A cooperative, a state-owned insurance firm that was, until a few years ago, a monopoly, and a multinational mobilephone maker are the top three brands in India, according to a new study released on Friday. Amul, a brand owned by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), and Nokia are the top Indian brands, according to Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands, a survey by media, advertising and marketing magazine ‘Media’, brand consultancy Asian Integrated Media Ltd and market research company Synovate. However, there are no brands of Indian-origin in the top 100, although several brands that are available in India figure in the list. “It is because most Indian brands are not available across regions within the country and outside,” said

Harish Bijoor, a marketing marketing, he added. consultant. “They (GCMMF) are not big Amul’s strategy of using spenders compared to Britannia “umbrella branding” has paid or Nestle. Despite a limited off, according to R.S. Sodhi, budget, Amul’s creatives—in chief general manager, GCMMF. “Our strength comes from consistency, trust and relevance of our products.” Sodhi CHINA claimed that Amul’s advertising TAIWAN and marketing HONG KONG INDIA spend has never exceeded 1% of PHILIPPINES its revenues. THAILAND Most other food SINGAPORE companies spend 6-7% of revenues MALAYSIA on advertising and

the form of billboards or the Taste of India campaign—have always managed to evoke a larger-than-life brand feel, consistency and spirit of Indian culture in a contemporary way,” said Shashi Sinha, executive director, FCB Ulka, GCMMF’s advertising agency. GCMMF, which ended 2006-07 with Rs4,200 crore in revenues, launched more than two-dozen products in the past two years. Nokia has more than a 70% share of the mobile-phone market in India, a country with around 188 million mobile telephony subscribers. “Nokia has revolutionized the way we keep in touch,” said Subhash Kamath, CEO, Bates Group, the company’s agency in India. “Amul and LIC are heritage

brands. It’s their benign equity that makes them so enduring,” said Bijoor. “If you look at any list pertaining to brands, the bulk of the toppers are the lowest common denominator brands—the ones that have moved from shelves and touched lives of millions of people,” he added. The nine markets covered by the survey are: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia. Synovate

interviewed people in the 15-64 years age group; sample sized varied from 500 in all markets to 750 in India and China.

Rank Brand

1 Amul 2 LIC 3 Nokia Hong Kong
Rank Brand

Rank Brand

1 MasterKong 2 Nokia 3 Mengniu Malaysia
Rank Brand

1 7-Eleven 2 Watsons 3 Coca-Cola Philippines
Rank Brand

Rank Brand

1 Aqua 2 Pepsodent 3 Honda Singapore
Rank Brand

1 Nokia 2 Colgate 3 Sony Taiwan
Rank Brand

1 Colgate 2 Mercury Drug 3 Sony Thailand
Rank Brand

1 Nokia 2 SingTel 3 Singapore Airlines

1 7-Eleven 2 CPC 3 Uni-President

1 Nokia 2 Mama 3 Sony

Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand Rank Brand

1 Nokia 2 Sony 3 Colgate 4 Coca-Cola 5 Panasonic 6 Honda 7 7-Eleven 8 Samsung 9 Nestlé 10 Adidas

11 Yahoo! 12 Nike 13 Nescafe 14 Canon 15 Starbucks 16 Sony Ericsson 17 Pampers 18 Google 19 Darlie 20 Pepsi

21 LG 22 Yamaha 23 Toyota 24 Wall’s 25 Lipton 26 Maggi 27 Shell 28 Wrigley’s Arrow 29 DHL 30 Cadbury

31 Rolex 32 Watsons 33 VISA 34 Sunsilk 35 Toshiba 36 Marlboro 37 Pantene 38 Sharp 39 Apple 40 Toys “R” Us

41 Lay’s 42 Panadol 43 BMW 44 Hewlett-Packard 45 Huggies 46 Mercedes-Benz 47 Philips 48 MasterCard 49 American* 50 Motorola

51 Pocari Sweat 52 Uni-President 53 FedEx 54 H&S# 55 Seiko 56 Pepsodent 57 Pedigree 58 MSN 59 Rejoice 60 Nissin

61 Heineken 62 McDonald’s 63 Häagen-Dazs 64 Sprite 65 Acer 66 Close up 67 Singapore Airlines 68 Whirlpool 69 Magnolia 70 Ferrero Rocher

71 100 Plus 72 Mitsubishi 73 Cathay Pacific 74 Suzuki 75 Nikon 76 Sanyo 77 Breeze 78 Gatorade 79 Hitachi 80 Pioneer

81 KFCˆ 82 Tide 83 San Miguel 84 Shangri-La 85 Dell 86 ExxonMobil 87 IBM 88 Nivea 89 California Fitness 90 Surf

91 JVC 92 Kodak 93 Pond’s 94 Caltex 95 HSBC 96 Fanta 97 Knife 98 IndoMie 99 Wyeth 100 MasterKong

Source: Synovate

*American International Assurance (AIA)/American International Underwriters (AIU)/American International Group (AIG)

#Head & Shoulders

^Kentucky Fried Chicken