
7. The Moon in tbe ascendant. Mars in the Btb, Sun in
tbe 9th and Saturn in the 12th
8. Week Moon in the ascendant. and tbe Stb, the 8th
and the 12th being aspected by evil planets.
9. The Moon in tbe Bth, Mars in tbe 7th, Rabu in tbe
9tb and Jupiter io the 3rd.
Ayurdaya or Lonl:evlty
10. The lord of the Dasa (major period) at birth in
conjunction with many evil planets.
. II . Birth wben tbe Sun is rising witb malefics in kendras
(quadrants) or trines, and Venus in the 6tb or the 12 house,
12. Lord of tbe ascendant or the lord of tbe 5tb and the
9th in enemy's bouses and in tbe 8th and tbe 9th.
13. Ketu in the 4th with or aspected by malefics.
14. Rabu in tbe 7th aspected by the Sun and the Moon.
-is. Ascendant lord's Da'sa (major period) at birth or the
Dasa of the lord of tbe 8tb or tbe inter-period (antara) of tbe
lord of the 8tb in the Dasa of tbe lo)rd of the ascendant or
vice Yerso.
16. Lords of tbe ascendaot. and the navamsa lagoa and
t he lord of tbe sign occupied by tbe Moon io conjunction
with tbe Sun.
17. The ascendant and tbe 8tb from tbe Mooo' s sign
being aspected by malefics. .
18. Tbe Moon io tbe Btb, Mars in the 7th and Saturn in
the ascendant.
19. Tbe Mooo being aspected by Saturn in bis 3rd
Drisbti (90" aspect).
20. The Moon in tbe 6th or Btb without baving any
aspects ..
21 . The Moon in the ascendant with and without
beneficial aspect s bring tbe death of the chi ld with the mother..
:i:2. Tbe Moon in the ascendant with Rahu and Mars in
tbe 8th produce dead: of the child and tbe motber.
23. The Suo in the ascendant wit h Saturn, and Rahu and
Mars in tbe 8th produce the death of the child and the mother
after surgical treatment.
24. Evil planets in the Stb, the 8th and the 9th houses and
tbe Sun or the Moon in the ascendant without tbe conjunction
or aspef..'t of benefics.
__ , ___ ...... __ .................................................... "d
2.5. SalUta in tbe 12th. SUD in the 9th. MOOD ia. the
ascendant and Mars in tbe 8th without Jupiter .,pectin, ,
one of these. n Jupiter i. in the 5th tbis misfoftUllC t.
26.- Saturn and Mar. ill tbe Lagna (ascendant) or in the
8th or in tbe 7th without beiD, peeled by any gpod pl.Def,.
27. When tbe Moonattainll!,llhYllbhara.r depees)
.,/z., Aries 26. Taurus 12, GcmiDi Il, Cancer 25. Leo 24, Virao
11 Libr. 26. Scorpio 14, Saaittariu, 13. Caprkora 25.
5 aod Pisces 12. and i, at tbe .ame time po.ited io
kendra or 8th bOUie, death of the child will occur IGOD.
28. When the lord of tbe ascendant or of the occu.
pied by tbe MOOD at birth is weak and badly posited, tbe
child is .aid to die within u many years as arc reprcse'qted by
"(be .aid aisn when counted from Aries.
29. The child may live upla 4 ycafS if'he P!foon occupies
the 6th or hb house from tbe ascendaot and receives the
aspectl of both malefici and btonefici. .
30. The Moon in a similar liluation, as mentioned above
but bein, aspeeted by benefica alone, conCers longevity which
may la5t upto the alit of 8. . . . .
In certain cbarts evil alllictions Will be prescnt
ellrty deatli to tbe infant. but certain otber try
to act as antidotes. Cbildrcn born under luch comblOaUOnl
IUfrer a lot in their early yean from all kinds of diseuca, but
IUrYive tbe attacks. . . ..
The (oUow;., aR a few of tbe . many comblaauoal !Ddt
carin, counteraction of Balarisbta :-
1. Jupiter powerCully polited in the ascendant removes
Balariabta. <. .
2. Balarishta is averted if tbe lord of tbe Lapa II power
fuUy situated and bu beDdcial upects.
. Ayurdaya or LOIIJcity
3. Even iftbe Moon is in the Sr'b sign oo dangel nf Blala-
nshta il indicated provided sbe occupies the Drekko1fos of
Mercury, Jupiter or Venus.
4. Full Moon in a beneficial sign with good aspects
causes destruction of Balarishta ..
5. The strong position of Mercury. Venus or Jupiter is
an anlidotc for Balarishta .
6. Even when tbc MOOD is placed in the 6th house,
Balarishta is overcome ifshe occupies Drekkono.r of Jupiter,
Venus or Mercury.
7. If tbe Full Moon is between two benefics, there ""ill be
00 danier to the child.
8. If the Full Moon is in the 8th or the 6th, she will
protect the child born during the night of Full MOOD days.
9. IC the Full Moon aspects ahe Lagna with Jupiter in
quadrants, tbere is no fear.
10. Malefics in beneficial Shodv.argas aspected by bcnefics
posited in auspicious navomsos overcome Dalarishta.
We shall give below a few examples as illustrating the
above combinations:-
Jlluslrolions ' -
.'-'----,---,----,c--- .
'Y' j R:hU .
Jupi ter
A$cdt .
Cbart No I
(Sign Position)
t 'It
Mere .
. !L

.. _--,_. - ---------------
, I
Hindu Prediclive ASlrololY
Horoscope No. J -Female child born on IJth January 1928
at 7 ghalia after sunrise. Longitude 74- E. , Latitude 12 N.
The sub-period of Venus in the major period C?.f Venul rules
for 16 months at birth . . Mark the following combinatioDs:-
' 1. Moon in a hndra (7th) powerfully aspeeled,
Saturn witbout beneficial aspects.
2. The lord of tbe Dau at birth, ,iz., Venus, in con
junction with the plancts Saturn and Ketu and
nspcctcd by Rahu. The child died within 16 month .

Rabu A.cdt.

Chart No. 2 It
Jupi ter K.
Horoscope No . 2.-Male born on 6th August 1912 at
42.30 gbalis after ,uorise <at Bangalore). Balance of SUD',
petiod at birth : years 4-3-9. (I) Ascendant between two
maleSes, Rabu and Saturn, (2) Moon is amicted by a malefic
Saturn, and (3) lord of Dua is also powerfully aspected by
Saturn , Died in his 13th month OD 14th August 1913.
Horoscqpe No.3. Male boro OD 12th February 1856 at
12 nOOD at Chicacole, Orissa State. (U Mark: the malefics on
either side of asceodaot, (2) is in the grip of Rabu.
and (3) Rabu is powerfully aspe<:ted by and Ketu ;
suffered very much till 8 years. The redemption from Bala-
Ayurdaya or Lonlcvity
I A:"
Jupite r
" S"
Mere. RASI
Chari No, 3
Kctu '
' ..
ri shta is seen by the strong position of Jupiter io a quadrant,
Died io bis 82nd year.
We next come to what is called Alpayu or short ' life.
which utends from 8 to 12 years of age, The foll owing
combinations indicate Alpayu :-
Alpaya-Lift: between 8 alld 32 year
I. Saturn in the 8th house, Mars in tbe 5th and Ket u in
the ascendant.
2, Malefics iu 6-8-12 cause Alpayu .
l . Sat urn in the Lagna (ascendant) and the Sun. the
Mbon and Mars in the 7th.
4. Alpayu is caused if tbe lord o f the ,81h is in the
ascendaot with Ketu.
S. If malefics are in the ascendant and the Moon is in
conj unction with evil planets, Alpayu OC.,; Uf 5,
6, I r the lord ortbe 8th is in the ascendant aod u gllQdhl-
pali (ascendllnt lord) is powerless, death takes pla,ce at a
si milar period.
70 HiDda Predictive AlITOtop
7. If Scorpio i. Lagos with the SUD and Jupiter there
and if the lord of the 8tb occupies any quade.oll. the person
dies at 22.
8. If Rahu and the MOOD atc in the 7th and 8tb respec-
tively with Jupiter in the ascendant the perSOD Jives upto 22.
9. Satufn in the ascendant owned by malefia witb bene-
fics in 3, 6, 9 and 12 makes the person die between tbe age of
26 and 27.
10. Death takes place in the 27th year if tbe lords of the
lst (ascendant ) and the 8th join together in the 8tb with
malefics and without beneficial aspect.
] I. Evil planets in the 1st. 2nd and 8tb bouses with
lies in bouses otber tban kendrQs make tbe person die in tbe
28th ycar.
12. If the lord of the birth is weak and tbe lord of the
8tb is in a kendra, deatb comes in tbb 30tb ycar.
13. Death comes in the 32nd year if the lord of tbe
ascendant and tbat of tbe 8th a rc in quadrants with a planet
in tbe 8th and no planets in kendras.
14. The person dies before tbe 32nd year if stroog male-
ftcs occupy kendras and witb 00 beneficial aspects .
IS. It Lagna is a common sign and if the Moon ocx:upie,
a common sigo, death takes place before tbe 32nd year.
Combl .. dODs for Madbyaya or Middle Ace: 32 to 75 ycars
I. If lord of the 3ed or of tbe 6th is in a kendra, tbe
person gets Madbyayu.
2. A perlOn get' Madbyayu if out of the lords of the
8tb, tbe II th, ascendant and the lOth. at least two are power-
3. Mercury,1upiter and Venus in the 2nd, 3rd and 11 th
bouses from tbe ascendant coofer Madbyayu.
4. Madbyayu is conferred if aU tbe plaoets ocx:upy tbe
middle 4 bouses from the ugna.
. ,
A,.unl.,.. or Lon'tvit,.
S. Sun in the ugna which mu.t tc hit enemy', house
between two evil planets, thorougbIy powerlcu. With no bene-
ficial upects, Ieill, the pcrson in the 36th year.
6. A person lives upto 46 it: tbe birth lord is in 60r 8
with male6cs unaspccted. by benefics.
tbe in birth,
8. The person dies in his 57th year if Scorpio is Lagna
with Jupiter in it and Mars aod Rahu in the 8tb.
9. Lord of tbe 8th in the 7th aod the Mooo afDicted,
takes tbe life in tbe 58th year.
10. 60 years of life is assured provided evil plaoeu are in
tbe quadrants with Jupiter io tbe 8tb and t he Lagna is Aries.
II. 60 years of life is assured if Saturn is in birtb, Mooo
in the 4tb, Mars in tbe 7th and Rahu in the lOtb witb Jupiter,
Venus and Mercury in unfavourable bouses.
12. If Mars and Mercury arc in qua.drants. Venus in tbe
ascendant and exalted planets occupy 3 and 11, 60 years of
life is guaranteed.
13. A person lives UptO 70 years if good planets occupy
quadrants. do not aspect tbe birth aDd tbe lord of the birth
has the aspect of evil planets.
14. Mars in the 5tb, tbe Sun in tbe 7tb and Saturn
debilitated make the person live upto 70.
IS. Beoefics in kendras (quadrant s) and Trileooas (trines)
witb Saturn powerful, confer 75 years of lire.
Comblo.tioas ror P.rq.yu or Full Life : 7S to 120 YUh
I. If Lagna is aspected by its Own lord, tbe 8tb house
by its lord and Jupiter is in a kendra, tbe person gets Purll4),u.
2. If the first 6 bouses arc occupied by all the bendics
and tbe last six by all the malefics, 80 years of lire ;"'ill be
CUDted. .
.. : =
I .
Hiodu Prediclive AltrololY
3. A person lives ror 100 years if Jupiter i. in a
quadrant from tbe lord of the birth with DO ma1cfics in the
4. Long life will be given if Cancer is birth with Jupiter
there and when ont or more plaocts arc exalted.
5. Jf tbe birth lord and the SUD arc in the 10th, Saturn
in the birth and Jupiter in the 4tb house. a persoD lives 'ong.
6. Jupiter in tbe Lagna. Venus in tbe 4th and Saturn
and the Moon in the 10th make a person live for a loog time.
After ascertaining to which class a particular horoscope
belongs, the marakas or the death-inDicting planets must be
determined and the death predicted under the Dasas of such
Marakas or Death inflicting Planets
Marakas arc planets possessed orlhc power of infl icting
death. Death generally occurs during the periods and sub
periods of such planets. Suppose a horoscope indicates
midd le life or Madhyayu. whereas t he Dasa of a most powerful
rnaraka comes into operation after 80 years . In such a
circumstance tbe period of a planet, no matter even if it is
les s malicious in causing death which comes within the
ma1timuID number of years allotted for must be
considc-rcd as bringing ahout death, in preference to tbe most
malicious one. Ascertain beforehand, whether a horoscope
indicates short. middle or long life; det ermine the maraka
planets and the times when their influences will cQme to
The 8th house from Lagoa (ascendant) and the 8th from
that, i,e., the 3rd from Lagna arc termed bouses of life. The
7th house ano the 2nd bouse are called houses of deat!!.., The
2nd ho-;s;-isal;aysstroo'ger in deatb tban tbe 7th.
Planets wbo occupy the 2nd are stronger tban the planets wbo
own it, in tending to cause death aod the planets who arc in
association with tbe lord of the 2nd are tbe most powerful in
causing death.
Thus the lords of the 2nd and tbe 7th, tbeir occupants
and the planets who are in conjunction with them arc tbe
maraka planets. If marakas cannot be found out of these
three, then the planet in conjunction witrdhc lord of the 12th,
--, .. . .
, .
7. HiDdu Predictive A, uoIQIY
even if it is a benefic, causts death in his Dasa (period), in tbe
Bhukti lsub-period) of a papa (malefic) if be is tbe lord of the
3td ;If 8tb house. If the Dasa of Vyayadhipalhl (lord' of tbe
12th) does not come, tben one most powerful among the lords
of tbe 3rd, 6th and 8tb becomes maraka. If the Sun and
SlIkea (Venus) or lords of the 2nd and 7th get Kefldradhipalya
(lordship of quadrant)-tbey arc sure 10 become ma ra kas.
Summari sing tbe above, death will be caused by:
I. Planets who occupy the 2nd and 7th houses.
2. PlanelS who afe lords of the 2nd and 7tb houses.
3. Planets who are not owners of the 2nd and the 7th
houses, and who are not occupying tbose bouses but wbo join
with the lords of tbose bouses, I.e., tbe 2nd and tbe 7th.
4. If tbe periods of tbe planets occupying or owning
deatb bouses do Dot come in time, tben death may occur in
tbe Dasa of planets who arc not Yogakaraka3 but who
become evil and conjoin lords of tbe houses of death.
5. Lords of the 3rd and the 8th arc also probable causers
of death if death docs not occur in tbe Oasas, etc., mentioned
in iteD\ 4.
6. If tbe Dasa of a death-inflicting planet docs not at all
come into operation, then the most malicious planetS in the
horoscope will cause dellth.
Saturo. inclined to produce evil by his conjunction with
the lords of death houses, will cause death in preference to
aoy of those planets.
There arc many rules to ascertain the probable lime of
death knowing beforeh9nd MaTaka Dasas. Any detailed
informatio'n in regard to Ibis would increase the bulk. or tbe
book beyond reasonable proportion ..
. Add together the longitudes of Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun
and the Moon. This gives us a point in the zodiac after
ex.,unging multiples of 12. In the case o f short. middle and
long life. death occurs when Saturn transits over this poiot.
io bis first, secood and tbird cycles respectively.
, 11 ....l
. /
Judgment of 8 Horoscope
The notable triumphs in Hindu astrology SO far as the
predictive portion is conceroed are entirely due to the great
scrutiny tbe plaoetary inHueoccs are subjected to in the
analysis of a horoscope and the relative values of the good
and evil sources of strength ofrlitrerent planets and bhavas.
The following points are noteworthy in the consideralion
of a horoscope :-
The lords of trines are. always auspicious a!1.d_ p'roducc
.&ooil.- j,her... i;:o!1i.i
__ When malefics become lords of guadraots, they
give good results if they are in .\conjunction with favo.ur . .a>lt
plaoets. Tbe lord of the 8th. il\ he happens to be tbe lord,(flf
the 1st, or is in conjunction with a benefic, becomes goQd,.
Mars in addition to (he 10th house, if he also becomes the
lord of the Sth, produces good,.
results when they afe posited in the sians of benefic :-;
- GciodaOd evil powerful .:-,,'
as they arc lords of the 1st. 4th, 7th or 10th houses; Stb and ..
9tb houses ; or 3rd, 6th anaTi"ili1iouses"respectrvilY. - .. ,.-'"
--rorosof tDe'1rd:fifli:' Sth- ;:odi itilda cause
miseries in life. The lords of the 2nd and the 12th remain
neutral. Jupiter and Venus owning quadrants become very
inauspicious. In addition to this, wben they occupy the 2nd
________________________________________________ .d
Hindu Ast roloay
. and the 7th houses they become ve ry powerful and conse-
quently inflict death upon such nat ives. Mercury as the lord
co r a is less malicious than Jupiter aod Venus and
tbe MOOD, less than Mercury. Mars docs not become good
wbeo be owns tbe 10th bouse, Rahu and Ketu in eyil signs
. .... -. - - ._._-.-
prot:!uce evil.
- The lords of quadranu and trines in conjunction, without
any otber bad aspects, become extremely powerful in
producing good resuits.
. If the lords or t he 9tb aod 10th bouses exchange pIglets.
they produce much good.
The greatest assets of a man in tbis life, apart from the
shadowy wealth and fa me. arc selfrespect, courage and
frowes!. In a horoscope tbese can be determined by consider-
ing Mars and tbe cha racteristics attributed to him which are
di scussed in the future chapters. But bere I shall confine
mysel f t o tbe discussion of the most salient points involved in
the judgment of a horo3cope. The lord of the also must
be considered ; both o f them must occupy a friendly house
and must be fouod not in a BhallasandhiQunctioo of two
bouses) but io a Bha\ltlmadhva (mid-point of a bouse). Mars
must occupy the 10th for good courage and the lord of tbe
3rd and the 11th occupy favourable and friendly
r The posi tion of 1upiter also considerably improves the sttua.
i tion by making the person not depend upon another but to
earn tbe name of a self-made man. Jupiter adds to the
; dignity of the person io a sure but silent way.
Marriage is a landmark in the history of the human race.
With regard to the number or wives, the character and tem-
perament of one' s wife, her disposition towards the husband
and her own health and happiness. much ioforn;aation is
incorporated io Chapter XIX under the caption 7th house or
--. See Now I"Jllq. III

tJudrmlOI of. Horoscope
SaptamabhaVtl , and the student must pay special attention to
the chapter for fuller details. Venus gets the Commander_in_
Chief post over matrimonial alliances and all things concerned
about them and the 7th house controls marri age in general.
In hundreds of boroscopes, it bas been observed
wben afflicted. has given rise tban one fegal It
COiirdoe con6dence that Venus in
favourable positions ,is certain to assure marital felicity and
success with a single wife. Tbe marriage aspect would be
most important to tbe Hindus among whom tbe dangerous
contagion of divorce has not spread as in the Western nat ions.
Considerable auention has been bestowed upon Ib is subject
by tbe ancient writers. When Venus occupies th.e of
Jupiter or tbat of the lord of the 1st or tbe 9th, eltbe,r In the
or Navamsa. tbe native will bave a chaste, l OVing and
happy wire. The 7th house ,should po\_ be .. oc;cupied by any
planet save a In the case of a woman. tbe Moon
mus t occupYEhe navamsa of Jupiter to make ber loyal and
chaste and should not fall in the navamsa of Saturn or M lifS.
Mars in the 8tb house causes widowhood provided there are
DO other counteracting (actors. .
Lords oftbe 3rd, the 6th 11th play an important I
,eartl n causing . ill-health. The best feature ti
in a horoscope would be that those lords of the 3rd. the 6tb
and tbe 11 tb remain isolated and uoassociated with -any other
, -pfane t. The' lord of tbe 3ed causcs debts and in a
3 L.sudden .. 1PurJ; ill-timed courage and head.long Spirit work
much in tbe nati ve_ Egotism and a re
I o f the ip who. special
COntrol over debts and diseases. would
if the lord of the II th is very powerful. Delicate cir.
cumunnces involving Ufe and honour for the sake of debts
and diseases can be overcome but for Mars and Satur'!
if they occupy unfriendly
_.'. . . .. --.-
, , ',.1
\)j"!'I .: ' I 1 l, eo ..

, .
. I
71 Hindu Predictive AstrolOlY
The Su,o govera! father. and the
Jupiter has control over children as be is called
aDd the Stb bouse is PulroJlhQ1IQ or tbe house of chlldren. !be
fourth represcnts mother aDd the MOOD governs ber. When
the lords of tbe 4th, the Sth and tbe 9th and the MOOD,
Jupiter and the Sun are well situated, and occupy (ayourable
and fricndly oavamsas prosperity for father, motber and
children is invariably indicated . An examination of a Dumber
of horoscopes bas revealed t bat the Moon, Jupiter or
iJl..the 4th, Sth or the 9th with Saturn-bas deatb to
moib"er" children or fatber respectively. early In MooD-
- ' --...
with Saturn without any favourable aspect bu caused death
to tbe mother within one year of the birth of the child.
Mercury and Mars in the Sth house make the children sbort-
Jived. Jupiter in the ascendant is tbe best gift in a horoscope
and the native gets dutiful children and long-Iiyed parent!!.
Long life for ao indiYidual may be predicted if the lords
of the 1st a nd the 8th and Saturn are in good positions and
have the aspect of Jupiter.
This important and final event is elaborately dealt with in
a separate chapter and tbe readers must study the principles
contained in it very carefully.

