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38785106 API Tank Design

38785106 API Tank Design

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Published by: Shinji46 on Feb 20, 2012
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Different types of floating roof had been discussed in the previous chapter – literature

review. Therefore it is not worth to repeat here. The pontoon type - single deck floating

roof was normally used for tank diameter less than 65 m due to flexibility of the deck

plate, double deck will be used for larger diameter tank as double is more rigid and

stable. In view of out tank diameter of 39 m, and the cost effectiveness, the single deck

floating roof was selected. Further consideration of the insulation effect of the double

deck roof was also considered. As our tanks are to be built in a country with extreme

winter and snow, the consideration of melting the snow from the product is essential,

where the insulation effect due to the air gap between the decks plate in the double deck

floating roof is not favorable.

Figure 3.1 Single deck Floating roof


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