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Low Noise Platform Throughout the Lifecycle

Low Noise Platform Throughout the Lifecycle

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Published by: Kevin Bilton on Feb 20, 2012
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captured logic for what should happen on the rest of the class/future contracts.

This must be available and communicated to all relevant personnel. To allow for continuous improvement noise trials work undertaken to understand evolving Airborne Noise Issues Project Plan finalised stating where and when equipment is to be installed. Final submarine layout checked periodically for any potential Airborne Noise problems, with respect equipment location and position. Extensive Airborne Noise trials measurements undertaken of equipment (at its normal operation point). To define if the platform meets its operational requirements. Refit periods agreed and undertaken i.e. fan may require changing after 10 years of service. Set maintenance periods for equipment with mechanical parts agreed and undertaken. For cost benefits equipment could to be refurbished and utilised for future or existing submarines.

Must be a robust process. Noise and Vibration Department review periodically for any pote issues. Database of all issues f explanation as t done/concluded. This and communicated personn i.e. overloaded anti -v when correctly designe of the overloaded mou problem and Project Plan reviewed by the Noise and V Department for any issues If required changes to there project plan are implemented. If feasible layout is changed, if not noise control measures are implemented. Measurement results compared to set compartmental Airborn Noise Levels. If all comply then Airb Noise Requirement ca discharged to the cus (MoD). If some/or all do no Airborne Noise Requir 1 Action is agreed betwe (BAE) and the cu

Single Statement of User Needs (SSON's) Concept Phase Low Noise Platform Throughout the Lifecycle Assessment Phase Demonstration Phase Manufacture Phase In-Service Phase Disposal Phase

"The Submarine Platform is to meet its operational needs whilst allowing for Airborne Noise levels to be kept As Low as Reasonably Practicable" User Requirements Documentation System Requirements Documentation Developmental Risk Removal Low Noise Processes Discharge Requirements Disposal of Submarine

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