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UGLY BETTY By Silvio Horta



ACT ONE TITLE CARD: "UGLY BETTY" slams on screen with a thundering boom be f ore we open ti ght on ... HER. 24. Overweight. Bushy unibrow. Coke bottle glassen. Hairspray caked bangs. If beauty is defined by symmetry, Betty looks like CI bomb went off at Disney Hall. She nervously clutches her briefcase as she sits inside ... INT. MEADE PUDLICATIONS - HUMAN RESOURCES WAITING ROOMDAY

All muted tones except for Betty's hideous, flaming red Jacklyn smith pantsuit. A beautiful AMAZON sits next to her, fervidly texting on her Sidekick. She's wearing a poncho. Betty looks at her, smiles sweetly.

one in Guadalajara.

BETTY I like your poncho.

My dad got me

The Ama7.on whips her head around.


Dolce & Gabbana. BETTY


Fall .

Betty Suarez?


Betty looks up to find a nebbishy HR GUY looking out over the interviewees. She stands up.
L H·'

That's me.

The HR

She smiles broadly revealing a mouth full of metal. Guy stares at her like a bug. Should I follow you? The HR Guy looks her up and down. HR GUY Actually ..•there's been a mistake. A mistake? BETTY




HR GUY All the entry level positions we were hiring for. They've been filled. I'm Garry. As hA turns to walk away, we stay on Betty, deflated. She looks up, Gtares at the framed magazine covers on the walls. Everything [rom travel and cooking to highfalutin literature and fashion. She quickly steels herself. ANGLE ON HR GUY walking down the hallway ... SIR! BETTY

She's suddenly walking alongside him, upbeat and determined. While you got me here I thought I could tell you a litlle about myself.


The HR Guy could not be any more annoyed. Magazines are my passion, ever since I was a kid, and I can't imagine a more amazing place to start my career than Meade Publications. The BR Guy not so gently grabs her elbow, starts easing her toward the bank of elevators. I know most of your magazines inside out. I try to devour as much as I can.





And I've learned so much through them. About culture, politics, people. stuff so beyond my world, like, I can tell you who had the biggest yacht in st. Tropez this year. Or why Gwyneth gets depressed. Or how to make a raspberry souffle. She's out of breath but trying to get as much in as she can.


BETTY But I'm getting ahead of myself. VIDEO MONTAGE of hyper-thin. I'm always jotting sluff down on the subway. ad sales. surgically enhanced FEY SOMMERS: sitting front row at a fashion shoWi . we notice an elegant. black British host NEAL DELONGPRE stares gravely into CAMERA.. hits the "DOWN" button . techno-driven intro to "Fashion TV News Daily" begins. internet synergy . the much loved and hated Editor-inChief of fashion bible Gloss magazine. Circulation. • I've got a good grasp on the buuines9 end too. The topsy-turvy world of fashion is in a dizzying state of mishigas after an unforgettably dramatical week. The splashy. HETTY • He pushes her into an open elevator. Uber-stylish. The HR Guy looks at her. intrigued by her moxie. distribution. suited OLDER MAN (60's) watchin9 Betty from afar. NEAL Good evening. (beat) T have tons of ideas. we cur TO: A PIXELATED TELEVISION SCREEN. Goodbye! HR GUY BETTY (desperate) I can type 100 words a minute! As the doors SLAM SHUT on her mid-sentence. All I really want sir is a chance in ANY position or publication. BETTY Up and coming writers and photographers.. exhausted. (facing another camera for added emphasis) Celebrity studded funeral services were held today for Fey Sommers.3. As she pulls 90me papers out of her briefcase.

. (V . ) VIDEO MONTAGE of DANIEL MEADE (30).NIGHT NEAL On the eve of his first day on the job. on a city street as PP. ) The nominally experienced son of Meade Publications owner Bradford Meade. FUNERAL .and she died for beauty .• WILHELMINA NEAl.. Playing touch football shirtless.i.0..ppi ng champaqno . (somber) Fey lived for beauty .4.. she says "What the fuck?" Chyron reads "? . at a paparazzi filled function with another beautiful woman.1 os uc ti on. MAN (O.) (heavy Mexican accent) Put Channel 23 on! . dump a bucket. We see him: arm in arm with a beautiful woman.S. p IN'f. NEAL (V .. N "~AL ( V • o. of red piilnt on her fur coat. incredibly handsome. It was the bitch slap heard 'round the world when longtime Gloss Creative Director Wilhelmina Slater was passed over for the top spot in favor of Daniel Meade .'fA activist:. regal BLONDE WOMAN (early 50's) delivers Chryon reads: WILHELMINA SLATER.. STUDIO . the whole of the fashion world is wondering: can the notorious manwhore translate his talent at bedding women into dressing them? ~.. polished.DAY (NEWS CLIP) a eulogy. ) last week A tall.2006" Sommer:.0. Very JFK Jr. INT. FHEEZE FRAME on her face a:.died unexpectedly while undergoing routine 1..) t a funct jon. masculine. • s .

(beat) So Ronnie is getting the Windstar. HILDA It's a 2003. you're a boy. JUSTIN I don't want flan. And leather seats. holds the remote and pouts. Justin walks toward the adjacent dining area where we find Betty. her very pregnant older sister HILDA (sporting an "Ask Me About Hecbalife" pin) and their father IGNACIO (60's) who wears a janitor uniform. Pulling back.. JUSTIN.LIVING ROOM .NIGHT A tiny cluttered Queens rowhouse. LATINA cheesy 'l'ELENOVELA.. plan~s a deep. when your aunt Betty is babysitting.__ . a 12 year-old who appears effeminate to everyone except his immediate family. wet kiss. IGNACIO (eyes glued to telenovela) Does it have airbags? l. It doesn't matter if you're fat or not. of course it has airbags. WOMAN'S VOICE Justin you can watch Fashion TV later. Come have some flan. rnai d ' s un i form po i n t s a qun at BEAUTY i. BETTY'S HOUSE . . JUSTIN I hate this. we find ourselveG inside . I'll get fat. They're just finishing dinner. Over-thetop music swells as the gun drops from her hand.1 Me has malado BEAT. INT.• 'The c ha nne I ~wilchc~ lo d Lo a r v eyed LATINA I3F:AU'J'Yin suited LATINO STUD. mi alffiu![You have killed my soul!) He grabs her face. BETTY (strained) That's great. A qui VP.I 1 ng.-. HILDA Don't be silly honey.

friends. relationships. BETTY Well five months isn't that long -in the scheme of things. • (changing subjects) How was your interview Hetty? BE'l"l'Y Good! I think they were really impressed. IGNACIO (shaking his head) I don't understand. It's just. knows her well. ". You didn't get it. flexibility . then what? 45 minutes on the 7 train -each way. Slaving away for hours. You're smart. (beat) Betty. prepared. Hilda stares at her. '-- . HILDA The job market 1S crazy. No time for family. especially in that field. have you thought about exploring other options? Maybe there's something else you'd like to do where you'll have more control. Horrible pay. every day. they'd already hired everyone they needed. HILDA IGNACIO I.6. BETTY Well. BETTY Hilda. IGNACIO This career is Betty's dream. I'm not gonna sell Herbalife. HILDA I'm not saying that necessarily. Someone should've begged you to come work for them the day you graduated. if and when you finally get a publishing job. okay.



A beal.

Wp.ll I hear someone elsp. has some big dreams too.

What are you talking about? Justin, tell Betty what her boyfriend was saying the other night.. We notice Justin making a t-shirt with his Bedazzler set. JUSTIN Walter was on his cell and said something like "1 want to spend the rest of my life with her." Ignacio looks at Betty.


He wants to marry you? Betty looks surprised, shakes her head. He hasn't said anything but maybe that's why he's been acting so weird. Would you do it?




don't know -- I haven't really thought about it.

Well, I think he's a catch. Betty stares at it.



She really wants it.

I'm going to pass.



HILDA Wow -- everyone's on a diet tonight.



(grilbb.ing plate) not.


Just then a knock on the door.