Key-planets for Each Sign

As soon as tbe Oasas and Bbuktis are determined. the ne\ll
step would be 10 find out tbe good and evil planet s for each
ascendant so tbat i'.l applying tbe principles to decipher , tbe
future history of man. the student may be able to carefully
analyse the intensihy of good or evil combinations and proceed
further with his predictions when applying the results of
Dasas and otber combinations.
It tbe ascendant 'is : .
y jriu-SatJ.!rn. Mercury and Venus arc ill-disposed.
Jupiter and Sun aTe auspicious. The mere combinatiOD
of Jupiter and Saturn produces no beneficial results. Jupiter
is the Yogakaraka or the planet producing success.
becomes a mara.k.a, he will Dot kill the native but planets like
Saturn will bring about death to the person.
)r' Taurus.-Saturn is the most auspicious and powcrful .
pl.tDct. Jupller. Venus and the Moon are eyil
aloae produces Rajayoga. The native will be killed -it:'- tbe
periods aad of Jupiter. Veaus and tbe Moon if
. they 8ft deatb.inftictiog powers
. I. - MaTI, Jupiter and tbe Sun are evil. VeDa, .Ione
is aod in conjunction with Saturn in.ood
,ilDS produces and exeeUeat career of mucb Came.. eo.,obioa-
tioa of Salura an Jupi ter produces limilar results .liD Aria.
Venul aDd ..,bcn. well associated, caute RajQop.
-_ .. _._------------------
Hindu Predictive AstroiD.,.
Tbe Moon will oat kill the person even though possessed of
tleathinflicring powers.
c'Y and Mercury are evil. Jupiter and Mars
give"'benel'i cial results. Mars is the Rajayogakaraka (conferor)
of name aod fame) . The combination of Mars and Jupiter
alw causes Rajayoga (combination (or political success). The
Sun does not kill tbe person although possessed of maraka
powers. Venus and otber inauspicious planets kill tbe native.
Mars in combination with the Moon or Jupiter in favourable
housts cspe'ciall y the 1st. the 5th. tbe 9t h and the 10th
produces mucb reputation.
UQ.- Mars is the most auspicious and favourable planet.
Tile combination o f Venus and 1upiter docs not cause Raja-
yoga but t be conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in favourable
bouses produce Rajayoga. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are
evil. Satur n does not kill the native when be has the maraka
power but Mercury aDd other evil planets innjct death when
they get maraka powers.
Virgii-venus alone is the most powerful. Mercury and
Veous w en combined togetber cause Rajayoga. Mars and
the Moon are evil. The Sun does not kill the native .,;ven if
be becomes a maraka but Venus, the Moon and Jupiter will
ioBkt death when they a re possessed o f death-infl icting power.
j...ibra.-Saturn alone causes Rajayoga. Jupiter, the Sun
and Mars are inauspicious. Mercury and Saturn produce good.
Tbe conjuncti on of tbe Moon and Mercury produces Raja-
yoga. Mars bimself will not kill tbe person. Jupiter, Venus
and Ma rs when possessed of maraka powers certainly kill tbe
hv"'! is beneficial. .The Sun and .tbe Moon
produce '-and Venus 3re evil. Jupiter,
eVl!n if be becomei -a maraka.doesnofioflic t " death. Mercury
and evil planets, when they get deatb-inOicting powers,
do DOl. certainly spare the native.
KeyplaDets (or Each Sian
/' is tbe best planet and, in conjunction
with Jupiter. produces much good. The SUD and Mars also
produce good. Venus is evil. When the Sun and Mars
combine together they produce Rajayoga. SaturD does not
bring about death even when be is a maraka. But Venus
causes death when he gets jurisdiction as a maraka planet.
"",,':. Cagricorn.-Venus is tbe most powerful planet and. in
conjunction witb Mercury produces Rajayoga. Juptter
and tbe MOOD arc cvil.
Aquarju.r..-Vcnus alone is auspicious. Tbe cambination of
Venus and Mars causes Rajayoga. Jupiter and the MOOD are
-:x The Moon and Mars are auspicious. Mars..!!..
most powerful. Mars with the Moon or Jupiter causes Raja.
- yoga. saiiirO, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are evil Mars
himself docs not kill tbe person even if he :5 a maraka.
ReSUlt. of Ascending Sign.
. As 5000 as the map is cast and the ruHng planet, constella-
tton and the balance of tbe Dasa period arc decided. the_next
step would be to find out the probable results of thc"asccndaot
or Lagna 'a!Jiog in any of tbe 12 signs. This gives us a clue
to the determination of one's physical features stature marital
disposition and other pee.uliarilics. "
The foll owing details are only general in nature and should
Dot be applied hastily. The strength of tbe rising sign its
ruler, !he planeu aspect ing the asce ndant. the peculiarities
attending on the ascendant and it s lord both in Rasi and
Navamsa should be carefully cODsidered before any predictions
are ventured.
=-1'"'0''' born in Aries '\fill have a certain amount
thioking and reasoning faculty. They will be
capable. Tbey may not be strict followers of convention .
lovers of scientific tbought and philosophy ; bave
their ideas of.right aoc;! wrong and are strongly bent UpOn
cdu.catlonal pUrSUIts. As tbe Ram rules them, tbey are ratber
.tubborn but often frank, impulsive and courageous. They
are .more than practical men. Tbey. sometimes
reqUtre a certain amount of cajolery and sycophancy to raise
tbem!-" action . . They:bec9me pioneers. As Mars is tbe lord
or Anpe, tbey WJII be mlu:;tial in Ipirit. Their constitution will
and tbey. are occ.lionally to hot complaints,
p;let and tbe lih. aDd mUlt avoid enterprisel obviously
Resutts or Ascecdilll Sian.
iDvolving any serious risks. They love beauty, art and eJe,anlOC.
The diseases they suffer from will be mOltly tbole of tbe bead
and Unpleasant may often lead to mental amiction
and derangement of brain. Their build will be slender and
females 8enera\ly possess fairly perfect contours. Qne
peculiarity is craning the Deck.
TalUlLJ, The stature of the persons born in this sign win
be medium or sbort and oCten inclin'ed towards corpulence,
lips tbick, complexion sw&tlhy, square face, lips
and dark hair are prominent features. Women are generally
handsome. They generally resemble the bull in their bebaviour
towards new people if they are not listened to properly. They
have their own principles and ways. Often tbey have a pierc
inS intellect They sbine well 8' authors, book dealers and
journalists. They are not bound by sentimentality but appre
ciate truth. They are remarkable for their ability 10 commit
to memory. Their physical and mental endurance. arc
wortby. They have much business knack and good intuition.
They ofien think tbey are born to exercise autbority over
others an":! in a sense t f!ey' are rigbt. They are sensitive to
physical influences. They are often liable to extremes,
zealous and easily accessible to adulteration . They generally
suffer from nervous complaints after tbeir fiftieth but their
memory and powers of imagination will ' never deceive ' tbeUl.
Tbey are slow to anger, but when provoked, furious like tbe
bull. They are pas'sionate and may become preys to sexual
in their old age unless they moderate their pleasures
and learn to exercise self.cODtrol.
Grmint.-Persons born when Gemini is rising bave a
wavering mino, often taU and straight in nature and active in
motion. (orehead broad. eyes clear1and nose, a bit snub. They
are active and become experts in mathematical sciences; and
mechanical sciences provided Saturn has some stronl influence
over them. They will be "a jack of all trades but master of
-- . ... -.-. . ----------................................ --------
.. Hindu Pndicdvc Asuo'OO
oonc". They arc vivacious, but liable to be ioconstant.
They will have sudden nervous breakdowDs and must cxerciliC
a certain amOUDt of caution in moving with tbe opposite sex;
a habit of sel f-cootrol must be cultivated. Their mind will be
often conscious of their own faults. They are 'liable to fraud
and deception. Ir evil planets arc found in Gemioi , trickery
and deceit will characterise their nature. Many of lraits
can be corrected by training.
. q,pncer.-Pcrsons born under Cancer have a middle-sized
body. face full, nose snubbed to SOlllt extent aDd complexion
wbite. They arlen have a double cbin. They arc very intelli.
gent. bright and frugal and equally industrious. Their frugality
often takes the form of mi serliness. They are sympathetic
but moral cowardiee will be present. They will bc much
attac hed to their children and family. Their extreme sensitive.
ness renders them nervous and queer. Their minds will be
bent upon schemes of trade and manufacture. The often meet
with disappointments in marriage and love affairs. They arc
very talkative, self reliant, hontst and unbending. They have
reputation for love of justic;C .nd fairplay. Saturn's situation
in the ascendant is not desirable.
Lto.-Persons born under Leo will be majestic in appea-
shoulders, bilious constitution and bold and
respectful in temperament. They possess the knack to adapt
themselves to any condition of life. They are rather ambitious
and sometimes avaricious too. They are tbinkers.
Thetstick up to ortbodoxieal princjples in religion but arc
perfectly tolerant towards others' , precepts and practices.
Tbey are lovers of fine arts and literature and possess a certain
amount of 'pbilosophlcal knowledge. ' They are voracious
rc:.ll@(t. If the ascendant or (be tenth bouse is afflicted. dley
may Il"qt succeed in life as much as they expect . They put
fortb much st ruggle. Their remain unfulfilled to
ROIutts or AKcndllll Sips
extent unless the boroscope bas certain definite Raja
yogas. They are capable of non attachment and contentment.
As Saturn happens to be lord of tbe 7th. they must resist the
temptation of yielding mucb to their wives or husbands if
domestic bappiness is to prevail.
Yirso -People born when Kanya or Virgo is rising will
exhibit U{eir intelligence and memory when quite young.
They will be middlesized and exhibit taste in art and
literature. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted,
very weak also. They are discri mi nating and emotional and
are carried away by impulses. As authors. they make real
progress especially in sJwUlhika Sastras and Rasayana SasUas
(Physical and Chemical Sciences) and can judge at a
glanpe. They love music and fine arb and acquire much
power and influence over other peopie. They arc liable
to suffer from nervous breakdowns and paralysis when the
sign is afHicted. Other warranting' they can
bome great philosophers or wnters. They are generally
lucky in respect of their wives or husbands .
The complexion or persons born in this sign will
be stature middlesized. face broad. eyes fine. chest
broad and 'light. appearance bandsome. constitution rather
phlegmatic, sensual disposition and keen observation. They
bave keeo foresight and reason out things from the stand
point of tbeir own Firm in conviction and unmoved
by meaD motives they are somewbat susceptible to tbe feelings
of others' minds. They are more idealists tban realists or
practical men and often contemplate upon schemes like build
iog castles in the air. The), Ire Dot sensitive to what other!.
say of them. But as 'nd religious reformers
tbey exert tremendous inBueoce over the masses and some
their zeal and enthusiasm go to sucb a higb pitch that
tbe)' force their views upon others of opposite tbought not
realisinR; the baneful afterelfects of such procedure. Tbey
Hindu Predictive Aacrolos)
love excitement and have the power of intuition upon which
tbey often rely for their own guidance. They arc not easily
amenable to reason. '!!ley arc .They
have a special liking for truth and honesty and do Dot besil,atc
to sacrifice even their Jives at the altars of freedom and fair-
play, Their domestic life may be crossed by frequent tension.
ScoTpi&...- Those boro under tbis sign have youthful appea-
ranre. a 'generous disposition and fierce eyes. They are fickle-
minded and love much excitement. They arc inclined to
sensual things in reality wbile they will DOt hesitate to
philollophise upon the merits of controlliog sensual pleasures.
gycn (cmalC' born in .bis sign will have more of
tendeoci.s .... They are good correspondents and invite friend-
ship from among people throughout tbe world. Tbey can
become expert musicians if they care to practise tbat art.
They are proficient in fine arts, dancing and tbe like and no
doubt they have a philosophic disposition. They naught
cOllyemional habits and c!J<;tpms They vehemenlly uphold
their own views but nevertheless will not clash with those
holding opposite ones. Their constitution wiJI be hot and
they are liable to suffer from piles after their 30th year. They
are silent and dignified and never speak before weighing
and every word. They are good conversationalists as well as
writers and often rely too much on their oWn
Mar.ried life may Dot be quite bappy not only due to. tempera ..
mental differences but also due to illness affecting the genera-
tive system of the partner. unless there are other compensa-
ting combinations.
Sogillorl,u.-Jupiter rules this sign . and persons born
under this SJgo will generally be inclined towards corpulence.
They POlsess almond eyes and their hair is brown. They are
of a phlegmatic temperament. They are somewbat conven-
tional and some.times businesslik.e also. They arc prompt
Results of A.cendins Si,ns
and uphold conservative views. They will be attracted to ..
wards the study of occult philosophy and sciences. [n these
departments of knowledge 'they can acquire mastery. They
are tot> callous and entbusiastic. They bate all external show.
They are God-fearing, bontst, humble and free from hypo-
crisy. They never think of schemes which are calculated to
disturb the progress of otbers. They generally exercise control
over their food and drinks but in regard to their
with the opposite sex restraint is called for. rhey are
brilliant, their manners affable, winning and hearts, pure.
They are prone to be misunderstood unintentionally by others
on account of their hastiness in conversation. In their later
years tbey must be careful about their lungs as tbey are liable
to .suffer from rbeumatic pains and tbe like. Combinations
for pnlitical power warranting, persons born in this sign will
exercise power with firmness and justice and witbout yielding
to corruptive inftuences.
.. Caericgrn. Persons born in tbis sign will be tall. reddish-
brown in colour with prominent hair on the eye-brows and
tbe chest. Women will be handsome and youngish in appea-
rance. They have large teeth sometimes protruding outside
the lips and presenting an uncouth appearance if the 2nd
bouse is affiicted. Their lips are fiusby and ladies 'have an
inviting appea ranc;e.' They have the knack of adopting tbem-
selves to circumstances and environments. They have great
aspirations in life and cannot economise funds even if they
were to be under the influence of adversity. They are modest,
liberal and gentlemanly in business transactions. They are
noted for their perseverance and strong-minded ness. In fact
tbey arc stoical to the miseries of lire. They are possessed of
sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest
in literature, science and education. Sometimes thty are
vindictive. When,Saturn is badly posited, they are possessed
.. Hirtdu Predictive "'''rolol)'
of bigotry. God-fearing and humble they make good hushands
or wives. Depending upon tbe disposition of the 9th house
they can become philosophically minded or develop sodal
Aquarius. This " Water Bearer" sign in which the birth
of ao individual is condemned as tbe birth lord becomes the
of tbe house of loss, has to its credit some of the greatest
pbllosophers and seers. Those born under this sign will be
tall, fairly handsome, manners winning, appearance
attractive. disposition elegant. Their lips arc Dusby. checks
with prominent temples and buttocks. They arc higbly
and make friends of otbers very soon.
whc!l_?!ovokcd. rise like a bulldQB-P.!UJhcir.JW.J.Cf
IS very SOOD subsj(lecJ. Tliey arc pure in heart and alway!.
loCIined to help olhers. They shine very well as writers and
good spokesmen. They are at times timid. They feel shy to
exhibit their talents but their conversation will be most inte-
and highly instructive. They will specialise in subject s
like astrology, psychology and bealing arts, etc. Their literary
greatness will come before the world when they are quite
young and they themselves will not be able to estimate their
capacities well, while others find in them something remark-
able and extraordinary. They are intuitive and good judges
of character. They bave no organising capacity and are
capable of acquiring very fine education. They will be much
to their husbands or wives and Dever betray the
Interests of even their enemies, when trust is placed in them.
They are liable to suffer from coli c troubles and must take
special precautions to safeguard themselves against diseases
incidental to exposure to cold weather. On the whole
Aquarius people have something subtle in them which endears
them to all they come in contact with.
Resulu of Asccndiol SiJns
Plsul.-Persons born in this sign will be fair, stout and
moderately tall. They are reserved in their manners and are
liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter. They
are God-fearing. They are generall y supersti tious and
religious, ri gid in the observance of ortnodoxical principles
and can forego anything but tbeir orthodoxy; or they can
be exactl y the opposite. They are somewhat stubborn, ratbh
timid . and ambitious to exercise authority o'Yer others. They
a re true and are proud of odler
attainments. If the lord of the 7th is badly amicted, they will
ba'Yc double marriage. ' They are restless and fond of history,
anti quari an talks and mythological maslerpieces. They are
fru gal in spending money and though generally dependent
upon others throughout their life still bear a mark of inde-
pendence. They are just in their dealings and fear to transgress
the laws of truth With all thi s. tbey lack self-confidenc.
Judgment of Bhav (Housea)
The twelve bbavas or bouses represent tbe entire bistory
of the individual. By a careful ICfotiny of tbe planetary
combinations aud aspects in tbe twelve bouses, tbe
whole life of a Iperson caD be predicted with sufficient
accuracy. The combinations given below are not chosen at
random hut arc choscn from a study of the boroscopes of
persons of vari.ous ranks and eminences. Many have been
ptbered from tbe best and tbe most standard works on
Hindu astrology. 10 applying these rules to practical boro-
scopes, tbe student must definitely bear in mind that they-arc
merely for his guidance. In addition to tbis, be must also
exercise discretion and common sense coupled, of course,
with a certain amount of intuition. For instance, the astro-
logical principles say tbat if the 4th house is occupied by
benefi cs and its lord well situated, tbe native gets high edu-
cation. This is quite sufficient for an intelligent student to
anticipate certain otber things not meotionod here. In fact
they strike themselves to the student. In a boroscope. a
bene6c may be found in tbe 4th-whicb may be bis house of
exaltation. debilitation, or enmity or a friend's sign. Even
though a benefic may be in the 4th, the resuits it gives
apparently vary according to its disposition towards the lord
of that sign. If Jupiter is in exaltation in tbe '4th house,
religious learning may be predicted. If he is in debilitation,
in the 4th bouse the kind of education mult neccJ'Sarily
, '
differ. Still in both cases, it is Jupiter that occupies the 4th
house. Similarly, with regard to other combination, ODe
must consider all these problems carefully and then venture
a prediction. Tbe relations and . inten-elations of planetary
placements must be carefully scrutinised and tben
ventured. Deterministic interpretation of the combination'
FirsX BhaPQ (Ho!!J.(L. The first bouse represents
of life. -Childhood, bealtb, ....
tbe pbyseial bodyaDdc baractec ,lid the aenera' strength of
tbe boroscope.
If the lord of the birth or 1st house is exalted. well
associated, strongly placed, occupies quadrants, has the
, aspects of good planets. tbe person will bave bealth, good
appearance, and a generally happy future. . ' .
I If tbe lord of tbe birth is in conjunction' With an evil
I planet and occupies tbe 8tb house'. the health will suffer.
i If the birtb lord is in conjunction with the lord oftbe 6tb,
the 8th and the 12th, tbe body will suffer from constant
complaints. If the lord of birtb is in the 6th, the 8th or the
12tb. the native bas a sickly constitution.
If tbe t)irth lord is conjoined witb an evil planet, and
Rahu or Saturn occupies the Lagna, tbe person fears from
deception from thieves and swindlers.
Urinary and bladder troubles and swelling of testicles
arc likely if Rabu, Mars and Saturn arc in Lagna.
The body of tbe native will... .if'. is
Birth in watery- signs make tbe perIOD corpurent.
The native suffers from aschma 'aod , consumption if the
Sun is in Lagaa and Marl .. peets bim.
Many evil plancts in the birth indicate either misery or a
cbeebred career.
Hindu Prodletive ArtroIOl'
in the first half of tbe Lapa makes the ptrso'o
bappy 10 tbe beginning. Venus in the second balf with tvil
planets in tbe 4th and "tbe Sib houses makes the peTson
miserable in the end.
...econd Blro,WI (Houle). Second .-!!e!csents famill.
face. eye, food, wealth, literary sirt ; manner
and source oraeatD,SelT-icquisitioD aod optimism. -,.-
If )or.d of (be 2nd is exalted aspeCtcdby Jupiter,
the natIve Will be a mao of considerable wealth.
If the lord of the 2nd is exalted and quadrants arc
aspected by benefics, the eye-sight will be good and the facial
cJ.prcssion charming.
One becomes an orator and wealthy if Jupiter is with
the lord of the or tbe latter is aspeeled by Mercury,
or Venus occupies favourable positions.
-Poverty will attack tbe native iftbe lord oftbe "second is
weak, debilitated or aspected by malefiCI.
If the lord of the 2nd is in quadrants aspected by malefics
tbe person will look ugly and grotesque. '
If the lord of the 2nd is a watery planet and combines
with or is aspected by [be lord of the na.amsa of the 2nd
and if. the Ascendant falls in a watery sign, the
person Will be an Internat ional trader and the source of his
income will be from beyond the confines of his
Defective speech can be predicted if malefici are with the
lord of the second or aspects it. .
. Mercury in a quadrant and the lord of the 2nd powerfully
Situated make one proficient in occult sciences, especially
Confi scation of property and penal action by Government
is likely if Ihe Ascendant is weak and its lord joios malefics
and the lord of the 2nd is in conjunction witb the SUD in the
12th house.
JUd&mcDt 0( Dba ..... (Houses) .,
If the lord of the 12th joins tbe 20d and the lord of the
11 tb joins the with the lord of the 2nd in the 6th, tbe
8tb or the 12th, one has to pay. fines to the Government.
Loss of wealth by thieves and rulers can be foretold if the
lord of.the 2nd is aspected by or combined witb Mars in
debilitation or in cruel navamsa.
The occupation of the 2nd by malefics indicates -tliat the
person becomes showy and tbe period must be predicteii under
the Dasa of such planets .
. . If tbe 7tb bouse occupied by the lord of the 10th bas the
beneficial aspects of Jupiter and Venus, the native carns a
substantial amount during the periods of such planets.
If tbe lord of the is in the 2nd and lord of the
2nd is in the II th with the lord of the II th in the lst, the
native IDay come across bidden
If tbe lord or. the 2nd is debilitated and is in conjunction
with evil planets, the person contracts hopeless debts.
Third Bhava (Housel.- The tbird- b a USe represents VB
and intelligence, oeim.
relatll?.ns and It a!m..
(Ienotes courage, ri hi car and breasl. - -_.
--yj a malefic planet is in the 3rd or tbe 3rd is between two
evil planets, one will not bave brothers ; or all tbe brothers
may pass away.
Ir the lord of the lrd or Mars occupies the 8tb, the 6th or
the 12th and has no beneficial aspects, prosperity to brothers
is rarely (0 be predicted.
If the lord of the 3rd occupies a beneficial navamsa and
Mars is well posited. tbe native will be couraJCOus and will
have thriving brothers.
If the lord of the lrd is in the 12th a.qd is aspected by evil
planets. the person will be funky and henPecked.
If the lord of the lrd is in conjunction with the SUD. tbe
native will be bold in mind, and stubborn and angry.
4 ___ . ________________ _
Hiodu Prcdiclivc AstrolOl'
The number of brothers may be approximately koowD by
,the falls in or by the number of
navamsa tbe lord of the '"3rdOi"thc kataa (or the brothers
falls in.
Fourth of mind aod happiness.
motber, borne life, relatives, house, self-prosperity, enjoy-
ments, cooveyances, landed aDd ancestral properly, gcneral
happiness. education, vehicles and the general build of tbe
neck aod shoulders.
If the lord of the 4th is with the lord of the 1st occupying
a good place or if the 4th lord occupies trines or quadrant.,
Ibe persCil possesses many bouses.
H the lord of the 4th is with powerful Jupiter and Meceury
aod occupies Quadrants, the person will have an aristocratic
disposition and commands respect, conveyaoce and name.
in qtlad[ants and the lord of the
4th well situated, the ";'i'I \ have'a good t8s:te for aitisiic
furoiture .- -' --- .. - - .. . -, .H .-- 0, ,
" '-' rf Mer cury is in the 3rd, bnd the lord of the 4th is well
placed, the person possesses an attractive house or bouses.
If the lord of tbe 4th occupies the 12th, loss J)f ancestral
property is to be feared.
If the 4th is occupied by Saturn with the MOOD in eulta-
tiOD and Jupiter aspectipg it, the person wiD be aD author in
his early age and have 'much education but the mother die!l
early. .
If the lords of the Ascendant and the 4th are in the 11th
and the lord of the 2nd is in the 12th with tbe Sun, the person
possesses limited education but good landed propert'y, These
results have to be applied taking into consideration of otbt'f
Jupiter in exaltation in the 4th bouse and the lord of the
4tb in his own sign makes the persoo geflilgb legal education.
JudIPDftlt or, .......
If La,Da i. Saptt.ria. and iu lord and SaCura are tbe
.. me boUie, tbe penon will Kquire hi.1t education.
If Venu, or the: .MooD occ:upiCi tbe 4th without any aspecll
from auy malefic., the perlon will be a voracious eatcr.
If lord of tbe 4th is debilitated aDd joins evil planets, tbe
native becomel linful and liceatioul.
If the Moon and Venus are in qU3draDts occupying evil
navamsas and aspected by or joined witb evil planets. ooe
becomes auilty of improper relatioDs witb close relatives of
the oppolite sex.
IC the lord of (he 4th is badly situated and is aspccted by
maleficl, the person'l private life will be questioDable.
c If the Moon occupies birth witb Rabu or Ketu, tbe motber's
character cannot be above board. tU( ,''''I f.' a.r4 m,
Saturn in conjunction witb tbe lord of tbe 4tb or with tbe
Moon will kill tbe motber early.
The p.erson becomes dishonest and indulges in fraudulcDt
schemeS if the 4th is combined witb SaturD, Rabu and Ketu.
Fifllt.lIlJ.Q.vQ f..HouJe) .-lntelligeoce, fatber , atman, discri-
minating power, children. fame and- position should be
predicted from tbe Stb bouse.
H tbe lord of tbe Sth occupies tbe 3rd, the 6tb or the 12tb
and is aSpCcted by malefics. thc children die carly.
' . If the Sun is in the 5th housc and is badly placed, tbe
fatber will die. If the lord or the 5tb house joins favourable
planets, tbe person gets many issues.
If Jupiter becomes lord of tbe 5tb and being powerful is
aspected by tbe lord oftbe birth,tbe person will have children.
If tbe Sth al well as its lord are placed between evil plancts
lupiter is in compaoy with maleficl, there will be joss of
If aU tbe mdefics occupy tbe 4th or If.1I of tbem occupy
the 12tb, the 51h. Ibe8tb aDd lbe lsi, tbe penon', family
becomes completely extinct. .
.. ______________________ _
Hindu Predictive A,'rolos)'
The person' will have a piercing intellect if the 5th house
i. between beneficial planets.
If Saturn is in the 5th, or aspects the lord of birth or
Jupiter, there will be brain derangement. ,
If Mercury and Saturn have major influence on the Cbl!d
at ' birth . the child born will be impotent.
Iftbe 5th bouse falls in a sign of Mercury or Saturn and
its lord combines with Saturn the person will have an adopted
If tbe lord of the 5th is masculine, joins a masculine sign,
and combines in a masculine navamsa, tbe fir st born cbild to
the native will be a male.
Irtbe lord of the Stbjoins a female sign with a feminine
planet and combines in a feminine navamsa, the first born
baby will be a female.
Sixth 8hava ( House) .
!JI,sfio.YlLdl.iIU.he J!9.dr! . ... . S2JJ_Q."Y.S,
debts. I. .. . .. !\!'let
dilCascs .
... or more malefics in the 6th make the native a prey
to complicate'" diseases and a malefic aspect will practically
confine the person to bed.
trthe lord of the 6th occupies the 1st or the 8th with evil
.. and witb n'o beneficial aspects, the native will
have many sores.
If tbe Moon, Venus and the lord of birtb combine witb
the Sun or Rahu, tbe person may suffer from syphillis.
If tbe lord of birth and the 6th are in conjunction with the
MOOD, water accidents occur, and if Man joins tbe birth lord,
danger in violent figbts or battles is indicated.
If the lord of the 6th and birth conjoin Saturn and occuPY
quadrants and trincs, imprisonment is indicated. If Saturn
illord of ugna, this result should Rot be
J"dgmeot or Bbavas (Houses)
If Saturn is in the 9th, Jupiter in the 3rd and the Moon
in the 7th or the 8th, the person's hands wiII become deformed.
If tbe 10th house is occupied by Rahu, Saturn and
Mercury, tbe native's bands may be amputated.
Venus in conjunction with the lord of the 6th, and Saturn
or tbe Sun with Rabu in cruel amsas, indicate capital punish
ment. Neutralising factors sbould be carefully considered.
Wben tbe Moon occupies the 6th, the 8th or the 12th
aspeeted by the lord of Lagna and conjoined with Saturn and
Rahu, the person may meet witb accidents,
It tbe lord of the 6tb or the 8th or Mars joins the lord of
the 3rd, and Saturp and Rahu are in cruel aavamsas, tbe
person dies in a battle or fight.
If tbe lord of the 6th be a malefic conjoins Mercury,
who is in debilitation, the person from toothache
early .in bis life.
Mercury in the 6th. debilitated with Saturn and Mars, will
render the perSOD an invalid throughout life.
If the lord of tbe Ascendant jOiDS the 6tb aspected by the
lord of the 6tb, the person will suffer much from tbe machi
nations of bis close relatives.
lfthe lord of the 9tbjoins tbe 6tb aspeeted by the lord of
the 6th and tbe lord of tbe 6th bas tbe conjunction of Saturn
and Mars, the person will suffer from fires, thieves and
Seventh Bhava (Hou$e).-Represents wife. busband,
marriage, urinary organs, marital happiness , sexual diseases.
trade and speculation, desire, diplomacy and honour. travels,
business tact and the latent energies.
If the lords of the 2nd and the 6th have evil conjunctions
and occupy tbe 6th house or if the afHicted lord of the 7th
joins the birth, the moral character of the person will be
9' Hindu Predictive ASlrotClS)'
If tbe lord of the 7t h joins Rabu or Ketu aDd is aspeeted
by Mars or Saturn, and Venus is ill-placed, one becomesJoose
in morals in his early years. .
If evil planets oo::cupy the 1st and the 6th, tbe person Will
be and indulges in clandesti ne pleasures.
If the weak Moon joins a malefic io the 71h , the pcrson
becomes immoral.
If Veaus combines with the lord of the 2nd, the 7th aod
the 6t h and occupies the Ascendant. the native's moral
character will be questionable.
Venus i.'!.JP'e . .9.-:a!! .. .!!t e.
'Amictcd Mercury aod Venus in tbe 7tb mak.c the native
inclined towards secret pleasures.
Mars Mercury aod Venus in the 71h aspected by no
benefics ;coder the person passionate and make him seek un-
natural sources of gratification. unless Jupiter is in a
Jupiter in tbe 7th or tbe IOtb with no malefic aspects Will
make the person principled and chaste in sexua l matters.
If the lord of the Sih is in the 71b and the lord of the 7th
is with malefics and Venus is weak. the wi fe dies during
If the lords of the 2nd and the 7th are in their own houses,
the perSOn will have only one wife.
H the lord of the 7tb is powerful and exalted occupying
birth, more than one wife must not be predicted. . .
If the 7th falls in an evil sign, if tbe lord of the 7th J OIOS
debifjtation, two marriages may be indicated. .
If the lord of the 7th and the 12th is Venus and he occupies
the 9th aspected by Saturn. tbe person will have more tban
one wife.
If tbe lord of the 7th is in the 6th aspeded by Rahu and
with no beneficial conjunction, two marriages should be
Judjment or Bhav&! (Houliu)
If the lords oftbe 7th and tbe 10th exchange their houses
and the lord of the 2nd occupies a beneficial navamsa. the
person will have all marit al happiness.
If the Sun is in the 7th one will have Iiaisoo with barren
If tbe Moon is in the 7th debilitated, sex-relations take
place with maid-servants.
Ir Mars is in the 7th house with no aspects of benefics,
intercourse occurs with unmatured girls.
If three quadrants are occupied by evil planets. happiness
with wife is not indicated. .
Eighth BhavQ ( House).-Jndiclltes longevity, secret organ. \Au.
death -legacies and gifts and unearned wealtb, cause of death.
wills, disgrace and degradation. the place and surroundings
of death, defc:at or insult, sorrow, blame, servants and
If the lord of the 8th joins the 12th with a malefic, there
will be short life.
Life will be sbort if the lord of the birth and the lord of
the 8th join the 6th.
There will be loog life if the birth lord occupies beneficial
bouses with tbe lord of the 8th.
If all malefic! occupy the 8tb, One will have short life.
IfSaturo is in the 12th and the lord of the 8th is in tbe
20d with a benefic, deatb occurs in the 21st year.
If the lord of the 8tb is in tbe Sth in conj unction with
malefic!, and tbe lord of the 10th is in the 2nd aspected by
malefic!, the native dies in the 2nd year.
If quadrants are occupied by benefics aud the lord of birth
combines with a benefic planet aspected by Jupiter, long life
may be predicted.
If tbe lords of the 8th, the 1st and tbe 10th combine with
Saturn and occupy quadrants. life will be long.
- -
100 Hindu Prcdicl!Ve AstrolOlY
When the lords of tbe 2nd and 6th combine witb Saturn
and occuPy the 3ed, tbe 6th and the 12tb, death will be due 10
asphyxiation. . .
If Saturn becomes tbe lord of the 6th and jams with Rabu
a / Ketu. death will be froin the attack o f beasts . .
If in the same combination Jupiter bas prominence,
danger arises from elephants.
if Saturn joins the Sun and occupies or aspects the 8th,
death will be from canine bites.
If the weak Moon occupying the 8th with Rabu joins
maleficio tbe person dies by tbe troubles of apparitions and
If the 6th house is occupied by ils lord and the lord of the
8tb is with Rahu. and Saturn with Ketu aspectcd by Mars,
tbe person will be killed by weapons.
If the Sun in debilitation occupies the 6th or tbe 8tb
aspected by a malefic, the fatber wi ll die through tbe dis-
pleasure of the state. .
If Mercury is not well situated and occupies an un favour-
ab!e position, death takes place from suddcn beart failurc.
If the 8tb is favourably situated with tbe aspects of
Venus and Jupiter, tbe native will bequeath vast
legacies to bis successors. , . .
If tbe 8th is occupied by Saturn, and Mars aspects It wnb
hi s special aspects, the person will conlract many debts and
no redemption can be expected.
If the 8th becomes a moveable sign and its lord is also
fouod in a moveable sigo, death takes place in a foreign
If the 8th and its lord are in a fixed sign and Saturn is
similarly placed. the person dies in bis own house.
If tbe 8th house faUs in a common lign and its lord also
occupics a common sign, death will while travelling.
Judgmeot or BhlVll (Houses)
' 01
If Mars gets prominence and tbe combinations are placed
as above, death takcs place in automobiles and aeroplanes.
Accidental deaths are always due to Mars .
Mercury kills tbe native io balloons and airships. Brain
fever, anaemia, and paralysis bring about dcath when
Mercury il afflicted in tbe 8th.
The Moon caUSeS death through watery diseases, cholera
and lung troubles.
Jupiter brings about death by diabetes. dropsy, liver and
spleen trouble and swelling of the body.
Saturn inflicts death on water or by typhoid.
The SUD caUSes death through fire or heart trouble or by
self.immolation for others' cause provided he is 1101
debi litated.
Rahu indicates death by skin troubles, leprosy, poisoning,
small pox and drowning.
. .and.oLher_,llAnatu.ral can,".
Ninth Bhavo ( House) . ...-:Represents godliness. righteous. ]I,
ness, preceptor. giandchildren, metaphysical studies, imagi.
nation and intuition, religious devotion, Jaw. sympathy.
philosophy, science aod literature, lasling fame, leadership.
charities. communication with spirits. ghosts and the like.
long journeys, foreign travels and father.
If the weak Moon occupies tbe 9th in a debilitated state
or Venus is bad and occupies evil conjuncti oD'I or if the lord
of tbe 9th is debilitated, the native will be guilty of improper
rel ations with his preceptor's wife.
rf the 9th is occupied by benefics and the lord of tbe 9th
combines with no malefics. the person rests content wilh bis
own wife.
If the lord orthe 9th is in the 8th or aoy moveable lign .
the child will be born when its is Dot in the place.
- ._._ - --- - - -
Hindu Pred.idive AslrololY
Ifthc lord of the 9th j oins the aavamsa of Jupiter, the
person becomes ri ghteously inclined and charitable in
position. .
. If tbe 9th is occupied by Venus. Ketu and the Sun ,
eDey in miscellaneous subjects is to be predicted ; . Ketu ID t he
9tb makes a man interested in mesmerism.
If the lord of tbe 9th is in the 4th aspecled by Saturn, tbe
person will be cha ritable in disposition. irrita ble in tempera-
ment and generally 'higottcd.
If the lords of tbe 1st and the 9th are powerful aod tbe
Sun is aspeeted by benefics, the nati ve will be obediellt and
dutiful to bis father.
If the lord of the 9th is ,in quadrants or in tri.nes. the
person becomes well acquainted with lore
provided such a combination has the aspect of Jupiter or
Jupiter is in a kendra .
If Rahu and Saturn occupy the 9th and otherwise badly
ituated the person will be cold-hearted. engaged in inflicting
S d .
miseries and injuries on innocent people an qUite unsympa-
M an and Ketu in the 9tn with Jupiter in tbe 2nd, and
Mercury, the SUD and Venus in !be 5th, the 6th and the 7th
respectively, make the man very ri ch . .
If the lord of tbe Ascendant joins the 9th and combines
witb the lord of the 5tb, wealth may be predicted through
If Mercury is the lord of tbe 9tb or aspects its lord and jf
Jupiter occupies an exalted position, tbe person will be bigbly
learned in mysti cal philosophy: If tbe lords of the
and the 9th a re combined or are in mutual aspect or 10
mutual kendras, ODe will have foreign travels. .
V Tenlll BII,f,a ( J{ouse).-Represents oecupatton, rank,
J".- temporal bon ours and success, of IivelihoQd.
self-respect, religiot)s knowledge and dignIty.
Juc1&ment of 8bavas (HOU6U)
If tbe lord of the 10th is tbe Sun, who is well placed and
powerfully aspe<:ted. income will be from inherited wealth,
from drugs, medicines and chemical deali ogs.
If lhe- Moon occupies tbe 10th house and Mars aspects it,
the nat ive will earn money by selliog precious stones and
dealings with aristocracy, women of questionable character
and agriculture to some extent.
If Mars is the lord of the 10th or occupies it and is
aspected by the SUD or the Moon, the person will be a res.
pectable Commander-in-Chief ; if by S8I urn, a gang leader
and a robber; if by Mercury, a doctor.
Iftbe 10th is occupied by Mercury. tbe nali ve will be a
professor in religi ous philosophy, mathematical sciences, and
earns his livelihood as such.
If Jupiter becomes the lord of tbe 10th or aspects it, livili.
hood might be predicted through being a preceptor, teacher.
judge, etc.
Venus as tbe lord of tbe 10th bouse gets the native income
from brokerage, as manager o f art gillaries, ' cinemas, music
hOuses and if afflicted, brotbels and other mean associations.
c---::-' , ' ...
If Saturn occupies the 10th or aspects it with no bene6cial
conjunction, earnings will be from being a municipal official.
a scavenger, a factory worker, elc.
H Pisces becomes the 10th house and Mercury or Mars
occupies it. the person will have Milk,; or emancipation and
will have dips in sacred waters.
If Jupiter joins Mercury or Mars, the person builds chari-
table institutions and performs meritorious deeds.
If the Moon occupies a quadrant and Jupher aspects her,
he will have pure reput ation for his con'duct aDd trutbful'
If Man and Saturn are in the 10th aspected by other
malefics. the person will have communication with super-
aaturals or Uchcbista Devatas.
104 Hindu Predictive Asnolo.,.
Ir tbe 10th house is a watery sign and its lord occupies a
moveable Rasi and Nayamsa. the person will haye foreign
travels. Ir the Sun is also in tbe 10th, tbe travel will be on
lOme political mission.
La- Eleventh Bhara ( House) .-Rtpresents means of gains,
accompHsilment. friends, personality, ornaments, elder
brother and freedom fr om misery and pain.
If the lord of tbe 11th is in cuhation and in a kendra
(quadrant), and if Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd.
much gain will accrue from trade.
If the lord of tbe II tb is aspected by the lords of the 2nd
and the 4th and combines with the lord of the 9th, the man
becomes very rich and exercises frugality in expenditure.
If tbe lord of the II th is a benefic and has beneficial
aspects, the person will be attracted toward! decent ornaments.
, "If Jupiter occupies the 11th and Mercury aspects it, tbe
person "gains much reputation as a philosopher aod lecturer.
If the lord of tbe II th is "a benefic aspected by benefics and
occupying favourable positions, tbe person will bave perfect
If tbe above combination is affiicted by Saturn or Mars,
the person becomes deaf,
If the lord of the 11th and its occupants are powerful,
the native will have powerful inftuence in society.
If the 11th is occupied by Saturn. Mars, Rahu aod the
Sun with no other benefics aSpe<:tiog ii, the person will he
meDially miserable but fi nancially well off.
7.(ftl Twd/lh Bhava ( Hause). -Indicates misery, loss, expendi-
"" ture, waste, exiravagance, sympathy. piety, d i v i n ~ knowledge
~ worsbip;-MO"ksha(6nal emancipation) and the state after
If the lord of tbe 12th is aspected by the lord of tbe 7tb
and these two ate powerful, the native' s money and influence
will be wasted through tbe a,ency of his wife.
Jud,meDI of Bhavas ( Houses)
If tbe 12tb is occupied by a malefic and its lord is an evil
planet. money will be spent on immoral purposes.
If the powerless lord of the 12th occupies unfavourable
positions in the navamsa, the native will have deformed
If the lord o(the 12th is Jupiter and has no malefic
influences or aspects, the person will die in di vine contem-
If the lord of the 12th is Mars and Saturn occupies the
12th, death takes place on account of piles and other bloody
If the lord of the 12th is weak and is seen by ihe lord o f
the 6th, money will be spent on useless litigation .
If the SUD and the MOOD are in the 12th without any
favourable a...spect s, the native will be a simpleton.
If benefics occupy the 12th or its lord joins with them. the
person will have close relations surrounding him at his death.
For a detailed discussion of each Bhava reference may be
made to tbe aut hor's How to Judge a Horoscope.
Some Specie I Yoga.
Yogas in Sanskrit astrological nomenclature special
planetary combinations for the production of higb P.9litical
power and influence, great wealth, philanthropy. asceticism,
misery. debt s, demoralisatioo and curruption. III all boro-
scopeS, these yogas must be properly scrutinised aloog witb
tbe application of tbe usual astrological rules. These impor.
taot yogas make or mar a man for. if special arisntQ$ or
misfortunes are fouod in a horoscope, tbe person will be
always miserable, even tbough according to ordinary 3'1tro-
logical rules, such a boroscope is a promising one. The word
Yoga is quite indigenous and such a system canoot be found
io the astrological principles of other nations. These reveal
a flood of information to the astrological student. when pro-
perly studied and applied. Tbe Western reader must clearly
comprehend tbe technicalities iovolved in tbe application of
these yogas and try to understand their significance thoroughly.
There are differeot types of yogas-RajoJ'oga-producing
higb political power; Dnanayoga or combinatioD for great
wealth; Gnanayoga or combination for real bigber knowledge
and renunciation of the world; and Arishlayoga-series of
misfortunes orthe most baneful oature. There are thousands
of lucb yogas given in the original Sanskrit works and tbeir
reproduction bere would mean firstly a great slrain on tbe
comprebending powers of tbe reader and secondly, increase
of tbe bulk of the book beyond proportioo. The results
Some Spec..ial yo,as
ascribed to each yoga will completely manifest ttcmselves if
the yogakarakas (planets producing such yogIS) are not
afilicted. For more detailed I would refer my
readers to my book Thru Hundred Important ComMnalions.
I shall now briefly sketch some favourable yogas and
dieir probable results.
1. Chamara Yo&,a.-This is produced when lIIe lord of
tbe Ascendant is exalted and occupies a quadrant and has the
powerful aspect of Jupiter; or two benefics in the Ascendant,
tbe 7th or the 10th also cause tbe same yoga.
The person will be greatly respected by ruhrs and tbe
aristocracy, good conversationalist, a profound stholar and I[
lives more than 70 years.
2. Shankha Yoga.- When the lord of the IOtb or AsceD- U6,(
dant occupies moveable signs like Aries, Cancer, etc., and
the lord of the 9th is powerful, Ihis yoga is caused. If tne
lords of the 5th and tbe 6tb are in mutual quadfants from
each other and the ruler of the rising sign powerful, this yoga
is caused.
Fond of pleasures. learned in sciences and
philant hropic, agreeable family surroundings, chaCltable
disposition and long life upto 80.
3. Sreenatha the exalted lord of the 7th
occupies tbe 10th an 1fie lord of the 10th combi. es with the
lord of tbe 9tb- Great respect. reputation, honouflble living,
much wealch and nice surroundings.
4. Bherj Yoga.-Lord of the lOtb powerful with three
planets in the 12th, the 2nd, the 1st and the 7tbtlouses; or
lord of the 9th is powerful and Venus and lord of Ascendant
arc in quadrants from Jupiter-Landed estates, free from
encumbrance. high family traditions, eulled soul, courageous.
expert in sciences and artl, long lived, free from l OY kind of
108 Hind\l Predictive AltrolOC)
S. Sorado Yoga. - Jupiler in a trinc from the MOOD, and
Mars in tdoe to Mercury or Jupiter in the 11th from Mercury
or lord of tbe 10th occupies the 5th, Mercury in a quadrant
and the Sun in his own sign-Attracted by fair Jadies, respec-
lor of preceptors and religiously inclined, praised by tbe
royalty and aristocracy, saintly disposition and a patron of
fine arts and sciences.
.-fJ; (Fish combination).-Malcfics in birth
and the 9th, malefics in tbe 5th and maldies in
tbe 4th aDd the 8th-Lover of astrology; sympathetic tempera-
ment and religious nature.
?:.. KeJiJrj Yoga.-The Moon and Jupiter in quadrants to
each other Respected by relations and friends . Municipal
Comm.ssioDer or Manager of a big corporation , name goes to
posterity, possession of ail worldly enjoyments.
8. AdM in tbe 6th, tbe 7th and the 8th
from the Moon-Commander, Minister or a king or cqaul to
him. foeless. long-lived and free from diseases.
9. 4!!.apha Yo(a.-Planets in the J2th from the Moon-
Man or commanding . and majestic appearance, healthy,, free from mental sorrow, rcnowncd, fond of sense
pleasures and renunciation of worldly concerns laler on in
10. Sunapha Yoga. -PJaDCls in the 2nd from the Moon-
Self-made man, selF-acquired wealth. intelligent and reputed.
II. Durdhura Yoga.. Planets in the 2nd and the 12th
'from the Moon-Enjoyment of all pleasures, conveyances,
liberal and generous and commanding, dutiful and faithful
children. .
12. Kahala Yoca. The lord of tbe 4th and Jupiter in
mutual quandtants. and tbe lord of the Ascendant powerful-
Stubbornness, courageous and adventurous, commanding
infantry, cavalry. artillery. etc., and tuling towns and cities.
Some Special YOIIlS
- > 13. Vas; Y08a. - Planets in the 12th (rom tbe Sun_
and wealthy.
. tffJi XI".a. Beneficial planets in tbe 2nd from tbe
Sun-Good conversationalist, fluent speaker, wealthy, coura-
geous and eXHemely charitable. .
IS. Obha'lQchari Yoga. - Benefics in the 2nd and the 12th
from the Sun Equal to a king, good, sympathetic and
philanthropic .
16. Mridanga Yoga. - The lord of the navamsa occupied
by an exalted planet in a quadrant and himself exahed in
his own sign or in a friendly house and the lord of'the
Ascendanl powerful-Healthy througuout altractive per-
sonality, great inftuence among the people.
17. llQQrma Yoga . Benefics in the 5th, the 6th and the
7th in the Rasi and exalted and in friendly and own navamsa-
Royal enjoyments, cbaritable dispositron, courageous, happy
and philosophical. .
18. Khadga Yoga. - Lo;d of the 2nd in the 9th, and the
lord of the 9th in the 2nd and the lord of Ascendant in a
quadrant or a trine-Religiously inclined, courage, strong,
penetrating intelligence.
19. Lakshmi Yoga.- Lord of the 9th in a quadrant,
moolatrikona or in deep exaltation or lord of Lagna in
cdnjunction with the 9th lord-Extremely handsome
noble qualities and virtues. possessed of higb reputa-
t!(ln for honesty and honoured by aristocracy.
20. Kusuma Yoga.-Venus in a fixed sign , in a quadrant,
a weak Moon in a trine and the Sun in the 10th house-
liberal, war-like and possessed of unsullied reputa-
tion. and good enjoyment.
Bad Yogas
21. Kemadruma Yoga. No planets in the 2nd and the
12th houses from the Moon at birth-Misery and poverty
Hindu Prediclive AltrololY
throughout life and generally capable of neutealisin! aU
beneficial yogas.
. 22. Rail" Yoga. - All plancts in moveable sigos-ResideDt
10 foreign country. unjust.
23 . Brihadbiia Yogg.-Rabu with Mars and Saturn in
tbe Ascendaot or the lord of the Ascendant in the Rtb with
Rabu and malefic&- Testicles swel ling and venereal COrn-
24. Daridra Yoga.-Lord of the A ~ n d a n t in the 12th
aDd -vice Yusa-Loss of wealth. generally poor and meaD
25. 4seltQI'adi Yoga If the lord of tbe house occupied
by tbe lord of the 2nd is Saturn-Likes falsehood and indul-
ges in fraudulent scbemes.
Sip YOI!
Gnana means knowledge which may mean for the aCQuisi-
tioo of power and wealth or the kind of knowledge which
makes a man " know thyself" as Socrates says In acquiring
knowledge tbere are two aspects to be considered. One is
scholarship, culture, literary power and imagination and the
other is spiritual knowledge and the realisation of Self.
Literary power and scholarship ate obtained from the
posi ti on of Venus and Mercury and this is also controlled by
Jupiter. .
When Jupiter is powerful, well aspected and occupies a
Vargotlarna (occupying the same sign in Rasi and Nayamsa),
the person become, a great lecturer and orator.
Wben Mercury is in a kendra. Venus in the 2nd. the
Moon or Jupiter in tbe 31d. it makes the native a great astro-
Mars stroogly posited in the 20d with Mercury and the
Mooo or the Moon. Mars and Mercury in a quadrant makes
a person a great matbematician. .
Some Spedal YOIU
Jupiter or Venus becoming lord of tbe 2nd and aspected
by Mars and the Sun in exaltation or moolatTikona, the
person becomes a great logician and psychologist .
Jupiter and the lord of the 2nd powerful and Jupi ter in
conjunction 9t ith the Suo produces a mao extraordinarily
well versed in grammar aod prosody.
A mao becomes a versatile genius if Jupiter aod Venus
are in quadraou aod Mercury becomes tbe lord of the
aavamsa occupied by the lord of the 2nd . .
A person becomes a great philosopher when the lord of
the lnd, Mercury. is in deep exaltation and Jupiter is in the
navamsa of Leo.
Rhana Yoga.-The MOOD, Jupiter. lords of the 2nd, tbe
4th. the 9th and tbe 11th houses control wealth. The favour-
able position of tbese planets in the Rasi or in the Navamsa
invariably leads to great wealth. Tbe lords of the 2nd, the
4th and the 9th sbould be aspecled by the Moon and be dis-
posed friendly towards it. The lord of the 2nd with the lord
of the 9th occupying the 11 tb with the Moon and Jupiter will
make the person a millionaire.
Planets in Different Bhav8s or Houses
i "'> ......... 1,. ....
. THE SUN :,lJ!Jkfi..uJ..JJmui!-- Righteous-minded, healthy.
bdlous. eye-disease, intelligence, good morals, political
success, stately appearance, humanitari an instincts, lazy in
work. fond of daring deeds, hot constituti on, careless of
rcpu;tation. strong will , caprice, generosity, neglect of personal
credit or good work, not combative or impetuous
a nd pioneering.
2 . Second hom.-Diseased face, ugly, losses from prosecu-
tloosgood earnings, inclined to waste, brigbt speech, enquiring-.
. \ scientific, stubboro and peevish temper . da nger
IQ tbe 25th year, will stammer.
"'3 Third hQUolc. - Courageous, liberal. adventurous famous
intelligent . wealthy. successful and restless. ' ,
1 -Mental worry, meditative defective organs,
success In foreign countries. hatred o f relations, keen. minded
. . .
good reputation, success after middle age, quarrels
wit hout causes, weak const itut ion, introspecti ve, llnhappy,
philosophical, squanders paternal property.
S Fifth -Intelligent. poor, few children , paternal
corpUlent , t o f!llher early. un happy, disturbed
In mmd . Iover of fi ne arts, and tactful in decision.
t Sixth house. Defier o f cust oms and castes, good adminis-
trative ability, few cOllsins and few enemies, bold and
successful, war-Ii ltc, licentious, wealthy, gains from enemies ,
Plaaeu in Ollfcrc.ot Bh.vas or Housn
clever in planning, terror to enemies, abili ty, colic
r Sellt"th hOIlS,!: - Late marriage and rather t roubled, loose
morals and irreligious, hatred by the fair sex, fond of travel-
linB, submissive to wife, wealt h tbrougb female agency, fond
of foreign things. discontented, wi fe's character questionable.
subservient to women and risk of disbonour and disgrace
througb them
g Eighth house.-long li fe, uncharitable, sickly constitution,
SUdGeD gains, complainu in eyes , sores in the head, poor aod
uneventful life, narrow and obscure.
7 Ninth house.-WelJ read in solar att racted by
sublime phenomena, charitable, godly, lucky and successful,
devoted. ordimuy heahh, little patrimony. dutiful sons, a
man of act ion and thougbt, self-acquired propert y, many
laods, philosophical, gt: ndular disease. lover of poet ry and
music, successful learned in esoteric and occult
subjects, ambitious and eoterpri sing.
W Tenth hUllse. - Bold, coura geous, well famou s,
c:l ever in acqUiring wealth, super ior knack, healthy. learnl." d,
adventurous, educated , qui ck decision, fond of music, found'!r
or institutions. high position, dutiful sons. much personal
influence, successful military or political career.
t{ house. le:lrned , wealthy, stalel y and perSe\eT-
iog, success without much effo rt , famo us, many
wealth through fai r means, good reput a tion, profound insight ,
capa:ity to befriend, many polit ical enemies, man of
principles, great sa!1acity, great success and position .
II Twelfth houu. Sinful, poor, fallen , t hieving na ture, un-
success ful, adulterous, neglected, long li mbs, ceremoni al-
minded and lover of esoteric iind occ ult knowledge, no
happiness from children.
Hindu Predictive AstrolOl)'
THE MOON :.IE. the Ascendant.-Fancirul and romantic
eater, an "ittr-;ctlvc"ippearance. inclined to
lence. windy temperament. much travelling, disease in private
organs and capricious, licentious, sociable. easy going,
educated, WarrlDg. loved by tbe opposite sex, shy. modest,
stubborn, proud, fickle.minded and eccentric.
. handsome, attractive, generous,
hlgbly breaks in education, charming, poetical,
respect, sweet speech. persuasive, sqUint eyes and much
hou!c:.-S!ckly, dyspeptic and laler on piles, mild.
lean, dlSappomtmcolS. impious. many brothers cruel edu-
cated. famous .
purposeless, miserl y, fond of travel/ing and
!!.u.!!.h house:... -Comfortable, fine taste, good perfumes
and dress, polite aod affable manners, bigh education, bappy,
licentious, belped by all, wealthy and successful, good mOlher,
popular a nd deatb to rnotbrr early if in conjunction with
Fiflh houu:..-Subtle, handsome wife, shrewd, showy.
many daughters, intrlligenl, gains tbrough quadrupeds, inter.
rupted education, high political office.
Sixth hoult<. -Submissive to the opposite sex, indolent
imperious, short-tempered. intelligent, lazy, slender body:
weak sexual connection, widow-h unter, poor, drunkard, reo
fined, tender. pilfering habits: stomach troubles . many foes.
worried by cousins.
!venlh houu. - Passionate, fond of women, handsome
wife, mother short-li ved, narrow-minded, good family, pains
in tbe loios. successful, jealous and energetic io several
Eighth houI,L-Unhealthy. legacy, capricious, m.9lher
few children, bilious, slender bad sigbt, k.idney
di sease. unstrady. easy acquisitions.
Pllnell in Different Dhavas or Houlcs
Ninth HOu.fe. -PopuJar. educated, intelligeot , well read,
lover of fiction, builder of charitable institutions, wealthy,
active, inclined to travel , godly, good children, immoveable
property, religious, mystical, righteous, agricullural success,
devotional , successful and good reputation.
Tenth, passionate. charitable. sbrewd,
aduherous, bold, tactful, ambitiou" great position. active,
trustee of religious institutions, Obliging to good people, many
friends, easy success, popular and able, wealthy, comfortable
and long life.
Elev",th ho/Ue. Many children, powerful , philanthropic,
p('lile, literary and aIlist ic taste, helpful, ioO ueot ial, cultured,
charitable, many friends, great position, reputation, good
lands, easy success, liked and helped by the fair sex, of
donations, man of principles.
Twelfth hou,te, Obstructed, deformed, narrow-minued,
cruel, unhappy, obscure, powerless, deceived, solitary, miser-
In the first house.-Hot constitution, scars in the
habits, big navel, early danger to father.
reddish complexion, active, adventurous, powerful and low-
Second house. - Quarrelsome, extravagant, ha rsh
adulterous, short-tempcred, wasteful, sharp-tongued, broken
educati on, satirical, large patrimony, bad tempered, aggres-
sive, unpopul ar and awkward.
Third h!?Ete.-;-Pioneering, few brothers, weak,
courageous, intelligent, reckless, adventurous, short-tempered,
unprincipled, easy morals, unpopular.
Fourth hou"e.-- Sickly mother, quarrels. unhappy home
life, danger to fa ther, domestic quarrels ,,"d conveyances,
uncomfortable, coarse, byutal, tyrannical, vulgar .
Fifth hous.e... no issurs, ambitious, intelligent ,
per severing, unhappy, bold, unprincipled, decisive.
Sixth holiH. Successful,
enemies, intelligent, political
near relations.
HiDdu ProdlClive ,A l lroloJ)'
good land. , rich succest
success. powerful, worry
St'lltnlh house.-Two wives or friction with wife, dropsy.
rasb speculations. unsuccess ful , intelligent. tactiess. stubborn,
idiosyncratic, peevish, passionate, tensioo in married"life.
Eighth hou..:!!.- Short life. few children, danger to maternal
uncles, widower later, bater of relatioo r. bad sigbt. extra-
marital relat ions.
Ninth hou.r,e.-Unkind. worldly, successful Irader, IDS!
t,it:k l y naval mercbant, dependent
lire, seIrseeking, acute, stubbor n, impetuous, logical.
Tmlh houst.-Founder of instilUlious and towns, ener-
getic, aaVenlU'rous, wealtby, active, healthy, famous, self-
made mUD, good agricuhurist, good profits, clever, successful ,
loved by relations, decisive.
Eleventh house., Learned, educated, wealthy, influential ,
property, crafty, happy, comm:l.nding.
Twelfth house.-Unsuccessful, poor, rotten bod!" unpopu-"
la r, incendiary diseases, suffering, stumbling, acti ve. fruitless,
lia ble 10 fraud and deception, dishonest, uoseen, impediments.
drformed eyes.
MERCURY : In Ihe first bouu..-Cbeerful, humorous.
well read, dever . many enemies, learned, fond of accult
studies and ast ronomy, witty, influential, intellectual, respected.
long-lived, love of literature and poetry.
Suond house.-Learned in religious and philosopbical
lor;:-;;"eel spe;cb, good conversati onalist, humorous, clever,
many children. de termined, fine manners, captivat ing look,
self-acquisition, wealthy, careful , thrifty. clever in earning
Th ird hoult .- Daughter, happy mother, clever, cruel,
lovf6y faIr sex, tactful, diplomatic. discreti on, bold, sensible .
Pt"' nelS ID DiffereDI Bhans or Hou$CS
Fpurlh good mother, un-
bappy, skilled in coojuring ttlcks, ?bllglDg, affec-
ti onate, popular, inclined to pursue hterary
FiOh hqM..U',-Sbowy, learned, danger . to
maternal uncles, parents sickly, good administrative
fond of good furniture and dress, respect from moneyed
ministerial office, executi ve ability, speculative, scholar, vam,
daoger to father , combative. '.
Sixth houu, - Respected, interrupted education ,
nate officer, executi ... e capacity, quarrelsome. showy., dlsslmu.
lation, losses in money. peevish , bigoted. troubles In the feet
and toes. . ..
Sel'mtl, house.-Diplomalic, interesting ablht y
early in life and success through it , early Wife band
dutiful and sbort-tempered, breaks in education. learned
ro=. '. d
in astrology, astronomy and success In tra e,
successful . dashing, gay, sk.iIfuJ, religiOUS, mother and
early death to her, cunnlDg. adulterous, cilantable, str'Mg
Eighth "ouse.-Long life, landed easy . to
anything demea. grief through dom.eslles, obhgmg. few
issues, many hinds. famous, respected, .
Ninth house.- Highly educated, mUSICian, many .
obliging, licentiouS. philosophical, lover o f lileralure . creative
mind, inquisitive, scientific-minded, poru1ar, well kno,,:"n . .
Trnth house.-Determined, fortunate, enjoyments m "fe.
intelligeot , bad sigbt, active. cheerful , chari table . able.
philanthropic. .
house.- Wealthy, happy, mll. thematlcal 'acuny.
gO(l'a ' 'iiiiOlOge-;:' many friends famous men , many
laod'l, logical and scien tific, success 11'1 trade. .
I:u1fJ.b intelligent,
adulterous, Obliging. CapTlCIOUS, wayward, narrow-minded.
11' Hindu Predictlvo A.troIOU
gifted, dC5pondent. passionate, few children. lackioJ ill
opportunities, danger to mother.
JUPITER; In the Flnt hou.u.-Magnetic personality.
good grammarian, majestic appearanCe, bighly educated.
many children, learned. dexterous, loog-lived, respected by
rulers, philologist. political sucCess, sagacious, stout body,
able. infiutotial, leader.
Second intelligent, digni6ed. attractive,
happy. fiuent speaker. aristocratic. tasteful, winDing mannen,
accumulated fortunc, wilty, good wife and family. eloquent .
humorou., and dexterous.
Third house.-Famous, many brothers, ancestors, devoted
to tbe family. miserly, obliging, polite, unscrupulous, good
agriculturist . thrifty, good success, energetic, bold; taste for
fiDe arts aDd literature, loved by relatives.
Fourth house. - Good conveyances, educated, happy,
intelligent, wealthy, founder of charitable institutions, com-
fortable, good inheritance, good motber, well read, contented
Ilk. '
Fifth house.-Broad eyes, haodsome, statesmanly ability,
good.'lDsii6t: higb position, intelligent, skilful in trade,
obedient children, pure-hearted, a leader.
Sixth hou.Je. - Obscure, unlucky, troubled, many cousins
andgrandson-s: dyspeptic, much jocularity, witty, unsuccess-
ful , intelligent, foeless.
.m!ll.!! hous:-Educated, proud, good wife aod gains
through her, diplomatic ability, speculative mind, very seosi-
tive, success in agriculture, virtuous wife, pilgrimage to
distant places.
Eighth house.-Unhappy. earnings by undignified means,
obscure, long life, mean, degraded, tbrown with widows,
colic pains, pretending to be charitable, dirty habits.
- Charitable, many children, devoted.
religious, merciful, pure, ceremonial-minded, bumanitaria.n
PI.Deb 10 Ditrereot Bh ...... or Hou, CI
principles, principled, conservative, generous, long.lived
!?,:nevolent, God-fearing, highly cultured, famou.,
blgh position .
Tenth house.-Virtuous. learned. clever in acquisition of
wealtb, conveyances, children, determined, highly principled,
aceumalated wealth. founder of iostitutions, good agricul-
turist, non-violent, a mbitious. scrupulous.
Eleventh of music, very wealthy. states-
manly ability, good deeds, accumulated funds, Godfearing,
charitable, somewhat dependent , ioOuential many friends
philanthropic. "
Twelfth house. - Sadistic, poor, few children, unsteady
character , unlucky, life lascivious, later life inclined to
asceticism. artistic taste, pious in after-life.
VENUS : In the Ascemiant.-Expert mathematician , very
for1t'nate, ambitious. bold, long life, pioneering, fond of wife,
strenuous , skilled in sexual succeSSful , practical,
.scents. flowers. women skilled in fine arts , pleasing,
astrologer. mucb magnetic power, leader of people.
Second house .. Large family, bappy, delicious drinks.
luxurious meals. handsome, large fair eyes. wik.
witty, brilliant, polite, educated, hating women, obliging.
rapid in mind, clever in speech. agreeable, creative author,
conservative, composer. economical, wealthy, logical. able .
Third..!!EEY.- Lover .of fine arts, prosperity to motiier,
wealthy, miserly, obliging, well placed, travelling, original .
Fourth house.-Intelligent. happy. affectionate learned
affect lonate- motber, agriculturist, educated.'
methods, peaceful life, protector of cattle, endeared by
relations, food of milk, famous, literary, successful, popular.
_Fift"-.!J!!..Ijg. - Clever, intelligent, statesmanly ability, good
counsel, danger (a mother, commander, educated, able,
sociable, kind-hearted, affable, good-natured, many daugbten
ll.D.d few sons, affable manners,
Hindu AllrO)oa,.
S}4lh hOuft. - Licentious, foeless, loose habits, anger. low-
minded, well informed, destruction to enemies, fond of other
SeYcnth houu.-Passionate, unhealtby habits, bappy
marriage, sensual, inclined towards sex pleasore.
fl,htlr hou3e, - Dauler to motber, happy. given to bad
habits. short-lived, famous. celebrated, unexpected legacies,
trouble in mind , disappointment in love affairs. pious later in
Ninth houst. - Selfi sh, rel igious. respect for preceptors,
able, successful . commander, lover of fint arl s, generous.
Tenth house.-Respect for divine people and parents,
carriage, broken education, successful as a lawyer, popUlar,
social. moderate ealer.
housl!. - Influential, le.nned, wealthy .. good con:e-
success ful ; many friend s, much popularity.
.]JvefJlh,- Meen-minded, fond of low women,
miserly, obscure, licentious, unprinci pled, weak eyes. fnnd of
sexual pleasures, clever. liar, pretentious, unhappy love
affai rs.
SATURN: In Ihe First house. - Foreign customs and
habits, mind, bad thougbts, eviI-nll.tured, tyrannical,
well-built thighs, cunning,
thrifly, unclean, passionate, aspiring;- curious, defof_m!..d,
sick ly, exploring, flatu lence, licentious. addicted to low-class
than one marriage, diseased face,
unpopular, broken education, wea k sight , un social , harsh
speech, stammering. addicted to wine.
lhird house.-Intellige nt, weahby . wicked, of
brothers, polite, advent urous. bold . eccentric, cruel. coura-
geous. obJiging. IIgriculturist .
FourJ.!!... house.- Oanger to motber if wi th the Moo t , un.
happy, sudden losses, colic pains, narrow-minded, crafly,
Planeta in lJiiferent Shavas or Houses 121
estates encumbered, good thinker. success in foreign countries ,
disfavour , licent ious, interrupt.ed .
Fifth hnl/se.-Narrow-minded . life, no chIldren,
perverted vicws. tale-teller , government displeasure. troubled
life, clear-minded. .
:Sixth house." Obst inate, sickly, deaf, few c-hll dren,
quarrelsome. sex diseascs. clever, ac tive. .
. S;:fenrh IWIISt' . - More than one wife. ente.rpmmg,
colic pai ns. deafness. di plomatic. stable marll3l!e. a mbitiOUS.
political success. travdling. dissimulator. fo rei rn honours,
d<! puI3tion. .
Eighth housf.,.- Sceking ?ell y. few
corpu lent. inclined to drinking, fnendshl p wllh women
of other colic pains, defect in sight, seductive. clever,
weli -i nfvrnocd, impious. danger by poisons. ast hma , con.sul)l p-
lion , etc .. if with maletics. dishonc-st , ungrateful clllldrcn,
crud , long life.
Ninth housl' .- Legal success, founder of charitable insti-
tutions. very life. scientific . ineli
gious, h")gical. ceremon la l-mlDded, '.
Tenth hous/.'. -Visin to sacred rl\'eh and sbrln S. grea t
worker . biliOUS. good farmer, sudden eleval ions
sions. residence in foreign countries uncertain, later on in !tfe
.. n ascetic.
/el'.-nth /1Oi.ue,- Learned, feared and respected , very
wealt hy, muc!t landed properlY, broken education . coove-
yances, poli tical influentia l, political respect..
T,.,.;el/th hous!,; -Deformed, squint lossell 1ft t
learned in occult science, poor, spendthrtft . many enemies,
dexterous, unpopula r, attracted toward s yoga in later life.
RAHU: III the Ascendant. - Obli ging. sympathetic.
abor tIOn, courageous, sickly wife or husband.
St'cond hause Puor and more tba n one wife jf affl icted.
d:l rk complexiulI, di seased face. ptevib. luxur ious dinners'.
Hindu Predict ive Ast rolo"
Third houu.-Few children , wealthy. bold, adverlturous.
Courageous , good gymnastic, many relations. '
Fourth house. -Liaisoo with women of virtue. sub-
ordinate. proficient in European languages.
Fifth flouse. -Childless, Oalulent. tyrannical. polile,
narrow-minded aod hard-hearted.
Sixth house.-Enjoymcol, venereal complaints, no enemies,
many cousins.
house.-Wife suffering from men strual disorders.
widow divorcee coonection , diabetes, luxurious fOOd. uri-
Eighth house.-Vicious, degraded , quarrelsome. narrow-
minded, immoral. adulterous.
Ninth house. -;-A puppet in the hands of tbe wife. impolite.
uncharitable, emaciated wai st . loose morals.
Tenth house.-Intimacy witb widows, taste io poetry aod
literature, good artist , traveller, learned., influential among lower casles,
many children. good agriculturist.
Twelfth house.-Deformed, few children, defective sight,
very many losses, saintly .
KETU : In the Ascendant. -Emaciated figure. weak COD-
sti tution, much perspiration. weak-hearled, slender, piles,
indulgence, diplomatic. ---..
Second speaker , quiet , quick in perception .
peevTs"h, ha rd-hearted, thrifty and economical.
'[bjrJi... houu.-Adventurous, strong, a rtistic, wealthy,
FOllrth house.-Quarrelsome, licentious, weak, fear of
FUji) house.-Llberal 1055 of children. sinfu l, Immoral it
'xth houu.-Fond of adullery, good conversati onalist,
licentious. ve eieal complaints, learned.
PlanelS in Different Bhavas or Houses 123
Seventh house.-Passionate, sinful, coonections with
widows, sickly wife. .
Eighth house. -Senseless , obscure, dull , sanguine com-
plexion, piles and similar troubles.
Ninlh house. - Short-sigbted, sinful, untruthful. tbrifty,
many children, good wife. . .
Tenth House. -Fertile brain , happy, religiOUS, pilgrimages
to sicred rivers and places, fond of
. ::-Humorous . witty, licentiOus, intelligent,
Twelfth housc.=-Capricious , unsettled
res idence, attracted to servile classes, much
l ious, spiritual knowledge.
mind, foreign
travelling, licen-
Planets in Different Rasis or Signs
_TIl E SUN: III Ar;es.- Active, intelligent, famou s. traveller,
wealthy, warrior . variable fOrtune, ambitious, phlegmatic,
powerful, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering,
init iative.
Taurus. Clever, reflect ive, attracted by perfumes and
dealer ill them, hal ed by women , slow 10 action, musician,
selfconfident, de liciou s drinkS, happy meals, tal:tful,original,
sociable , intelligent . pH1mi nenr
Gemini.- - Learned , astronomer,
polite, wealtby, critical, assimilative,
$hy, reserved , lacking in original ity.
scholarly, grammarian,
good conversationalist,
Canuf.- Somewhat har$h. indolent. wealthy, unhappy.
const ipation, sickly, travelling, independent . expert astrologer.
Leo. -St ubborn, fixed views, lItrong, cruel. indepep.dent.
organising capacity and talent ii for propaganda, humanitarian.
frequenting solitary places, generous, famous.
Virgo.-Linguisl, poet , mathematician, taste for literature.
scholarly, artistic. good memory, reason ing faculty,
effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehenSion, learned in
reli gious lore, reserved, wanting adulation.
Libra.-Manufacture at' liquors , popular, tactless, base,
drunkara, loose morals, arrogant, wicked , frank . submissive,
bold, rearing thieves and robbers,
PJallels ill Different Rasis or Sirns
reckless , cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, impUlsive , idiotic,
indolent , surgical skill, dexterous, military abi lity.
Sagillorius.- ShorHempered, spoils. reliable, rich,obsti.
nate, respected by all, happy, popular, religious. wealthy,
C{ll1ficorn.-Mean-minded, stubborn, ignorant,
pushrul , unhappy, boring, active , obliging,
humorous, witty. affable, prudent, firm. _
Aquqrius - Poor, unhappy . stubborn . unluck y, unsuccess
ful , medium height. ralc faculties, self-esteem.
Pisces,-Pearl merchant, peaceful. wealthy, unc\'clltful,
religious, prodigal, loved by women .
THE MOON : In A,ies.-Round eyes, impulsive, fond of
travel, irritable, fO'nd of women, vegetable diet, quick to
decid.: and act, haughty, inflexibk, sores Tn the head ,
dexte!'ous, tickle-minded . war-like, enterprising, good position ,
self-respect. valiant, ambitious, liable t o hydrophobia irtbe
Moon is afflicted, large tbighs, popular, restless, idiosyncratic,
Tauru.r.-LlberaJ, powerful', happy, ability to command ,
intelligent . handsome, influential, fond of fair sex, bappy iQ
".- middle life and old age, great strides in life. beal'tiful gait .
large thighs aod hips, phlegmatic afflictions , rich patience.
'- respected, loveintrigues, inconsistent, wavering mind, sound
judgement, voracious eater and reader. lucky, popular,
influenced by women , passionate, indolent.
Gemini.-Well read , creative. fond of women, learned in
scriptures, able. persuasive. curly hair, powerful speaker,
clever, witty, dexterous, food of music. elevated nose, thought
reader, subtle, long life.
CaltCt'r.-Wise, powerful. charming, influenced by
wealthy, kind, good. a bit stout, sensitive; impetuous, un-
profitable voyages, meditative. much immovable property,
126 Hindu PrediC:li ve A.slto lo'J
scien tist. mi ddle slat ure, pruden t , frugal, piercing,
Leo.-Bold , irritabk . la rge cheeks , blonde, broad face.
broW"neyes, repugnant to women, likes
forests and hills . colic troubl es. incli ned to be unbappy,
haughty. meolal a nxie ty. liberal, ge nerous, deformed body,
steady , a ristocrat ic. settled views, proud ,
Virg'o. - LovelY "unken
shoulders and arms, charming, aUncllve. pri ncipled , affl uent ,
comfortable. so ft body. sweet speech. honest ; truthful.
modest , virtuous. intelligent , phlegmat ic, of wome.n.
acute insight . conceiled in selfestimation, pensive,
sationalist . many daughters. loquacious, ._and
clairvoyant or attra9ted towards skilled ill arts like
ffi-usic and-da-oc ing, few suns.
Llbra. -- Reverence and respect for learned aod holy people,
gods ; ta ll , ra ised nose, tbin, deformed limbs,
sickly consti tution , rej ected by kinsmen, intelligent , princip.led ,
wealthy, business-like, obliging, love for a rts, far-seeing,
idealistic, clever, mutable, amica ble , losses through women,
loves women, just , not ambit ious, aspiring.
Scoreio.-Broad eyes, wide chest , round shanks and
thi ghs, Isolat ion fr om parents or preceptors, brown com-
plexion . straight- forward. fr ank. open-minded. cruel,
simul alOr. malicious, sterilit y, agitated, unhappy , weall hy,
impetuous, obst inate.
Sagittarius.-Face teeth sk illed in fine arts.
indistinct shou lders, dISfigured nails and arms , deep amI
inventive intellect. yield ing to praise. good !' peech . upri ght .
help from wife a nd women , bappy marriag,. many chil dren.
g\lod inhe ri tance. benefactor, patron o f arts and Iiteratu!e ,
ceremon ial- minded, showy, unexpected gi fts . aut hor, reRectlve
ment ali ty, inflexibl e to threats.
PJlnclS iD DiffereDI or Signs
Capricorn. Ever altacbed to wife and children, virtuous.
good eyes. slender waist , quick in perl' ept ion, clever , active,
crafty. somewhat selfish . sagacious , slIategic, liberal. merci-
less , unscrupulous, int:onsis tent . low morals, ni gga rdl y lind
meao .
Aquarius .-Fair. looking. well-formed body. lall, large
teeth , bell y low. youngish , sensual, sudden elevations and
depressions. pur e-minded , artistic, jnWil ional, diplomatic.
lonely. peevish. an ist ic taUe, energetic, emotional, esoteric.
mystical. grat eful. heal ing power.
dealer io pearls a Dd fond of. wife and
child ren , perfect build, long nose, bri ght body. annihi lating
e nemies, ! ubservieDt to oppos ite sex, handsome , learned.
steady , simple, good reputation, loose morals, adveOlurous,
many chil dren. inclined later in life.
MARS : In Arips.- Organising capacity, commanding,
ri ch social. sea l!' in the: body, sensual , dark. mathematiciall ,
powerful. inspiring. pioneering. able,
frank , generou!' , careful not economical in domestic dea li ngs,
vague imaginations, combati ve tendencies , hard-hearted.
Taurus - lnHuenced by women, timid , ' rough body ,
st ubborn , sensual , liking for magic and SPOrl S, somewhat
unprincipled , sclfhh, Iyrannical. not sofl-hearted. rash ,
emotional. a nimal instinct 'Irong sensiti ve.
Geminl.-Loving famil y and children . taste i'n refinement.
scientifi c. middle stature, well built, }tarned, a mbitious,
qu ick, rash, ingenious, skill ed in music.: fearless, tactless,
peevish. unhappy, !> ubservienl . diplomate. ,humiJ iIuing,
Concer, - Inlellillent, wealthy, rich. travels and voyages ,
wicked . perverted, Jove of agriculture , medical and lurgical
proficiency. 6ckle-minded. defective sight. bold , daShi ng,
headlong. speculative unkind . egoistic.

