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Tidy Numbers

Solve these problems by taking away a tidy number and adding

back a small number. Work in your book.
e.g. 73-19 is (73-20)+1=54

72-59= 98-79= 72-17=

72-39= 123-18= 258-17=

Write a number story about 2 of the problems

e.g. Frances the Frog lives at 73 on the number line. She is
capable of jumps of any size. She wants to make a backward
jump of 19. Where does Frances land?

Equal Additions
For a problem like 445-398, the fact that 398 is very close to a
tidy number, namely, 400, means this problem can be solved by
adding equal amounts to both numbers before subtracting.
e.g. 445 – 398 If you add 2 to each number they become
447-400 =47.
Solve these in your book using equal additions.
367-299= 507-296= 565-290=
405-96= 479-197= 619-370=

Now write a story problem for 2 of them.

E.g. Mrs Franklin-Smith went to buy a new lawnmower which
cost $367, with the discount she only paid $299. How much was
the discount?