Betty gets up to open the door and we meet her boyfriend WALTER 'rABACHNICK. Looks wise, they're about evenly matched. He waves at the family, says hello. BETTY You're just in time for dessert. WALTER I already ate. Urn, Betty, can we go outside and talk? Betty looks back at Hilda who smiles, prods her on.

Urn, sure •


As she nervously steps onto the front porch with him, CAMERA pulls up above ... EXT. BETTY'S HOUSE - NIGHT

Looking out over her working class Queens neighborhood, the New York skyline just a pale gl~er in the distance. Suddenly, CGI shot as CAMERA HURLS FORWARD until ...

APPEAR TO BE HOVERING RIGHT OVER MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. Pulling back through floor to ceiling windows we find ourselves inside •.• INT. DANIEL MEADE'S OFFICE - NIGHT

Spacious and sleekly furnished. We find DANIEL MEADE leaning back in his desk chair. His eyes are shut but he appears to be in a state of blissful meditation. MAN'S VOICE How do you like your new office? His eyes shoot open. The OLDER MAN we saw earlier watching Betty from afar is standing in the doorway.


Bradford dangling

DANIEL You ~cared me.

will you give me a few minutcG? 1 have some things to wrap up before I leave. turns to leave when he sees a pa~r of panties from the pussy willow arrangement. He grabs them. Interesting BRADFORD decorating motif.

Just then we see something rustling under Daniel's desk. Bradford stares. Daniel looks down, mumbles something, and from under" his desk emerges the Amazon that was sitting next to Betty in HR. DANIEL Father, I'd like you to met my new assistant Charmaine.

BRADFORD Charmaine, I'm sure you can finish giving dictation later ••• I need to have a chat with my son. Off a red-faced

Daniel ...

BETTY (V • o. don't understand.


EXT. Betty




sits on a rickety

crushed. out. then:

WALTER It's just not working Betty nods, processing

this then,

BETTY You know, I just read an article about this. Having doubts around the one-year mark is perfectly normal and expected. It just takes a little work but we can get through this. Walter


turns to walk away. She forces a smile for a moment before turning away. An awkward silence. not expensive at all thal WALTER (cutting her off) I'm in love with someone else.10 . As she walks through the front door . I've seen some good deals online.. BETTY •• Oh • BETTY WALTER I'm so sorry. then whispers. . Betty looks lo make sure no onc's around. WALTER Well. Beat. spice it up. in the bedroom. You don't have to say anything else. Good luck. Not far from here there's a place. • Like . you know. BE'fTY And you know. -BETTY It's okay Walter..it might be good. WALTER With everything. I urn.we've never gone away anywhere Clnd . there's things we can try to. (beat) There's also counseling.•.. even if jusl for Lhe weekend.MATCH CUT TO: A DOOR slamming open.. Walter nods. Daniel and Bradford walk out onto . looking like her heart's been ripped from her chest.

100. A welder who knew all the dangers when he took on the job. Bradford motions toward the helicopter pilot who opens the door.. waiting. (beat) Two people died during construction. I The helicopter blades start to WHIR. Gloss is a stepping-stone for you.•well the magazine will survive. And I know you didn't expect that responsibility to ever fallon my shoulders. But I need you to please start having some faith in me and my abilities. Wilhelmina can easily take over. But for you.o r:- This building is a testament bolh to the succesu and failure of this company and family. BRADFORD don't want this Charmaine woman working for you.000 tons of steel. but an important one. I know you were grooming him to take over. And your brother. The words send a chill down Daniel's spine. it ~ould be the end of the line. BRADFORD DANIEL • How can I when you seem to be more focused on chasing tail than selling magazines? I don't need to tell you this company has a lot of enemies. You succeed at this •. Daniel looks at his emotional father. . An architectural gem.your place in the company is assured. He hands Bradford a martini as he steps in.11. MEADE PtJHLICA'['IONS BUILDING t }{OOFTOP - NIGHT' A breathtaking 360 de qr ee view of sits on the helipad. both inside and out. You fail . 50 stories. As he takes a hard sip. • EXT.. BRADFORD he city. A he I icopt.

and 1 don't care if they came on to you first. of BRADFORD The money we paid out to the two who claimed sexual harassment would point to the contrary _.LIVING ROOM . reaches into BETTY --------_ . .17 • • INT.. uhhuh. out the latest issue. DANIEL I think I'm perfectly capable hiring my own assistant. She swallows hard. What magazine lS it for? GlOBS.huh? Meade. A beat -. You serious? of course I can start tomorrow.. without missing a beat. And someone you won't wanna screw if your life depended on it. RINGS.•.. pulls who. • The phone You sure JUSTIN you're okay? BETTY Mrom-hmmm.. You need someone who's good. Uh-huh. DANIEL And who mind? exactly do you have in BETTY'S HOUSE . for Justin to pick it up. gorging on leftover flan while quietly watching a re-run of ~GirlfriendsN with her nephew.NIGHT Betty sits on the couch. Then Betty's BETTY eyes widen. grabs the phone. __ -- _. She looks at Justin his backpack. heaping glob into her mouth . As she shoven a big. I'm fine._. She motions JUSTIN Hello? (to Betty) A guy from Meat publications. This is Betty Suarez..

couture. Do you have anything? Betty thinks a moment." She shuts the magazine. JUSTIN I didn't know you wanted to work at Gloss. And wear1ng her Guadalajara tourist poncho that literally has "GUADALAJARA!" splashed across the front. YeD.y tips. happIly in shock) Assistant to the editor-in-chicf. I can go anywhere in the company. As she steps into the iPodesque lobby. RECEPTIONIST God • END OF ACT ONB . BETTY I do. Betty sees the title of an article: "DUMPED: Why It's Your Fault. beaut. Confident. They start flipping through the magazine together and we catch glimpses of the content: models. (hanging up.13 . Smiling. If I do well there. No one except Betty would mistake this for D&G. • JUSTIN Well. Actually Something hits her. But it doesn't matter.DAY ELEVATOR DOORS OPEN TO REVEAL ••• BETTY. It's a Meade Publication. the RECEPTIONIST's drops. BETTY Well it definitely wouldn't have been my first choice. SMASH CU1' TO: INT. GLOSS MAGAZINE . • BETTY I'll see you first thing.LOBBY . just try and dress fashionably.• . jaw ~- . My. Oh.

"--. She continues staring -.DJ\Y Betty walks toward the headset-wearing receptionist AMANDA (late 20's). INT. follow me. dermatologist. I'm Amanda by the way. GLOSS MAGAZINE . ' AMANDA Everyone's in the conference room. .LOBBY . ~~'l:' 1'WO GLOSS HAGA7. Unlike most of the natural beauties gracing the framed Gloss covers on the walls. Betty is getting annoyed. • INT. BETTY Can you please tell me where to go? AMANDA Yeah.INE . The photo shoot? BETTY I'm working here. For? AMANDA • BETTY The new Editor-in-Chief.this does not appear to be computing for Amanda. AMANDA Hi. Daniel's about to start his first staff meeting.14. Amanda stares at her. Jenny Craig.BULLPEN .DAY Amanda leads her through the half-empty offices. We hear a tinny voice on the headset saying. ". UAre you there?N She CLICKS off . Amanda's a knockout who's had to work at it: tireless hours at the gym. you the ubefore#? Huh? BETTY AMANDA Before and after stomach stapling. She smiles politely.

