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Un00302 - Reading and Writing in English

Un00302 - Reading and Writing in English

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APRIL / MEl 2009 NO. PELAJAR (Angka) STUDENTNO. (In numbers) 2 lAM /2 HOURS (Dengan Huruf) (In letters of the alphabet)











Kertas ini mengandungi 16 muka surat bercetak, tidak termasuk muka surat ini. This paper consists of 16 printed pages, excluding this page.

An image from libet shows the Buddha Sitting in meditation. Through the centuries. Among the Bwa people of West. Rather.. and make it visible. Christian. An example is this jade figure from the Olmec culture. We will look at art from four religlons---the ancient Olmecs. art has given people visual images of the people. a magical creature that combines animal and human characteristics. but we do not know its purpose. It may be surprising. masks may appear at funerals to make sure that the spirit of the dead person leaves the community and takes its place in the spirit world of ancestors. a person who communicates with both the human and spirit worlds and acts as an intennediary between the two. For example. Masks do not appear casually in the community. The man-jaguar was dearly an important figure in Olmec culture and is often depicted in the art. Around him are bodhisattvas---people who have 5 2 10 15 20 3 25 30 4 5 35 I Sacred: holy 1/16 . in what is today southern Mexico. The works were created at about the same time but four thousand miles apart. are very different from each other in subject. The statue seems to portray a shaman. The creature's headband. Art attempts to take something invisible. people call on them during times when the help of the spirits and the natural forces that they control are especially needed. Art is often the only evidence we have of the beliefs of cultures that have come and gone without leaving written records. The shaman holds up a small creature whose fierce expression contrasts with his own calm look. Buddhism and Christianity. and with the costumes completely hide the human identities. however. He is the largest figure and faces front. His hands are in the classiC mudra---a hand position that symbolizes the giving of gifts. Our next two examples. Africa. catlike eyes. Among the most important art forms ever developed to give visual presence to the spirit realm are the masks of Africa. something spiritual. and events described in the religion.. art has served religion. the Swa.C. which flourished from about 1500 to 300 B. stories. one Buddhist and one. that they are similar in fonn. · Student Noo SECTION 1 _ UB00302 Read Passage 1 The sacred1 Realm of Art 1 Since earliest times. these masks manifest (make physically present) nature spirits. and a large down-turned mouth identify him as the infant man-jaguar.

P. pp. 2007. the Virgin is the largest figure because she Is the most important. all of the figures in the painting wear halos. These angels are spirit beings who help humans reach heaven. and rebirth) because they want to help other people to reach that goal. death. What was the important figure in Olmec culture? State your reason. Quest 2: Reading and Writing. the Virgin Mary is the central figure. McGrawHiII: New York. __ U8oo302 postponed their goal of Nirvana (freedom from the cycle of birth. Mary is sitting on her throne with her hand in a gesture toward both sides of her are angels. What does art attempt to do? (2 marks) 2. Again.. (Taken from Hartman. 1.Student No. All of the figures wear halos (golden circles of light around their heads). Again. Skimming and Scanning for Details (21 marks) Scan Passage Ito find the answers to the following questions. She is holding her son Jesus. In this painting. 40 6 The final example is by the 13th-century Italian master Cimabue. (2 marks) 2/16 . What is art? (2 marks) 3. 78-79) Part 1 (Comprehension) A. From these pieces of art of four very different religionsr 45 7 50 we have examples of how artists can make religion more concrete---more real---to believers.

1. 9. Looking for the main ideas. 5. Ust the Similarities of the image of the Buddha and Virgin Mary. When does this important art form appear? (2 marks) 7. 3.Student No. 4. Why do the Bwa people of West Africa call on this important art form? (4 marks) 8. What is the thesis statement for The Sacred Realm of AI1I (2 marks) 3/16 . (10 marks) Answer the following questions. _ UBOO302 4. 2. (2 marks) What does this important art form manifest? (2 marks) 6. (5 marks) B. What is the most important art form of the Bwa people of West Africa? 5.

the famous art in religions D.Student No. art can be used to visualize holy presence holy presence can be felt everywhere it is important to use art to portray holy presence different art should be applied in different religion 15. sentimental B. different religions 14. Circle tbe letter of the best answer. argumentative 4/16 . What do Paragraphs 4 and 5 mainly concern with? (2 marks) c. The passage talks about A. insincere D. _ UBOO302 10. C. different Images of religions B. it can be concluded that A. the holy presence applied in art C. Fromthe reading. 13. What is the main idea of Paragraph 2? (2 marks) 11. What is the main idea of Paragraph 3? (2 marks) 12. O. The writer's tone is A. Making Inferences and Drawing Condusions (6 marks) The answers to these questions are not directly stated In Passage 1. B. informal C.

famous B. field C. a magical creature that combines animal and human charac:b!ristics. A. area B. A. A. B. from about D. B. appearance D. focus D. flaunt 16. catlike eyes. prosper C. look 19. one Buddhist and one Christian. features B. increase The shaman holds up a small creature whose fierce expression contrasts with his own calm look. which flourished 1500 to 300 B. Among the most important art forms ever developed to give visual presence to the spirit realm are the masks of Africa. A. An example is this jade figure from the Olmec culture. form 20. and a large down-turned mouth identify him as the Infant man-jaguar. in what is today southern Mexico. __ U800302 Vocabulary (10 marks) Circle the letter of the answer that is closest in meaning to the bold word found in The Saaed Realm of Art. stare D. appearance C.C. domain C. are very different from each other in subject. world 21. region 5/16 .Student No. area D. A. 18.looks C. part Our next two examples. D.watch The creature's headband.