Hindu Predictive ASlroloiY
w.- to occultis_m, ast rology astronomy tlnd
lIl :lI hc,l; atics , kne for parents, regard a Dd for ciders and
pre ... t" ph)rs, indc p,odent peevish. liberal. vicwri ous.
stnnHlch troubles, worried by mental c\)[nploints, gCr.crous,
noble, author early in life , success ful, combat i\c,
.!:!rgo. -Imituble, e:<plos ive, trouble in JigeHi vc orga ns,
no ma rit al harnlDny, !;cneral love for the fair sex,
. ..:onceited, <lllablc. boas tful. materialis ti c.
ccrernollial-minded, positive, indi ive. pretentious,
de..:ept ive. Scie[Hinc enterpri ses.
Libra.-:-Tall, budy symmet ricall y built. .:onrpJ.exioll fll ir
and \warili y ambifiou j. sel f-confident , perceptive
materialistic. love for family, scJ fearneJ weallh affable war.
li ke, f,)resight , business-l ike, deceived b)' sa;guine
temperament. kind. gentle . fond uf adulat ion , easily rumed ,
boast rul. ..
Scorpio. -- ivtiddlc iot uture, clever , diplomatic.
tendency, indu !gem, tenacious memory, mal idr.>us. aggressive.
proud, baughty . greal strides in life.
Sugittu,-iu!: - Gentlemanly, muoy foes, fllmous mi nister .
stales man , open, frank, pleasure loving, few cbild(en, liable
to extremes, conservative, ind) ft"ereot, exacting. impatient :
severe, quarrelsome . liti83tion tro ubles, good citizen.
Rich. high polit ical position, many sons,
brave, generous, love for Chil dren, middle stature, iodustrious.
indefatigable, successful. penet rating, bold, tac"t'tul , respectC'd,
generous,;:aUant. influential.
Aqllorius.-Unhappy. miserable . poor, not truthful, in-
dependent , un ... isc. wa ndering, impulsive . cont roversial.
combative. well-versetl in dialec ts , free, qui ck in .forJ:iving
and for geuing, t:onvt: nti ooal, danger on water , morose,
medi tative.
Fair complexion . troubles in love affairs . few

Pl anetl in Differenl Rasi l or Signs '29
children . pass ionate, restless, antagonisti c, exacting, uncer-
taint y of feeling, fait bful , unclean, colic, indolent, wilful.
MERCURY .' In Aries.-Evilminded, middle stature,
obstinate. clever . social. great endurance, materialistic ten
dencies, unscrupul ous, wavering mind . antagonistic, fond of
specul ation . impUlsive, greedy, danger ous connections
deceitful , swervin g from rectitude.
TourllJ".-Hi gh pos it ion. well bui lt, clever . logical, - mental
harmonY" many children , liberal , persevering, opinionat ive,
wealthy, practicable, friends among women of eminence,
inclination to sensual pleas ures, well read. sbowy.
Gemi"i, Inclinat ion to physical labour , boastful, sweet
speech, tall , active, cultured, tactful. dexterous to mOl hers,
indolent , invent ive. tas!e in literat ure, arts and sciences, win-
ning manners, liable to tbroat and bronchial troubles, musiciln ,
mir thfu l, studious.
COIU:er. - Witt y, likes music, disliked by relati ons, low
slature, s pecul ati ve. diplomatic, discreet . flexible , rest less,
though religious. liable to consumlltiQn , . strong
pa rental love, disl ike for chastity.
children . wanderer, idioti c, proud , indolent,
nOl""""Toil d of women. boastful. orator , good memory , two
mothers, poor. early marria ge. independent in. l.hi nking,
positive will. remunerati ve profes!>ion. likes Iravel-
VirKo .-Lurned, vir luous, liberal, fcarl e!>". , in ge ni ous .
IUln'dsome, irr itable, relined, subtl e, intuiti ve. sociabk . no
,elf co nt rol, morbid imaginations, dyspept Ic. difficulties,
c!oqllent , autbor , priest, astronomer.
l.ibl"tl.-Fai r complexion, sangui ne dispusiti on . inclination
10 C.\CeioSeS, percepti ve facuities, m:l1erial tendencies. fr ugal,
agre.:able . courteous. philosophi cal, faithful. ceremonial-
minded. sociable, di scree t.
HiDdu Predictive A$lrolo,),
Short, Furry hair,
liable to disease of tbe generative organ, gCJleral debility,
crafty, malicious, selfish. subtle, indisc reet. bold , reckless .

Sugiltarius.- Taste in loc iences. respected by polished
society. lall, well built , learned, rash , superstitious. vigorous,
executive. diplomatic, cunning, just. ca pable.
Capricorn,_-Selfless, business tendencies, economical,
deblor, inconsistent, low stature, cunning, inventi ve. active.
restless, suspicious. drudging.
dquarius. Middle stature, licentious, proud, quarrelsome
frank, sociable, rapid strides in life, famous, scbolar,
cowardly, weak constitution. .
.fisces.-A dependent, serves others, dexterous . peevish,
indolent, petty-minded, respect for gods, and Brahmins.
JUPITER: In Aries.-Love of grandeur, powerful, wealthy.
prudent, children, courteous, generous, firm. sympa-
thetic, happy marriage. patient nature, harmonious, refined ,
high position.
TQurus.-Stately, eiegant, self-importance. liberal , dutiful
sons. JUSt, sympathetic. well read, creative ability, despotic,
healthy, happy marriage, liked by all. inclination to self.
Gemini.-Oratorial ability. tall, well-built. benevolent,
purehearted. scholarly. sagidous. diplomatic, linguist or
poet, elegant, incentive.
Conar.-Well read, dignified. wealthy : comfortable:
intelligent: swarthy complexion, inclined to socfai gossip,
mathematician, faithful.
!::!:-Commanding appe.rance, laU. great. easily offended,
ambitIOUS, active . happy., intelligent, wise. prudent" generQus
broad minded, literary,. harmonious ,&un.oulldings, likes hjlb
and dales.
iD DiffereDt Ruis or Sians
Virgo . - Middle stature, ambitious. selfish. stoipal.
nation. affectionate, fortuoate. stingy, a beautLful
wife great endurance, learned. "
Libra.-Handsome. free. open minded. hasty.
- bl h I'lon from overacttvlly
just, courteous, strong, a e, aus . '
Jeligioul competent. unassumlOg, pleaslDg.
Sfo,;io.-TaU, somewhat stooping, elegan=-. manners,
serious, exacting, well built, superior airs, selfish"
weak constitution, sub-servient to women, passlO.natc, con-
ventional, proud, zealous, ceremonious, unbappy .
Sagilta,iu3.-Pretty inheritancr, weailhy,
handsome. noble, trustworthy,. good
ability. weak constitution, artistiC quahtles, poe IC, open-
minded. good conversationalist.
Cupricorn..;- Tactless, good . disgracerul .
viour, generous, unhappy, irritable, IDconslstent, aVaflCI?US,
unmanly, jealous. ,
Aqwgju. Learne4, not rich, controversial fi,gure, __
sophical, popular. amiable.
prudent,- bumanilamin. melanctiollc, meditati ve. --arCaIiiY,
dental troubles. ,
Pisces. Good inheritance. stout, two
if witb malefics. enterprising, pohllcal diplomacy,
hi gh position. . '
VENUS: In Aries. - E:u.ravagant,
dreamy. Idealist, proficient ID fine arts, hceDl1ous,
fickle.minded, prudent, unhappy, irreligious. easy gomg. loss
of wcalth due to loose life, , . ,
Taurus.-Well built, handsome, pleaslOg countenance,
sensual, love of nature, fond of pleasure, elegant,
!,.aste ill-daoing.ap.9 mush; voluptuous.
Gemini.-Rich, gentle, kind, generous, proud,
respected, gullible. lov_e-of fine arts, intelhgent:
logician, just, dual marriage. tendenCies towards materlahsm.
Hindu Predictive AstrolOI)' ,
. (dtllcer .-MeJancholy, emotional. timid, more than one
wife, haughty, sorrowful, light character, inconsistent. un-
happy, many chil dren, sensitive, learned.
through women, pretty wife, wayward ,
paSSionate, fair compleltion, emotional, zealous,
hcent!ous .. attracted the fair sex, premature in conclusions,
SUperior airs . by enemies.
. __ licentious. unhappy,
illiCit Jove, agile, loquacious, rich, learned.
l;ibra,-Statesman, P?et, intelligent, generous, philo-
E,andsome. matrlm.onial feli city, successful marriage
paSSOlDate, proud. respected, intuitive. sensual, wide travels .
Scorpio. Broad quarrelsome, medium statu red
Independent, artistic. unjust. proud. disappointed in love:
haughty, not ri ch. '
height. powerful . wealthy, respected.
Impertinent, generous. frank, ' bappy domestic life high
position, philosophical. '
Capricorn.-Fond of low class women, imprudent ambi-
tious. unprincipled. licen tious, boastful, SUbtle. learned. weak
all. middle 'Iature. handsome, affable.
persuaSive, Witty, timid , chaste. calm, helpful and humani-
tarian .
tactful. learned, popular, just,
cancaturlst, modest, refined. powerful , exalted,
. ..
III Aries - Idiotic, wanderer , insincere,
peeVish. resentful. cruel . fraudulent, immoral , boastful
gloomy, mischievous, perverse,
IDg --- -_. -.
Taur,.!!:!.-Dark comple:a:ion. deceitful, successfultpowerful
unorlhodolt , clever, likes SOlitude, voracious eater,
PI. nell in Different Rllis or Signs 133
cool, cODtagious diseases. many wives, self-rest raint, worried
Dature. .
Gemini.-Wandering nature, miserable, unt idy, ortginal,
thin, SUbtle, ingenious. strategic, few children. taste for
chemical and mechanical sciences, narrow-minded, specu-
lative, logical. desperado.
CQnUT. Poor, weak. teeth, pleasure-seeking, few sons,
checks full, slow, dull. cunning, rich, selfi sh, deceitful,
malicious, stubborn, devoid of motherl y care.
stature, severe, obstinate, few sons, stub-
born. unfortunate. conflicting. hard worker, good writer ,
Virgo.-Dark complexion, malicious, poor, quarrelsome.
erratic, narrow-minded, rude, conservative, taste for public
life, weak health.
LlbTa.-Famous, founder of institutions and the like, rich.
tall, fair, sel f- conceited, handsome. tactful, powerful. respec-
ted, sound judgment, antagonistic, independent, proud,
prominent. charitable, sub-servient to females.
indifferent. hard-hearted, advent urous.
petty, se f-conceited, reserved. unscrupulous, violent, unhappy.
danger from poisons. fire and weapons, wasteful, unhealthy.
Sagittarius.-Pushful, anful, cunning, famous, peaceful ,
faithful, pretentiOUS, apparently generous, troubles with wife,
COurteous, dutiful children, generally happy. .
Caprico", -Intelligent. harmony and felicity in domestic
)ifc. selfish. covetous. peevish, intellectual, learned, suspicious.
reflective. revengeful , prudent, melancholy. inheritance from
wife's parties.
Aquarius.-Practical, able, diplomatic, ingenious, a bit
conceited. prudent. happy, re6ective, intellectual. philosophi-
cal, vanquished by enemies.
Pisces.-Cle'4Cr. pushful, gifted. polite, happy, good, wife
tru:t;,oriLy. SCheming. wealthy, helpful.
HIDdu Predictive Anrolo,y
Rabu and Ketu arc aPNlkagJr,a srahas or tusleetess planets
and they give tbe results of the lords of the bouse tbey
In the above description of the characteristics of the per-
sons when '.be different planets are in different signs.
!he ascf.lbed bold good only when a particular planet
IS nOl either glotlfied or alHicted. Results must be duly modi-
fied or qualified according 10 the amiction or otherwise of the I
planets concerned.
Characteristics of the Signs and Planets
The following informatioD will be of much use in Horary
Astrology, wben it is a question of ascertaining the nature of
tbe lost goods Of articles, their location, how, when, where
and by whom such tbings were stolen or robbed, the perSOD
involved in the crime and so on. It will also assist one to
obtain a clear insight into the study of Mundane and Medical
SIGNS : Aries gOliuns -Lands frequented by sl'leep and
goats. jungles. caves, mountains, forests. cattlesheds. mines
and places worked up by internal fires. bead of Kalapur"sha
(Zodiacal Man or Time Personified).
To","s. - Neck of the KDlapurusha. pastoral and cullivaled
fields. projecting rocks, lively tracts, wilderness, mountains,
lands frequented by caale and jungles abounding in elephanu.
Gtmini.-Musical and entertainment balls. brotbels, dens
frequented by fair girls and debauchees, shoulders of Kala-
plITIlsha. carpenters , parks. gambling bouses. cinemas.
theatres, countries. Doted for special manufactures and tracts
wbere vice is largely found, libraries, granaries, store-bouses,
Chest of KaJapurusha, watery places, tanks,
rivers, pearls, lands, and fields of wet cultivation, canals.
reservoirs. marsbes, holy place., picturesque localities and
sandy places.
136 Hindu Predicti ve AstroloJY
Leo.-Heart of Kalapurusha, inaccessibl e peaks and rocks.
jungles' and thick forests frequented by ferocious beasts. deep
forests. forts . palaces, extensions, fortifi cati ons. smelters,
government institutions, caves and mountains , chemical
laboratories, explosives, manufacturing place ... bunting pl aces.
glass factories and localities infected with beast') and birds of
Virgo.-Slomach of Kolapurusha. arts, sciences, literature.
meadows, grassy plains, banks, exchange Ja fge manu-
facturing ci ties, secret organisati ons, indust ri es, brothels,
oceanic surface, Durseries and ga mbling rendezvous:
Libra. - Racing and ga mblin g centres, abdomen , navel of
Kalopuiiisha, roads, commercial places, betting places, st reets,
exchanges, byeways, thoroughfares, fore sts, planes.
\corpio:-SexuaJ organ of Ka!opurusha, natura l crevices,
da rk retreats, caves, opening!: in the earlh, dens, kit chens,
vault!:. vineyards, underground cells or const ructions,
strategic fortifi cati ons, moleh ill s, places abounded by serpents,
vermin and reptiles, wilderness containing anthills , orchards,
stagnant pouls.
,ag;ittgrl!:!:t.-Camping grounds, mil itary retreats, chariots,
armouries, cavalry, stabl es, army barracks. battlefields,
infantry. battery lines, magazines, places of offence and
defence, am,munition depots, war implements, racing grounds,
sacri fi cial pl aces, militar y stores.
!;qpUpoUL'-- Riven. (orests, lakes, caves, church yards ,
templ e precincts, tombs, sepulchres, a rsena ls, marshy
plal' es, waters abounding in whales and crocodiles.
places, inferior grains, rendezvous of
debaucbees, prost itutes and vulgar folk . toddy sbops, illtoxi -
eating drink s, gambling dens, mines. aeronautic machinery,
drunka rd localities, infamous bouses, vineyards, caves.
Pisces.- Feet of Kolapurusho . holy shrines, altars, sac red
places and ri vers, tanks, all oceans, hermitages, fountain s.
Chal'9.cteristics of the Signs aDd Pl anet s
sacred pagodas, localitie!: frequented by mahatmas, pumps,
cisterns, fish ponds and excessive watery tracts.
PLANETS : The Sun represents.- Soul, father, personal
magnetism, patrimony, self-reliance, psychic
political power, Sotwa guna, Godliness, wmdy
and biliouS temperaments, pomp, despotism, pOSitions of
authority, temples and places of worship, Ru!hu,
hot and pungent tastes, goldsmiths. che(OIsts,
druggists, sacri ficial places, coronation courage.
bones, doctori ng capacity . .
The Moo1! .-Mind , mother, clothes, water, women, cll.lta-
vation, seamen , travelling agents, navigators, pearl s.
gems vegetatio n, politeness , manners, juicy articles, sPlflt
white umbrellas. fi shermen, jollity. salt, watery
places, bath-rooms, springs. mental happiness, blood.,
gllna, stubbornne!:s, strength of mi r. d, the
moral and religious acts . . VISion ; water
journeys. . fanCies, romances ,
popularity a nd buman responslblhtles.
Mars. - Brothers, sisters, bi le, heir_apparents, endurance,
physical strength, Thomasa guna (mild-nature),. mental power.
poi sonous gases, fire!:, firemen , warriors, scars. and
wounds. human impetuosity, mili t ary operations,
weapons of offence and defence, extravagance, treasures,
catastrophes, caprice. litigation , red wooll en shawls, blood,
dese rts, mountains, forests, fortifications. sulphur.
courage, southern direct ions, zeal and enthUSiasm, prowess,
manliness, chemists, druggists, gold, (oppe r, . surgeons,
sapphire, corals, beasts , burning gases, dentists, .fire pl aces,
brokers burnt clothes, engineers, butchers, engines, cook-
rooms, 'iron and steel , chemi cal laboratories. . .
Mercurz:.-Mercantile acti vity,. trade and asso.cla-
ti on. wisdom, intelligence. cunning. dexterity, Journalists,
Hiodu Predictive A' uoiOO
bawkers, accountants, mathematicians, orators, public
speakers, shrewdness, ambassadors , booksellers, publisher"
brokers, sexual intercourses and enjoyments, pUlrificd and
roUen things, commerce: aerial and land jour neys, imports
and exports, industrit:s, poets, architecture, weaving, vegeta_
tion, beauty. elegance, inferior or base metals, wit, bumour,
green colour, northern direction, psychological development,
refined taste, Rajala guna, betel leaves, outs and limestone.
Jupitu.-Ved !..s. _ preceptor, lajt h, devotion,
bon ours, fegal affairs, diplomacy. religiollsnes!, guardianships,
t ruthfulness, proficiency in arU -a,nd sciencts, pOwer of dis-
cussion, religious inst itutions, morality.
progeny, fairness, $Q!wQ gwna, minfslers, lawYcrs,!9
cal wisdom, ascetici sm, bankers, philanthropists, silver,
ordinary Clothes, merchants, menIal calibre, corpulence, man Ii.
ness, restaurants and hotels, northeastern direction,
devot ion, faith, charity, astrology and
Yenu.r. - Poetical, faculty, attachments, wife, children,
love affairs , si n len, musicians, sexual pleasures, dress, fine
arts, family bliss, actots . artists, botanist s, feminine grace,
venecul complaints, lus tre in the eyes, scandals, adulatfon,
indolence, sycophancy, sexual intercourse, toilets, marriage,
pearls, meats and intoxicatinl drinks, authorship, rai ns, bed.
rooms, dens of prostitutes, barems, dancing, passions, environ.
men Is, SOuth-eastern direction. lakes, foresi ght, variegated
colours, learning, a miability, kindness, perseverance and
Saturn.-Stubbornoess, impetuosity, servitude, idiosyn_
crasies, impediments, despondency, defecu, imprisonment ,
obstructions, demoralisation, bondage, servanu, windy
diseases, evil purposes, sorrows, injuries, risks, mean acts,
jails, thieves, miners, brick layers, Deap;OCL
drunkenness, gambling, oils, seeds, pots, woollen fabrics,
Results of Dasas and 8huktis
( Periods and Sub-periods)
.We have already learnt the method of finding the ruling
period Dasa ), its balance at the time of birth,
and It IS succeeded by subsequent dasa.r in a particular
Xli). Dasas are major periods in whi ch
the indica lions of the planets are r&alised.
. Say, for when a man will have ma rriage or
or promoti on In his pOSition, has to be determined. For
tbe 7th house is examined and then the most bene-
fiCial which assures a ll marital happiness found out.
To determine the probable peri od of marriage we must fi d
out w.hen that particul ar planet assumes over
event 10 preference 10 so tbat tbe time of realisation
may be ascertai ned.
A number of are given bel ow whi ch give tbe
probable results a parllcular planet will prodUce during its
The must be careful in applying these prin-
Ciples to practical horoscopes. He must bear in mind that th
should not be applied verbatim. The results vary accordi:;
to the strength and weakness of the Dasa (main period) lord
the Bbukti (sub-pe riod) lord and the Antara (Sub--sub.periodj'
. In the events, in a Oasa, a Bhukti or a still
mlQor peri od Ant ara. general results due to tbe planet
should be carefull y weighed and incongruous results. when-
Re, ult. of DISII and Bbuktis 14'
ever they occ ur, should be avoided. It is diffi cult t o lay down
any particular rules which will apply in all cases. Therefore,
we give some of the important rules by way o f example, The
reader may draw si milar canc1usions. bavi ng all the time
regard to tbe strength and propensity of the planet. The
result sbould be consistent with the person for whom it is
intended, under the condit ion of li fe in which he is brought
up as well as the physical poss ibil ity at the time. For instance
political success may be predicted in the Dasa of the Sun, if
he is in Aries in the 10th house. This political succeSS' wili be
at its maximum provided the Sun is not aspected by malefics
and his pOSit ion is equall y strong in the Navamsa. If he is
aspected by Sat urn who may be in Aquarius, then in of
tbe SUD being in Aries, complete political success canhot bl..
and ought not to be predicted .
The lord of t he Oasa has a quali ty of his owo stamped
upon him. This will aga'in be modified by the nature of the
bouse, the nature of tbe sign, the nature of the aspectU"ag
bodies, the nature of the lord of the constella ti on tbe Oasa
lord is in, tbe favourable and unfavourable situati on of t.he
lord of Oasa in tbe Navamsa and va ri ous other fac tors .
In general we may say:
1. The Oasa period of Saturn, if it happens to be the 4th
Oasa, will be unfavourable.
2. The Oasa period of Jupiter will be unfavourable if it
happens to be the 6th Oasa.
. If Saturn and Jupite r are strong and favourably disposed,
the evil effe..:ls get modified.
3. The Oasa peri od of the lords o f the 6th and the 8th
produce harmful results unless they acquire beneficence
4. The Dasa periods of planets in Shava sandhis (junc-
ti onal poi nts) will be unable to produce their full result s.
Hi.,du Prediclive AnrolOC)'
. S: I,D the course of a Dua. a planet produces sucb resultl
as It indicates by o f ownership, association, location
and aspect. For Instance, favourable position of the lord of
tbe 2nd will give good income aod wealth during his Dasa.
6. The Dasa results stand to be modified by the effect of
GocharQ or transiting planets.
1. When LAgna (Ascendaot) is powerful, during theDasa
of lord of Lagna, favourable result s can be expected to occur
as ri se in profession, good health and general pros-
8. Lord of the 2nd in his Oasa gives wealth.
9. Lord of the 3rd during his Dasa gives new friends
belp to brothers, lea,dership, Hod physical pain (if afflicted).
',D. If the lord IS ,;eJl placed as already explained above,
he will do good regardmg tbe house or houses with wbich he
may do by way of ownership or aspect
or locauon dUring hi S period, while if the lord is weak and iII-
placed, he will inOict misery.
11. The periods of lords of the 5th and the 9th are said
be good, so much so that the periods of planets, which are
or Otherwise related with them, are also supposed to
give rhe to good.
'.2. The general effect of the Dasa (major period) get
by the planet that rules the particular Bhukfl (sub-
peClod)_ fn such a case, however , tbe inHuences of both the
are to be compounded and the relation between thcm
taken Into account
I J_ During the Dasa period of a malefic planet when
the sub-period of a planet ruling tbe 3rd, the Stb or the 7th (reckoned .from the natal star) is in progress, the subject
will have a period of trial and tribulation.
14. Unfavourable result s will be realised wben the sub-
lord and th.e major lord are situated in the 6th and the 8th or
the 12th and the 2nd from each other respectively.
Result, ('of Dasu ."d Bhuklis 143
IS. The sub-peri od o( the lord of the 51h in tbe major
period o( the lord or the 9th or vi"e versa is supposed to
produce good effects.
The!e are all general principles and they sbould not be
applied verbatim. No Dasa can prove exclusively beneficial
or exclusively harmful. For a fuller appreciation sec How 1A
Judge a lIoro.reoee. I give below general results produced
during the Dasas and Bhuktis.of different lila nets.
The SUD'S Dasl 6 yrars
The Do 0 the Sun in Aries in dee exaltation. Sudden
gains in catlle and wealth, much trave Ing In eastern
countries, residence in roreign countries, quarrels among
and relat ions, pleasure trips and picni c parties' and'
company of beautiful women. M()O/otrikDna. Birth of
.children, much fr om high personages, gains in callie
and money, acquisition of power and political .
Taurus. - I ncrease in landed properties, (arne among relations
and friends, cul ti vation of love and reverence for holy people
and saint s. wealth, education. inclination
10 interest oneself in music and such other fine arts, and
generally happy and cheerful. Calleer.-POlitical success,
always gay and happy, travelling in foreign countries a nd
increase in lands, bouses and wealth. lJD.. - Respect from
kings and noble personages. righteous conduct, birth or
children a nd respect among children. V;rgD.-Suffering off
and on (rom physical complaints, loss o r cattle, wealth and
house and misunderstandings with close relatives and friends.
Libra. - Reduced to poverty, troubled by enemies, failure in
il\.&s, death oC brothers and. friends and miserable
life. Scoreio.-Starting sehernes and'
ellterprises, reaHsation o:.maoy ambitious thj,ags. travelling
in billy ttacts and COWJtrIlCS. Sagiltarius.-Happilless, success
... Hindu Predit::li'c Astfology
in undertakings, good healtb, dest ruction of enemies, satis
faction in every way. Capricorn.-A wandering life, loss of
patrimony, self respect and good name, misunderstanding
among bis own people. Aquarius.- Ment al worries, 10s$ or
illness to wife, loss of property and wealth.
in' wealth. auspicious celebrations, respect among relatinns,
increase in family members and smooth sailing in every w'!-y.
Sthanabala ( Positional Slrength).-Gains from cultivation.
lands, conveyances , general happiness, good reputalion and
meritorious work . and pilgrimages to holy shrines. Digbola
( Directional Slrength) .-Respect from many dirct,tions, happi.
ness, powe r and pecuniary success. Kafoba/a ( Temporal
Strellgrh) ,- Respecl among rulers, success in lands and culti-
vation. Naisarg;kabala (Natural S' I'englh j.-Unsolicited
pleasures a!ld enjoyment of articles of comfoT! . pleasure trips
and excursions and much respect. Cllestabala ( Motional
Slrrnglh}.-Birtb of children, felicilY and harmony in married
life, fin a ncial gains and success in speculation.
Dhj,lklis or Sub-periods iD
The Sun's sub-period-3 months, 18 days .
Unpleasantness with relatives aDd superi ors, anXIeties,
headache. pain in the ear, some tendency to urinary or kidney.
troubles, sickness, fear fr om rule rs and enemies, fear of death,
loss of money, danger to father if the Sun is afflicted, stomach-
ache and travels , gains thr ough reli gious people, mental
sufferings, a wandering life in a foreign
The Moon 's sub-pcriod- 6 months.
Winning fav our fr om superi ors, increase in business,.fresb
enterprises, troubles through women, eye troubles, many
relatives a nd friends, indulgt';nce in idle pastimes, jaundice
and kindred ailments, Dew clothes and ornaments, will be
happy, healthy, good meals, respect among rel atives.
Bhult1i s in Sun's Dau
Mars' sub-period-4 months, 6 days.
Rheumatic and similar troubles, quarrels, danger of
enteric fever , dysentery, troubles to relatives, loss o f money
by thefts or wasteful expenses, failures, acquisition of wealtb
in the form of gold and gems, royal favour leading to
perity, contraction and transmission of bilious and other
diseases, mental worries, danger from fire, ill-health, loss of
reputation, sorrow.
Rahu's sub-period - 10 months, 24 days.
Many troubles, changes according to the position of Rabu,
fami ly disputes, journeys, pang of death , trouble from
relatives and enemies, loss of peace or mental mi sery, loss of
money, sorrows, unsuccess ful in all attempts, fear of thieves
and reptiles, scandals.
sub-perlad-9 months, IS days.
Benefits fr om fri ends and acq uaintances, increase in edu-
cation, employment in high circles, association with people of
high rank, success through obstacles, birth of a child, wealt h
got tbrough sons (iflhere is ' a son), honour to religious people,
virtuous acts, good traditional observances, good society and
conversations, reputati on, gains and court-honours .
Saturn's sub-periad-ll months, 12 days.
Constant sickness to family members, new enemies,' some
loss o f property, bodil y ailments, much unhappiness, dis-
placement from home accidents, quarrels with relatives, loss
of money, disease, lacking in energy, isnoble calls, mental
worries, loans, danger from thieves and rulers.
sub-period-IO months, 6 days.
Gain in money, good reputation, acquisition of new
clothes and ornaments. new education, trouble through
telatives, mental distress, depression of spirits, waste of
money and nervous weakness, no comforts, friends becoming
146 Hindu Predic1i,e AstrokIIY
enemies, much aOll:iety and fears, health bad. children uo-
grateful, disputes and trouble from ruler or judge, suffer
disgrace, many sbort journeys and wanderings.
Ketu.'s sub-period-4 months, 6 days.
Loss of money fRict ion of mind with troubles. faintings
or nervous exhaustion, mind full of"misgivings, a long journey
to a distant place. change of house due to disputes, troublcs
among relatives and associatcs, "throatdiseasc. meDtalanguish,
ophthalmia, serious illness, (ear from kings or rulers and
enemies, diseases, cheated "by olhen.
Venus' SIlb-ptriod-l year.
Gain of money. respect by rulers and gain of vehicles,
likelihood of marriage, increase of property. iIIncss, docs
many good works, acquisition of pearls or other precious
stones, fatigue, addiction to immoral females and profitless
discussions .
Til. Mooa's Dau 10 Years
;:au = ::;;:; .... , _,.._
The Moon in Arjes.-Physical and mental happiness,
gains in wealth and perfect contentment. Taurus. - lncrease
in fame and name, collection of enormous w ~ mental and
physical happiness. Gemini.-Progress in educatioo aod
acquiring of much immovable and movable propertie . COTICer.
-Addition in wealth, success in litigation, unexpected finding.
of treasure, travels. k!.-Progress in education , much gains
from unexpected sources. Virga.-Death of serious illness to
mother, worries from enemies aDd swindlers, meotal and
physical resUeSioess. Llbra.-Gains in wealth, increase io
friends, visits to holy places and Ibriaes, realisation of
schemes and destruction of enemies. Scarpia.-Fear from
political bead., destruction of relative., disappointments in
every .respect, Joss of wealth, liberty and honour at risk and
mucb mental uneasiness. SagittarilU.-Domestic bappiness
Bbuklis io tbe Mooo', Oa .. 147
and felicity, celebration of bappy functions, accumulatioo -;:, f
wealtb and undisturbed progress of normal private affairs.
Capr/corn.-Increase in lands and bouses and wealth, success
in every, new enterprise, pilgrimages to holy places and success
'in litigation . Aquarius.-Destruction of property, fear from
political authorities, mental worries from enemies, misunder-
standings among relatives and friends. .fisces. Taking
charges of fresh office, reciting religious texts and moral codes
and easy access to anytbing coveted without effort. ASl'enda",.
-Tbe Mooo's Dasa produces charitable feeling and good
friends. Avaroha (mav;ngfrom exaltation to debilitolian).-
Losses and troubles to wife, mental worry and illness" dis-
pleasure of his own people, fear from rulers, wells, poisons
and the like Nt't'cho (debilitalion}.-LosstS and troubles
from various sources and mental worry. Moolatrik01l4.-
Respect among rulers, money gaiol, acquisition of landed
propeny, much happiness and sexual enjoyment.
IlII.tell i. tbe Moon's PaU
The Moon's sub-period-IO months.
Devoted-attention to learning, love 01 music, good clotti-
ings, company of refined society, sound health, good reputa-
tion, journey to holy places, acquisition of abandoned wealth,
power, vehicles and landS ; marriage, reletives, fortunate
deeds, inclination to public life, change of residence, birth of
a child, increase of wealtb, prosperity to relatives.
Mars' sub-period-7 months.
Quarrels and litigation among friends and relatives. head-
long enterprises, danger of disputes between husband aod
wife, between lovers or in regard to marital atrai n; disease.
pctulence, loss of money, waste of wealtb, trouble from
brothers and friends, danger from fever and fire, injury from
instruments or stones, loss of blood and disease to household
Hindu Predictive Astrolo.,.
Roh,/s lub-period-l year, 6 montbs.
Distress of risks (rom falls and dangerous diseases, waste
of wealth and loss oftelalives aDd DO ease to body. loss of
moncy, danger ofslirriog upcocmics, sickness, anxiety. enmity
of superiors and elders, anxiety aod troubles through wife,
scandals, cbange of residence, diseases of skin" from
thieve! aod poison, iU-healtb to fatber and mother, suffering
from hunger.
Jupitu's year, 4 months.
Jncrease of property. plenty ofCood and comforts, pros-
benefits from superiors sucb as masters or govcrnors,
birth, of a child. vehicles, abundance of clothes aod oroamenU
and success in undertakings, patronage of rulers, gain of
property, respect, learne".
Sqlurn's sub-p(.rlod-I year, 7 months.
Wife's death or separation, much mental anguish, loss of
property, loss of friends, iIIbealth, mental trouble due to
mOlher, wind aod bilious affections, barsh words, and dis-
with unfriendly people, disease due to iadigestioD, no
_peace of mind, quarrels with relatives.
Mntury's year,S months.
Acquisition of wealth from maternal relatives, new
clOthes and ornaments, settlement ' of disputes, pleasure
through children or lover, increase of wealth, accomplishment
of desires, intellectual achievements, new education, honour
from rulers. ' general happiness, enjoyment with females,
addiction to betting and drinks.
Kelu's sub-perlod-7 months.
lIJoess to wife, Joss of relatives, suffering from stomach
acbe, loss of property, sickness of a feveri sh nature, danger
from fire, subject to swellings or eruptions, 'eye troubles,
mind filled with cares, public criticism or displeasure, dis-
honour, danger to fatber, mother and children, scaodals
among equals, eating nf prohibited food, bad acts, bad
company, loss of mnney and memory.
Yenus ' sub-period-I year, 8 months:
Sudden from wife, enjoys comforts of agriculture,
water product s aod clothing; suffers from diseases inherited
by mOlher, sickness, pain, loss of property, enmity, gain of
houses, good works and -good meals, birlh of children,
expenses due to marriage or other auspicious acts_
The Sun's sub-period - 6 months.
FeveriSh complaints, pains in the eyes, success or failure
accordlng to ?osition of the Sun and the Moon, legal power,
free from dJSeases, decadence of enemies, happiness aod
prosperity. jaundice, dropsy. fever, loss of money, travels,
danger to father and motber, piles, weakness, loss of
children and friends.
Mars' Dasa -7 years
. Mars in Aries. CAcquisition of wealth. increase in repu-
taUon and respect, mucb gain. Taurus.-Destruction of
enemies, success in all struggles, respect from elders and rulers
and good p.rodl! ce from lands . .&!.!:!! to great
wealtb, precIous stones aod metals, agricultural success,
SUccess in all undertakings. Cancer.-Danger from
of ho.nour and reputation, domestic disharmony and
mlsuoderstaodlogs among brotbers or close relatives. Leo.-
aod Successful all through the period of 7
10 fine arts and material gai ns through them. increase of in-
come b.ouse and lands.1::Jr!!!..- Beneficial results. success-
ful termtnaUoD of educational pursuiu, ability to address
and deliver lectures, and bappiness from relatives
miserable life, misunderstandillgs
..... Jlh cousIns and brothers. death of wife and children loss of
wealth and and mortgagill8 of landed property. 'Scarolo.
-Increase In wealth, good earninas. friendship and intimacy
Hindu Predicti,.. AslrOlot1
with exalted personages, love for own people, always bappy
and active. Sagittariu".-Earnings from political or roy.'
sources, courting tbeir friendsbips. destruction of enemies
realisation of all hopes and desird. Capricorn.-SUCCCss 10
battles and respect for military skill, sains from quadruped.
and iocrease in wealth. AquarilLf.-Great hardships aDd
difficulties, misunderstandings with rulers aDd the immediate
superiors in office, unpleasant relations with motber and
servants. Pi.rccs,-Much wealth. general success aod
bappioess . b;;;P;; crops in lands, prosperity and acquisition
of bouse and business, respect as a learned man. great repu-
BbuktJ'. I. Mar.' DaN
Mars' sub-pl!rlod-4 months, 27 days.
Great heat. dislike of friends, aORonnee from brothers,
and sisters, danger from failure of all undertakings.
danger of hurts according to the ligo held by KMJa, trouble
with superiors an'd some 'anxiety through sirangen, (ore
or people abroad and through warlike clan. Danger of open
violence. quarrel with relations, loss of money. skin
consumption. loss of blood. fistula , and fissures in aous, loss
of females aod brothers, evil doio.1 and boils.
Rahu's sub-puiod-l year, 18 daya .
. Danger from rulers and robber', loIS of wealth. success '
in evil pursuits, suffering from poisonous complaintl, losl of
relatives, danger from Ikin discasel, change of
lOme severe kind of cutaneoUI disease, journey to a (orelgn
country, scandals. loss of COWl and buffaloes. illness to wife,
loss of memory, fear from inlecU and thieve falls ioto well.
fear from gbosts. aJrectioo or gonorrhoea, frettiol aod
Bbuktis in Mira' Dasa
Jupiter' s subpuiod-II months, 6 days.
Loss of wealth, enemies, end tbe unfortunate period.
favour from superiors and persOnS in position, gain of
nlOney, birth of children. auspicious celebrations, acquisition
or wealth through holy people, freedom from illness, public
reputation. ascendancy and happiness.
Saturn's sub-pu/qd- l year, I month, 9 days.
Loss of money, diseases, loss of relatives and danger from
arms or operation, illness leadiflg to misery, evil threatened by
enemies and robbers, disputes with rulers, loss of wealth,
quarrel , disputes, litigation. Joss of property, cutaneous
effects, loss of office or position and much anxiety.
Mercury's sub-ptriod-ll months, 27 days.
Marriage or inclination to marriage, knowledge and fruits
of knowledge, wealth. bodily evils disappear, slander, fear of
insects, poisoned by animals and insects. gain of wealth by
trade, abundance of bouses, trouble from enemies and mental
worri,es, service rendered to friends and relatives, new know-
ledge, success in litigation.
Ketu's sub-ptriod-4 months, 27 days_
Enmity and quarrels with low people. loss of money due
to evil works, commission nf signs, great sufferings due to
troubles ,from relatives and brothers and opposition of bad
people. family disPlites, trouble, with one's own kindred
diseases. pio)onous complaints. trouble through women. many
Venus' sub-period-I year, 2 months.
Acquisition of property, gain of money, domestic happi-
ness, successful love affairs. inclination towards religious
observances and festivities, favourable associations, inOuenced
by priests. skin eruptions. boils, pleasure from travelling.
jewels to wife, clothings, money from relatives and brothers.
odium,of females and theiT society, increase or intelligence;
enjoyment of and gain of money.
I ,
i I
I ,
. ,
Hindu Predict ive Astrololf
The Sun's subpu;od-4 months, 6 days.
Gain of money in bad ways, destruction of enemies. good
reputation, long tn foreign lands and peace o f mind,
blame. odium of elders, quarrels with them, sufferings by
diseases. p eartache .occasioned by onc's own relatives, fever or
other inf\ammalory affection, danger of fire, troubles through
persons in pos ition, many enemies.
The Moon.' s sub-pt rlod-7 months.
Profit . acquisilion of wealth, house renovated or some
improvement s effected in it, comforts of wealth. beavy sleep,
ardent passioo, enjoyment by the help ofwomco.
R.bus Oa.a-18 YUIS
#ahu In Aries.-Auspicious celebrations in the ...
recitations or sacred texts, acquisition of tracts of land,
perfect domestic happiness, re.pect from rulers and a life of
harmony in every respect. to shrines
and holy places, increase ' knowledge, enter-
tainments, gains from cattle and dealings with quadrupeds.
GEmia&: Multiplication of enemies, always peevisb and abort-
tempered. fear from police and magistrates , sickness to wife
and family, misunderstandings and disfavour. Ce,u r.-
Serving the suffering, bumanit arian propaganda, u. t aod
entbusiasm for national -service, gains and increase in wealth.
riches and bon our and great reputation. Fear of
imprisonment of fra ud and deception or misappropriation or
political offences. destruct ion of property and mental worries
distractions. Virgoe- Gain in wealtb, general prosperity and
success. acquisition of new lands, elevatiOD to exalted posi-
tions, respect for learning, sexual bappiness and domestic
harmony, birth. of children and sudden access to much wealth_
Llbrg...-Destruction of property, loss of wealth, waste of
agricultural products. loss of position" fear of imprisonment .
Bbukci. in Rabu', Da ..
residence in foreign countries-rather in exile, many miseries,
hardships, business fai lure, litigation troubles and physical
and mental sufferings. ScoCRjo.- Rabu is debilitated here
and as sucb, causes great bavoc to tbe native. The results in
Ranu' s Dasa.will be :-abortion. loss of Children, inclination
to bid farewell to moral aspect of life. failure in business
enterprises aDd mental discontentment . Sagittarlus. -Acqisi-
tion of weahh, sudden and unexpected gain wit bout effort,
great success in any undertakings, loss of near and dear
relatives and mental unrest. CapTicorn.-Sudden promotions
to higher positions, recoanition of one' s merits by the State
and rulers, marriage festivities at borne, increase of wealth
and general prosperity. AqllOTius. 70rpbanage , disappoint-
ments, ment al derangement and affection , sorrowful news,
loss of wife or children, premature death (lnd mean instinct s.
PifS(S..:-Great fear in life from thieves. swindlers and sucb
people. inclination to matrimonial alliance. progress of edu-
cation, some gains, ill health and mental uneasiness . Rabu
in Pisces gives mixed results-bis position, )liZ. , whether he is
in a friendly or unfriendly sign. in tbe nouse of loss or gain,
wife or children . etc., should be correctly determined . These
results are merely general and are to be modifi ed with refe-
rence to the planet' s correct position and the exact nature of
strengtb or wea knes s it has to its credit.
Bbuktis ill Rahu' , Dau
u's sub-pulod-2 years. 8 months. 12 days.
Oislur Bnce In mind . anxieties , quarrels a mons rel atives,
death of partner, master or the bead of the family. mental
anxiety. danger of poisoning, transfer. all sorts of scandals
aod quarrels, fever , bites of insects or wounds by arms. death
of ralatives, going to court as witness, quarrels '-titb parents,
diseases. illness to wife, failure of intellect, loss,of wealth.
wandering in far off countries and distress tbere. '
Hindu Prediclivc Aslrolol)'
Jupiter's 4 months, 24 days,
Total disappearance of cnemies and sickness, royal favour .
acqui sition of wealth, birth 'of cbildren, increase of pleasure,
gain through nobles or persons in power, benefits and
comforts from superiors, succeSJ in all efforts, marriage in
the house. increase of enemies. litigations and dips in sacred
Saturn's sIIb-period.-2 years, 10 months, 6 days.
Scandal, danger due to rail of a tree, bad assoclallons ,
divorce of wife or husband, iDeessaot disputes and conteSts,
rheumatism. biliousness, etc., throughout; disease due to
wind and bile. distress of relatives, fri ends and well.wishcrs.
residence in a remote foreign land.
MercUJ:v'ssub-miRd-2 years, 6 months. 18 days.
Many friends and relatives. wife and children. accession
to wealth or royal favour. In the first 18 months of this
period very busy, seriously inclined to marry. In the latter
12 months, enemies increase through his own action. happi-
nest':, birth of children , acquisition of vehicles, happiness to
relatives and family . enjoyments with prostitutes, showy.
gains through trade. fraudulent schemes .
.Ktl.IJ.'1 sub-qaiad - I year. 18 days.
Danger. disease in the anus, no good and timely meals.
s>idemic diseases, danger of physical hurts and poison. ill.
health to children . some swellings in the ,body, troubles
through wife, danger from superiors. loss of wealth and
honour. loss of children. deatb oC cattle and misfortllnes of
all kinds.
period-3 years,
Accession to vehicles and things of foreign land. troubles
from foes . relatives and diseases, acqUisition of wealth and
other advantages , friendly alliances, wife a source of fortune
and happiness. benefits from superiors or heads above in