I was told I didn't have enough experience for the position. r was filling out paperwork in II. art de -- .CONFERENCE ROOM . GEOFF Geoff Walker. She starts for the room. assistants are usually AMANDA heI"C before their bosses. BE'fTY ah. confident. head held high. So where do you corne from? Queens. A spikey-haired stoner guy with a Blow speaking cadence is up. BETTY Amanda looks at her like she's retarded.DAY Betty takes a The entire staff is gathered. She's a little wobbly in her heels but she's doing her best. moment. GLOSS MAGAZINE . INT. • BETTY Well aside from internships and part-time work to pay for school . looks toward the closed door. and AMANDA Just try not to let it happen again.. huffs off. intelligent businesswoman. AMANDA What job were you doing. fYT Betty. shoulders back.• BE'I"l'Y Betty. AMANDA That's interesting. She points to the conference room. BETTY (to herBelf) You are an attractive. going around the table stating their name and title.•this is my first real job. It's over there.R.

him with her braces. Betty walks through talls flat on her face. ZOOM IN ON DANIEL -. BETTY I'm fine.i n her heels.arc you okay? ANGLI-~ ON END OF 'fHE TARLE --- out over the 40 intimidating deathly quiet. stops.he sees Betty. hi. She looks fashionjstas all staring at her. staring at her. almost blinding Teeth. sits at one of the empty DANIEL chairs lined up against the • Well. trips .at the other end of the table. before we continue. I know I have some awful. Heel broke. big -HIS POV -. the door.. I'm Betty Suarez. This is his new assistant? Betty wall. DANIEL But I promise I'll get there. She As Betty adjusts in the chair. sound as the chair back pushes catches herself. (beat) Um.shoes to fill. (catching himself) Shoes -. JUS'!'TIIEN. DANIEL Urn.• 16 . (MORE) . DANIEL She smiles at him. I wish I wasn't coming in as the new guy under such terrible circumstances. before we continue we hear a god-awful SCRAPING up against the wall. Yes! good. All I got sneaks in the bag. GEOFF pdrtment . completely mortified. Some CHUCKLES. I gotta confess I'm probably not gonna remember all your names and titles just yet. assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. Betty's head pops up..

dark sunglasses. WILHELMINA Oh . bitchy male assistant MARC. WILHELMINA (unwrapping scarf) So sorry I'm late. Just then the door FLIES OPEN and in tromps WILHELMINA SI. not Danny. hands him a gift box.. Huge. WILHELMINA Marc.. DANIEL (staring at it) Thank you. perfectly put·. Exquisitely tailored Chanel suit.intently observing the interaction. Daniel takes a moment. Gift. together.. Marc runs over to Daniel. out over everyone. Trailing behind her. I can 't. hurt in her eyes . A glass paperweight engraved with the date and Daniel's name.ATER. Thank you. WHAT? WILHELMINA . If Leona Helmsley's sperm fertilized Jackie 0's egg. But it's Daniel. pulls off her sunglasses. opens the box. DANIEL As I was saying WILHELMINA Aren't you gonna open it? ON BETTY -. Looking • DANIEL I'm sorry Wilhelmina I SHHH. And T wanted to take the moment Lo tdlk d little about my vision for _. WILHELMINA (beaming) Baccarat crystal. dedicated staff. tv 11 you how excited 1 am to be working with auch an amilzinqly talented. this would be their love child. To commemorate your first day.. She stops in her tracks. • DANIEL (cont'd) But. _. preppy.17.you began without me. Blazing Pucci print scarf around her head..

you don't understand. WILHELMINA Daniel.18 . AS I WAS SAYING please. DANIEI~ _. very happy. I'm sure Renata will love what we come up with. Given the new circumstances. Renata Cosmetics supplement? DANIEL WILHELMINA • The biggest ad buy of the year and the only paid layout editorial ever works on. • She glide~ over. continued ad buys from Renata will make the publishing side of Gloss and your father very. Renata needs to sign off on the spread before we go to print. Obviously we're all here to help you succeed and we've been working on several ideas. Before Daniel can say another word. DANIEL WILHELMINA . WILHELMINA 1 am hellaciollsly upset Marc. Wilhelmina's hijacking of the meeting continues.- (taking a seat) Well I think we have to discuss the Renata cosmetics supplement. MARC Ohmigod I'm DO Dorr WILHELMTNA SHHHHH. Betty makes sure to take notes on this. stares <. (to Daniel) Purge this from memory. completely calm.It the mistake.

. urn.but I'm not making excuses and I promise I will always be here before you or anyone else. Betty awkwardly turns and walks out. up and everyone MARC follows suit. Betty he's just been 'l'hanks! • As Goon as she turns around. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to do right now? ON DANIEL -.19 .. CUT TO: . Urn. We all need to get back to work to make lhis. I know you have a lot on your plate. the very first issue with your name on the masthead. both from the meeting BETTY Well. Off c. • She stands Betty . well I'll Heels in hand. he mimes approaches Daniel who looks as though castrated. shell-shocked. BETTY Hr. okay. lets nol dilly dally -our Editor needs us. Meade I just wanted to personally introduce myself.lose book in less than two weeks.. I'm sorry for the accident and my tardiness -. WILIIELMINA Now Daniel. BETTY vomiting. Maybe I can start by putting together a list of the staff with their pictures to help you remember them. T don't know if you're aware.appearing and her appearance. but we c. (beat) Everyone. As Marc walks past Killer poncho.HR kept me down there forever -.. SPARKLE. Daniel staring at the diminutive "Danny" on the paperweight .

WILHELMINA'S OFFICE . VOICE Are you getting the crease under the hairline? MARC WILHELMINA'S Yes Willie. What are you going to do? HARC . nepotistic son of a bitch gives MY job to to MARC • Wilhelmina His son. BLOODY PUNCTURE MARKS. IN'!'. WILHELMINA A self-absorbed lothario punk who knows NOTHING about fashion. Helped turn it into the icon it in today. WILHELMINA Tell me the truth . He jams the needle into her face. Better. vulnerable.. looks up at Marc. WILHELMINA Twenty years Marc..here she goes again.20 . WILHELMINA No one has worked harder. And now that nasty.is it because I'm getting old? MARC ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have bled for this magazine.DAY Reveal Marc injecting Botox into her forehead. (beat) Though maybe just a tad more between the brows. Marc's face -. • SMALL.

WILHELMINA Give me a moment Marc. AMANDA What are you doing? BE'rTY Making an employee list for Daniel.DAY Betty sits at her computer. pleased. What should All yours. GLOSS . MARC I do with the leftover? WILHELMINA • Marc is positively giddy. Nothing. stares in the mirror. putting together the list of employees with their pictures. INT. MARC WILHELMINA Well he's well on his way. Marc holds up the syringe -. He leaves the room.------- . I mean could you believe that assistant? This is Gloss. not Dog Fancy.there's just a tiny bit left. She looks at the display . Behind her we see Daniel in his office talking to another man. WILHELMINA How are you recovering? (beat) Well I'm sure you'll be better once everything starts coming to a boil here. Just then Wilhelmina's cell phone rings. Wilhelmina gets up. she smiles to herself. I have a feeling hc'll need no hclp falling flat on his face. • Wilhelmina thinks about thin.JI. Even though her forehead is still bloody.BULLPEN . (beat) Done. ---------- .

My pores look GO Cameron D. CRAIG No. 'rhey seem to be good friends. • AMANDA (staring at screen) Ugh. Who's he in with? BETTY Craig Dawson. Daniel knows exactly who I am. Too down. You don't need it. can I trust you with something? .22 . DANIEL That's what I thought.DAY Daniel's sitting with CRAIG DAWSON (30's). INT.he's the photographer equivalent to Warren Beatty's hairdresser in ·Shampoo. brash. desperately not wanting to hear any more •. off Betty. DANIEL'S OFFICE .. No.. Yeah. And they don't call him the tripod just 'cause he's a photographer if you catch my drift.. Loud. All of this SUCKS. there'd been some drama -Daniel hooked up with Craig's exgirlfriend a couple of years ago. the photographer. Too out. 1 hate that pic of me. (taking a moment) craig. goodlooking . AMANDA •• Amanda stares at Craig through the office window. isn't he? Craig's amazing." As he flips through a portfolio of photographs and sketches.he's gonna do the Renata supplement. I AMANDA BETTY know. Can't go there. AMANDA (bragging) We went out for like a week. but they're fine now . he's shot like everything. Ooooh -.

the door opens.you don't want these people mucking things up.oox . -. BETTY (to Craig.2J . me that'o no secret.kinda. But we should keep things on the Q. Hard? DANIEL CRAIG CRAIG • Hard. Edgy. (MORE) . That Traveler layout with the tiki torches was so gorgeous.. sweetly) Urn. A little lewd but not lascivious. but you go ahead. CRAIG BETTY Sorry to interrupt. Just then. Would you like me to get you lunch? DANIEL No. Well. you're like here. a million. I just wanted to say what a big fan I am of your work. DANIEL don't think anyone wants Especially Wilhelmina. DANIEL You have any ideas? Like..you know what I mean? Urn -. Well I'll tell you what the right direction is: HARD.T. CRAIG DANIEL She's trying to send me on a wrong direction with these ideas. Metaphorically the crack of the ass versus the whole thing . Betty. you know bro. Daniel nods. t. • CRAIG of my courGe miln.

