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The Gerson Therapy Why Organic Food? Why Juice? A Word About ... Carrots Apples Which apples are best? Beware invisible toxicants Apple miscellany Lettuce Watercress Oranges/Grapefruits Can I Juice ... Beetroot? Celery? Spinach? Alfalfa Sprouts? Carrot and Apple Juice Carrot Only Juice Green Juice Greens for Juice Suggested Quantities Per Week Types of Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Nose Cone Pressure Juicers Champion Juicer Green Power Juicer Health Stream Press Norwalk Juicer The Champion Juicer vs The Green Power Juicer How To Use the Health Stream Manual Juice Press Care of the Wooden Press Block Initial Stiffness in the Release Mechanism If Your Health Stream Press Arrives by Carrier A Few Tips Servicing Your Machine The Champion Juicer Norwalk Juicer Juice Presses Fruit Flies in the Champion? Juice Cloths/Bags

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feel the healing power entering the body. organic fruits and vegetables in the form of juices. Thanks to Beata Bishop. . '. Apart from three square meals a day. rich in enzymes and vitamins. together with the 13 juices. salads. (See pages 36/37 for an Hourly Sbedute. the coffee. Arthritic patients should avoid citrus juices . :. using only juices. However. . The Gerson Therapy is NOT a fasting diet. 1 orange juice" plus 6 . -r -r -: ':. lunch and dinner. a debilitated immune system is unable to do this.: -: -: -: -: " " :. 8 fl oz glasses of juice daily may be made. Hourly Schedule for Patient on the Gerson Therapy 40 Notes 41 Gerson Support Group Daily Wall Chart 42 Weights and Measures 44 Addresses at a Glance 45 Your Notes 46 Index 47 The basic idea of the Gerson Therapy is to stimulate the body's own defences.': lise -: -: '. Lesley Pearce. 4 green juices and 1 orange julce ". Your mental attititude has a direct influence on the various body systems. the intensive therapy also supplies 13 fresh. to do what it normally does in a healthy body. Janet Pottinger and Rob for their valuable input. Acknowledgements Many thanks to John Davidson of the Wholistic Research Company for allowing me to use much of his material on the Champion and Green Power Juicers. I hope the new Gerson patient will find within these pages all the information they require to help them choose a juicer for the therapy. Charlotte Gerson. The Gerson Therapy aims to remedy this by supplying the body with optimum nutrition consisting of an over-abundance of fresh. instead of making carrot and apple juice and green juice separately.A Guide for Adventurous Cooks. the food. As much permitted organic food as possible should be consumed daily. the immune system. Curious Shoppers and Lovers of Natural Foods" by Dianne Onstad. and cooked foods. therapy (which should NOT be used in the treatment of cancer. as well as up to five coffee enemas a day to aid detoxification. or modified. organic juices a day. In order to boost the therapeutic effect. the supplements and medications. love the juices. apples and lettuces were taken from the book "Whole Foods Companion .' For the less intensive. . apples and green leaves. using a combination of carrots.The Little Jllicing Book The Gerson™ Therapy Page Learning to Juice 29 Juicing Tables 30 Champion Juicer vs Green Power Juicer 30 Intake From One Day of Gerson Therapy Juices 31 Nutritional Information Using a Norwalk Juicer 32 Advertisements 34 Champion Juicer 34 Green Power Juice Extractor 35 Norwalk Juicer 36 Wholistic Research Company 37 Ordering a Juicer 38 Debra Stappard Camcer Trust 38 Organic Food Suppliers 39 . These consist of 8 carrot and apple juices. *Grapefruit juice may be substituted for orange juice in order to avoid too much acidity. but only for NON-MALIGNANT diseases]. daily. Some excerpts concerning carrots.-. namely to destroy and eliminate the cancer cells which we all produce. ONL Y ORGANIC produce 5 .f ! :. Juices should be made as often as possible between breakfast.' Remember. The diet is supplemented with various digestive enzymes. vitamins and other natural substances. :.'.8. and pages 38/39 for a Daily Wall Chart. drink the juices with consciousness.'.

Juices aren't concentrated food. Many fruits and vegetables are about 90% water and nutrients in solution. Solid food. especially the green juice. Our food is heavily sprayed with insecticides. Cereal crops. Within the gaps of these fibres are atoms and molecules in solution which are the essential nutritional elements needed by the human body. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. It is these nourishing atoms and molecules of which the cells and tissues of the body are starved! Juices should be drunk immediately. new and often more powerful insecticides are used. however. trace elements. "Ontv a plant really knows what another plant wants" Today. When we extract and drink the juices of vegetables and fruit. the poor quality of conventionally-farmed topsoil yields nutrientpoor deficient food. After a while. This leaves the plants wide open to attack from unwelcome pests. as the enzymes begin to deteriorate rapidly within 20 minutes. The body needs a continuous supply of active oxidizing enzymes supplied at regul~r i~tervals throughout the day. the remaining 10% being solids . Many important minerals. fast neutralizing oxidizing enzymes. herbicides and fungicides. At this point.Juice? Why not simply eat the whole fruit or vegetable? It is impossible to eat in solid form the large amount of apples. only take a matter of minutes to be digested. on the other hand. glands. In order to extract this fluid and these nutrients. they are a very liquid food. more and more chemical pesticides and fertilisers have been used. early on. mostly organic water of the finest quality with the nourishing atoms and molecules in comparatively microscopic volume.15 sprayings are normal. once pressed out of the cells and activated are easily destroyed by oxygen from the air as well as from changes in li'ght and temperature. are doused around five to eight times during the growing season. and the deleterious effects of pesticides on the ecosystem of the soil. carrots and greens needed to be consumed daily. "Everything that has lived can live again in another plant" 6 Remember. For some fruit and vegetable crops. and even minimal pesticide residues become a major factor when concentrated in such large quantities of food taken as vegetable and fruit juice. raw juices which aid the speedy nourishment of the cells that constitute the tissues. enzymes and useful microorganisms are absent in commercially-grown produce. Why . lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce 7 . The Gerson Therapy requires the consumption of pure food and pure water. then adding back individual nutrients to the soil. After harvesting they're doused again with several chemicals to protect them from storage diseases. which are very necessary for the sick body. the folly of depleting soil through commercial farming techniques. has to be digested over many hours before the nourishment becomes available to the cells and tissues of the body. 10. Fruit and vegetable juices. with minimum effort and exertion on the part of the digestive tract. given at hourly intervals. Organically grown produce is critical to healing. Juices consist of living matter with active ferments. It is these atoms and molecules and their respective enzymes in the fresh. these are very quickly digested and assimilated by the body. it is essential to first break up all the cell walls completely to allow all the water and nutrients to separate themselves from the solids. More insecticides and fungicides then have to be used in ever increasing amounts in order to combat these pests. in order for the body to detoxify and rebuild itself right down to the smallest cell.The Little Juicing Book The Little Juicing Book Why Organic Food? Only organic produce should be used Dr Gerson referred to the soil in which produce is grown as our "external metabolism". They may lose 60% of their active oxidation power within half an hour. finally kill off the natural bacteria and supporting life surrounding the plant. for instance. He recognized.fibrous and cell-wall materials. Since the end of the last war. organs and all other parts of the body. These cannot be kept active except by drinking freshly pressed juices. Only organic food contains the fullest complement of naturally occurring elements needed by the body. Such heavy spraying of pesticides and the large amount of chemical fertilizers used on plants. they become immune to the pesticide being used and their numbers increase dramatically. The oxidation enzymes of these juices.