Jupiter', Dasa
office. liable to deception, false .friends, gain in land, birth
of a ch ild or marriage.
The Sun's sub.n"iOd 10 months, 24 days.
Hot fevers>giddiness, fear and enmity of people. quarrels
in family, benefits from perSODS in good position, fear ,and
suspicion in connectiOD with wife. children and relallves,
change of position or residence, love of charitable acts.
contentment, cessation of all violence and outrage of conta
gious diseas!:s, success in eumi!lations, private life happy,
much reputation aDd fame, but mental unrest.
The Moq"l!'L1.H/l:JJ.t:ziDJJ...-1 year, 6 months. . ,
Abundance of enjoyments, good crops, commg of
money and communion with kith aDd kin, loss of
loss of money through wife, pains in the limbs, of
position or residence. danger of personal hurts, unstability of
bealth, sea voyages, eain of lands and money. loss or danger
to wife and children.
Mars' sub-p'erwd-I yc:ar, 18 days,
rulers, fires or thieves and by arms, defc:at
in litigation loss of money due to COUSiOl, difficulties,
lorrows, to the person due to malice or enemies,
tendency to ease or dir,solute habits, . disputes and mental
anxiety, combinalion of all possible calamities, bewilderment
in every work and culpable failure of memory.
luplter's Dasa 16 Yws
;/upilrdn Aries,-Acquisition of ge?eral
prosperity and success in all undertakings and hugauons,
elevation to a responsible office or appointment as trustee
and great respect from his or her own people, Taurus,-If, a
king or a president-access to new territories, fresh trelltes
and pa'cts, if an ordinary person-acquis!uoo esta
bli!hment of business on a firm foundation, gains 10 trade
and agriculture, increase in lands and cattle, respect from
, I
Hindu Predictive ASfrolOIY
friends and foes. Gemjni.-Dcath of wife if married or
SWeet heart , loss of children, brothers and cousins. deporta-
tion, fear from rulers aod mental uneasiness. Cancu.-Jupitcr
is exalted bere aDd gives all beneficial results such as much
political success, promotions, cxalted positions, humanitarian
work, nat ional service. acquisition of wealth from unexpected
sources and without efforts, journalistic success, minister of
education or lands and perfect barmony in domestic . life.
from rulers, gain of lands, much agricultural
produce, and realisation of one's own desires and ambitions.
l::1!gg.- Rcsidcncc in foreign countries, destruction of wife
and property. loss of wcahh, misunderstandings among rela.
tives, strife, body illhealth and symptoms of nervous
troubles and diseases. Libra. - Residencc in desolate places,
dissolute and sbamefuJ'ii7e,"" active part in perverted social
reform, selfish interests, great and unbearable difficulties and
trOUbles, tendency to create factions in societies and families.
Scorpio.-Mental calm and happiness, acquisition of new
lands and estates, undisturbed progress and religious worship
and pbilosophical di'icourses aod triumph of spiritual inHu.
ences over sensual passions, reputation at stake if aspected by
malefics. Sagillarius.- Many Sons, mucb wealth, success in
every undertaking, increase in relations and family members.
widespread fame aDd perfect happiness. Capricorn.-Death or
illness of children, wife always ill, loss of property. reputation
and selfrespect, irreligious acts, sacrilegiolls attacks upon
sacred institutions, predominance of mean -motives, liable to
prosecution aod tbe upspringing of numerous enemies.
Aquarius. Consumption and fear from wild beasts. animals.
bad luck, many hardships and loss of wealth. Pisces.-Much
fame throughout this long period of 16 years, higb education
and gtlin from exhibition of knowledge, acquisition of
property and_general success and happiness.
Bbuklilln Jupitu'. Dasa
Bb";tis in JO'p':iter's
'wiler's 2 years, I month, 18 days.
Increase of property, domestic happiness. benefit from
or occupation, birth o f children, reputation,
good meals, good deeds , health, royal favour . great diligence,
success in all attempts, travels, dips in sacred rivers, pilgri.
mage, honour at stake if affiictcd.
Saturn's subperiod 2 years, 6 months. 12 days.
A feeling o f aversion , mental anguish, waSle o f wealth'
through Sons, failure of business. increase of wealth and
prosperity , pain in the body, rheumat ic pains in li mbs,
trouble through wife or partners, failure in profit and credit.
sorrows, fearl'!, enmity o f friends and relatives, adultery,
unrighteous, a witness in court, quarrels in family. mental
funeral ceremonies for otbers.
Mercury'l sub-periQl,/ 2 years, 3 months, 6days.
Increase of wealth, good and ailspicioU5 works in the
bOllse, communion with relatives, bappy, increase of know.
ledge. acquisition of wealth through trade, favour from
rulers, material comforts, perfect practice of hospitality, gain
through knowledge in fine arts, birth of a wellfavoured child,
advantages from superiors.
Krlu's sub-p'!rj9d- II months, 6 days.
Pilgrimages to sbr ines. increase of wealth, sufferiog
for the sake of several seniors and rulers, death of partner if
in business, cbange of separation from relatives
and friends, may forsake business, effects. loss of
wealth . destruction of work, illness, boils.
tLnus' subperigd- 2 years, 8 months.
Appointment, wealth, reputation. gain of money, savings,
e!opment of soos and grandsons. jewels, good and
delicious meals, marital happiness, auspicious works. reuni on
of the family, good success in profession or business, gain of
, I
, I
HI Hitadu Predk:t.ive AltrOlou
land in tbe month of Taurus or Libra. much enjoyment.
relatives, friends, peace of mind, acquisition of valuables,
troubles from females and odium of public.
The Sun's sub-puio.d 9 months. 18 days.
El'lcmics, victory. caSe, great diligence, comiug in of
wealth. royal favour and sound health, gain. good actions or
fruits of good action , loss of bodily strength.
The M00rLLSJ!.k.;J?J:r.Wii- l year, 4 months.
Increasc of prosperity. gaiD of fame and fortune . acquisi-
tiOD of property. benefits through children, sexual intercourse
w.ith beautiful womeD, good meals and clothing, success and
birth of a female child or marriage to some male member io
tbe family. gain of money.
MaTS' sub-periqd - J I months, 6 days.
Disappointments and troubles of various kinds. loss by
thefts , loss of near and dear relatives, inflammatory disease,
transfer or leave, failure in hopes and business, wandering,
bigh fever, great risks , loss of wealcb and depression of mind,
pilgrimage to temples. acquisition of wealth and fame,
Rahll', sub-DCriwt 2 years, 4 months, 24 days.
Income through low-caste people, apprehension of diseases,
possibility of every possible calamity, deprivation of wealtb.
SaiUrD's Dasa 19 Year,
Satur,. In Aries. The worst period in a man's career,
unexpected losses, disappointments in every undertaldng, mis-
understandings among relatives and friends and increase in tbe
number of enemies. Taurus. Success and gains in agricultural
operations, much prosperity to the cattle and other domestic
animals, great income, and access to Ihings desired. Gf!mini.-
Recognition of hi' services, great humanitarian work, profits
in speculations and trade, respect from rulert. political
success, reputation, fame and much general happioesa.
Bbuktis in S.turo'. Du.
and family strife, increase of
eoemles,trouble from relati ves and physical diseases and mental
affliction. f:!!.-A period of uneasines s, distrust, disappoint_
ments and unrest, misappropriation of money and consequent
if Saturn is afflicted powerful/y. hatred by all aod
courung death as a Source of rrolicf from mental worries.
Virlo.-Elevation to exalted positions, ruyal favour, business
of :ame and Librg,.-
Travel llOg In countries Inhabited by Christians and Moslems
establi shment of fresh branches if proprietor of a
concern, acceptance of invitations for public lectures and
honour and respect throughout the long period of 19 years
perfect domest ic happiness. Scorp/o.-Odium of superiors,
disliked and hated by all , loss of prestige, self-respect and
fame and destruction and damage to property and possessions.
to study philosophical and religious
treatises and success in such studies. auspicious occasions like
marriage ceremonies, etc. , at home and happiness and mental
peace throughout. Capricom.-Incrcase in lands, gains in
wealth and business, friendship with great and illustrious
personages. Aquarius. -Great travelling in Western
success in liligation, mental happiness and acquisition of
wealth . . P!.rcu. Pilgrimage to sacred shrines and holy
places, IOdltrerence toward s sectaria.n restrfctions and obser-
vances, Sorrow!, misery and unrest .
@buktis in SIIA"" QUA
'ub-JU'iQi 3 years, 3 days.
Brings on diseases, trouble. and tormeots, much mental
anguish, capacity of kings and freebootecs, loss of wealth,
fear of effect to cattle, much sufferings to family,
fever . Wind or phlegm, bodily ailments and colic, body
langUIShes. loss of money and children, serious enmities, dis-
, I
Hindu Predictive ASlrololY
pute and troubles from relatives, blood and bilious complain c
quarrels in family. loss of money, mental derangement.
Mercury'S .sub-eeriod 2 8 months, 9 .
Charitable works. gam of wealth. birth of children,
increase of knowledge in some brancb. prosperity to children,
success to relatives, general prosperity, favours and approba-
tion from superiors. increase of happiness. wealth and fame.
benefits occurring from acts of piety and customary religious
observances, agriculture and commerce.
Xelu's sub-perjQil-1 year, I month. 9 days.
Rheumatism or sickness, danger of poison. danger from
sons,loss or mORey, conlentions and quarrels with vile and
wicked people, dread of evil dreams, quarrels in family.
t'enus' sub-perfgA-J years, 2 montbs.
Auspicious, general happiness, attentions a nd favours
othe,s, gifts, profits in business, increase of family
members, victory over enemies, success in life, goodwill of
relatives, accession to wife's property and wealth.
The Sun's sub-perigJ}-l l months, 12 days.
Loss of wife and children. trouble from rul ers or robbers.,'
l inking of heaft, danger of blood poisoning, haemorrhage of
tbe generative system, chronic poisoning, intestinal. swellings.
amiction of the eyes, sickness eveD to healthy children and
wife. body full of aod disorders, danger of death. fear of
death to father-in-law.
Ihe..Mw.Lsub-pello.!i - l year, 7 months. .
Increase in cattle, eomity of friends and relatives, cold
affections. troubles and sickness, family disputes, loss of
money and property, reduction to great need . mortgage of
property and its recovery after a lapse of time, a
near sorrow, dislike of relatives. comiog io of money.
windy diseases.
Mncury's DAta 161
MOIs'sub-Dcrwd I year, I month, 9 days.
Some disgrace, serious comity , strife. much blame,
wanderings from place to place, unsettled life, many enemies,
loss of money hy fraud or theft, change of residence. serious
illness, distress to brothers and friends, hot diseases.
Rahu's lub-Dtriqd 2 years, 10 mOnths, 6 days.
Disease in every limb, loss of wealth by rulers, robbers
and foe s. danger of physical burts , various physical troubles,
fevers, enemies. increase of troubles.
Jupiuil sub-R,criod-2 years, 6 mODths, 11 days.
Worship of goda and holy people, happiness to family,
in,rease in bodily comforts. accomplishment of intentions by
the help of superiors. increase of famil y circles. attainment of
MerSHY', paSIJ 17 lee['
Mercur)) flf. Aries. Marriage . performKnce of religious and
sodal work , charity. increase in religiousness and intelligence.
favour of rulers. gains from cultivation. cattle, precious
stones and and happiness through these. Taurus .
-Great happiness, ICxual contact with beautiful young
women , getting titles and name. ornaments and authority over
men, of sweet girls and their company and
practice of mu sic and .kindred scieoces. Gcmi/lj.- Access to
great intellectual treasures, increase in k.WwiCcige. successful
termination of educational career , acqui sition of fame and
wealth, from wife and cbildren . marriage cere-
monie" and recitation ofsaered scripturel!. Cancer .-Degrada-
tion, change of residence, fines and imprisonments, penalties.
confinement in chains, hatred of relations, los-I!, of lands.
f.i1ure of crops and enmity with all. ,Uo.-Oood courage
and elevation, travelling in billy and mountainous Iracts.
I '
I '
I' ,
" I
Hindu Predictive
acquisition of wealth from various countries. progress in
koowlenJe. expeditions to mountains. caves and similar
places. marriage and great reputation. KJ!.gg.- The most
"'Ricious and happy period of life. favour of kings, admirers
and royal courts and great success io them. undisturbed
health, marriage in the house, increase in intelligence. reli-
giousness. charitable foundings , and unexpected gains. Libra.
-Great works published in tbe name, ravo'"U'rOr
wealthy and educated people witbout cffon. and leadersbip
over men. Scoreio.-Loss of wife, children, riches . mental
troubles, loues (rom merchandise, great hatred of people and
relatioDs and loss of reputation and power. Sagillarius.-
Success in education , meeting with learned and religious
people, worsbip of holy men, virtuous and charitable deeds,
travelling in Eastern countries, inclination for marital enter-
prises and great e!lhilaration. CapricoC/l.-Success in trade.
inception of new business-like trades in tanneries. leather
goods, glassware. etc. , recitati(lD ofreligious scriptures, Godly
cODtemplations, patronage of kings, destruction of foes and
enemies and general success in life. Aquarius.-Acquisition
of paraphernalia. aCCeSs to good and much wealth. indulging
in a pleasurely life and good fame and name. P;sus.-Trouble
from thieves, dysentery, deltruction of relations, litigation.
quarrels with relati ves, mental derangement, nervou's break-
down and failure in anempts.
Mercury' s .$ub-ptriod.-2 years, 4 months. 27 <tays ,
Acquisition of beautiful house and apparel , money through
relatives, success io every undertakiol. the birth of a brotber
or lister , increase io family, gain in businCl:S. good mind.
charitable acts, learning of mathematics and arts,
Shukti, in Mercury', Dasa
! Kttu.'J su.b-ptrlod-II montbs, 27 days ,
Sorrow, disease,lols of work and DluJrmo, bilious sick-
nell" aimless wanderinl. loIS of property. misfonune to
relattves, t,roubles througb docton, mental anxiety, trouble
fr?m meotalasony. loss of comfort . dread ofenemy.
(allure 10 business.
Vtnu.$' sub-period-2 years, 10 montbs.
of duty. conformable to relilion and morality,
0: and jewels, birth of 100d
bapPlDelS 10 married state, relatives prosper, trade
Increases', knowledge lain.ed, return from a long journey, if
not , married . betrothal In this period, health, ornaments,
veh Icles, house. mODl'y gained.
The Sun'.$ sub-ptriod-IO months, 6 days,
Pains in bead and stomach. enmity of people, loss of
reapect, of fire; anxieties, sickness to wife, troublell
. many obstacles, troubles througb superiors.
acquIsItion of wealth.
The Moon's sub-pl'riod-I year, 5 months.
Loss of health. some swellings or hurts ill tbe limbs
quarrels and troubles tbrough women, many difficulties.
of ,and agricuhure and trade, success.
bapPlness,. diseases, Ill-Will of enemies, miscarriage of every
concern. fisk from quadrupeds ,
sub-period-IJ months, 27 days .
. Disappearance of all dangers di seases, or enemies. flDle
derived from acts of cbarity and benefi cence. royal favour
4anger from jaundice or bilioul fever, affections of tbe blood '
n.euralgic pains and beadacbes, troubles tbrough neighbours:
wounds or buns, quarrels, addiction to drinks
&cUing and prostitutes, boils and burts of arms travels
forests and villages, sorrows, royal disfavour. impri;onmenl.
Hindu Prcdiclivc AS1foIOlY
Rahu .f" sub prr;Qd-l yean. 6 months, 18 days .
Intercourse with servants and prostitutes, skin diseases,
sufferings from hot diseascs. bad company and direy meals.
change of present poSition, fear and danger through foreigners,
disputes concerning property. failure in litigation. evil drcaJJ'ls.
headaches , sickness and 105s of appetite. wealth from (riends
and relatives, happiness, new earning .
Jupil('f's years, 3 months 6 days.
Hatred of friends, relativc:s and ciders, wealth. liable to
acquisition of land and wealth. gain by trade, rePU-
tation, good happinrss, good credit, benefits from superiors.
birth of a child or marriage.
Soturn';), sub-pt.'rlod- 2 years, 8 months, 9 days.
Sad luck, stranger to succesS and happiness, severe reversal,
enmity, pain in the part governed by Saturn, downfall or dis-
Brace to relatives , mind full of evil forebodings and distre_ss.
fear from diseases, loan5, loss of children. destruction of
family, scandals. troubles from foreigners, earnings through
evi l ..... ays . acts of charity and beneficence, acquisition of
wealth. material comforts through petty chief., failure in
Keto's 0.58-7 years
Ketu in Aries .-Disgrace. troubles from relatives, loss of
propcrlY, cattle and other domestic animals. constant travels
in Eastern countries, great hardship. sudden quarrels, loss of
mother and wife or their serious sickness, want of prudence
and capacity in private matters. Ta"ru.1.-Many dangers.
death of wife, acquisition Qf wealth through evil ways and
meanS, sexual sorrows, visits to sacred shrines and holy
waters , inclination to religious study and 5UC(:ess in it.
compunction and in the end appeasing sins by resort to foul
stratagems. Geminl.-Good health. happiness. elevation to res-
ponsibleandexalted positions, founding of sacred institutions.
KClu' , J>.$II
aood food. advent of relations and in later years venereal
uoubles. death of ncar relation and loss of .reputstion and
self-respect. Cancer.-Many dsnaers, disturbances from his
place and a period of exile. serious sickness to wife, parents
or children, and if badly afflicted, their death. quarrels with
friends, initiation into the mysteries of pbilosophical know
ledge. LLo. - Increase of lands. cultivation. progress in edu
cation. debates and discussioDs on philosophical :1I:d
scientific subject s with great scholars and eminent people,
attracted by fcmale s and company with them, travels in
mountainous tracts and hilly countries to spread any righteous
cause, and treated to great musical entertainment. Virgo . -
Fear from fires. weapons and poisonous gascs,
reptiles, destruction of dear lives. properties and self-respect .
unrighteous acts and nasty venereal complaints. Libro.-
Happiness and prosperity to wife or husband, Sclfand
cbildren. enmity of relations, gains from gold and precious
stones, headache. hesrt disease, nervous breakdown, trouble
io the anus and much discontent. S(orp;o.-Living dependeOl
relations . sycophant acts, a.: quisition of much wealth.
1055 of few children. gains from lands, contraction of new
friendShip from among the members of tbe fair sex and liable
to suffer from venereal complaints. Sagitlarius. -Perfect
domestic harmony and happiness . favour from a ristocrats.
progress in education, religious discuss ions. moral elevation
and manifestation of a spirit of tolerance and equality.
of private and governmental
funds and consequent prosecution, wife or husband catching
consumption and such diseases. death of a few .: hildren .
anxiety about eVerjlhing, misunderstanding with relations
and disgrace and disappointments. Aquaril/s.-Hating all
and hated by all, incurriog the displeasure of superiors, pessj.
mistic about every hope, abject dependency and servile
I i I
: I I
HiDdu Prcdicli .... ASlfOlolY
Hattery ; io the cod. happiness and prosperity to wife and
children. Pisus .... -uarned discutSiODS, generalaucces bel ping
the suffering. mcotal depression, promopoD, acquisition of
fertile lands, favour of the superiors and moneyed people,
moral and religious devotions, vigorous and clear understand-
ins. travel 00 water to distant countries and respect there.
"lCd.'. O.M
, .
Ketu's mb-period- 4 months. 27 day .
Fear of death of wife or cbildren, loss of wealth and
bappiaess, mental troubles, separation from relatives, subject
to some cstf.olement, restraint or detention. daoger of
poison .
VenuJ" sub-pulod . ) year, 2 months.
Wealth aDd happiness, binh of a child, efforts crowned
with success, in tbe cod sickness, wife ill. illness to children,
quarrels, loss of relatives and friendS, fevet and dysentery.
Sun'" sub-period-4 months, 6 days.
Disappointment, physical pain. exile in foreiaD country.
peril and obstruction in every business. increase of knowledge,
sickness in family, long journey and return, anxiety about
wife's healtb. I
The Moon's sJb.perlod-7 months.
Disputes about " fair sex". trouble through cbildren,
gains and financial success. diseases of biliousness and cold,
loss of relatives and money, destruction of wealtb and
distress of mind.
Mars' months, 27 days.
Odium of sons, wife and younger brothers. loss of-
relatives. trouble from diseases, foes and bad rulen. path of
progress obstructed, fear and anxiety, disputes and contests
of different kinds, enemies arise, danger of disputes and
destruction through females. sufferings from fever, fear of
robbers, death, imprisonment, urinary disea'ses, loss and dif6
cullies and surgical operations.
Rahu's mb-period-I year, 18 day.!.
Loss of lands . imprisonment . quarrel with friends. danger
of blood poisoning, danger of ruin. loss of property. fame
aDd honour. fear of kings and robben. sorrow. ruin of all
business adultery with mean women .
Jupiler'; sub-period-II moiuhs, 6 days.
Exemption from ailments, acquisition of lands and birth
of children. profitable transactions, association with people of
position. danger of poison. wife an object of pleasure.
if unmarried marriage lakes place.
Saturn's sub-perlod-I year. I month . 9 days.
Loss of wife. danger from enemies. imprisonment. loss of
wealtb, indigestion, property in danger or ruin, heavy loss in
different ways. change of residence. some cutaneous diseases.
anxiety owing to sickness of partner mi sgivings in. the heart,
mental anguish , difference of opinion with relations. exile in
foreign countries.
Mercury' s sub-period- II months 27 days.
Society of relatives. friends and tbe material gains
from knowledge, danger from relatives, anxiety on account of
cbildren . failure in plans. deceplion. jealousy. falsehood , and
Veaas' 0.511 - 20 Year,
,- .
Vellus in Arit'.f,-Residence in palatial buildings, acquain-
tance with noble personages, wearing good clothes, good
earnings, spread of fame, much respect, birth of child. happy
sexual relations and praised by friends and Taurus.-
A life of great ease and indulgence Ihroughout the penod of
20 years, enjoyment of much happiness, company of beautiful
&iris and joy through association with them, travels on seu
16' Hindu Predictive AltfOlo,:y
to foreign countries particularly southern, all ambitions of
life fairly realised. redemption from debts, symptoms of
ventrea.' troubles. Geminl.- Gain of terrhory. affording
protecuot. '0 brothers. sisten, cousi ns and paternal uncles
and auots, gain of vebicles, increase of reputation, children .
harmony with wife, meDtal peace and a check ovcr inclination
to indulge in loose life. Concer .-Paroxysms of grief and
terror . dest ructi on of property. dlscontent with relations, in-
crease of enemies, loss of wealth, disturbance to good work
and somt mental case in tbe cnd. Leo.-Mental disease and
sorrow, troubles from fires, poisonS3iid huns, evil women ,
(oullangunge and mental disorder. exile. and aimless wander.
ings in deserts and woods to evade detection by law. dangerous
sickness to tbe better half or a child . stigma on self-respect
due 10 mean fell ows and ioclindtion to conceal true identity.
Virgo -Quarrel s with wife or husband and separation from
him or her. mortgage of all property. trouble in tbe generative
organ often leading to surgi cal operation. symptoms of
arthritis. troubles relati ng t o nervous breakdown. mental
unrest , separation from relatives and fri ends a nd much grief
and Sorrow . ..b!J!!!l.- Great reputation. gain of wealth from
royal patroDage, comforts, good enjoyment of life, luxurious
invitations and worships of mammon and a period of extreme
sensuality. Scorpio.- Hatred for all. ma ny miseries and
troubles, serious risks. vengeance against relatives . loss of
and property, mental and imbalance. Sagj, .
,fame a nd name, religious .and philosophical
studle'. of writings, regaJ:d for holy people
ascetiCS, success In a ny undertaking and general
penty .. Cczor/t'orn,- Travels in foreigD lands. freedom from
worries. discussion with people, progress
In general educati on, witb low class people.
development of perverted Ideas of social or religiou s reform
&huklis in Venus' D ...
and in aU endeavours. Aquarius.-Acquisition of
fresh property. a good library, lands aod houses, honours
and unexpected gains, love for Cbri stian or Islamic literature
and its stray intercourse with ser'Yile women, domutic
happiness and harmony, political power and
great success, promot ioo to responsible office, acts of charit y
and generosity, exercise of prudence in official matters aod
perfect happiness in domestic life and smooth-sailing in e\'ery