Off DanieL . To a pulp. I As she shuts the door. Image is everything in fashion. A go-getter. • Reminded saw once Craiq is taken BI::TTY (conl'd) me 01 a Birodkj piece In lhi~ Japanese magazine. I don't look at other photographer's stuff. Craig. we can lell Craig is steaming. should go. CRAIG Okay dude. been caught. DANIEL My father made me. BETTY Oh. DANIEL Look. CRAIG FUGLY. I know the type of women you hire. CRAIG I don't know what you're talking about. CRAIG Well what if she quits? DANIEL And how do I get her to do that? CRAIG Beat her down. Capable.urn. Listen to me. you are the editor-in-chief of Gloss Magazine. I CRAIG DANIEL can't fire her. • o You're kidding me.24. aback. what's the story here. Is that what you want representing you? Paparazzi taking your picture and she's standing behind you? NO. I wasn't saying -. she appears to be good.• BBO OF ACT TWO . like he'!.

I said a hamburger. BETTY (taking a seat) How do you know? . MEADE PUBl..there's just a tiny beef patty wrapped in lettuce leaves there. BETTY Where's the bread? From his look. He pulls out some skinny breadsticks. Hey you. The server plops something on her tray. Right.ICA'I'TONS CAFE'l'r:RIA - DAY A sleek. Tracking through the assorted food stations. BE'r'l'Y I'm sorry. we find Betty at the grill. gorgeouG space that's more Sollo eatery than office cafeteria. The various cliques of the magazine world all huddled together under one roof: Pastel clad "socials" from the upper crust lifestyle magazine. Just then . Intellectual snobs from the literature one. She stares at it. SERVER ANGLE ON TRAY -. it's like being back in high school.. WOMAN'S VOICE Betty turns over to find a homely woman in a Mary Kate Olsen/Bag Lady style outfit waving at her. CHRISTINA (raspy New York accent) Betty. right? Daniel Meade's assistant. she might as well be speaking Klingon. gay men with too much hair product from the GQ equivalent. NEXT. • ACT_ THREE [NT.}S . Betty doesn't quite fit in with any of them. SERVER • As Betty moves through the cafeteria alone. tosses it on her tray.

impressed. Nancy.7.• NANCY Floater -. gangly NANCY and sassy. ZELDA Aaah. Voila . this is Betty. away from the Chic-ees Chic--ees7 BETTY • CHRISTINA The bitches that work at Gloss. (beat) Close your eyes. I keep track of things. everyone known everything around here. I'm there.anywhere the company needs me. BETTY What do you guys do? ~ . morbidly obese ZELDA. I work in lhe Closet. b . you're the one working for Daniel. ['m Ch r i s f i na. CHRISTINA Zelda. ZELDA Phone SUbscriptions. Betty nods.•. Hey girls! We meet two more women: tall. She points proudly to her outfit --. BE'l'TY Closet? CHRISTINA Where all the clothes arc kept. CHRISTINA Anyway I like it 'cause I'm mostly by mynelf. • CBRI sr INA Oh. . act as jnhouse seamstress. I'll show you.obviously two dresses sewn together.silk paisley and Scottish tartan -. Right. Sometimes they even let me keep the crappy stuff from last season but I have to improvise 'cause everything'S a S1ze zero.

Like me? They wish they looked like me. ANGLE ON MARC -. AMANDA Stop it. Through his clenched. post-lunch. the other is pointing straight up. smiles.one eyebrow is normal.•that's all the leftover Botox could cover. As everyone laughs. ZELDA Baby girl. there's Marc. MARC She starts cracking :. burst into laughter. Betty keeps her eyes shut. you can open your eyes now. . informative reviews and photographs of some of lhe most beautiful women in the world. we realize her voice could not correDpond any jess to her actual appearance.. NANCY So how are the Chic-ees treating you? • pretty nice so far. ' . L:ELDA Sir. MARC Look.H He's walking with Amanda. BETTY I'm serious.. it's the bizarro version of USex and the city. well everyone appears to be BE'fTY They all look at one another. Oh.FJ • • As Zelda purrs her GaleD pitch. Kidman-like ••. . She waves. Urn. toothy grin ••. (serious) Take advantage and go upchuck this minute. Now give me your credit card number stud .. up. each jssue of "Metropolitan Dude" is full of wonderful features.. I'm gagging.

ZELDA Well how do I put this politely? The man's a DOG. NANCY Definitely a coup landing such a high-profile gig .. sleeps with them. sometimes all three at once. in his new position. BETTY ZELDA Not that you're not adorable. . BETTY Well I just really want to impress him.28 • • Amanda nods intently and runs to the bathroom.especially given Daniel's reputation.•. NANCY Loves the models.so he can get a sense of my taste and abilities. I was thinking of putting together my own mock version of this ad layout he has to do -. we're all proud of you. But maybe now. hires them to be his assistant . HACK TO THE GIRLS CHHISTINA Well Hetty. he's finally growing up. NANCY Not at all. Which They is? BETTY look at one another.. CHRISTINA But not exactly the type he usually hires. CHRISTINA Dates them. Dh.

. What? They're not talking pictures. Just then. First and foremost where to find food that's actually gonna fill you up around here. Showing a little initjalive . (beat) Tell you what? I'll help you with other stuff. NANCY emu STI NA Well it there's anything you need for it. It was great meeting you. Beat. CHRISTINA See you Betty. BETTY Thank you all 60 much.'. we're here for you. Cooking magazine on floor 1s? MmmJT\JlUll • ZELDA .. Betty goes to grab one of the to-go containers. You've got access to next season's stuff if you want it. NANCY I can actually get a hold of art and graphics from the other magazines. BETTY. I'll be right there. (standing) I have to get back. ZELDA . her phone RINGS.• They laugh. They stare at Zelda.9. Not having taken a bite of her burger. 7. So how long do you give her? NANCY Two weeks tops. (answering) Yes Daniel.not a bad idea.

Betty desk. By any chance do you know where I can book a helicopter last minute? at her. OFFICE . Betty stops. I'll uh . He heads toward have said filth. • They INT. BETTY Daniel glares I'm sorry. DANIEL I can smell the tood. BETTY DANIEL In 15 minutes. BETTY Urn. all right. Looks at the clock: 1:30.DAY She follows him . She BE'l'TY his office. He stares at her to-go container. he might as well throws it in the wastebasket. . Okay. DANIEL Is that tood? From his tone. BEAT. standing over her BULLPEN the corner BETTY Hi.hoi r he adu . No. •• INT.DAY to find Daniel. DANIEL'S DANIEL I need a helicopter. . glumly GLOSS turns shake t. As she turns to walk out.30. Betty.

she ducks. preparing to take digital pictures of an of-the-moment outfit from the Closet.NIGHT gangbangers. Hetly's on the phone. . Suddenly. BETTY'S HOUSE . says. "Daniel's Favorite Bakery" with an address.11.it's out of business. Daniel's taken for a loop. INT. we find Betty. Daniel slams his coffee cup on her desk. cutting and pasting facts and figures. EXT. He can't believe she was able to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. Justin smacks a brooch from her hand. clearly.can you buy candles for dad's b-day cake?" Pulling away. She stops in front of it -. reading a note that ~ .. the fashion aspect of this project is not her forte. It's a kid walking past with a PSP game console. NOTE: INT. GUNSHOTS -.BULLPEN . accessorizes it with his own choices. is about to scream at her when Betty points behind him: IN THE WINDOW. A grumpy Ignacio nudges Betty awake. Just then. has been for a while. Daniel walks oul of his office. She suddenly bolts upright.NIGH'f • It's 3 a. goes for lhe wastebasket SEQUENCE. starts screaming at her about it not being hot enough.• We're tight on a Post-It which reads. . "Betty .. BETTY. • AD Hetly here . Suddenly she slama it down. SEEDY NEIGHBORHOOD drug dealers.NIGHT as she makes her way down the street.DAY Less than a minute left to go.m." INT. She's skittish Trannies. INT. . ON THE CIDCK: BETTY'S ROOM . Looks up. Appears beaten. we see a helicopter pulling up toward the roof. GLOSS . hands her the phone. starts writing things down on a notepad with the heading "Daniel's Nocturnal Thoughts.BULLPEN to gel the burger out of MONTAGE GLOSS MAGAZINE .DAY Betty is scanning online sales data on Renata Cosmetics. frantic.

