€ Planned

in the 70·s as the replacement aircraft for C-13 Hercules & C-141 Starlifter € Designing started in 1985 under Defense Secretary mandate € It was sent to AMARC before as it have a problem with landing in a wet surfaces € Widely used in all USA military campaign namely the gulf war and Afghanistan

€ Allows

it to operate through small,austere airfields. off and land 3,500 feet (1,064 meters) 90 feet wide (27.4 meters).

€ Take

€ Turn

around using a three-point star turn and its backing capability.

€ The

bulk of the fuselage features a palletised load/unload system handled by a single loadmaster. rollers allow up to 18 standard 463L pallets to be accommodated in the 68 ft 1.5 in (21.11 m) long cargo compartment. odd shaped cargo such as helicopters to be accepted with the minimum of preparation.

€ Powered

€ Permits

€ Composite

materials € DC-10 graphite-epoxy upper aft rudders

€ Accommodates € Palletized

military vehicles

cargo € Virtually all of the Army's airtransportable € Combat equipment

€ Advanced

aerofoil designs

‡ range, ‡ cruising speed ‡ fuel efficiency

€ Slow, steep

approaches with heavy cargo

loads. € Precision landings

€ Small

wing-like vertical surfaces € They curve flow at the wingtip to produce a forward force on the airplane.

€ Function:€ €

To support aircraft on the ground. For taxing, take off and landing.

€ Consist


Single nose strut with 2 wheels and 2 twin-strut tandem gear assemblies, 1 per side with 3 wheels per strut.

A) Hydraulic reservoir :€ €

Container (hold fluid) to supply the system. As a reserve cover of losses from leakage.

B) Hand pump :emergencies as backups for power pumps € ground checks of the hydraulic system. A) B)

C) Power ² driven pump :€ €

Most common found in the military aircraft. It operates efficiently at high pressures & have longer life time. Store hydraulic fluid under pressure. C) D)

D) Hydraulic accumulators :€




Many special features cost Maintenance 1.5 Millions flying hours

€ Low

€ Over

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