Bhuktis in Veaus' J?.!!!
!::tIlU $ub-period 3 years, 4 months.
Success, good servants and good many pleasures, money
plentiful , disappearance of enemies, attainment of fa me and
birth of cbildren .
I/lI:.'un:.uVE.i.2.d- I year.
Anxious about everytbing., prosperity collapses, troubles
wi tb wife. children. land. family , disputes and quarrels,
diseases affecting head, belly and eyes, damage in respect of
T..iJ..LMl!!E.U..1..@.-.J!..e.d9.9.- 1 year, 8 months.
Gains of females, education . knowledge, money, cbildren
and vehicles, worsbip of God, accomplisbments of desires,
through wife. domestic bappiness afterwards, pain
li nd disease due to inllammation or nervous tissues and from
lust and other passioDs of human nature.
year, 2 montbs.
Flow of bile. disease of tbe eyes, great exertion. mucb
Income, acquisition of wealth, marriage, acquisition of lands,
venereal diseases , danger (rom arms, cJiile in foreigD places,
athei stic tendencies, of property through tbe influence
of females. negligence of duty. bent on pleasure and passioo,
temporary affection of eyes.
Hindu Predictive ""rolol)'
Rahu's sub-eerIQd- 3 years.
seclusion. quarrels amoog relatives and bis
people, entire change of surrouadio8s, schemes of deception .
mise"rliness, acquisition of lost property. dislike of relatives.
evil from friends and injury by
{ltIpitu's sub-PCrlqd-2 years,"8 month .
Means of livelibood settled, gains from profc15ioo,
through .. I?t by
fame. anxiety, quarrels with saints and religious men, 8!ULQf
knowledge, cnd of dependence, worship of certain inferior
natural forces, happiness and .
increase of family reputation and good deeds, wealth .
ultimate happincss , wife and children suffer in the cnd.
sub-p<ciod- 3 years, 2 months
Sexual intercourse with females advanced in ale, acce5Sion
to lands' and wealth, disappearance of enemies, affection of
excretory system, piles, etc., rheumatic pains in legs and
band., danger to eye silht, distaste for food. loss of appetite,
physical condition poor, loss of money, wanderings, servitude,
bollinl and gambling, addition to liquor, bad company, etc.,
illhealth, loss of memory, impotencc.
Memu's IMIL-ecrJ,pd-2 years, 10 months.
Association with prostitutes. enjoyments, .lr:nowledge,
mathematical learning, 5ucceiS in litigations, inclination to
learn music. piles and other hot ailments. pleasure throulh
wife and children. increase of wealth. aain of knowledge in
arts and sciences, wealth. ro)'al favour, prosperity on a larae
SCale and .ound health.
Xelu'$ pb-perwd-l year, 2 months.
- Discordance, death of relatives, injury inflicted by enemies,
misgivinp in heart, deprivation of wealth, troubles through
wife. danger from quadrupeds, illness to partner or a member
Bbuktis in Venus' Oasa
oJ the family , accidental blood poisoning, delirious fits, weak-
nesS in body and mind, gradual loss of wealth. loss of
relatives, bad company, abode in seclusion. manifold sorrows ,
but happiness in tbe end.
A careful study of my book How fO Judge A Horoscope i,
also recommended.
Source and Nature of Death
Fatalists and atheists lDay indulge in the hallucination s
that death is accidental . that it is merely the resolution of the
('omponent elements of the human body into their former
states and that it signifies an end to tbe activities of the soul
as it becomes incorporated with the general ethereal currents;
but in it does not seem to be so. There is much signifi-
cance attached to this by the Hindus as well as other people
believing in the existence of a Creator without whose
ledge "not even a sparrow faUs to the &round'"
Death doc;s not come all of a sudden; neither does birth
take place so . . Man does not come from nothingness and
disappear into the regions of annihilation. Some mysterious
and subtJe power seems to control reaulate the various phases
of human exi stence, like birth, life and death. operating in a
definite order and often transcending reason. logic and com-
monsense. The presence and operation of thi s power is
demonstrable by everyday occurrences.
Here comes the importance of the laws of Xarma and tbe
laws of continuity and eyolution. The Hindus grant the
existence of worlds other than our own and the possibility of
the soul migrating into good or bad states of future existence
after death. according as the KJJrma done in this world is lOad
or bad. As Socrates puts it. death is either the cessation " of
all human activities or tbe migration of tbe soul into a happier
sourt'e 3Dd Nature of Death I7J
Philosophers say that death is a stale of for
the soul to enter into more subtle forms of t'l xi stence and
duration of life in such states of exi stence depends upon the
balance sheet of Karma at onc's credit at the time of dealh
By ascertaining the length of life beforehand, and
nature and source of death. it may be possible to prevent
many and family strifes in thi s life. Some aver
thai it may also be poss ible to\ong the life. by recourse
to yoga and other remedies prescribed by the ancient Mahar-
sbi s.. Many times the !li udden death of a person lea\'es his
widow. children and other dependents in a slate of abject
poverty. Adequate provisiot)" could ha ve been made for
tbese pt"0ple if the period of death wrre previously
The following information will be: useful to find out tbe
place. nature and source of death, the part icular diseases
which the native suffers from at the time of death, unnatural
deaths by drownings, accidenls. wild suicide,
Murder, etc. , which' can be prevented , Ihe period of uown
sciousness before death, the nature of cremation or burial of
tbe dead body. the nalure of the past and fulure births :And
tbe poss ibilit y or otherwise of attaining moksha or emanci-
pation .
The disease from which a person dies i5 predicted by the
nature of the planet. which aspect s the IlIh house and the part
of tbe body to be affccted would be that represented by the
8th house in "he division unljler Kolopurushn (see chapler on
Medical Astrology for Ihis divi sion).
In other words , the humour belonging 10 the planet (which
is given in p. 174) in the 8th house causes the particular disease
which produces death. If many planets occupy the 8th house.
the body will be subject to several attacks resulting from an
excess of the various humours indicated by such powerful
and death will ensue. If the Sun , tbe Moon, Mars,
, I
Hindu Predictive AsrrolOC)'
M.ercllry, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn is in tbe 8tb house, deatb
be due to fire. water, weapon s, fever, cbronic diseases.
thieves or starvation rcspeetively.
If the 8tb house is a movable, a fixed or a common sign
death occurs in foreign place, OWn place or while travelling ,
If the Sun aspects tbe 8tb house, tbe disease will be
by bile ?r beat ; if tbe Moon by wind and bile; if Mars,
bile or heat:. If Mercury, by wind. phlegm and bile; if Jupiter,
phlegm ; If Venus. by phlegm and wind; and if Saturn, by
If one or of tbese planets occupy the 8tb. disease
prior to death will be from the above-mentioned sourCes-
the indicated by the particular planet. I f no planet
OCCUPies or the Ihb. then the lord of the 8tb bouse
must be and the nature of disease determined from
the Indicated by the parti cular planet.
Fir st tbc planet occupying the 8th; if no planet is
there, conSider the one that aspects ,he 8tb' if no pl.
t ' b ' ,net
'I,t. t give preference to the lord oflbe 8th, In tbe
illustration given below, the 8th from tbe Ascendant is Aries.
The Sun and Venus are posited there and are powerfully
--- --
- --
Asclil .
lOurCC ud Nature or Death
.speeted by the Moon who is in tbe 2nd from birth aJ!.d by
Mars who is in the Stb. Now the diseases tbe native suffered
{rom at bi s death must be ascertained. The Sun in t.he 8th-
bile; VenUs in the IIlh - wind and phlegm; Moon aspecting
tbe 8tb-bile and .... ind; Mars aspecIing the lt th- bile. Three
planets indicated bile, two wind and one phlegm. Therefore,
the native died on account of Ihe caused owing to
inflammation of bile in the head (Aries ,epresent s
AccClrding t o Ayurveda or the Hindu system of Medicine,
the exi stence of these tridoshas (wind. bile a nd ph legm) in a
state of harmony health and wben some one or
more among these doshas is or lire increased and some otbers
of opposite attributes a rc dilninishcd. the result is
disease (vide my book Ayurvfda. 4th Edition).
Each dOJha (bumour) causes certaio diseases and the exact
oature of the from which a person dies sbould be
a!icertained with reference to tbe humour attributed to the
planet, ruling, posited in , or aspecting tbe 8th house io it.
The Sun indicates death by fevers, apoplexy, paralysis,
The Moon causes death by watery diseases, drowning,
loose motIon s, diarrhoea, dysentery, blood impurities.
Mars brings about death by pneumonia, cholera, pl ague
and suc.ii otber epidemics, baemorrhage, broncbitis. abortion
and consequent surgical operation, accidents incidental to
to lun-shots, etc.
Mercury makes a person die by fever of brain , smallJ)l>x,
alue. nervous di sorders. sleeping sickness. kala-azar, whoop-
iog cough and assault s. .
Jupiter causes death by mental worry or by some unknown
disease, pleurisy, liver disease. inflammation of the IUDgs,
heRt! failure and sparms.
Hindu PredicciYc AllroJosy
death by excessive thirst, fa st, excessive
beatln syphilis. gonorrhoea. .
Saturg. causes death by suffocation, burns. rheumatic
fever, paralysis, melancholia and consumption.
Accidental death is caused by the following combinations.
If the Sun and Mars occupy the IOtb and tbe 4th at birth
death will be duc to huns and injuries received by stone:
throwin.. If Saturn, the Moon and Mars arc in the 4th. the
7th and tbe 10th respectively. death occurs by drowning in a
well or falling into it. The SUD a nd the Moon, in Virgo with
or .upect,cd by malefics. cause death by drinking poison or
being pOIsoned by enemies.
Apart from tbe 8tb house si8nifyiog the source and nature
death, certain other combinations at birth also indicate the
klDd of death.
Whe.n Ma rs and Saturn are death occurs by
Saturn in Taurus in conjunction with a malefic
Indicates death by hanging. Deatb may occur in prison jf
Saturn aspects tbe Suo or the Moon rising. Saturn in a
sign conj unction with the Sun cause, deatb by
faU of buildings. falls from elevations, recipiccs.
Sat urn In Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn at cause
by dropsy. The Moon in a sign of Mars or in Virgo
two malefics on eithe! side brings about death J)y ema.
of the body. If tbe Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius
with malefics on either side. death will be due to luicide or
fa.lI from a mount ain. Two malefic! in tbe 5th and 9th ho uses
with DO beneficial aspects bdng about death itr prison. If
Mars the Sun a re in the 4th , and Saturn in the 10th. the
person will be crucified. The Sun in tbe 4th, Mars in tbe
10th; by tbe weak Moon . causes death from
crUCifi Xion. If Mars. tbe SUD and Saturn occupy the 4th. the
7th the 10th re spectively, death occurs by fire and
Source and Na ture or Deatb 177
Saturn. t he Moon aod Mars in the 2nd, Ihe 4th
and the 10th cause death by insect bi tes or wounds
ge ntrated in t he body. The weak Moon, the Sun a nd MaTS
in the 10th, the 7t h and the 4th respectively make the person
tHe in Ihe of ni ghHoil 6i1h and faecal matter. Saturn
in the 81h with weak. Moon aspecled by powerful Mars ca u:"es
death by surgical operation or piles or fistu la. In case. the
above combinations do not hold good, Ihen the fo ll owing
ml1\1 be applied.
The 22nd drekkana (decanate) decla re s the cause o f death
a nd Ihe lord of Ihal drelckana kills the person by that disease
which is attrihutcd to him as given at the beginning of this
Chapter. The place where dea th Ot'curs will he simil a r lO Ine
Sign occupied by the lord of the Navamsa in which the birth
fall s. Say the birth faJl s in the Navllmsa of Capr icorn . Itt:;
lord is Saturn. In Ihe Rasi he is in Taurus. Therefore
nature o f Ihe place, death occurs in. will appropriate to
Taurus, i.e .. t he place indicated by the 10ul of Taurus, v;z.,
Venus indica t ing drawing rooms well furnished with exquisite
furn it ure and tapestry. I .If tbe lord of the !.!gn __ ..
lord of t he Navamsa. the as('cndant fall s in is the Sun-
_ _ _____________ _ __ I
the pi al;e of death wi ll be a temple, a forest or a reli gious
insti lut ion; if the M,22!l-a fert ile pl ace. with green vegetat ion
or a gal IJen : if Mars-hospital, operation room, special
ward!.; if Mercuft- playground, sports club, ga mbling den;
if publil; office. court , lawyer's house:
if Venus- rich Hats 'and apa rtments, nursing houses. -and if
Saturn dirty places and dens of pros t itules.
The period, for which a person will remain unconscious
death , will be t he. time of obliq ue ascension o f the
remaining portion of the rising sign below horizon. This
pe"I"iod must be double if the lord of the Ascend3nt aspeeh
tbe birth , a nd trebled if benefics aspect the birth.
, "
Hindu Predictive Anrolol)'
Examplt.-Say 25 Gemini is rising (latitude 28- N). The
remaining portion of Gemini is S'" Reference to oblique
ascension tables in Appendill: B gives tbe duration of Gemini
5 ghatis on 28 N. latitude. The time taken for 5 in Gemini
10 rise will be SpO )( 5/6 ghatis or SO vighatis or 50/60 )( 2/5 -:
1/3 hour or 20 minutes. Say Mercury, lord of the birth.
aspects Gemini. This time must be doubled - 20 x 2,.. 40
minutes. That the person wi!1 be unconscious for -40
minutes before he exjilres.
Afler death takes place, the oature of cremation, burial or
otherwise, should be ascertained with reference to the 22nd
drekkana (decaoate). The 22nd drekkaoa will be the rising.
drekkana ratber the first drd:kana in the 8th bouse. H the
220d drekhna is fiery, then the body will be cremattd aDd
turned to ashes. I f it is a watery drekkana, tbe body will be
thrown into rivers or tanks. If it is neither a fiery drekkana
nor a watery ooe, the body will be uncared for and dissolved
by atmospherical forces.
The final thing would be to find out tbe world the person
has come from and wbither be will go for his future eltistence.
We do not know what eltactly is the mystery underlying the
phenomenon of death. But it is held by all sages that the soul
will go from here to some other world. arter death. and this
can be ascertained tbus:-
The_past birth can be determined by the ruler of the
led by the Sun or the Moon (whichever';s more
powerfu and accor IDgly the particular Loka or world where
the soul bas come from. Find out which is stronger out-of
the Sun and tbe Moon. Utbe lord of the decanate occupied
by the stronger of these two planets is Jupiter-the deceased
in his past birth belongs to Deva Loka (world of immortals}.
If the decaoate belongs to the Moon or Venus, the person
has come from PUr" Loka (world of manes) . If the decanate
belongs to the Sun or Mars, the deceased belongs to [iri)'o(
1 Source and Nature o r Deatb
Loka (world of lower animals). If Saturn or Mescury ist he
owner of such a decanate, the person haS come from
Naraka Loka (infernal regions) . In the previous birth the
statu!'! or rank of the person was higb, mediocre or mean
and debilitated according as the lord of such a drekleaoa is
exalted. ordinary debilitated.
The chapter on death can be brought to a close when we
con!'!idcr the state of future existence of a persoo after death.
.. "p!anets in __ . _ tbe.ltl!
find out the decanate rising in the 6th and tbe 81h and deter
mine the strongest of the twO. Tben attribute that 10k a or
world which is denoted by that planet ruling the above-
mentioned decanate. If a planet is found in the 6tb, tbe 7th
or the 8th. tben tbe person goes to tbe world, indicated by
tbe planet. If tbere are twO or more planets, always give
preference t o the strongest.
Jupiter DevQ Loku (world or Immortals)
Moon and Venu5 Pilru Loka (world or Maoes)
Sun and Mars Tlrlyag Loka (world or Lower o\olmal$)
Satum aod Mercur)' NaraJ;Q Lota (world or Infernal Relions)
One is said 10 secure moksha or final emancipation if
Jupiter occupies 1st, 4tb, 7th, 8th or 10th from tbe Mcendant.
According to Sastras, moksha or higbest spiritual bli ss is to
be sougbt in preference to other states of existence.
Today many persons die by beartattacles, cancer, blood
pressure and other fasbionable diseaSes peculiar to modern
civi lisation, By a careful study we can adapt the principles
given in ancient texts to suit modern conditions and attempt
forccasts of deaths due to the above diseases.
", . , (t
, ". I
f _, e.
, . /
The Aehtakavarga System
This is apeculiarsystem ohscertainiDS thevarioul sources
of for the planets. A.btakavarga helps us to _ Q.( a tb1f yearly - res tilts
on t.i!e J r-cessant mOyemeMS oTtbe
.. from where "they were +at"tiie
time an4 to estimate tbe st'ability or
. Dbava or house. Planets will be found certain
P?SltIODI at the , time of birtb. but at any given time after
birth they will be found in different situations both from the
and also from their own radix positions. Asbtaka-
. . .-:.igbf of e9ll&)'
tor eaCii IDcluding the Ascendant. Rabu and Ketu
are omIiied- ooaccouot ottheir shadowy nature.
The of Ashtakavarga is vast. I have, tberefore
extenslyely dealt with it in my book AshataJeaWlfga Spsur:a
.E1P!edictl0I!' In this .chapter I bave giveD brie-O-y imPortant
outlines necessary for Its study. witbout entering into details.
Supposing in a horoscope, tbe Sun is in Six
months hence he will not be in Cancer, but in Sagittarius or
Capricorn and in eacb succeeding month he transits over a
lign. and consequently forms different angular
posit ions t.o hiS own position at birtb and those of other
planet s. Ashtakavarga records the results of such transits.
I. The Sun is declared auspicious in the 1st, tbe 2nd, tbe
4th, the 7tb, tbe 8tb, the 9th, the 10th and the J Ith houses
Tht" Ashtakavargll. System
from himselr ; tbe same bouses from Mars and Saturn ; in the
5th, the 6th, the 9th and the 11th from Jupiter ; the 3rd, the
6th. the 10tb and the 11th from the Moon ; the 3rd, the 5tb,
the 6th. the9th, tbe 10th, tbe Illb and the 12tb from Mer-
cury ; the 3rd, the 4th. the 6th, the 10th, the I J th and the 12th
from the Ascendant: and the 6th, the 7th and the 12th rrom
Venus. I2!!! 48 points.
2. The benefic places of the Moon are the 3td, t he 6th ,
the 10th and the 11th houses from the Ascendan!. The Moo:"!
is auspicious in the 2nd. the 3rd, the 5th, the 6t b. the 9t h,
tbe 10th and tbe 11th houses rrom Mars : the 1st . the Jrd.
the 6th. the 7th, the 10th and the 11th houses from the Moon
herselr ; the 3rd, the 6th, the 7th. the !l th. the 10th and the:
11th rrom the Sun: the 3rd, tbe 51h, the 6th and tbe 11th
from Saturn ; the lSI , the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the' 7tb,
8th, the 10111 and the 11th bou ses from Mercury; the l SI,
the 4th. tbe 7tb, the 8th, the 10th, the Illh and the 12th from
Jupiter ; and the 3td, the 4th , the 5th, the 7th, the 9th , Lhe
10th and the 11th from Venus.
J. The benefic places of M3rs will be the 3rd, the 5th,
the 6th, the 10th and the 11 th houses rrom the Sun ; the 1st,
the 3rd, tbe 6th, tbe 10th and the 11th bouses rrom the
Ascendant ; the 3rd, the 6tb. and the 11 th houses rrom tbe
MOOD ; the 1st , tbe 2nd, the 4th, the 7tb, tbe 8tb, the 10th
and tbe 11th from himself : in 1,4,7 , 8, 9, 10 and 11 from
.Sa.turn; in 3, 5, 6 and II from Mercury; in 6, 8, J I and 12
from Venus; and in 6,10, II and 12 rrom Jupiter. Total
- . -
4. Mercury produces good in I. 2, 3. 4, 5, 8, 9 and II
from Venus; in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 from Mar s and
Saturn ; in 6. 8, II and 12 from Jupiter ; 6, 9, II and
12 from the Sun : in 1,3,5,6,9, la, 11 and 12 from himselr ;
in 2, 4, 6. 8, 10 and II from the Moon ; and in 1,2, 4,6,8,
10 and II from the Ascendant. Total 5.1.P.:O.in1S.
, I
, I
Hindu Pre<iictiyc At troloay
5. Jupiter will be aUSpICIOUS io 1,2,4,7,810 and 11
from Mars; in 1,2. 3,4,7.8,10 and II from himself: in
J, 2. 3, 4,7,8,9,10 and II from in 2, 5,6,9,10
and II from Venus; in 2. 5, 7. 9 aDd 11 from tbe Moon;
in 3, 5, 6 and 12 from Saturo; in 1, 2. 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and II
from Mercury; and io 1.2. 4,5,6, 7. 9, 10 and 11 from the
Alcendant. Total points.
6, Venus produces good in 1. 2, 3, 4, S. 8, 9 and 11 from
LagDa; in 1.2,3,4, 5,8,9, 11 and 12 from tbe MOOD;
in I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, to and II from himself; in 3, 4, S, 8, 9,
10 Bod 11 from Saturn; in 8, 11 aad 12 from the SUD ; io
5,8,9,10 and from Jupiter; io 3. S. 6, 9 and II from
Mercury; and 10 3,5,6,9, 11 and 12 from Mars. Total 52
. '0 Saturn is beneficial in 3, 5, 6, 11 from bimsc:lf ;
In 3, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12 from Man; 10 I, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and
11 from tbe Sun; in 1,3,4,6,10 and 1J from the" Ascendant;
in 6, 8: 9, 10, 11 and 12 from Mercury; in 3, 6 and II from
tbe Moon; in 6, 11 aD.d 12 from Venus; and in 5, 6, 11
and 12 from Jupiter. 1pll139 poiotl.
Tbe benefic _points J?1
.lD. . IlL.b2!Qscopc
figures gh'en abO\le. The sumlotal of aU planets will be 337
points for any -- -- . "
8. These are the benefic positions. Tbe good or bad
results must be ascertained as aiready stated above. It it
usual in preparing the Asbtaka\l8rga Tables to denote the
benefic places with a zero (0) and malefic places with a dot
(-). in Upa,chaya 6, 1.1) places. in
(Cltndly and Own houses or exaltation signs produce benefic
effects if sucb bouses contain more benefic dots for tbe
planets thao malefic ones. And planell when tbey pais
tbrough Apachaya bousel or unfriendlY or depression signs
produce malefic effects fully. Tbe_ Upachaya and Apacbaya
The A,btakavup System
houses must be reckoned with respect to the Ascendant or
the Moon Ilod not from the positions of planets (Apachaya.J
are I. 2, 4, 5, 7, 8,9 and 12 houses from Lagna; the rest are
all Upachayas) .
We shall make ourselves clear by applying the rules to a
practical hOh>Scope. We shall prepare the Ashtakavarga
Table for the SUD in the horoscope given .below.
'Y' SalUrD n

Rasi Dia, ram
.. -_"
The first from Cancer, where the SUD is found, is Cancer
itself: the 2nd is Leo; the 4th Libra; the 7th Capricorn:
the 8th Aquarius; the 9th Pisces; the 10th Aries ; and the
t Jth Taurus. So when the Sun passes through tliese signs,
he will produce beneficial ruuhs and accordingl y in the Sun's
Ashtakavarga Table mark a small zero (0) in each of these
places and a line (-) in the rest of the houses.
Similarly, prepare diagrams for the Sun with reference
to the remaining planets and the Ascendant. and get eight
tables for each planet likewise. N,w add t ogether all the
zeros in the sign of Aries. in each diagram and we shall
obtain a figure representing tbe total number of hindus iD
Aries due t o tbe position o f the SUD with reference to all
0 0
- - -
0 No. 1
- ~ - - Ashlakavnilt
with reference
to the SUIl
- -_.-
- - 0
._ -
Hindu Prediclive A" rololY
- :--,---1- - -1
- ,
planets and similarly the total 'uros and lines in Taurus.
Gemi ui, i tc . . can be fouod out. In other words, this givt's
us lhe total Asbtakavarga of the Sun.
Th e Sun's Ashtakavarga as a whole stands as per
Diagram No.3. .
This diagram indicates that while the Sun passes through
Aries, for instance, the auspicious effects will be 5/ 8 and the
malefic effects 3/8. In other words. he produces benefic
effects to the extent of 5/ 8- 3/8 .= 218 or '/4. Similarly.
when he passes thrdugh Taurus lIe produces 5/8 - 3/ 8 ," 2/8 or
1/4 beneficial resull s without any malefic effects. The sa me
thing holds good with reference to other places.
The Upachaya houses (or this horoscope are Aries, Cancer.
Scorpio and Sagittarius.
In tbe Ashtakavarga of the Sun given in the next page,
when the Sun transits over tbese Upachaya houses .,,1:., Aries .
Cancer, etc., he produces beneficial results fully and not to
the extent of 2/ 8; while transiti ng over Taurus fApochaya
house) he produces malefic influences to tbe full extent.
The .... sht.ku.rll System
00000 ..
00000 , 00000 ,
000 ,
- --]
. - -) . - -] - - 5

- -
00000 ,
- - - )
- - - J
No. ]
~ o . o / 1
- ---
Ashtaklva raa "00'
_ - - 5
()(X) , 000 ,
000 , 00 2
- - - 3
. _. ,
- - - S - - fl

We know the maximum numbu of benefic d o t ~ is g and
the circles represent beneficial unit s while lines represent
malefic units. We can omit inserting malefic units in the
tables and ins tead mark benefic units alone. so that the
malefic units can be ascertained by deducting the benefics
from !\ . The Sun's Ashtakavarga as given in Diagram No.3
can al so be put as in No.4.
, ,
No.4 6
These numbers
H sla led above
imJicale be nefi c
uni ls in Sun',
'86 Hindu Predictive Astroloty
9. The (able for each planet containing benefic
dots must be subjected to two reductions, viz . Trikona
reduction and Ekadhipathya reduction.
Trlkoaa Reductioa,
The triangular or Trikona signs are Aries aod tbe signs
forming aD equilateral triangle with it, viz., Leo and Sagit-
tarius; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; Gemini and signs formioB
ao equilateral triangle with it ; and Cancer, Scorpio pod
-10. When similar figures, ratber the same number of
benelicial dots, arc not found in the triangular signs. then
subtract the least of the three figures from the other two aod
retain the remainders.
II. No such elimination is necessary provided. 006gure
is found in onc of the three signs.
12. In the absence of figures in lWO of tbe three
triangular signs. tbe figures in the third must also be
13. If there are similar or equal in each of three
signs, all tbe figures must be removed.
We shall apply this reduction to the Asht:"l(avarga table
of the Sun obtained above.
The number in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius-the triangular
signs of Aries-are 5, 3 and 3 respect ively. According to
rule (10), subtract 3 (the least of the 3 ligures) from each
In the matter or TrikOIlO Sodo"ollo (Triangular Reduclioll) there
.re'- two distinct views. Accordhlg to ODe interpretation. when figures
in tb(tbree trianiular si gns are nOI alike, then tbe least of tbe three
figures is to be subtracted from the figure in tbe other two or tbe
triangular group. Accordin, to another interpretation, the figures ill tbe
group arc to be altered 50 3S to be equal to Ihe least number;
we have adopted tbe former, ror reasons we have dealt witb in OUf book
on Asbtahvaraa.
The Asblakavarsa System 18'
and the resultant numbers will be 2. O. O. The numbers in
tbe triangular signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are
S, 2. 5. Applying the same rule, we gell after reduction
3.0,3. In Gemini. Libra and Aquarius we get 0, 0, 2. ]n
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces we get 3, O. 2. The Ashtaka-
varga of the Sun after this Trikona reduction stands tbus :-
2 2
2 No.5
Asbtakavar.a or
the Sun after
tirst reduction
0 0 0 0
Ekadbipaty. Redaction
After the Trikona reduction, the Ekadhipatya reduction
must be applied. Ekadhipatya means ownersbip of two
houses. Ekadhipatya signs are Aries, Taurus. Gemini. Virgo,
Libra, Scorpio. Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.
14. No reduction is if there are planets in both
the houses owned' by a planet.
IS. Out of tbe two houses or a pJanet, one of which is
occupied and the other not, (a) if the number in tbe former
i. smaller than that in the latter, then make the latter equal
to the former; (b) ir the number in the former be greater
than tbat in the latter, eliminate tbe latter ; and (c) if the
iaures in the two are equal, remove the figures in the latter.
IS' Hindu Predictive ASlrolOI )
16. If both the signs of 8 planet 8rc DOt occupied, aod
if the figures in the two houses arc equal, eliminate both ;
if tbe numbers a rc not equal, reduce [he larger to be equal
to the smaller figure.
17. Do not effect a oy reduction if there is no figure in
ont of the two houses,
Ca ne., and Leo "e nol .ubj 1 ' o ,bi, reduelion"
they arc not Ekadhipalya Rasis .
We shall DOW apply this Ekodhipat)'u reduction to [he
Sun' s Ashtakavarga obt <li ned aft er Trikona reduct ion.
Out of a nd Scorpio which a re r uled by Ma rs.
is uno.:cupied and Scorpio occ upied. The numbers in
them ( Fig. 5) Oi re 2 anI.! 0 respecti vely. AcconJing to Rule
J 7. 110 reduction is to be applied. We sha ll lake Taurus and
Li brll, the houses of Venus : /$ occ upi cJ a l'lu Libra
VU,' OInl, the figures in the m OJrc J and O. Al:l:oruing to Rule
11, these .tf) not rcquire any reducti on. Coming to Gemin i
and Virgo, the houses of Mercury, we find both are un.
oCl' upi C' d (Ict alone Ke t u in Virgo, :t shaduwy planet) aDd
in them the figures ar c 0 and 0, As such, no reducti on can
be applied to these. Coming to Jupiter ' s
and Sagitt ari us- both are unoccupied ( leaving Ra hu) and the
figu res, there, are 2 and 0 , Rule 17 applies to this and
accordingly no reduction is necessary. Out of Aquarius and
Capr icorn, both are unoccupied a nd the figures arc 2 and 3
re spectiYely. Rule 16 applies to this and accordingly reduce
3 the lurger figure equal to (be sma ller figure 2 and we get 2
and 2 re spect iyely. Thc numbers in Cancer and Leo, Jliz.,
3 and 0, require no reduction as they are not Ekadhipotya
After tbe second or Ekodltipalyo reduction, the Sun 's
Ashtakavarga Table stands as gi ven in Ile xt page.
Si milarl y for each planet , the Asbtakavarga Table must
be prepared . These seven Asbtakavargas are known
TbC A,btakUlr,a System
.s Bhinnashtoko'Vorgas meaning broken one'5, relating
to eac_b indi vict ual pl anet.
2 2
I ,
2 No, (i
Su n',
Ashtak avarSa
arler I &: II
.. _-
0 0 1\
._- -
In the illustrated horoscope, the fo llOWing wou ld be tbe
A htakavarga Tables for each planet before and after reduc-
ti:D. The use o f tbe tables "before reduct ion" will be dealt
' ,b I 'e on while now we shall confi ne oursel ves to the
Wlar, Tbl "f
' n of the uses of the Asht akav:Hga a es a ter
exp anallO
reduction." Tbe tabl es given in next page.
Use of Ashlatayarga Tables hAfter RedUCtiOD"
Suo's Ashtakanrga
19. No auspicious work must ile unbderta"ben or
commenced wben the Suo transi t s over sigos w e re t ere are
no biodus or figures in bis own Asbtakavarga. .
20. During sueb as the Sun Iranslts over sign:i
containing no bindus (marks), person suffers from
unexpected diseases. misunderslandlngs <tnd .
21. Multiply the tolal of tbe of the Sun s
A&btakavarga arrived al afler a ll the red uctionS by tbe figure
in tbe 9th sign from tbe Sun in his own Ashtakavarga and
Hindu Predictive: A.trolon
Asbtak.nrga Tablrs Befote and After Reduclion
::'un Moon Mars Mer. Jup. Venus Sat. TOlal
iiI:( .lio:;
=< =< =<

Vi reo
Aquari us
Tota l
' ---- '--' - _.-
:5 2 4 0 3 0 4 0 4 0 :5
0 42 3313
J 3 3J 6
J 7 6 211 12
3 0 4 0 J u 1 2 627
6J3uJ0203 04
311203055 140
o 23 2
2 0 27 1
:5 2 3

22 1 3ull
U4225 ..
0 20264
2 4
J 0 6 0 3 U 4 U J U 4
3US24 1 SJS2 1
52513(1404 J
52304U62 4 :5
" .
-- 48(14 49117 39/l ,\4/ U 52/ 11 J9{UI JJ7 81
Not/s- B. R. means marks Before Reduction.
A . R. me;! n" mHrks After Reduction.
divide the product' by 27. Note the consleiJalion that is
arrived at by counting the re mainder from Aswini. When
Satu rn passes through thi s constell ation or its triangular ones,
the death of the person's father or paternal uncle must be
predi clcJ in such a constell at ion if the particular Dasa is
inclined tu clrcel maraka (death) to the respective parties.
Taking the illu,; tration: The total of the Sun's Ashtaka-
va rga will be 14. This multiplied by the figure in the 9th
from the Sun. i .e. , 2 in Pi:sces, we get 14 x 2 :- 28. This
product , divided by 27, yields I as remainder. So in this
("a'>e, first ("onsteila[ion from Aswini must be counted. , This
will be Aswini itself. When Saturn transits over Aswini,
Makha or Moola. the
death to...N.!!!:
The Asbllkavarp System
22. Multiply the total figure by the figure in tbe 8tb
house from tbe SUD in his Ashtakavarga. The remainder
obtained by dividing this product by 12. when counted from
Aries, gives the sign tbrough which or througb one of its
triangular signs, when the Sun passes, the native dies if
that is his nlaraka period.
The total of the Sun's Ashtakavarga after all reductions
made is 14. This multiplied by 2, the figure in the 8tb from
tbe SUD in bis Ashtakavarga, gives 28. This divided by 12
gives 4 as the remainder. So we have to take, that when
tbe Sun passes through Ca!,cer, Scorpio or Pisces he will
die, in. case the Dasa period al so indicates tbe same.
23. Add together the figures in Arin, Leo and Sagit-
tarius ; in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; in Gemini, Libra
and Aquarius ; and in Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces. See
which of these totals is the largest and ascenain the dik or
direction indicated by that set of triangular signs. The person
will have success in such a direction.
In the above-given horoscope, tbe figures in Aries, Leo
and Sagittarius - 2; Taurus aDd its set of triangles 0': 5;
Gemini and its set - 2; Concer and set ... 5. The greatest
figure is 5 represe nted by both Taurus and Cancer. Taurus
represent s sout b and Cancer represents north. ThNefore,
the person shines well in southern or northern COUntries to
his place of birth or the God or Deity be instals to worship
in his house will bave been placed in one of tbese directions.
24. Multiply the total of the figures by the bind us in
the 4th house from the Moon in tbe Ashtakavarga of the
Moon. Divide the product by 27. Ftftd. out the constellation
obtained by couDting the remainder from Aswini.
Saturn passes through tbis or its triangular ones, .. !..he

Hindu Predicljye
Total of the (A.R. 2) figures in the Moon' s Ashtakavarga
_ 11. The AR. figure in the 4th house from the Moon in
her Ashtaka\,arga is 0; 12 x 0 is O. So take Aswini ; ..lrllm
or .Moglal..
Dasa period this period.
25. When the Moon passes through signs in which there
are no figures (bindus), be
undertaken .
26. Direction or dik. found out according to Rul .. 23.
in the MODO' S Ashtakayarga, gives the quarter where the
bathroom will be situated in his house ._ ._-"-
In the Aries and its set ge ls 3; Taurus and
its set 6 ; Gemini and its set I ; Cancer and its se t 2. The
greatest figure is 6 represented by Taurus which indic"il"tes
._:; south the bath-room- in the- person' s--homc -\vlTI heTn
the sout hern quarter. --------.- - .. _- ---- -
27. The quarter where the kitchen or the parl our is
situated in the native's house \"'al1 be ascertained by finding
thc dik according IO Rule 23 iOlhe Asil1akavarga of Mars.
In Ihe illustrati on, the 4 tri nes from Aries respectively
gel 0. '0.0 and I. gels I and the kitchen will be
to\\ards the north indicated by Cancer.
2K. When Saturn transits o\'cr -signs in the Ashtakavarga
of Mars. cOnlaining no bindus . the from blood
di seases. and ir Mars is pow(:' rrul he may also di(:.
29. Saturn's transiting over signs without figures ill
Mercury' s Ashtakavarga kills the native's son .
30. The strong dik or direction locates the playground
in !he person's house.
31. The bind us in I the 5tb bouse rrom Jupiter in bis
,\shtakavarga when doubled give the number of sons or the
32. The treasure box in tbe bouse of a person can be
lOcated with to tbe strongest direction obtained as
'per Rule 23. .
. 33. The number or chUdren meeting early death will be
the number of planets occupying signs like debilitation and
inimical places.
:,; . 34. Coitus done in tbe signs containing the greatest
lIumber ofbindul or, figures in the Alhtakavarga of Jupiter
results in tbe birth of a child.
35. - Venus passing through sigol contalOmg tbe largest"
in his own Ashtakavarga gives happiness. marriage,
land. and wealth,
36. The dik or the point of compass found as before
.Jives the direction of the bed-room.
Tn tbe illustrated boroscope gjven ahove, Cancer and its
set set 5 bindus and a. such the bed-room of the native lies
in the nqrtbern direction (indicated by Cancer) of bis house.
37. Wheo_ Saturn transits over a siga devoid of any
bindus in his own Asbtakavarga. the native suffers death or
. 38. When the Sun and the Moon pus through signs io
tbe Ashtakavarga of Saturn , containing tbe least number of
marks. the death oftbe person QCcun if tbat year is fatal to
- the Dative.
HiDdu Prcdkti"e Aslrolol ),
39. The dik or tbe compass, ohtained as before, points
out the direct ion where the sweepings are gathered.
40. Add togcther the B.R. hindus in the Ashtakavarga
of Saturn rrom the Asct'ndant to tbe "ign where Saturn is
a nd rrom the sign where Saturn is to the Ascendant. These
1Wo tot als will indicate tbe years in which the native suffe rs
illness or or miseriCI. These two totals addea
tngether give the year in whicb the person dies.
SorvDshtaka,arga mean. the Asbtakavarga of all tht-
planets considered together. So rar we have considered the
BhinnQshtakavarga, I.e. , the Asbtakavarga of each individual
planet and that too after each has been subjected to two
k:nd" of reducti ons.
We shall now dispense with the Ashtakava rga Table
obtaineJ after reductions and pitcb our attention upon the
Table obtained before To obtain
t he Sarvas ht akavarga, add together all tbe 8.R. bindus in
each separately. For example. tbe 6gure in tbe sign Aries
o f the Sar'lashtakavarga will be the aggregate of the bipdus
or figures in the sign Aries in the several Bhi1JJUJsIt.
(i ndividual Ashtakavarga Tables) . Similarly, tbcn. .' tal
bi nd us in Taurus, Gemini. etc.) must be obtained.
As a lready stated above, tbe student must bear in mind
t hat thi s addit ion or bind us must be carried out before the
two reductions are applied.
We Shall take the illustrated horoscope gi ven at tbe
beginning of this chapter as an example.
Adding togetber all tbe bindu! found in Aries in each
table alvcn a bove ("'before reduction" figures), we get the
Slin's Ashtakava rga 5, p llU the Moon's Ashlakavarga 4, pillS
Mars' Ashtakavarca 3, plus Mercury's 4, p lus Jupi ter's 4,
plus Venus' 5: plus Saturn's 4-29 total, whieb is of course
.. ..... Sy.tem I"
.. e figure in Aries in the Sarvashtakavarga Table. After
.ontinuing the same process for each sign, we get tbe
Table thus :
" - --- ---- --_ .. __ . _._-
iP Fig. Sign Fig. Sign Fig. Sign Fig.
es 29 Cancer 28 Libra 28 Capricorn 25
, , urus 33 Leo 23 Scorpio 24 Aquarius 26
aemini 33 Virgo 27 30 Pi sces 31
Tbe above-menlioned table can a lso be represeoted as
boIow which will be easier to understand.
,I Tbis table will be useful in predicting some of the most
outstanding events concerned with tbe life of tbe native and
itt ,the delermination of Ayurdaya or longevity, This is called
tbe Bindusodhana Ashta!cavargayurdaya (longevity obtained
.ner searching the strengt b of the eight sources of energy
in a horos\:ope). I sball brieOy outline this method for the
benefit of my readers,
, ,
3i 29 I
Pisces Aries
2. 28
1-- --
Sl! ryasbt akavl r. a
U 23
- - -
2. 28
S .
Ifthe calcutations are correctly done. it will be seen t hk'
.be sum of all the 6gures in tbe Sarvashtakararga will be
Hifldu Predieun MiroiocJ
always: 337. this: being the total of biodus of tbe seven
Bbinnashtakavargas. In the particular horoscope. we IrC
illustrating, the total comes to 337; so our calculations are
. cOl"Tect.
41. If there are more tban JO bind us in a sign, tben
planets transiting over it produce happiness. wealth and
menIal peace and prosperity, if the figure is between 2S and
30, DO good will happen. nor will the result be evil effects;
if the bindus are Jess than 25, the results will be vcry bad.
42. Business enterprises, marriage ceremonies and otber
auspicious festivities must be commenced when the risiog
sign is one which cootaios the largest number of hindus in
the Sarvashtakavarga Table
43. The general disposition of sucb houses or bbavas as
contain a great number of bind us will be favourable or
prosperous. The rule docs not bold ,good witb referencc to
the 6tb, tbe 8tb aod tbe 12tb .bouses .
44. haye
if the nuiDIier of biDdus iD tbe 11 th housc (represcnting pin
fiOiD tbe Ascendant) is greater tban that in the 10th (represent-
ing labour and karma) and if tbe D!Jlnber of hindus in tbe
12tb (representing loss) is "Smaller than tbat in tbe I J tb aDd
i(tbe of bindus in tbe Ascendant be
tbat in tbe 12tb.
In our11lustrated horoscope, tbe 11 th house is Sagittariu .
The number of bindus here is 30; tbal is greater tban 24, tbe
number of bind us in tbe 10th, and 25 tbe number of bindus
in the 12tb (Capricorn) is Dot smaller tban 24. tbe number of
bind us in tbe 10th ; but is equak to it. Nevertbeless, tbe
native will be generally happy and will have more gains tban
45. Wbether a person will be happy io his childhoPd,
youth or old age can be determined as follows. Add to&ether
the bindus of tbe four sigos from Caocer; aod acid toaetber the
.- .. __ . __ . - -
! II'
I fttC Ash'ahvarla SYltcm . 197
.odu. of tbe four si os (rom Scor io and also add to
blndus of tbe four si os from Pisces. Pisces to Gemioi,
ccr 0 I (a-:and Scorpio 10 Aquarius deoote cbildhood,
and old age rcspccdvelx.,: Of tbe three sections of the
life, wbichever total is greatest, it indicates happiness and
prosperity during tbat period of life. If tbere are tbr or more
lDaldic planets in any of these sections, the person will suffer
iDiseries in tbe part of lirei ndica(ed by tbe particular division .
. " In tbe illustrated horoscope, the childhood, youth and
old aae sections set 126, J06 and lOS marks (bindus) respec
Dlfelyand accordingly the bappy life oftbe person would be
...,inl bis childbood ; youtb and old age will also be fairly
JOOd and not bad,
, . 46. Tbe sum of hindus, obtained by adding tbose
Cbntaincd in tbe bouses occupied by Saturn, Aeocndanl and
Mars, live. the year in which the native suffers miseries and
-.--- --- _.. . - ...
47 Add together . tbe bindus in signs occupied by Rabu
liars and Saturn. The lolal win give Ibe year in whicb tli
*live receives serious injuries from weapons, enters battle
hldsor sets poisoned or wounded .
. t ;: 4lL ... Wben the native would get a son, mucb wealth, etc.,
can be predicted by adding togetber the hindus of signs
" occupied by benefic planets.
In all tbe above lbr iostances, wherever Ihe age obtained
tbat obtained by considering nuzrGka (deathinftictioa)
or, wherever ncssary, such figure. must be reduced
bllbe subtraction of mUhiples of gand 27. t,
These rules. applied to tbe boroscope we bave considered,
will give tbe following results ;-
The total of tbe tilures of the sian occupied by Saturn,
'wcendut and Mars is 33, 26 and 23:: 82. This 6lure.
the aJC: wben tbe native suffers miseries or
.91 HiDCIo Predictive Astroloo
iIIntss. lI)ince the length of life of tbe persoo may Dot exceed
7S or 76, this figure must be subjected to a reduction. By
kJAr/1A.. / subtracting 5 timeS 12 we get 22. The native suffers iIIntss
( in his 22nd year . In lact he seriously Crom malaria
for IS days continuously. Miseries .nd disease. t:nay also be
predicted for tbis person in bis 28tb, 34th, 47,h and 58th
The total bindus of the houses occupied by benefics is 47.
Subtracting twice 12 from Ihis. we get 23 as tbe person's agc
to get. SOD or a start in life.
49. Muhiply the total number of hindus of the Asbtaka-
nrga of tbe planet who is J hc lord of the Ascendant, bindus
of the lord of the 9th and bindus of the lord of the 4th by
hindus of tbe 8th bouse, 9th bouse and 4th house rcspecti"cly,
and in each case divide the product by 12. The remainder
gives tbe month from Aries in which the native. his father
and his motber respectively may die.
[n tbe illustrated boroscope, tbe lord of the 4th is Venus
and his marks or bindus are 52. This multiplied by 33, the
number of bindus in tbe 4tb bouse in tbt. Sarvashtakavarga
gives 52 x 33 1716. This divided by 12 gives - 14j.
Wben the remainder is 0 take Aries and tbe Suo will be in
tbis sign when tbe native' s motber dies.
SO. The strongen dik or direction obtained must be
cbosen for building houses, for travelling, etc., and the otber
directions avoided. The four directions get 82, 85. 88 and
82 respeclively and generally the native must choose West
(repre6ented by Gemini) as beneficial to him.
Dueral .. ti. of Ay.r4aya
The Ayurdaya (longevity) is thus determined with tbe aid
ot Ashtakavarp hindus . There are several methods to find
.. ",Mat-vaTla Syllem 199
oJ t Ayurdaya on tbe basis of Asbtakavarga, but I sball
4Jplain tbe most common one.
' 0- Now again we must divert our attention to BhiMasltraka-
. INrga Tables of all the seven planets. "aner reduction" and
, lorget for the present tbe same tables "before reduction",
. 51. The essentials to be considered the determination
Ayurdaya are (I) Rosi Gunakora and (2) Graho Gunakaro.
Rasi Gaaatara
These are the zodiacal factors or multipliers of the A.R,
bindus in tbe signs. The figures or bindus left, after the
i .. o reduciions are applied, io' the several signs from Aries
tbe Ashtakavarga of each planet. must be multiplied by
.1heir respective ZOd iacal factors. All the 12 products must
be added together.