something catches birthday." Off Betty's grateful smile . bundled up in a goose-down jacket.DAY Betty is at her desk. . Betty. You forgot Betty gasps. her eye. Nancy walks past. as I was HILDA didn't you? .JlT Daniel is p lay i nq wi lh Cr ai q . An 1M pops on her computer screen... dad's so busy I -Just then. I'll be there Boon as I can. I gotta go. GLOSS BULLPEN . sits on a bus bench across from Daniel's building.hat. Her cell phone RINGS. BETTY Oh my God. a homeless man sleeping next to her. he needs the sweat--drenched towel he's mak i nq her hold. It's from Walter. swamped with work. can't seem to deal with it right now. Its Hilda. . laying text next to a photoshopped image of a model.• BETTY Look. RACQUETBALL COtJR'r . IN'l'. TRIBECA CITY STREET • A freezing night. toward him just as Cr a ig hits the ba 111 SMASHf NG her on the head. drops off a CD-ROM labeled "Luxury Location stills.NH.J}. She clicks off. She's on her laptop. NOTE: END MONTAGE SEQUENCE. Just then. "Can we talk?" Betty is taken aback. INT. Hi -Where BETTY HILDA are you Betty? BETTY still working.. He mot i onn to her t.NIGHT EXT.. She rum.

aleep over another night? Pull back to reveal . in bed. AMANDA • As she gets up. DANIEL'S LOFT .S. The ultimate bachelor pad. Amanda smiles. BTNOClJLAH POV -.:33 ..AMANDA.1 cab. Mrnmm ••• AMANDA good night. So when do you think the position's going to open? DANIEL Hopefully very very soon. why don't you stick around for a bit. Sure. hits "MUTE." Daniel IS shirtless. BETTY (into phone) Um . He DANIEL It's work stuff •. DANIEL BETTY (O." Hey.. hurriedly gets dressed. next to him. • She han<Js up.) (. make sure everything's okay.a GORGEOUS WOMAN is getting out of <. Betty quickly dials her cell.. he takes off "MUTE.the red turkey INT.. pulls a pdir of binoculdrs from her bdy.. kisses him. AMANDA As she walks out. No problem! . BETTY (O.) Hi •••do you need anything else? DANIEL Yeah.NIGHT IS on the move.S.

.]4 . EXT. Just then. annoyed that nothing seems to be getting to her. a He's about to call her back when the door opens . see Looks down toward WILHELMINA Get up you idiot she didn't you.NIGHT Betty looks at her watch: 9:30. She looks miserable.. WILHELMINA Well. Before we sce who's else is in there. CITY STREET .)ee pang at guill in his eyes. with the sound of slobbery kissing. He looks out the window. We Cdn !. left only .NIGHT the floor. stares at her. He hungs up.. Yeah. DANIEL (smiling) Perfect timing . sees her shivering in the cold. • CLICK. (beat) Now give me some love.l n. You're Urn.•. I'd offer you a ride but I don't think we're going in the same direction. Stay warm! into the car and . she sees Wilhelmina walking out of a nearby restaurant and toward a wailing town car. TOWN CAR . we pull away. Netty? Betty. WILHELMINA BETTY WILHELMINA waiting for a bus? BE'l"rY • She jumps INT.the gorgeous womun is walking . She stops.

"We lefl you a piece of cake. . BETTY'S HOUSE . END OF ~CT THREE • c. It's in the fridge -." As Betty collapses on the couch.• IN'l'. finds a note. Betty walks toward the one lit table lamp...NIGHT Belly opens the front door.Hilda. exhausted and frustrated . BE'I''l'Y Jl'u dark. Hello? Remnants of a party but everyone's gone or asleep.

. The elevator doors open.DAY Belty's trying to keep up with Daniel as he marches through the office. He looks at her. INT. An awkward silence as the elevator glides down. blackberry in the other.. . BETTY Urn. Daniel wastes no time stepping out.36. GLOSS BULl. Be climbs into . be major. Something's on Betty's mind. BETTY Daniel.. The one with my idea for the Renata supplement. I was just wondering if you had a chance to look at that e-mail I sent you last week. MEADE PUBLICATIONS LOBBY . rNT.hello? The signal's dropped. (into earpiece) Totally on the brink. with the photo shoot. ELEVATOR . just the two of them. No response from Daniel. DANIEL c. BETTY Exciting day.DAY Betty catches up to him. I'm on my way to set as we speak . cell phone in one hand. He yanks the earpiece out.DAY DANIEL It's gonna The doors almost clone on Betty. INT.PEN ..

Betty turns back around. DANIEL BE'l"fY BETTY Any specifics? DANIEL The specifics are . r really don't have time for this. . Right. As she turns to walk back inside. ( •• ANGLE ON SCREEN -. bul if yuu have dny feedback.. Daniel checks his blackberry again. • DANIEL (clicking on blackberry) Betty. DANIEL (staring at message on Blackberry) Damn it.it's just not Gloss.•. MEADE PU81. is Betty's e-mail entitled "Renata Supplement Idea.DAY Where Daniel's town car is waiting.. BETTY (under her breath) Please. unread. They step out to . They forgot one of the outfits. Go up to the Closet and bring it over to set.the e-mail in-box. • Obviously you decided to go 1n d dif1erent direction. Okay. just 'cause r'm trying to learn as much as I can and -Not.]7 ." with a quick click he sends it to the Trash folder before stepping into his town car . Sitting there.Gloss. zx'r .ICATIONS BUILDING . BETTY I'm Barry.

(MORE) . Betty runs her fingers over the funky. And I gotta say. Even if I didn't understand the articles. CHRISTINA Feel the fabric on that thing. Always have. dark dress. • BETTY (shaking her head) I can't believe people buy this stuff. All these beautiful. • J N'!. people.. (beat. BETTY Kind of rough. amazing places. spend hours just reading everything I could. I love magazines. (beat) When I was a kid. my dad worked at a newsstand. CHRISTINA That's 'cause it's burlap. Takes a look. Just then we Gee Christina. CLOSET - DAY and accessories. But that's fashion. Lesr. Hdcku upon racks of incredibly beautiful and expensive clotheD.000 for a designer potato sack. it's an impressive sight. CHRISTINA I can't believe they wear it. Even for someone not into fashion. cranuned boutique. After my mom died I'd go there after school. I do love it. shoes We folJow Betly as she slowly walks through the room. I loved looking at the pictures. you're talking $7. ot () closet than a yiant. Her eyes widen.JU . huh? BETTY Fashion? Not really. Basically. She sees a dangling price tag. (laughing) And usually just once before they chuck it to make room for next season. giving her outfit a once over) You're not much into it.

..from my family.. What? There's something on her mind. BETTY just -. shines her bent smile.. she nods.it'll happen... BETTY It's good. CHRISTINA Brutal.1 think it's best if you know. huh? Betty's smile crumbles. But I'm learning a lot. I wasn't sure whether to tell you or not but .. you know? I always said 1 wanted to own a magazine Homeday .19. And I just have to roll with the punches and I think I'll get used to it.nothing I do is ever good enough. the people here.which I know sounds out there but CHRISTINA Hey . He treats me like dirt. More challenging than I imagined. I • Christina looks down. BETTY CHRISTINA Betty. I know I don't really fit in. You should see some of the reactions I get -. quietly do my thing ... (beat) How's it going? HE'!"J'Y (cont' d) Betty takes a deep breath. Yeah? BETTY . You know. Challenging. But I'm trying so hard to do a good job and it just doesn't seem to matter.not as out there as saying you want to be a designer. So I just keep to myself. Everyone does. Christina stares at her . • So different than I ~)Oth and Flushing Boulevard. I think.

