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Born Address 1902 7, FirstCrescent Rood Gondhi Nagar, AdyOr Madras 600 020 Constituent Assembly ProvisionalPa~iament Madras Legislative Council Pmament (Rajya Sabho) 1948-50 1951-52 1952-54 1954-66



D.Utt. (Sahitya vachaspati) - by Hindi SctYtya Sammetan, Allahabad - 1976. Felow by Andhro Pradesh Sahitya A1<adami 1977. Honorary Citizenship by The Governor of Tennessee State, Nashville, USA - 1983. Pornnosee Padmabhushan Tanprapatra 1958 1961 1972

Honours awarded

'Abhinandana Grantha' tor meritorious service from Rashtrapati Rojendra Prasad - 1957. Wor1d.HindiConference, Nagpur - 1975. Wor1dTetegu Conference, Hyderabad 1975. The Highest National Honour by Bihar Government, Patna - 1983. Telugu Assockmoo. USA. - 1983. North America Detroit,

Wor1dTetugu Conference, Madras 1994.

# Akhil Bharotiya Hindi Parishad, Agra
(1952-60) token over by the Govemment of Indio in 1961 and _ developed into me Central Institute of Hindi at Agra 'Mttl centres at Deihi, Hyderobod and Shillong. # II ,


scrrscrn Songhom, Delhi

T elugu BI1osho Scrriti, Madras and
Hyderobod (1970-86). (1947-86).

i! (b) Legislative

Hind \ sorm. Madras and Deihi Hindustori Prochcr SObho, worono.

Member. Cons1ituent Assembly of Indio

Member, Drafting Comnittee of Indian Constitution (Languages) Port 17 (1949). Member, Provisiond Parliament (1951-52). Member. Madras Legislative Council

Presidents nomnee in Parliamem of Indo, Rajyo Sobho. (1954 to 60 and 1961 to 66).
(C) Academic

Member, Madras University Senate
(1952-54). Member, Preparation of Hindi Text Committee Indian Constitution (1948-50).

Chairman. Hindi Examination and Board of Studies of Oriental Languages. Andhra urlversity (1927-30 and 1954-56). Chairman, Cornnittee fOl' me Propagation of Hind, a non-official body in the Minstiy of Home Affairs. Government of Indio (1963-67).


Chairman. Committee of Standardisation of Hindi Examinations. Ministry of Education (1955-57). Member. Pa~iamentary Vocabulary Committee. Delhi (1957-58). Member. Executive Boord. Andhra Pradesh sornvo Akademi. Hyderabod (1965-74). Member. Governing Council. Viswa Hindi Vidyapeeth. Wardha. Member. Hindi SOmstan. tucknow.
[d) Tecrvsco

Member. All Indio Shorthand and Typing Committee. New Delhi [1947-49). Member. Irrigation and Agricultural Panel. Planning Commission. New Delhi [196465). Vice-President and Organiser. Krishna River Volley Peoples Association. Madras (1950-52). Irrigation project now known as Nagorjuno Sagar. Sponsored and promoted Functional Hindi now approved by the Central Government (course) for teaching Hindi os second language. Member. Film Enquiry Commitee. appointed by Central Government (1949-50). Member. Central Film Awards Committee. New Delhi (1959-60). Member. Central Boord of Film Censors. (1947-49). Member. Boord of Film Censors. Madras (1947-49). Chairman. Film Awards Committee. SOuthern Area. Madras (1958-59).


(e) Cultural


Organising Secretory, All Indio Cultural Conference, Delhi (1951). Joint Secretary, sorvooovo Planning Committee, Delhi (1949). Member, SOngeet Natale Review Committee, Madras [1952-53). (f) Unguistic Member, Official Language Commsson appointed under the provisions of the Constitution of India [1954-56). Member, Governing Council, Dravidian Ungus1ic, Association, Kerd University, Trivandrum. (g) Uterocy & Educational Member, Central AcN.sofy Boord of Education, Government of Indio [1949-52 & 1964-65). Member, Central Hindi Sniksha Somiti, Ministry of Education [1950-68 & 1971-79). Member, Bhorotiya BIlosho Somitti, Government of India (1966-71). Member, All India Sohfya Sommelan, Allahabad, (1966-86). Member, Central Hind Institute, Agra [1966-79). (h) Founder Secretary ., Founder Secretary. Telugu Bhasha Semiti. Madras and Hyderabod (Engaged in publication of Encyclopaedia in Telugupublished 15 volumes). Founder. Secretory, Hindi Vikas Samiti, Madras (Engaged in publiCation of Encyclopaedia in Hind in 12 volumes First voome published). . (i) Chcirman Chairman. Kendriya Hindi Shikshon Mandai. Agra (1960-62 & 1971-79). A university status lns1itute established by Ministry of Education, Govemment of Indio.



Chairman, Academic Affairs, Telugu Mademi (Andhra Pradesh Government) engaged In publicotion of University level text books and promotion of Telugu language and literature (1974-80). Member, Hindi Advisory Committee Ministry of Home Affairs (1971-74). under

Member, Central Hindi Committee under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister of India (1972-76). Member, Board of Governors, mtemcnono Telugu InstiMe, Hyderabad (1975-80). Member, Academic CounCil, Internotional Telugu Instin.,te, Hyderabad. Member, Board of Governors, Telugu Akademi. Hyderabad (1975-80). (i) Editor Editorial Member, NCERTfor second language text books. Edited Magazines 'Hindi Pracharak' (1929-36) 'Hindi Prachar somocror (1938-61] 'Dakshin Sharar (1947-61). ~ Joint Editor of two volumes of 1,000 pages each on Telugu Culture published by Telugu Bhosha Samiti, Hyderabad and Madras. Chief Editor, EncyClopaedia on Social Sciences in Hindi published by the Hindi Vikas Samiti, Madras. (k) Presided Presided over a number of conferences and conventions and seminars. Participated and delivered keynote addresses in a number of seminars, conferences and conventions connected with literature and culture.



Memofial Lectures

Delivered Mahatma Gandhi Memorid Lectures. Bombay. 1975. Delivered Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lectures (1979) under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Government of Indo. New Delhi. Many other lectures and keynote addresses in many forerns.



Extensively toured throughout


Travelled abroad on many occosors, visiting many countries including USA. Canada. UK. etc.