The Rasi Gunokara (zodiacal ractors) are as foll ows:-
c\ries 7. Taurus 10, Cancer 4, leo 10. Virgo 5,
Libra', Scorpio 8, Sagittarius 9, Capricorn 5, Aquarius II.
Pisces 12. Tbis is constant for all horoscopes. We
s'ball reproduce tbc Asbtakavarga of the Sun for ready
2 2 l 0
afler I <I; U
reduct ions
0 0 0 0
I f
Hladu Predictive Allroloa)
AppJy tbe rulcs to the SUD.
2 (No. of bind us in it) x
7 (Zodiacal factor) ::: 14
Taurus . 3 do. x 10 do.
= 30
0 do. x 8 do.
do x 4 do. 12
0 do. x 10 do. 0
0 do. x 5 do. 0
0 do. x 7 do. 0
0 do. x 8 do.
= 0
Saait. 0 do. x 9 do.
0 =
Capri. 2 do. x 5 do.
= 10
Aquarius 2 do. x II do. =: 21
Pisces 2 do. x 12 do.
= 24
The sum of the figures
Sum = 112.
Applying the same rules to each of the seveD planets we
,et :-
Moon 104; Mars 8; Mercury 132: Jupiter 85; 81
and Saturn 118.
Keep tbese tilures 00 ODe side and consider the otber
aspect .
Graba Guon ... a
These arc planctary (actora or multipliers of the figures
of the planctt. Multiply the .even! A.R. figures in tbe signs
occupied by the variou. planctt by tbe figures of tbe plaoctary
factors and add tbe .even products together.
The GraM Gunakti"a (planetary factors) arc:
SUD 5. MOOD 5, Mars 8, Mercury S. Jupiter 10, Venu.7
aDd Saturn 5.
In tbe example horoscope, tbe Sun it in Cancer' Moo
and iO.Taurus :. Mercury. Venu. and Marl ia Leo7
and Jupiter In ScorpIo. ConliderioS tbe Aab.akay.,. ...
'fbe Ashlakavarga SY$tem 201
Table or the SUD (page 199) tbere are 3 bindus in Cancer (the
place or the SUD). Multiply thif' by the Suo' s' planetary
r.ctor 5. We get 5 x 3::: 15 ; take tbe Moon; she is in Taurus ;
tbere are 3 bindus in Taurus in tbe Sun's Asbtakavarga ;
multiply Ibis 3 by the planetary factor of the Moon, viz., 5.
We gel 5 x 3 _ 15. When we apply the same rule to tbe rest of
the signs containing bind us we get :
S.un-Caocer 3 (No. of bind us) x 5 (Planetary factor) -:::. 15
Moon-Taurus 3 do. x 5 do. -= 15
M-ars-Leo 0 do. x 8 do. .- 0
,Mercury 0 do. x , 5 do.
= 0
Jbp.-Scorpio 0 do. x 10
do_ : 0
Venus-Leo 0 do. .< 7 do.
= 0
Saturn-Taurus 3 do. x 5 do. = 15
Total 45
The ,total of t.bese will be 45 and tbis number is der.ived from
tbe Sun's Aslitakavarga; similarly. ascertained ror tbe
Asbtal:avarga otber planets, we get:
Suo45; Moon 60; Man 10; Mercury 80; Jupiter 50;
Venus 15 and Saturn 50.
Add together the Rasi figures and Graba figures .00
.obtained for each planet ; multiply the result by 7 and divide
I.tae product by 27. The quotient gives the years of Ayurdaya
the particular" planet denotes. Tbe remainder must be
reduced to months and days.
We shall tab: the Sun in our e:ramplc horoscope. The
sian total)s IJ2 and tbe planet total is 45. i.t., 112
plus 45 ." IS7. This multiplied by 7 and divided by 27
.. , 157 x 7
lives 27 40.70 Since number exceeds 27,
deduct 21 or a muiliple of 27. Deducting 27 we 'get 13.70
years as the term or life granted by tbe SUD.
202 Hindu Predictive Astrolol" 11M Ashtakavarp System 203
We gel
planct' :-
the following
terms with reference
(Fractions are omitted (or the sake of convenience.)
to otber
These years arc subject to reduction or haranas on account
of their conjunctions with or aspects of other plaocts.
52. If there is more than one planet in a sign, reduce its
term of life by oDchalr.
53 . If a planet is debilitated, deduct one-hair.
54. For a planet in Astangata (combustion), deduct one-
balf. Combustion occurs when tbe Moon, Mars, Mercury.
Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are 12 deg. 17 deg., 14 deg ..
11 deg., 10 deg. and )6 deg. respectively from the SUD back-
wards or forwards; wheo retrograde, combustion occurs
wheo Mars, Mercury and Veous are 8 deg., 12 deg., aod 1:1
deg. respectively.
55. If a planet is. in its Tatkafika MUll'S Rasi (temporary
enemy's house), its term of life must be reduced by onethird.
(See page 21 for TatkaUka satrus.)
56. Plaoe ts above the horizon (12tb. 11th, IOtli, 9th,
8tb and 7th bhavas) lose onehalf of tbeir Ayurdaya.
57. If a planet 'suffers in Grahayuddha (planetary
fight), one third Ayurdaya must be deducted.
58. If Ihe Sun or Moon is of unusual l\ppearance (as in
eclipse), deduct one-tbird Ayurdaya. Wben one and the same
planet is subjected to several reductions. only the bighest
reduction should be made.
Ae<:ordiog to the above rules, tbe Ayurdaya\ of all the
planets require to be haJved excepting that of tbe Suo as be
it below the horizon and accordingly we get tbe followiog
filures :

Total 48.98
Multiply tbis sum of years by 3]4 and divide the product
lby 365, to coovert Chandramana (lunar) years ioto SOM'ramana
. 48.98
. .We get ""365 x 334 - 44.87 years as tbe longevity of tbe
.. 10 actual "practice the Ashtakavarga system of predictiog
Joo,evity has Dot been found to yield satisfactory results.
But there are other systems, which must also be considered
and above aU, the maraka plaoets and tbeir Dasas arc of
Vital importance.
Praana Saltra or Horary Astrology
Horary Astrology deals exclusively with the aoswering of
questions in Itbe ligbt of planetary ioflucncCJ. relating t o
important events in I the daily transactioDs of human life.
This branch indeed form. a mOlt useful and prominent aspect
of science inasmuch as it helps us 10 foretell tbe
occurrence of many important future eveDts beforehand.
how and when sucb eVeDts will lake place, what their exact
nature is whether or Dot they terminate favourably, who is
instrumental for tbem and how far such events 8rc beneficial
or detrimental to the interet!s of tbe party concerned, witbout
reference to the birth chart.
Supposing a perSOD wants to know whether bis It'?.lcn
property can be regained or Dot. whether an individual
suffering seri ously recovers from bis illness or not, w.bether
if would be profitable to invest money in any business
tion wbether a man would be ,uccessful in any speculation.,
whe;ber tbe land5 be is planning 10 purchase would bring
him luck and whetber, in fact, so many everyday human
events would be beneficial or not, then all these can
fully be answered with tbe aid of Horary Astrology. The
predictions based on its principles seldom go wrong unless
the \lery foundation is shaky.
If any obstacles are tbrown on tbe way of luccessjn a ny
undertaking or enterprise. by ascertaining these beforehand by
meaDS of H6rary Astrology, we can resort to remedies to
rra-a Sallrl or Horl ry AltroJoay
minimise or completely overcop1e such evils, aod augment
tbe good, so tbat the future way for ODe', progress and
prosperity may be smootbened. .
In tbe case of Prasne or Horary Astrology, first ascerlaln
dic e-act lime at whicb aquestion or query is put and for
iliitiime the positions of planet s and tbe A.sccndant
and determine tbe balanc;e of tbe Dua and Bbukti : Mark
ar.o tbe Navamsa diagram". In fact construct a map of .lhe
beaven. for the question time just-as you would do for
time. A Dumber of typical questiflns are also given in my
Astr%lY Jor Beginners.
Thi s Asccndant is called tbe Prasoa lagna or the rising
silO at the time of tbe question.
I . The success and failure in any unaertaking, sucb as
starting of business, examination result s, , be
pr'edicted with reference Tbe of
the querist will succeed if a bcne6clal sign rases and JOIOS a
favourable navamsa, or if tbe rising sign be io a Sfrsh,QdQ'ya
Rasi. If tbe beneficial rising sign is aspected , by malelics
and its lord has also a similar position tbe querist will
after some effort.
, Whetber a particular query refers t o mineral s,' vegetables
or ani mals must be lint asccrtained as per rules given below
and then, its success or failure prognosticated.
2. If, at tbe of a query, the r ,sing sip be 1st, 4tb
and 7tb ' 2nd 5th and 8tb ; alld Jrd, 6th and 9tb nanmsas,
tbC que; tion 'refers to minerals, and animals
respectively in an odd sign, and in an e\len SlgO , the reverse
bolds good .
o 3. If, at the time of query, Saturn is fouod in ao odd
sip from tbe Pruna Lasna, the woman will ba\le a male
and if Saturn occupies an even sign, a female cbild
_ill be born. lfmale planets occupy masculine Shathorgo3
Hindu Predictive AstrolOlY
a male child will be born ; if male planets are in female
ShQdvargQs a female child will be born.
4. tr Saturn is in the 7tb bouse, the querist will be
married within 3 montbs from the date of question. If the
Moon in 3, S. 6, 7 or II is aspectcd by Jupiter. tbe Suo aod
Mercury, and if benefics o,,-cupy quadrants or trincs, tbe
quedst will have marriage vcry carly.
S. If at tbe time of query it is found that tbe SliD,
Venus or Mars joins tbe 7th bouse, it means tbe querist bas
committed adullery with another mao's wife. in the
7tb i ndicates bis own wife. Mercury, a prostitute, and Saturn
a very low-caste woman.
6. Predict the safe rcturn of the person gone to foreign
land,., if the query refers to tbis point , if tbere is any planet
retrograde between tbe 8tb bouse and the Asceodant.
7. If a query refers to the advent of enemies in a war
or otberwise, such enemies would retreat, even if they have
come some di stance, .hould be predicted when the 4th 5th
and 6th hOUSe' from tbe Prasna Lapa are occupied by' evil
planet.. The enemy even if be has com.: for an attack would
return back within that period (in months) obtained by
reckoning from t he Prasna Lagna to the planet fully possessed
of strengtb. If such a powerful planet falls in a fixed sign,
double the number of months, ifhe occupies a common sign,
treble the Dumber of month .
Say at the t ime of a query Cancer rises and Jupiler
possessed of full strength is in tbe 8th, ,;z., Aquarius. Count
from Cancer to Aquarius. Tbis is 8. Since Aquarius is a
fixed sign . double 8, you will get 16. That is, if this query
relates 10 It ny war, the enemy would return within 16 months
or peace efforts would be successful within 16 months from
date of tbe commencement of regular hostilities.
8. Success in speculation. etc . should be predicted when
benefics are in 3, 5, 7 aod II and losses when malefics are
, '
, '
. " .' '; . '
Praln SUlr, oc Horac), Astrology
:- . : ,
in these signs. If the Ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, Libra or
Aquarius with benefics in it, success would inva riably follow.
9. Re..:overy from any illness should be predicted if
benefics are in Prasna Lagna. 5tb. 8tb and 7th houses and
have auspicious aspects and the Moon is in the 3rd, 6th,
10th or I hb.
10. Predict tbe saf..: returo of a persoo from his travels
if tbere are planets in the 6th or 7tb, Jupiter in a quadrant
and Mercury or Venus io a trine at the time of question.
Find out the nearest planet to Prasna Lagna and muhiply
the number by 12. The product will indicate the number of
days within whk'h the: traveller returns to his native land.
Jf the nearest planet is in retrograde motion, be will start
to return after tbat number of days,
11. If a powerful benefic occupies the Iltb bouse from
tbc Prasna Lagoa or lif tbe Full Moon occupies it aspected
by Jupi!er or Venus, predict speedy rccovery of tbe lost
proper ty, wheo a question relates to this subject . If such a
Prasna Lagoa faUs in a filled sign, or in a filled navamsa.
the article will bave been stolen by a near relal ive of the
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd drekkanas o f lhe Prasna Lagna
indicate the verandab, the central hali or the bal:kyard of the
bouse of the tbief where the stolen thing was deposited.
The particular direction, towards wbich a stolen article
removed. can be ascertained either by the Prasna Lagna
Itself or by the most powerful of the planet s found in
at the time o f query ; when tbere are no planets
In the quadrants. tben have recourse to the Ascendant itself.
In the case of planets, the directions will be as foll ows : -
Sun-East ; Venus-S.-E.; Mars-South; Rabu-S. -W, ;
Saturo- West ; tbe Moon-N.-W.; Mercury- North; Jupiter
_ 10 tbe case of signs. the directions will be :-Aries -East ;
"".E "'=50 ??-N
S E 'I>z-= 0 4: WE
if" S = NO
, ,
,I I
l: t: ..J.!.::; a .t...::tIolI:
'<1= S '!!> -'" N ". ,50
208 Hindu PrcclicJive Astrolot3'
Leo and Sagiltarius-S.E.; Taurus-South; Virgo and
Capricorn-S W. i Gemini-West; Libra and Aquarius-
N.W,: Cancer-North j Scorpio and Pisces......:-N. -E.
J 2. Find out the Navamsa or- the Prasna Lagna ; if it is
...... fter the Sth in that sign. then find out its number from the
5th and ascribe 9 times as many miles to it as that number
denotes. If the navamsa falls within 5, then the stolcn article
will be some where near the precincts of the queris!'s place.
Say the Prasna Lagna is in the 7th navamsa, i .e., it is the
3rd from the 5th so that 3 navarnsas are passed from the
5th. At 9 miles per navamsa, it will be 27 for 3 and as sucb,
the stolen arUcie will have ,been removed to about 27
away from thc place of the questioner.
13 Prcdict the nature of the article stolcn by considering
thc navamsa of thc rising sign, the nature of the tbief by the
drekkana and agc and castc of the thief by the lord of tile
Ascendant. '
Say for iostancc tbe Prasna Lagna falls in Aries, the'
navamsa inXancer and drekir:ana in Leo. It is a sigo ofsborl
ascension and the article will be a short one; thc lord 01
the navamSa is the Moon say he is very pO)lo'erfully
situated. Then ' the article be a valuable one'. As tbe
drekleana is Leo, thc 2nd, io Ar,es, the person involved in the
theft will be a man, dark in cotrlplexion, fearful in look. red
eyes and armed. (The characteristics of other drekkal1as are
given in tbe-Iast chapter.)
14. 10 tbe rainy season predict early rain when Saturn
and Venus occupy the 7tb house from the Sun aod tbe Moon
respectively and if Saturn" and Venus are in the 4th and the
8th from tbe PrasDa Lapa.
All Es.. .. ple 0' Marriale QOHUea
lIIuslration.-Mr .. ......... puts the query: "Will I marry
or not 1" The following are the combinations of planets for tbe
. . ,
" I . ',. ' . =3 .
. .
' i
l ... s ...... , H.,." A.I<.'.IY
The Prana Lapa i. Virgo; its,lord is Mercury and be
i. iDTaUrui-: The queryis - 'about marriage and tbe lord ot
.arriage is tbe lord of tbe 7tb from tbc Ascendant and he is
Jd"piter-Jupiter is in 200 Cancer. Thus tbe lords of.thc
. Ascendant and the 7tb bouse are Mercury and Jupit'er
respectively and Venus is in conjunction with Mercury. ' The
lord of tbe Lagna is in conjunction with Venus who I, in
M." > Mere.

his owo sign and thus Venus is well and Jupiter alSQ
.11 placed. The prediction must be given 4hat the querist
will get married early, the bride will be fair and her introduc-
tion would be through a pious and religious man as Jupiter
. is thc lord of the 7th. The subject of Prasoa has been dealt
with exhaustively with examples in my' E.nglish translation of
PrllJlta Tan"a.
Unknown Birth Times
The birth data of many people will not have been recorded
properly. In many a case, even the date of birth will be
unknown . In such cases it is possible to find out, rather
create, a horoscope on the basis of certain fundamental
should run away with the idea that the principles
enuncIated herein are conclusive. An attempt is made in
the following pages to give the reader an idea of the methods
recommended by ancient Hindu astrological writers for
erecting boroscopes of persons whose birth dates arc not
known. And these methods merit further research and
investigation of astrology. It is boped
that workers In thIS field wtll continue investigations and
carry views herein outlined to a more extended issue since
this work is intended to merely lay down general principles.
.The rules involved are laborious and take away the
patience of the reader. I have given only one important
process and have illustrated the same with an eumple so
tbat tbe reader may not find it difficult to understand these
principles clearly.
The astrologer, as soon as a person, who will not have
recollection of his birth date or time, comes to him for
consultation. must record the exact time, the direction and
other details of hi, coming and find out the exact positions
of planets and the bhavas for that time; or the time at which
l U.t.oowo Birth TIme. 211
begins to write a letter to the astrolOlcr for knowing
bil future. must be considered. in case of JODI distance and
,map cast for tbat time It must be rememoered that tbis
. time iodicates tbe birth of the mind in,the person ,as be is
. to approach an astrologer Somelim tbis ";ould"
be D!orc. geouine tban the birth time itself. Bid,b meaos tbe
bii1b of tlie mind and not merely the body ; similarly Ihe very
inclination to know tbe future, raised in the mind of a man,
i. given expression to, not at any choscn moment but at
random-rather in a sudden manner.
I. When the time of impregnatioD or birth is DOt known,
cast a boroscope (or the _ query" of the person and
makc. 9: u!...tbe birth chart from the rising sign at the time of
query. If the Prasna Lagna (Ascendant at question time)
be the first half of the Ascendant, the birth of the querist will
have occurred in Uttarayana (SUD'S northerly course); if it
be the otber half, the birtb will have occurred in
yana (Sun's southernly course).
2. If the rising Dwadasamsa at the question time is the
ht, 2nd, etc., the sign ' occupied by Jupiter at the time of
birth will be the 1st, 2nd" etc., resPectivelY from the Prasoa
By knowing the pos'ilion of Jupiter, fix the age of the
person. Jupiter takes rougbly 12 years to go round the
beavens. .lLw.e the number of circuits passed by
the time of birth, the age of the person can be.
.ddM.m.ined. In many an instance the cycle of Jupiter cannot
be easily dt!termined and in such cases, find out the number
of cycle from tbe part of the body toucbed by the querist.
Here tbe maximum life is'1aken to be 120 yeara., and this is
divided by 12 (the Dumber of years Jupiter tak'ts for one
CYcle) so tbat we gel 10 years corresponding to the following
djvisions of the human body:
..... .
I. .a.nkles.
2. Kaces, bu(tocks and shults.
3. Thigbs and' sexual organ.
4. The Joins aDd tbe navel.
S. Belly.
6. The ebcst ,and
7. Shoulder:,.
'8. Neck and lips.
9. Eyes and brows.
Hindu Predldlge Aatr,okJay
10. Forehead and the hl=ad.
Say tbe Lagoa is in Cancer and the 4th' Dwadas.
amsa ri$cs. Then Jupiter will be in Libra at tbe birth of the
qucrist. The number of Jupiter cycles must be determined.
Suppose the things arc touched by the querist, tben it means
tbat Jupiter is in the tbird round. So the age of tbe person
sbould be taken to be 12 x 2 " 24 plus the number of years
taken by Jupiter to move from the sign occupied by him at
the question time, viz., 3 in this particular That
is, the agc of the queris! is 24 plus 3 = 27 yeafs.
3. The Ruth" (season), the querin was born in, should
be determined with reference to the ruler of the drekkaoa
risi ng on the Prasna Lagna or by the planet occupying the
first bouse. preference being given always to the itrongest oC
the two. If the drekkana of tbe Sun rises or if the SUD
occupies the Prasna Lagua, Ihe RUlkll (see page 42) . will be
Greesbma ; if Venus drekkana rises 01 Venus is in PrasD8
Lagoa-Vasantba; if Mars-Greesbma ; if the Moon-
Varsha; if Mercury-Sarat ; if Jupiter-Hemantha ; and if
iflbe Ruthu (season) so obtained does not
agree wilh the' Ayans (cycle), then cbange tbe Moon, Mercury
and Jupiter for Venus. Mars and Saturn respectively, Divide
tbe risiol' drekkana into two equal parts and if tbe first
di vision is rising, ascribe the first month of the Rllihu. and
... w. Bin> 21l
. .. j, second. the seco.od month as tbe mon]:h of tbe birth Of tbe
i. Each lign coptains 1,800 minutes of arc and each
'J ,drekkana 600 minutes, We bave ascribed 2 months to each
'drekkaoa and I month to ooe balf so tbat I month repre
IICDted by 300 minutes (of zodiacal space). Therefbre
day get 300/30_'10 minutes of arc aod the particular day of
L tbe birth must be determined by tbe rising minute of the
Pr .. na Lagna.
4. The luoar day of birth of tbe queri st is represented
I; .by tbe number of degrees passed over by tbe in any
particular sign at tbe time of qnestion,
S. The nocturnal or the diurnal nature of the Prasna
Lagna reveals the birth of the querist during the day or
during the oight respectively,
6. The degress rising on the Prasna Ascendant indicate
tbe ghatikas of birth after sunrise or sunset as tbe case,
may be.
7. Tbe lunar months of birth can also be determined
from the navamsa occupied by the MOOD at the time of
or the birth time of the querist will be tbe Prasna
,;l.agoa. or tbe 51h ' or thl". 9tb from it , wbichever is most
r: 8 The safe:;l tbing in such doubtful cases would be to
the querist to touch some of his a!ld the MOgR.
. will, occupy sigo oJ so
. fuhe of his If the queTlst touches hiS
hca( ' face, cbest. -beart. belly, sexual organ. tbighs, k.nees
_buttock.s and feet, the Moon's position will be in Aries,
'Taurus, etc., respectively. Pisces corresponding to tbe feet.
9. If the Moon is in Pisces at the time of query. she
" will be in the same sign at tbe birth time of the querist.
Some say that if the Moon is not in Pisces at tbe question
.14 Hiado Predktlve Astroiosy QllUown Birth Times
Umc. then ,he will . be ia that &iln which is equal to the
Dumber of .. ians gained by ber from the PrasDe La,na.
Let us suppose that a perIOD. who does Dot know his
birth data. puts a query on 12-4-1937 at about 16-44 ghatis
after sunrise at Baos.tore. The positioDs of planct. at the
time of queltioD are ShOWD in the chart given below.
29- 50'
S" O Mere.
Satura Veous
9" 5.'
Query on
at J6"" ,batis

---_._-- -_.
Then we find according to the above rulcs Ibat (0) tbe
query is put in tbe tirst half of the Ascendant and hence the
birth of tbe querist will have occurred in Uttarayaol. (b)
The Prasna Lagna fall s in the 4th dwadasaDlsa, tbe sign
occupied by Jupiter at birth will be tbe 4th from tbe Prasna
Lagoa, i :e., Libra. (c) Tbe querist touched his thighs and.
thereCore. Jupiter will be in the third cycle at the time of
query. He bas completed 2 cycles or 24 years and bas
passed 3 years in I'be 3rd cycle- Crom Libra (where Jupiter
is at bi rth) upto Capricorn (where Jupiter ' is at the time
time of query)-I. e . the age of the person at tbe time of
C!uery will be 24 plUI 3 - 27 years passed. (d) The ruler of
tbe drekkana of the Prasna Lagna is the Moon (1st drd:kana)
sn4 hence the birth sbould bave occurred in Varsh"ruthu
(Sravana-Dbadrapada). Since this Ruthu does not agree 'With
,die Ayana. tbe Ruthu of tbe alternative planet. that is tbe
:,/bIthu of Venus (Vasantha). should be deemed as the Ruthu
oftbe birth. (e) The rising drekkana is first (9054' having
:,paased in it) and if it is divided into two equal divisions.
,each gets 5. The Prasna Lagn. is within the second 5 of
tbi. drekkana so t bat the birth has occurred in the second
' month of the Ruthu, .,lz., Vaisakha (April-May). (n The
Dumber of minutes passed in the latter half of rising drekkana
is 2(14: (4
54') ; each day gets 10 minutes and as sucb 294'
.94 4
,et "10 -29
, i.e. , 29 days have passed and a portion of
the 30th. Therefore. birthday .must be tbe 30th day of lunar
month Vaisakha. (g) The Sun is io 29 ' SO Pi sces and tbere-
fore IUnir day at birth must be, the 30th day (New Moon day)
of tbe month of Vaisakha. (iI) Cancer, the Prasna Lagna.
i. a nocturnal sign. Therefore, the should have
occurred during the day. (i) The duration of day on the
birtb date is 30-40 gbatis, Cooverting this ioto vigbatis
(1 ghati .:. 6O vighatis). we get gb. 30 )( 60 plus 40 =1840
vighatis. Tbe length of day or night of birth being k.n own.
it is represented by the rising sign and the longitude of the
Ascendant. tbe exact proportion of the sign that bas arisen
above the horizon. Here the length of day is 1840 vigbatis
and the number of degrees tbat has al ready arisen above the
horizon is go 54' or 9
9'. Therefore, we get x 1840 =607.2
vighatis or ghatis 10. 12 after sunrise, That is , the birth of
the querist took place at 10. 12 gbatis after sunrise on tbe
30th day of lunar month Vaisakha 27 years traced back from
the year of tbe question.
-.--.. _-- - ------_. ----
216 Hindu Predk:U1tc AICrOIoaJ
Considerable rtie_reb must be cldied on in this branch
of a.trololY and tben alone we '''-.11 , be able to appreciate
bow tar these principles bold good actual practice-:- :' These
rules were propounded by tbe ancient Mabarishis, who Were
m, ter mind . Knowledge too ,them did Dot illC)f to
mere observatIOn and statlshcal study. They' dlscovered
a grand trutb by intuition , a process which modern
science sadly lacks.
Medical Astrology
Medical Astrology is a part of the grand celestial scieoce
dealing with the several zodiacal. planetary and stellar
which affect tbe health, constitution, funclions
and habits of life. In faci. Medicine is a branch of astro-
logy. This conclusion is clear on its very face . Configurations
of plaoets in the heavens in certain angular positions emanate
certain forces or energies, which , when they are not in
harmony with the energies of an individual, bring about
certain disturbances in his physical and mental dispositions.
To avert the evil in8uences of planets, tbe ancients contem-
plated upon discovering remedies, and the science of Me.dicine
was gradually founded and developed in this manner.
Each sign of the zodiac a certain part of the
human body and the diseases peculiar to it and each planet
also indicates certain types of diseases. Disease and death
are due to the disturbances in tbe laws of proporti9n and
conjuncti on of natural forces emanating from the
and the times which these disturbances occur, can be
previously ascertained and provision made to arrest
or minimise such evil influences.
The planetary positions at clearly Indicate the nature
of the diseases one would suffer from, wben aod how they
would affect us and how best to alleviate tbem.
1. The twelvc signs of the zodiac commencing from
Aries in gcneral and from the Ascendant in particular govc;ro
Hindu Predictive Astrol0.IY
tbe twelve important organs of the human body and in
addition to this. planets in one sign will affect organs governed
by the sign of the same element Of constitution.
Aries governs Head
Lower belly
Seltual organ
Tbe two thighs
The two knees;
. ,In genecal, such signs as are occupied by evil planets
IndIcate want of development or deformity in the
the.y represent and tbose siglJ3 which are occupied by bene-
planets indicate beaut)' and health to the organs repre-
sent ed by tbem. .
-.- - is given control over some humour (do b)
causmg disease and the type and seat of disease dept:nd u, In
nature of tbe planet a nd tbe particular sign occupied by
It and the period of suffering is denoted by the Dasas and
Bhuktis of such a planet as shown below.
2. Aries governs the face.
Taurus .. the neck a nd 'throat.
Gemini "
L!!o "
Libra "
upper arm and throat.
breast, epigastric region and
back and forearm.
hands and region.
lumbar region and loins.
J Modk,l A'''OIOIY
" Scorpio
governs external generative
urinary organs aod
I ,
, '
Sagittarius" hips.
-7 Capricorn" epidermis.
Aquarius" legs and aokles.
Pisces .. toes .
the 6th from 'Aries, is a mental sign and this must
always be considered dealing ' witb" tlie' question of diseases.
Vf;go Virgin. the'male or female who has
had no sexual connection and who 'is chaste, pure and uo
a(fulierated, The ht:altb is perfectly maintained when all tbe
Chemical of the blood are present in normal
quantities. When tbey are adulterated. diseases set in .
Dist:ase is the result of the virgin health being adulterated .
Therefore, when the sign Virgo is badly affiicted by the
vibrations of the malefic planets, the whole world must
suffer from HIhealth, aDd diseases of some sort or the other
make their appearance and take away large tolls of life.
In the astrological nomet1c1ature. Virgo is referred to as the
sign representing sickness. Mind has a tremendous inOuence
on health and when it is free from agonies and distractioDs.
the health also remains unimpaired. When the mind is
atft:cted, tbe physical body also suffers. Virgo represents
that part of the Kalopurusha (zodiacal man) in which the
filler and ,the intestines are situated. The Sun, when be
cnters Virgo every year, renders the public health suffer for
want of digestion and from intestinal troubles. Tbe solar
plexus is the seat of feeling and sensation. h consists of a
group of twelve different ganglia and lies directly hack of
tbe stomach. The twelve divisions of the solar plexus correS
pond with tbe twelve zodiacal divisioni. The solar plexus
play an important part in man. In finding out the disease.
etc., Virgo aloDe must be first considered. Similarly the
6th in any horoscope from the Ascendant rules the
210 Hindu Predictive AurolOU
and digestive organs and since all troubles, more
or less, arise 'when these organs become inactive, the sixth
aign in a horoscope operates as .he sil'O of This is in
general and in particular horoscopes, the Ascendant repre-
sents Aries and so on.
3. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fiery signs and control
the vitality of persons; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are
earthly signs and control bones and flesh; Gemini, Libra
and Aquarius are windy signs and they govern the breath;
and Cancer and its trioes are watery signs aad govern the
human blood.
4. The following internal organs are governed by the
12 signs of the zodiac:
Ariel or tbe Ascendant
Tayrus or the second
Geinini or tbe third
Cancer or the fourth
Leo or" the fifth
Virgo or the sillth
Libra or the seventh
-SCorpio or the eighth
1 Sagittarius or the ninth
- Capricorn or the tenth
Aquarius or the eleventh
Brain, nerve centres
Gullet, cerebellum
Lungs, breatb. nerve fibres
Heart. blood and liver
Bowels, and solar plexus
Excretory system and bladder
Arterial system
Bones and joints
BlOOd circulation, eyes and
Pisces or tbe twelfth Lymphatic system
S. Head, face, beart, ba.c:k. hips and thigh. are fiery in
nature. Throat , bowels and neck are earthly. Lungs. kidneys
and blood are airy and stomach and digestive, excretory and
lymphatic systems are watery. The zodiacal signs named
above baving these" qualities also possess dominion on all these
organs ..
6. Tbe followinl an.tomical structutes are repracnted
by the different sigos of the zodiac :-.
l M<dial A",.I." 221
cerebrum, cerebelJum, facial bones,
upper jaw, pituitary glands. Tourus.- Cervical vertebrae, ears,
lower jaw. larynx, thyroid gland, oesophagus. Gemini.-
Humorous. c1avicles.shoulders. capillaries, lungs and tracheae
sC3pula, upper ribs. Cancer.-Diaphragm. sternum, elbow
. joint, tpigastric region, thoracic duct, ribs in general. Lta.-
Radius, ulna, spinal column. heart, spinal cord, vertebrae.
Virga.- Carpus, alimentary canal, metacarpus. duodenum.
p,halanges, abdomen. Libro.-Ovaries and seminal vesicles,
-. oriters and epidermis, lumbar vertebrae. Scarpia.-Pelvi c
bones, rectum, sacrum and colon and bladder.
Sagillarius.-Femur, hips, sacral region. Capricorn.
joint. nails and sk.eleton in general, patela. Aquarius.-
Fibula, bones and muscles of the feet and teeth, tibia. ankles,
astragalus. Plsus.-Taurus blood circ.ulation. metatarsus.
7. Diseases and sign s :-
Adel.-Drain derangement, beadache, fevers like ague,
sick.ness, apoplellY,- eye trOUbles,
pyorrh'ea. Taurus.-Obesity, absecesses, swellings in tbe neck,
goitre. Gemini. Consumption, pneumonia, rheumatism, I
asthma. Cancer. Dropsy, smallpox, flatulency, cancer. Leo.-
Digestive troubles, dyspepsia, diabetes. locomotor 'iiiiiIa,
swoons, fainting. Virgo.-Conslipalion. masturbatio!),
arthritis, anus troubles,VeD'Creal complaints. Libra.-ifright'.
disease, lumbago, nephritis. rcnal, calculi. Scarpio.-Fistula,
ulcers. nervous troubles, haemorrhoids, rectal affection.
Sagiltar;us. -Gout,, SUdden fits, troubles in the
hip. CtJpricorn. Cutancous troubles, leprosy, leucoderma,
tooth acbe, Af!kJriuJ.-Nervou. diseases,
spasmodic eruptions. consumption, tuberculosis,
mucous troubles aDd tumours.
t It may be asked wbelber the ancieDt Hindus had any
; . knowledge of tbese di&euel ; if not, bow could their ruler-
J ship by the differeDt signs and planets be ascribed? In the
Hindu Predictive Ai CrolOJY
Ayunrcdic text-books a number of tbese are
rately dealt witb. In many of tbe astrological works, In
giving combinatiODs for the occurrence of differ cot of
diseases. the authors bave runted bere and the
signs wbicb have governance over the baSIS
of tbe examination of hOFoscope the roformaUon IS collected.
8. Apart from tbe zodiacal inOucnces, the seven planets
also possess dominion nve,," the different organs of the human
body. their peculiarities, constitution, etc.
The SUII.-Bile, beart , brain, bead, eye aod bonc.
saliva. womb. water, blood and Iymphahc
aii'd"&iandular syst ems. Maf3 . -Bile. cars, nose, forehead.
sioews fibre and muscular tissues. Mercury.- Abdomen.
tongue' lungs. bowels, nerve centres, bile and muscular
tissues: .l..upiter.-Phlegm, blood, kidneys, flesh a.nd
fat and arterial system. Venus .. - Ovanes, eye$,
system, semen and phlegm. Saturn.-Feet, Wind,
acids, knees, marrow aod secretive .
9. Each planet over certalD
in the buman body and certain diseases also. ThiS rulershlp
must be carefully considered.
The Sun.- Cerebellum, brain, blood, lungs, heart, stomacb.
breasts, ovaries, seminal vesicles, of the heart,
appendicitis, 6ftu1a, The MD!'n .-
Pericardium, veins, lymphatIC vessels, funct ions,
eye, alimentary canal. membrane-genito. and unnary derange
ments, testicle. wind and colic, broncblal catarrab,
tumours, insanity,'Xiefective II ssue.
muscles catebral hemispheres-mflammatlon of the lungs,
baemorrhage from the lungs, spit,ting of
consumption . bypctlrophy, typhoid and enteric fever. Infec-
tious and contagious diseases. Mercury.-Nerves, breat.b,
air sense perception, bait, ' tongue, mouth-n,asal diS-
orders, impediments of speech, brain and nervous disorders,
MedIcal AstrolOlY
'" -'
&ltbma; bronchitis, delirium', Deurastbani., headaches,
neuralgia, palpitation. worms, genitourinary troubles.
Jllpiter.-Arteries, veins. aurkle and ventricle, tbe pleura.
eat. blood apoplexy, pleurisy, degeneration, piles, tumours,
diabetes. Venu3.-Kidneys, aorta, Besb, marrow, skin,
c;:beekf, complexion- suppression of urine, discharge ' from
eyes, ,Ut,!lneous eruptions. throat diseases, digestive troubles,
\/Coereal complaints. Salurn,-Spleen, upper stomach,
endocardium, ribs, bones, bair, nails, cold, catarrah. diseases
incidental exposure, rheumatism, consumption, broDcrutis,
asthma, gout, constipation, disease.
Precautions in PredictiODJ
10. The house of diseases is tbe sixtb from tbe Ascendant.
The planets therein. tbe lord of the 6th. the aspects on the 6tb
tbe lord of tbe 6th occupies, should all he
for predicting diseases. The planets in the 6tb
house affect the particular part of tbe body governed by the
sign, and tbe diseases will be tbose tbat arc indicated by its
II. Due attention must be paid to the Ascendant, and
the relationsbip between its lord and tbat of the 6tb.' Tbe
details given in tbe earlier chapters of tbis book about tbe
planetary and zodiacal peculiarities will be of immense usc in
Medical Astrology.
12. The general build-up and strength of tbe physical
constitution must be ascertained witb reference to tbe posi tion
of tbe Sun and tbe mental peculiarities with reference to tbe
, Moon. The Sun in tbe 6tb aspectcd by Saunn is ,ure to
bring aboutJass of vitality by means of unnatural methods
masturbation and sodomy.
- -, - _ .. _,. - '
13. Malefics in the 6th with no beneficial aspect s cause
continuous illness. (Miss E. A. of New York bas Mercury
224 Hindu Predict ive Astrolol)'
in tbe 6th with Sll\urn and Mars powerfully .speeted by
Rahu-sbt suffered from continuous arthritis for more than
2S years,}
1 sball give below tbe combinations for some of the most
terrible diseases .irom which hllml}njty bas 001 claimed
immunity as yet-as it will Dot be possi ble to include in a
small chapter like tbis, ioformation which relates to the
causation of each and tvery disease on eartb.
14. ,Abdominal diseases. Appendicitis, ctc., are caused b.Y..
the movements of tbe Sun and tbe Moon in Virgo.
15. Tbc SUD aod the MOOD in opposition and in con-
junction with or aspt:cted by Mars produce sudden accidents.
Hi. Enteric disordcu and bowel disorders arc brought
abaul by .the SUD in the 6th, aspcctcd by Saturn. Diarrhoea
is caused by Jupiter in Y.:i:rgo being afflicted.
17. Mars in Libra micted by Venus and aspected by
Saturn, causes Bright's disease.
18. If Mars and Venus aspect the Ascendant and if there
a)-e evil planets in tbe 6th aspected by otber evil planets, tbe
suffers from cbronic constipation.
19. If the Moon is amicted by Saturn in Aries whicb
governs the pituitary body), and Mars also bas influenl' over
tbe Moon, tbe perSOn suffers from leprosy.
20. IF Man and VenUS are in tbe 7th and are aspected by
malefics, the person suffers from inftammation in the testicles.
2!. If tbe Moon is in Cancer or Scorpio in Rasi or in
Navamsaand is powerfuUy aspeeted bY!DaiCfics, the person
sufl'ers from diseases in the anus.
22,. Saturn and Mars in the 12th aqd the 2nd: the Moon
in JJte Ascendant. the Sun in tbe 7th, respectively. make the
naflve suffer from wbite leprosy.
23. 'lftbe MOOD is in tbe lOtb. Man in the 7th and
in the 2nd from t)1e Sun. tbe nat'ive becomes crippled
24. If tbe Moon is between Saturn and Mars and the
Sun is in Capricorn. the person suffers from asthma and
25. rf the Sun and the Moon mutually e:tchange their
houses either in Rasi the Nanmsa, the person suffers
from consumption.
26. If the Moon is in the 5tb navamsa of Sagittarius, or,
in tbe navamsas of Aries. Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer or in
other signs and aspected by Saturn 011 Mars, the person
undoubtedly suffers from consumption .
27. Iflhe Sun, tbe Moon. Mars and Saturn are in the
6tb, tbe 8tb. the 2nd or the 12th the person
be<:omes blind owing .to tbe excessive accumulation 6f the
burnour represented by the strongest of tllese planets.
28. The malefic planets in the 3rd, Sth, 9tb and 1ltb.
baving no beneficial aspects, produce deafness and this will
be given rise to by the bumour indicated by the strongest of
the planets placed in any of the above signs.
29. If the Moon, the Sun and Man are in the 7tb and
have no good aspects; the' perSOD suffers from tOothacbe.
. 30. Weak Moon iii the 12th with SalJlrn will bring about
insanity to tbe native.
. 31. 1f. Aries. Leo. Scorpio, Capricorn ..Q! __ . !l!!..ari,!s
... becomes Lagna and malefics aspect it
head becomes bald.
32. If Saturn is in the 9th or in the 5th and is aspected
by malefics, the native suffers from innumerable diseases.
The reader must apply these principles to a number of
horoscopes and make a comparative study of the theoretiqal
rules and practical Medical Astrology.
OiSJase comes under si:tth bouse aDd tbis bas been
exhaustively dealt with in my book How 10 Judge (J Horoscope.
Female Horoscopv*
The combinations hitherto treated of in tbe previous
chapters 8re applicable to botb the sexes but the information
given in tbi s chapter is peculiar to the members of the female
For instance. there is puberty in girls which indicates that
they are fit for entering the state of motherhood. This is a
peculiar characteristic belonging to the feminine sex. The
importance of first menses has so much of physical, mental
and spirit ual signi fi cance that it will be impossible to bring
them home unless we devate special attention to its study. So
many otber things such as conception, delivery. etc., are
peculiar to the women.
Some of the ancient writers held that even though tbe
horoscopes of the women indicate any Raja Yogas-Iike
bestowing political power, etc. , such yogas must be applied to
their husbands. Today the order has been rapidly changing.
Advocates of sex equality have been springing up like mush-
rooms. They want to see that no barriers exist between the
males and the females, God knows for what purpOSe. Women
have been competing wi th men in aU walks of life. The type
of equality, which we have lKen aiming at seems to be similar
to that whicb the West bas realised zlready and for the results
For further details refer to Slrl Jataka or FftmlJle Horolropy by
Prof. 8 . SUryanarlin RIO.
f" """0' '"
. p(wbich it has begun to repent. In ancient India, the equality
WII of a different nature. History and tradition afford us any
",umber of instaoces whicb go to establisb tbat the women
. never occupied an inferior place in Hindu families or in
ilindu society and tbat a sentiment of reverence and respect
bad always been associated with their names. Witb the
advent of-divorce. companionate marriage and other inj urious
reforms, tbe entire fabric of borne-life and domestic barmony
ire tbreatened witb complete destruction. Pure love is being
replaced by commercial love. And divorce courts are being
resorted to on flimsy grounds or pretexts for getting rid of
the husband br wife. A study of tbe Female Roroscopy will
be of immense interest in view of tbe rapid advancement
women bave been making in all walks of life.
Important CombiaalioDt
I . From tbe rising sign at birth must be ascertained tbe
complexion, beauty of general appearaoce. Marital bappiness
inun be consulted from the 81b. From the 7tb house sbould
be predicted passions, husband's cbaracter, aod ber own
tdrtunes; pregnancy, issues, conception and abortion should
& determined from tbe Sth bouse.
2. If tbe Ascendant or tbe Moon falls in tbe Trimsamsa
of Aries or Scorpio and if Mars is not well situated, the girl
becomes a prostitute before puberty, If tbe Ascendant falls
in the Trimsamsa of Venus, sbe becomes adulterous : if in
Jupiter-virtuous, modest and dignified; if in Mercury-
cunning; jf in Saturn - dependent and depraved.
3. If Venus and Saturn exchange tbeir navamsas, tbe girl
becomes extremely passionate and gratifies her instincts by
uonatural methods.
. 4. If tbe 7th bbava fall s in the navams. of Mars, aod has
fbe aspect of Saturn, tbe girl pOSsesses a diseased sexual