supplies galacturonic. they contain an essential oil that kills parasites and unhealthy intestinal bacteria._ ~~ y IJVVI\ The Little Juicing Book A WordAbout. Carrots deliver abundant supplies of readily assimilable vitamins. In which case. If you're using apples to make. also. important is when juicing. they are high in all but two of the amino acids . it's better to eat the sweet ones because you'll eat more. and increase bulk elimination from the colon. Should you have to use sweet apples.meaning to burn (a reference to the colour). If we eat these we can get gas and stomach upsets. acid to prevent the putrefaction of protein.. especially in juice form. Ouality carrots are very rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene. P~ctin content also helps make apples an excellent intestinal broom. and can raise the blood sugar level enough to feed tumours. therefore. Carrots are one of the best foods for the liver and digestive tract. Carrots and their juice are one of the best detoxifiers when consumed in quantity.particularly in and around bruised and damaged parts of the fruit. It's important that you don't either. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce .in other words. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. Carrot juice. If you prefer one kind of apple. the best apples for juicing are the less sweet ones such as Bramleys. along with lead. if at all possible. depress blood cholesterol. the new crop apples may not be quite ripe. The health benefits of apples are many. it may be best to mix the apples in the juices. Around the middle of August. This effect is particularly noticeable when Impactions are present. They contain both malic and tartaric acids. They are naturally antitoxic and can modify the intestinal environment by reactivating the beneficial bacteria that normally flourish there. The only time the type of apple IS. Which apples are best for the Gerson Therapy? As eating apples. giving them the fuel they require to slough off morbid wastes and rebuild healthy cells. These enzymes help the body to absorb and assimilate the vitamins and minerals. juicy and non-sticky. healthy body.nd cle~nse it along the way. workinq as a bulking agent to gently push through the digestive tract a. Apples are fibrous. mercury and other toxic heavy metals. for example. . which help to remove impurities in the liver and inhibit the growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract. they help kidney function. Although the apple itself is not particularly high in iron. They are alkalinizing. add a squeeze of lemon juice to overcome the sweetness. and enzymes to cells. Finally. Some babies who are allergic to all types of milk. it contains an element that improves the assimilation of iron in companion foods. Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples are the only apples that should be avoided for juicing. as these are too sweet. help prevent and treat cancer. Studies indicate that eating apples daily will help reduce skin diseases. This sugar passes into the blood stream quicklv. and help to clean the teeth and exercise the gums when eaten raw. nourishing. perhaps a sweet one. The Ministry of Agriculture. minerals. It is not good for a cancer patient to get too much sugar. They are a highly digestible alkaline food. Fisheries' and Food (MAFF) has recently advised manufacturers to make sure they don't use mouldy apples. Even though they might not seem to spoil the quality of the finished product. where the modern apple is thought to have first appeared. However. They contain large amounts of silicon. having a high water content (around 85%). thev may contain patulin. being adequate in protein and calcium. while at the same time carrot soup makes an effective remedy for diarrhea and is easily digestible for those suffering from stomach and intestinal problems. European research shows that apple pectin binds with radioactive residues and removes them from the body. which quenches both immediate and cellular level thirst.. Some apples bake better than other~. including soya. 9 8 Remember. Carrots From the Latin 'carota' and the Greek 'karoton' . which strengthens the connective tissues and aids calcium metabolism. balance the endocrine and adrenal systems. and stimulating to almost every system in the body. cleansing. they contain much protein . Therefore. some old and sweet and some new slightly unripe and tart. . ~p/es Apples are named from the province of Italy called Abela. apple sauce or apple juice. Granny Smiths or Pippins. is rich enough to build a whole. a gel-forming fibre which Beware invisible toxicants Mouldy or damaged apples may contain a mycotoxin (toxicant from mould growth) called patulin . and these are better for cooking. all types are fine. such as cyclamates. since juicing uses such large quantities of apples. the precursor to vitamin A (that makes them so beneficial for the eyes and vision). Potassium salts in carrots account for the diuretic action. don't be tempted to use damaged apples. They also contain pectin. Pectins are also powerful in protecting against t~e t~xi~ effects of certain chemicals in the diet. carrots are a very valuable vegetable. and use fewer apples.. have been nourished from the earliest age on NOTHING BUT carrot juice and have grown up perfectly normally. arthritis and various lung and asthma problems. over a tart one.

Therefore.5% of the dry weight of alfalfa seeds and sprouts. bones. There were many instances of patients who were doing well on the Gerson Therapy and who began eating large amounts of alfalfa sprouts. However. Oronges/Grapefrults When juicing oranges or grapefruits for the Gerson Therapy. as it is very pale with hardly any chlorophyll. There is a slight possibility that watercress can hide the cercaria stage of the fluke parasite. and. a citrus press should never be used (where a lever mechanism is used to squeeze the whole fruit). There is no question now that alfalfa seeds and immature alfalfa contain L-canavanine and that ingestion of sufficiently large amounts will create toxic reactions in susceptible persons. the skin should never be pressed as this will release harmful fatty acids and aromatic substances contained in its surface. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 11 . and the apple flesh is firm enough to push back the gums and rid them of food deposits. The best lettuces to use are Cos lettuce.. Beetroot? No. . a little chopped celery can be used in salads. apparently being metabolized during the growth of the plant. Wotercress Make sure that the watercress is washed very well before juicing or eating. However. this proved to have a detrimental effect . Celery? No. Green or Red Batavias. using an orange squeezer. 2 . As watercress goes off rather quickly. Lettuce is among humankind's most valuable healing foods because of its large organic water content (from 90-95 %). the fruit sugars pass quickly into the bloodstream to provide energy for the body. as these contain the most chlorophyll. It was also suspected that excessive use of these sprouts may have produced failures in cancer treatment for some patients.. systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) or any other inflammatory condition. Store watercress in bunches in the refrigerator with its leaves. However. which can be very toxic to humans. . It was noted at the Gerson hospital many years ago. 70 Remember. which constitutes 1. of course. when taken in quantity. of Swiss chard (when available). rather than its stems.3 small inner leaves Alfalfa Sprouts? NO! It's definitely not recommended. Raw apple juice cleans the teeth. with the outer leaves being the most valuable. a nutrient that helps renew joints. which refers to the plant's white milky. . soporific juice. Leffuce Lettuce is derived from the Latin word lac. . use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. landcress can be used in its place as it lasts longer: This useful plant can be grown in ordinary garden soil. spinach contains too much oxalic acid. particularly those with rheumatoid arthritis. if celeriac is unavailable. celery contains too much sodium. Nearly all the necessary vitamins are found in lettuce. arteries and all connective tissues. beetroot contains too much sugar. such as the Braun. non-essential to human nutrition. This contains a natural morphinelike substance which is a powerful relaxant. Check regularly for damaged or mouldy ones.The Little Juicing Book TIre Little Juicing Book Can I . L-canavanine is a nonprotein amino acid. . or with an electric juicer. . that flare-ups of rheumatoid (auto-immune) conditions coincided with the eating of large amounts of alfalfa sprouts. The reason is that alfalfa seeds and sprouts are very rich in an amino acid called L-canavanine. The orange or grapefruit should either be pressed by hand. in water to prevent wilting. of beetroot TOPS can be used (when available). in Hippocrates soup. . Lettuce contains the most silicon of common vegetables. .Jutce ~p/e • miscellany Apples should be stored at a temperature of around 6-8°C in boxes with space around for air to circulate. It is not found in quantity in mature alfalfa. meaning milk.3 small inner leaves • .. Iceberg lettuce shouldn't be used . The stomach can digest a ripe apple in 85 minutes. neither are any other sprouting seeds. so do juice the lettuce stalks too. Use 2 . Spinach? No. which were permitted at that time. There are certain chemical compounds found in foods like apples and onions which may be as important in the fight against heart disease as the much-trumpeted antioxidants. as well as to animals.

