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Underwater + Rugby =


these were my first thoughts when hearing the

terms put together. seeing as how in the united states,

Rugby, in general, is not a largely participated

or heard of sport, i thought it was one of those made

up sports created by the professor for fun. so i

ran with it

only after a rude awakening did i find the truth.

Underwater + Rugby ≠
“Land” Rugby + Water

contrary to the idea i had developed in my head...

however, Underwater + Rugby
= Underwater Rugby

initial research and

conclusions had led
me to research and
document dimensions
for a slightly smaller
rugby field (to be put
under water) for the
National Aquatics
Training Academy
of Lubbock, Texas.
after acquiring the
knowledge of Under-
water Rugby’s actual
existance, my ideas
of peoples’ experi-
ences with this sport i
wanted to keep

“...oh now i get it...back to the drawing board...or not?”

side elevation of main pool w/a side pool & goal post; shows slope & water levels Top view- main pool and side pools for players

perspective and side elevation of main pool with side pools

the precidence for close-up action, player comfort, and the abilty to play 2 different games resides
up close and personal -- a close, yet comfort-
able experience for the players and viewers --
individual and separate spaces

this model, done

with Google
Sketchup, helped
develop a bet-
ter idea of scale,
shapes, & dimen-
sions relative to
context. main
focus at this point
was the main pool

axonometric view of pool space

the first 3D model showing better context & dimensions

everyone wants the front row close
to the action -- to cheer for their team

aside from playing, face to face with a wall of water is a ride of adrenaline
with any sport, people want to be close to
the action -- water related or land oriented

an indirect confrontation with opponents whom they will never get closer to