-Machu Picchu's name.

-Machu Picchuµs Pyramids -Comparative

Machu Picchu
The name of Machu Picchu comes from the Quechua language Machu Pikchu wich means Old Mountain. Mountain.

Machu Pichu is in Cuzco. Cuzco is a city in Perú, and 358.052 persons live there.

Machu Picchu's Pyramids
·Machu Picchu is from Inca Empire. Empire. ·Machu Picchu has got a pyramid, pyramid, but low the earth. earth. ·Inca Empire is youger than Maya Empire. Empire.

Wayna Picchu Wayna Picchu
·Wayna Picchu is the moutain of Machu Picchu ·Wayna Picchu is above . metres high ·Wayna Picchu s mountain is higher than Manzaneda s Mountain, Mountain, but is shorter than Nevado Pastouri s . mountain, mountain, in central Perú. Perú

Machu Picchu is the most spectacular mountain in Perú!!!!

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