1 Introduction Greater Noida is located in district gautam budh nagar ,uttar pradesh. at a distance of 16 km from Delhi.It is situated at latitude of about 28”30` north and longitude of 77”30` east and is adjacent to and west of northern railway line(Delhihowrah).The vicinity of Delhi makes this industrial area more important. 2 Location Greater Noida is located in close proximity to three industrial townships:meerut(75km), ghaziabad(25km) & Faridabad(55km).It is easily approachable from Delhi by road& also from dadri,ghaziabad,sikandarabad and other towns of u.p. on the east.The notified area of Greater Noida comprising of 124 villages and about 40,000 ha. of area bounded is broadly bounded by NH-24 in the NW,river Hindon in the western side & G.T.Road / Northern Railway main line to Calcutta on the eastern side.It is abutting the areas of Noida on its western side and Ghaziabad on the northern side.For industrialists,the markets are next door and for residents it is a green haven with up-to-date social & civic amenities in a pollution free environment. 3 Background According to Master Plan 2021 the population considered for first phase(2000-2011) is 7 lakh and for the second phase(2011-2021) it is 12 lakh .The population of both phases includes the population of villages falling in urbanisable area. Planning is for the city having comparatively low population density and more open,density assumed for two phases of development is60 ppha as per the existing provisions for town density.Present gross density of the city is also nearly 60 ppha. Total population projected for first phase =7 lakh. Total area proposed for first phase =7,00,000/60 =11,666.60 ha.say 12,000 ha. Population projected for second phase =12,00,000 Assuming same density for second phase,total area proposed =12,00,000/60 =20,000 HA. 4 Factors For Urbanisation: The city is a result of intense pressure on naitonal capital of Delhi on its periphery. Just outside the area of noida,the pressure for development around Delhi & DMA started manifesting in the form of haphazard growth by colonizers and speculative land dealings in the area.The Govt. of U.P. notified area under” u.p. regulations of building operations act,1958” on 19th sept.,1989,under “U.P. Industrial Area Development Act,1976”.The Govt. of U.P. vide notification dated 28th jan. 1991 constituted “Greater Noida Industrial Development Authoroty”.The first Master Plan was prepared by authority in 1992 from S.P.A. as a consultant.The plan was for 5 lakh population and was then revised in NCR Plan context in 1996 as Outline Development Plan 2001 for Surajpur-Kasna sub regional centers.

school along with other facilities like tennis and golf court. Even on Express way. INDS.000 per sq mt couple of years back.255 per sq ft to Rs 4. the queue of national. The area cost varies between around Rs 1. Basic Services: The roads. “The real estate prices are hopping up. Every project has basic amenities like garden.6 100 2021 (Ha) 5000 3800 1200 2400 5000 2600 20000 % age 25 19 6 12 25 13 100 -area earmarked for special economic zone 1000 ha -area earmarked for regional level institutions 570 ha -area earmarked for cantonment 1600 ha. another construction company has around four projects in its kitty for greater Noida — ELDECO Residency Green.000 to Rs 4.7 100 3000 2600 720 1400 3000 1280 12000 % age 25 21. considering the comfort as its prime factor. multinational companies and the builders is becoming longer with their investment plans here.5 6 11.32 5075 % age 2011 (Ha) 25. depending upon the location and the facilities provided. swimming pool and clubs. Silver City 2 to be constructed in sector Pai 2. temple.2 26. ELDECO Golf View Apartments in sector Omega.000 per sq ft.74 570. ELDECO Green Meadows and Arcadia in sector Pi. by the Purvanchal construction Works Pvt Ltd are few to be named. But the rising prices haven’t shaken the confidence of the investors as there are lot of them planning their projects here Table 2 : Residential Land Values: .96 99.5 2 11.000 per sq mt mark. Besides . ELDECO Infrastructure and Properties . there is always patrolling police and ambulance to serve the people when required.7 25 10.9 137. the prices which rules the price tag Rs 3. TOTAL 1310 1596. GREEN TRANS. COMM. INST. Panorama project by Parsvnath. As a matter of fact.8 2.Land Use Projections: Table 1: Land Use Distribution LAND USE 2001 (Ha) RES.8 31.63 1361. on a larger scale Assotech is coming up with an international life style residential complex in the Zeta sector of Greater Noida called Assotech Springfields . water supply and other basic amenities are formed with lot of planning . are now touching Rs 17.

Land Use Category Residential Developed Sectors * 3 Other Than Developed Sectors Applicable Land Rate For 2005-2006 3910.00 Group Housing Plotted/Cluster development i) ii) iii) iv) Group Housing Flatted Development 1Acres to 5 Acres Addition to 5 acres & above 3345.00 2495.00 2245.00 3280.00 3600.00 .00 Upto 5 acres Addition to 5 acres upto 15 acres Addition to 15 acres upto 30 acres Addition to 30 acres & above 2675.00 2605.

GREATER NOIDA-2021 Fig 1 : Land Use Plan of Greater Noida .5 MASTER PLAN.

E.Deputy General Manager.A.Each branch is comprising of Chairman.C. essential services. Manager etc.D.. The Authority firmly believes and practice the principle of infrastructure to precede development and strives to have a world class Infrastructure. Apart from the basic amenities the Authority and the state government has offered attractive benefits and incentives to the organisations that are functioning in Greater Noida. .O.6 Governance Of The City: The Greater Noida Authority has carefully planned and nurtured a self sufficient industrial township well endowed with requisite infrastructure and logistical support systems.Manager.Senior Manager..Ass.General Manager.O.The authority has several branches.C.

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