' -: "0· -t -t -t .'. 8 2 bunches 21bs • See Can I Juice '/ on page 11 12 Remember.: .. °0 . . but you don't need to put them all in.0.'.: ': -: 8 fluid . .' .0.: . " " " :' " . otherwise the valuable live enzymes will be destroyed.0. .8 oz apples 8 fluid . also whether chard or beetroot tops are available..' -t -: ': '. You will also need apples for baked apple.0.: . Extra carrots for salads and cooking.~ .'.' This provides ': .34 heads Not always avble. Sometimes in July there are no organic apples.8 oz carrots .'.'. " -.: .Dec 14 .: .. . . Amounts of carrots and apples required on the intensive for a week are: Carrots Minimum of 40 Ibs per week for juicing.: . . etc. After that they get scarcer and more expensive. Apples are plentiful and cheaper during August .Jun 28 .~ .0.2 leaves of red cabbage 1 medium apple Each juice needs an 8 oz mix of the above.'. . You'll also need to buy whatever greens you require for salads. us« ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember.°0 .: .0 Green Juice 0 0 0 .1 Ib carrots " -: °0• This provides ·0" . Suggested Quantities Per Week :.~ .: .. Not always avble. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 13 . THIS JUICE MUST BE DRUNK IMMEDIA TEL Y IT IS MADE. apple sauce and possibly vegetable casseroles.3 small inner leaves of Swiss chard (when available) 2 .. Discovery are also good.January.: . '.0. . Carrot Only _juice eO. .20 heads 2 bunches 2 bunches 8 2 bunches 21bs Jan . 12 oz . ° 0 " " . Sour apples such as Bramleys... How much of each you'll want to order depends on the size of the lettuce and its weight. Pippins or Granny Smiths are best. Swiss chard Beetroot tops Green Pepper Watercress Red cabbage escarole.' 8 oz apple 8 oz mixed green leaves This provides 8 fluid oz of juice " :.0 .' " " " '. Sacks of carrots are usually 22 Ib or 28 Ib in weight.' oz of juice . except the lettuce.~ " " 6 6 .' Greens for Green Juice Therapy mostly lettuce (preferably Cos) 2 .: "0· -: .'. . Lettuce (Cos.. .. batavia) Jul ..The Little Juicing 8pok The Little Juicing Book Carrot and Apple Juice .'. Apples Minimum 32 Ibs per week for juicing. .: -t . chicory) no more than 6 leaves of watercress" (wash well) A quarter of a smalilmedium green pepper (not a large one) 1 . which is the main ingredient.: "0· :' NOTE: Carrots are usually in good supply all year. .'.3 small inner leaves of beetroot TOPS· (when available) endive (escarole.: oz of juice .

while the pulp finds its way out through the opening. us« ONL Y ORGANIC produce Centrifugal Juicer (Not suitable for the Intensive Gersan Therapy) Centrifuqal Juicers use a grater to more or less break up the plant fibres and cell walls and then spin out the juice by centrifugal action. However. remove the pulp and start again . so the fibres and cell walls are not adequately broken up to allow the extraction of top quality juice. such as the Green Power Juicer. . Not only that. (e) This type of juicer is usually equipped with a tiny. especially if you are on the full Gerson Therapy with 13 hourly juices a day! Nose Cone Pressure (Masticating) Juicers . A high pressure builds up in the cone and the juice is forced out through a stainless steel grid.20% of juice can be extracted. It is usually necessary to stop the machine at regular intervals. Separate. the Champion can extract up to 300% more cell nutrients than a centrifugal juicer. inexpensive hig. This is because the pulp from the Champion Juicer is still moist. such as the Champion Juicer. Champion Juicer" (This is thejuicer used by most Gerson patients) The Champion Juicer breaks up the fruit or vegetable material with a cutter or masticator and then rams the resulting pulp into a nose cone with a narrow opening. and by putting it through a press a further 15 % . the strained juice is much more clear and pure and will be free of cell-wall solids. The power required to efficiently masticate the fruit or vegetables and to build up sufficient pressure in the cone is c~nsi~erable. the acid of the apples helped the ground carrots release many of their minerals. low in nutrient value and often quite insipid in flavour. The juice itself is pale. the Champion IS not used as a juicer. ~d) Juice from which the pulp has not been removed is harder to digest 14 Remember. This is because when the juice is put into a fine cloth and pressed. fhere are various types of juicers on the market.h speed motor that would break down completely under a ~rue p~lpln9 or mastication process.. This is far more efficient than centrifugal action. to say the least. He found. sometimes so moist that considerably more juice can be squeezed out even by hand pressure. Dr Gerson felt that by grinding the material first. up to a further 300% more cell nutrients can be extracted. for the purposes of the Gerson Therapy. The best type of juicer should have a separate grinder and a press to accomplish the best extraction.The Little Juicing Book The Little Juicing Book Types of Juicer Dr Gerson was very specific about the type of juicer required by patients on the Gerson Therapy. When the grinding wheel rotates against a resistance with insufficient access of air. thrusting the juice through the ho'les in the basket. More expensive are nose cone press juicers. and it was later confirmed. However.a tedious process. but only as a grinder. It is for that reason that the Champion and the Norwalk Juicers are preferred. than raw foods because it has not been masticated and mixed with saliva so that the digestive process can begin. "See picture page 34 Remember. while the use of a press can produce a further 25%. This does not happen in a one-process grinder/juicer. positive electricity is produced and this induces negative electricity on the surrounding wall. forcing the pulp against a high speed revolving basket. us e ONL Y ORGANIC produce 15 . then mixing it all together. A press is also needed (see below). At no time is it rubbed or chewed. (c) The pulp usually remains very moist. The Champion Juicer produces about 25% more juice than a centrifugal juicer. these juicers are not suitable for the intensive Gerson Therapy for the following reasons: (a) There is insufficient access to air in the grinding process. continuous removal of the pulp is not always possible. and if the press is then used. This is much more easily digested by the gut. This is the least expensive method and hence most domestic juicers follow this design. Ib) The fruit or vegetable is merely grated. it is best to put both the pulp and the juice already retrieved from the Champion Juicer through the press. Most of the cheaper ones are centrifugal juicers.. watery. According to which fruits and vegetables are being processed. This is an important consideration in view of the cost of organic produce. that a centrifugal juicer was not acceptable. The exchange of positive and negative electricity kills oxidizing enzymes and renders the juice deficient. and the most expensive is the Norwalk Juicer which has an integrated hydraulic press. Using this type of juicer for the intensive (f) Gerson Therapy would wear out the motor in no time.

13 times a day.IOU" 'fie Lillie JIIIClIIg Book Green Power Juicer" The Green Power Juicer has a helical (spiral) twin gear crusher. vitamins.pIOn ulc~r With Its high powered cutter is used to reduce the carrots to a fine pul~ In a few seconds. es~eclally those With breast cancer.ellular st~ucture of fruit and vegetables. and this is then put jn the tray of the built-in hydraulic press. akin to Jackl. will not eat it. enzymes and other vital elements. rather.. use it before it has been pressed. Then you will have all of the moisture.combination with a Health Stream Juice Press. First the Cham .. If you want to use the pulp for cooking. runs out of a spout in the stainless steel p. The Norwalk uses a helical (spiral) cutting-grinding system. . ~ . for someone on the full Gerson ~herapy.. The bottom line is that. The pulp is triturated (ground to a paste) and dropped straight into a reusable juicer bag or cloth.. flavour and nutrients in the dishes you prepare.. and preserves far more nutrients than other machines. it is recommended that you read the tests done by t~e Wholistic Research Company on the Champion and Green Powe~ JUicers (page 18)..) tables of fruit and vegetables juiced 'See picture page 36 •See picture page 35 Remember.:1 &.ng up a car. compressing the pulp an.e pan and contents placed on the pressing platform.e vital nutrient-rich juice. (See pages 32/33 for nutritional using a Norwalk Juicer. There are 'for's and against's' using these machines. It can be It. The pulp is reduced to something resembling a piece of cardboard.. Use ONL Y ORGANIC produce " 16 USB ONL Y ORGANIC produce 17 ... like sawdust. the.an. This is perhaps where the Norwalk scores with its built-in hydraulic press. The platform is raised and a pressure of four tons is produced between the pressing platform and the top of the press casing. A beechwood pressing block is placed on top and th.... and a press is still required when using Norwalk Juicer" (with built-in hydraulicpress) (Excellent for use with the Gerson Therapy. A high proportion of enzymes and nutrients are retained In their natural condition.d releasing th. Two bags or cloths can be used at a time.J .. This imparts to the juice an extremely fine quality and flavour. The fibres of the vegetables and fruit are removed and only the pure juice is extracted.in~ .. The Norwalk is powered by a heavy duty % horsepower motor made by General Electric. Cleaning the Norwalk is easy and only takes a few minutes. quickly dismantled and reassembled. So far.. .. fruit or vegetables remain cool and are subject to mlnl.. You can't use it for anything but compost. Health Stream Juice Press 'For the Gerson Therapy.mu~ OXld~tlon. (For full operating instructions. The pulp is pressed flat and the. Remember.24) This man.. juice. The pulp is dry and tasteless. see pages 21 ...ual p~ess: although hydraulic. which could be difficult for some people. With almost all the juice being pressed out. The slow speed of 160rpm e~sures that..... This is then placed in a juice cloth. finely strained through the cloth. specially modified to use 50160 cycles. inside a ~talnless steel pan.. which breaks up the c.. The Norwalk's extremely efficient grinding action plus the tremendous pressure exerted by the hydraulic press gently and completely extracts one third to one half more juice. The resulting pulp is forced Into a narrowing nose-cone with an adjustable pulp outlet · he i screw to adJust t e Intern~1 pressure of the pulp. Not even goats. The Norwalk method allows very little oxygen to get into the juice.. the juice is so pure that it could be used in a baby's bottle without any clogging of the teat taking place. In fact.. All parts that contact food are solid stainless steel. All of the nutrients are in the juice.•..) This is the original Norwalk machine first made by Dr Norman W Walker. Horses and rabbits. so good. has to be 'pumped' by hand. " . 100/240 volt electricity so they can operate on local power worldwide.. the above juicers would need to be used in . However. trace minerals. These machines are used at the Gerson clinic In Mexico. j~ic. but very expensive. The tremendous pressure exerted by the press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars. the Green Power Juicer takes up more time both In JUICingand cleaning. who love carrots.