(beat) I should get going. out. CHRISTINA forces a smile . I should be grateful. BE'!"l'Y Oh... And apparently. BETTY that explains CHRISTINA -BETTY it's okay. Bradford was the one who wanted to hire you. • A beat. • her shoulders. wrap And covered outfit. You know. I got my break. walks c.ources..40 . Christina hands Hang need CHRISTINA if you Betty nods. I'm Betty shrugs sorry Betty. cum S'l'INA Nancy WdU down dt Human Rp:. It's not always easy for everyone. Some of the people there were talking. her the plastic in there okay? anything . BETTY (excited) Bradford Meade knows who I am? CHRIS'l'INA (with difficulty) He made Daniel hire you because he didn't want his son to be tempted to sleep with his assistants anymore. . a lot. I guess Well Betty No.. I guess this is just how it was supposed to work out with me.

Did anyone read the contract to her? She needs to be here for the test shots. Traffic or hangover? CRAIG ~-. we Gee Wilhelmina turn to Marc. crashed carG. roll her eyes. Marc in tow. surveys the scene..• . Camera lands on WILHELMINA arriving. CRAIG No no. PIIOTO STUDIO . I give you a big.DAY Camera tracks through the bustling photo studio. I need someone with her skin tone. DANIIU~ So what do you think? WILHELMINA Darling. Thank you Wilhelmina. the Brazilian model she'g late. Daniel.lets just use a stand-in.41. • INT. As he keeps walking. fat "F" . DANIEl. Someone like •. we can make out some of the set which consists of burnt out. models all frantically running around. DANIEL What's going on? CRAIG Izabela. ANGLE ON DANIEL approaching a pissed off Craig. Just then. asaistants. She rips off her sunglasses. This is a crazy complicated shoot and I need her dressed and ready right now. (beat) For fabulous. Through the haze of smoke in the background. walks past. DANIEL They're test shots -.. stylists. she's too specific.

• DANIEL Betty.. BETTY. silent stand-off. Okay. BETTY DANIEL One of the models hasn't shown up. BETTY (hitting her) You want me to do it? He nods. I'm glad you're here..• INT. CRAIG DANIEL CRAIG (smiling) Bet ya she'll quit before she does it. She pulls the plastic off the Qutfit . the models.DAY Betty is making her way through half-naked. Funny. It's a long. Betty looks at it.4). then stares at Daniel. thinking about it ... PHOTO STUDIO .•there's barely anything there. just wHIking in. Well? DANIEL Betty looks over at the outfit.. And we need someone to stand in for her . we've got a crisis and need your help . Off Daniel. Listen. • J!e sc~nu the room and his eyes land on . six foot tall beauties when Daniel steps in front of her. (re: outfit in her hands) In wardrobe. BETTY This is what you want me to do? .. Her.

4J. DANIEL She quit. WILHELMINA Dh no she didn't. DANIEL A beat. Without saying a word. Betty looks at Craig. INT. We now see what everyone is staring at! BET'rY. Right there is fine. BETTY (firmly) Where do you want me? CRAIG (speechless) Urn. CRAIG (to gaffer) I see a shadow -.. walking toward set in the awful. From the look on his face. a HUSH falls over the crowd. He sandwiches her in between a couple of tall. she's on her cell phone when something ANGLE ON WILHELMINA catches her attention. it's clear he's not exactly proud of this. The plan appears to have worked.Now who do we use? Suddenly. marches away. Belly turns. imposing models. Daniel stands there in shock that she went through with it. skin-baring outfit. Everyone turns to c. stoic. PIIOTO S'I'UDIO - DAY Daniel walks over. Craig starts taking test shots. craig is changing a lens. thin.move that light over to the right thank you. Head high. stare at something. • Yes. . turns around. Daniel takes a deep breath. CRAIG Good -.

l~dieu. More. CRAIG Why? She's pretty good. like she's being shocked. She jumps a little each lime. Sexy. Off Betty. Movement. DANIEL • The models next to Betty can't help but burst out laughing.congratulations.h your eyes. ANGLE ON BF. STOP IT. More. Her lips start quivering. stop it.this is going too far. To make me quit. Daniel follows her..ur ns to Cra i q . Give me a little more coquette Betty.DAY into the street.FLASHES ro t Lcc t i nq in her glasses.'l"l'Y . Thal's right. snickering. -DANIEL Betty BE'M'Y (eyes welled up) This is what you wanted isn't it? To humiliate me. You're devouring the Cdmer<J wit. END or ACT FOUR . --. We can hear people guffawing. Betty can't take anymore. God forbid you had to work with the ugly girl they forced you to hire. More... storms off. Betty PHOTO steps STUDIO . Well •.44 • • ON DANIEL CRAIG Great. DANIEL He t. grabbing her bag on the way out . FADE OUT. DANIEL -- Betty wait EXT. walking away •.

Hilda appears. ice pack pressed to his forehead. . staring sadly at the commuters on their way home from office jobs. what are you wearing? IGNACIO HILDA IGNACIO IGNACIO . even better. c. leg propped up on a stool. She rushes over to him. tells him to shut up.. SUBWAY CAR . INT.NIGHT Betty walks in to find her father sitting in his Lay-Z Boy. It wasn't at work. Queens bound 7 train. Betty looks away.DUSK of An establishing shot INT. we find Betty sitting alone.45.. BETTY'S HOUSE . No. the city fades to . Dios mio. He'd stepped out to get some coffee so now worker's comp says they're not gonna cover anything. her Guadalajara poncho barely covering the outfit from the photo studio.DUSK Tracking ~hrough the elevated... HILDA He fell at work. LITTLE BOY (innocently) Are you a stripper? His mother grabs him. looks at Betty. A LITTLE BOY stares at her. ACT F~VE EXT. Ignacio shrugs his shoulders. NEW YORK SKYLINE . BETTY What happened?!? I'm fine.

But it's just been so crazy.that receptionist is very rude by the way. so what am I supposed to do? I'm sorry. IGNACIO Before his daughters can say anything. liegoes Lo utand up. And I feel horrible about it Hilda. HILDA I guess it's just hard for me to understand the point of this ambition. Why didn't you call me? HILDA You cell went straight to voicemail. You never call any of us during the day. What do you mean? BETTY . They told me at work you weren't there -..46 . As Betty grabs BETTY • BETTY HILDA You know that was the first time since mom died we haven't all been together for dad's birthday. I Hilda shrugs her shoulders. IGNACIO No one is going to the bathroom with me! He hobbles with crutches toward the bathroom.. BETTY know. Obviously. a robe to cover herself . • BETTY Nothing.

you're 24 now.. And they come from money. Lo. all this stuff you want to do. or something. it's not like your bODS got to where he's at because he worked hard for it.0. can't say anything.. it doesn't happen for people like UG unless you're like J. (beat) Look. Okay good. runn i nq media companies. try and deal with his HMO? HILDA BETTY Yeah •. I mean. There's other things that are more important to me right now. not mine. own i nq rnaqaz i ne s . You think you can take care of dad. Betty. you were dating a really good guy. We're so thrilled Renata.• I think I got some time. As Hilda walks free HILDA I'll see you later. Don't you want to get married? Have kids? Raise a family? HILDA • BETTY Maybe one day. And how's that working out for you? 'Cause honestly I've never seen you looking more miserable in my life.• Betty 1I11. thinking . I gotta pick Justin up at the sitter. we stay on Betty. But those are your dreams Hilda.) to have you here .l)A Betty. out. The reality is. most of these people at the top went to Harvard not Queens College. who I'm sure you can work things out with if you try. DANIEL (V. I mean.

