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Randell S.

(702) 456-2899
November 19, 2008

Mr. Michael Tanchek, Labor Commissioner

Office of the Labor Commissioner
555 E. Washington Avenue Suite 4100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

RE: Minimum Wage For Taxicab Drivers

Dear Mr. Tanchek,

It has been too overwhelming for me to organize taxicab drivers to protect their rights to Minimum Wage.
Asking them to complain about not earning MW is tantamount to telling their bosses that they are not
performing in their job. It’s the inflated number of medallions allocated by the TA Board that has caused
the situation, but the political obstacles in getting the Board to act is too much. I’ve thought of another
way, that would require a polite phone from you to the TA Administrator, Mr. Walker.
There are at least 1000 drivers going home everyday without producing enough meter revenue to earn
minimum wage. If the TA Board cannot be persuaded to reduce the number of medallions, then perhaps
Mr. Walker can control the number of drivers by requiring the companies to open their books and prove
that each driver is earning MW before issuing any more permits to that company.
I suggested to Mr. Walker in a letter it would considered unlawful to issue permits to drivers when the
work force had a large number of employees who were not earning MW.
I believe he has the authority to regulate the minimum wage problem and a good excuse to report to the
TA Board. By issuing permits to drivers without assuring that every permitted driver is earning minimum
wage, he is in violation of NRS 608.250 (3): It is unlawful for any person to employ, cause to be
employed or permit to be employed, or to contract with, cause to be contracted with or permit to be
contracted with, any person for a wage less than that established by the Labor Commissioner pursuant
to the provisions of this section.
A phone call and a carefully drafted letter to cover Mr. Walker’s back could solve this egregious and
reprehensible problem.
With Sincerest Regards,

Randell S. Hynes