Hln', ,,,,,,<tI,, AU,.'.,,"
t-IC Horoscopy
organ. If the 7tb bouse in a beneficial navamsa, she will 16 Th ' uDcti of the lords of tbe 1st lind the 8th;0
have well-proportioned sexual and loves her . r be an: over the 8th.
5,. The woman ,becomes a widow SOOD after marriage If - 17 Tb 7tb h s d 'u lord between two or more evil
M " 7bh ' hb)) hefi') e OUeaDI .
IS In the t ouse WII a so ute y no De cia aspects, .: ' tb t b .efi I asrvoct
b b ' ) fi Tb S ' b 7 h ' " ) planets WI ou e cia y s.
III aVl ng ma e c aspects . e un JQ t e t 10 a Simi ar
P9.Silion makes her to be neglected by her husband.
Beacflci.1 ComblaatloDI (Raja Yoaas)
6. If Jupiter is in tbe Ascendant. the Moon in the 7th and
Venus in the 10th, the woman becomes the wife of a very rich
man, even if she is bocn in bumble surroundings.
7. If Jupiter is well posited in the Shddvorgos and is
powerfully aspected by the Moon, the woman's husband will
get-a .t:esponsible and lucrative posi tion as minister or as an
c:qual to a king. '
S. A woman will have great political po ..... er if the
qU:l.drants are occupied by benefics anj the 7th falls in a
masculine sign.
9. Mars in 3 or 6 and Saturn in auspicious Shadvargas
cause a very powerful Raja
10. A powerful Raja Yoga is caused if Gemini becomes
the AseenQant with wuing Moon there, the Sun in the 1 J th
and Mercury in the 10th.
11. If tbe Sun possessing beneficial Shadvargas occupies
the 3rd and Saturn be in the 6th. a powerful Raja Yoga is
12. Conjunction of tbe lords of the 7th and the 8th in
the 8tb with malefic aspects.
13. Lord of the 7th witb Saturn and aspected by Mars.
14. Rahu and the in the 8th witb evil aspects.
1.5. The Moon and Rabu in the 8th and the lord of tbe
7th with Saturn aspected by Mars.
First Measts aad laOueace
This physical change in the constitution of a gi rl has a
UCmeBd6us influence over her entire future and a thorough
Blvestigation into t be results of planetary influences at the
time of the first menses more essential.
I; As soon as puberty appears in a girl, cast a horoscope for
tbat ti me just like you would do if a birth time is and
.ben study the various influences carefully.
.1 The ancient Maharishis appear to have made such wonder-
ful researches in this branch of knowledge that they have been
. ,ble to trace the influence of weekdays, lunar days,
1I1ion5, etc .. on the girl during the first menses. .
18. H the first menses appear 00 a Sunday-the girl
tulfers from diseases; MondHy-good, nobl e and vi rtuous;
Tuesday-miserable; Wednesday- domestic harmony;
Thursday-virtuous and chaste: Friday - obedient 10 husband;
and S.c.turdny-vicious and bad tempered .
19. The following constellations are aU$picious for first
: - Hasta, Chitta, Swati, Visakha, Anuradba, UUara.
Unarashadha. Uttarabbadra, Sravuna, Moola, Revati,
Dbani shta, Satabhisba, Aswini. Pushyami, Rohini. and
Mdgasira. First men ses is condemned in PUbba . Poorva-
abadba, Poo'rvabbadra, Bharani and Aslesha.
20. The following times are unfavoura ble for the
appearance of first mer; ses in a girl :-Sunri se, aod
twiligbU; the days of solar entries ioto the first degree of the
lign ' FuJI and New Moon days; times of edipses ; the 8tb
, ,
and 14th days of the dark h:l.l f of a lunar month; the tlmc
Hindu Predictive Altroloa,
when tbe MOOD stands in the 8th bouse from the radix M
or that of het busband; in constellatioos occupied b
planets; when halos are seta found the Su d h Y .1
duriog th db ' n ao t e Moon
c cat times of' nearest relatives' when b '
phenomena like tbe appearaoce of comets ;tc

moves in the (;oDstellations of' Bha';aoi Krittik

n ra and Aslesba. I,
Ca signs of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and
ptlcorn evil if first menses occur in b .
rest atc ausplcIOUS ones. t em. the
. Proper remedies must be undertaken to avert Ih ' I
lo8ueoces of planets. e CVI
22. If the number of drops of menstrual fluid b one or
wealth and good enjoyment in life are indicated e. other_
wise the consequences will be baneful. '
For fuller information on these points, I sbould ref,
readers to the excellent book FeftUJl H er my
B. Suryanarain Rao. e oroscopy by Prof.
Mundane Astrology
Strictly, speaking Mundane means anything that relates
to tbis material world but somebow, at least so far as
astrology is concerned, it is interpreted as meaning "statc"
or "national" and Mundane Astrology means astrology of
ibe State or national astrology wbicb helps us to predict tbe
&eneral eyents in the different countries like wars, plagues,
pestilences, revolutions and incidents that directly affect a
State or tbe head of a State and consequently tell upon the
So many calamities in tbis world could haye been
preyented had only the different statesmen at tbe helms of
tbe various goyernments heeded to the warnings repeatedly
. aiven by competent ast rol ogers. regarding tbe occurrence of
unbappy terrestrial eyents.
If a statesman knew when bis country wouid be attacked,
be could eitber make sucb preparations as would enable bim
to present a strong and united front to the enemy, or if be
toved peace could deYise such plan s and negotiations as would
bring about tbe desired honourable peace. In all these
important aWain;, prevention is mucb better than cure. Why
should a relief propaganda be organised after a certain
catastrophe like plague, earthquake or Ooods has occurred
and then repent for the colossal loss of precious human lives
and properties. The loss could have been overcome if it bad
Hindu Predicciyc
been previously ascertained when
would visit us. such dangerous phenomena
M bl' .
Y pu Icalion s World Prospect s . 19) 9
World Predictions lor 1941 10 J94 In o?d 1940 and
editoria ls in THE An 5 aod m)' Innumerable
practical aspect of Mundane A I ea Wit I
made d"' Slro ollY. Therein I have
pte lCUons about events a lld I .
.were mos t improbable at the tim b '. .appenlogs Ih'lI
but which were realised :redlchons were v.cotured
several national horoscopes aol r ha ve also discussed
Astrology will find in the b b a student of Mundane
carryi ng o n research work. a ave oaks, a lot of data for
. .The eiTecls of tbe pla nets Over h f[ ' .
found 10 be just as powerful h Ie a airs of nations are
individiJa'l. Prof B S as t, ey 3re OHr the life of thc
. . uryanae:un Rao w d r.
predi ctions of national events Zadk' I as notc or ll is
remarkable predict ions , . d ' Ie s J and II have made
, pre ICled the Second I '
nearly one year in ad ' U II ar
vancc, Huler' s a"'g . d'
Mussolini' s collaborat ion Francc' s c 0 eSlgns:
of the Negus to J . ol/apse In 1940; return
Fates of Holland D I ' " apa n s Policy '
, " e glum, etc Germa " '
Mussolini's fa ll ; Italy' s ea ilU'ia' , n of Russia;
by tbe AlJies; and the fall .. Inil
, ' the invasIOn of Europe
politic'al dc\'elopment!i, er , 0: Ihe war , Indian
fall , exit of Nkrumah CI ' s Khruschcv' s
f ' IlneSe InvaS ion o f I d ' N' ,
all , recent development s in India 0 la, 1:<00 s
correctly foretold by me in m b . ' etc: , - hav
all heen
TIlE ASTR01.OGI CA. L MA.GAZJN/' o;:s In tbe columns of
basis to warrant tbe study f M ere IS enough scientific
in conlrol of a national by Ihose
lion into na tional affairs of a com or to Justify introduc
to advise on futun: foreign Astrological Bureau
is 100 much to cxpect in ements. I admit thaI it
A slrology, fo.! this t be p,resent .slate of Mundane
o e :l w:lys righI, but ifir could
Jive tbe enough mligbt into future complications
with forclgn powers, that would be worth untold miUions
eveD if this lupposed Burcau ooly 60 per ceot of correct
, I By repeaLed observation and the development of yog.
Ju!ya, the Maharishis were able to foresee all tbese clearly
aDd assign certain signs of tbe zodiac as represcDting or as
)lh'ectly ruling certain parts of tbis world. Varaha Mihira
lila. given a list of countries governed by the signs and planets
ill bis Dr/hal Somhito and we have interpreted them in this
light of modern gCograptlical distribution of countries.
Zodiacal SiCas a.d CouDtcies
, .!ti!!:,- France, Switzerlaod, England, Denmark, Germany,
Lesser Poland, Syria, Burgandy-Naples, Verono, Capua.
Marseilles, Birmingham, Florence.
Tourus,-Greater Poland, Persia, Ireland, Asia Minor,
Georgia , part of Russia, Holland, Greek Archipelago-
Muntua, Leipzig. Dublin, St. [;ouis. Rhodes.
of England, U.S.A., Flanders, Lower
Esypt. Belgium, Sordinia. Wales, Tripoli-London, Venailles,
Melbourne, Plymouth, Brabanl, San Francisco.
Canccr.- Holland, Scotland, New Zealand, Paraguay-
New York, Constantinople, Tripoli , Algiers, Tunis, Venice,
Manchester, Genoa and Amsterdam.
Sicily, parI of F:rance, Chaldea, Bobemia-
Damascus, Bristol , Bath, Conton and Philadelphia, Chicago
and Bombay.
Ylrgo.-India, Mesopotamia, Asiatic and European
Turkey . Brazil, Crete, Assyria, West Indies. Greece-PAris,
Lyons, Jerusalem and Los Angeles.
part of India, Portugal, Livonia, -Austria,
-Alaska, Japan. Tibet-Sheffield, Lisbon, Frankfort . Antwerp,
CharlesloD, Vienna, lohannesberg.
H'",," .Ad'CI'., A'''.'.I> "T ... _ A_'OU 2lS
Scorpio Bavaria. Judea, Catalonia, Norway, Morocco_ Fi'" hoaue.-'Mcntality ortbe rulers, in tbe Slate
Wasbington, Dover, Liverpool, Bahimore. Dew Irl,hs, crime and places of amusement .
Arabia, Hungary. Madagascar_ Slxt" ho"!' .-State loans and debts, diseases of the people
Cologne, Rottcnburg, Toledo. Sbeffield. IPd tbe rulers. territorial attlckl. naval other .
. CaprfcofIJ.-A part of lodia, Macedonia, Afghanistan, ,', Set!''''}' hquc.- Hca1th orlbe ,women, 10 tbe
Mexico, Greece, Saxony. Thrace-Brandenberg, Oxford, country. rate oriorant mortality. war, foreign relallons, etc.
Brussels. . Eighth hou4t' .-Deatb.ratc. State Treasury. . ..
Aquarius.-Swedcn, some paris of Arabia, Russia, Ninth /louse. Temples, mosques and churches, Jrrebglous-
Denmark, Lower Sudan, Abyssinia-Brighton, Hamburg and courts, law and righteousness.
Bremen. Tenth house.-The ruler, parliament, foreign trade, exports,
Isce.r.-Normany, Portugal, Galicia, Egypt, Nubia, exploitation, revolutions and lawlessness.
Sahara-Alexandria, Lancaster, Ratisbon. " . . from other nations, gains in trade,
We have also an enumeration of tbe constellations tbat
go\'ern the different countries and the planets and signs that
lovern the different parts ofa country in Varaha Mihira's
Brihat SamhUa. - - ----
Houses in Mundaae Astrology
The Lagna or the Ascendant of a country will he the
part icular sign that rules over it. For instance, the Lalna of
England is Aries ; that of India is Virgo and so On . The
exact rising degree is not definitely known.
Tbe twelve houses from the Ascendant in a national boro-
$Cope represent the followi ng important significations:
EfTSI houu. General affairs in tbe State, public health,
tbe conditions of the Cabinet.
Second house.-State revenue, aristocracies in the State,
wealth or the people, Stale imports and commercial tran-
sactions. allies and revenue.
Third house.-Tdephones, telegrams, railways, aeroplanes,
journals and newspapers and the disposition of the neigh-
bouring nations.
Fourth house.-Scbools, colleges and other educational
institutions, pupils. landed estates, general happiness, trade
and agriculture.
house. - Secret crime. plots, hospital s and such
in'st itutions, war and losses. .
In giving the natiooal predictions, the folloWJDg factors
must be carerully considered :_
1. A boroscope cast for the commencement orthe
year enables one to predict world events during that year WI th
' a fair degree or accuracy.
2. Mark the boroscope for the time of the entry of the
SUD into Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn aDd analyse_
of p)anetSiii<f1he T6es.e will
.ive the general results for t"fie world dutlng t be parti cular
year ,
3. Consider the lunations every mont h and the plan.clary
positions and bow they stand with rererence to the particular
nation or nations.
Say, for instance, the lunation takes place in Aries and
Saturn and Mars arc there with otber malefic influences.;
country represented by Aries suffeu greatly rrom 111-
health there ..... ill be chaos in tbe debates or tbe Cabinet and
'tbe affairs Juri ng that month will not be satisfactory.
HiDdu Predlctfve AlttOioty
Durillllhc same month. the Junation will bave taken place in
the 10th from another ,i,Dlovernmganotber country.
The results will be that the death of the monarch is indicated,
foreign trade will be at itslowut ebb, lawiclSDcss will prevail
and .iSDS of revolution will be apparent . If the lame combi-
nation occurs in tbe 2nd bouse of another country, tbea
financial depression in the State will sct in, retcoachment
follows, imports affected. etc. nus it
ltatlOJlS i n any siso .9-t
the otber: ---- ".- . _- .
---rho most impartaal aspect io Muodanc Astrology is tbe
Planetary Cabinet which will be changios . portfolios every
-year and thus the results wlll also be chanling. Planctary
Cabioct means simply tbis-All tbe leven planets will become
king, prime minister, commander-in-chief, lord of vegetation,
lord of minerals, lord of juices, lord of grains, cattJe, etc.,
and tbese offices will be changing every year. Tbe planet
which becomes king in one year becomes prime minister in the
next year and so on. These details can be ascertained by
looking into any standard almanac.
4. The Sun and the Moon are generally royal planets; if
in any year either of these does oat become, then during
tha' year, the royalty will greatly suffer. Similarly, Mars is
tbe permanent commander-In-chief. Ir, however, in any
particular year he docs not become the commander-in,chief,
the army and navy during that year must suffer. All tbese
details must be considered.
S. The appearance of eclipses pl ays a great part in
national astrololY. The influences will be exerciled for a
period of 6 months before and 6 months after the appearance.
The effects of the eclipse will find manifestation in the
countries tbroush which the eclipse passes. Jf two eclipscs-
of course one solar and one lunar-occur within 14 days, tbore
.erallx will be .ssassinations and war
activities tbe lc:.adlns aCUcle In tbe October 1941 issue
There werc.!wo eclipses in March 14 dayL.. and
ftor. B. Suryanarain Rao, in the ' Ma! cbT914 issue of TaB
Great War in the August of that year and saId that Its orlllO
would be in Europe aod that it would arise from tbe assassi-
nation of a prince.
That Roosevelt would be elected as the President of
America was predicted by tbe author in the September 1932
issue of TUB ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, wbile the election
took. place in Nevember, on the basis of a solar eclipse in that
It was also pointed out thtlt there would be chaos Bnd
confusion in tbe Parliamentary debates in London, that a new
Cabinet would be formed, tbat U.S.A. would suffer from great
financi al troubles and that a number of children would die in
England on account of some disease. All these came to pas:3.
Mr. Roosevelt's election for the Presidential Chair of
America, for the tbird time, was clearly predicted in the
September 1940 issue of THB ASTROLOGICAL MACAZINB.
Thus eclipses have great significance in Mundane Astro
6. The appearance of comets and the directions in which
they appear sbould also be considered. The country repre-
sented by the signs, in which comets appear, suffers, and tbe
health of tbe people will be affected.
7. Laltly. the nativitieS of individuals themselves who
rule either as kings or as Presidenn will have great significance
aod tbey should be wellttudied.
8. Earthquakes must also be considered. Thu! Mund.De
Astrology i. a very difficult and useful branch and the student
Hindu Pndkti .... Atuolol)'
, ,
mUliit be careful in vCbhlriog predictions. For grq,ter details
regarding the ioftueoces of eclipsea, appearance of ometc"
looations and the planetary cabinet. I should refcr the reader
to the !!rilUlI Samhllp of Varaha Mime. and in a small book.
like this. it will Dot be possible to incorporate more thaD wbat
has already been done.
I '
Muhurtha or Election
Muhurtba means auspICIOUS. Jo astrology. Muburtha
comprehend. the selection of auspicious for C:Vtr'1l1C'!
!vCOl we could interpret muhurthD as beinl
equivaleot in tbe Ellglisb word election.
t It is an established fact that SUccess in any work entirely
depends upon the auspicious moment at which it is cO,m-
menced. Even tbough a man may possess tbe best advantage. ,
be will not be successful in the end if he commences tbe work
in tin inauspicious time. This meaDS lhat he has Dot consi-
dered the value of moving in harmony with natural forces-
that is - the invisible influences imbedded in the womb of
Time. throw obstacles on bis way and deprive him of bis
Muhurtba, as a matter of fact, belps us to dekrmine,
when exactly the influences contained in Time are well
di_posed, when they are ill-disposed, wbal combinatiops of
plaocts produce beneficial inBuences and bow tbe invisible
currents could be made to Bow easily. after a business is
started in an auspicious moment .
If we start ao. event in a favourable lime, tbe etbereal
CUrrents. liberated from l.he planets at that particular moment,
will work in the minds of others and make them help tbe
person to attain success.
Hindu Predic:t1v:e Astfolot)
Even in marriage., if in the girl's horoscope widowbC)()d
is tbreatened, it can be averted by selecting a very auspicious
moment for celebrating tbe marriage.
We call such an auspicious moment, When all the
cial etbereal CUUt OI. arc called into operation, Shubha Lag1lQ
and the inauspicious moment Ashubha Legna.
J. Favoflrable Periods or Adminbterlng, Mediclnes._
Sunday, onday, ednes an tJday. Saturday
and Tuesday are not favourable.
At tbe time of administering medicine, benefics should be
in quadrant, the 6th, the 81b and the 12th houses from the
Ascendant. "The constellatioDs Anuradba. Mtigasira Revali
Rohini, Chitta, Uttar., Ullarasbadha, Sravana. Dhanisbta:
Satabbisba. Puoarvasu, Swati , Aswini and Hasta are good.
Find out the time for tbe Lagna (rising sign) when Saturn,
the SUD and Mars are in quadrants 00 Saturday, Suoday and
Tuesday aod at tbis moment perform surgical operations.
.2. Slllm Q!l4Bl(riu - C;onstelJations Visakha, Hu ta,
Mngasira, Punarvasu. Dhanisbta, Aswini, Aridra, Pubba.
Jyesbta, Poorvashadba aod Poorvabhadra are good for buy-
ing and seUing domestic animals. When Leo is rising at tbe
time oC tbi s transaction, it is unfavourable. Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday. Wednesday, New Moon day, the 4th, tbe 9th and
the 14th days of the lunar month are unfavourable.
3. Alr/culturaIOptrDllolf:(. Commence ploughing opera-
tioDs 'coD8IelJatioDs Reveti, Hasta, Makha, Uuara,
Ultarashadha, Robini, UUarabbaor8, Mrigasira, Sravana,
DbaDishta. Satabbisha, Pushyami and Chitta. TUeiday.
Wedoesday and Saturday are not good. When the signs
Pisces. Taurus, Gemioi and Virgo are rising, commence such
operations. Avoid New Moon days, Full Moon days, and the
lunar.days of the 8th, the 9th and t}le 14tb oftbe dark balf.
,; This must be dODe when rtain
signs are rnlng If water were to fall io tbe well so dug. In
, ,, .. borth. or ElcclioD
Aquarius and Taurus, water can be secured in tbe wells,
Scorpio, Libra and Gemini give very little of aod the
rest of tbe ligns give absolutely no water. Similarly, no
water will be secured if quadrants are occupied by evil planets.
VeDU, aod tbe Mo.on in quadrants pro.duce much water in
the well. When wells are dug in tbe sigo occupied by tbe
Sun, there will be rock found in the well. The rising signs
must be watery signl for obtaining a plentiful l upply of water
and tbe planets influencing must also be watery ones.
S. Enter, n, New luoar months Magba,
PbalguDa; Vaisakba ana )yesbta are ,Dod. Monday,
Wednesday, .Thursday, Friday and Saturday are good.
Uttarashadba Uttarabbadra and Rohini are good. New
houses Should'Dot be entered tbe. Sun is in
Caucer or Gemini . CODstellations occupied by evil planets
must be avoided. Hasta: Swati, Pushyami, Aswini, Sravana
and Punarvasu are generally considered unfavourable.
. i of-bair means mucb loss of vitality
favourable days must be selected. Tbe
4tb 14tb and 16th days of the lunar month and New MoOn
and Full Moon days are unfavourable. The conuellatioDs
Posbyami , Punarvasu, Revati, Hasta, Sravana, Dbani:Jbta,
Mrigasica, Aswini, Chitta, Swati, Satabhisba and
are good.
7, CoAl'(Hf1inf.New The Sun mUlt be in Taurus,
Cancer Leo. Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Scorpio aod Capricorn.
The pe;iod wben lupiter and Venus are in combustion must
be avoided. The lunar moutb of Asbadba, Sravana,
pada, Aswija and Pushya 'are not good. The c9ustellahon.'
Aowadha, Moola, Aswioi, Halta, Mripsira, ' Iye-bfa, Swah,
Chitta. Rohiui, Unarashadba, Uttara and Uttarabhadra aro

Hindu Prediclive AsttOIOlJ
Benefics must be in quadrants (not in the Ascendant> and
the 10th house must be occupied by Jupiter, Venus or Mercury
evil plancts must be in the 3rd, the 6th aDd the 11th.
8. SluyllLQICoruulltuiolZ. By tbis we will be able to
ascenaio whether a particulu day is favourable 10 a parti.
cula. perSOD or not.
The procedure is this . CouDt from the birth constellation
to the constellatioD of tbe particular day on which any new
work is to be dODe or any journey undertaken, etc., and
divide the product by 9, if divisible. Otherwise keep it as it
is. If the remainder is 1.9
body ; if 2 .1fB!J.'P.JI.l) . P.lcI pro.lpe:ri.lY; !l .1.. (vlpat)
. ace,ideo ,; prosperity; if 5
(prol),ok) if 6 good results and gains; ir
'i{nldhanO) dl.nler jlDd death; if 8 (mitra) good; i(9
_ .-. -,. . . .
Illustratlon.-Birth sta r Mrisasira wants to interview a
superior officer for representing his grieva-nccs on 6..9.1933.
1 p. m. The constellation of that day is Uttarabhadra and
lasts upto 2 p. m. (in Bangalore). Counting Cram Mrigasira
!.O we get 22; dividing. wfg;:f i2L9-';
.1 4/9., . The balance IS 4 ana- accordingly it represep ksbema
or prosperity and the businen will be successful.
&. Five Sources 0/ Ener,y.-Jn this. five sources of
planetary. Stellar and zodiacal energies a rc concerned.
Supposing a man has fixed a particular time on a panicular
day in a particular month for some important
work:. Whether or not tbe five sources of cneray operate
faVOurably at that time can be thus ascertained. In aU theSe
cases. lunar dates mult be considered and the constellations
can be found out by the Mooo's positioo. 1be method of
counting the lunar days il aiven io the earlier chapters.
Take the number of lunar daYI rrom tbe first oC each
lunar month . the number of weekdays from Sunday, the
"obUJ1ha or Election
mber of constellations from Aswini and tbe number of
:diacal signs (rom Aries. Add all and tbe total
\ . J( tbe remainder is I it indicates (,"rll)'ll) danacr or deatb; ,f
1 2 (",ahn/) danger fi re; iC 4 (raja very.
if 6 (c/wra panclwka) bad; if 8 (roga panchaka) disease
irthe remainder is 3, 5, 7 or DO rcma,nder at aU. tben It IS
JOod . .
llluslration.-Mr. X wants to Hart a new buslQeS$ on
17 9-1933 Sunday at sunrise. The constellation is Aslclba
(rules upto 9 a. m.) and the Innar date is 13th of dark of
the IUDar montb Bbadrapada. The riling sign is Virgo.
Calculating tbe Panchaka for tbis, we get :-
No. of lunar days
No. of constellations
No. of zodiacal signs .
No. of tbe day from Sunday
Dividing tbis by '.I we get 29/9-32/' ; 2 remainder. It
indicates vahni. So tbe time selected is not
10. Mar,'age.- The 7th house Crom tbe marClaa:e Ascen.
dant must be frcc and without any planet . MUI Ihould .not
occupy tbe 8tb and Venus must never be in Jupiter,
Venus or Mercury should be in quadrants (excepltng the 7th
bouse or 2nd quadrant),
New Moon day. Full MOOD day, tbe 8tb and 6th lunar
days must be avoided. The lunar months of Mapa, Pbalpna,
Vais,tha and Jyeshta are good. Coostelr.tions Uttara.
Uttambadha. Uttarabhadra. Revati, SwatJ. Makba. Hasta,
Robini, Anuradha, Mrigalira and Moola arc favourable.
11 . NII/!.tlab or COlUUmmatlon CerelNtJlly .. - There I bould
be no planets io the 8th. Sunday. Tueaday:are
bad. TauruI, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, VlflO, Libra, AquanUl.
Slgittarius aDd Pisces arc good. New Moon day. Full ,
Hindu Predictive AltrOJoay
MOOD day, 14tb, 6th. 8tb and oftbc lunar month
,be avoided. The constellations Satabhisba, Hasta.
RablDl, Sravana, Anutadba, SW8ti, UUar., Uttarashadba
Moola and Ultabhadra arc good.
12. Nome-Glvin Nomakarona 0 a New-born Child.
The 8tb house must be tee. Friday. Wednesday. Thursday
and Monday are good. ThecoDuellatioDsAnuradba Stavana
Uttar., UUarabbadr. " Pusbyami Rcvati Hast' A . .'
R b' . M'" a, SWIn!
ngasrra, Dbaoisble and Uuarashadba arc favour:
13. First Feeding 0(0 Child (Anna Prqlonqj.- The 10th
house must be without any planet. , The lunar days 8 12 4
6, J 4 and 9 and New MOOD and Full Moon days are
Constellations Sfavana, SW8ti Anutadb. A. . . H' .
Dhanisbta Pu h . p' ,Wlnl, asta,
, . s yaml, unarvasu and Mrigasira are preferable.
su 14. Rahukala.-.Every day certain evil influences are
pposed to be on our planet at the following hours
and .they must be avoided for any good work ]( tb .
il.at6am tb R b . e sunllse
. ., en . a ukala will operate on ;-
Monday from 7-30
Tue d a.m. to 9- 0 a.m.
s ay ,,3- 0 p.m. 4--30
Wednesday .. 12- 0 noon . , p.m.
Thursday 1.30" 1-30 p.m.
" 10-30 p.m. " . 3- 0 p.m.
Satu,rq:ay "9- 0 :.m. .. 12- 0 noon
.. .m. " a. m.
. y 4-30
IS " p.m. .. 6- 0 p.m.
Upanayana. Upanayana mean. the investiture of
acred. thread or, to be more explicit, iuitiation into tb
mysteCles ?f Parabrahma or the Supreme Intelligence.
ceremony IS performed amon .. t all hi .... cute H' d be
-i.1 reli . . 6" 10 US, W n
y- glous IDstructioos are given
Tb. e. 8tb house must be free: from planet.. A'
C Cle Tauru.,
-.-DUOI, aocer, Vir,., Libra and are
_.. beneficial. The
Miuburtba Of Ejection
2 ... "
constellations Bharani, Krittika, Aridra, Aslesba, Ma"kba,
Pubba, Visakba, Jyeshta, Moola, Poorvashadha. SatabbiSba'
aDd Poorvabhadra are evil constellations and tbis ceremony
Plust be performed in anyone of the remaining IS constella-
tions, which are beneficial ones. Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Monday are good weekdays.
16. Travtlling. Tra ... elliog towards east on Saturday and
Monday. west on Sunday and Friday, nortb on Tuesday and
Wednesday and soutb OD Thursday does not produce 100d
. results. The astrological writers recommend the foUowinJ
-weekdays for traveiling towards the different directions : -
East-:-Tuesday; South-Monday and Saturday ; West-
Wednesday and Tbursday ; and Nortb- Friday and Sunday.
Sagiltarius, Taurus, Clincer, Leo and Libra are favourable
signs for travelling; the rest are unfavourable.
.The cOD.telladon. Mrigasira, Aswini, Pusbyami, Anuradba,
H&lta, Punanasu, Revati, . Moola, Sranna and Dbanisbta
arc good.
Tbe best time would be 12 noon wben the Sun will be most
powerful and tbis is called AbhJjln Muhurtho. This moment
counteracts all the evil infiuences; or malefic. must OCCUpy' 3,
6 and 11.
17. Commencing Education. By education is meant both '
religious and secular. The Sanskritists call tbis Akshara-
lWukara or bestowing of AksluJra (indestructible forms of
lOund ... ibrations) correspondinl to the vague term of alpha-
btti, for the first time on the child.
The 8th house must be witbout any planet. Lunar day
2, 3, S, 7. 10, II, 12 and 13 arc favourable . Monday,
Wedoesday, Thunday and Friday IUC lood. The constel-
lations Punar .... Aswini, Cbitta. Hasta, Swati, Anuradb:a
Jyeshta, Rnati and Sravaoa are au.pictous.
1 ba ... e dealt with this .ubject exhaustively in my book
entitled MuhurlM or Electional Astrology.
Annual Horoacop ..
We have in tbe previous paaes how Hindu
.'trologers predict future events by meaol of VimshoUari
Dasa, wbich entirely depends upon tbe birth positions of
planets. In the nat chapter, the popular Gochara system
hal been expounded at considerable length. In tbis chapter
we shall deal with a simple method of ascertaining annual
rCluits. Owing to tbe limited space at our disposal we have
to be necessarily brief in our exposition. FulJ details with
copious explanations and a Dumber of illustrations will he
(ouod in my book: Varshaphal Jar the Hindu
.reope, which ptcseots a unique method of deciphering aonual
results. The method adumbrated in tbis chaptet I? be
advaotqeoully used if a snapshot assessment of ayeac's
outlook i. desired.
Before prcdictio, evcots according to rules it propounds,
one sbould devote some thoulht for properly comprehendinl
the principles. In this method which are loinl to set forth
below, all technicalities have been omitted and one caD easily
uDdentand and apply tbe rules witbout mucb effort. It must.
however, be hinted tbat our bOok Yarshapha/ enables one to
mate more correct and more detailed prr;diction. as tbe
procedure employed therein is certainly more comprehensive
Ind altolether different, thouah the principle is more or less
tbe1ume. The boroscope for an)' particular year depends
the time cirt6e Suns return' to the i batJl.e
occupied at the time of birth. Take the cue?f a person h?rn
00 A.O: at 33-30 gbaUs after sUortK.
Predictions for the 29th year are required. From the table
.iven below, find the figures corresponding to age. If
tbere are two disits in alC, tate the sum of thc figures
poDding. Add tbe same to tbe number of weekday of birth
-Table (or tile Yearly Horoscope
Days Ghatis Vighatls Paras
1 1 15 31 30
2 2 31 3 0
3 3 34 30
4 5 2 6 0
5 6 11 31 30
6 0 33 9 0
1 1 48 40 30
8 3 4 12 0
9 4 19 43 30
10 5 35 15 0
20 4 10 30 0
_. 30 2 45 45 0
40 1 21 0 0
SO 6 56 15 0
60 5 31 30 0
70 4 6 45 0
80 2 42 0 0
9Q 11 15 0
--a This fable has been based OD the durarion of the year as liyen iD
S"rya SlddltaMa. Researcbes carried out by me hue revealed tbat Ibe
durat ion of Ihe Siddhanla year is 001 quite correct and that we b ..... e to
take Ihe duratioD o( Ibe sidereal year a. measured by modern astronomJ.
A rtyiscd table is liven in my book witb CJlpluatiooa
aDd the reader il well adyiKd to folloW the method liven La Ya"htJplull
(or calliq ,be anDual chart.
- -
Hindu Prcdlcdvc Al ltolo.,.
(Sunday I Monday 2, elc.), and tbe birtb gbatis. The result
will be the time and day of tbe week at which the required
year commences. This will correspond with tbe time in that
year when tbe SUD occupies the exact position he did at birth.
In tbe horoscope seJected above. t he native has completed
28 years and entered 00 his 29th year.
Age past 28
For 28 we have
Days Gn, VI,. Paras
For 20
-4 10
10 0
Fo. 8
- 3
12 0
For 28
Add to the above tbe
14 42 0
number of weekday
and time of bi rth
- 5 33 30 0
We get
- 5 48 12 0
The 29th year commences on the ncarest Thursday to 8th'
August. That will be 8th August 1940 and the time for setting

Jupiter Ascdt . I
Saturn IS 20
0 Nm Asedl .
I- -
- - - '
K". Mete.
- .. -
- ..
- -
, -
- .
A.ODul HOfOlCOpeS >C.
t be horoscope will be Gb.48-12. The following arc Rasi
and Navamsa diagrams for tbe yearly horoscope.
Tbe Vanha Da3a3 are thus distributed. The Sun', Due
110 days, the Moon 60, Mars 32, Mercury 40, Jupiter 48,
Venus 56, Saturn 4, Rabu 5, and Lagna 10.
To find the oasas and their balances, tbe followi ng proce-
dure should be aslopted. Take tbe birth star of the person
(Mrigasira in this case) and count from it to tbe constellation
tbat r ules on tbe day'.of the anniversary, Divide tbe number
by 9 and take tbe balance and ascribe tbe Dasa in the foUow-
ing order: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn,
Rahu and Lagna. Take tbe eltent of tbe star and find out
wbat fraction of it remai ns at t he commencement of tbe year
and by tbe rule of three find the balance of Oasa at the lime
of solar eotry and the days to tbe other plaDels and
Lagna as per order given ltbove-On 8th August 1950, the star
Hasta rules for 26-20 gbalis. At the time of tbe commence-
ment of new year Chitta rul es. Tbe duration of Cbitta is
5530 gbatis and the arc of constellation (Cbitta) tbat bas
already passed in Gb. 21-52 while tbat remaioinj to be
passed being Gb. 33.38. CouDting from Mrigasira to Chitta.
we get 10 leaving 1 as balance wbeD divided by 9. This
represents Ravi Dasa lasting for 110 days. If 55.S gbalis
(duration of Cbitta) gives 110 days , wbat will 33.63 (Chiffa
remaining) give?
SS.S )( 110=66.654 days.
This is the balance of Ravi Dasa and subsequent OasIs
succeed as SbOWD in next page:
Hindu Predictive Al ltoloar
Dasa No, of Days
8- 8-194ll
14- 1-1941
14- 1-1941
23- 2-1941
12- 4-1941
12- 4-1941
7 61941
7- 6-1941
n- 6-1941
11- 6-1941
16- 6-1941
16- 6-1941
26- 6-1941
26- 6-1941
8- 3-1941
General Estimates
YonsL.t{.e[s'{on 0L!1ioh Horoscoe,e. In any estimate of
resu ta th.e radical horoscope is of much importance Tb
Dasa ana Bbukti ruling at the present time sbould be
noted as also Gocbafa positions. In the example
dlustrated, Guru Doso Budho Bhukl' ' II b '
h ' J WI e operatlng
t roughout the 29th year oftbe native. As both Jupi ter and
Mercury are well situated and tbey have association with the
!Otb house, tbe is likely to prove beneficial. Accord.
mg to the subject is baving 7, years' Saturn and
both and Saturn are in tbe 12th and Rahu in the 5th-
all these being had. As tbis is tbe second time tbat the native
been undergoing 7, years Saturn, tbe evil effects will only
e modenlle .. tbe above two sets of influences
tbe resultant IS still favourable. Now let us examine tb;
yearly horoscope.
I:<>rd of Lagna, Venus, is in the 2nd or house of wealtb
and IS yogakaraka. In the navamsa
tbe Lagnadblpatbl IS ordinary-being bad by association and
AIlDual Horoscopel
JOOd by ownership and liberation. to general, tbe relults will
be middling in the course of this year, but tetidinB towards
good. Lord of the 10th has oeechabhaoga. ]0 the navamsa,
Saturo has Shubhakarthari Yoga. Thus, the 10th bouse indi
cations will be normal, aod financial conditions will be
bettered. As Mars occupies the 4th, general happiness will be
lacking. Lord of the 2nd aod 5th io the 3rd suue.ts help to
relatives while tbe Suo and Mercury in tbe 11th from the
Moon is indicative of good reputation, name and contact with
high circles. Lord of tbe 10th (from tbe Moon) in tbe 11th
and tbe parivarthana or exchange of houses between lord of
Lagoa (Moon) and the 11th i. favourable for business
improvement. Tbe Sun and Mercury in the 3rd in a move
able sign (Cancer) produce travels in connection with business
which will prove profitable to the native. The 7th lord Mars
in the 10th from the 7tb assures domestic happiness but his
being aspected by Jupiter . lord of the 8th (in the . Navamsa>
gives rise to quarrel s and friction. On the whole, financially
and professionally, the year will be good wbile the conjunction
of the Moon and Rahu does not give mental happiness.
Tbe first Dasa is that of the Sun. Tbis extends from
8.8. 1940 to 14101940. The Sun is lord of the 4th and is in
the 3rd with lord of the 5th forming a yoga. Mercury is the
planet for business, trade and speculation. As tbe Sun is in a
moveable sign and moveable Navamsa in conjunction with
lord of tbe 2nd and 5th and in tbe 2nd from tbe 2nd, be gives
loog travelling in connection wi th business. As everyone
knows Cancer indicates North and the journey will be in tbe
Nortbern countries. In MQrs Dasa, expenses will be great and
income good, friction and journeys.
Mercu.ry- Tbe Suo's results may be repeated with sligbt
modification. Jupiter Misunderstandings, unexpected losses
AtlDual Horoscope
2'2 Hiodu PredlctiYe AfirolOl>' .
. When bad worry. death or unpleasant news, company wltb
ud mental worry. improvemt!nls. domeRic base men' and increase of enemies. LnM :
happiness and 8O
acneral. denotes load results in tbe commencement and Indifferent
We may herewith ,live the Itncral results of Oaus which results later 00.
shOUld be applied consitlent witb the strength and weakntss The nature of results of tbe planetary Dal. to a
or pllncts obtaining in the yearly horoscope. The results great extent upon their rulerships, .. and
foretold are to be predicted with great -cauti\?n, prudence aDd Jupiter. u lord of tbe 8th in the Stb, '11'111 cert'lDly cause
practical koowledac of places, times, conditions and circum_ sickness to children .
If tbe aU. powsrCul, he will give wealtb, clothes, jeWels,
bigh respect and bappioess io &eneral. Ir tbe Sun is ua-
favourable. be. will cause disappointments, loss of money,
mental worrie., and bodily complaints. Wben 'he Moon is
powerful, he will give area, re'pect, much money and mental
peace; wbeo unfavourable; increase of enemies, disease,
avellini"8iia hatred amoDI his relations.. When MQr.J is
fayouable, he will cause happiness, official favour, .uccess in
endeavours and otberwise load results. Wben unfavourable,
causeR batred, losl of money, injuries and-accidents, dispute.
pertaining to lands, etc. Mermv ia wdl disposed,
comforts, success in examinations, business and trade. travel_
ling and mental happiness. When unfavourable, cruel deeds,
losses in speeu.lation and business. Jupiter i-Favourable.
religious interest, prOlress in education, birth of issuCI, if
Rasi Dasas show sucb birth-and charitable disposition:
when unfavourable, give. Iravellinl, bad company, sinful
deeds and mUch expenditure. VelQl.J :-Favourable : female
'happiness, reputation, good income and a pleasant life; un_
favourable: 1011 of money, fear from enemie., scandals,
diseases and eXhau.tion. When Saturn is favourable, houae,.
happiness, rank, finances and new introduction.. When un-
favourable, unplealaolnen, 1051 of money, emaciation of
body, had DAme an.d diseasel. WheD RDhujl favourable he
Jivel load charitable dilpositioD, promotioD and IUCCe ...
Gocharaphala or Resulte of Tranaft.
It will be ken that in the preparation of a horoscope,
planetary positions will be fixed in their respecti ve longitudes.
They are tbere and they will continue to be fixed. But tbere
is no stoppage of planetary movements. Pluets take varying
. periods for moving from one sigo to anotber. Sucb move-
ments give rise to the stimulation of radioactive disintegration
which. 00 falliog on tbe individual, can. produce psycbo-
physical changes in his character and disposition. Calculations
mUst be made Dol only io regard to tbe Dasas and Bhuktis
ruliog at any particular period but also due consideration
should be bestowed 00 results of transits or Gochafa move.
ments of planets. Gocbara coables us to predict tbe effl:cts
of tbe current period.
In predicting GOthara results . the Moon and the birth
constellation playa prominent part. Mark the position of
the Moon at the time of birth. sign. in which the birth
Moon is is called tbe Janma Rasi.
of wealth. of
prestige, sickness and will have many obstacles and aimless
travels. When he transits in the 2nd house. thert: will be loss
of wealth . be wilJ suffer deceit. he will have full of financial
'Worries. In the lId hauss, tbere will be advent of money.
bappiness. relief from diseases, recognition from superiors.
Oocbarapbala or Resulls of Transits
honours and courage. 4th bg:lU$. tbere will be disuses.
constant attacks from no peace of mind. pressure
from creditors, and sorrow and misery. The Sun traolitio.
the cause mental agitation, iIlbeallh, embarrassment
;od accidents. Tbe SUD uqbe 6th aives rise to release from
sorrows, worries and troubles, destruction of eoemies and
peace of mind. The Sun, transiting tbe 7tb, ..... eari-
some travelliog, 'OOlic and aDal trOUbles, bumlhatlon and
sickness, In the 8tb, Suo's progress gives rise to quarrels
with fr-iends, diseases, bigh blood preSSure, royal and official
displeasure. The Sun's transit in the 9th house will cause to
tbe nath'e dan'ger, bumiliatioD, dependency, disappointment
and separation. One will accomplish his desire and plans,
and will attend on all kinds of undertakings when tbe
Sun is ig Jhe 10th. In the 11th, tbe passage oCtbe Sun will
coufer on a persoo honour, health, wealth and success, When
tbe Sun passeS through there will be sorrow,
creation of a situation Joss to evervtbing,
quarrels aod iII-healtb.
It must be noted that when passing tbrough tbe first 10
degrees of a sign, Mars and tbe Sun produce results. Of the
different planets, tbe Gochara results of the slow moving
planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are held to. be the most powerful.
Tbe triennial results may be ascerta10ed from Saturn, the
yearly effects from Jupiter. the monthly results from other
planets and the daily influences from tbe Moon.
We shall first enumerate tbclikely results tbat are supposed
to accrUe on account of transits of tbe different planets in the
different signs from the Moon and tben describe the special
rules governing Gocbara. When the Moon transits the sign
ccu ied b her at the time OIhirth of a perSOD, tbe native wlli
get excellent food, bed and clothes. When t e MOOD passes
through the 2nd hOlUe, loss of respect and of money and
H;.d. A .... lol> T __ . r T _"
I or ltc.UlI. 0
obstaclcs in the way of success arc to be predicted. ]n the
3td house. the native gets clothes, 'pleasure from wife and
finance ; in the 4tb, be becomes mentally uneasy; in tbe Stb.
suffers from humility. ill-health, pain of mind ' aDd olber
obstacles; in tbe 6th, enjoys wealtb. health. comfon, redemp-
lioD from enemies; 7th house. conveyances, good food and
financial equilibrium. The MOOD transiting the 8tb produces
misery, ill-bealth and fear from unexpected sources; ib tbe 9th
from herself, pain of mind, chest pain, fatigue of body and
the like arc caused. WheD the Moon passes throagh the 10th
house, success will attend in every sphere of activity; in the
11th house. tbe persoo will enjoy prosperity. will set ' wealth
and new friends; when the Moon transits through the 12th
t!&L. he suffers from accidents and injuries.
It may be remarked in passing tba, uoless Gochara is
combined with Ashtakavarga, results cannot be predicted with
appreciable accuracy. suppoa'e the Moon is transiting the
sign occupied by her at birth. The Moon produces beneficial
results provided tbe benefic dots tbere are above 4. If they
are below 4, tben tbe Moon cannot certainly do a. much good
as is ascribed to ber. Planets produce good, bad or indi8'erent
results during tbeir transits at any particular moment, in
accordance with the number of benefic dots which the planets
obtain in tbeir respective Ashtakavargas (see my book A8htakti-
varga System of Prediction for more details regarding
Agaio, we have to conlider what is called Vedha <an
obstructing force or point) when delineating results according
"to Oochara. The Sun, for instance, tranliting tbe Ilth, 3rd,
IOtb and 6th signs from the radical Moon is suppoted to yield
good results. The Imooth flowing of luch good results will
be obstructed if there are aoy other planetl (simultaneously)
transiting the 5th. 9th, 4th' and 12th silns from the Moon