Renata smiles as she pets her dog. RENATA Renata jumps to her feet.CONFERENCE ROOM DAY Editors and execs are gathered for the Renata Cosmelicn presentation. Suddenly-- r". She tears out of there followed by her gaggle of minions. DANIEL What just happened. RENATA (heavy accent) Dis is freekin' joke. a wild-maned. We DANIEL Daniel motions to an assistant and the room goes dark. The room is shocked silent. We notice a little rodent-like dog nticks out of her purse. Renata's probably still a little sensitive about the accident. MARC . No. photos are projected on a wall-sized screen at the end of the room. Why don't we just let the pictures speak for themselves. We meet RENATA (no last name). Well. • INT. An ashen Daniel speaks firat. On the front hood of the cars. lamposts. feeds him a milkbone. crispy skinned Italian woman chain-nmoking Parliament Lights. under the tires. right? Urn. Daniel stands at the head of the room. anxiously awaiting. They're edgy all right: Cars crashed into building. GLOSS MAGAZINE . notice Wilhelmina next to her. SMETTERE! The music slams off. each other. To a thumping disco beat. A long PAUSE. Grime covered models lay sprawled on the pavement.48 . DANIEL RENATA You stupido! All of you stupido! She WAILS like a banshee as she smashes her bottle of Pellegrino against the window.

She looks at him intently.•l would've happily worked with you on others. Daniel looks to Craig.apparently she was pissed at the bouncer when he didn't let her dog In.well we thought you knew what you were doing. WILHELMINA It will all work out.. You know my door has been open to you since the beginning. the guy we met in the first conference room scene speaks up. envelops him in her arms. brushes the hair off his forehead.a phoenix. I CRAIG had no idea. No one was seriously hurt but she's gotten some bad press. You didn't know. If you didn't like my ideas •.. I look into your eyes and I see .49 . Everyone hightails it out of there except Wilhelmina. A BEAT. Geoff. About a month ago she a backed her Hurruner into twelve people outside the ROxy -. • GEOFF You didn't include us in the concept and .. But sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. • Accident? DANIEL MARC Oh. looks at Daniel pitifully. It's all about teamwork at Gloss.. DANIEL Why didn't anyone say anything? Everyone shifts around uncomforLably. WILHELMINA Oh Daniel. DANIEL You can all go. rising from the ashes! She .

I can fix this. BRADFORD MEADE'S OFFICE .she's considering pulling advertising in every single one of my magazines. DANIEL Look. picks up. (beat) Is it true you worked on this alone.50 . wa Lk s oft. DANIEL I'm Borry I let you down. There's no time. Yes? (beat) Hello father. Daniel takes a moment. I had a very strong feeling she wanted to sabotage me. Renata doesn't just want to cancel the Gloss supplement .i nous l y .•. . we notice Nancy working in the outside office. BRADFORD BRADFORD BRADFORD BRADFORD • ~. The only person who sabotaged you is yourself.he r om. nEA'r. Daniel looks down. The one phone in the conference room begins HING1NG ra t. looking like a chastised child. T'll be right up. present her a new idea. I'll call Renata.DAY Daniel stands before Bradford. Bradford rolls his eyes. absorbs the stinging words. Daniel takes a moment. In the background. I'm sorry I keep hoping you'll be something you're clearly not. INT. didn't consult Wilhelmina or anyone else? DANIEL I can explain. • She kisses him on the cheek. Beat. Jesus. Daniel.

CRAIG It wouldn't have made any difference would it? WILHELMINA Not really. MARBLE BATHROOM . They CLINK glasses.. Amanda walks in. As she pours two champagne flutes. INT. Pull back to reveal . .EVENING A bottle of Crista) is popped open. lying 1n the bathtub with her.. Reveal a smiling Wilhelmina inside a votive candle-lined bubblebath. Off Bradford INT. WILHELMINA He really should've come to me earlier. the phone RINGS. He appears frustrated. He stares down at a notepad where he's been brainstorming ideas..•CRAIG.• I'l} DANIEL do it tomorrow.. What? WILHELMINA MARC'S VOICE He called again looking for you. staring at him . DANIEL'S OFFICE . WILHELMINA What part of UNAVAILABLE does he not understand? MARC'S VOICE I'll let him know..EVENING Daniel sits at his desk alone. passionately . clutching some papers. CRAIG To revenge. As Craig leans in and they begin kissing ~. She hits speaker. To teamwork. • She clicks off. Just then.

. he appears both surprised and impressed.. now in sexy "poor" clothing.. [Tell me. I was researching Renata and her company. can we talk about this another time? Okay. We can make out the chiseled good looks of the priest on the other end. Please. Looking forward to your thoughts!" He clicks on the attachment. I DANIEL AMANDA just thought DANIEL she turns and walks ouL.as he scrolls through them.} LATINA BEAUTY (eyes welling up) Me he enamorado .. HIS POV -. Amanda. [Forgive me father. They just need this payroll lransfer can sldrt working for Daniel looks at her.•.. thought she might respond. sits in a confession booth. • The e-mail reads: "I photos hopped these from existing photographs. LATINA BEAUTY Perdona padre pero he pecado. Off Daniel . opens it. His e-mail program is open. CUT TO: A TELEVISION SCREEN. ) c..con un cura..with a priest. shutting the door behind her. ) PRIEs'r's VOICE Cuentame . Daniel looks at his computer screen.. There's one message sitting in the trash folder . AMANDA it's really you to sign form and T you ASAP. (I've fallen in love . He drags it out. The cheesy telenovela we'd seen earlier.• So I talked to IIH and easy. filling frame. The same Latina Beauty. I have sinned.Betty·s.• .

. in the kitchen. . before you put me on hold for an hour. BETTY .ly i. IN'!'. on his Lay-Z BET'l'Y'HOUSE S . It sounds like that Chumbawumha song from the late 90's.hc top music swells and wc . frying a steak while talking on the There's some papers on the counter in front of her. He looks at her. I INT..• Suddenly.LIVING ROOM . trying hard to mask her frustration. BETTY'S HOUSE .no don't put me on hold again -- BETTY ~ .s. How did it go with the HMO? BETTY still working on it.53. hold music. That smells It·s burnt. it's the same case number I gave you last time I called. That's right. She puts the calIon speakerphone. stariny longiny.NIGHT Betty walks IGNACIO (staring at it) It's well done.NIGHT Betty's phone. IGNACIO good. to the other aide where the HOT PRIEST sit. BETTY'S HOUSE in.LIVING ROOM . • As she s obts • we cut. Now I have the physician's statement I can fax you if you can just give me the -. INT.NIGHT Boy completely Pull back to find Ignacio entertained. As he presses it to his chest. over t. stares down at the half-burnt steak in the frying pan.KITCHEN . her picture.lt.

BETTY not right WALTER DANIEL'S VOICE now. • Hello Ignacio gives I WALTER Ignacio . • . Patient. DuO. There's a KNOCK on the door. Just like your mother She smiles tenderly at him. opens the door to reveal . . IGNACIO Yes 1 am. I wish 1 d i dn "L have be fiuch a buroen. can we just talk? Please. in love with BETTY thought you were someone else? WALTER No -. I a half-hearted WALTER need to talk to you Betty. was.~4 . So strong. made a terrible mistake. Look. wave.lGNACIO I'm sorry m. momentary lapse of sanity.••WALTER. Why haven't 1M's? WAL'l'ER you responded to my BETTY I've been busy. Why not? Betty. to BETTY you are not a burden.l amor. Betty walks over.it was this. 1 feel t o r r i b le . Betty stares I at him. Walter. Optimistic. And you've always been so good to me. I swear.

Puts a kind hand on Betty's arm. IGNACIO The one who was calling at 3 in the morning? DANIEL That's right. • We see eyes widen. DANIEL DETTY (to Walter) GOOD BYE.lU~r't. eyes filled with jealousy. This is my father Ignacio.• What are you doing here? DANIEl. Clippings from her work in college. pictures of a young Betty with her mom. Please. I wanted to talk. . ~ . I gotta get that. DETTY Daniel nods hello to Walter. taking in Betty's world. Academic trophies. Yearbook Editor of the Year plaque (national winner).55. Betty shuts the door. Daniel looks around the living room. Ignacio this is/was my boss. WAI "J'EI{ Are you dating someone else? Just go. Daniel. BET'l'Y BE'l'TY BETTY (the As she runs into the kitchen. Wa. Walter stares at this. Betty stares at him. Dan i e I wa Lk i nq up through the front yard. Hey. There's a wall of pictures: Betty's family. Just then we hear a voice on the kitchen speakerphone call that was holding).

not. I listened to the wrong people -about a lot of things. they have some privacy . Really? No. It's a joke. • Daniel nods. Betty walks back in. that was right before died.. DANIEL BETTY Yeah. IGNACIO junt fitarin<] at Daniel You look way too young a nyo ne ' u bous • to be DANIEL I've gotten that before. (beat) Betty. I'm sorry. eating. DANIEL BETTY' DANIEL Right. Oh.. . Nice place. we're just in between interior designers. .when Betty was a little girl.ON IGNACIO . As Ignacio gets reengrossed with lhe telenovela. You didn't deserve what I put you through. (beat) This in Betty's mother? IGNACIO Yes. But I have no one to blame but myself.. she IGNACIO Car accident -. DANIEL I had no idea. he's sllspiciously.

