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UPNE Spring 2012 Catalog

UPNE Spring 2012 Catalog

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2012 Spring Catalog featuring Dartmouth College Press, University of New Hampshire Press, University Press of New England, Northeastern Press and our Partner Presses.
2012 Spring Catalog featuring Dartmouth College Press, University of New Hampshire Press, University Press of New England, Northeastern Press and our Partner Presses.

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Published by: UniversityPress NewEngland on Feb 20, 2012
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Edward Burtynsky’s Vermont Quarry
Photographs in Context

edited by juliette bianco
and pieter broucke

An interdisciplinary study framing
Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s
quarry images

Quarries constitute one of the most
important subjects in celebrated artist Edward
Burtynsky’s photographic oeuvre. His images
of the Vermont quarries, both active and
abandoned, are particularly striking as works
of art but also allude to the storied history
of the northern New England marble and
granite industry. Tis volume will feature
Burtynsky’s photographs of these quarries,
some reproduced for the frst time, within a
geological and historical context that includes
the impact of Italian stoneworkers upon the
communities of Rutland and Barre.

juliette bianco is assistant director, Hood
Museum of Art, Dartmouth College. pieter
is professor of history of art and
architecture and associate curator of ancient
art, Middlebury College. ilaria brancoli
is visiting lecturer in Italian,
Middlebury College. kirsten hoving is
Charles A. Dana Professor of History of Art
and Architecture, Middlebury College. gary
is professor of earth sciences,
Dartmouth College.


120 pp., 75 color illus., 8 x 10"

Paper, $24.95 s • 978-0-944722-42-8

art history

Men of Fire

José Clemente Orozco
and Jackson Pollock

The frst scholarly foray into the artistic
relationship between the Mexican muralist
and the American abstract expressionist

In 1936, Jackson Pollock traveled to Dartmouth
College to view José Clemente Orozco’s mural
Te Epic of American Civilization, which had
been unveiled in Baker Library two years
earlier. Te deep impact that the imagery
of these frescoes had on the young artist is
demonstrated by the drawings and oil paintings
that Pollock made afer this visit. In these
works Pollock explored myth, ritual, and the
creative and destructive power of fre in ways
directly inspired by Orozco’s art. Te essays
in this volume will examine the importance
that Orozco’s work had for Pollock during this
pivotal moment in his career and bring together
for the frst time the work of two of the most
famous artists of the twentieth century.


mary k. coffey is associate professor of art
history, Dartmouth College. sharon lorenzo
is a visiting professor at the University of
Pennsylvania. lisa mintz messinger is
associate curator, Te Metropolitan Museum
of Art. stephen polcari is professor of art
history, Chapman University.

Jackson Pollock, American, 1912–1956, Untitled (Bald Woman with
Skeleton), about 1938–41, oil on Masonite attached to stretcher.
Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College: Purchased through
the Miriam and Sidney Stoneman Acquisitions Fund; 2006.93.

Edward Burtynsky,

Rock of Ages #25,
Abandoned Section,
Adam-Pirie Quarry,
Barre, Vermont, 1991,


www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561

Adelson Galleries · Mylan Publishing


150 pp., 125 color illus., 10 x 11V"

Cloth, $50.00 s • 978-0-9815801-4-2

art / contemporary art

Once Upon an Island

Stephen Scott Young
in the Bahamas

william h. gerdts

A richly
of the artist’s
work in the

Celebrated for his meticulously fnished
watercolors, Stephen Scot Young is perhaps
best known for his works painted in the
Bahamas. Tis volume looks back over the
artist’s 25-year career painting there, from
his earliest depictions of Bahamian subjects
to the present day, encompassing portraits,
landscapes and still lifes, as well as his
distinctive images of Bahamian children
playing marbles in various island locales.

william h. gerdts is professor emeritus of
art history, City University of New York, and
author of over 25 books on American art.


184 pp., 29 color illus., 6 x 9"

Cloth, $29.95 • 978-1-61168-269-4
Ebook, $24.99 • 978-1-61168-270-0

medicine / pharmacology


50 Years of Unconventional Success

john seaman and john t. landry

The story of Mylan,
one of the world’s
leading generic
and specialty

Founded in 1961 by two entrepreneurs with a
keen sense of the marketplace, Mylan helped
to create an industry from scratch—and then
led the way as that industry grew rapidly in
the following decades. Te rise of generic
pharmaceuticals was not inevitable, though.
Countless barriers threatened to slow their
acceptance. Mylan’s disciplined atention to
quality—combined with a willingness to break
with convention even afer its early successes—
enabled the company to overcome these barriers.
Published in Mylan’s ffieth anniversary
year, this book explains how one unconventional
company learned to survive and thrive in the
highly regulated, hyper-competitive world of
generic pharmaceuticals.

john seaman, a partner of Te Winthrop
Group, is a professional historian and writer. He
is the author or coauthor of numerous books and
articles, including A Citizen of the World. john t.
, a senior consultant with Te Winthrop
Group and is a contributing editor for Harvard
Business Review.


www.upnebookpartners.com · 800.421.1561

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