Daily Channeled Message© by Dyan Garris – February 20th, 2012

If you didn't feel the shift in energy yesterday, you should feel it today and over the next few days. We have a lot of innovative and forward moving excitement swirling about and one of the keys to progress is to harness that energy and figure out how to work harmoniously with it. But if you're trying to bring all new furniture into a room that's already filled to capacity with your old pieces, you're going to find yourself struggling to make everything fit and work together. Today, re-examine and re-evaluate your original goals and allow some room for your vision to expand, i.e., instead of telling yourself you must stuff everything into the current parameter, you may have to build an extension, addition, or sun porch instead. And that is only an obstacle if you believe it is.

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The Red Door “The first door is for grounding To connect you to the Earth The cords are just attachments To help you then give birth Free angel card readings online – Voice of the Angels-A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards by Dyan Garris
Staying grounded while viewing the bigger picture at the same time is one of the keys to effective living. It's also a key to effective meditation. And we need effective meditation for true connection and to be able to hear our guidance clearly as we navigate about on our healing journey. Perfect Pathways - Volume 1 and 2 6 guided meditations (3 and 3)

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