• DANIEL I want to show Renata your idea. . Betty takes this in. Nothing's ever easy. A long pause. DANIEL Well. And beautiful. Never measuring up no matter what you do.we've all gol problems. g~t. you're gonna leave here. And I want you to come back. dealing with problems you could never really understand. Or working odd jobs while you go to school so you can help pay the rent each month. at least you don't have to spend your whole life living in someone else's shadow.~) "I • • BE'lUI'Y I appreciate that Daniel.. DANl~L Try me . Giving you credit for it. chauffeured back to your Tribeca loft and I'll s t i 11 be out of work. DANIEL Look. But. And what are yours? Which restaurant you're going to eat at tonight? What model you're going to sleep with? Try spending the day on the phone with a crappy HMO to get 'em to pay for your dad's hospital visit. I know I can't compare my problems to yours but they're mine. Making all these sacrifices just to be rejected left and right 'cause you don't look a certain way. things will be different. And I promise you.. Thank you. BETTY • BETTY c. I never saw that layout you made until tonight. be my assistant. I thought it was smart.

smiles. (beat) Don't let this opportunity pass you by. we stay on Betty processing this. nothing worth anything ever comes easy. BETTY God you're nosy. I Off Betty . And right. END Of' ACT rIVE . Trust me. IGNACIO DANIEL BETTY c. otherwise. Well you hilvetonight. But Betty.. IGNACIO have no idea. Betty looks at him. IGNACIO You'd be stupid if you don't do it. As he walks out.. BETTY Did you believe him? You really think thingn are gonna be different? Ignacio takes a moment.• I really need to think about it. I'll probably be out of a job as well.

Everyone shifts in their seats uncomfortably. As she connects her laptop to the A/V equipment .. Well? RENATA He stands up. More •. Sitting at the table is the entire senior staff of Gloss including Wilhelmina. in general. obviously nervous.natural.. TIGHT ON RENATA Quiet bilby.. I have no visuals to show you at the moment but I wanted to discuss.CONVERENCE ROOM . Just then -- DANIEL . Softer. DANIEL Urn. WILHELMINA Which is what. Bradford is there as well. She's walking through the door.MORNING a yappIng dog. the new approach. We watch Daniel drink down his whole water bottle as he stares at the door.• ACT SIX INT. urn . Daniel? Well if I can. GU)SS MAGAZINE .. relieved. DANIEL (soft-·spoken) Urn. Pull back Lo find Renata sitting in a cloud of her own cigarette smoke. BETTY Sorry I'm late. I have • RENATA I can't hear _you . well. without being specific about anything.. She looks at Daniel and he smiles at her. Less edgy.

BET'fY Urn. RENATA I just had a daughter. They're quite gorgeous and especially poignant given that Betty lost her mother when she was young. vacuuming.lter making out at Coney Island. lIerewe go. grocery shopping. in order to show the softer side of Renata Cosmetics we're using the concept of mothers and daughters. Hold on. We've heightened them.y rusheu over. She nods. Wrong file. nostalgic aura. Now we Gee the images for the first time. I do none of those things but I understand.60.TALK. Bett. there Wil3 obviouuly no time for d new shoot. Pictures appear on-screen: Betty and wa. (MORE) . Model "mothers" 1n the middle of mundane domestic activities with their young daughters: cooking. ketchup dripping down her chin. special moments that are usually taken for granted. Everyone assumes your demographic is extremely young but there's been tremendous brand loyalty since you launched. BETTY Wait urn. DANIEL Urn. She dims the lights. Betty gives Daniel a look . trying to infuse them with a beautiful. if I may just 'cause I have the statistics right here. t. • BETTY Um.. Betty munching on a hot dog. startG the presentation. Focusing on those small.. She pulls out some papers. so what Daniel'3 going to show you is just a mock up. I'm sorry.ypes on the computer. (beat) Why would this appeal to our customers? Daniel looks at Betty. Everyone looks back at the poker-faced Renata. The room js aghdGt.

el Ll ing down and having children. Betty looks at Daniel -.01 • • BF. Welcome back Boss. r Renata nods..'l'TY (cont. INT. Do you want to approve images or models beforehand? RENATA No. the smile wipes from her face •. She smiles. She squints. ANGLE ON WINDOW TO HALLWAY -. WILHEI.'d) MVdniny Ul{~ same people who were teenagers when they started using your products. the sun is so bright. relieved. As she turns to walk away.Your best one. Wilhelmina stares at Betty.did that go well? Daniel smiles. Betty exhales. Have a picture where they're pulling their hair or biting each other. glowing in a way we haven't seen before. t hcy re now t. 58% to be exact. again trailed by her minions. watching Betty back at work. well. Did you wash your hands? WOMANS VOICE . BRADFORD DANIEL This idea was actually BETTY -. picking up on her RENA'l'A Will this be ready on time? Of DANIEL course. Wilhelmina walks in.MINA (smiling) Indeed.. LARGE OFFICE . like YOIl.a furious Amanda stands outside. just don't make it too sappy.DUSK Everything square inch appears to be covered with a thin film of sheeny. Saran Wrap like plastic. Good work. On that she puts out her cigarette and heads out. brightness.

But il's only a matter of time. WILHELMINA Betty. • Of cour ~. She extends her hand. to The woman pumps some antibacterial gel on her hands. INT. That damn ugly assistant. I WOMAN just heard. Walter WALTER'S staring BEDROOM . Once he's out . Betty stands behind him. stares jealously at Betty's AMANDA Betty. over-the-top. Amanda GLOSS MAGAZINE .SUNSET and Zelda. • What's WOMAN her name? As we go tight on Wilhelmina.DAY desk.f. WILHELMINA'S POV -. Betty MEADE PUBLICATIONS BUILDING .. Wilhelmina shakes it. INT. WOMAN Well..the company's ours for the taking. telenovela-like music SWELLS and carries through the next couple of beats. .DAY of her on his nightstand./. wearing a med.e. EXT.We see c1 WOMAN sitting behind a desk. is walking out alongside Christina .BULLPEN . looks down at a picture of Daniel in one of the fashion trades. at a picture WALTER Betty. it seems to me you'll need focus on the real brains here. WILHELMINA Jl's c1 setback.icdl tace mask and obscured by the shadow 01 the setting sun.

CAMERA lingers on her eyes as she looks at him. losing her in the throng of New Yorkers . We can sense she's feeling something more for him. I've confirmed lunch for tomorrow -. to come over.1. BEAT. . Thank you. lo get in h in town car. we pull up and above her. •• DA. smiles. tomorrow morning.NTEL net. walks away. DANIEL Good night.•. The feature editor wanta -DANIEL Betty. BET'l'Y Daniel.• BETTY You're welcome. glancing back as his town car one last time as it drives off. Daniel looks at her. So. BRD OF ACT SIX ~. Betty nods. mo t i on s f o r her Daniel's about. He smiles at her. I don't need to lake the credit.ty! She Loo k s over. lie BETTY I'll see you guys lomorrow. There's a girl waiting in the town car.. WOMAN'S VOICE Daniel.6.. DANIEL You should've let me tell them it was your idea. DANIEL : .your 3:15 with the graphics department is set. As she heads toward the subway entrance. as long as YQl.! know what I did . come on. Betty smiles back. it's okay. Betty looks back.

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