respectively. To be more explicit with refeccnce to. tbe S.un.
ifbe transits tbe 11th .the Vedhuthana johstruchng
will be the 5th; if he transits the 3rd, the Vedastban.a will be
the 9th; if be transits the 10th ; tbe Vedhastba?a Will be tbe
12th. Suppose the Sun is in the 11 th ; accordlDg to Gochara.
tbe results will be honour and. health, wealth and success.
Tbese good effects arc produced only when the 5tb (a house
. ( of Vedha) is not simultaneously transited. any otber ?Ianet
I eltceptiog Saturn; conversely. if tbe Sun IS In the .5tb, 10 tbe
course of Gochara, 00 evil will be produced prOVided the 11 th
is being transited at the same time by any otber planet.
eltceptiog Saturn. Similarly the Vedhasthanas be con
sidered for all the planets and then the resulls .predlcted.
The foll owing arc tbe VedhatlkaJ for the different planets.
The figures in the nominator indicate the counted
the birtb Moon when through which the
planets produce good results. Denominator mdlcate
Vedhankas. Take for iostance Ml.ItS. Tbe 6gurc
3 indicates tbat Mars transiting the 3rd g\Ycs ri se to good
effect. The denominator figure 12, just 3. is the Vedh.a
point. Any planet transiting tbis V.edha pOlDt, wheo Mars 15
in tbe 3rd I deprives Mars fr om causlog good effects. It must
be noted that no Vedha occurs between the Sun and
and the MOOD and Mercury. 'fhe denominator figure
below each nominator figure is the Yedhatlka (pOInt of
gbuructiQn) for it.
11- 3-10- 6 <;".J
SUD: 5- 9- 4 12 &.d
7-1- 6-11-10-3 G
Moon : 2 5 12 8 4 9 &
3-11-6 "
Mara: 12- 5 9 6
2-4-6-: 4
Mercury : -- _. 1 7
5-3-9- - v
Jupiter: 2-11- 9-5 7 ((
12- 8 10-4--3 '"
Venus: 1-2-3- 4-5_8_ 9
8 7-1-10 IJ-S II
S t ' 3-1 1-6 4oeo
a urn, 12 5-9 &At>
Let us iII,ul,trate the above with the followina example:
The SUD IS In 11th with 4 bindv3 which it lood. No
Qtber traoIHS tbe Stb. Hence he is free frOID Vedba
aDd gives rue 10 tbe fullaood effect of Gocbara; similarly.
tbe effects arc computed for tbe olber planeu.
No, oj A.rIi,dG-
Ihe .II,,, wtTKa
IrtJlldtfng BI"dv.r
" 4
--- --- ------- --
YedJta$ caustd, 1/ any
1 ith is good; no Vedba
J I th is good; but the
of Man in tbe
8th has given rise to
Yedha and hence bad,
Mars in the 81b i. bad.
11th is good ; bUI Saturn
in tbe 12th bas caused tbe
Vedba and hence bad.
9th is good: no Vedha
caused; bence good.
Position in Ihe 1st is good;
Vedba caused as Mars is
in rbe 8tb and hence bad ,
Saturn in the 12th i. bad;
the bindus arc 3 and hence
exceedingly bad; but
Mercury' s position in the
11th ha. mitiaated.tbe eYil
to some elltent : still bad.
oocta.,.pbala or "Cluib or Translta
From tbe above. it is seen ,bat oDly Jupiter and tbe SUD
arc lood wbile tbe others have been inclined to produce evil .
Hence tbe worst evil, ,lz., deatb, befell the native. especially
becau.e, Saturn is in the 12tb and Mars in the 8th.
Ascdt. Sat. Sat . Venui Ketu
- - -
, -
Son Sun I
Merc. j About tbe end of
Moon the second week of
- - -
- - .-
Gochara rcsults should be Judged by reference to Vedba-
sthanas (obstructing points), Tbe prescot-day astrologers
seldom consider Ihese minute details with tbe result that most
of the predictions made by them are being fal sified. thus
bringinl tbe fair name of ast rology iOlo utter disgrace. In
the delineation of Gochara (transit) results, there does not
appear to be a uniform method in tbe whole of Iodia. Some
rest content with describing results on tbe of the
motions of Man, Saturn and Jupiter, irrespective of the part
played by the prevailing Dasa (period) and Bbukti (sub-
period) . There is no denying tbe fact that tbe birth boroscope
affeCts Gocbara results. Astrologkal predictions can
be accurate when the influences of birth cbart are blended
witb those of Gochara and Asbtakayarga, together with Vedba
or obstrocting forces ,
Plues throup the sign occupied by tbe Moon
at t6etime of birtb of a person, he will suffer from troubles;
in tbe 2nd houle from the MOOD displeasure of king, and
sUWering from quarrels, from and disarace j. indi-
cated. There wUl be fear from thieves and tbe body will be
.mictcd with bilious and windy eompIaiots. Mars tran&iting
tbe 3rd gives rise to gaio of objects. pleasure from children,
,ood healtb. access to ricbes and Dew clotbes. In the 4th sip.
Mars produces evil results sucb aa fever, disestive troubles,
blood discharges and depravity of character. Enemies will
fresh di&easel will make their appearance and mental
peace will be completely absent wben Mars passes throuah
tbe 5th house. In tbe 6th bouse. relief from troubles. worries
and ill-bealth should be predicted; be leads an independent
life. obtains ricbes and becomes pretty cheerful. When
transiting Ibe 7th. the native quarrels witb wire or husband.
eye t roubles, stomach-ache. indigestion. etc . arc also likely
to be felt. transiting in tbe 8th produces quite un-
favourable effects. such as discharging of blood. loss or
wealth, disgrace and mental worry. The same results arc
repeated at the time of his passing through tbe 9th. In
addition, the subject becomes extremely weak. His transiting
the lOtb and the 11th produce. quite favourable results.
Amounts due will be realised. Success will attend on bis
ventures. Business will improve. In tbe 12th bouse. however,
he will suffer from various expenses, troubles, diseases of the
eye, pinpricks from aD angry wife. from bilious complaints
and various otber worries.
pUleS tbrougb the lign occupied by tbe
MOOD at time of birtlS. of a persoD. l ucb perSOD .-iIlaufrer
loss of wealth caused by the advice of wicked men. by tale-
bearers, by imprisonment and quarrels. He will, betides.
receive disagreeable intelligence when in his journey. When
()Ocharaphala 01' Rewlta of Tunll" 261
Mercury passes throuah tbe 2Dd bouse, the person will suffer
disgrace but gains succcss and weaUb. When he pastel
throuah the 3rd house. tbe subject will get fricnds, will be
.fraid of troublts from the ting and Crom hit enemies, be
will quit his place duc to bis wicked deeds. When Mercury
passes throuab tbe 4th houst, tbe persOD'S kinsmen aDd
ramily will increue and thert will be much gain ; in the Stb
boust, the person will quarrel with biB wifc and sons and will
DOt enjoy tbe compaoy of aD excellent wife; io the 6th bouse,
the person will be liked by all aDd will gain renown; in the
7th bouse, the persoo', appearance becomes less bright and
there will be quarrels. When Mercury passes through the 8th
bouse, tbe persoD will get sons, success, clothes and wcali.b
and will become happy and powerful. When be palSes tbroup
the 9tb bouse from tbe Moon, tbe penon will meet with
obstacJes in bis work; in the 10th house, tbe person's enemies
will meet witb ruin and tbe person will get wealtb, will enjoy
the company of bis wife and will be dre.sed in tbe flaonel.
When Mercury passes tbrougb tbe 11 tb bouse from the Moon,
the person will set ",,"Ub, comfort. son., womeo, friends and
conveyaace and will be happy and will receive good iatelU-
leoec; in the 12th, the person will suffer disgrace from his
enemies, will aufl'er from diseases and will not enjoy the
company of. good wife.
JYhen Jupiter passes through the sign occupied .by the
Moon at the time of birth of a person, sucb person wllilosc
by wealth and intelligence, will quit his place and will suffer
from maoy quarrels. When Jupiter pUle' through tbe 2nd
hoUle from. the Moon, tbe penon will bave DO eaemiCl and
will enjoy wealth aDd women. When Jupiter p.uses throup
the 3td bouse from the Mooa, tbe person will quit his place
and .01 meet with obstacks in hi. work. When Jupiter
palle' tbroaab the 4th house: from the Moon, the penon will
Hindu Predictive AltrolOU
luO:cr from troubles cauaed by hi, kinsmen, will become
patlcnt and resigned aod will delight in notbing. When Jupiter
passe. throuab the Stb bOUlt from the MOOD, tbe persoD will
get servants, prosperity. SODS, elephants, houses, bullocks,
gold, women, clotbes. sems and "good qualities. WheD Jupiter
passes through the 6th house from the MOOD, the person will
be so much .ffiicted at beart that be will take no delisbt in
tbe aglceable faces of beautiful women, in the music of tbe
peacock and the cuckoo and in houses made pleasant by the
frolic of children playins like tbe yOUDg of tbe deer. Wben
Jupiter passes througb tbe 7th house from the Moon. tbe
person will enjoy ,000 bed. tbe company of an excellent
worn".o, wealth, good meals, flower s. conveyance and the like
and he wiII be of good speech and intelligence. When Jupiter
passes through the 8th house from the Moon. the person will
suffer from imprisonment, diseases, heavy gritt, the fatigue
of jouroey and serious illness. When Jupiler passes througb
tbe 9tb house from tbe Moon, tbe person will become efficient
at work and influential and be will get sons, success in work,
wedltb and gain. When Jupiter passes through the 10th
bouse from tbe Moon, the person will quit his place and
suffer loss of heallb and wealth . When Jupiter passes through
the II tb house, the person will return to his country and will
recover his health and wealth. Wben Jupiter passes through
the 12lh house, the person will suffer grief in his return
When Venus passes tbrough the sign occupied by the
Moon at tbe time of birtb of a person, such a person will
enjoy excellent perfumes. flowers, clothes, houses, bed, meals
and women. When Venus passes through the 2nd house from
the Moon, tbe person will get SODS, wealth. grain and presents
from tbe king ; will have a prosperous family. will enjoy
flowers and gems and will be of bright appearance. When
Venus passes through the 3rd house from the Moon, the
Clllbch&npball or Resulfs of Trlnsils
person will become influential, . wealthy and respectable and
"ill get clothes. His enemies will meet with ruio. When
Venus passes through the 4th house, the person will get
friends and will become greatly powerful. When Venus passes
througb the Sth house, the person will be bappy. will get
kinsmen. son', wealth and friends and will not suffer defeat
by tbe enemy. Wben Venus passes through the 6th house
from the Moon, the per son will suffer disgrace. will be
jfllicted with diseases and will be exposed to danger. Wben
Venus passes through tbe 7th house. the perSOn will suffer
injuries through women. When Venus passes tbrough tbe 8tb
house fr om the Moon, tbe person will get bouses, articles of
and beauti rul women. Wben Venus passes through
the 9th house fr om tbe Moon, tbe person will become
virtuous. happy and wealthy and he will get plenty of clolhes.
When Venus passes through tbe 10th house from the M OOD.
the person will suffer di sgrace and will also suffer quarrels.
Venus passes through the J I tb house from the Mooo..
tbe person will get wealth of his fr iends and will also get
perfumes and clot hes. When Venus pilsses through the 12th
house. tbe person will gel very few clotbes.
When Saturn passes tbrough the sign by tbe
Moon at the l ime of his birth. such person will suffer from
poi son and from fire, will quit bis kinsmen. will suffer from
imprisonment and torture, will tr avel to foreign lands and
live wilh his there. will suffer miseries, los5 of wealtb
and of sons. will suffer also from the fatigues of fool journey
and from humiliation. When Saturn passes through the 2nd
house from the Moon, the person will suffer from loss of
beauty and comfort. will become weak and will get wealth
from other men but will not enjoy this wealth long. When
Saturn passes through the 3rd house from the Moon, the
persoo will get wealt h. servants, articles 0" -enjoyment,
264 Hindu Predictln AslrolotJ
camels, buffalocs, elephants. assts aod borses. will
become in6ucntial. happy. fcce from diseases and .. i11
greatly powerful and wilJ defeat his enemies in 6ght., When
Saturn passes tbrough the 4th hOllse from the MOOD, the
person will be separated from bis friends. wealth, and wifc
and ever suspecting evil in everytbing. will never feel happy.
When Saturn passes tbeouln the 5th house from tbe MOOD,
tbe person will be separated from his SODS and wealtb
willauffer from quarrels. When Saturn passes throll,h the
6th bouse from the MOOD, tbe person will be freed from his
enemies and diseases and will enjoy the company of women.
When Saturn paSSeS theouah tbe 7th or 8tb house from tbe
Moon, the person will be separated from his wife and SODS,
will travel OD foot in a pitiable condition. Wben be passes
tbrougb the 9th bouse, tbe perspn will have alJ that bas been
stated for Saturn passing througb the 8tb bouse and will.
besides, suffer from hatred. chest pain, imprisonment and in
cODsequence will not properly observe the daily duties. When
Saturn passes througb tbe 10th house, the person will get
work and will suffer loss of wealth, learning and fame. When
Saturn passes through the 11th house from the Moon . the
person will become cruel and will get women and wealth.
When Saturn passes through tbe 12th bouse from the MOOD,
the person will suffer from much grief. Rahu transiting the
12th house produces results similar to tbose of Saturn. and
Ketu to those of Mars.
Practical Horoscopes
For real progress in any science, tbeory and practice must
keep pace with eacb other. I have till now treated of all the
important theoretical principles involved in tbe study' of
astrology and shall now close tbe book with a few practical
boroscopes illustrating such theoretical postulates.
The following boroscopes will greatly help tbe student if
he carefully analyses tbem' in tbe tight of tbe Ihort remarks
wbicb I bave given for eacb boroscope illustrated. In the
selection of horoscopes. I have been careful to scc tbat tbey
.are taken from different classes ofpcople-kings, pre Jdents.
orphans those that lost their mothers and fathers carl tbose
Ihat .had more than one marriage. debauchees. philo'sovhers
and In fact people of all temperaments and dispositioDI which
will prove quite interesting and belpful in the lipt of
astrology. .
The date, place and time of birth liven for each boroscope
are fairly corrt and the reader can find out tbe exact
positions of the planets by himsclr, if he so desires, u here, I
tbe planetary positions only in Rasi (Iign). llike
to gIVe the following 20 horoscopes for tbe benefit of my
readers :_
I. BIrth Dela j Male, born on 29tb July 1883. 2 p.m
ncar Doria,. ltaly .
'66 HiDdu Predlctl ... c Astrolol)'
Planetary Positions :- The Moon, Mars and Saturn in
Taurus; the SUD, Venus and Mercury in Cancer ; Jupiter in
Gemini ; in Scorpio; Rahu io Libra; Ketu in Aries.
General RCfflQrks :-Onc of the greatest men of Europe;
born in bumble circumstances as a blacksmith' s lion; oflto
starved wit bout food ; was a great revolutionary; bas a
sudden downfall and a violent end. 'f"tmI.V"'t"E.
<i> Birth Data :-Male. born on 11th July 1872, 7-45 a,m.
(77 2S' E. and Ilo N.).
Planefary Positions : -Ascendant-Cancer ; tbe Sun-
Gemini: the Moon leo; Mars-Gemini ; Mercury-Cancer;
Jupiter-Cancer ; Venus-Gemini; Salilrn- Sagillarius;
Rabu - Taurus ; Ketti-Scorpio. F .. ., I u ....
General Remarks :-Fatber died in the 2nd year, great
strides in life; mark the position of the Sun in Gemini with a
malefic Mars and powerfully aspected by Saturn ; two wh'ct :
mark bow Venus is afflicted; lost two sisters early.
Birth Data :-Male, born 00 10th August 1874,
1-40 a.m. (93
30' W. aDd 41
50' N.). P(llr\"\1t.o
Planetary Positions :-Ascendant-Taurus; tbe Sun, tbe
Moon, Mars and Mercury-Cancer; Jupiter and Venus-
Virgo; Saturn-Capricorn ; Rabu Aries; Ketu-libra.
General Remarks :-A great politician and equal to a king
in status; saved Europe from anarchy; humane and tactful .
Birth Data :- Female, born on 30th October 1920,
8-30 p.m. (12 N. aDd 76 38' E'>. "4
Planetary Positions :- Ketu-Aries ; Ascendant and the
MOOD-Taurus; Jupiter and Saturn-leo; Rahu aDd the
Sun-libra; Mercury aDd Venus-Scorpio; Mau-
General Remarks :-Mark the aspect of Saturn on the
Ascendant and the MOOD, and the coojuoctioo of malefics in
Libra ; suffered seriously from smallpox in the 8th year and
Prsdkal Horoscopes
.110 from dropsy; bot constitution ; superior in bSot

Data :-Female, born on 12th June 1909, at
4-25 a.m. (77 25' E. and 13 Nol.
Planetary Posit;om ;-Ascendant, the SUD and Rahu-
Taurus ; Venu. and Mercury- Gemini: Jupiter-Leo.: Ketu-
Scorpio; Mars- Aquarius ; the Moon and Saturn-Pisces.
General Remarks :-Fair 100kinS; modest and chaste;
mark the position of Man in tbe 12th from the Moon-a
.trona combination for widowhood which took. away her
husband in her 14th year. \J'EtlOVA
Birth Data :-Female. born on 11th January 1928, at
8-30 a.m. (77 25' E. and)3 N.).
Planetory Positions :-Ascendant-Aquarius ; Jupiter-
Pisces ; Rahu-Taurus; the Moon -Leo: Veous, Saturn and
Ketu- Scorpio; the Sun, Mercury and Mars-Sagittarius ..
. General Remarks: - A typical Balarisbta boroscope; died
in the 15th month.i.. mark tbe conjunction Ofmatebcs Iif'ilii"
10th and II th from 'the Ascendant. -1.,
B[rlh Data :-Male, born on 28th September 1852
3' N. and 0" 30' E.). .
Planetary Positions :-Ascendant-Aquanus; Moon-
Pisces : Saturn-Aries; Venus-Cancer ; Mars-Libra ; tbe
Sun-Virgo; Jupiter Mercury- Virgo.
General Remarks : ' An exccllentmiUtary career; comman-
ded the British Army in the Great War ; attack life
1919 : Earldom-1921; breathed his last-1925. H .iJ,(,G
<t> Birth Data :-Male, born 00 21st August 1858, at
10-15 p.m. (48
18' N. and 16- 23' E.).
. Planetary Positions :-Ascendant and Jupiter-Taurus;
Saturn-Cancer' the Sun and Ketu - Leo ; Venus and Mer
cury-Virao ; 'Mars- Scorpio; the Moon-Capricorn;
6I Hindu Predictive Altrololr
Remarks :-An ill-starred prioce; his death rever-
berated sensationally throughout Europe; handsome and
passionate; still decorum ; quarrels witb pareots; loveless
marriage in 23rd ycar; clandestine prostitution; death (rom

(V Blrlh DalQ :-Male. boro On 24th March 1883. at
6 a.m., BaogaJore.
Plane/ary P03ltioru :-Asccodaot and the SUD-PisceS;
Ketu-Aries ; Saturo-Taurus; Jupiter-Gemini ; tbe
Moo'o-Virgo ; Raba - Libra; Venus-Capricorn; Mercury
and Mars-Aquarius. 1'IL)I).1O OCCllf
General Rtmorb :- Two wives. rantlnic, scrupulous ;
obltinate; los. of vision in 4Stb year; mark Mercury aud
in Aquarius .Ipectcd by Saturn which affected optic

Birth Da/a :-Male, born OD 2Stb April 1874, at
9 a.m. (44
30' N. and 11 22' E.). :fIS) ld
P/aMtary Pontlon, :-Asceodaot-Gemioi; tbe Moon-
Leo ; Jupiter-Virao; Saturn-Capricoro ; Mercury-Pisces:
the Suu-Aries; Veuu, and Mars - Taurus; Rahu-Arics.
Generlll Remtlrks :-Expert physicist; revolutionised tbe
electrie world ; inventor of wireleu ; mark the Sun in Aries.
@ Birth DIlta. :-Male. born on '23rd May 1707. at
12-30 midnipt (63
N. and,lSo E.) .
PliJlldQry PO';';OfU ; Venus and
Mercury-Aries; ,l,hC! Sun aDd Saturn-Tauru.; Maf1-
Cancer; Jupiter- Leo; the Moon- Aquariu
GeMral Remllrks ;- The greatest botanilt wbo introduced
the present 'Y5tem of-bionomical prof:ssor of
botao)'-1739; KaiJbt of the Polar Star in 17S8; attaek of
apoplex)'-ln4 aDd apiD iu 1776; deatb in 1778 owinl to
ulceration of blood.
Birth DIlt" :-Male. bom on 2nd Pctober 1869. at
7-3r"m. (7r E. and 23
N.). '1', \ ' I
e-ctkal HorolOOpb
\. Positions :-Jupitcr-Aries; Rahu aDd tbe
)foon- Cancer ; the Sun-Virlo; Mars. Venus, Mercury and
Saturn-Scorpio; Ketu-Capricorn.
. (jtlleral RelflQl'ks :-A great Indian leader; always incarce-
ration; a strong opponent of British in India: inflexible
.and obltinate; perverted view. in social reforms; great
Birth Data :-Male, born on 30tb July 1863. at
J p'.m. (83
S' W. and 42
S' N.). I;rCCO
Plllnetary Posillons :-Asceodanl-Scorpio; the Moon-
C.pricorn; the SUD and MereurY-Cancer ; Mars-Leo;
Venus and Saturn-Virgo ; Jupiter-Libra; Rahu-Scorpio;
General :-WorJd's ricbest maD; restless, active
aDd energetic; conflicting trails ; auti-semitic prejudice.
mechanistic monster.
@) Birth Dilta :-Female, boro on Sth June 1913, at
I-IS p,m., Banlalore. VE?OOVA
Ploltf!tary Positions :-Mars and Rabu- Pisces ; Venus-
Aries; tbe Sun, Mercury aDd Saturn-Taurus; tbe MOOD-
Gemioi ; Ascendant aDd Ketu-Virgo; Jupiter-Sagittariul .
General Renuvks :-Mark tbe suoog combination for
widowhOOd ; Mara aDd Rabu in PisccI (8tb bbava actually);
hu,baDd died io ber 19th year.
@) Birth Data :-Female. born on 29tb August 1920. at
S-SI p.m. or N. aud 76
38' E.). P,PDc.i' .
Pla"etary Positrons :-Ketu-Aries; the Sun, Mercur)'.
Jupiter and Saturn-Leo; Venul-Virgo ; Rahu-Libra;
Marl-Scorpio : Asceudant and tho Moon-Aquariul.
GReral Rrmorks :-Father died within 9 months; mark
Vonu. in debilit.tioll ill tbe bOUle of father and tbe cODjunc.
tion of SatlJrn with the Sun who represents fatber, wbieh
have caused. the death of the !alber.
Hindu Predictive Aurol.,.,.
. Birth Data :-Male, boro on 30th September 1910,
at 8 a.m. on Friday (12 and 76 38' E.).
PllUUlary Positions:- Saturn-Aries ; Rahu-Taurus;
VUUI and the Moon-Leo; Mars, the Sun. Mercury and
Jupiter-Virgo; AlCeodanl-Libra; Ketu Scorpio.
Remarks ;-Medical man, eccentric, lost fatber io
tbe 71h year; marie tbe position of the Sun approaching
debil itation.
@ Birth Data :-Male born on 7tb: September 1874. at
7-45 p.m. (14
N. aDC 75
30' E.).
Planetary Positlon.r :-Ascendant-Pisces ; Rabu-Ariel ;
the Moon-Cancer; the SUD, Mars and MercurY-leo :
Jupiler-Virgo; Venus and Ketu-Libra; Saturn-Capricorn.
General Remark.r :-1 S children living, high position; good
temperament ; fair-looking wife; mark planets in their OWn
Qi) Binh Dala :-Female. born on 21st 1905, at
10 a.m., Bangalore.
Posltion!J :-Jupiter-Aries; the Mooo-Cancer;
Rabu-Leo; Mars-Libra ; Mercury-Sagittarius; the Sun
and Saturn-Capricorn; Venus and Ketu-Aquarius ;
Ascendant-Pisces. ocr to.
Gentral died in 7th year; mother 16th
year and husband 19th; many litigations; a daughter surviving.
@ Bi,th Dolo :-Female, "am on lsi April 1930, at
I-SO a.m. (12- N. and 76 38' EJ.
Po3illolU :-The SUD and Mercury-Pisces ; tbe
Mooo, Venus and Rahu-Aries ; Jupiter-Taurus ; Ketu-
Libra ; Ascendaot-Capricorn i Saturn-Sagittarius; Mars-
Aquarius. J> f",J;Sl
:-A strong Balarishta horolCone, died
in the 6th month; mark male6cs in the 12th from Moon
aod the 2nd and 12th from tbe Ascendant.


'practical Horoscopes

@ Birth Dala :-Male, born on 12th February 1856, at
14-30 gbatis after sunrise. at Chicacole, Madras Presidency.
Planetary Position.r :--The Moon and Rahu-Aries ;
A. cendant-Taurus; Saluro-Gt:mini; Mars and Ketu-
Libra; Venus-Sagittarius; the Sun. Mercury aod Jupitu-
:-One of the world's greatest men;
bistorian and author; two wjyes; reputed astrologer and
revjYed astrology jn India j children, not a source of
pJeuure; advanced yogi j died in hi. 82ad year.
T,be praclical application of astrology has been dealt with
exhauslively in my How 10 a while my
latest book Thru Hundred Important Combinations jJlultrates
various yogas elaborately.
Drekkanas (Decanates) and S1ellar Influences
The importance of drekkan8S has already been impressed
in chapters dealing with Death and Horary Astrology, The
characteristics of drelckanas will help us to determine the
nature, appearance and other peculiarities of tbe person
involved in a tbeft or some otber crime in Horary Astrology.
The source of death is also predicted with reference to tbe
characteristics of the rising drekka08 arlbe 8tb bbava. The
reader is requested to study tbis chapter in tbe light of the
details given in the chapter on Death and Horary Astrology.
A study o,r drekkanas will also be helpful to analyse the
general characteristics of persons, success in undcrtakl-ogs.
journeys, clc.
Each sign is divided into 30 degrees and 10 degl .. es
constitute a drekkana so that we get 3 drekkanas for each
sign. Of the 36 drekkanas , 24 are Illale and 12 female. Four
of these 36 are birds, 9 of tbem quadrupeds and 5 of them
serpent drekkanas.
I . A man clad in white dress, particularly round his
waist ; dark in complexion, terrific in appearance, reddish
eyes and holding a lifted ne. Ruler-Mars; masculine.
2. A woman wearing red cloth, fond of jewels and
oro aments, single' footed, with the face of a hOrse and sufrer-
ioS from thirst. Ruler-the Sun; bird drekkana ; female.
prekkanu aod Ste llu Iliftueoces
3. A cruel-hearted man, red in colour.
ted garments, unprincipled and aOlry.
active. wearing
T. A woman with torn ringlets, incJined to cat. thinty
and wearing a partly burnt garment. Ruler- Venus; feminine;
. 2. A man skilled in agriculture. building houses, breed_
cattle, musi c, science and arts, possessing a neck similar to
that of a bull . Ruler - Mercury ; masculine ; quadruped.
3. A man witb wbite teeth, camet feet , elephantine belly I
fpod ofsbccp aod deer aod always agitated. Ruler-Saturn;
masculine; .quadruped.
1. A handsome female, skilled in needle work, issueless
a.nd menses. Ruler-Mercury ; feminine.
2. A ma n in garden armed from top to toe with a bow,
warlike and sportive. Ruler-Venus ; masculine ; bird
drek.kana. __
3. A man ri ch in jewel s. armed with bow. learned and
peevish . Ruler-Saturn ; masculine ; armed.
I. A man bolding vegetables. Dowers and fruits ,
elephant-bodied. pigfaced and borse-neCked. Ruler-the
Mooo; masculine ; quadruped.
2. A woman decorated by Dowers with a snake in her
hand, possessing stiff decorum aod crying loud in tbe forest .
RUler- Mars ; feminine, !.arpa or serpent drek.kao,!!
3. A man in a boat amidst an ~ a o . with a serpent
round hi s waist. Ruler-Jupiter ; masculioe ; serpent
/ drekkana. . . , . ~ - - ...
27. _ ..... an toll" I ,,,,,
Hindu Predictive ASlroloi)' ........

a dog and '_;, masculine; ",

Avian characters.
(mfo.l/"o 2. centallr covered over by deer-skin "' !:t
aod a hand and fierce in look.
, , . masculine i armed.
/. '. ," I 3. A man resembling a bear io face , a monkey in acrioDS,-
with loog mounaches. Ruler-Mars ; masculine ; quadruped.
I. A beautiful virgin. holding a basket-full of flowers,
limbs over by dirty garments. Ruler-Mercury ;
( -0. 2. .A man with a dark head and a pen in his hand.. Wilh '
"'- bow, and body full of dense hair. !uler-Salurn ;
.mAsculine; armed. .
3. A fair woman. with a yellow clolb on her body and'! ..;
exposing her breasts and going to a sacred place. Ruler_
Venus ; feminine and a bird drekkana.
I. A merchant or a buyer with a measuring pan in his
hand. Ruler-Venus; masculine.
2. A man hungry and thirsty. with tbe face of a vulture.
and attached to his wife and children. Ruler- Saturn ;
3. A man with a quiver and clad in coat made of a
precious metal, frightenin, the animals in the forest. Ruler_
Mercury; masculine and quadruped.
1. A beautiful young woman, quite naked. emerging out
from an ocean towards tbe sbore, bound up by a serpent.
Ruler-Mars; feminine and serpent drekkana.
A woman of materialistic nature with a serpent coiled
2d' her Ruler-Jupiter' feminine and drckkana,
coun. .
3. A lion with a fact similar to that of a turtle
iog wild animals. Ruler - the Moon; masculine and
quadruped drekkana.
l. A man resembling a centaur, stopping
"and religious places. Ruler-Jupiter; mascuhne; arme
2. A handsome woman, brigbt as champaka flowers )0
complex.ion, middle stature tlnd captivating look, Rulcr-
Mars; feminine.
3. A man with long hairs, assuming a nice posture and
wearing and silk clothes. Ruler- the Sun; mascu
line. armed .
J. A man with much hair, pig-bodied. camel and
carrying a rope and a net. Ruler - Saturn; mascuhn,e.
2. A beautiful woman, skilled in arts, eyes hke lotus
decked wit)l costly ornaments. Ruler-VenuI ; petal ,
3. A man covered over by a blanket and
quiver, arrows and bow. Rul er-Mercury ; mascuhne.'
with a
I . A man disturbed in mind, drunkard, clad with a deer
skin and face resembling a vulture. Rule-Saturn; mascu-
2. A female seated in II. partly burnt carriage, bearing
p'ots on her head. Ruler-Mercury ; feminine. .
3. A man black in complexion, with hair and
Nandering with iron pots. Ruler-Venus; masculine.
Hladu Predictive .ucroq)

. I. A man in handling many articles. decked
with ornaments and crossing the ocean in a boat Ruler-
Jupiter; masculine. .
2. A beautiful woman, sailing in a boat with long ftags
towards the other coast. Ruler-the Moon; feminine.
3. A man stranded in a forest, naked and attacked by
serpents and thieves. Ruler-Mars.
The the constellation which a person is borD
under will be briefly dealt with here. The results given are
merely general and are modified accordir.g to other combi-
nations obtained in tbe boroscope.
I. A.rwilli.-Tbe person born in Aswini will be fond of
decoration. lovely in appearance, skilful, clever and
2. trustful, clever, happy, healthY
and obs tinate:
3. eater and writer. capriciolls,
fond of others Wives, bright appearance and widespread fame.
. 4 .. Rohini. - Trulhful. pure, renowned, clean, moral
principles. handsome. firm views.
5. M,iga.riro.-Capricious, fickle-minded sharp wiued
timid. skilful, hopeful, vol upt uous . ,
", 6 . . Aridra.-Diuimulatiog, skilfUl . une:rateful, haughty,
mISchievous. proud and debaucherous.
. 7. ... -ReliBious, persevering. happy, many
mi sfortunes, amiable, self-control, righteous .
. . 8. Pu.rJryami. -Learoed. ricb, charitable, wealtby,
Vtrtuous, controJling passions.
9. As/esha.-Dissimulator, ungraterul inclined to hoard-
ing, sinful. dtteitful . selfish. '
0' ....... ' Dd ."",, In."",,,
10. Makha.-Rejectors of preceptors and religious
people, arellt wealth, enjoyment. ven enterprising and
II. Pubba - speecb, liberal, band some. wanderer,
12. Utta,a.-Self-acquired property, popular. volup-
tuous, bappy, befriending nature.
13. Hasta.-Enterprisiog, intelligent, sbameless, polite.
cruel. pilferin& babits.
14: " Chiiia.-Lctus eyes. proportionate limbs, good looks.
IS. Swatl.-Sweet-tongued. generous, virtuous, modest,
c1eve.r in trade and campasaionate.
16. Vi3IJkho.-Avaricious, jealous, quarrelsome, clever
in speecb.
17. AnuradJra.-Magisterialoffice, in ellile. fond of travel-
ling, unable to suffer hUDger.
18. Jyeshta. - Few friends, irritable, cbaritable.
19. Moo/a.-Haughty, proud, ri ch, wealthy, luxurious
20. POOrFashadha.-Beautiful wife, polite, proud, steady.
21. Uttara.rJradho. - Virtuous, learned, polite, popular
grateful, amiable.
22. Sravana.":"'Uberal, renowned, learned and rich.
23. DhonlsJrla.-Weahhy. courageous, greedy, fond of
24. Satabhisha. -Plaio, truthful. trouble through remales .
irreconcilable, adventurous .
25. Poonabhadra.-Skilful, sorrowful. miserly, wealtby,
clever, hen-pecked.
26. Uua,abJradra. -Good happy,
charitable, successful over enemies.
27. Rel'ali.-Symmetrical body. courageous, clean.
bealthy, liked by all, popular.
Calculation of the Ayanamae
There are two systems of Astronomy in India-namely,
tbe Nlrayana aDd the Sayana. The former traces observations
of planets to a fixed zodiac. while the latter considers the
moving zodiac commencing from the shifting, vernal equinox.
It is certain that the greatest Hindu Astrological writers
referred to the bed zodiac for predictions. And this fact is
borne out by experience.
The increment between the beginning of the "fixed" and
thl!. "moveable" zodiacs or the Nlrayana and Sayana positions
is referred 10 as Ayanamsa which about 50-Ijl
seconds every year. Western astronomy is based upon tbe
Sayan a system so that it considers the moving zodiac
commencing from the shifting verna) equinox as has already
said above. This. if we deduct this Ayanamsa from tbe
positi ons of planets and cusp. of the bouses obtained accord-
ing to tbe Western system. we will arrive at the Hindu
Wben exactly the two zodiacs were in tbe first point is
doubted by a number of astronomers and accordingly the
Ayanamsa-precessional distance-varies from 19 to 2). I
do not wish to enter into elplaining tbe complicated processes
of astronomy at large wbich centre attention on tbe discussion
of the exact nature of Ayabamsa. but merely confine myself
to giving a suitable aDd simple method for determining the
Oo,,",.Uoo orth. ", amn
First of all. cast tbe boroscope of birtb according to tbe
European manner and convert it into tbe terms of Hindu
zodiac by tbe following process:
( I) Subtract 397 from tbe year of birth (A.D.).
(2) Multiply tbe. remainder by SO 1/3 seconds; and
reduce the product into degrees, minutes and scco?ds.
(3) Subtract tbis Dumber of degree" mmutes and
seconds from the cusps of the bouses and tbe planets'
positions in the figure of. birth and tbe figure tbus
obtained will be a..:cordlOg to the Hindu system.
Example :-
Dctermine tbe Ayanamsa for 1912 A.D.
1912-937 = 1515 x 50l .... = 76255".
76255" ..; 21' 10' 55"
This is the Ayanamsa for 1912 A.v.
Table of Obllqae AsceDsioo showing tbe dUratioo, or siloS (rom 0 to W N C.t.
'Y' )( 0& G& 111 III 6
Muha Ind I Vrhbabha .nd Mirbuna and
Meena Kumbha Mlkara
_-\- l..t II 3 &. 10
Lu 1 Gb I VI, . 1 1
1 VI,
Kalakll and 5imh nd Kan),a .nd
Dhaous Vrbc:hih Thul.
---r"-=":':''---+- '
I Gh., VII I Gh. Vii I Gh I VI,


.S7 '0


B .82


0 . 20
'4. 14





2' .33
1 .58






22. 10





43.98 I
], jO ,





, ,



4 9. 10

' .00

3.5 .26
II 87




33 29

2. 40

1' .60
'" a'







19 3

20 3 '.5.30

21 3

6 . .50

27 .50
.. 10

3 4'.60


) .20
2. 3 40.'0

41 .ll

42 19
40. 10

32.'0 4

45 .50


SI .n
.... 9)


46 16
59 IB

59. 1R

18. 10



49 .50





1.80 3



.. 2 58.40
; 31.70



41 2 '4.70



2 51.00
''' .83


2 41.10



.. 2 '3.20







TABLE 1 (CODld.)
o & '"
1\&"1 n:r&6
Mcsha and Vrishabhl and Mitbunllnd Kltlb and Simha Ind KIDya IDd
Mccnl Kumbba Mabra DhlQuS Vrischika Thull
I " 12
2 &. II 3 &: 10
, ...
... 7

Vi, .
Gb. ]
Vi, .
G' I
lOb. I
VI, .
39.00 J
22. 18 I

41. 83 6 1.83 6 3S. 18 6 39.00
46 2 34.0 J 19.82
40.43 6 3.23 6 38. S4 6 43.20
30.30 J

38.9J 6 4.11 6 42. 14 6 47.70
.8 2 2S.70 J
37.40 6 \1\.26 6 4S.82 6 S2.30

2 21 .00 3 11.78
1S.83 6 7.8]
6 49.S8 6

2 16.00 3 4.78
34.17 6
6 7 2.00
2 1080 3 0.62 4 l2,4J
11 . 21 6 S7.74 7 7.20
2 2 S6.35
4 30.66 6 13.00 7 2.0\ 7 12 SO
SUI2 4 28. 77 6
1489 7
7 18.20
I SUO 2 41.G2
26.77 6 ]6.89 7
11 .]4 7 24.20
I 47.70
4 Z4. 7J 6 1I: ,9J 7 ]6.22 7 )0.30
I 41 . 10
4 22.Sl 6 21 .8J 7 21 .SI) 7 36.90
I 34.40 2 31.34
4 ZO. 2} 6
23. 23 7 27.02 7 43.60
I 27.00 2 2S.SI1

\ 7.83 6 25. 83 7 32.78 7 SO.OO
I 19.30 2 19."2 4

7 38.79 7 S8.70
60 I 11.20
129-1 4 12 .. n 6
11.0) 7 45.42 7 6.80

The rollowiolisreproduc:cd (rom Mr. N.C. Lablri'l/ndJan Eplw_rll
Balance of Vimllottarl Dasa by Loagltude of the Mooa
10 the example liven on 21. the Moon is 10 Taurus 2,010',
For tbis balance of Mars' 0.11 llYn 6-0-14 .
Moon in Moonfn
Moon I"
Muo" I"
Mesb., V,isbabba, MilhuDl, Kllakl,
51mb., Kln)'I, Thulll, Vrischllta,
Dh.nUI tohkara Kumbba Muns
&lloce of Balaoce or balaDce or Balance or
"' ..
Oasa D,n Ou.
y . m. d y. rn. d. y. m. d. y. m. d.
KdJl S .. Man JMp/ltr
0 0 7 n 0

0 J

0 0


4 4
3 3 27 3 7

6 7
4 2 12 3 I 24 3 2 12

, ,
11 4

18 2
21 2

I 2.

3 18 3 I . 24 2

18 2 4 2.
I 4.

2 7


, ,
12 3 7
12 I 7
2 2.

12 2 3

I 2 12 ,
3 3 18



, ,
3 3 I 24 I
3 0 4



J9 0

3 4.
0 27 2 I. 6 I
27 18


4 I. 24 2

12 I 4 24

4 2. 4

11 2 6 18 I 2 11 17
4. 4.
18 2 4 24 I

18 17 I

4 4
2 3

2. 4 2 12 2 I 6

I 24
4. 4




3 I.


2 12
2. 3

3 I 7 24

2 3 14


40 3


J8 0 0 14 3

7 0 3 3 27 I 4 6 17

18 13

7 2. 3 I
I 2 12 17 I
13 3
7 4. 2 II 11 I

16 7 24 12




I. 24
2 12 12 4

20 2 7


7 40 2

7 6
4 24

2 3


12 14 I.

2. 2 I

14 4 24 I.

4. I

I 24 13


Hindu Predictive AatrolOlY
Calculadon of tb. Ayu.amu.
TABLE II (c.oatd.)
TABLE II (c.oDld.)
~ o o " I "
.. M , ~ " III
M ~ " ." \ ~ ~ " ' "
Mithunl, Ka,a"I,
Thul l. Vrlscbib.
Kumbba Meenl
BII:nce of
Balance or
Blilance or - B-alance or
Ou. Oil.
y. m. d. y. m. d. y . d.
m. y . m. d
Rail. Sat",,,

1 9



,. I 6 27

, ,


I. 40


, ,

12 7



8 6 18
I 24 8

I 0 18


8 12 7 7 6


8 12

7 I
8 6


12 20


8 )


12 40



4 6 8


) 7
8 12

, ,
y. m. d
\ y m.
d. y. m. d. y . m. d
VIlII"J M ~ "
)upilrr Mercury


i6 9 0 12

I ' 3

7 6 12 3 27

o ,

I. 24

8 6

I 6

4 24 II

7 6
I 3


0 I. 7


Il 7 7 I.
,. 6

. ,

, ,
.. 6

12 9 18



12 4 24 8 II 3
Il 2. 20 0






8 6 18 4 )
2. 18

S I 6 3 9 18


7 7 24 3 )


7 2 12
I. 6
2. 17

2 4

18 I I.
6 I



0 12

8 6 1

9 27
II 7 6 8


6 7 24 II 2 12 7 7
3 6

18 7
24 40






2. 2

7 6
4. I 6

9 9



7 6

I 6


, ,
3 8


16 ..



14 6



17 20 .. 0 U
4 16 6 27
6 3

Il 6 0

3 "
8 21


, ,

3 6 I

J 3

26 4. 6




I. 6

27 7 7 6 3


I. 24 7
12 3


6 18 4

21 6
II 21



6 18 6

6 18

6 0


I 6



II 12

, , ,
12 I 3

I. 6







, ,




, ..
Hindu Predictive Aserolol)'
ProportloD81 Parts for Dans of Plaacts
. d. m. d.1 m. d, l ",. d m. d.

! 0 9 027 11 8 0 14 . 0 9
d Oll J 6
011 118 Oil
0 16 I ' 5 014 021 016
0 19 J 24 1 0 16 0 28 0 19
022 2 J 0 19 1 2 0 22
8 ' 0 2, 2 12 0 22 1' I 6 0 25
9 0 28 2 21 0 24 I II 0'8
10 I I 1 J 0 027 I 1 " I' -,
1 17 4 IS 1 11 , 2 8 1 17
2360 1 2
4 t
3(1 ' 23
m.d.! m,d
o 8 0 7
o 16 0 14
I 2 0 29
I II I ti
I 19 I 13
1 27 120
2 5 1 211
2 13 2 :5
2 21 2 12
4 1 3 18
!I 12 4 24
m. d. m d.
o 9 0 8 I
o 17 0 IS 2
026023 )
I " I I "
I IJ I 8 j
I 21 1 16 6
2 II 2 I 8
2 17 2 9 9
2 26 2 17 10
" 8 3 25 15
Example. - Moon' Pos ition : Taurus 25 10
M . V Yean
Don 10 nshabhtt 25- Dalanc:eofMars Dasa
for IO' - Balance of Mars Dasa
Balance of Mars Dasa at birth

Y ...



'Ayanamsa ( 1880 to 2000 AD)

"' .... mn
Y ... ")'allamla Year Ay.o.maa Vear
.. 4 1911 1I 10 4 1941
" "
20 ..
" "
10 54
" "

.. U
" " "
" "
" " 20
" "
" "
" " 20 .. ,$ J6
" "
" "
.. 26
" 20 ..


21 .. 16 17
20 .. 56
" "
.. 21
06 71
20 .. .. 19
" "
" "
" "
II 27
17 II
19 II
.. 21 12



" "
" "
" "


" "
" "
" "
20 56
" "


21 21 23
19 21 21 24 20
21 .. .. II
10 29
" "
" "
so 20 ..

o 19)0
00 1960 21

so 31
" "

21 7
" " "
21 21 31
3 2'
" "
29 22 .. 21 54 J2 ..

" "
JO 12
21 31
.. 21
12 ..
37 21 31
67 21

11 21 32

.. 21
" "
21 7
" " " "
" "
" "

" "
59...Jo1 2000



22 2
22 2
22 3


22 1 1
22 1


... "
22 11 JI
22 12

12 "
" ..
22 14 ..
22 II
22 II
22 19 42
22 10 31
22 22
23 3
" "
lodex of Technical Terms
Abbijin Muburtha
Dbava Madhya Sandbi
- A moSE auspicious moment
- Bestowing or First Alphabets
- "anchangas
- Earl), death
- First feeding of a child
- Inter-periods
- Untouchable
- t. 2, 4, 7 and 8 bouses
- 3, 6, 9 and J 2 houses
- Ascending direction
- Eight Sources of energy tbe
planets are subjected to
- Inauspicious
- Combustion
- Acceleration
- Descending direction
- St.ates .of existence- Plaoetary
- DIrectIon
- Precessional distance
- Longevity
- The Hiodu SYStem of Medicine
- Infant mortality
- Zodiac
- House
- Mid-point of a bouse
- Juoction of two houses
lDdu 0' TcehDlcal T-.
Chara Rasis
Cbesbta Bala
Dcva Loka
Dbana "Yoga
Dwiswabhava Ruis
Ekadbipatbya Reduction
Gbati-A unit or Time
Measure of Hindus
Oo&na Vo ..
- AshlakavaIp of eacb plauet
- Siale of a planet durin,
'- Marks or benefic dots in
- Holy and religious people and
the highe't caste among tbe
_ Jovian year
_ Mercury
_ The MOOD
- Moveable signs
- Motional strength
- Planetary periOds
- State of a planet io an
unfriendly bouse
- World of Immortals
- Combination for wealth
- Sagittarius
- Directional strength
- Direction
- }J3rd division of a sign
- Strength of aspect
_ 1/12th division of a sign
_ Common signs
_ Tbe Sun's path
_ -Reduction on account or",
planet owning 2 ,igns
Equivalent 10 24 minutes of
English Time
_ Combination for higher
wisdom and knowledge

Oraba Yuddba
Hora Sastra
Kala BaJa
Kala PUTusha
Kat aka
Krishna Paksha
Krura Rasis
Hindu PreciIcUt'o Attrolom
- Planetary facton
- Planetary fight
- Jupiter
- 1/ 2 division of a sign
- of Time or Astrology
- SCience of Ligbt or Astrology
- Temporal strength
- Time personified
- Virgo
Doctrine of rebirth or human
- Cancer
- Quadrants
- ..Dragon' s Tail
- State of debilitation
- Dark half of the Lunar month
Cruel signs
- Warriors and the second
caste among tbe Hiodus
- Mars
- Aquarius
- Destruction
- A system of mathematics to
abridge calculations
- World
- Middle life
- A celestial force
- Capricorn
- Death-inflicting planets
- Aries
- Gemini
- or 6nal emancipation
- PosHlons betweeD exaltation
and owo house
)Ddcx of Tec:ImJcaI TenDI
Naraka Loka
Naisargika Bala
Poorva Mimamu SaHra
PraSna Lagna
Prushtodaya Rasis
Rahu Kala
Rajasa Guna
Raja Yoga
- Death
- State of. planet in friendly
- Election, 6xing auspicious
- Constellation
- Daptising or giviDg a name
- Internal regions
- 1/9th division of a sign
- Debilitation
- Fixed zodiac or sidereal zodiac
- Permanent strength
- 3, 6, 10 and 11 houses
- 2. 5, 8 and I I houses
- Malefic
- Setting towards the west
- State of a planet in the last
degree of a sign
- World of Manes
- Full life
- A system of Hindu philosopby
dealing with tbe results of
Karma written by Mabarishi
- Setting towards the east
- Horary or question
- Rising sign at tbe query
- Signs by hinder part
- Dragon' 5 Head
- Time influenced by Rahu
- Courage and love of arts
- Combination f9t political

HIndu Predlctlvo As1toioa).
- Zodiacal sign
Rtsi Gunakara
- Zodiacal factors
- Certain units of melUurc of
planetary and house streDgth.
- Season
- Planets with tbe MOOD
- Saturn
- State of a planet in beneficial
Shad vargas
- The Asbtakavargas 'of all
plaDcls taken together
- Moving zodiac
- A celestial force
- Six sources of strength and
weakness of planets I
- Six kinds of division of a sign
I Sbubha Lagna
- A uspicious Time
Sidereal Times
- Star time or Nakshatra Hora
- Rising by the head-signs
Soumya Ra;; i:1
- Mild signs
- Creation
Stri Rasi'
- Feminine signs
- Stagnation
- Positional strengtb
Sthira Rasis
- Fixed signs
- Protection
- F:.rmers-(ourtb caste among
the Hindus
Sukla Paksha
- Bright haJf ot the LUnar
- Venus
- Mild nat ure
Tatkalika Mitra
- Temporary friend
, "