Rhythm and Rhyme Write in the definition of each word: Rhythm - ___________________________________________________________ Rhyme - ____________________________________________________________

The Drumbeat Poem Annabelle was Peter’s friend, Peter’s friend was Tom: Tom was very steady, Tom was very strong. Tom began to walk, At a steady beat: Peter hurried after him, Tripping at Tom’s feet. Peter quite liked Annabelle, But Annabelle was fast: Annabelle was hurrying, Afraid of being last. When you read this poem it has a steady beat. Dum, dum, dum dum Dum, dum, dum dum How many syllables does the word “Tom” have? _______ How about “Peter”? _______

Rhyme Schemes
A rhyme scheme shows the pattern of the words at the end of a line in a poem. • Rhyme Scheme A A B B Rhyme Scheme A A B B

Excerpt from “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss Not Not Not Not in a box with a fox in a house with a mouse

The “A” represents the words box & fox – which rhyme.

Seuss books and find each of the rhyme schemes and write them on the following sheet. sputter. the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. • Rhyme Scheme A B A B Rhyme Scheme A B A B Excerpt from “Oh. The “B” represents the word tree – which does not have a rhyme in the stanza. Write the book and page number you found it on. grow & show – which rhyme. aflutter & butter – all these words rhyme. . The “B” represents the words foul and prowl – which rhyme Look through the Dr.The “B” represents the words house and mouse – which rhyme • Rhyme Scheme is: A A A A Rhyme Scheme A A A A Excerpt from “the Butter Battle Book” by Dr. • Rhyme scheme is: A A B A Rhyme Scheme A A B A Excerpt from “The Lorax” by Dr. shopping one tree at a time was to slow The “A” represents the words Oh. Seuss Those boys in the Back Room sure knew house to putter They made me a thing called the Utterly Sputter and I jumped aboard with heart all aflutter and steered toward the land of the Upside-Down Butter The “A” represents the word putter. Seuss But on you will go though the weather will be foul On you will go though your enemies prowl The “A” represents the words go and go – which of course rhyme. Seuss Them Oh! Baby! Oh! How many business did grow! Now.

AABB Book: Page # Write the stanza (or 4 lines) AABA Book: Page # Write the stanza (or 4 lines) ABAB Book: Page # Write the stanza (or 4 lines) AAAA Book: Page # Write the stanza (or 4 lines) .

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