as well as very juicy fruits like melons and grapes or leafy vegetables like Chinese leaf. need to be cut into eighths before they will feed into the Green Power. celery. tomatoes. In fact. grapefruit. with little significant difference between them. oranges. we have been unable to ascertain this. while apples that need only quartering to go into the Champion. grapes and apples. being narrower. apples. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 19 .the Green Power and the Champion are very similar in performance. Wholistic Fesearch Company We have carried out a number of definitive. juice and residual pulp. measured tests of the Green Power juicer. The Green Power is also half as big again as the Champion. requires more pre-preparation of the fruit or vegetables. the Green Power characteristically took two to three times as long as the Champion to juice the same quantity of fruit or vegetables. ue« ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. it seems that the Green Power will be a juicer for those who want to juice wheatgrass and herbs in addition to the normal We also pressed the residual pulp from both juicers. Further. compared to the Champion. the Green Power has so many corners and grooves in which the pulp can get lodged that the manufacturers provide a special brush with several shapes and sizes of bristle tufts. a high percentage is converted into juice by both the Champion and the Green Power. it is clear that . for instance. alfalfa (lucerne) sprouts. and other fibrous herbs is the Green Power were finely broken up by the Champion cutter but passed largely unscathed through the twin-gears of the Green Power. Chinese leaf. for instance. melons and grapes. celery. carrots that would feed straight into a Champion require quartering before they will go into a Green Power. In timing trials. it has been shown by other trials that pressing this pulp results in a significant increase in the quantity of minerals and nutrients extracted. From these trials.The Little Juicing 800k Th« Little Juicing Book The Champion Juicer vs The Green Power Juicer by John DOVldson. Bearing in mind the kitchen conditions of our trials. but it is only really significant when juicing considerable quantities of hard vegetables such as carrots. The performance of both the Champion and the Green Power will therefore benefit significantly from the pressing of their pulp. one of the reasons for pressing is that a truly macerated pulp releases considerably more of its minerals and nutrients during the pressing process than in the nose-cone pressuring system of the Champion or the Green Power. achieving similar increases in juice extracted in both cases. comparing its ability to extract juice with that of the Champion. grapefruit. our margin for error must make it dubious whether either juicer is really more efficient than the other. This is an advantage. or stringy ones like celery. Despite the small amount of pulp remaining after juicing many fruits and vegetables. it is a complex machine. lemons. It became clear during our trials that the sharp-toothed cutter of the Champion is a better macerater than the helical twin-gear crusher of the Green Power. parsley. Unfortunately. the Green Power appears to give a drier pulp because the pulp is compressed to a particular limited thickness after which no further pressure is applied (unlike the Health Stream Press which attempts to press the pulp to its absolute minimum thickness. it can be more difficult to persuade the fruit or vegetable to go down the spout which. As commented above. but they are probably very similar. In short. Further. the thin slippery seeds 18 Remember. We juiced measured quantities of carrots. without the very expensive help of a laboratory. bearing in mind that the Green Power costs considerably more than the Champion. The slower speed of the Green Power generates less warmth than the Champion. such as carrots and apples. the Green Power probably has a genuine edge over the Champion in some instances. This can also be largely overcome by keeping the vegetables in the refrigerator prior to juicing. It also took at least two or three times as long to clean and reassemble. The Green Power. parsley and wheatgrass. With both pulpy produce. and compared the quantities of original produce. Only when juicing wheatgrass clearly superior. oranges. We put the pulp through twice in all instances since this can significantly increase the quantity of juice extracted by both juicers. generating a far greater overall pressure of 4 tons). When juicing melons. For instance. while the Champion is better in others. did marginally better with carrots. However. It is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into the design of the Green Power and. but the Champion was better at tomatoes. melons and Chinese leaf.in the majority of instances . lemons. This raises the question of whether the juice from the Green Power plus Health Stream Press contains as much nutrient as that from the Champion plus Health Stream Press. This is reflected in the time it takes to operate.

20 Remember. then the use of. making any adjustments to the position of the pan as required. Use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. ~t. 5. Ensure that the press is 'on' by turning the key in the base fully clockwise. on top of the octagonal plate. because of its novel design. high price and large dimensions will become a 'cult juicer'. put the handle in the jack hole and jack the plate. The Green Power simply provides an alternative pulper to the Champion that can also do wheatgrass and similar produce. The space at the front of the block permits the juice to collect there. 7. the front of the pan will project forward from the front of the press.is. Place the pan etc. Fold over the juicing cloth. complex jurcinq process. 2. It is helpful to place a thin piece of wood. But if they want the absolute maximum mineral and nutrient content from their fruit and vegetables. The mound should be a little towards the back of the pan and centrally positioned. The bevelled edges of the block permit the juice to escape more easily around the sides. so that the plate doesn't push through the pan. But those may not really be the right reasons for choosing a juicer! For Gerson and other similar cancer therapies.The Little Juicinq Book The Little Juicing Book range of fruit and vegetables. is still required to achieve the same level of nutrient extraction. pan and its contents up against the roof of the pressing container. They must also be prepared to dedicate more time to making their juice. towards the back of the apple and carrot mixture. ensuring that it is central and secure. Position a suitable jug underneath the spout on the pan. proceed as follows: 1. the same size as the pan. permitting the juice time to come out through the spout. Spoon a good mound of pulp onto the juicing cloth. Since the pan is longer than the block.a Health Stream Press is still required whether the Champion or the Green Power is used. The block should be positioned against the rear of the pan and should be central to the roof of the pressing container. or the Green Power Place the special juicing cloth over the stainless steel pressing pan with the neoprene bung blocking the spout from the outside. positioned pan. the use of a press on the How To Use The Health Stream Manual Juice Press by John Davidson. B. 4. Once the pan is in position and you are about to apply pressure. I. Place the wooden block on top. Raise the pressure slowly. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 21 . Assemble the two parts of the jack press handle. 3. using the slot in one end of the handle.possible that the Green Power. remove the neoprene bung. Continue pressing until no more pressure can be 6. good looks. Wholistic Research Company Having produced a bowl of pulp using the Champion Juicer. on the octagonal plate. See page 30 for trial results summary. as well as other fruits and vegetables.