__ U8OO302 Part 1 (12 marks) the topic and main Idea of these paragraphs. causes divorce. Women in highMpaying occupations. in particular. Are there ways that parents can reduce parent-adolescent conflict? One of the best methods is collaborative problem solving. do not have to consider potential earning power when choosing a husband. by itself. particularly if she has better job than the husband. Topic: Main idea: (4 marks) 23. in which the goal is to discover a solution that satisfies both the adolescent and the parent. nor do they have to choose between an unhappy marriage and poverty. The risk of divorce is higher when the wife works. This does not mean that female employment. Topic: Main idea: (4 marks) 6/16 .StDdentNoo SECllON B Identify 22. The process often works best when discussion is restricted to a Single issue and the adolescent's agreement to try to work out a solution is secured in advance. Rather women who work have greater opportunity and choice both in marriage and divorce.

You will experience loss of family members through death and dissolution of relationships. our floors are immaculately clean and must be scrubbed at least once a week. You may have a spouse whose needs conflict with your needs. it is crucial that our socks be clean and have no holes in them. since the latter is considered to be a dirty place and therefore must be separated from the clean tub area.SmdentNo. unexpected changes will occur. Exercise Your College Reading Skills. You probably will be married at least once. __ UBOO302 What kind of changes might you expect in your own life that will affect your relationships with others? You may change your job 10 or more times. Traditionally. You probably will have one child or more. Other family members may view the world differently than you and challenge your perceptions. You may move your place of residence even more frequently. McGrawHiII: New Yorie. shoes are taken off and slippers are worn. When your life appears to be more stable and calm. Supporting details: (4 marks) 7/16 . and possibly two or three times. 2004. TOpic: Main idea: (4 marks) (Taken from Elder. and some restaurants. Upon entering a home. pp. It is the custom in Japan to keep our homes clean. local hospitals. since a clean house is a reflection of one's self. One way in which we keep our homes clean from outside dirt and germs Is by taking off our shoes when entering our homes or even public places such as schools.n-so) Part 2 (12 marks) Identify the supporting details of these paragraphs. J. Also our bathrooms are separated from our toilets. Needless to say. certain areas or rooms such as the bathrooms or the yard require changing into different slippers which are used for that area. 24. In the home. Since shoes are taken off when entering someone's home. 25.

As if that were not enough. taste. For their clothes. Vegans buy products that have the label "Cruelty Free" or "Not Tested on Animals". they do not wear leather or fur. and we all know what that means. They also do not wear wool or silk. A franchise controls this by having a main food distribution center. The food sold in most fast food restaurants may not be all that good for us. which means that everything has to look. There are many ingredients from animals in many household items such as soap and shampoo. which implies that the food has to go through a long frozen storage period.SwdentNo. Supporting Details: (4 marks) 8/16 . but lowest prices. then a transportation period before it gets to the customer. Supporting Details: (4 marks) 27. they do not buy bone china because bone china really contains bones. and smell the same way in all the restaurants of a particular franchise. There are Vegans stores where Vegans can buy food and household items that are animal-free. __ U8oo302 Vegans avoid using any products derived from animals. a lot of artificial preservatives have to be added. the main element that the fast food market advertises and competes for is not good food or fresh ingredients. In order for the food to still taste fresh after all this time. Even when they buy plates. The majority of those restaurants are franchises. 26.

Part 3 (12 marks) Write the thesis statement of these supporting details. ___ (3 marks) 9/16 . c. b.SbmentN~ __ UBOO302 . She is lovely. (1 mark) a. 31. c. a. c. My dad has interesting characters. b. b. She is patience. There are many ways to earn more money in college. The supermarket is near to my house. There are many cheap items. __ __ __ a. (1 mark) a. b. (1 mark) a. b. 29. The workers are friendly. c. 30. (3 marks) 32. 28. ___ ___ c. There are many flies in the restaurants. The price of the food is so expensive. She is caring. The food tastes awful. Write the supporting details of these thesis statements.

c. You can use the points below to help you write the essay. a. b. ___ _ ___ (3 marks) SECTION C (15 marks) You have been selected to submit an essay writing contest organized by the Youth Club of your hostel.Student No. Write about the advantages that students can gain from working before entering the university. _ UBOO302 There are several ways to get an 'A' for this paper. 33. You decided that you would like to write on a topic "Having some working experience before entering the university helps make better learners". Points Work experience • provides additional practical knowleclge • helps improve communication skills • enables one to be independent and motivated • develops maturity • enhances a practical approach to problems 10/16 .

UBOO302 11/16 .Student No.

_ U8OO302 12/16 .Student No.

Student No. _ UBOO302 13/16 .

_ U8oo302 14/16 .Student No.

.Student No. _ UBOO302 . 15/16 .

_ UBOO302 16/16 .Student No.

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