McKenzie Marston

i decided to go into a a route that probably doesn’t typically seem WSJ, the original website is dark, very rich in content and i wanted to stray away from that, I wanted to create rich simplicity

Homepage: The home page includes the traditional top stories, Videos and most popular, The bar center of the page allows the user to scroll left and right to view more categories. THe navigation bar stays at the top as like a file system. At the bottom is the “Your Community” Space in which the viewer can see the what stories, videos, their friends are reacting to. THey have the opportunity to drag images onto the space at any time. CLICK But for now, The viewer would like to go to the life and culture category.

They arrive at Life & Culture the viewer can now see all of the sub-categories in L&C in the horizontal space, again, they can scroll from left to right to view more. They can use a track pad or the bar which always stays stationary. CLICK the viewer would like to now see more about food and Drink so they scroll over to go deeper into the specific stories in the food and drink section. CLICK

Now that they have selected this section, just under Food & Drink are shown. At any time they can go back to Life & Culture by clicking on the Tab/ header. The viewEr would like to learn more about the Mega Meal article so they click on the header of the article. CLICK

Now we have entered our second scenario in which the viewer has enlarged the story over the top of the Food and Drink section. Here, they can scroll through the article and pictures to learn more. CLICK They then decided to drag this image to the Your Community space. CLICK

Hinting with the YC icons, the viewer knows that they can drag images and or videos down onto the line. Ideally, this space would open up for the image and as it drops in the real with the other stories. These images and articles include those that either friends from facebook have “liked” they have tweeted about or emailed. Even YouTube videos can come up or, simply just being interested in the image like this viewer, they can drag it to the bottom. Wall Street Journal allows subscribed users to link into these social media sites so that their friends are synced up.



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