If Your Health Stream Press Arrives By Carrier. A Few Tips Initial Stiffness In the Release Mechanism In the current model. airhumidity and temperature. 2. wipe the block with a cloth. The press is heavy. This gives excellent performance and a long lifetime. 4 ton hydraulic jack is being used. nothing happens when you work the handle. This greatly stiffens the action until the oil has warmed up to room temperature (this can take several hours) and you may need to lean heavily on the wooden block to make it go down after releasing the screw by one turn. Once the oil has sorted itself out. giving a forward slope to help the exit of the juice. When the key is turned. Don't tilt it too much. there should be no further difficulty. The press has bigger feet at the rear than at the front. This is the effect of an automatic release valve inside the jack which comes into operation when the pressure reaches four tons. 3. an upgraded. To clean it.or you can fit it up the spout from the outside whichever you find more convenient. During winter months. Care of the Wooden Press Block 1. It is likely to have spent some of its time on its side or even upside down. Repeat the process two or three times. so be careful. 10. but to make the ram come down you need to place one hand on each side of the wooden block and lean down heavily on it. neither is oiling the block with either olive or flax oils. For Gerson patients. the unit is likely to have been left under cold or even freezing conditions. Never immerse the block in water. that the block is likely to have a finite lifetime and may need replacing from time to time. 3. mechanism may be a little stiff on the first few occasions of use. It should therefore be protected from sudden extremes which may cause mild warping or splitting. Do not turn the key by more than one full turn or the hydraulic oil may come out. however. high performance. _. The key may also be tight on the first few occasions. You can assist the process by holding onto the juice jug with one hand while holding the top handle of the press in the other and CAREFULLYtilting the entire press forward. 11. especially. Note that the height of the octagonal plate can be adjusted. In this case. you may need to watch out for the foliowing: 1. Never dry or store the block on any heat source or in an ultra-dry or hot place. you will see the pressure being released. This initial stiffness gets easier after the first few uses and is also easier under warm conditions. Remember that wood is a natural material and responds to moisture. The 1.e. To release pressure the key may be rotated by up to one full turn. though half a turn is usually sufficient. On the first few lifts the action may still not be smooth. 9. while the hydraulic oil gets itself into the correct position. (Under the kind of pressures and usage required for juicing. If your Health Stream Pressarrives by post or carrier. cheap or lowtonnage jacks burst valves.ng Boole The Little Juicing Book exerted and the handle seems to 'bounce'. Allow the juice time to drain out. The slot in the end of the handle turns the pressure-releasekey in the press base. Half a turn is usually sufficient. Then release the screw by one turn and push down on the octagonal plate. Remember. i. The relocation of the oil can be expedited by levering the plate up as far as possible without letting it come into contact with the top of the press casing. protecting the wooden block with plastic is not recommended. 2. This temporarily relocates the hydraulic oil in the ram such that the unit may appear to have no pressing capability. prior to jacking up.into the outlet from the pan . by rotating the octagonal plate. check th'lt the key is fully tightened in a clockwise direction and then allow the press to stand upright for a few hours. Note. To release pressure.The Little Juic. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce . The neoprene bung fits either inside the pan . turn the key in the base of the jack anticlockwise by about half a turn or so. Push down on the block. 22 produce 23 Remember. leak oil and cause other problems). use ONL Y ORGANIC 2.

To replace the oil seal. in some instances wear can take place before any visible signs appear externally.the juice may squirt out or overflow the pan.'he LIttle Juicing Book The Lltt!« Juicing Book 3. the more nutrients can be extracted. five or six days a week. Floppy lettuces are also more difficult to juice. use ONLY ORGANIC produce 25 . it works better if the pulp is kept as a mound towards the centre and slightly towards the back of the pan. situated in the middle of the front end bell hub. When spooning the pulp into the pan. so that the front end bell hub can be pulled off the shaft. The more fluids are in them. use ONLY ORGANIC produce Remember.fold the juice cloth neatly over the pulp so that it cannot escape from beneath the block. Remove the old oil sealtsl by using a small plastic or wooden mallet to force the seal out of the hub by placing the hub over a 1 %" . especially in summer. this is OK because the juicer only gets used for five or ten minutes a day. the oil seal should be replaced as soon as possible after the first signs of wear. driving the oil seal out from behind. and they should be aware of servicing needs." socket wrench and loosen the four through bolts from the back end of the juicer. The pulp should not escape from beneath the block. this seal will wear and will need replacing. Mixing such vegetables with apples helps and prevents too much warming of the juice. Place the new oil seal in position and drive it in from the front. Be sure to inspect the seal lip to ensure that it does not meet with the flat area on the shaft. A little practice will make perfect! Don't try to press too fast . If this happens. until it is flush with the stainless steel hub. Gerson patients. or to the friction of masticating the fibrous and dry material. Its purpose is to prevent oil from inside the motor running out. The thing to keep an eye on is the integrity of the OIL SEAL. • • t t 24 Remember. • The oil seal is the 1'/. the seal must be slightly recessed into the hub until it is clear of the flat area. however. single seal. If you use fruits and vegetables which are dryish or flaccid. through which the main stainless steel shaft of the motor protrudes. Organic carrots. 5. and in any case pulp not held beneath the block will be inadequately pressed. In most instances. it spreads out towards the side. Also . With constant and frequent use. are among the most strenuous users of the Champion. and to prevent juice from gaining access to the motor. Servicing Your Machine The Champion _juicer Many Champion Juicers are used year after year without the user giving any thought to maintenance." circular stainless steel seal with a black plastic centre. The first sign that it needs replacing is usually a blackish liquid appearing around the shaft. so it is worth replacing the oil seal every year or two if you are using the Champion very heavily (as Gerson patients do). This will not harm the Champion. Avoid withdrawing all the bolts as they can be difficult to replace. take a Y. Note: Older Champions had two oil seals. but it is better to use fruits and vegetables in their best condition. This gives space down the sides for the juice to run out. when pressure is brought to bear. Keep an eye on the juice level and adjust your pressing accordingly. Then. 4. All new replacement oil seals are a new-design. are the commonest flaccid vegetables. To avoid internal damage or accumulation of juice inside. However. you may find that the Champion will heat up due to the additional work required. The pulp will also tend to back up more in the body.2" opening.

A Problem Starting the Motor of the Champion? The newer Champion juicers have a magnetic switch. you can reduce the distance which the pistol) Remember. about three quarters of the way up. check for internal signs of wear on the front and rear bearings. This is held in place by a sliding part. try dipping the cutter into water before pushing it onto the shaft. TroubleGetting the Cutter Off the Shaft? If. make sure that the piston rod has been pushed right down. although this can be quite difficult to do. Consequently. it should also be replaced at the same time. as well as other spares. Then refit the rubber bung using a screw driver to ease it in. trouble is experienced pulling the cutter off the shaft. the Wholistic Research Company. Then turn the press upright. On the left-hand-side of the jack. As a short term measure. it could be because the cutter has become vacuum-locked. is fitted. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce 26 27 . This can happen if the oil seal is not replaced at the first signs of wear. To avoid this. It is important that the sliding part is pushed right forward. the front bearing is 1 14" and the rear bearing 1 %". that runs through the motor. If juice can still enter the motor along the lines or pits on the shaft. • Oil seals (£6._. Before doing this. so that the magnet will operate the switch.) models.__ . When fitting the tube. Apparently. It is important to use Jack Oil which can be bought from motor accessory shops' such as Halfords who sell a 500 ml bottle for about £3. Also check the main shaft (also called the rotor arm or armature). most right handed people probably tighten the. Carryon doing this until the oil level reaches the bottom of the filling hole. If the rotor arm is not replaced at this time. which operates a magnetic safety switch. Another thing which may help is to fit the tube and then turn it a few degrees anti clockwise before tightening the nuts. These bearings can also be removed and replaced carefully with the aid of a wooden or plastic mallet. then the switch may not operate properly. is a rubber bung which should be removed using a screwdriver. Turn the press on its side so that the hole is facing upwards and pour in a little oil.95 plus p&P). In pre-1995 (approx. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. The Little Jllicing BODie The Norwalk . While the front end bell hub is removed. the thing to remember is always to tighten the left hand wing nut before the right hand one. One being the ON-OFF switch and the other being a magnetically operated switch which provides a safety interlock to ensure that the machine cannot be started if the tube is not fitted and the motor shaft is exposed. On the front of this sliding part is a small rectangular magnet. or sieve. ----• Replace the hub on the juicer in the same way in which it was removed. The latter switch is mounted behind the face plate and is operated by a small circular magnet mounted in the face of the feed tube. right hand wing nut first and then the left hand one. On the underside of the nozzle is an opening where the blanking plate. it will then be less likely to get locked on. further internal damage to the Champion could result. are available from the UK distributors of the Champion Juicer. the oil seal is unlikely to last as long as it should. In many cases this will cure the problem. Juice Pre55e5 How to refill the bottle jacks which are used in the manual presses. but this can result in a gap on the left hand side. The magnet and switch are on the left hand side of the motor shaft and if there is a gap between the tube and the face plate.Julcer Switch Problems One problem that people may' have wIth the Norwalk Juicer concerns the swItching system There are in fact two switches on the machine. Later models use the larger 1 %" for both the front and rear bearing. as this alters the relative position of the magnet and the switch. for signs of wear._---_. after using the machine. If it is pitted or lined.

