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FAUR SA COMPANY BUCHAREST, ROMANIA MOTOR DIESEL MB 836 DIESEL ENGINE PIESE DE SCHIMB MOTOR CU CUZINETI GROSI SI SUBTIRI ENGINE SPARE PARTS WITH THICK AND THIN BEARINGS Nr.MLP 2700 Editia A lanuarie 1998 No.MLP 2700 Edit A lanuary 1998 Elaborat de SC INTEGRAL PROIECT SA Elaborated by :INTEGRAL PROIECT SA CUPRINS CONTENTS Note preliminare Preliminary notes Mod comandare piese schimb Spare part orders Specificarea grupelor sia planselor motorului din care fac parte piesele de schimb. Groups and engine's drawings denomination Piese schimb motor. Engine spare parts WEXXIL XXIll XXIV-XXVI 1-84 NOTE PRELIMINARE specific motor MB836 Bb pentru remotorizare locomotive 500-Decauville GRECIA Aceasta lista contine piesele de schimb pentru motorul diesel cu 6 cilindri, tip MB Notarea pieselor de schimb, pentru diferite variante de motor,sint date in paginile cu "Mod comandare piese schimb", pag.XIlI-XIV. *Rubricile cuprinse in "Mod de livrare” vor fi completate obligatoriu de S.CTC-Motoare. PRELIMINARY NOTES -specific engine MB836Bb for retrofitting 500 CP Decauville GREECE-locomotive engine This engine spare parts list contains the spare parts for the 6-cylinder Diesel engine type MB 836, Engine Spare Parts denomination for various engine types are shown in the pages with "Spare Parts Order"-page XIII-XIV. *The columns indicated in the "Delivery Mode" will be compulsory filled by the Manufacturer's Quality ‘Assurance Departament. Tl