Before using for the next juice. they can be soaked in a solution of distilled water and Hydrogen Peroxide (or cider vinegar) for a few minutes (about 1 Y2 pints of water to one capful of H202). you might like to buy juice cloth material. Fold neatly and place in a plastic bag.Juice Cloths/Bogs Juice cloths are available from Steve Richards. a Gerson patient discovered fruit fly larvae inside. us« ONL Y ORGANIC produce 29 .is an idea which was barn in Cortsbad. You will find that the fruit flies prefer this to fruit and are quite happy to die in the wine! Because the wine has no surface tension they can't get out of the surface and drown. In a famous sanatorium there. This doesn't have to be done each time they're used. as well as the juice presses. However. Rinse in tap water (or distilled water) and squeeze them out. Czechoslovakia. Alternatively. The moral of this story is to keep your Champion well maintained and practice good kitchen hygiene! Learning to Juice One-day training sessions in the practicalities of the Gerson Therapy are held monthly in Leatherhead in Surrey. After making the juice. cold tap-water. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. I saw a nurse extracting the juIce from vegetables In a very primitive gadget. Wring the cloths well before using. Don't buy Hydrogen Peroxide from a chemist shop. Fruit Ales In the Champion? There has been only one occasion reported of fruit flies causing a problem in a Champion Juicer. Use a separate brush (such as a washing-up brush) for scrubbing the inside of the cloths. The inward-curved sides of the glass help towards this. Upon dismantling the juicer for cleaning. contact Robin. You can then cut and hem them yourself. Both patients and carers may attend. you can screw up the large screw which runs down the middle of the piston rod by turning the pressure plate anti-clockwise when viewed from above. Norwalk also make juice bags for use with the Norwalk machines. one carrot and apple juice and one green-leaf juice are provided. Timely replacement of the oil seal would have prevented this from happening. 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) is available from Echo UK. behind the front end bell hub.k Book" 28 Remember. by munching their way through any debris. wash each cloth thoroughly under running. Store in a FREEZER. thaw by putting the cloths in a dish of distilled water. as it will contain stabilizers. If you have a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen. from National Filter Media. by the yard. A Gerson lunch.as well as putting the press out of action! Robin Allard services our Norwalk and Champion Juicers. For more information contact Lesley Pearce. A separate cloth should be used for the green juices.The Little Juicing Book The Little Juicing Book has to travel by taping a block of wood to the pressure plate. This would have happened because juice _wasgetting past the oil seal. . When using the press it is important to make sure that the pulp is centralized over the pressure plate as repeated failure to do this results in a breakage of the screw which holds the plate and this results in an awkward repair job . and thousands of people with troubled digestions come to drink it from a/l over: wbfld tM FrOm 'TheG9wlord rtoueer Ca:. To keep the cloths free of bacteria. but whenever you think they may need it. The 'blood of the plant: she called it. especially the cloth used for the green juices. why not consider the following: Leave half a glass (balloon-type) of port or strong red wine next to the fruit (and carrots). If you have a problem with any of these machines. Wholistic Research Company or Norwalk Sales and Services. Use one or more cloths or bags for the carrot and carrot/apples juices. as well as freezing. If you're feeling creative. "Drinking your vegetables . this isn't as off-putting as it may seem as the larvae actually help to keep bacteria at bay.

50 101.50: 229..251b watercress + 1 Ib lettuce Intake From One Day Of C?erson Therapy Juices Oranges (lIb) 162....00 .00.: .00 "143220:00 B027.25 Juice extracted is expressed as a percentage of the total weight. 85% 89% 96% 92% POWER PREss j .60 0.5 Ib apples ~ Green Leaf Juices 2 Ib apples + 0._t Champion Juicer vs Green Power Juicer Trial Resuhs .30 44.. PREss 8411..00 214.50 Timeconsuming RESEARCII COMPANY.'. '. ::.. '4~1':~ ': ..' .% 45% 75%% 64% 8511.38 " 0. ." 483:00.50 .00 22.72 2696. .136..00 '>'612... ~.25 t. s..:~3:~3.3. 2359. .:..50 546.00 8311. This calculation does NOT include any solid food.75 970..-.12 .70 0..25 Ib green pepper + 0.50 .00.37 . 11BO.54 20..i 5.S.50 864.' Carrots Apples' Grapes' Tomatoes' Parsley Alfalfa Grapefruit Oranges Lemons' Celery Melons Chinese Leaf Wheatgrass Nut-butters 7211.. 4B3. ..70 9.% 69% 0.09 ..S. 30 Remember.. assembly etc.77 1. 49.% 8911.33 ... 4675.-.% 89% 85% 80% 75% 85% 92% 86% 79% 67% 74% 85% 82% 79% .% 59% Wh% 82% 86% 90% 65'h% 50% 7511.25 3..86 0.37 .25 + II...69 I fuNCTION I CHAMPION I GREEN '>OWERI 0..74 2-3 times slower Medium IIgnesium 166.Summary FRUIT OR SUco VEGETABLE CIIAMPION GREEN POWER CIIAMPION osphorus mg) 66. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce c WIIOLISTIC Remember_ U8e ONL Y ORGANIC produce 31 .30 6. .-.20 '73.'>· B80... 1999 mg) Wllter mg) 8B.'..lIi2787.89 3.5 Ib chard + 0.. Fast Medium Easy Excellent 1. :.50 10B.1.00 Apples ..\><> 435.." .. . " "..'.:1 1160.S(): 29. Speed of juicing Size of machine Cleaning."! .60 7..% 68% • Using a largehole screen GREEN + II.65 3.29 40.75 To till 1 \: .% 6311.00 1b~ I~5 12.% 93% 7911.·:~:.75 ...oo 0.'.:::. nteke from 1 dlJy of Gerson Ther apv Juices (see chart opposite I 1 Orange Juice x 8 fl oz 1 Ib oranpe s ~ Carrot and Apple Juices 3..% 79%% 87% 7811.":i .50 2013.:.50 .97 Juicing normal Excellent fruitlveg.ro 206.50 Poor Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Poor 31l..d6· 110.00· Green Lellves (2Ibs) 144.60 .00 126.76 .!. '22... 1890.:.. :iii:.50 1263. (3 Y>lbs) Cllrrots (3Y>~s) 646.00.. .The Little Juicing Book The Little Juicing Book Juicing Tables The page opposite is a calculation based on the nutritional values supplied by 13 juices on the Gerson Therapy.:..76 1. 13. '.00 ~dH)H' 417.40 362.% 9411..00 5190.5 Ib carrots plus 3.

Remember.Illfl ""II. These figures will. A Champion Juicer and manual press produces almost the same quantities. These figures will. lise ONL Y ORGANIC produce 33 . therefore.e JUIcIng DOO/C Nutritional Information Using a Norwalk Juicer" The Little Juicing Book Nutritional Information Using a Norwalk Juicer" * * The information given on this page and the next was taken from the Norwalk Juicer Book and assumes organic vegetables ground and pressed in a Norwalk machine. A Champion Juicer and manual press produces almost the same quantities. therefore.. provide a guide but not exact information for Champion users. The information given on this page and the previous page was taken from the Norwalk Juicer Book and assumes organic vegetables ground and pressed in a Norwalk machine. Information on the exact amounts that the Champion and press produce is not available. . provide a guide but not exact information for Champion users. Information on the exact amounts that the Champion and press produce is not available.. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 32 Remember..

:. Inc..lIo or srauc in order hom See and Taste the Difference World's Fiflest the full nurritlonal such luk-t"S cxlrAcl. n. UI·Limd JUicer" .' NOlCO • A juicer is not a healer and no juicer has an}' cflccr on the user nor the juice il extracts.~: .~.Iu. Ih. Hut a iuicer must he "hie 10 liberate rhc juke under 10» by aeration ohwin the hidden pressure \·.bk< PI.s without III value of [ruit •• nd from the fihers Jnd plat·.mk~1 Manufacturing Lodi.on i. The U1atnp'ion . CA 95240 Phone (209) 369·46311 Fax (209) 369·7455 Co. '.d vt-':CI.

INTRODUCING" m .. . . " . -~-". ~~. 'u .. ..THE NEW NORWALk MbDEL270 THE ULTIMATE JUICER . Made In USA Since 1934 The Major Kitchen Appliance In A Class By Itself.. ".. n ""r...-- . a ~"i' ...

001 619 755 4406 There are three types to choose from: Stainless Steel Wood grain Black or White The wood grain model. USA. for instance. Best bought together with one of the above books. 01803863260.The Little Juicing Book Ordering a _juicer How To Ort-!-::. The Norwalk Sales person to ring is Richard Boger. You can fax him or telephone him. 001 619 755 8423 Fax. Order from The Soil Association. full of information.99. Bristol BS 1 6BY. by Lynda Brown Price £7 . is a comprehensive directory in which you will find the names. V AT. Available in most bookshops (and some supermarkets) . Solana Beach. " " :: I'. contact the Scottish Orga"ic Producers Association (SOPA). wholesalers and manufacturers or organic food.liverf!d It's imported by all air freight company. Debra Stappard Cancer Trust However. 00353 1 830 7996/ Fax 00 353 1 8300925 For those in Scotland. Cliff St. Tel. Ooune. Totnes. 40/56 Victoria Street. Also available in many bookshops. to help you get started on the Therapy. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. . Many supermarkets are now stocking a good supply of organic produce.95 paperback. Devon TQ9 6EB. which costs $1995. Bristol House. carriage. the Debra Stappard Cancer Trust may lend you a juicer for a limited period of time. The Organic Directory (Your Guide to Buying Natural Food). if you are not able to afford to buy a juicer right away. is a 270-Pecan Export 220v model. Perthshire FK 16 6HG Tel/Fax 01786841657 Also: Ask at health food shops and farm shops. CA 92075. Dartington. The Shopper's Guide to Organic Food. Price £4. Dublin 7. he'll ring you 'back. 01179290661/ Fax 01179252504. Import duty. etc. here's what you do.:Ilt one. The Champion Juicer costs about £300. Tel. His address is145 E. Also available in many bookshops. Interesting book. If you have to leave a message. Check supermarkets (for back-up emergency supplies). If you would like to order one from America. Emery Worldwide. contact the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA). Consists of a region-by-region list of over 650 farm shops. producers.. Tel. Look in Yellow Pages. 38 Remember. cost in the region of £500. Where to Buy Organic Food. Milton of Cambus. The stainless steel model is a little more expensive. addresses and telephone numbers (listed by county and town in Great Britain) of retailers. The numbers are: Tel. Foxhole. Order from Green Books Ltd.r Norwalk Juicer A The NfW' "'" '" :. (Another $50) The Norwalk III/ill take up to two wonks to be rip. How To Order A Champion or Green Power Juicer and a Health Stream Manual Press These juicers can be ordered direct from the Wholistic Research Company. . For those in Ireland. Organic Food Suppliers The following books will provide all the information you need about where to buy your organic food. us« ONL Y ORGANIC produce 39 . 56 Blessington Street. Price £8. the Green Power £400 and the Health Stream Press around £280.50. box schemes and other organic retail outlets from every part of the UK.

00 2. 235.. 205. pp.00 Apple/ Carrot Green Applel Carrot NOTES: ( I I For note numbersl 1.00 3.. p.393. These notes and the Hourly Schedule have been extracted 'rom Dr Gerson's book -A C4ncet' Therapy. c. 235. 16. then to 3. betane HCI. 235. 207. CoHee enemas (p. The 6th Edition is due out soon. 406-410. and as necessary thereafter. (NB.248 TIME a OZ MEALS EACH CoH . Y. 240. Ipp. the upper bo_dy)is harmless and passes Quickly. Poor nutrient content and insecticides in or on produce that is not organically grown may prevent success of the therapy (pp. 235.41 for the first 3 to 4 weeks (2J. 246. 2461 are added to juice 10 times daily 110.. ) . Minor bleedings are no cause for concern (pp. the patient and carers should read and understand at least the following before beginning this therapy: Preface to second and third editions. Appendix I.dosage is 50mg 6 times daily for the first 6 months. 4091 Any Insulin dosage must be discontinued gradually as indicated by tests. 21 5·218. JUICES i Flax _d od Tbtlp. enemas should not be reduced too soon. 246. 206. One grain of thyroid is given 5 times daily (Sxl I for the first 3 to 4 weeks 121.4101 6. Charts similar to this one should be made for the changes in the therapy. Three drops of Lugol's solution (half strength.190-195. 205. ON THE INTENSIVE GERSON THERAPY . 246) tablets are given according to the patient's needs. not full stren9th1 are added to each of 6 glasses of juice daily (6x31 Ibut not in the green juice or with the liver capsulesl for the first 3 to 4 weeks 12J. Every attIer dllY count: blood s. Repeat tests at 4 to 6 weeks intervals for first 6 months. Four teaspoons of the 10% potassium compound sotunon Ip.HUUHL Y SCHEDULE FOR PATIENT Chllnge IIftllr 3-4 week.00 9. Diet during reactions and flare-ups is described on pp.~ 1]. is extremely important to the effectiveness of the therapy. 235.rrot Green Catrot Only Lunch 4 Once Daily houra or more needed .393.. 246. serum electrolytes. Appendix II. 235. 403·420. Acidol Pepsin (each capsule 260 mg..n elec:1roIyt . 4101 4. then 6x2 teaspoons thereafter. 391 ·401. 80-82. Ipp. Combined Dietary Regime. 101 11. (pp. 235. 2.4121 The coffee enemas and castor oil treatments are essential parts of the detoxification prOgram. 409. 235. (pp.409.00 6. 146. pp.30 O.409. 219. 13. 2481 must be given at least every 4 hours (5 per dayl for at least the first 6 weeks. If possible. pp 237·248. In case of pain or discomfort a coffee enema should be given immediately. 237-245. 201-203.145. crude liver extract is required once daily for 4-6 months or more. 209. pp. T3 &. then 3x 1 drop thereafter. Organic fruiu and vegetables are extremely important. Urin1IIyaia. . or more frequenty.then 6x 1 drop for 8 weeks. 416-4181 Tests before starting therapy: Complete blood count. 321 7. pp.. The dosage is two Acidol Pepsin capsules. 12. 139. Pulse rates above 120 for more than 24 hours may require reduction of the thyroid dosage. Avoid taking tesu during flare-ups..5th Edirion. Mistakes of patients and check list. 208.ps. (p. T3 T4 5. 246. 247.OO 9. 196. (pp. 81. 393. Castor oil treatments (p. Do not introduce animal protein before 6 to 8 weeks. 4111 The liver medication. SO. 393. An intramuscular injection in the gluteus medius of 100mcg 8-12 combined with 3ec. (pp. 15. Most patients benefit from pancreatin but some cannot tolerate it. 235. The diet and the juices are as described on co. (pp. urinalysis. for 14 weekS. 411. then every 2 hours. 2071 3. 230 mg pepsin). Any niacin flush (redness and heat sensation on 9. 211-212. 220. 167·185.00 7.210-211. 4111 5. 146-151.. 10x2 teaspoons for the next 20 weeks. 246. 416) This therapy usually eliminates allergies quickly. 14. Niacin. Results of Fifty C. Discontinue niacin temporarily during menstrual period and in case of bleeding. 407. 187-190. 246. B.n. After the 3 to 4 weeks 121 the thyroid is reduced to 5x y. 187-190. Ipp. 8. 201 -203. 4091. 991 Three pancreatin (p. consisting of dessicated liver tablets (Liverglandl and crude liver with 8-12.2 for the next 12 weeks. 246.lIIIge Gr.407.00 Green Apple/ c:. 206.'3. three times daily before meals (pp.ses -.166. then 3 or 4 times daily. Some panents must repeat this beginning programme after some time to activate the treatment again. 247) are given every other day for 6 weeks also. then every 2 to 3 months. gradually reducing to twice weekly after 1 year. T4. reprinted in 1997 ommitted the Appendices: which were separate from the book. n Apple/ Breakfast Carrot Every 12. 235. and pages referenced ·on this schedule page. After the first 6 weeks. I Nllme: . The original 1958 edition.198.00 1. for 8 weeks. Ene . Discontinue thyroid during menstrual period. Medical Tnu with 3cc liver B.

Vegetables. Orange juice.' Prepare castor oil enema. carrots Store in fridge.30 am By 10. Leave the machine. Salad and salad dressing.00pm Helper 6.e ave the machine. Please add your own medication schedule to the chart. Only done on appointed days. Wash machine and press thoroughly. Helper Helper 4. Wash machine and press thoroughly. Coffee enema. Patient Helper NOTES: A selection of fresh fruit should be available throughout 24 hours. vegetables are soft. Coffee enema.00 Make and serve carrot and apple juice. Rinse with distilled water. Baked potato with flax oil. Use a jug to collect the water and pulp and discard. Make salad and salad dressing. Coffee enema Prepare breakfast. Leave machine.15 am By 9. put in oven to bake for two hours at Gas 4 I 170°C /335°F. Make enough coffee concentrate for next 24 hours. Leave machine.10 am B. Wash machine and press thoroughly.30 am TASK Patient to take two tablespoonsful of castor oil by mouth.00 am Make and serve green juice. Make green juice. Prepare juices.' Make carrot and apple juice. TIME 5. Coffee enema. Helper 6. Start preparing soup.' Serve lunch.00 pm Patient stewed dried fruit. Soup with crushed garlic cloves. Prepare/cook ' vegetables.' MEDICATION WHO Helper GERSON SUPPORT GROUP DAILY WALL CHART Each patient should check the items and amend them on this chart to suit their personal regime as prescribed by the clinic. 3.00 am 2. us« ONLY ORGANIC produce 43 . Vegetables. Fresh fruit.00 am Before 8.15 arT.I he LIttle Juicing Book The Little Juicing Book TIME 11.00 pm Make and serve carrot and apple juice OR carrot only juice (as directed by the hospitall. Make and serve green juice.00 11. Make and serve green juice. Rinse with distilled water. Prepare/cook vegetables. Helper am Helper Take castor oil enema OR ordinary coffee enema.00 Helper By 1. fruii. Serve dinner.40 am Prepare green juice items. Scrub one large potato. pour some distilled water through the grinder to flush through some of the pulp. Baked potato with flax oil. Rinse with distilled water. Wash machine and press thoroughly.' Make and serve carrot and apple juice. put in oven to bake for two hours at Gas 4 I 170°C /335°F. depending on the patient's personal schedule from the hospital. Leave the machine. followed by one cup of black coffee '(with up to two teaspoonsful raw organic cane sugar if desired). lise ONL Y ORGANIC prodflce Remember. l.30 am TASK Put soup through mill and store in fridge until needed. Scrub one large potato'. Make and serve carrot and apple juice.00 pm Helper 5.00 pm Helper Helper 10. Salad and salad dressing. Cook soup slowly until Helper Helper 9.10 pm and apples for the whole day's Helper By 9. am am Make carrot and apple juice OR carrot only juice as directed by the hospital. Leave machine. Fresh fruit.00 pm Helper 5. porridge.00 pm Begin dinner preparation. Rinse with distilled water.' Make and serve carrot and apple juice OR carrot only juice (as directed by the hospital}. fresh Helper Helper Patient Helper 8.00 prn . peppermint tea. Helperl Patient Patient Patient Helper 7.30 By 11. Soup with crushed garlic cloves. MEDICATION WHO Patient 12. Wash juicer and press thoroughly. Make and serve carrot and apple juice. and one piece of soft fruit. Rinse with distilled water. Make salad and salad dressing.' Prepare lunch. • Before leaving machine. 10. 42 Remember. Leave the machine.

Melmerby. pt) 20 fl oz (1 pt] 28 ml 57 ml 85 ml 114 ml 142 ml 284 ml 426 ml ·568 ml E. Milton Keynes MK 17 9EN I/Fax 01525 875739 Wholistic Research Company pt GN. Ib) 16 oz (lib) Metric 14 9 28 9 57 9 113 9 227 9 340 9 454 g The Little Juicing Book Addresses At A Glance Stappard Cancer Trust Farm. North Yorks HG4 5EZ 01765 640798 I Fax 01765 640440 Pearce Close. US cups is 12 oz Allard Non's. Surrey RH5 6AY 01306882865 I Fax 01306 880943 (UK) of Information for Oxygen Therapies e. Surrey KT22 7JA 01372 817652 Filter Media No 400 West. Bucks HP9 2TE 01494 875012 Association. USA 001 61975584231 : Richard Boger Fax 001 6197554406 Amencan/British Measures 1 US cup is 8 oz 1 y. Dorking. High Street. The House. Tingrith.pt) 10 fl oz (%pt) 15 fl oz (0/. Bright Haven. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce 45 . Westhumble. Robin's Lane. Salt Lake City. Cliff St. Bristol BS 1 6BY 01179290661 I Fax 0117 925 2504 Richards Id Swan House. USA 001 801 363 6736 t Ron Gilbert (Cloth No 951021 ) Sales Volume 1 fI oz 2 fl oz 3 fl oz 4 fl oz 5 fl oz (Y. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce Remember. Leatherhead. Jordans.. CA 92075. 40/56 Victoria Street. Cambridge CB3 8HH I 01954781074 (24 hrs) 1 US pint is 16 fluid oz Y.Weights and Measures Imperial/ trletrtc Weight lmperial % oz 1 oz 20z 4 oz (Y. US pint is 8 fluid oz 44 Remember. Lolworth. lbl 8 oz (% Ib) 12 oz (0/. Solana Beach. Ripon. Puers Lane. UT 84103.

11 Swiss chard. 28 Juioe Presses. 13 Tables. 18. 31. 33 Wall Chart.. 44 Whollstic Research Company. 26. nutrition Informatlon. 2~.h •• mnlan. 12. 13 Weekly quantities. 11 Sprouts. 42-43 Watll{OrUa. 31 Norwalk. 21 Norwalk. 30. 10. one day.----------.21. juicing. 27 SlE (systemio lupus erythematosus. 30 Intake.32.. 13 Weights and Measure.38 46 Remember.·25. use ONL Y ORGANIC produce .- ------- The Little Juicing Book Your Notes ·28 r. 30·33 Champion VI Green Power.